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Publiahed Weekly at 16i West 46th Tork. N. iT., by Variety Inc. Annual eubscflptlon. tiO. . Siiierle coplea. 26 cinta. 

Bnlered aa SQcond-class matter December^22, 190e, at tbe. Post Office at New Yorlc. N. T., under tha.'act of March 3, 1879. 

VOL. XC VI. No. 8 




' ■ ; Montreal, : S(ept.. 3; 

. • Local (cabareta a;n(4 hotel d 
rooms offer viisiting and local istew? 
.■ a complete "Win© education in one 
J liesson. There is. more inside on the 
'W^ine racket, than any barkeep has 
: ever 'had and enough to niake a 
' professional taster out of a., novice! 
.At th^ Mount Royal .H^ 

■ through , the mediUrh- of wh^t Jias 
been, mockingly, dubbed thfe "Garte 

: des Vlns," the wine buyer Is ad- 
visijd not only when; how, how much 
arid when not t6. drink, but is also 
faced by a deitailed crop Irivestiga- 
. tion. 

CHampaghes'Vary , 

\, -In this investigation the wily 
wipe chump learns thai ''Port. 1914,'' 
yie^^V/as very:. small, owiiig to a 
BOYerteX< of ;mildew.. "port, 
1889," the' report; -cbndesdeiidingly 
refers to as only ''fair.*' Port, vint- 
age 1888. "meaiocre." In 1892 port 
wis moderately interesting,' "but not 
much body." 

Leaving pprt. temporarily^ inter- 
est Is veered toward, the alarming 
conditions in which the champagnes 
found themselves during several 
seasons. ■ Champagne, 1875, only 
"passable"; 1876, "medioxjre"; 1877, 
''mediocre and acid." In 1879 dham- 
pagoo was a complete biist. In 1881 
wa.s rated passable, while 23 years 
later, 1904, it could be guzzled with 
impunity, report stilting that "wines- 
were ot Gxcoptio.nal quality." 

Sherry 0» K. 

Sherry shov/s up rather, well in 
comparison with the first two vint- 
ages listed; The worst that could 
be snid sherry is. that in 1925 
yield of useful wines was below 
average. This indicates that the 

..uauspful , wine.; for that soiison, 
Which serves practically; the same 

, as the useful, was prob- 
ably a^s. plentiful as ever. 

Burguhrlie.s al.^o rate very high, 
although In 1909 only a small yield 
of "indirforcht" wine. Experience^ that , there: is no such thing 
as indifferent wine, from the point 
of view of taste, price .ind effect. ■ 
but iTjaybe. In . 1 900 there >was ; a ■■ 
large quantity of Burgundy."The 

Wine was .somewhat, light but pie.iS- 

■ Ing." : ■; - ■ 

Clams top. everything, in '192!3 
?'J/-I(I w.t:s largo; 1924. pretty wine's, 
■h.isih : cl^s.sod. .Growths ' excellent. 
Tlu; vin ordiriaire. or ^rordinary 
«':yet,-.i.s both plentiful and of e.x:- 
<i'|'Mf,'nt. qiiality and- has a loading 
piacr^ on the card. . . • ' 

No-Attach Record 

• ; • AV.'iiiM-fuM-.v, Cunn., Si^pt. 3. . 

l!r6rf. j)l;iyc,l .• hr-ro ■ laat 
■f 'lJ >-i(l)r„,L a sinUl-? attafhincnt 
-'■•I'll,' .--..I'v..,!. 

_ This sots, .ft roroni, as it . is tlio .shew to /".^vhibit hore. Ih sev- 
'\ v-tv.s' without cn'.-our\toririg a 
.'11 dm. to .strong.-armrbillpost- 
"Mi ov other, causes. 

Facial Upkeep 

yivian Wilson's statistics on 
th.e facial upkeep; of the aver- 
age show girl : 

"Ten dollars for .hair waves, 
$2.for face powder.. |2 for lip- 
stick,v 65c for eyebrow stuffj 
iOc for mascara, peffume free 
from the boy friend, and. |i4 .ft; 
month for manicures, 
r-rotal, $18.76. 


Ghicago, Sept. 3. 
Chicago, with over 3,000,000 pop- 
ulation, oh . Sept. . 8 increases. -Its 
neighborhood vaiide .: stands ; from 
two to three. " Ascher Bros. DIversey 

starts a threo-three-one split policy, 
booked by Harry Beaumont. , 
. . At present only the Englewood 
and Belmont ace playing yaude, 
booked by the R-K-O Western 
office. . Keith|s Palace and State- 
Lake complete the city's total of 
four vaude stands. 


. Pittsburgh, Sept. 3. 
Pittsburgh's free Sund.ay pictures • 
in four city parks have proved the 
biggest municipal success ever lin-: 
dertaken around here. For the past 
six .Sundays, upwards of ;50,000 per- 
sons have thronged to the parkS; 

It is not. unusual early on a Sun- 
day afternoon tb find entire fami- 
lies .at" the scene of; the screening 
with' their basket suppers, eating 
there and : waiting fipr ;hours until 
the film.s get .under w^ ; 
■ Shortly after 3 .in the afternoon, 
cars .begin arriving.. By sundown 
every available parking space in the 
park is jammed.and autos are llnbd 
up . for blocks around the park in 
every (lirociion. The Qverfiow crowd 
takes: points of vantnge from the 
tops 6f their automobiles and near- 
by hills; 

The fiv^e- Sunday films plan came 
at the . behest , of Mayor Charles 
Jvlino and I.s lonkod lupon fis . a 
slr;.it.f'gin move in bis campaign for 
ve-eU>otion this tnonlh. 

Meeting in Clubhouse Satur- 
day Ni^ht, When New 
Officers Were Inducted 
Intb Qffioer— Promises and 
Pledges— For Good of the 
Actor and His Health 

Sales Spiels and 

By Claude Bihyon 


' j!V).v;t,ih, .^ n. 

A . .Ilror-'kti>n %viim.;in h-i'l li^'r lnis- 
JVnml arro.sti'd for li.rvin-r m'i.l>^.lir-r 
walk lionie fvan\ ;in rintnriiol)!!." i'<-\t\ 
Tlie . Cftse W;i.s pl;u?i:(l on probat ion 
and .the wife lias filfl .suit fnr di- 
vorr'f» on the trrouriil.s of rru";! an<l 
abu.-iivc! triv'ilj'i'int. 
Teohuical charge was a.^sault.' „ 

Arbitration for the. actor by the 
actor arid the , preservation of the 
actor's health. .Vvere the two big 
points outlined br Eddie Cantor in 
his gerieral address iri the N. V. ;A' 
clubhouse Saturdiay evening, When 

he and the other; officers wv«- 
ducted into- office, 

Walter C~ Kelly^ first vice- pres., 
fbilowed : Cantor, and emphasized 
the points the president had made> 
Additionally. Kelly, "The Virginia 
Judge/' dwelt upon the future of 
the N.\ V. A., as at present consti- 

All . of the bflicer.s and. speakers 
werc' introduced by Pat Casey, the 
new treasurer of the Club. C. H; 
b'Donnell and Solly Ward, vice- 
pi-esidehts, and Henry Chesterfi;el.d, 
the secretary, also spoke, as did; 
Ben Beyer who followed them all 
with an inipromtu address to much 

Chesterneld called attention to k 
free or buffet lunch at the rear of 
the hall with several waiters wait- 
ing to go to worki. 

About 300 members were in at- 
-tendinncc. Some, old timers Were 
amongst them. The Saturday night 
before Labor Day had^ not been 
deemed th.e niost opportune time for 
the. Inauguration, but through the; 
new NVA Sanitarium' at Sarahac 
set to open Sept. 15, with attend- 
ing: ceremonies,, it waff. not. felt that . 
the induction coiild be further de- 
layed. . The gathering in yi(3w of 
that, was rather surpri.sing in size, ... 

Mr. Cantor . fervently . pledged 
himsblf to carry oiit .ali of the re- 

(COntinuod oh page 36) ' 

War Over? 

Chicago, Sept. 3. 

..The salary of a German aprb- 
batic turn was cut $50 by a fair, 
secretary because the acrobats 
wouldn't Work v;rlth an Ameri- 
can flag atop thieir riggiriff. 

. Secretary passed the buck by 
saying the American Legion 
had squawked. " 


By Request Revue 

,.- rtrith ^elwyn (M.r.s'. Kdir.'ir) l.s . 
frarnini,' a. revue for l.itr- fall. 
'.profUif'tion hy asking frifiifls 
(it ;i)cr liw.-;h;ind to noiiCriJj.uti.' 
;i ny thing )jl;ifk<»ijts -to 

l.!i;it. Vine-' . yiiiiiri:i)i.s, . X'.)i'l 
( 'owiT'il ;inil fJforge C !,i>, 
^.'uiiofii^ ■ o( Im'I'.s, linvi) f'.oi;ie 
. lhi-i)w;,'h.;. Slinw will .carry, the 
nai.V(! ti:tU^ «>f "I'.uthio's.K.'i'ckft.',' 
It Js .cxijcntod .thiit. Mrs. Scl- 
wyn will li:tve to pAy th<; cust 
'and .st;i;;r! crfiW. ", 

. Atlantic City, Sept. 3* 
.'!I*sycho- Sexology." newest if bard- 
walk racket, has run afoul of . the 
Atlantic County Medical Society. 

With sex literature for bait and pri- 
vate consultations with wpnien as 
the pay-off a pair of men hold forth 
as the "Nationial Health Bureau" at 
Penh.syivania avenue and the Board- 
walk. . 

The censorship committee of the 
medicos has appealed to the State 
Board of Medical Bxamine,rs to 
squelch the outfit, charging it is 
just another easy dough racket. 

William Edgar Boyce. who claimy 
to have been selected as "America's 
Moat Perfect Man'* , in a physical 
culture contest promoted by- J5er- 
narr Macfadden, and a Dr. Peter L. 
Lerch are the pair accused of vio- 
lating the state law, prohibiting the 
practice of medicine by anyone not 
properly qualified. 

. The local medical society say.s 
Lorch make.s lengthy harrangues 
against the general iriefTlcicney of 
the rriedical profe.«jsion and offers a 
vegetable compound known as Na- 
tre and referred to as "treatments" 
at $1.25. The box Is marked $3. A- 
small - red paper covered book, in- 
s<iribed as the Virandboo.k of 
lr«alth''\and; marked $2, in sold at 
50e.' Boyce emphasizes the fact that 
'-'six whole pages are devoted to 
sex." ■ :/■:; 

A large .sign conveys the infor- 
rnation that "Dr.." Lorch lectures 
l)rivatGly to Women , at 10:30. every 

Talluiah Bankhead Wilj 
Keep Her Clothes On 

London, J-z-rpt. 3. 

T-'-Ul'lsLll jlj^y >Jih (;afl_ w il 1 _rioJ;l.ii n - 

dvf.s.s. in hey dcw. iilay, "fJt't Your 
.\l;j.ii.." Il:".~! tho. first .tiirif in fDiir 
ye.'irs . she }i,'i.«n't undrnppd in tii" 
cf/iirsi'' of ;i, flrartia. . 

I'Jriy now in r'-hc'irsal fiurs for 
four wf'i^ks .bi;fr)re f'ortiing 1o I, on- 
dun. .('layroh <fe Wallr-r in ris.--<).'j i- 
Uon. with riill)frt Mill'^r ;iro pi-'>- 

Aullii^r iii Ar.tliur Wnnjc-ris, ^ 

(Not Copyrighted) 

Chicago, Sept. 3. 
Announcer.: During the next sev-- 
eral minutes we will present a com- 
bination of music and hot chatter 
furnisJied by the Pepper Pot. House.-, 
hold Remedy Corporation, which 
list year sold 3,000,000 bottles of its 
niarvelous pep inducer, and received' 
20,000 of the juiciest voluntary testi- 
monials you ever heard of. Before 
delving into the choice bitSj we. will- 
have a burnup rendition of "Hot 
Papa, Don't You Try to Radiate 
Me," as played by the Sex Appeal 
Seventeen." . 


■Announcer: Tie yourselves into 
your chairs* morons. Here comes a 
letter from ASSte Winthirop, popular: 
widow, who stays- up 'way paiat. 
midrilght seven times a- webk out in 
Muscatine, -la. Any gent writing 
to this station will receive a pretty 
good photo of Aggie for his scrap 
book. But any gent who encloses $1 
with his letter: will I'eceive a fiilN 
size bottle of . Pepper Pot Household 
Remedy, plus an art pose of Aggie 
Winthrop that will, turn .your den 
into a hayeri of esc.stasy.; 

Good Old Aggie 

"Here'.s the: letter from Aggie- 
good old Aggie, 'Dear Pepper j?bt 
Jlou.sehold Keniody,' .f he says. 'After 
the death of my. first hu.sband in 
192C, the Jury and I threw a mid- 
night party to celebrate my ac- 
quittal. Imagine my embarassment 
when ,!■ pa.ssed out cdld and awoke 
the next morning to find the party 
had. mdved to xinoUier city to find 
a night club. Friends suggested that 
i try a bottle of your famous rem- 
edy. After my noxt acquittal I 
drank the jury under the table and 
wa.s able to get a handsome : check 
out of one .of the boys On. threat of 
a breach of promise suif. I am sen.d- 
ing. my : by a 
Greek shclk ha'med Itenry;. At first 
I blushed wlvpjj I saw it, but Henry ^ 
finally cbnvihced .riie that art is art, 
and that I must sacrifice sbme mod- 
esty in order to; induce ijien to buy 
your wonderful, pep.; inducer. . 
."Tour bid playmate. 

■ "'AC.GIE.' 
".Now. While you gents fan your- 
sc'lve.s, the Coquette Quartet' will 
King: 'Don't Give Your Right 
Name, it's My Other Wife."* - 

Anno.uncer: .^'IIl•re'.s .a mild little 
■te.stimonial ; froni Mr-i. ICmrna 
VVhipctup, of D.'inv.ill'^. f'ffi., but it's: 
worth, wi.sln.g up o.n. 'Dear Pepper 
Pot : Itemody,* lOmma wrilf-s, 'Until 
I ilr.uik my first hultlo of tliis h'jre 
(Continuod on pai^f.' 4i> 


TEL. 5560 PENN, I, 
i TO uthiT- — — Jl 

. I I''- i J Fl'WAV N Y 

' fa' . •" ..AsvV ^.v^o COSTUMtS TO HbNT 

8 St. Martin's Place, Trafalgar Square 

FORLIUIN rlLM INE-WD 6276-6277 Regent Wednesday, September 

4, 1929 

Warners Deal With 
Engfish FOm^^H^^ 

British Fihn Field 

By Frank Tilley 

Berlin, Sept, '.3v ■. 

TVariier Bros, has pitcliiba up Aii: 
agreenient , with ■ Tobis^klaneQlm^^ 
jbeneflciariQs of; the penridnent In--. 
Junction in 'Gerirr»n<ny against West- 
ern iblectrici, - VThe Singinig' JPppl," 
■will be reprbja'ucedi at tht! Ufd Paijist 
oh. Tphi's-Klangfilni apparatus. Thi.s 
€istablishes the 'first ;prei:edeht for 
totorchangeahility in Germany. .• .: 
. Oermah ...apparatus, is ''fair' for 
dialog hilt hot .,sp Wrni 'fpr. musrc 
roproductipn. . Other' Warner pic- 
tures are expeeted to c.onie .in oh j 
TphisyKlahgfilm.- ■ ^ ' • ; ^ .^. ■ .1 

'Action of. .•Warners in : hcgotiatinjif 
iyith . th(i' Tobis-Klangflinx against 
the inlerePts of 'Western . Electric is. 
InterprfitGfi here as pf ifar-fiung. pps- 
Bible' roactrp'n. '. ■ > • : : 

An film, . rj.^ .W^ 
W'ith synchronized a,ccdmpahlihent 


s S er i m po;^ e d; 
Melody-' S()|; Amerij- 
tiai Sensation 

Th^y Draw 'Erri in '. I 

MAEY aaid kAR(U 

Arn(jric.Vs . only ■ native .. boi'n 
Sianiose' ' - twins, . alppearihg .Avi th 
their mQthor - and IBilly. .Retnhart.; 
True record breakers. . ,' .. 

BuchPS Aires, Sept; .3. •. •: 
With ; A , new iBC'herne to ; handle 
jjlayed oh: T'obis-KfangfUm at the I English dialog for . foreign audi' I TURNER 
Ufa Universum,. W^histling, hooting,, g^ces, "Broadway Melody". waS; .a 1405 iqgo. Broad^Vay*'N'^^^^ 
rioting, calling out of Po^^?® Uensatldn opening at Glucksmann;s | ; ' . . ; . ; - 

Bcrves ;when: Irate patrons .demand- Gra,nd^ iSpichdid^ here Thursday: 
€d refund, gave sound picture.s an- ^j^g ppeQiiere every perform- 

other black eye. in. this cou ahce was sold: aind people, were 

tiire taken .off after; second evening, | turned, : away,, all recordjS for the 

house gpin^ by . the bo>trd. . . .. . .. 

Metro has overcome the language 

RCA SYSTEM CHALLENGE di^acuity by supier^^^^ 

■ . . . i._-^_>, - the running sdehe.s, titles being in 

TO^mE.INSa AMERICA] «,<^^ 

^eats were priced' at. three pesps 
:Buehos Aires, Sept. 3. I <ahQut il.25) with coijtihuous^ sell- 
Western Electric Is wiring three; MJut at thai; tilted rate, 
more houses in this town, making "The Doctor's . Siscret" opened j 
In all about a dozen equipped with Saturday at the Paramount house 
the W. E. apparatus. and scored substantially, this being 

RCA Photophone is now on the the first all-dialog picture to play 
ground with equipment. It will be in Argentine territory, 
installed within a fortnight or so, English-speaking residents .are 
giving tha;t concern representition nPw getting a: break In entertain;, 
for the first time. ■ . ment, while the native public has 

So far W. E, has been alone in gon^ wild over the Bound Innova- 
this fertile field, but now , is going | tion. 
after business oh an aggressive 

As an indication of the extent to 
which South America has gone for 
the talking picture,, r.ejgardless. of 
equipment^ it is stated that Metro 
has sold its "White Shadows" for: 
eix months' solid . booking to the 
Astral theatre chain, starting .Sep- 
tember 6." ) 


Cardboard Cohtaineri 

. A..iayigh for the film trade in 
America M ilie. rule .of S\yedish 
railways .and ; jhsiirance , cbm- 
panleis forbidding' itih cans for,,, 
the. transpbrtatloh of negative 
and instead insisting upon . 
"pasteboard containers.. This is 
directly' contrary , to Anaericaii 
■regulations. . . ' [' ■ 

Swedish; idea! ;is that in case 
of -fire cans be.come heated and 
explode. In Vti>er , ■words, film 
in pasteboard containers burns ; 
more easily and with less" com- 
hustiori... . 

. ;It. seems once upon a time; 
there was a in. SAvedcn. 
and some, of the firemen got 
scorched trying tp juggle hot 

- Xbndpri, Sept. 2> 
: Is England: facing a panic becau.'sc 
of. color pictu're.s ? 

. This qUestiPh. is going the rou.hcts 
of : Wardpiir Strdct 'a.s a /result of .a; 
tip-off that , British IhternatiPnal,^ 
strorlgest.iicompany pi^pductng . hbre,. 
hag ordered all ^.p 

floor to liic rushcid to ephiplctiori and ' 
stopped V all p^^paratiori. .6n . hew 
pn«Si/ .This ordP.r includes "ptar-j 
moriy- Heaven;" which -vVas all rcadyj 
for shooting.. 

'John Maxwell has been in confer- 1 
ence - daily with various .specialists! 
in color phptograpiiy. Insiders her] 
lieve B.I. arid .ptlier i3riti.sli ,corh-[ 
panies . ai;e kf raid they : will be' 
caught with a buhch. of black and; 
; white^ta.1kors on their hapds and no. 
market fpr them, as they vverje; 
catight with a load of silents which' 
rieyer have been released! because of 
the talker deluge. . - 

British. Internfttional, : the wis© 
boys believe, is 'doing .the firsl- fai^- 
Seeing, thing a' British company ; has 
done sinPe the big bpom began two 
yea;rs ago. ■ ■ : ■ 

Croakers ,. ar.6^ saying the close- 
down cpmes on. orders from the city 
(Wdli Street of Londpn), but this is 
doubtful, as British International 
seems in .a sound position and has 
had good fortune with its first 
talker. ' '. . 

V /London, Aug. 16. 
Statement ..British Mast.erpioco 
FllniSi ;, has'; "entered into an 
agreement- with a- City iipanciai 
house whereby, the. latter takes up 
th'e . whole- of ;:the ;unissued capital. ^ 
of British ■ MasterpicQe .Films, Ltd." 
oh or before Oct.^i. 

Another blurb tells how eight . 
artists have been sighed for this: 
company's "fprthpqraing production 
of. talking, fllnis." Iholuded in tliose' 
are-Olga' Lindo, yiola .Tr.<^b, Lilian . 
Bl-aithvyaite .. and , ]M ilton ■ .Rpstiior: 
Their version :•: of ..being . sign'cd iij 
they have . co.htracts call for ' 
them to play, in four; films any time 
wiUiiri tw<5\years~ iC they arc a^v-ailr ' 
able: when .called, ort. . . 

Tiip pity is;.th:ere are several quite 
reputable mch with .good names 
mixing theins'elyps Up. in .this . who 
can't see further" than tho Lamb 
in Lambart. :. Their processes pf 'asT 
sociatipn. have gone '.adrif t so. they 
don't link Up tlie - .connection 1 be- 
tween lamb and ficeee. . ' ... 




Madrid, Aug. 20.- 
King . Alfonso, was all hot and 
bothered, having received a cable 
from John Gilbert,, asking the king 
to meet him at Barcelona. An hon- 
''or for Alfy. . 

Talkers are making tremendous 

London, Sept. 3. 
Gloria ■ .iS'^vanson's : first talker,' 
"The . Trespasser,'' -will .have - its 
About six instajlations . I premiere at the Gallery Kinenia 
will have been completed by the here; Sept; 9, with 

Edwin Carewe recently [p^'^sonal appearances. Miss S>y£tns^ 

I fall 

Stockholm, Sept. 3." , . , . . , . v 

"Singing Pool" opened yesterday dropped in oh his way to the .Ex-, arrived today (Tuesdfiy) 
(Monday) at the Palladium and a position, .he gave oUr Spanish Mr. and Mirs. Joseph P.- Kennedy 
big hit. Looks set for long run. beau.ts (guapas) . the double O, Hear arrived Saturday , for the premiere 
Dialog difnculty was circumvent- some talk of an Hispano-American iritention is to make it, a swank 
ed by distributors by Inserting company. opening, 

Swedish super-imposed captions on Sidney Franklin, the first ; iahd «ijijjg . rprespasser" is a personal 
backgrounds; also giving each pa- only American toreador, has caused p-Q^ygti^n ^iy Kennedy , for United 
tron a booklet coritainihg full dia-. quite a furore in Spanish circles. | ^^istg^elease. 
log and song numbers In Swedish! He's from Brooklyn. Jusrt a local 
and English. ;. I 'lad 

Same picture opens at Gotheh- 
berg and Malmo, second and third . •11 in i* 

largest cities m Sweden, on Sept. pQjg|g|j \^<^\jlQf and StUdlOS 

and 16, respectively.. 


Pacent's in Australia 

Bierlin, Sept. 3; 
In a move to checltmate Fox: and 

. . London, Sept. 3.. 
At the Trad* .'Union Council mfeet- 
I' ing scheduled to open tomorrow 
(Wednesday) at ■ Belfast/ under .the I prevent tb6 "Americanization", of 
....... presidency of Ben Tillett, it IS ex- 

Patent Souhd Reproducing appal l Labor desires to estabHsh union over most of: the EmcJllca. St^ 

conditions in the stu<lio3, preserilly obtain' control of its theatre^^^ 

Sydney, Septt 3.. 

ratus has arrived on ^he market. 
. racent sells for around .$!>.000, 
film and di.sQ included. 



; ■ . ;Lohdph; Septi!- 3;i," 
Arthur Pent, director; of B^^^ 
international, sails on the.; "iPiTajesr 1 ciTjd;: dciCu'iict ' l"?h6cbus 

CO - P perati ve . bas is 

:i5melka's present positipri! arid Its 
urgent need, for iputijide help arisps 
from the, ^ovP.rrimcnt's'. insistcnco 
that it rrialce a ?1,000,6q.O back piy- 
tne'nt'! for share."? of the : banlcr.upt 


; ■ : ' • iiondoni-Sc^iitl 3: . ti«" t^omorr . Hp wants Ip. dispone 
texplpifatioh tWup. gives '^fi^ec Ut the. Anveri|;an rightW of thp Kiig-^ 
nt^ to the •'Empire for anyone giv- ' iifh niado tivlkciv "Blackmail," .or 
ff tHe^ 3^v(^nihH; :!^:(•wK ah adVorliscr failing^ to sct; il^.on BrpaclWj^y.. - ; 

ing tl 
ment of $1 or', irioro.. 

IZFeatures, 24 2-Reelers 
For Latin-America Patrons 

; .. Hollywood* Sept. 3. 
Claiming to have the support of 
G,bOO theatres and co-operation of 
thei Latin- American g'ov^rnments, 
M. ' N. <!!harles of .the 

newly" formed Associated Artists 
!Producers Association, will start; 
produeing . a series of pictures ati 
Tec-Art for Latin American trade.' 

Prograrh calls for 12 features and 
24 two reelers to be made in both 
Spanish and. English. Jack Dpnovah; 
is the first actor to be signed by 
this company on a thr^e-year op- 
tional contract. 'He will be . starred 
In the Shorts, and pa,rticipate in the 
features calling for all star casts 
Representative of the association 
is now en route. to Spain, thence to" 
South Ainericat and concludes hlsi 
trip in ■ Mexico Whiare plans . are for 
a studip site. Mexican government 
has already offered, to donate land 
and buildings as ah inducement. 

Charles claims 'a,bout 10% of the 
Latin- American theatres are wired 
for sound pictures. Julio Serador, 
active in directing' Spiihish versions 
of pictures in Germany, has been 
.brought here for the samp work 
with the ASspQiated Artists Pro 
ducers. . 

.^^^ . ; W^^ start . ■ 

It the, iVaif of the . skedpol works . 
Out as laid down, by Britiish Do- 
minions Cpmpany, AVcstern Electric 
ind the .GramophPho Company are 
joing to hit thiis niai^kbt with native 
productions for a wliPlfe carload of 
disks. • 

Albert de Cpur'yille .started Work 
this week on. "The W'olves" with 
Dot GiSli, Charles Laugh tori', F.rank- 
lyni Dyall and !t)ino Qaiy.ani shopling' 
their mouthis if the miite. Herbert 
Wilcox is starting, on a "Life of 
Beethoven," with .Mark Hariibourg 
as the. lohg-haivpd Gorman piano 
wrestler. Hambourg i^ doing his 
dialog stuff in Englishj German^ 
French arid Russian. . 

Also in Production 
Harry . Lachmah has finished 
Hardy's "Under the Greenwood 
Tree" and . Is signing ' to . make an- 
other for British Intbrnatlon.->I . . . , 
if they let him do his own castirii^. 

Dcnison Clift is shooting dialog 
sequences for "City' of Play/' which 
he originally made silent fot Gains- 
borough. ' 1 , . ■■■'< 

"To What Red Hell,'' made over 
as . a dialpg, with silent version 
Scrapped, is through, 'arid the Tif- 
fany folk here, say they have, a cable 
offer; from Tiffany, your side, .for 
$375,000 for the American end, 
Sybil Thorndike and Bramwell 
Fletcher — Litter one of Al Woods' 
recent grab-s — are In this. 

Otherwise it's a prietty tough time 
for screen troupers, and witli all 
this sunshine an' all. 


. Ducking the News Slump 

Most all tiie . W*^ardour street 
bunch are vacating at Newquay, 
Cornwall, this Must be the 
esoteric connection of the nanie 
with souhdTfilrris draws them.' 

Ihter-use grbwin.g. Major Bell of 
Parairiount has been put in charge 
Pf the experts bkayirig all equip- 
ment for inter-use. Thoy don't pass 
ph any individual systerii as such, 
but' exariiine every installation as 
soon as It goes into the theatre* 
Westei-n Electric and all. But now, 
watching to see Avhich ; of .1;he 
cheaper systeriis usually get by, an 
exhib contracted to wire Pan go 
ahead 'with bookings. Which is 
easing up the tightness for the dis- 
tribs already. 

Plenty squawks lately on sharing 
!terms. Little men say they can't 
kick in 33%% of the gross, "pay for 
disks, and the i-pst of the progra.m 
and come out anywhere but In . the 
red. Want disk charges included 
in the percentage and a complete 
program Supplied;" Otherwisp, thpy 
oomplairi, they are payiiig. the talker 
di.strib on the gross whioh is being 
drawn •by the rest of the program. 

.- New iealand's Rejections ; ; 

: . Sydney. Sept. ! 3. 
■. ^!.tati.slic;s jiewly availalilc indicalo 
. the. government of N^-w ZPaland rc: 
■ je'ctfd 31 .pictures for the .:ycar end ■ 
' iiig last M!arOh. . ■'- . 

. : . Xciuo. be tlK'-.rcjv.ctod iiicturos.was 

. : ■ / Farrbahks' Picture', 

■ '■ . Los' Arigi?les, Scpt^- 3.' 
\yh(ui D(uigla.s l-'^Liirbanlvs gcft.s to! 
■Europe on- 'the. tour, of •• himyi'lE and 
Mary'- I'ickford if is. lUul.orstpod . he 
will- renin in there abpiif a/year to 
mnki* a . ft'iilurc. !N?aluro or. ioeali' 
uiid'i'l.i rrniu'''(t. ;■ . ■ . '. . ^ ;. . 

I'luv nC'>ft IMi-'kfoi-d •lui'turo; sirhod 

•This> Kiriplka cannot dP withPuf 
raising capital: on Its assets; . 

Dcniocratic and liberal .-press is 
antagorii.stic to. tho : UfarK.nielka 
deal, . as 'tlie .rf-acfiiiiVnry ' Hugpi'-iV^^ 
I press owns.l'fa nnd it isfoarod will^ 
get ii. .stVarigl!choUl on- the Gorman, 
industry. ; .' v , . 
.. Oii theatres, alcin'e llie proprt.ijcil 
iunalgaihatibh of; iivlci-osts wo.ul'l 
:g;ive- I'fa ..a ; practical monopoly of 
importaht .lir!;<t. rwn.s aivd deUixi's, 

,Lu.pino's Reported. Holiday^ 

PuttliiD off an easy, diity iiinkes 
It hard, ■mil piiltina off a hfirri 
duty mnkos itiinposslbic. 


Mid Wcsi 4ini Strcot 
N<"\v York ; 

E. lyien . Exchafige: • 
• . ; l,(iml(iji, ■ fc^t'l't. 3. 
.. Pwili'U of tilTlx-1;iM iVy . WiV-t«M'h 
Klvotrii--. h;is "l lf'r.b(>rf Knox ' going 
tn' the !N'(AV York .ntl'w'O,' 
• lj;n;;f-.n.'<>. SVivirt (;vc;i£?,' ro(;critl>- "W. 
Pj, oxpnrf ni;i:i;u;iT itr Nf\v 'yorlv', 
wiU ct'Uio to London, 

. .LoniUiiV, S'Mit. 3. 
Stanley Lupini) wa.'^ out; cf "Lnvc 
Tyic's" at tlie (;;il('fy. la.^t y:i'*-k. 

Ilcii()rt.«» indie.'i IimI ' iiil "niiil l)i<'.k<:T- 
inir. but Lupinp's' wife dAnjod tlij.s, 

...Sydriey,- SPpt: '3.: 
.. Entire. . am'UseriK'.rtt ! ■ indus.try' ; -is 
bitterly fighting' , intended 5 %.! ' tax 
griii) on? grpss ' revcn!ue by federal 
gpvernriiciJt,. Stufirt Doyle, liead- Pf! 
Union Theiitrp's, is lea/clinij; fight. ; ' . 

Til X gral) .won kl hvip ^ . it ion al 
■|;3, 000,000 .tp;. trea.siiry .' plu's .$1 , 750:000 
on existing? tax; X 'V ' ••. .! ' ■• 
. : Incrcii.'^p !bn. foreign , duty frPni 
SV^c to .Go -a- fppt nim :;li:ftH tariir 

fmtn ?7nn;oM'to..5!i,u;|0^ooo.! . 

Announccnient. .of inerca>je . cre- 
ated mild .p.'iiiic on, i^toek. iCxt-hnnge; 
the, aiiiU.'^'iTnfiit-- . shanks. drpppl"g 
away ,d.(nvn. ■ •' ! ." ■'- 

Many prnatpt^f.i. will vole : again;:! 
tlie tiix' • .n't -tlve- ixoxt ' puvliaiiu'ivt;.: 
rt>m(r(l(>lMie.' bill or. !p'o ou'l .of ollh.'c. 
Opi)<)sili<)ii \< iili tiVwaril- the fi'i'l- 
oral trrariure'r. , •La.dcr, siate.«? : th(> 
iiidii>>.lvy*::; !;i>j'.cit':'^t ri'iir.c-svhts... .liic 
j /;uiM'ican f'iriv\ Of pnlitifal ))ros.<iu'i\ 

Weather and Business 

Though the wet jiateh fihi.sihed up 
end last week and it's been, fine and 
wxirm. this, wii ed.'? in the ^Ves't 
itncl ha'V'o. stood 'well, uji.' "Flyinsf 
■.]<''l(>tH"'.:{it Empire k.oiot steady, hilt 
will only ' plply a. •!-\veek. .. 'MlulldPg 
lOri'immond;" !"thoUph schedulV-d IP 
'' folhvw.ed. ity "ari AVitii .thin Show,'" 
i."? .in j't.<i..lllh week and 'riot, 
^ ."Kiiig-ror .• t)ie . -KliMher lUflcs" 
■ ; .. • : '(Cbntinu'ed- oh page ■' : •.: 

• . .; Miflh Pressure 

IT.oily.W.ppd, Pi;pt.- '3. , . 
; .Anlivs .■;ann;.;.'dial.)i? ■ (if'' ; th<'' h-iti'h 
pri's'siu'cd .«<iil'c!?i'iian ..will bi/ . -.p'-'C'r 
siMitwl ; on \ the. 'jjfi'.iM'i-i fiu' ■ tlie lii'.ir't 
tinio' wlu'h ; I'ii.thc' (■'uin'iilMcs Ivl'.he 
QtiillanVi 'a'^Ii and At tvin>'' ,! . - ■■: 
- fiUfi-<.\ Is !' an nrii:ial .I'V' . ^• 
Piilahd. ■ . .' ■ ■ V -■'! ''.'! - • ■ '-' L_ 

stating'it ■vva^i ihetvly a. shi.i't hnli- .Di^yi,. replied Ihict ihivUrWi^ here an' 
day for iior hu.slialul.' . j.iwiUHl an'd lVnani*.ed (.•nllrMy ■ l>.v 

. He. will 1»<: Tuck .Iri tluv .shnw lati f I .\u.Ntr;Vli!ii'-"= ' and. noilii'iig' Ani' 
> this week, acuoi'ding to the Missus. |.ih nieihod, cyntrol or prossure," 

of America, Inc. 

64' "west 74tli ST... NEW 'YOflK 
MAU-y nii.Mi: [M Ai.ii-nt 

Plionp Ki)ii;< 
Kc>v Classes So\y i'orininB 

Wednesday, September 4, 1929 



15 London Shows Rate as 

Vaude Not So Good; Tsdkers K 

; London/ Sept. .3 

■VVotitHer ha3 ■ been , \Vai'm and 
DrigUt With 16 fehows rated as 
smashes ebntlriuihg to do h^s biz, 
, w;hile 'eve^^ ' b u t s i d e the 

charmed circle suffers -aiid starve? 
Vaudeville houses are doing in 


Paris, S©pt, 3. 

, , V, a I Playhouses are rapidly reopehing; 

differently, largely because of poor m^^y resuming . run* interrupted 
bills, coliseum, is having ynexpected j^y the hotVweatlxer ' ^ ^ ^" 
good luclt with Usvinnoyation o? a '/Ghost -Traih'- moves ;^r6nj:^ t^^ 
five O'clock, .performcince. It has Madel^i^e . to the Renaissance; • 
dropped talking shorts as nas the the. Avenue, «'Tlie Spider" 
other gloU house, the Alhambra, | trrench,: picki tip where it left oit, 


'This, seems to have b^ph a help 

Diialog features^^ draws. , /"CO 
coanuts'* at the CarftOn, "Fashions 
in Xipve" at the Plaza,: ''Broadway'' 
at the Regal, and "Bulldog Drum 

Theatre Pa r is opens tpnigh t ( Z) 
with ^'Marius,." Gymnase opens, to 
rrtorrow Virith "Melo."^ Ani operetta, 
"Flossie^" is due Saturday (8) at 
the iBoufEes Parisien. "Hole in the 

mond" at tlie TiVoli are aiU clickihg. Wall'' resumes at the Mlrandes, and 

"Madame; X'» 
was yanked. ■ 

did iEL flop here arid 


Enemle," at thie Antoine; 

Sacha C; ultry has a Friench Ver 
sion of '^'Bachelor Fatlier*' Ih re 
hear^aU ■■ 

Cdmposer PldnH Know Bride Work- 

., ed. jn His: Show 

.:<■ . yienha, Sepit. 3,. 
: iSmerlch IfCainrian, , composer of 
inariy operettas, is.a piincipal actor 
in a.iicw. real life plot, that Smacks 
of an operetta, libretto. 

He- has .juist ' married 

tasha> k ...beautiful but. linimpbrtaht 
.Russian dancet. He'^met her at a 

society function/ fell immediately 

love . with ylier and ■ married her. 

Later/ he. discovered'^ 3 bad; played, 

iilght ' a^^tier hlght;; a small . part in. 

his ''Chicago iprincess'' ar\d he jiad 
;neve:r, taken any hotic^ p.f her ph 

the stage.;.; 

For "Gullible N^^ 

' . ; Londpn^ Sept,^ 
Jobn . Emerspri lias arrived here 
atte^r- in extehded heialth sojourn on 
the Continent. His throat : trouble 
wliicjh caused his resignatibn as 
prcsjidcht of Equity is gredtly : Im- 
prpvedi ;V ■ ; '-. •• 

He has .a play by hiiriself aTid his 
wliie, Anitd; lioos, which be Wilt; take 
tp New Yprl? at .the -end of Sop 
tember ;i.n. '"Iippes oC InveiglihgTSPme 
gullible manager" to produce it.| 

Conyerted^-And Dies! 

ian Registration 

Cairo; S<>pt. 3; 
A nevir law" compels irtists to reg 
Ister arid pbtaln a, license .from the.l *'^® MohpLmmedain religion and was 

Capetown; Sept, 3. 
,; Hcdiey Churchward, chief scenic 
designer for African Theatres, at 
J ohannesburg, died suddently Aug, 
28.;; v. : ■ ■■ 

He recently had been converted to 


To put teeth into the measure the-, 
atres are held .accountable arid must 
submit list Of. bookings to tlie gov 

biiried with Moslem rites. 


s jamined 

London, Sept. 3. 
It is . practically impossible to ob- 
tain paissage oh any . west-bound | 
steamer during Septembei'. : 

. Paris, SJept. 3. 
Hot and rainless the prevailing 
\Yeather is not favorable tp theatre 
trade. ; 

Brceze.s started circulating today 


. Oct. 4 (New York to LoridPn), W. 

American tourists have blvalked up R. Sheehan . (.B^^ 
.a new.lvigh. water this year;' :- \ \ : Sept. 2T (New York to Paris) B, 

P.- Schiilberg and; family (tie de 

Sept. 1? (London tP New York) 
James Carripbell: (Horifierie). 

Sept. 17 (London to New York), 
Derickson and Brpwri (Leviathan). 

Sept. 14 (New York to London), 
Ben .Bernie orchestra (Majestic). 
Septi 7. (New Yorlc to London) 

Budapest to Vienna for 
Rehearsal&--Via Airplatiej 

. : ■ . .- ■ Vienna, . Sept. 3. 

For tlie revival of the' 20-year-61d 
operetta, "Count of Luxembourg," 
In which Marie Jeritza is to have 
the principal part, it was decided to Fridkin Orchestra (Leviathan) 

have M. Ratkay^ the Original (Xibndon to New . York> 

comedian. Dorothy Gisli, William A. Brady 

But as . he is playing in Budapest (Berengaria) 

In the summer hit, "The Wife 
.Elopes,'?, the problem of his at- 
tendance upon rehearsals had to be 
solved. M. Ratlcay his been mak- 
ing the trip each day by aeroplane, 
returning to Budapest for his eve 
JT'Pg performancei . •- • 

s Sisters Do Well 

London, Sept. 3; ■ 
The TJifee Adams Sisters,' Amer- 
ican dancers, who have beep playing 

.continuously at the TrPcad.dro fpr Gertrude Lawrerice, Betty Schuster, 
several mpnths and doubling in ■ 

Sept. C .(New York tp Paris) Eve- 
lyn Brent (He de France). 

Sept. 6 (Capetown to London), 
Harry W^ldon, Hilda Glyder (Edin- 
burgh Castle), 

Sept. 6. (Capetown to Sydney) , 
Sairipsel ;and Lepjiard (Ulysses). . 

Sept. ;. 4 ;; (Montreal to Lpndori ) , 
Alan iFoster and girl troupe 
(Megantic). * 

Sept. 4 (New York to Paris) : 
Mr.- arid Mrs. Dpuglas Fairbanks 
Septi; 4' (London, to. New York),. 

vaudeville, , brought an augmented 
: act . tp the . Palladium yesterday.. . 

Girls .now have' twin piano acr 
compaiximejit of their own and other 
.elaborations- : They did very well. 
. Alfred. Latcll, playing an imme- 
diate return at the same house, 
walked out when h6;was- called upon 
to.;Clo!5e the show. ; 


_ .London. Sept. 3, 

Loe Ephfaim's two .suil.s come up 

for hearing this .month. 

flcramation 'of character arid United 

A roducirig Corp; for breach bC con- 


Sydney's Critic' Dies 

• Ss'dnoy, Sept. 3; 
^J-Q.voe Dowden. film critic of the 
bun. d.«d siKVtoaly fcero 'last week. 

Mr. and: Mrsi'.Gilbert. Miller, pewey 
Biopm, Tracey arxd Hay, Mrs. Jame? 
;Campbe; Arthur. Dent^ Nathart. Bur- 
kah, Arthur Keily, (Majestic). ■ ; 

Sept; 3 .(London ;tP ' New York), 
Leslie Howard, Reginaid ' Owen, 
Robert English, Jack Carlton,: Dunr 
can McRae "(Samaria). 

:Sept.:2 (New York to P,arl.s>yMax 
II. :deVaueorbeil, Ed Cornigllon- 
II piinier (France). 

Aug, 31 (Paris to Now .Ybrk),.( 
ton Bell. (Deutschlarid). ■ . : 

Aiug. 31 r' (Boulonge . to ;New 
York); Ricrliard IJlurivcnthal (Alin- 


Theodore Cicntzoff' (Rochambeau). 

Aug. 31 (New York to .LQnd;pn).,, 
llazol Gandreau (.6lymt>ic). ; 

Aug. 29 (N'(?w York to Hamburg).. 
Wiliem van Hoogstraten (Berlin).. 

Aug. 28 (Paris to New York), 
Dora Duby, Marguerite Nichols;,' 
Hope . Hampton, Jules Brulatocir 
(lie France). 


BOO\<r Carroll- theatrer N. V. C. 

:''Ya.rietyV .said; "WiU Mdhoney is 
the:, bpmedianvstar pf .'Sketch Bcok.' 
How"' . that 'boy work's and ; how he 
clickSi Wlieh he danced ;the fiirst 
nigbters ; wpuid; hardly , let the show 
proceed, • arid tlie first act fixiale was 
.vfeli on its way when. Ma^^^ 
to appear from aii, exit for a quiet- 
ing, bow,." . 

■ Direction.^. .. 

RALPH G.^^^I^ 

1560 Broadway . 

_ .Paris, Sept 3. 

Ann Murdock, forrtier American 
stage star and legatee of the late 
Alf Haymari, is expected to marry 
a wealthy Cuban in October, when 
her divorce from Haliam Keep 
Witlliams b^comes^ final. . Miss 
MurdPek returned recently, to 
Paris : after wintering in Cuba. 

Williams also contemplates ( 
matrinioriial realignment ; in Oc 
tober. His new wife will be Ruth 
Harrington Anderson of Philiadel 
phia, .f pfmerly with Earl earroll's 
"Vanities." They will honeymoon 
in the Belgian Congo, where Will 
iams has business interests. 

By E. P. Jacobi 


Arin Murdock, maide a star under 
the management of Al Hayman, 
who died in 1917, was sent word 
by her attorney last week that a 
trust fund of $250^000 on which 
she was to have received interest 
foir life will not be paid, it having 
been ruled by Surt-ogate Foley of 
New York that this fund was not 
properly be<iuea,thed. 
. $1,500,000 was originally willed 
in trust by Al Hayman to his 
widow, Minnie. Upon her death, 
$250,000 was to comprise a fund 
fpr his brother, Alf, and upon his 
death the interest on that sum was 
to revert to Miss Murdock. 

Mrs. Minnie Hayman outlived 
her brother, Alf, who died in 1921, 
willing the $250,000 trust fund to 
Miss Murdock, according to his 
brother's wishes. Mrs. Hayman 
died last year. 

William H. Rose, trustee of the 
fiind, asked ' the surrogate for a 
rulirig on the disposition of the 
money. The court decided that 
despite the plain intent of the tes- 
tator to. bequeath the money to 
Miss Murdock.. The law forbids the 
creation - of a trust fund to cover 
more than two lives, thereby vio- 
lating the- law of perpetuities. 

Miss Murdock was in private life 
Irene Coleman. Al Hayman put 
her name in lights in a show 
called ; "The Three Bears" and it 
was an; inside joke along Broad- 
way that the title was right— the 
orchestra;; baicorijr ■ and ' gallery 
w6re bare; . . 

During the life of Al Hayman, 
.Miss Murdock riever appeared 
under other management. Their friendship, was xhore plainly 
ndicated; by ' the ; fa;ct that : Hay- 
man died in the apartment where 
Miss .Murdock resided' withv her 
motliier, Theresa Coleman, on Gth 
avenue. " ' ■, '■ 

; The ruling . of iSurrpgate . Foley 
also denies the bequest Of $25,000 
cach ^to - five charities, including 
the Actors' Fund, Mount Sinai 
Ilo.'ipital, Catholic Institute .For 
the Blind, and St. Joseph's Home 
=For-t-lTe=A=ged7^ ■ ;' ■ ■ 

' . ■•. . .Berlin. Sept. 3. 

^' ''Tlie. Joiirney'^i Efid;".:Briti»^^ war R.. :C.. Sheriff, in production 
at . the . KuenStlertlieatre, .won liigli 
praise f rpm the press . for its artis- 
tic . and dramatic ; merit, but tlie 
IGermain appraisal is som<S\vhat hurt 
by the repressed tone of the play 
which is ;f.6reigrt to the natiye tem- 

Production is a conscientious folr 
lowing of th6 British model,, with 
workmanlike direction by ..JHEeinz 
Hilpert and .I'ealistic settings by 
Rochus Gliese; 

. A .weil-balanced.ipast 1s headed by 
Mathias Wicriiarin ; with ; Hans 
Brausewetter, .Kayssler 
and .Ludwig Stoessel.; , 
. Dumas. Operetta 

At . the CchauspielhauS theatre 
•'"The Tliree -Musketeers,'' .spce^ 
lar operetta, got pver by virtiie of. 
its splendid cast and bi'illiant stiagr 
ing, the. score being .wealv- and • tlie 
comedy neglected: . ; : . . 

Book is by Sdharizer and Weliseh 
and .Score by • Rilph Benatzky with, 
numerous musical intcrpplatiohs 
Eric Charnell is the producer arid 
also stag^id the piece.. Singing leads 
are in. the -hands of Alfred . Jei'ger 
and Gb^ta Jiirigberg, with Joseph 
Schiriidt featureds 

Siegfried At^no, Max Hanson and 
Prude Lie.ske . .ido iiandsPmcly by 
what comedy opportunity is offered. 

Dolin's New Partner 

' London, Sbpt. 3. .. 

Anton Dolin, now partnered by 
Anna Liidriiilla, formerly" premiere- 
danseuse with the Chicago Opera 
Co., scored at . the' Cbliseuril. 

Miss Ludmilla is a valuable asset 
to the . turn and - one of ' the ' '' co - 
workers DoUn has. had. . ' 

Fyffe in 0. S. Jan. 13 

• London, Sept. 3. 

Will Fyffe opeits! at the Palace-, 
New York, Jan. 13 Under a contract 
with RKO. .Although bppked for 25 
weeks prigiriaUy. Fyffe succeeded in 
securing a release; on the last live, 
owing to conflicting date.s heri?; 


London, Sept. 3. 

Jean Forbes -Robertson, da;ughter 
of Sir • Jphriston Forbes-Robertson 
and Gertrude Elliott^ was ;. married 
Aug. 31 to. Jamei HamiJtpn. 

Who's Who of English; slibw busi- 
ness attended the funetion. 

Biulapest.. Aug. 15. 
. Preparations for the new se.asoa 
are in full swing. Silent • vs. talkie 
situation has not quite ; cleared yet, 
though eight of the . big picture 
houses have ,'rilade ui* : their riiinds 
for. the talkie. The sriialler houses 
■are. 'very hard hit. Censure dues 
which, are ddded to import meter 
fees are very high. A number of 
small houses: .iu; the country are.' 
closing. They say that for the past 
yeai' they have riot -even been able 
.to keep up three performances a. 
week,, tiieir ; only source of incoriie 
being; Sunday performances. . Now. 
Village, .amateur thbaitricils ixris 
cropping, up fast, and Steadily and 
taking away their. Sunday public. 
No one knows what is goirig to bd 
tlie future , of small picture houses 
in 'Hungary;; • > 

Eternal Hope 

.. Theatrical, p'utlbok is considered 
with much V greo:ter Pptimism, 
tliough no ;bnfe.: quite kriows why. 
The three empty houses of - Buda- 
pest havo -found tenants:^ Magyar 
Szinhaz has betfn. rented by an as- 
sociation of brisiness men wlio have 
so far not had anything to do with 
the stage, and have secured Istvan 
Brpdy. director of musicals and -re- 
yuos, for their manager. - This com- 
bi.iiation is not looked upon favor- 
ably..'; . '•;■' , .;.; 

Belvarosi theatre,_a $mail intimate 
hoyse, has a.100%^ professional man- 
Agemerit of which big things, are ex-, 
pected and which has been recesived 
with , much ' blowing pf trumpets. 
The two managers are well-known 
literary rind theatrical personalities: 
Eugene . Heltai i^ , president of the 
Hungariari Dramatic Authors'. Asso- 
ciation,, a very popular man, arid 
Molcliior: Lengyel, one of the - most 
successful of dramatic, autlibrs. Be- 
tween them they • promise to give 
the Hungarian public at . last a the- 
atre ^that will combine" literary and 
liistrionic merit :. virith . iamusement 
and good showmanship. . 

The fl rst n ovelty of the Belvarosi 
is tp be a now comedy ''iSraritiatists 
a ri d Burglars" by Lengyel-; arid Ka- 
rinthy, a very witty and thrilling 
persiflage of the rroPk play, in 
which a character moulded on the 
■ (Continued on page 74) - 


Paris, Sept. 3, 
;David Earle .Brtindjage; . 46, man- 
ager Lord and Thomas advertising 
agency iri London, died suddenly 
Aug; 31 on a Paris holiday. 
Burial in England. 


: London, Sept. 3. 
Jack Hylton, on the "Berengaria". 
due. In tomorrow, will go directly 
from the dock to lead his orchestra 
at the Palace, Plymouth. 

The Hyltbn; band commenced an 
engagement at the Palace; Monday, 
awaiting Its leader's: returri from a 
week's stay in New York, : 

"Street Scene" Going Oh 

• Paris,: Sept. 3. 
. Instead pt ."The Shanghai ileH- 
tur.e," Wyn will produce a French 
Ver.slpn . of "Street Scene" at the 
Apollo.' ■ Date- is in October. . 

"Ge.<5.ture" . was briglmilly ulated 
for last spring. 

Griffitbs Coming Over .. 

: London, 'Sept. 3.. ' 
The Gi-ifliths Brothers; who do a 
burlesque horse; act in vaudeville, 
have been . added to the cast of 
Cochran's .''Wakie Up and.^ 'Dream,", 
for . the American preseritatiqn .:Uri.^ 
der the direction of. Arch Sol wyn. 
, The ."teari:^'' comprised father and 
son, the latter having " done an . act 
of this kind' for over 50 yoars/ : 

. Good Act's, Bad Spot - 

London, Sept, 3. 
B.ob, Bub. arid Dobbip were splen- 
didly received .at the A'ictpria Pal- 
ace, although they were required to the .show, a spotting ili.ut old- 
timers deplored. 

'Journey's End" in French 

Paris, Sept 3. 
■ "'Jpurney's End" will be present- 
ed in French at the Edward VII 
Theatre, Sept. 27. 

It is still running at the Albert 
with . an ■ Englis h-speaking cast 
from London. 

Meyers' Show in London 

London, Sept. 3. 1, 
Bertie Meyers' new show, opening 
last week at Golders Green arid 
currently at Lewisham, comes to 
London In a few weeks. 
Princes has the booiclng. 

. Am. Chief Comics 

London, Sept. 3. 
Naughton .and Gold have been 
engaged as chief comics, for a 
Christmas pantomime for the Ly- 

:=^t^ rri ng=«Pra ri k-i,er=Darro= 

-Hollywood, Sept. 3. 
;T. Ilayes Hunter wiU direct 
Franlde Darro in. the first of a .so-rifs 
in whiPh the youngster will bo 
starred by Sonp-Art. • 

J. G. Hawks is writing an un- 
titled .stpry of circus life. Prodiio- 
lipn is slated for |l:ie .?nd of S.^p- 

ceum." . .-. ; 

^ .. ..... -. . 


FPreigri . . . , 


Pictures .. . . , . 



Picture Reyiew.s... ; . y.-.-. . 


Fihri.. Hbu.s6 Reviews, . . . 

48 . 

Vaudeville;. ... .:.'. : , ,'v i ,V. 



Vaude Reviews. ... . . . ; . . 


. New Acts;-. . ... 


. .1^1 lis • ■• • • w • • • • » •"• • • • 



Times Square... . . . . . . . 



. :Kditorial . . . . . ... . .. . . . 


Women's Pa^e .... . '. . ... 


Legitimate , , . . . . . 



; Music ., . 



. Obituary, . ....... . . 


('am'-.sppndonce . . . i . . ;>. . 


In.side — Pictures >.....< 


In.side— V.uude . : .-. . . . 

47- . 

Insldo--Leffit . i '. . . , 


- T.'tl king Shorts ; , . . .> . .', 


I:,iterati . ^ ; .« 


Lf'glt Reviews.... . . ..... 



Foreign Film News . . . . -. 
Burh.'.squc ..,..,•....,..,; 

2 . 


In.sido—M u.^ic ... .... . . . ' 


RruJlo . . . . ; . , ;. . .... . iC.7- 



- Night (.'lub.s,.... 


N'ew.s oi iJallies. . . .... ,. 


Outdoor.s ...... . . . ..... . 


Lr'tter Ll.'.-t. ,. 

■ • ■ 

79 . 



Wednesday, September 4, 1929 

Originals Slowly 

, Novels Too Cosily; 
2 of 51 Current 

Hollywoodv Sept. ?. 

pcmaijd, for . oriei.nal screen^ stories 
Is 'gradualiy/ . reacHi ■level ,tp 

dominate the present story .market 
for talkcrij. ,;' Picture producers ad- 
vance the reasori for such si condi-' 
tiori, as , the , Inhatcd . prices , being 
asked for plays and novels.' v Aidded 
:cpst of making sound pictures will 
hot pea-mit exorbitant prices. 

PMSt;hist<Jry' Shoiws that lii a num- 
ber of cases, after;.' fabulous suiha 
were piiiii out for the rights to plays 
and novels, it' became hecqssai'y to 
reconstruct th<? entire story arid give 
it a new box- pfnce . title/ thus: losing 
the original valiiie the studio set out 
to obtain, ; 

Survey of the type of. n>aterial. 
used in the 51, iCeatures iiow in pro- 
duction on the. .Cpast:Shows.22 orig- 
inal screen- storIes,:i4 .pl.{iys, l 
els and four magazine stories. 

Original ' Screen stories, include 
•'His First Command" , (Pathe) ; 
•■Cotton and Silki" "Devil May 
Cxvre," "Road • Show," 'ATJie Rogue 
Song," "Their. Own Desire": and 
"Make It Big/': ■■■ OM-G-il) ; "H.ere 
Comes the Baindwagon" . (ipar) ; 
"Sotith Sea Rose,:" "The Tlirtse Sis- 
ters," "New AOrleanS ' Frolic,'" "A 
Song of Kentucky" and "Hurdy 
Gurdy Man" '(F6x>:"Song of i.ove" 
(Columbia); vShow of Sltows" 
(Warners) ; .. "City tights;' ((Chap- 
lin) ; "Jazz Heaven" and "Tanned 
Legs," (Radio) : "Hell's /Arigels':; 
(Caddo) ; "Welcpmb. t)anger'' (Met- 
ropolitan), and "Zeppelin" arid 
"Troupers Three" (Tiffany-Stahl). 

Among the '. plays Iri production 
are: "Lilies of the Field," "No, No, 
Nannette," "The Next Room" and 
"Loose Ankles" (I^N); "This Thing 
Called Love" (Pdthe) ; "Duicy" (M- 
G); "Vagabond .King" and "The Old 
Lady Shows Her Medals" (Par); 
"Skinner's Dress Suit," "Shanhons 
of Broadway'' and "Shanghai Lady' 
(L'niversal) ; "Golden Dawn" (War- 
nors) ; "The Night . Parade," from 
"Ringside" (Radio), and "Wortian 
to Woman," Eriglisli play (T-S). 

Stories now in production taken 
from 11 novels are "The i)ark 
Swan" (FN); "Trader Horn." "Lpfd 
Byron of Broadway,'' ''.'Bishop Mur- 
der Case," "The Ordeal" andi. "Bugle 
Sounds" (M-G-M): '"The Children" 
(Par); "Lone Star Ran^;er" and 
' Romance of Rio Grande," firom 
"Conquistador" (Fox) ; "She Couldn't 
Say No" (\VB) andv"Condenined" 

Magazine stories in production 
are "Seven Faces," from the Satevc 
po.<!t story "A Friend of' Napoleon" 
and "Sky Hawk;'" from Liberty 
story named "Chap Called Bardell'' 
(Fox); "Three Godfathers" (U), and 
"Acquitted" (Columbia). 

Slaughter-Hoqse Stake 

; Hollywood, Seipt.: 3- , 
Select group of writers have . 
formed the False Friends So- 
ciety. Motto is, "if you . can't • 
say any thini? Unkind, sh^jt up." : 

• Making it tough to jpini too. 

Meetings are hold onC-e 
. weekly witlii various individ- : 
iials uriknov/ingly .having theise 
special evening^ dedicated to 

• them. Society figures a week 
is time eiiough-fpi^ the member-: 
ship to . probe the scheduled 
subject and be prepared to es- 

■ ppure on same at; some length. 
(3r'pup is slowly; working up to 
one lad whose name will head^ 
line • during ." 'John ■ Doe' 


An official kibitzer is carried ' 
in. the person of art .au'thotess. 
who has never been icnown to' 
pan anybody. Idea is that her 
compassion for • the wounded 
spurs, the members to. new 
heights. • 

. A Natural 


And their brides and Filipino band 
opening at . the Orpheum theatre, 
Osikland, Sept. 13. 

' Record . breaking business. liight 
.thpusahd ^ attendance: .first .day. 
Opinion- of northwest showrhen,' the 
grcatpst box office Tnagncfin Amer- 
ican theatre; \ . - 

1405, 1560 Broadway, Ne'W York. 


Court Denies Davis' Injunction Ap- 
piibatibn Against Art Mix .Prod; 

; . , . Xos' Angeles, ; Sept. 3i ■ 
Judge (3ates, in Superior Cdurt.' 
has denied the. applicatiPn, J. 
Charles Davis . Productions asking 
that Art Mix iProductiohs be re- 
strained from using the name of 
Art Mix. Davis said he had . the. 
originar Art Mix under contract at 
the present time and that for any- 
one else to use the name would con - 
otitutie unfaiir competition." 
. Defenda.nt : had ' ' made pictures 
with George Kestersbn as Art Mix 
and claimed the name belonged to 
the - fii'm a;n.d: not to the player 
Situation is complicated by thie fact 
that Kiestcrsoh has had. his 
legally changeid. to Ayt Mix. -Davis 
company Ayill enter another suit in 
.the name of the player asking that 
the defendant b.e restrained frbni 
preisenting any . player under the 
name of Art Mix. ' 

'Tranchise'' Selling Starting 


Cleveland, Sept. 3. 
Though the National Air Races 
here last ^eek drew in people by 
thie thdusands, the theatres failed 
to reap any benefits. 

On: top of. tiiatj the grosses fell 
off, through the crowds being held 
outside the houses, day or night. 

Variety printed a story' some 
weeks ago that air ports and aerial 
circuses were biecoming highly 
cpnipetitive .to theatres. 


Hollywood, >Sept. 3. 

Charles Guest, gplf links Apollo, 
and who has been southern Cali- 
fornia champ, three times, has 
crashed pictures. . 

Gue;3t . goes: with Mack Sennett 
as the juvenile in ''.The Lucky Nib- 
lick.'' .-. -. T ■:.■■ ■' ■ 


Hollywood, Sept. 3. 

Monte Blue will be starred in 
First National's ''Murder Will Out," 
Lila Lee ..being the femme lead. 
(Dlarence Badger will direct this 
September, picture. Other subjects 
to ; be started at Burbank, this 
month, include ''Son ot God," Rich- 
ard Barthelmess with Constance 
Beniictt, Frank Lloyd directing. 
"Playing Around," Alice White 
aihd William. Bjtke well with Mervyij 
De Roy directing; "Furies," with 
Lois Wilson, H. B. Warner, Matt 
Moore, Natalie Moorhead and Jane 
Winton, with Alan Crosland direct- 
ing; "Spring Is Here," all star, John 
F. Dillon directing. 



No. of 


No. of 





of plays 

of novels 



Name of Studio 

in work 

: in work 

in work 

in vvork 

First National . . . ; . 


0 . 

0 . 

Patiife . . . . .... . , ; 

- 0 : 

1 . ■ 



■ . ■5 

6 ■ 



• 2 *- _ 


0 • 

Fox" ..... ; . . . 

2 - -.\ 

5 "■• ■ 

•■ ■ :■ :2-: 

l-nivcr.sal ... . V. . . , 

■ .-3 

■ ■ O-' . 


Colunihia . . , ....... 


■ ■■' 1 

■ :■■ .■ ■ 

Warn6r.s . .... ... . . 

■ ■■ 1 ■. 

...: 0 ;■ ■■ 

itnitod Artists. . . . . 

■ ■ 1 .- 

■.■.:o^- ■■ 


ChapliTi .', .; .. . . 

4 • « • ^. f • • • 0 

0 ,; - 

. 0 . ,. 

Radio . . 

• •:■,«'•••••<■ 1 


■■. z ■■: 


Metropolitan . . . . . . 

• • • ♦ ■ •. • ',■ - 

. - 0-. ; 

■ 2 ■ : 

■■- , . 0- 

TifCanyrStahr. ::,... 

• • • ' "1" 

' 0 ;. 

TPtals . . . . . ..... r'. 

11 . 

?2 ' 

First Iiitimatioii 

'\ .1 HpllywQbd, Sept.;; 3. 
: Belicyihg that- tive .: tjilkers 
have already shown: a- tendency 
to increase the niefntality ■ of 
the average picture audience, 
b.ijsides attracting hew patrphs, 
publishera of fah .-magazines 
are gradually sU'pping into the 
:highbrow forni of subjtect niat- 

In bi-der to meet the de- 
. mands of : a higher .class cir- 
culatioh, . Coast contirigent of 
cprrespdhdents arid feature 
writers have been iriformed to 
change the selection of their 
feature subjects and. to be 
more careful in. transferring 
interviews on paper; Appier 
sauce that - clicked with- the 
shop girls a year' ago is being 
ridiculed today by these same 

1,000 Calls a Moitth 

Hollywood, Sept. 3. 
Call Bureaui established "by the 
Association Of Motion Picture Pro- 
ducers, averaged almost 1,000 calls 
pei: month for screen credit play- 
ers during the lirst half-year of 
its existence. 

In the first six months 5,555 calls 
were handled. Average for the sec- 
ond three months, after it had been 
thoroughly cstabli.shed, has been 
well over 1,000 per month, accordr 
ing to Fred Beetson. 

^'Franchise" selling to independ- 
ent ejchibitors'., for "franqhises" . {* 
Btidi.o Pictures ., ah the . Tiltairiy-. 
Stahl output .stiirts: this weekj; First 
day for : the ihccting ot indie ,ex-^ 
hlbs; to have the . matter explained 
to them, wjts set for ' Sept. 3*. . The . 
ntieietirig? will be h eld sfX Tnany sprtl.s, 
with representative;a of the : pi"o- 
dxicersj present. .; ■ 

It.dpeg hot appear to be expected 
that -anyone in the indie group or 
the Aliied-;;:Stiates, as headecT. by. 
Abram F; Myers, will deliver a num- ; 
ber .of exhibs . in a -lot to either of 
the producers. From all account.s, 
each .exhib; will hear an outline, and. 
a eiontract .Avill be submitted, 
..Just when ihe affair will; be de- 
termined iphe Way or the other is 
without date. One of the film firm's 
men said he couldri't predict a sin- 
gle thiiig in co'nncction with . the 
proposal ; that it might be cicar^t-d 
up by^Oct. 1 or extend into the; new 
year; that, it may become a matter 
of seljing the franchise to/ lhe exr 
hibs as. much as it is a; matter to 
sell the individual picture.;- ' 

Prom accounts, Radio and T-S 
wilL- eacii have' a rep tp. sell, with- 
out any mbve to consolidate, joint 
selling for bothi ' 


Hollywood, Sept. 3. 
D. W. Grifliths Abraham Lincoln 
picture will center much of its 
drama around the life of J. Wilkes 
Booth, the assassin. 

Plan is to parallel the story of 
Lincoln and Booth. Production 
starts Oct. 20. 

King South 
Hollywood, Sept. 3. 
Henry King leaves for Tampa, 
Fla., Thursday to make "Hell Har- 
bor" for Inspiration. This is change 
of title from "Out of the Night." 

With him will go Lupe Velez, 
Jean Hersholt, Al St. John, Paul E. 
Burns, Harry Allen, George Book- 
asta and John Holland. 

J. E. Goodman With M-G 

Holly ^yood, Sept. 2. 
Jules Eckert Goodman, play- 
wright, here from New York to 
write originals and ^make adapta- 
tions for M-G-M. 

"pally .Bread's': New Name 

• Lo^ Angeles, Sept. 3. ' 
: -"Qur Daily Bread," .F. W. Mur- 
. hau's successor to "Sunrise," .will 
be *'clea:;ed by Foi under :the title 
"The City Glrh" : 
. Originally made silent it will have 
part dialog. 


Social Theatre Gpfenirig; 
Retired Army Officer^ Mgr. 

South ^Xorwalk, Conn., Sept.:: 3. v 
ji)ax*icn theatre at Darien, built by 
a group of society millionaires to 
provide - pictures for their commur 
riity, will open Sept,. 5, Edward 
i:)<'iafir1d, Cyril , Crimmins and 
Tlionms IMcCiirly are in back of 
_^ In dication . o f tli o pt>li cy of tlK 
"piaylTou.'^r', wVficTi~^'Tras^ UocffT con 
siructcd in a rich Coloni.'il nrohi 
tocture, is soch in the snooty an- 
nounccnu'nt tlitit parties with no 
less than tliroo in number will bo 
tlu- (inly (tnos aiTonvmodatcd at tlic 

Major J. A. t'mploby. retiring 
from military .'service, will m;ma.i:«^ 
the theatre. 


Seattle^ Sept. 3. . v 
Fox theatres on the 'West Coast • 
will not salvage the wreck of ICJR 
and American : Broadcasting Com- 
pany, according- to Harold B; 
Franklin, in Seattle. He said the 
proposed network Avas tehdered. some 
weeks ago. by Adolphe Jjiridoh, pro- 
moter-angel, but turned down by 
Fox. It was riot considered profit-: 
able at this time. . . 

Franklin intimated if the concern 
got going and over some of its 
troubles, it might be Considered 
latef On. . Jehseh-Vori Herbcrg have 
been helping prolong. tiVe: chaih^s 
life a little, aftd there arc rumors 
of a deal being made. ■ 

Mr. Franklin, said that after; New 
Year's the Fox West Coast Theatres, 
will be knpwn only a;s Fox Theatres; . 
due to.houses being taken over in 
Idaho, jJew. Mexico and other fjtatca 
where "West Coast'? does not dc£^ : 
initely apply. 

Rumors that the Coliseum theatre 
would, be torn down arid, a business . 
block" built were shattered wheu 
Franklin declared hotise will be re- 
modeled arid boosted, as a show-shop 
in near future,. 

L. A. to N. Y. ' 

Dolores del Rio. 

Dr. and Mrs. Jerome Wagner 
(Norma Terris).; 
Buddy DeSylva. 
Lew iBrown. 
Ray Henderson. 
William Sistrom. 
E. Harper . Mitchell. 
Mr., and Mrs. Walter Wool f. 
Dr. Wm. M. Marston. 
Evelyn . Brent. 
Arthur Zellner. 

N. Y. to L. A. 

Harry MacFadden. S. Browi. 
Majpr Edward BOwe.s;' 

Weil, folksi that-tfilR I, pTomi.'^od you is o.ff. Sime up.'sot the dope., ,Itp 
di(l-^s"«li- a-swc ll „io.b„oc^r-0-viow:ing:_i:>^^^ Sontrs." whichJLd.ircW?^.cl;. 

i;il have to repoat somc. of his comment: 

"Again ' Al Jolsbn and , songs in '^a -W;irrier Tirotlvers talkor— AND 
MONIOY." . i . . "With Jol.son, 'S^.iy It With Songs', is a inurkod ridviiheo- 
ment for him n.s a screen jiliiyer." : . . . ''Tii6.Kni()ot.liiioss of the running 
is due to the direction of Lloyd Baeon." - , , . - . 
- Yours for Mortoy and (iood Entertiiinmcht, 


p. S. — :Running this picture so you'll recognize hrjc,'.and if we meet any- 
.where we can get together. L. 


^ . jHpllyVvOod, Sept. 3i. . , 
. Jahies Cruze will ' abandOrt pro- 
duction actiVitieb . in his own right 
long enough: to : do one picture for 
M-G-M. He will .direct /Williarii 
•Haines in.' "Get Rich Quick Walling- 
ford.'V ' " 

. .."Walllngford'^-, ■ivas done as a 
silerit by Cosmopolitan about eiglit 
years ago with Sam ; Hardy. ^ 


; . . . Ilolly wopd, Sept. 3. . 
F6llowiri.g five conferences in' t lie with producer representatives, 
the cameramen's union is preparing 
to resume nicctings . with a eorn- 

Object is the ironing out of miner 
eontrovorsies. ■ 

. Ornitz With M-G . 

Hollywood. Seifi, 
Samuel Ornitz joins . ^i-(;-M■-'* 
\vrltiT)g staff. Ho wa^» nt Uii- l'" 
I'ar.-imount studio for a yiar. re- 
turring to Now York last spring. 

* Wednesday, September^ 1929 

P I G T U R E S 




So great has been the fl of ap- 
plications; for entrance in the school 
Qf fundamentals of sound rfecprding, 
to be conducted by tiie Acad of 
^Motion . Picture; A and Sclehces* 
It is ; probable thait it; Will b6: neces- 
sary to conduct a second school lift-! 
/mediately foliowihff the firstv Initial 

• se.^sion runs Sept. .17-Nbv. 19.' 

, ■; Academy is also ; planning to re- 
cord tire lectures for the qt 
future* classes and: for -the studios. 

; School is -.limitedl . to 100 .hierriberis, 
ihd niore than ;twice this ;number 

.. hive signifiiGd a -wish to be : 
. .■.ted::;:'- ■ ' 
: Wiillain C. DeMille will dieliver a 
lecture on "A New Art in the Hak- 
irig" at the first session, Sept. 17; 
: Sept. .24 Dr. A. W. .'Nyfe, . head of 
physics d(;partment, University of 
Southern CaliCornia, vi^ill. . discuss 

; "The Kiiture of Sound"; Oct. 1 -Dr. 

. p. ' Kiiudserir . vice-president 

. .Acoustical Society: of ; America and 
/ . asspfeiatei ,prbfe.s.sdr of physics, Uni- 

• versity ; of California, Los Angeles, 
will ■ speak on "Thie . NatuVe of 

- Speech arid Hearing, and pet. S. on 
"Architectural Acoustics^'; : Oct. ; IS 
Dr. Donfild MacKenzie^ , -technical' 
service Engineer of EiRPi,' E.; . H.. 
Hansen, assistant to H.. Keith 
\yeeks in charge bf Pox's sou.nij. de- 
_partment, and' Ralph • Town send, 
;supervii3ing • engineer for " RCA 
.Phbtophone on the coast, will speak 
on ;"RecQi;dirig Sound foir Motion 
PicliireiS"; Oct.;22, "Reprpductlon in 
the. Theatre" will be the., topic by 
S. K. .'Wolf,; theatre acoustics en 
gineer for ERPI,. New Tork, ; itnd 
John O. Aalberg, engineer In charge 
of repr.odtiCtipri . for RCA' Photo 
phone ; Oct. 29, J. P. Maxfleld, act 

. Ihg sound director for United Art 
ists, . will ' spbiak on "Acoustical Con 
trol in Recording: and Reprodiic 
tion"; Nov. 5, K.: ; F.. ;&iorgan,. of 
ERPI, ^'ili discuss "Dubbing" and 

' Nugeiit H. Slaughter, chief record 
ing ^engineer of Warneirs, arid Albert 
W. ipeSart, sound technical director 
of Paramount, . will . speak on filni 
and disc; - recording; : Nov. 12-19 

• practi;cal probiems ih. recording arid 
reproductibn will be. discussed ; by 
Douglas Shearer,, recording engineer 
at M-GvM; John K. HillMrd, sound 
engineer at United Artists; C. Roy 
Hunter, supervisor of sound and 
camera ; departments, Universal 
Howard . Campbell, .director of re- 
cordingi United Artists, - and L. E 
Clark, Pa the's technical director of 
sound. Also , on" Nov. 19 Roy .T. 

' Pomeroy will discuss the future of 
.sound in pictures. 


.. Alt a recent dinneir of -a lay 
organization';S executives In 
Nbw York, ;a . facetious re- 
mark carried with it; the ex- 
pression,' ''vice-pi-es'dent;" 

It appeared -to hit. the presi- 
dent, of the tpmpariy^ at ' the 
head of the table, in the hian-. 
ncr Spoken. ; ; Arising iip .said : ; .' 
; '/'Will anyone who -is riot 
a viceT-president ; of plir com- 
pany, please stand up?" 

Two stood. 

Fox's Music 

Hollywood, Sept. 3. 
In lieu of the depletion of its song 
writing ranks . by the ■ Warner- 
Harms deal. Fox's music fiiture is 
fitill in the air as far as known. 
•r-- Stiidio 'OTd N<jw , :Ybrlc li odds are 
reporled discussing whether to af- 
tllitite with an already established 
.music publishing: ; house or form 
Fox's own music company. • No de- 
cision or inkling to date on which 
."Way the production .end will go for 
•its- tunes.. ': . • ', ■ 
^ Jean ScUwartz, currently in town, 
has beeome amiiatcd. with Fox and 
IS the first of the song writers to 
.sign since the exodus caused by thie 
Warner-Harms ftierger.; . 

n Wire in Sure Seal 


55l1i St.. Playhouse is goiiiif 
yivotl wiUi a.forei},'n projection .syf."- 
Um,. Vfa's. : 
Known as Ufaforit;; and- Ufatone. 


Paul Whitoiiiun'.s "Kinf? of J.azz" 

It. J;r,fvs into- prorluftion again on 

m"^'' ^^"^ ^^■''•'^'^ -Tf'^n 

' ' ^' " ' ' '■•^f'" i s • be i n g n cgf ) t i - 
<UN by to stage it. / 
^ \\ l'ito,j,,,„ iviurnod to New York 
' .uur.):iy „v,rniiiur, opening tliiit 
^ft at ]',-..villnn }loy;.l..ihe road- 
h' at VnU^y Strvam. U L 

CUTTING 100,000 FT. OF 

A cold.ny of . film 
music jscorors aind technicians is 
now installed on the Biirderi family 
estate at Mt, Klsco, N. Y.v engaged 
in. cutting over 100,000- feet oiJ fllni 
do\yn to about 12,000. for; the, al!-' 
Indian pjcture made in northern 
Canada during the past year,. >. 

Picture and expedition was en- 
tiir'ely; financed by thes Burderi fam- 
ily, Douglas and Shirley; Burderi, 
cou^in.s, accoriipanled " the expedi- 
tion which rbanied through a wild, 
desolate country .all tbe way frpm 
Labrador on the east cpast'/to 
Alaslca on the west coast.. E. A. 
Carver directed; 

Burden farrilly is conriected with 
the American Museum of Natural 
History. It was their, interest in 
the .subject -of Indians that first 
prompted the planning of the enter- 
prise. ; No ■vVhite riiari . appears jn 
the picture. ■ 
; Burdens have an .agreement with 
Paramount . giving that ; company 
first call;. Final acceptancie has riot 
been made by jParaifxiount as yet but 
it is understood the piicture will he 
In its final fpf m .witiyln a week. It 
Is contemplated that it will be road 
showed. ; 

P.n the Burderi estate is a fully 
equipped laboratory arid projection 
room with SQUna~recording arid re- 
producing facilities. 

Woi*king A fir r ?! e men t -r- 
Franco Equippihfif French 
Studios With RCA Photo- 
phone for General Use-^- 
Robert Kane in 'Talker 

; Charge for Franco ; 



Sound for Censors: 

Baltirinore, Sept. 3. . 
■ The Maryland Motion -Picture 
Board of Censors' new sound, re- 
producing appai-atus is- installed 
to censor the talkers. 

It is a composite sound repro- 
ducing device, designed to work 
With each of the various types of 

According to Dr. George .Heller, 
chairman of the Bdard, it set the 
tax payers of Maryland back 
$7,000. . ' • - 

. An mterhatiorial associatrpri, of 
Freihch i^nd American pi&turo rriak 
ers has been . arranged between 
Franco" Filrris and; Radio Pibtures 
It. is the first working agreement 
of its kind under the talker cond 
tion. ..' 

:. Franco Films will equip its stu- 
dios at Paris and Nice with v RCA 
Photophphe.' sound devices. Besides 
producing itself. Franco Films, will 
let the studios for ariy sound maker 
in Europe, ; Witii the . Continent of 
no considerable width, Paris is t^s 
Central to any other country's ria- 
ti've film producer as his . own 
capital:-. . 

Going with Franco Films is Rob - 
ert Kane, who has begirt in charge 
of talkfer production fo.i: Radio" Pic- 
tures and Pathe in thie east. His 
Radio produced riiiisical, "Syncopa- 
tion," .was among;. the first of the 
sing-dancis screen films. Kan6 will 
leave for Paris as quickly as the 
.Photophorie equipment may be 
ready to ship. ' 

With Franco's own talkers, any 
suitable of world distribution will 
be handled on . this side by Radio 
Pictures, it is understood^ Kane 
will direct all of the French product 
with the world in yiew. . 

Max R. de Vaucorbeil, represent- 
ing. Frarico .Films,, has been over 
here, since July.. ;He visited Holly- 
wood' for several weeks and lately 
closed.' up the Radio proposition. M. 
de VaiiCorbeii sailed Monday on the 
"France." ; 

Franco Filhis wIH be the first 
soiind studio on the Coritinent .f or 
■general- letting. . 

Francp, the leading- French pro- 
ducer/ placed one picture; for showr 
ing ; at the Craig theatre on "West 
Mth; street. New York, recently.^ The 
intent of the concern was to hold the 
house for continuous display of fbr- 
eign madcs. : The Craig's handling 
displeased the home office in Paris 
and the plan "Was abandoned." It 
may be resuriied in soine other New 
York theatre at another date. 

Gentlemon, Be Seatied 

' Hollywood, Sept. 3^. 
After spending six months psycho- 
analyzing jkroductlon for.- Universal 
city, £)r. W, M. Marston, ex-pro- 
fe^ssor of p'sych.Icis : at Coluin^ia ■ 
<University), is .en route to New 
York ■ to put .; Un i versal 's sales' arid 
exploltatidri •forces' on a psycho 
basis. ■ 

The Doc believes if tboy vi^ill ap- 
ply his t;hepries to both advertising, 
tnd sales talk.s, circula.tion oC U's 
pictUreis will leap. -'; 

Radio's Fancy Salaries 

"Radio Revels," when made by 
RKO pictures, will have but a 
couple of radio personalities wi€h 
the majority of the talent either 
from screori or. vaudeville. T ; 

. Stars of radio have not hiade fa- 
vorable ; impressions, in the main, 
when transferred from the broad- 
casting .studio to: the footlights. 
Most are shy 6n sex appeal so far 
as cameras aje. coriccrried; . 

Another ;reason is the dizzy ideas 
the radio celebs have on- salary: It 
Is - said Graharii ' McNamee, " ari- 
nouncer, asked $8,00.0 to do a small 
bit In a dialog picture. \ 

U*s Revue 

lloliySvood, Sopt, 3. . . 
, t*niver.sal is also planning a re- 
vue for fall rpleuHc. 

It will be a. super with college 
iitmospliere' and i.s listed fur pro- 
i'aul Whiteman picture; 


204 Girls in Scene 

'. Hollywood, Sept. 3. 
• 'Vyarner's .AVill top the record lor 
chorus girls in ah ensemble in 
".Show of Show.'?'." .Ju.^t '204 girls in 

. Seven other enseriilik's in this pic- 
ture in' which from 75 to 160 girls 
are used in each.' 

. T\vo. merger meetings listed, 
. •vvnth one to be^ heid today, it 
i.s. .said, between repreisenta^ 
tivo.s of . Paramount: and War- 
;ners; ;-■ . / ; ' ■ ;,. 
; . Other Js .- pn.' the ; ^Pathe- 
. Shubort dieal, said to have been 
scheduled for yestei'd'ay ("tues- 
• djiy)': -f ; :-.Nv--..: ■ • . 

Each nieeting as ;rc'povted Is 
.for the purpose of elcsirig up^ 
-any remaining ; ends cvC the ■ 
proposed rcsp.ectiye combina- 
tions; ■ -• . '. . . 

Minneapolis, Sept. 3; 

Serving an Ultiriiatum. oh • Piiblix, 
Brainerd, Minn., councilmen have 
notified it: that if a $25,000 bond is 
not. posted wi'thin five days to in- 
sure the building of . a; theatre there 
the license of both Publix theatres 
now in operation will be "auto- 
matically suspended." 

A year ago F. & R. were given a.n 
exclusive franchise to operate the- 
atres in Brainerd on condition the 
new showhouse would be erected. 
When ' Publix took over F. & II. a 
few months ago it declared that it 
will carry out. the, latter's promise 
to cori struct the theatre, 

But, say Brainerd councilrnen, 
there has been; "too inUch . stalling.;' 
iHence tiie demand for the bond. 

If Publix falls to cpriie through 
with the $25,000 bond, the councilr 
rnen ."say, the municipality itself will 
build the theatre. 

During the present dispute the 
license of one of the two Brainerd 
Publix houses was revoked and the 
house closed for a single rnatinee. 

Fox Takes Interstate 

. The Irving TliallK-rgs- -.are re- 

pDVtr-d c'iritlt.'ipMting an impKrt.-int 

family event arnuriil Xew - Yi-ar's. 

Mrs, Thalborg is N'urma Shearer. jycir wa a -1350,050,91, 

-. PatheU $524,336 Net-^^ 

• rjri.s- Angeh's, .Sept.. 3; '. 
I'athe Kx<;liange reports A net 
prc^nt of $524,:{3G for tiie six months 
from Jan. 1, 1020, to July 13, 1929,; 
in a statement on aie at the office of 
th(^ Corpora ti'm' Commi.'^sion. 
Profit for tho same pfriod of 

William Fo'x is repoi'ted to h.iive 
closed for the buy pf the interstate 
Circuit in Texas, Oklahoriia and 
Alabama (Blrminghani). Karl Ilob- 
litzelle, head of Interstaite, will con- 
tinue as its operator for Fox. 
. liuying the Texan houses, \vith 
one in each key city of the state, 
gives Fox an outlet for product he 
had been angling for, with X'ublix 
tying Up the sputh otherwise fo:r 
Para;riu>un t. ; With rriter.^tate Fox 
got.s Birmingham as. an . important 
key and iS about to~ start . building 
a house in ;Atlanta;. . . 

Accounts doming up from the 
south .say. tliat Fpx ha.s altered the 
plans; for the Atlanta theatre, from 
its piroppsed 5,000 *eats .to: aroUnd 
3,000 instead. ' .; / ' . ; ■ 

■ Before the final coriipletion of the 
deal arid possession : to Fox; the 
Fox; people will look over the Texan 

Inter.stato has . a Keith " vaude 
))ooking franchise with eight years 
yet to run. That angle has not 
be'-n goiu* into so far l)y elllior side. 

Par's 1st Hour Sept. 21 

JjOU Angcliis, Si'pf,-.3. 
I'araiiifiUiii'.s first raVlir) hour t:iUf's 

l.'i-cilrTii; March will ni. r. 

TOO LOW— $100 

llolly.wood, t*^! V'l . 
A. r',iiiicrijn. was; fin"'I JiiiO fm- 
i,'];)'!!!!,'' il.if.v Nl plant tf).) it>ii 

m'ltf .'in'o. f). from an '!ici.'iijil;iiif. 
Culver f 'it y ;'ippli<.(l (he iilMviV-r. . 

; . Chicago, Sept. 3. 
. In a settleriierit. reached between 
th0 : Musiciaris' .l^nipn^ with , James 
Petri Ho, . president, : :arid the local 
variety the.ntre ;managers> . it ^ Is 
agreed that if a hb" iri^ tliat ciassi- 
fication ; changes policy at. any time, 
it h^iay dismiss Its orchestra on four 
weeks' , nptice, regardless of .out- 
standing Contract with the men. . 
- Picture . theatres in town will 
horeaher pay ..the;pit met* $5 a week 
extra. Iri the vaude houses, with 
Palace a nd State -T^ake ; .speci fi ed, the 
ihcreaso will be $2 • per man,- 
; It is understood here ; that - Pet- 
rillo's concession for. dismissal: iipori 
change ;cf policy may, Jbecoriie ria- 
tionally .eftectiye with .the ; musical 
unions. ''; ' v - v ' 

To Get Alimony---For Life 

. IjOs Angeles, Sept. 3, 
When ; Grace Elliot sued W. E. 
Elliot, HoliywPod; realty^ dealer; for 
divorce she charged, cruelty. .: Elliot 
filed a cross bill to the sanae effect. 
Superior Court Judge Price awarded . 
the decree to the husband with $260 
a month aliriiony for life. ' . 

It's the first time a man has been 
awarded alimony in California. 
Price was represented by. William 
La PlantCi . 


Judge Says $1.50 Daily Surer Than 
Future Film Contract 

Los Angeles,' Sept. 3. 
Al St. John, film comic, was given.: 
a indefinite sentence to the county 
road : gang by Superior Court Judge . 
Burnell. Court held that the .co'- - 
median was guilty .'of contempt by 
his cPritinuoua Ignpripg of the'- or- 
der that ho pay alimony to his for- 
mer wife, Lillian St. John.' 

Actor was $1,642 in arrears when f 
he appeared before Judge .BUrneil 
and offered as a, defense that he 
was a member of Equity and had 
not been permitted to work' since 
June 5. Last week,; with tlie re- 
moval of the ban : by Equity, he 
as.serted, lie was offered a film, con- 
tract. Judge Burnell decided • that 
the $1.50 pay on the road gang Was ;. 
more certain than the possible big 
.salary from a,' pb.s.sible film contract. 

Since . being divorced from his 
firfft wife St. John has rc:.married. 

St. John was released Saturday 
on a writ of habeas corpus given 
on appeal to the Appellate Court. 
St, John posted a $1,700 bond. 
Writ Is returnable Sept. 3. 

Equity's Casting Closing 

Holly Wood, Sept. 3. 
Equity .has again changed plana 
concerning its casting pfTico . in' 
Hollywood. Latter will permanent- 
ly close Sept. 19. 

Quick drop in the number of calls 
for players experienced the past 
week hroiUjht about the final de- 


Hollywood, Sept. 3. 
. B, p, Schulberg leaves here Sept, 
22 .for an eight \v.oolts' European 
trip. Ho will be accompanied by 
Mrs. .^cliulberg and his two elder 
children. Family sails Sept.' 27 oa 
tho Il f de l''r,'irice, 


yolfvE sometUimo to'^low about 

TIFFflWy - J-TflHL FRflHCMirE- 

flrip . DROVE OLD hfl'M RED INK OUT. 



Wjedncsday,, September . 4, .1$29 

Weekly Studio Surv^ 

Hollywood, Sept. 3. 
Production actlyity the past, week 
tal;€S a gain of five units oyer the 
preceding week and four units over 
the correspoifidins: week ot Irtst year, 
Nuriibeiv of .'features -In ^ Work are; 
about theysame; tut the iodriease is 
accrued -by: ad jgoins 
into prpiluctioh;,. . . 
■ ' Inactive piants.. are .1^^ 
TecT Art -and ■ Christie, .. the: ' former 
two ar.Q preparihg for :<iarly prpdue- 
tion; The' ;Chrlstie plant Is.; con - 
cidered a dead issue) witli ail activity, 
centerfed at the Metropolitan studios. ' 
owned- 'by • the Christie, boys.: With 
63 .p.rbductions /In fina;i stages ..of 
preDaratlon,' ; suifflcient evidence is 
asserted tp.yv'arraht a corit 
pailgnvof jibtlvi.ty:for tlife^ 
the-^Vear.- /- . ; 

Of th^ g^ the feature class,- 
M-GrlVl lieaids ^th^-list AVith. 12;/fea- . 
lures ijj. worit, including the VTi-ader 
Horn" company, on location: lii 
Africa.- Foljowing .close is jFbx .with 
nine features. 

.pniyersal. has dropped consider- 
ably- with but .four features and 
three shbrts'. ^Flrst Natfonai • i.? 
working its consistent number ' of 
live, with Warners well on the end 
of its feature program . with . but 

three in work and two. yit.aphone 
shorts added. . 

.' Par's Three 
raraniount is: down, to its Ibwesi 
level oi; tliii. yi-ar •with;, but three 
fcatiirea actti;illy i^ -ler Way and . a 
fourth- in rcliearf^al. ' I'vesent plans 
are to step this up to seven or ciglit 
features befoi-c'tiic jnohth is:passcdr 
.Both Iladio ..and TiW^ny-StaW are 
Avoi-kirifa': a normal three with enough 
jii .preparation- to .continue this 
scliedule the next two months, 
rathe and Columbia are in the. same 
position, with two. features each, 
while Chaplin has one, United Art- 
ists : one: feature /and \one musical 
short, about normal. Graze is liandl- 
eapped for his . own- studio . activity 
duo to romodellihgv;: . - > ^ •■ .. 
• Among the leasing group. Metro- 
politan. setms to he .the nxost active, 
yet it can work iO cpmPahies with- 
out, being cramped: forr space,, ;Tho 
same can fb^'- said" of Tec-'Alrt; prac-. 
tlcaliy idle for active production, 
bu t a flock bl , iiidependehts h^ Ip 
keep the rent .'down .In- both : places 
by occupying offlbe siiace during tn<? 
long siege, bf. pfeparatioh. ..Tble- 
Film and . National are *efcordii^g 


; Director of .Production 

; (a^'sristahi to Mr^^^R 
Just- 'returned vt'i-oni ahliua 
j.<jim iiiiu .a^titiuiio-x * "T'"" 1 near. tour, visitirig the ..thjeatrical 

plants a -30b. lT0^y and the^ continent. 

Telfe^Film :regiatere:d the most ac , j^resejitj^^ion 
tivity .last week with ,two .units and , 'jj^^^^^ fown." 
'National one,' .-. . ■• .-; ■ - . ...1 - 

' Short comedy grO'Up. 'picked up 
with. the'Teopening of ■ Roach adding 
two units..- Darmbur; -■ Sejinett and 
iEdUcationjal 'ar6 .ruhriing ; normal :at 
one "unit . each. 

Presentation; this week— ''In Old 

Cohunbia^ Buys^ 1^ 


Total Total units 

. . Features Shorts 
in WorK in work 

! • •■•>'• • • • • • • .« ft 

Nante of .studio : 
Feature Gi'oup 


Universal : .. ... ...... a.. 

First . National. 
Warner Brothers. 

Pathe . ...... 

Chaplin . 
James Cruze; 
United;. Artists,. 
' Leasing; Group: 
Tebi-Art . . . ; 
Tele-Film' .;. 
National - . , . . .'. .k. 

Short 'Subjects: 
Hal : Roach . .1.. .><-. , 
Darmour . . . 
Sehnelt ... . . 

Christie . 


'■ •>•.•,•*• • • 'ft • • 'ft •,- 

i ,• .'« 

ft, • • * 4 • • • ft ft .* 
« • «i » •' ft ft. ^ ft 

* ft.'* ft •■• •■• ft '4 ft ft\ft ■ 

» '• « ft ft. •* ft .ft ft ft i 

> • ft' ft ■ .t ft .ft • 

' ■ • ■ ft.- • • • 'ft ft. ft 

I •' « • ft • • - ft ' 




^: i • 

units • in work, 
in.vyork . thib timb 


. 0 






. 1 




■ ■ ■ "5 . 


. ..• • 2 
'■:-■ f- 
• 0 

■ '/Ay 


- ■•■2- ■ 

■ '. ^ 

■ 2. 


■ 7 

. ■■■4- 



- '2 
2 ■ 





in prepi- 

' -4 ■ 

- " ■4. .'. ■ 

:■ :3; : 


. '. •■•5 - :" 
.■• ■• 2 

.■.■=-'4;.- ■ 

...,-■-■'2 'i-: 
■-■■2 ■' 

' 0 . 

■ ■ -2 • . 
-.■ 5 

■' - 3. 

2. -V 

. -/s - ', 
-'^i •■. 
■:' ■ i . 

■ .1 : 

^-:-::;'o.. .'. 
53 :: 

IKllywood, Sept. 3^ 
. Gol'umbla.! Picture's' has purchased 
the entire : stocic . b£ the William 
Horsley Fiiilfi Xiiboratory^ Inc. I>ab 
adjbins. the- Gbiumbia studio. 
. A part of -tile plant sold cbnai^ts 
of two Sfioor-Thompisbri developing 
machines,; the only equipment of 
this description in the possession 
bf a commerciaMaboratory. 
; Williain Hprsley^ who owned all 
of the stock sold to Columbia, will 
.cbnttriue :ih' the. lab business as 
heretofore, but will specialize on 
ICrhm. work.; Thiat. part of the plant 
owned by Hbtsley, as an Individual, 
will be 'trailsferred to the. Sunset 
frontage bf the plot. 

By Its purchase Columbia prac- 
I ticiitly . will be independent of any 
othiii: laboratory, The two machines 
hia,ve an iiourly . capacity of 11,000 
feet pf positive and a little less than 
thait of negative. With a three shift 
[force 'thi'b- /will mfcan. 260,000 feet 
daiiyi: which- . will measurably take 
care pf . Colurribla demands. 
.J iAniong those studios having their 
own LalDS a'te Paramount, Fox, War- 
ner and First N«T-tional, M-C.-M and 
Technicoior. It Is reported R-K-O 
I Avas a lively, contender with Colum- 
bia for the Horsley property. 


. . Los . Angeles, : Sbpt. 3. 

Roland iBroWn, scenario writci:, 
has filed an injurictlpn' suit in -the 
U. S. District Court agairir.t Dougias 
MacLeaUi Al : Christie ; ^tnd Tara- 
mount-Fampus-rLasky, allegini that 
a picture made by the. defendants, 
•'The Carnatibii Kid," was stolen 
from a scenario subm'tted tp Chris- 
lie by BrpWn .called ;-|Dapper Dan." 

Brown /askr, an ' injunction re- 
fitraining further' usb:^ o.f the picture 
and an accpuhtirtg -of tlie prpfitSi .. 


Ricardb Cprtez, Henry. B. ' Wal- 
thall, Nancy Welford and Jack 
Curtis are in . "Phantom of the 
Hotise";" .first ■produ^ipri ; bf^'tlVe nbW 
COntlnentai-.Tnlking. Pictxird Corp. 
Trem Carr directing on. Qpast. 

Same company has . acquired 
••Jazzbo," by Beth Brown. JEICA 
Photophone recording: arid theme 
Bongs by Shapiro-BcrnstiElri. 

; Bugick Resigns 

' AVashington, Sept. 3; 
Adrien F.,:Busick, assistant gen^ 
l.cral counsel of the iJ'edoral Ti'ade 
Commission, has resigned. 
■ Bu.sick handled all court prococd- 
CHlciffo S«bt 3 . ings for the commission in the Tar- 
These Chicago; bandits :idve :the amount (Famous Players) V^oc^oA- 
pieture -f blk. ■ Three . agam -got the i.nss. . Ho was. scheduled to ai kuc 
familiar.- Avdrd^, "Movre. .H^jldupi'M tl^if^:^^ '"^^''?S.J^n^^ 
into the . headlines when , they held hinol 
up a-score X)f.feirls at tlie: . local ' enforce its order against block 
branch bfficb of 'Warner Bros, arid | booking 
escaped •vv'lth: $2,2.00 payrPli.^ 

Advertising to the House Manager 

Distributors In oidyertlslng their pictures to the tra,de have not 
considered the iiouise. manager as a prospect for promotion. 

Advertising to. the house; majiager may. become a part of ti-ade 
pap.Or publicity by. the .distHbutor, It .would Seek to acquaint tho 
house man, anyone, anywhere or on . any chain, with the sales 
merit to the public of tj^fe Picture, tn ^Its way individual explolta* ' 
tion, .asicU •from the^^^ anywhere, from salcsriien or -the press • 

.sheet. - ■ ' . ' ■' :' ' '■ : ■ ' '." ^\ r \ ■ : . . - . ' . 

' The theory Is that the house manager seeing an advortisemont ■ 
addressed to him with saleable information through which he 
might run up an extra gross would listen and retain the. ad, wait- 
ing fof that picture to ■arrive.. If' , it never does arrive the house 
manager knows: lie. will not be harmed by the suggestions. , . ; . 

Such aii- advertisement woljld not supersede the press sheet. It. 
virtu.TiUy would amount to a pondenjiatibn bf the press sheet, 'with. 
' tiie advertisement to be a^, full of inforina:tipn- as it may be pps- 
-sibie to giver but aU briefly* in single lines if convenient, 
r An advertisirig display , like It might excite rivalry between the 
■ exploiktion departments, since. Ih . an advCT^^^ could be. read 

by all. The more ideas anything hew cah bring out tb jpfOnlote;: 
. thP box office, the. more valuable it i's.;,. . ' . ' men. wbuid still .r.eceiv«^b the. press sheet _^rob- 

ably. In a ny event there : Would be a condensed sheet in an ad on 
how to sell' the picture, to the public, br at le^t. ;What thp,41^ril^ 
considers the best way. ' . ' ' ■ ' - ' > 0- -- - 

■■ House Mgrs. NealectiBtf 

House managers : have beert neglected in the iheatre.. . business. 
They are Important ibfecause: they are local. The, more quickly they 
are developed the morb valuable they, are; and the longer the the- . 
atre tries to reach its utmost capacity daily and weekly, the more., 
necessary is the house manager.: 

There are top manjr theatres to have .©Very house manager a 
showman; . ^he hous0 man may be trained, even at long distance, 
and at l^ast he can be; stimulated. If the latter, then perhaps the 
house man will try to improve ujpon the distributor's a,dvice, per- 
haps he will think up .some of his own. Maybe it wUl be the. house 
manager after all who will make himself important .for. recognition 
by becoming important to the organization he i^ with, whether in 
Salina, Ga., or San Francisco. ■ ' - '.^ ■' ■ .' :-;■". 

Statementis — Not Alibis 

In the show business where they believe statementis and not 
alibis, the house manager has a chance evbry ye.ek to tell, it In the 

statement. ' 'y ' 

In Variety, for Instance, where often a distributor .uses two or 
more pages in & weekly issue to publicize for the trade, couldn't 
one of those pages he reserved to Inform the hbuse manager oh 
these things, and the remainder .of the, space for/what the distrib 
wants to tell the trade in general? . . 

Whether the house manager is an independent exhibitor operating 
his own theatre or a part of the chain, this, informatibn to him in 
an attempt to promote the showing of a picture. In his house may 
be of real use. It isn't a matter of one company's exploitation" 
department instructing the house men of another chain. That is 
.too slight. It bears only on the i)icture mentioned wherever "played. 
And if the information on one picture may. be applied to anpther, 
on a chain or In any house, so much the better. That will Jti^t 
be an equalizer. . • . 

And then again perhaps all applesauce and not so good., it so, 
then N. S. G., even on a hot night. ; > : 


I $20>000,000 WARNERS 


, Hollywood. Sept. 3. 

Janet Gaynor and Charlie Farrcll 
will do "The Man Who Came Back'" 
fpr Fox. Just wiien is. something 
else again. I Warner Bros, is bfCierlng to stork 

Picture currently has no definite holders a new J20,000,000 dcl»cnture 
starting tinic, but is reported not {gg^p arran.^ed: ; Under . tho new 

going into work before late this 
year, and maybp next. 

Zellner East for '^'Shrew" 

Hollywood, Sept. 3 
On his way to New York to 
supervise first runs of "The Taming 

of tho Shrev^" Ai^ht^ Zellner w^ landlhe'LoeW preferred, this being in Chicago to confer with ,^ ^^o^^^^rj^ti^^iy p^AV. .Vrinkle in new 

Ben H. AtwiU regarding special ex- i " * 

finaricing plan which givcfi ccrlaiix. 
optional privileges to holders, bo tlx 
In the way of conyersiori into coin* : 
jnbn ■ and . chbicb of Interest pay*-, 
ment in cash -br . In .common -ijtoclc 
The latter feature is entirely novel; 
while the conversion follows much 
the same plan as In the t,oow bonds 

ploitatioh for the picture. 


• Hollywood, Sept. 3: 
George Fawcett, In novelty short, 
•'The Ghost City Whispef-s," which 
, Robert C.: 'Bruce will make as one 
of series for Par. 

Picture will be recorded and 
photographed at one of California's 
♦•ghost towns" near Yosemite, 


L.0S Ang.eles, Sept. 3. 
Since every conceivable phase of 
campus life has been used on the 
screen, Universal believes .it has a 
'new . Idea in the . unsung life of a racketeer. : . - . • 

'Picture will be directed by Reg- 
inald Barker under .the title of "Col- 
lege Racketeer.'' " James Murray and 
Catherine Crawford featured. 

m\f HOUXC 



Paramount has decided that the- 
successor to "diVjur Feathers" at 
the $2 Criterion, New York, will bo 
the Paramount talker made out of 
Beth Brown's "Applause." - 

The newest picture is .not ex- 
pected to get into the Criterion at 
the earliest before November. 

: Evelyn Brent's "Lady" 

. Hollywood, Sept. 3. 

Evelyn Brent's next for Para- 
mount will be "A Lady in liove," 
original by Florence. Ryerson. 

Clive Brook, now in New York, 
tliy- Arzner and George Dukor di- 

financing. Gpldman, Sacics (& Co. 
have completed underwriting ar* 
rangements. - : 

Warner stockholders may sub- 
scribe to the hew 6% dciaentures xit 
the rate of one $500 debenture for 
each 68 shares bf common hel(.l« . 
price .being. $525 fpr each $500 de- 
b.enture. Offer .^ijes to holders of 
record as of September 9. Pre- 
ferred stockholders are not included, ■ 
unlesis they convert their senior • 
stock into 'cbmmb'n ■ TDCf bf 6. S % ' 

Bond hpld-er^ niay elect to receive 
their quarterly Interest eitiier at the 
rate of $60 per $1,000 bond or. ohb of common per $1,000 capital _ 
amount. .' : . ' ' 

Conversion basis is on. a sliding" 
scale : ■ ' At one sharp of cornmpn jpe*5 •' 
$75 of capital before .Sept.,. 
1,1932, at, $80 up to Sept.. 1, .1935, 
and at $85 up to Aug. 26, 1939. Ts.^ue 
is riedeemabie at 105 to March 1, 
1930, and at a "reduction of one-half . 
of 1% -yearly thereafter. . ' .. 

Financing is done on: a basis of .: 
the sale of a .6% security at 105. 
Purpose of the conversion feature . 
is to take care of future growth 
when . condition of the company 
would justify a larger loutstandiriS 
amount of common stock, an in-" 
crease whioh may noi; be justifia'ilo ' 
at -this timo. At tlie same time it 
acconihlishes a lon« term loan at a 
inodbrato-rHter....- .It'wun ...the. ■ bftiubr.. 

Billy West, last with Fox as a 
comedy director; i.s, now as.soclated 
with George Lemaire in charge of 
Pathe's talking .short production in 
New ifork. . 


"The Sweetheart of Columbia Records" 
Glorifying the Popular' Song • 
.. in Ziegfeld's ,>"Whoopee" 
New Amsterdam Theatre,. New Tork, Nbw 

holder's side there is an attractive 
prospect. of price appreci.'ition in . the 
bond, in line with advancing qu.otf^- 
tions for the eommon stock. Jn (ho 
last few months the. use of tho. hond 
conversion feature ; has infi'i-asod 
enormously, particularly in the pi'l'* 
lie utility fieiy 

Wednesday, September 4, 1929 

P I C T U R E S 




Amusement Stocks Do Litde 

After I making a, brave sho\vr .of 
strength before the holidays, the 
fipecldl amusement stocks: concerned 
in merger possibilities began the 
ne W week and the fall term yester- 
day by doing Rractically nothing. 

Paramount, on a reduced turn- 
over, flnished the day net 4ip a half 
at- 72 and Warner Br6s, under sub- 
normal volume actually lost 
While these two leaders in the the- 
att-e group werVbacklng a,nd filling 
the industrial leaders elsewhere in 
the U'sf were going ahead In. spec- 
tacular fashion. Consolidated Gas 
made a; hew top and the, pilS and 
inetals Surged ahead." 

With Pdramount^s board, set for 
;a special meeting today (Wed.) at 
wtjlch spmethlrig is expected by 
W£>'11 street in a definite ; way abotit 
a basis of stock exchange -with War- 
ner and the Pathe-Shubert deal re- 
garded ■dowiitowri as oh. thei , eye of 
closing, the stage was set for a 
forward nioyement. A dispilay of. 
strength could easily have attraotedt 
a foUowing. At the opening it 
looked for a few mlhutbs as- though 
the go-ahead signal was about to; 
be. flashed.- One of the firs.i \ciuor 
tatipns to come out was 3,000 Pathe 
at -.iO % with Paramount in 500 . lots 
rep6rted .at, 72. When- the demon- 
stratlpn peteried out and the day 
passed with no deVelbpnicnt, .ex[- 
cept that a sudden activity in ShU- 
bwt carried tha:t. stock up nearly 
5 jpolhts to the best level it has 
touched since, the, sensational break 
early last month. . Stock couldn't 
hold a.U Its gains, but finished the 
daiy arpund 44, up around 5, and 
on a turnover of about 5,000 shares. 

/ Cliques Hoid Off 

. The Inference, was unavoidable 
that the .cliques behind Par. iand 
Warner Were not ready to go. It 

Yesterday's Prices 

.Leading Amusements . 

2.300 Pox . 

s.aoo Ijocw . 

10.000 Par. 

31,000 Pathe 
2,800 Do • ' 
0,000 n-K-0 

.2;'400 .Shu ... 

13,400 W, B, 

'Net ■ 

Hieh Low T.ast Chff.' 

.m% 07% 07% -^14 
.. . . 02% .01% 02V4 +1% 
. 72% 71% 72 % 
...11, 10% J0^4 
A". .21V& 20% 21% .H-1% 
...37 .30% 30% — % 

48%- 44 48',4 +-i% 
P..' 01% 00%. COVi -1% 

; Suihmary; for. week ending Friday, Aug. 30: 


they passed up a situation primed 
for a; flash oh .the ticker, it must 
have been by tlesign. All of which 
ought, logically to mean that the 
further move ahead, indicated since 
nrtld-^uirimerK is still in the future. ^ 
: The .essenco-. of . the bullish , view 
of i?ar.. is. that it hias been the obT 
ject' of s.everal. bids for amalgama-. 
.tlon and haS; held out for its terms; 
\Vith Fox la command of Ll0^y;,. Par- 
amount is probably the key: to the 
film .triade at . this mom,ent; if it is to 
be idid it does iseeni that the buyer 
has met its terms and a sale, might 
reasonably : bQ\ supposed to fix its 
giiotable value. ]>retty high. . 

It is remarkable that the ticker; 
has doiie practically nothing to dis-. 
count .all these conalderations, and 
the, assumption ,i is arfnost unavold- 
abic that the stock is being held 
back, Par; has a reputafion for 
being manipulated in all its niove- 
merits, a background, which also 
goes toward confirming the view 
that its las^iitude ' is "inspired." 

.The Shubert move is obvious. 
Legitimate theatre situation being 
in the situation it is, any tie up with 
a screen connectibii could not but 
be a favorable factor. 

Money, renewed yesterday . at 9 
and there seemed . to be no im- 
mediate worry about credit al- 
though the future is fraught with 

Publix Partner in BIsT Bpdk- 
iniBt QflFice---^m 
William Morriis; Sr., Made 
Agreement-^Booking and 
S ho W: m a hship :Facilitie$ 
Added to Publix Forces 


• 41%. 
. 20V4. 

. 84% . 














Si . 



32 . 

■■ ■'. 1, 100 

•F22 . 












04 VS 














5.'!.% . 


■ .7% 































- 38,000 





-Issue, and rate, 
mcrlcan Seat, (4), 

Do pref . (0%).. . : 
Celth' .... . .'. ..< 

Do prefi (7)..,. 


Do pref. (2.20)....... 


Nat. Screen (1.00). .... 
Nat. Thr. Sup..;.v...;.. 


r-oew Ca, '4t. ........... 

Do ex war. . .... 1 , . . . 

Pathe 7s, '37. 









08% • 

- 2{t% 



93 Vi 

Low.- ■ 

. 23 • 


111 • 

. . 09% 




. 93 Vi 




. r.,aRt . 
32 " 
. 25 




, 4.*5%- 

• 30% 
70 ■ 

■ 4%. 




■ ■ o. . 


• +1% 


+ % 
. +3% 

- % 

— >.i 

- % 

- % 

+ %. 

- % 
— . . 1', 

+ % 

; Ed Rowland's Firm 

^Hollywood, Se^ 
Ed W. Rpwl^^^^ has established 
what he calls a theatrical clearing 
house -under titile of United Aihuse- 
.ment EnterpHses of Holly wopd. 
Plan is^to estai)ilsh a icomplete the- 
*tricia.l ia!nd screen service, with de- 
partments for drama, musical com- 
edy prpducfibn, niiisical coinposi- 
«on, scenarios, plays, and artists' 

_ A. Leslie Pearce. heads the legit 
departmont; AUbrey StaUfCer and 
i' rank Hainger are in charge of mu- 
sical and production work; John R. 
Afoss is head man of the operatic 
and concert branch,... and Kathryn 
n mi- ^^^^^ casting agency. An 
.has been established with 

f ^. atid Cunningham dance 

studio for dance Instruction. Mary 
l^et^m-'is=TOrmtl^tBi^' " 

Powell's "Under Cover" 

. Hollywood. Sept. 3. 

. I araniouht will feature :Wiliiam 

^ ■JHCMl :n an adaptation of "rmlor 

^'^viM-, the stage play by lluy 


. Hollywood, Sept. 3.-: 
. Seven players .already, lined up for 
Victor McLaglen's next, ■which 
Raoul ..Walsh will direct for Fox; 
Fifl D'prsay, . El Brendel, . PpUy 
Moran, Charles Jiidels; August 1*01- 
laire, Joe Browri (riot E.) are- listed, 
alt^hough the , sttory is still in the 
making. ■ . 

Ralph Spienci' and William Ker- 
nell. are writirig the dialog from an 
Idea suggested by ■ Walsh, it's • a 
sea story, untitled. . 


. Hollywood,^ Septr ' 3, 

Pa the plans to Jbsc practically 
every screen crodijr'playcr on. its, 
payroll in its dialog vw-sion of "War 
and Woman," to be made from the 
story of Bolshevist Ilu.'i sian, "Zonia 

Production begihs during October. 

3rd Down— 5 to Go 

' •, . .iloilywo.od, Sept. 3. 
I.ujjin.o Lane is back with I'Mii-: 
optional to flni.sli lii.s eight, pi'.'tuii.' 
t'ontr.\(>t. JIa.s .tiv.> to nuike.. 

Sam Katz and William Morris, 
Sr.^ . have : enleripd . ihto a . mutual 
.agrecmeht under'whiph the William 
Morris . booking agency. With its 
staff, becorhies a jpar^ .of th,e Pub.lix 
.orgahizatioii.' ■ *; .-. 

it. is of the moist ; ini porta rit 
bpo.kihg ; deals . consummated in a 
long time. It indicates the trend: of 
the Publix ; Theatres tPvyard the 
stage possibMities In its huo^: chain 
of houses. It lihks/tbe unquestioned 
value of the Morris booking and 
showmanship facilities with Publix 
maripewer. for theatre stage' opera- 
tion..' ■■ 

The Morris office force Is headed 
by William Morris, Si-., with Abe 
Lastfogel and William Morris, Jr., 
secondary only to..,the, chief. Harry 
Lenetska and 'Johnny Hyde are 
otlier irtipprtant heads of thp offices! 
various booking ; department 3, . a :1 
manned by the modern shov;^ busi- 
ness' idea of the youngep and ener- 
getic clement. 

Sam Katz has frequently ex- 
pressed personal admiration for 
William Morris, Sr., as an all 
around showinain, who has .ever 
maintained /the Morris' office's lead 
as a .booking ag^ency with . the 
changing years. Another admirer 
.and friend Pf Bill. Morris- in the iwc- 
papding Publix system is A. J. Bala- 
ban, w.ho this week steps Into 
charge of air Publix stages and pro- 
ductions.. These , matters , of busi- 
ness and ■ frienjaship .ha,d their 
weight With Morris, pere, in adniiit-! 
ting Publix to a partnership In his 
long established business, 

Permanent Hook Up 

. Pubiix is believed to bold 50% 
interpst in the Morris office. . It wais 
latiely closed. ^It is understood the 
tigreement does not give the' Morris 
office 100% exclusive booking privi- 
lege for Publix productions and 
houses (istage), although that is con- 
sidered im material, since the Morris 
office for years has been almost the 
exclusive booker for Publix and its 
subsidiaries. ! 

The purpose on both sides ap- 
pears to have been to link up Mor- 
ris with Publix in perpetuity, for 
Publix to have the source of stage 
attractions i^nd the benefit of the 
Morris office show experience, with 
Bill Mprris; ; the: foutider; particu- 
larly regarded irom thtt 

William Mbtris for years has been 
regarded . as the stauncheSt , Inde- 
pendent lii- the agency bu^inpss; 'He 
w^s amohg the; first, to foresee the 
ppssibilities. in the. picture hbuses. 
for the variety stage fipld. It ^ya:s 
through this vision the Morris pffice 
became intimately assbciatedi In 
bbokihgs with the Balaban .& Katz 
theatres of Chicago, befpre B&K 
went Publix. : .'' 
. Worked at a Loss' 

As an'- agent in .the days when A' 
J, iBalaban was struggling with, the 
Unusual problems pf tha.t time to 
provide extra attractions; in the 
B&IC houses, William Morris teri- 
dcred the services of hlhiself and 
his agency to promote the B&K 
bu.'iines.s. Later, when the struggle 
had been successfuily ovcrcom*?! and 
the BiStK partners could look, 
A, J. Balaban especially accurately 
oa 1 eul a tedHh a't=t h e=?klpppiar0 fflec-hiad- 
madc no money from its business 
(io.'illn'gs with B&'K. 

That wa.s the fact. Kor two yoar.s 
without mpritioning it; the Morris 
ollife gnniblod 6n the future of the 
pli.luro. hpiisc stages show,, throwing 
in it.s work for thrv few bo'jkln.g.^ 
B&lv. could then coni^ume, and with 


"Views / That S^eak 

Montreal, Sept. S. , .. 
,BIg . girl with . a sense of 
hiimPr, visiting "here in. MPw- 
ree-al, called on some French- 
Cankdiaiii frien^s> . The latter ■ 
Svanted to icnpw what shows ' 
to see during an iriipending, 
trip tP Kew York.. "Whobpee''.' 
was mentioned .and they wore : 
hot to see . ''Beaucbup, Mr;; 
Cantorr." They asked , what 
was ' E.ddie.'s : .natiorialify and ; 
the .giri answered: ''Swede.! ■■ 
, This . town is about a year ' 
bphind in pictures as well as 
shows. / The French element, is. 
• curious about- taTk.ers, -which 
they refer . to its "Views that 
speak.'' ; ' 

the Morris office during those two 
yjears oper?iting 'at a net in this 
B&K dealings. Bill JilPrris. was con- 
tent. He had expected it. His re- 
\yard Was the picture hpiise show 
ais, then produced and put On by A. 
J. Balaban, with B&K ah,d more 
latterly Publix making it very prpf-^ 
Itabie for the Morris office's c.urrent 
booking for them. , 

I'hese early relations tended to 
bring the Morris, B&K and Publix 
forcies closer together. Their' rela- 
tions in every 'way^ave been most 
cordial,, with the Mprris staff giving 
its personal attention: to the Publix 
bookings Jn the past. >s. much so 
as if it were this pirt of the br- 
ganizatioh it no-w is. : 

.. Unic|ue Position; , 
William Morris, Sr;, has an 
unrivalled reputation arid . record 
in -the show business as a booker- 
agent -who, was : ..a 'theatre 
;0peratPr fpr . a ' sp^ell and Is a 
road show director. His agency Is 
international and; his .rep goes -with 
that. The^^Morrls pffice always lias 
beien noted fpr han.dllrig .the biggest 
and best attractions, in name and 
money, while its .good will In the 
variety field . has never been ■ ap^, 
preached; " ': ' 

Just how: Bill Morris' serylces and 
experience wriil be utilized by Pub- 
lix and Balaban . can not be fore- 
seen. In a chain as large as Publix 
the outlet for both are unlimited. 
While Morris, pere, is surrounded 
by the smartest of the young book- 
ing set, and the Morris office is 
equipped, to handle any proposition 
coming, before it. . 

In acquiring an interest in the 
Morris office, Publix at once is 
protected . on its bookings. 

Business Romahce 

William Mprris, the elder, has 
had a- career that vis rone - of the 
business roriianoes of the tjieatre. 
Resolute arid With nerve,, wiether 
brolce or easy^ nothing has daunted 
him from the tiriie he stopped, sell- 
Irig ads for: a tobacco trade paper 
to. the. several times E. F;/Albee 
tried to gut hjni out of business! 
When Albee found liie cpiiidn't lick 
Bill Mbirrls, be tried to iiUy him 
out pr aririex him to the Keith, bpokr 
Ihg o/flce, arid; a,lso failed iri that 
. Morris has been behind the two 
rec.ognized big. showmen of vaude- 
yille, the late Percy G. Williams 
and Willie Haniiner.stein. Morri.^ 
booked and worked for their suc- 
cess, as . lie has . for any manager 
he ever booked. . That .S. Z. /t'oli 
succeeded in living and .selling out 
for $26,0O.O;O0O. not more than a year 
ago to Williami Fox was .made po!3- 
sible by; William Morris in Poll's 
earHost days when the same: Alboe- 
w a.s ^ in tent on putXingj^Il().llloji.t: 

of ; business, as he wanted . to do 
that very thing . with 
Williams arid If.'irhm'rT.stoiri. • . 

Did Everything . 
. At that time and in .i\v'. Jfoll-'ind 
building on Broadwuy, Morrl.H r.m. j 
hLs. booking office, sui)i.)l.vlnvf the • 

■(C'onlinurxl on pritro 1C> ' 1 

. Indica'tiPns: point to .wliat ::the ex- 
Hi bi tors including the cliains deem 
a necessary admission tilt, . to :bo. 
made ge;nerally. It will prpbabiy 
be. in rhost instances 5 or lOc^ added 
tp. the present: scales. Some cur-- 
rent scales run vvery iow .at . speei- 
ned portions of the day; esrieclaily 
;bcfore -i; p-..:m.''.' " ' [ '■\^-: 

In such instancies as .the price 
raise;' hais recently occurred, no pro- 
tests , have been filed. , It apiijears 
to b.e universally understbpd. by the 
theatregplrig . pulilie • that \ talkers 
have : detallPd ah. extra; cost Upon' 
the theatre,: both in pperation and 
in:, the rental , the hOiisP. must now 
pay fpr the new talking entertalii- 
ment. ■'• . -f •. 

in theatre pperation, besides, the 
heavy expense pf talker eiqulpriient 
arid its upkee^^^^ weeWy,' there "has 
been added expense:in:the .tinIon de- 
partriients^ particti'lariy ' jn' the firo- 
Jectlpn booths.; While the ever pres- 
erit nbticeable. improvement and iid> 
vancp in the quality and mainufac-: 
tUre: of the talking picture speak 
fpr th.emsel ves as to the extra : rental 
■overhead;;! . ■': ■:[■ ■; 
Didn't Know 

.With the advent of the talking 
picture and:, without pre-knowledg© 
by theatr© operatPrs, of the favor 
in which the. talkers might find 
with the picture fans, the unusual . 
■inyestntient created, by tiie develop^- 
ment and required devices for the 
theatre, there was no attempt riiado. 
to proportioniately offset the added 
ejtpense by an admission rise. Since 
then the theatres have carried all 
of the extra overhead, amounting 
to large 'Sums and with chains to 
a vast fortune weekly; 

Now that the, : showgpers - have 
stamped the talker with their, ap- 
proval the ,theiB>tre mian believe, .the 
tinie . is- opportune ■with the op(eriinBr 
of the new season to lighten the 
thieatre's burden:- Picture house ad- 
mission varies in sections, from 35 - 
and. 40c. or lower in riiany centers 
to the 50, 60 Of 75c. out of -town 
and the $1 prevalent top oh Broad- 
way in the busiest hbursi. Broadway 
hpuses like others have a lowr 
mprning. and midnight scale. 

.The 5 or' lOc. tacked on for the 
public virin scarcely be felt, whereas' 
the aggregate of the- extra cost 
brought by the talkers on the the- 
atre is unreasonably large. Any 
nupiber of theatres have purchased 
the necessary equipment on the in- 
stallment plan, under a monthly 
payment plan calling for frpm tiireo 
to five years to . pay off. 

. Not Cheaper 

The bugaboo pf cheaper cost In 
riiaking.: talking pictures over the 
silent was long since, dissipated. 
With, tilker callirig for the most 
sitilled of taierit in its every de- 
paVtriii eh it , ■ besides ;the" frond f unriiri g ; 
.to the heavily produced iiiuslcals, 
production investment ha,s mpun ted 
accordingly. . This initial cost at 
the studio: reacts to the tl^eatro. 
stage;.': ■ ■ 
; It is expected that "the; increased 
scale will go -Irito, coriirnbn, effect by 
October 1, with or -without ah- 
hpuncenient. ^• - . 

Moton, Fox N. Ei P. A^l 

.: Riisflcll Moon, formerly With; Par- 
ariiount, has been apppinted jireSS 
represeritative fpf . the Fox New 
England theatres, under supervision 
of Ilfenshcl Stuart: 







Wiednesday, September 4, 1920 

loop Film Houses Bounded Over 
Averages last Ift.; Chieago 

■:: ChicaiTo, Sept. Z' . 
. V;;.^.;.\-. Weather,. Fair .■' 
• PVa.ctic<iHy air Loop lio^ si^ov^- 
Mvorage last AYcek. Greatest jump 

.over riorih^ gross ■was the, $48,?0.t) 
at the .Oriental, .by .ftoplvie- 1!ucker 
in person .and In . "Hoiiky T.6nk': oil 

: tlie screen. Miss Tuek,er was ln;;oh 
$1,500 saliary and, a pei'eentage, . and 
sot. about .$7,000 above the . salory. 
Notices oh the felctiire mildly fevyov- 
■ able. ■ . 

Ghicaffo wfts downto'wn. leader as 
lisuair with ■ $49,000 for /'The'. Girl In 
the .Show," . At McVicker's, ^ "Four 

, .Keathers opened- very ■ big witli/?37j- 

" 00.0 and " strong no tices. ' : ' y 
. "Black Watch,;? in its- 2d-. Loop 
..showiher; gave Vthe Monroo ■,.$2,000 
above, normal . with $5,700.. . -Little 
Orpheum also was above its u-sunl. 
biz; drawing 1 0,300' .with the dialog 

^^oWs^suid Music" Sent 

■ San Priflnoi.sco,- Sept. a. 
. Business spotty amorig the;, niain 
stem flicker, palaces last week, '.sornc 
sliiiping considerably; i:^;. . - ' ; • 
■ The hiige Fox witli'. "Wordi? and 
Music", was off on the Aycek to $52,- 
400; blamed chiefly on the picture. 
Gx^Jiriadxii with ::The Greene .^lurder" : 
copped dne of the bctit grosses it 
ha.s- had. in noma month."?..' Wa.rficld 
held' up strong, witli second week of 
"Madame X," but the California gPt 
a walloping :with "Dance of Life," 
-on i ts /hold oypr week. ■ ^ 
. -. ;.''lhnocent-s of Paris,*', that has 
hung, up a. record at the, St, Fran - 
ciW sli6wed. ;the first, sighs of bfeing 
version of a remake, ."Thoi.Hotteh- I, tj^roiiirh' hitting tinder average,. 

tot." Keviciws on this vejf:y good, " 

Ken Murray's first picture, .''Half - 
Marriage,!*: at . the Slate - liaKe, 
coupled with Ben i3ard headlining 
the .vaudb. brought a $24,000 week, 
sluhip from recent grosses, but still 
.higher than the ^ house a;yera:ge. 
"Behind. That Curtain" fini.shed .two 
weeks at the- Boosfevelt, starting at 

It will comie off next week, 

The two AVagnon houses, Embassy 
with ."Argyle Case?' and Davies with 
■•Masquerade" only fair-. : 

> . E&tirhates: foi* . Last Week. 

;;• Fix (Fo3c-"VVost' Cbast) (5,000 ; 50-' 
65r75-$I)— "Woi'ds- and. . Muisic" 
(Fox). Didn't' sing very hea.vy,; b. o. • 
$28 000 and dropping to $22,000 iii I tunc and. gross. Avell below average 
final- week;' ' ■■ ' ::-v . ;.'' her6.v'$52,40p.v;- ■ . 

At the Studebaker, "Paris Bound';.'. Warfield (Fox.-West Coast) <2,- 
cidsed a fout-iveek . ^'iin at $1 top- 672; 50-65k90).— "MadameOC" (MrG- . 
aivd. - house^ will shortly revert to M) 2d week satisfactory.. Business 
legit- Grosses- during' the mojith de.-: 1 reported, better . than ; in any other 


ftene^ying contracts with Meyer 
liavis has becaxne a regular policy 
with eimployers of MEYER DAVIS' 

iVs' "insurance ;that 'provides free- 
dom, from musical ap^iety and: diis-: 

The FOX THEATRE, . WashlngT 
ton, D. C.; again . renew^ed its .con- 
tract Avlth Meyer Davis for the third 
season,' starting September 1. 

Balto. Going Into New Season With 
No Vaude; Fbt in 18 Years 


: . / : V' Pittsburigft, .Sept. . 
(Drawing Pppuliatioii, 1,(X)Q,000) . 
Weather; Cool 

cltiy BO. far. played. $18,S00. 

Granjida, (Publix.) C2.698; 35-50- 
65f $l)— ^'Greene .: Murdei'" • (Par.> 
Smash from opening day, $27,000. 

' Califorrrta (Publix) ( 2.20O; . 35-50- 
65r90)'-^"Dance of Life" (Par) 2d 
wfeeik a bust ' for this house.;. Attends 
ahce started light and stayed that 
way. $14,70O; 

St. Francis (iPubllx). (1,375; 35- 
.50r65-9X))— :v'Inriocents of Paris" tSth 
week dropped several, grand 'below 
average it has.bech hitting. Off next 
week; :$&,800. :^ '. 

EiVibassy (Wagnbn) (1,365; 50-65 
9())-^'^Argyle tJase*' (WB). . Started 
fairly big; but hot as heavy as 
hoped. $14,500'.. . 

-.Davies (Wagnon) (1*150 ;' ; 35-50 
65-90)— "Miasquerade" (Fox). Fair 
&al't. $10,000. 


"Dru'riitmonaV Does AH5^^^ 


■ Baltimore/ Sept.. 3. 
(Dravving P'opulationr 8W,000> . 
Weather: Fine : 

indoor , atnusement lineup, 'took, a 
big jump Monday \y.lth. the itiyoli . 
and thp Hippbdrbme .rcturnlug.-. to • 
the ■picture hpuse. lineup, and tl\e .' 
Maryland once more catering (o ilie - 
Ye'st'eiHiay Labor' Day and, pe .Next week the legiti. l*\)r(l'.'4 - 

endai', • the season should have will -join the picture ranks: for siic 
.bpehed.: -But thei-e '. .can't be ah days, Wltli. ^the jtuigle. . "J;in*^o." 
bpenliig when, there's 110 : closing:. Hoiis^a bo.oked foi* legit theroalter. 
Sumiher • heVer felthere, .biz tHrqugH- Sept.' 14. Auiditioriuirt . begins .its . new . .. 
out J uly and •■ Augvist approacliihg super-^picturersyniphbriy " orchesli-iL. ■ ' 
the liest .the ."VvLnter mohths offer, policy with "The Awful Truth" on .. 

ConsIdering"s.feasbh, groijscs Of last the: ilrst screen. .. 
CO days In do - luxe .houses . little Combo Hip returns with vaude 
short of amazing, ' No :. beachea as the sta:gb end' bf its bill. It's :.: 
around ifto lure them oVeif \v:eek- a temporary arrangoment; -aS tlie . 
«jnda. : - :. .. tab stage stock policy i.s to resumed . 

Penn had another, big week witli' with a similar jpolicy on Keith'.'j stage- 
Dr; Fu Manchvi;:- (Par) .ahd Teddy iJaitimore for the first : time in 18 . ' 
Joyce's: 2.d week bri; return as ni. c; years will be -without viaud.ev>llo..' 
$42;500, 'slightly above, preqeding- . Pictyrd'houses got a good AV'cdtlabr 
\v6ek and clbise to house record, break again last week, with cool 
"Say It With Songs" (VVB) drew nights;. bpOstini^f the; aftcr-dinnei:; 
virtual capacity in first full week intake, .Thi^i pluis exception 
at Grand; around $.26;.800i • NptiGcs Avbathex '.s.crecn farO, ^ a^^^ ;. 
didn't help any but; mob . flocked to [, summbrtinic trade, both, 
see : hiVn on ' strength of . "Singing ; the Century ' and the Stanley run— 
Fodh" - Mjit trade .big,; Svomen dom-^ nihg substantially ahead of , /iguf es, 
inatirig.; . Should last at lea last year. 


clined slowly from $0,000 start .-to 
$7,000 ■ finish. . Glass trade.- sought , 
and secured, ' 

Fo-urth week of . "On With Sho-w'! 
gave United Artists ,::$22,0p0 one 
week to go. 

Esti m ates for Last .Week 
Chicia^^o (Publix)— "Girl In Show" 
(M-G-M) stage show (4,400; 50-75). 
Good at $49,000; no "name" ! assist 
on stage. 

M c V i c k e r ' s (Publix) "Four 
Feathers;*' silent (Par). (1,865; 50- 
75). Very big start at $37,000. . ; 

Monroe (Fox)— "Black Watch" 
(Fox) (1,000; 50-75). 2d Loop run; 
considerably above nor'rhal at $5,700. 
. Oriental ( Publix) rT:"Honky Tbhk" 
(WB> Sophie Tucker also on stage 
(3.500; 50-75). Big we6k at :$48:,500, 

Orpheurn (Warner)— "The Hotten- 
tot" (WB) (760 ; : 60) , Nic6,:49,500. 

Roosevelt (Publlx)-T"BeliIrid That 
Curtain" (Fox) (1,500 ; 50-75). .Last 
six days, $22„poO; 1st. weiek, $28,000.; 
eke. . ' 

State-Lake (R-K-O)— 'Half Mar- 
riage" (Radio) vaude (2,700; 50-,76). 
$24,000; tinder redent W6eks, bvit 
good. . 

S t u d (B b a k e r (IrisuU) — '.Tarls 
Bound" (Pathe) (1,275; 50-$l). 4;th, 

(Inal week, $7,00.0; started satisfac- , . t^^.,^*™ r^w,, a^f^* 9 

lorily at $9,()00 ; house- back to legit. : i^ansas cuy, . &epi. 6. 

United Artists (UA)— "On With Dressing himselt and the girl 
Show" (WB) (i,'?00;^ 50-75). ATery usherettes of the local iPantages ac- 

^'"^^rJ^ l^^^^in coraing to the costume worn by the 

for another; opened to $33.opo., I star of the curreht ijlcture' appear* 

. , to be unique, ballyhoo throughout 

^'Curtain" Got $22,000; .at each wbek by. Louis Charnisky, 

Morttreal— Gtiod 

I'aiace, iyioniredl— \:iUUU | ^^j^ ,i;ostumlng thing Chamisky 

has kept lip. for several weeks. Last 
week, with : "The Black. Watch" 
playing, the. manager and the gals 
were In kilts. Among: the pictures, 
billed fOif Pantaises is "The Pall of 
Eve," and tlie customers are 

that style of 

■ . .; ; > ;■: . ^ TacbiTUt, Sept.. 3; 
(drawing popuiatron, 123,000) " 
. WeatKerJ cooler 
With '- and Broadw-ay 
closed; biz' up in . . : 

"BuUdbg Drummbhd" :.opened big 
at Blue. Mouse and.- seenis: set for 
threb weeks. Now . in 2d week. 
-Rialto -and Coloriial,; Fox houses, hit 
On .all six, former with.. "Irish .Eyes," 
latter with ''^uke Steps Out.'.? ; . 

. Estimates for Last VVeek 
.Blue Moiise (Hariirick) , (650; . 25- 
75) "Bulldog Druniinond'.V:(UA)-. (2d 
week).' Goodi .■$4,500. .. 
. Rralto (Fox) (1,250'; 25-35-50) 
"Irish Eyes" (FN). Good, $6,300, 

Colonial (FoJc) (850; 25-50) 
"Duke Steps Out" (M-G-M). . Solid. 
(SJOO. ::■;;■:■■ : ■ 

Argyle Case? -.(.VVB) v-'dll. liked 
at Stanley whfere. biz", jumped .to 
ii30jO:oO, indicating renewed popu- 
larity for this, -stiind. ,: ''Wheel of 
Life" ' (Pai*) ordinary . ' at Aldine. 
\bbut. $9,000; ' . Harris-.: si iglitly to 
front with . "Words, an.d -Music.':" 
(Fox). , Lois. Moran, lobal. gii'lj and. 
Tom . : .Patricola's ., name . , in .: cast 
helped;' Ertright slibt.'' into the 
money, with "In . the HeadUneJs" 

Montreal, Sept. 3. 

(Drawing Population, 600,000) 

Weather: Fine 

Palace topped once again with 
•Behind That Curtain," with $2^,000. 

""Drag" went over at the Capitol I curiously awaiting 
lulte well to $16,0007 "LOew's, vaude | costume 
»nd "She Goes to War," did $15,000. 

Nei.ghborhoods • all doing ; well, 
practically all In sou'tid. 

Estimateis for* Last Week . 
Palace (FP) (2,700; \40-65)-^Je- . ^ ^^^ , .■•(Jtcene Murder 

^^"^^ I Mystery" 

Big names in the :electrics last 
week and this fans had no trouble in 
locating' a favorite star in eithev 
drama or song- and dance. - : 

This is William Powell's :real- home- 


hind That Ci^rtain" (Fox). 
Aood grbss, $22,000, average summer 

Capitol (FP) (2,700; 40-65) — 
:Vl)rag."(KN). Best picture in towh, 
but not from ;b. 0. standpoint. Aver^ 
;ige $16,000, largely due' to popular- 
ity of Barthelines.s.. 

Loew's (FP) (3,200; 35-60)-^"She 
Goes to War" (UA). Hated well and 
held up. :Yaudc above ayerago. $15,- 
'000, good. . : 
- Imperial (FP) . (1.'900; 
"Throe . l'{i.'?sibh.s'' ., (UA). 
.above, -aVci-.Tigb.. $0;bOO-., - 
.Princess: (CT) (2.100; 
•'Two Weeks;' 6ff':.. (UA>;' 
show ;suffcred by contrast to other 
mairi: stiiins. $7,O0Ow 

Valencia with /'Single Standard" 
and the .uptown Parkway; wltli ; 
;''B.uHdo.g Drummpnd'' . ;both .fair; to 
good . but -not exceptional'; V At tlip,, ; 
New the' bombina.tibn . qf .payhbr find : 
Fan-'ell. in . "Lucky. Star" turned: in : 

, ■ Estim'ates for Last Week 
Century (Locw) ''Greene Murder; 
Case*: (3,200^ '25^60), , Tliis .:niuj d'Ou- 

stage show. :Witit Warner execs I s.*''!;'!'}!"."- 
at . last givin.g this ^tand sonvb d<; 

Stanley, (Loe^V•, Stanley "CrahdaM) 
Dr; Fii . jVIancbu" (3,600; 25-60). 
Clicked consistently. All'sound pol- 
icy not. affebtihg Intake as excep- 
tionally .bighigrbsscs' of past three 
weeks .show. With ovorheind down 
.and Screen" fare of Al. ftual it y housie 
now in best shape of its .w^-er. Ex- 
ceptionally good at $18,000. 

Valencia (Loew, United Artists) 

cent pictures. East Liberty ,de. luxe- 
has. pulled but of red. 

Estimates for Last Week 
Peh'n (Lo,ow's-UA) '(3,300;; .25-35r. 
60-7,5) "Dr. F.u iVi;a;nchu" (Par), arid 
Teddy Joyce, m. c.,',gave house sec^. 
ohd siicccssive^ sensational - iyeek 
About $4i2,500, slightly above 'pre-- .. . 
coding stanza.. Figure, closely ap-"Single Standard," silent, (l.SOO; 2o- 
prbaches; house record. . : Bally over 50); R.TLther good but not as big as, 
reported Del Bio-Joy'ce. engagement the gi'oss at Stanley .pi'e.vlpUs week" 
not hHrfctin.g.'any at b. b. // predicted. Stiff opposition down-. 

Grand (W",a.rners) (50-75)"Say It | stairs and. at- the.. Stanley .hurtv 
With Songs" (WB), $26,800, with Oke^f at $3,200. 
eight complete shows daily; Opened Parkway. (Loew, ■•TTnited -\rtlats) 
with special, midnight premiere Fri- "Bulldog: Drunlmond" .(1,000; 15'-35)> 
dayv starting off like, whirlwind fol- Thli*d Baltimore Av.eek , to fine draw 
lowing ' day. Notices not so gobd at $3 600 in this uptoVirn stand. 
Jjut mob fiocked on strength of Jol- | . New (M. ,Meciiani.c)"Lu<'ky Star' 

For ;M-(J.s Vriri- and Schenck- pic- 
ture.: ' i'.cs's^ib. ..Luve, ., JJenny, Rubin, 
Tom .Dii.sran. ' .. . ' . : 
.' XVilliiini r.jikcwolt ' opro^ite Alice 
Whito in ''Pl.-i'viutf Arouiid." FX.. ■ 

did' not click as heavily 
.as expected; Though with eight or 
nine . shows daily the Newman 
bandied a lot of .^customers. . 
' ''On With.'" the. Shb'vv,'.*' which, came 
near establishing a house recbrd at 
the same' hotiso . the . week beforei 
was iiioved tb the little Itoyal, with 
the -same .60c. top, arid cleaned Svlth 
thpsb.. whb hiid ;missed it the ili-At 
.weekl belped out with repeaters. 
$6,000 oh 'week. 

.. Publix hai evidoritly- settled pri. a. 
'big ' picture policy for' its two 
. • I hbuses. ■ "On With . the Dance" 
3P^5<i)— started . Satui'da.y at the Ne\,vman, 
Averyge .l to , : foliowcci with Al. JoUspn's 
latest.' Both a.rb- in. for. a single 
.■week; with the possibility they, will 
bo awitcliecl'e noyal- for a. run 
if the businos..s.justiiio.<J. : •■ \ 
. . Mainistroet : i,s ^booting, at 

35^60)-- 1 

Coris,tant rumors; that the:hoUse wil 
go ;tb some kind of a stage show 
policy, but nothing learned 

Pantages received considerable 
benefi^t fi:om several personal ap- 
pearancbs of Victor McLagleri with 
"The Black Watch." The appear- 
ances lOst some of their -value as 
they were the v^eek before the 
showing ot thb picture. Thi.s was 
caused by Fox "Movietone Follies 
held for a second week, when '!Black 
■Watch" -vvas supposed to -have, the 

The Globe, first iri tO\yri to 
present talkers arid, closed -for' the 
sumrrier, reopened, with Western 
Elebtric equipment Sunday with 
"Honky Tonk." Although- this Pub- 
lix people have first local call on^th^? 
Warner production.s, thoy learned a 
COiitly lesson with "rex Guinah's pic- 
ture and lot this bno slip , to the 
Globe.. ■- '. ■ ■ 
Estimates for Last Week 
Loew'is^ Midland— "Single Stand- 
ard" . - (M-G.-M) 4,000; 25 -35 -.5.0). 
Grcita Garbo arid plerity o£"hot Ibyc 
roniance, riradc to brdcr.for the flaps. 
'Maybe .'tob- hot "in febl.irig' for. tTie 
taniilies as: returns \ycre far from 
satisfactbry,,' with mat's best : patrO- 
niiiCd. $17,56;0; very -good. - ' 

Mai hstreet— '.'Paris Bound" (3,200 ;' 
S5-{)5-50-60),: Anothor romance, of 
nibdern ni.arriage with' Ariri .Harding. 
I'ersbnal appearance of Baclanbva 
had tlVe- -bigi ^raw; •. good- vaiidc. 
House": is- holding to ..high ' grosses 
nioi-tj consistXintiy lhan any other in 
:ti)\vri.': $19,000; Fair.. ;: , -:- . v 
Newnrian— "Grccnb Murder CaHc'! 
(Publix). .(1;R»0.; . 25-40-.6..0). . Given 
gr'oati: publicity with lots of extra 
.•^tuff by tlie press oii -account of this 
being Willi<inv l'ow<?IVs homo. .Xiusi- 
ness . steady only. Schedule" ar- 

son. Wbrtien. flocking to have a 
\veepy time. Set foi*. sit least, mpritli 
and possibly longeri 

Stanley (Witrn«rs) (3,600'; .25-35 
60) "Argyle Case" (WB). ;GavC 
house.good::svebk' at; $30,000. "Step 
plri'- Out" fair on stage. Spending 
plenty building Stanley for-real bid 
to biz in fall. Prbspects .bright with 
pictures • above average . lately 
"Fast Life" (FN), opened big . Fr I 

; Aldine (Loew'^s). (l,90O; : 35-50) 
"Wheel bf Life" (Par) couldn't bet- 
ter summer avei-age. About $9,000 
Summer poison to Aldine sans cool 

<1, 500; 25-50). 
ipg oye.r. 

Gbocl; $8,000,:: Hold- 

liidDERN MAlDENr^lG, 

sEAmE Ki $?(M)oa 

, Seattle, Sept. 3; . 

' (Drawing population, 525,000) 

Weather,: cooler - 

Sbattle fall theatrical' season will 
indeed be' a "Greater Movie" s.ea» 

sbrii.Avith some Diiffy drama lliroWn '■ 
Enright (Warriers) (3,700; 25-35'- I in ;for good measure. Publix has 

40-60) "In the-Headlincs" (WB) and 
stagb .<?how, good Week. House has 
climbed but of the. red :into nice 
dough. Pictui-es improving: ■ and 
house lobking up for fii-st tiriic since 
open iris 







high riiarlc and giving bettor and 1 ranged just aljout perfoct for a f.'ist 
bigger shows, and pictures, reaping turnover and ht\ ndiod nicely.' $L>L',ono. 
a .harve.'«t. Last, week, with, "I'nri!* 
Bourid" as its screen feature, mot<t 
of the publicity was, given to Ilao- 
ianovn, . in poi-f.Qn, topping a fine 
.vaUd:e bill. :l'(ipcrs gave the V)loride 
Ru.*5.'?i.iri. -^iweot notices, and also 
strong for Al Tr'abah' ;iria company 
_tin_st.;igo,.l:_ _. _ : • 

I.oow'.s .Midland luul f I rota Garl)o 

Pantages-^'MUaf.k Wiiteh" fFox) 
.( 2.2(10; 25 - 50) . ■Saturday open 
lug capacity and balance of week 
hold up. $13,000 

' Cumploto least "Tlio Man.'' Wl? 
includes .lohn Bfirryinoro, Lorott 

in "Tlio.. Single »Siandard," piirfoct 
>.et-tip foV. t-lie.'feninic.^, but. fur some 
reason thoy did riot buy a.s autre '.i- 
pati'.d. .lu.'^t another ca.'^.e' . ot the 
f.'in."^ shopping, ^ 

: Starling Sunday Iho hou.-^e changod 
it.s- riiUJfical policy from a '267P,ioeo 
ooricert orchestra to 14 pieces and 
"hot," Julius Loib still conducting. 

_ _______ _^ 

Tttu n trr""l?T;'flTrfa — ■sm'iTi fx7=inrrfi'nii 
Au.stln, All)ort Gran. Kiohiird Hon 
do.r.<-:on, l)oii.y:las norr;u-d, J 1.1)0 l<\il 
lor, Loui.'<e- Carvor; D'Aro.v Corrigan 
.Miiy Mulloy,- l.)iiria Iliipe, . Tiny 
.Times. Alfred Gco.en to direct 
^ Lucillo (iloasfm ■ for . "I'iay I'.cy,' 
V.\, ^ 

I'jit TTarmori' f#' ''Ship fr<im 
Sluinghai," M-G. 

M WEEt AT $1^,500 

: • . :. ' . Providence, Sept, 3. 

/ (Drawing. Population,. 315,000) 

. . . . . . . . , 

Liibnr ;.Dny bpcning has fandorii 
all agog,: Last week - tl'ie; [. sj:riuo'us 
Greta ijarbo' did .right; noble by 
Lobw's State although : compctitloii 
vva.s not partiHilarly town^ 
Majestic was next best with "The 
My.'tt.orMn.iR Dr. Fu ManchU-" . .- .^s for. Last Week ; 
LocWs State .(3;,<?00; 15-50) . ''SinT 
glo : .Standard," '. ( t ; A),^ Shorts.; Garbii.. 
clicks liere iri: anything, i&ig. at 
24;O0O. -. v 

Majestic (Fay) (2.200;: 15-50) "Dr. 
Fu: Maricbu",' (l-^ar), Shorts. Next 
tb Lo('\v'.s ;for week at $10,000. 

Strand (Tnd) (2,200 ;.-15.:50) "Light 
Firig-ors" (Col). Sliorts. Average 
at $9,000. ■ 

Victory (Il-K.-O)- (1,600; 15,-50) 
';iralC Marriage" IR-K-O). Shorts. 
II(ild own, at ■?7.2O0. 

Fay's, (1,600; 15-50). Davcy Leo 
in person .and Alms,- • SMTasliin 
week; $12,;;00. , 

T-S: Joe 10, Brown,. II o.lon, li'oster 
Harton Tfeiibin-n, now.ard True.^doll 
Alnia. r.eimett, Hably Belmont, .leiry 
Drew, ^Vi liter l.'cM-ry, :.Mnbcl ,T. S^',iit,t 
Florence ■Midgeley.' Jbiy ' Wiillace 
Ilu.«s Duddlc;y, rui'noll Pratt. Clin 
ton Lyle. 

Frank ie, Darro for ''Blaze . 0 
Glory, ' Sono-Art. 

two houses here', opening the :Metro- ' 
politari (ISrlanger house); on talker 
policy this \veek. Pantages,-. re- , 
opened - with Vaude arid picturei^. 
"Strange Interlude'' . did record 
ijiz iri Seattle, Two weeks at the 
Metropolitan . rbportcd to lia:v.o. 
grossc'd $25,000. Next Kthel I5:irry-. 
more .and $20,000 week oxpocted. 

Duffy: will open the Pri^Midont in 
about .a . riionth,, according to 15ill.. 
McCurdj', . :^yho will be northwost . 
manager. Argument with . size ' of • 
orchestra has been ironed oiu. live 
men in'pi't . . :.- \ •.■',,',-.. , 

Matinees at Orplieum birildint,' iip. 
-Fifrli "AvcnuR "held listd . iJaf^' "^^coK : 
witli reobi-d, , opening bf year )"n:r 
"Our Mbdprn.Maidbns,".''cat(:h.v title. 
Bhio Mouse had fair . wbek.-: i'(<i)oatr . 
ing on "Biilidog l)ruri:imorid" arid 
'"The Hottentot;." ; ■ 

Estimates , for: Last Week , 
Seatt I e. ( Pu b) ( 3,10,0 ; ,. 2 5 -00 ' ' 1,-^tii r : 
'.Feathers;'" .silent; (I',ar,)i,- .lu,st ' fair.' 
$13,500., ■ -X-'v,, '.: ■ ,, ; 

Fifth Ave, ^ (I'-oxY (2,56o,;' -J.l-fiO); 
'Our Modern Maiden.s" • (,M-.( 
Joan Crawford went like iious© 
afire. .:Groat week. Fanchori.-..\!!H'cb 
stage unit. $2,0.700; remarkable. 

Fox, (2,500; 2ri-f)0) "Words, and- 
Mu.McV (Fox)... $8i000; very bad. 

Blue Mouse- (llamrLck) (900; jy- 
7,5)"Bulldog Drummond" (XA) (-'1 
Week). ,. Dropped off,' s,ft , ''it .t''.'^ 
week.. $,6,200; fair'. 

Wiisic Box tHanirick) n.OOH; ^'v 
75) : "The , -]Iot:i 'onto" (WU). " f'f^ 
wo.ok belo^v, expectatlbn.'? and eUt 
after first two Avooks here, $T.ii"". 
■ Coliseum (lM')x) il,S0fi ;,>'.-, v. ".-^.M!- 

ooiiatlou" (PathO). Not so l.-"!' 

Orpheum ' (2,700;' 2.-.-(M) '•I'a'iis 
P.ouiur' tniCO).' Foatured'jn' I'illi''- 
over vaudo. Only vaude in ii-'-^" 
heliis. ,, J}(,'tt or. pictures. .I",- « 
in charge of publicity. $,) 

Met (PUlv) : (l,.40'0: -,2.''.-i'.i') -I' 
of Life" (rar). (>p(^nini.' w' ' '..s .- 
house with talkers. Tliis, i>i. i m <• ,1" 
for two woekSi 

I r 

I cC 

Wednesday, September 4, 1929 




'M-Eyed Worir Did $654,046 in 

. : Sinivnier's pillclal end pii. Broads 
Mifiiy iilso.' tormlhated the run b£ 
«'eoi:lc-Eyed W6rld.'^ M the lioxy. 
Having ah-jeady taken all exist injr 
inpney recprds, irpx elected tp pass 
ui) anothei', of iJeins the first p^c- 
ture tP' play; the. temple pf hjRh. 
finance' live weeKs, :.and /"World" 
moved/aCter f pur weeks. . 
• Its: perfcrniiince; was the sensation 
ot' the trade and street durinff Axir 
gust. It nvpved tp the accphipani- 
iiient pf .much extra ilewspaper 
tjpace from' the'Kcxy tP the. AGadonir 
^ri 14th street and the Fox,. Brook- 
lyn. At both stands, it was getting' 
a heavy back}va5h at the week-end 
from the ■. Rcxy engagement . and 
seemed .certain tp tppple mpre house 

At the ' Capitol steady sales, for 
•'Broadway Melody's" first , week «it 
pop grind . piled up . $8 3.400. This, uf 
course,, was a'twp-week bopking. .■' 
Among the ?2. pictures Al Jolsbn'.s 
"Say . It With . Sphgs" at ■Warner's 

: is cbrispicruously o.ff . Attendance is 
•«\-ay behind . the records oC the two 
fqrniCr; rt^CPT.drbusting J^^^ 

■leasps.-,, . ■ 
: : ''JiollyAVobd Revuo^" wljile report-. 
In g. big biz. dpcsn' t' Bho w . the form 
of . "Melody" which .ran : six hi on ths. 
"Haiiplujaft" at the iOmbassy is'ruh- 
nihg close to capacity. . ' ;- 

. James Gruze's independently hiade 
•'Great. Oabbo" is dUe at: the S'elwyn 
Sept. 15, and ,C6lumbia.'s"FIIght!' is 

• opening thiis month at the.'Cpliah, 

/ Estirnates for l^ast Week . 

Ast9r^"Hollywobd Kevue"i (MrG^ 
M). (1,120; $i-$2) (3.d \yeek), Namc-' 
studded attraciioh. Liast Week- bet-. 

'tercd- $23,000; ■ 
■ Cameo—''WratH of ; Seas'' ; (Kelly) 
(540; , 50-75). (2'd week).' Pictures 
that would be just too bad anywhere 
else, get runs this house >vith its 
Ireaii drop-in clichtelc.- $4,500.' Figlit 
pictures as. additional lure. .. 

Capitol— "Uroad way Melody" (M- 
C;-M) (4,620;.. 35-50-75-$l.G.0); iLiist 
a:ttraction of old. season. First \veek, 
$83,400. Holding pvor. 

-Central— ''Fast ^Lifo'' . (FN) (922; 
$l-$2) (3d week). Not figuring 
innch over $5,000,.; Gruesome . story 
and can't compete at price scale.' ' 
Corony— "Broadway" CU) (l.OOO; 
35-50r75) (2d week). Customers Jeg.s 

' loi^.espme than , usual. Pi ctures of 
ipopulair! Jippeal getting 'em up to u3d 
Btroet. .; Maybe $13,000. 
. Criterioh— "Four Fedthers" (si- 
lent) '(Par). (I3th week). Proad- 

. way's l eignlhg ehJghia aihd dpj?e- 
shfitterer; .$14,000: 

Embas8y-^"Hallelujah" (M-G-M) 
(5S6; $l-$2). (3d week). Second week 
around $10,000. This: che eccehtric. 

• Before tixklng a chance niost pf the 
cxporiencod shpppers seem tp be 
asking thpse whp have seen it 
whether or not to jgro. Getting 
hearty -word - d f -m Pu th bppstl ng f rpni: 
the cognoscenti but not sp definite 
What the hPi. ppllpi is telling its 
friends.- •' 

• Gaiety— "Black ^Va'f ch'' ■ i(Fox) 
(«08; |1.$2) (16th week). Run all 

. out of. proportion to business.. Fox 
evidently. stia5i_gapped hot - weatlier 
with this one., tinder $5,000 right 
along. :.■ . 0 

. Globe— "Street Girl". (Radip) (!,-■ 
418 ;■-$ 1 - $2 ) . ( Cth week). .- Mprc than, 
maintaining, its pwn in $2 sectipn. 
Over $14,000. 

Pararnount— " The Spplipmbre" 
. (Palhe) (3,066; 3ti-U5-'?5-$l). One 
of those occasional outside book^ 
]^Tfes: Uie had "Strange Cargo" 
.in this house last Aiiril. jCddio 
Quillan,. star of "Sophompre," .with. 
Publix unit. Simultancpusiy; $72il00. 
-Rialte— ''BuTIdpg Drumihpnd"; (XJ. . 
A.) (1,900; -30-50-85') ■ (2d week), 
strongest United .Artists picture on: 
Broad way since Fa;irbanks' "Iron 
Maslv,", .Ballyhoo helpful; .$55,900. 
„.P'voli— ''Dance of lilfd'' (Par): (2,- 
ZOQ; .-S.VnO-SS). Publicity fcatXires 
oi-igjnai: title "Burlesque" almost as 
l'o?AV?*^Wly as Hoilywood chbice, 
vi>-4,0p0i • ' .'. 

//. «A?^"^''*^'^ck-Eyed World-' (Pox> 
(C,20 ------ 

0 ; . S O -.7 5 - $ 1 .50 ) (4th, final week ) . 
oan play this tune on its 

melodoon:: $173,391; $17a.667v -^ICa.- 
tSrand total, $654,406 
tihow mathematics. . . 
y^ftl^nd^-'"!;!!© Gamblers" . "(WB) 

2 ;A • I'-^'tiinated at 

♦.Ju.OOO, couple of notches better 
in;in avor;Vgc. 

;,.y^f.'''?f'':s--"Say- It AVith. Songs': 
I^M;^ n <1.360:. . $].$3) : (3d week).; 
J .(hish of- Jolsbn novelty off. 
AT.?.'?' ^J-nd . picture iianned. 

ri i ' , (loAvn from sizzling biz 
ciono i,y former .Tolsbn pictures. 
S""V''l ''^^'ound $20,000. - 

TRHrrfTTnri; $Tr$o) (ist .veek). An- 
iLT pMM iM'e- .in Tochnico'lpr..- Bowotl 
1,', Comment dividrd- l)ut 

:irlv;iiUiiw. of battery. names; 

r.-.'v'-**?"lV' ^bn^fcr resigned from 
J '-^,, iiubiicity t„ devote timo 
l.iiice foature writing. 
'"►"•-I I/il'ltuite ajid John Boles 
1. I .m '-I/i. M.'irsr.U.'iiso." r. 

'- ' - J ilii !■( Um 


; ' ^ ;, Hpliywbod/Sopt. -3.. • 
; A dirieetpr vi-as picked up fpr 

speeding and discovered, the 
. copper :had an <?xc'ellent vpice 
.for .talkerii;-' ■ ''■■ 

, It worked; . 

FAffi iNN. Wfc $1$^^ 

... Minneapolis, Sept.; 3. . 
Xprawing Ppp^^ 500,000); 
v. . WeatT^er : Warrn- ahd- Cleai* . . ■ 

. Qpeni.rtg of the season;, saw busi- 
ness Jieeprifelit on at'-the.s'ame fast 
:clip of the past month. - Despite un- 
favorable warrh weather, patrpriage 
was. brisk./ Letter c.T,rriers and for- 
eign ,\var veterans^ conventions 
in-pbably helped a little, but liphie- 
tpwriers; .supplied by fai:^ . , the. .bulk 
'd.f -the trade. 

■ "The Cpcoariuts-' : wpuhdi Its 
record - b'reakihg ;- State engagement; 
in .'sensaUbnal .fashion; lay turning 
.iii :a much better gross; .than " the 
most: optimistic Publix;pfl[lclals ex- 
pected fpr its third aiid final .week. 
It • pulled . an exceedingly - :heal thy 
$12,000; making a tctal pf clpse : tP 
$50,000 fP.t. the run, . ; ■ : 

. • "The .pnly: pther- picture that .ever 
has: run f or ;three. consecutive weeks 
at -..tlie. 2,300-seat State is Jolso'n's 
"The Singinig Fool.". MArx Brothers', 
picture -. attracted just .a nttlb less 
than that box. ofilce Wbrld-b^ater. 
' v.A.nother butstan 
tlieati-icul trade .development of the 
week '. was ■ thb .: surprisingly livel.v 
way in which the flesh and blood, 
legit , spoken drama bpened its .1929- 
30 season; at the Metropolitan and 
Shubert in .the face bf warni Weath- 
;e.r. Despite their:; lack of .cooling 
plants; both houses attracted profit-- 
able :bi^. :'•. ;'.- .,; ', 

Estimates for .Ljast Week ' 

; :Mirtriesota (Publix) (4,300i 75)-r 
•'This IS Heaven" (Par) • and , "Say: 
it With iVlusic." Publix unit stage 
show. . V-iima Banky well Jliced in 
Minneapolis. Stage show. decided im 
provbment over previous one. Rer. 
turn of - Gene Sheldon, ; m;c., 7 i.-. '-l 
Clint .Johnson, singing; bahjoist, 
after, va,cat|pri!^^ welccmed. .Forty- 
piece pit orchestra I'ecipieht of ntUch 
fayorr^bld. comment. $30,000. Fine. 

Sta'tie (Pubiix):- (2.300; 60) -^"The 
Cocoanut.s";(i.>ar)> . Public liere went 
daffy oy'eir lhi« picture. Third, fina.1, 
week clpsb to $12,000., big. First 
week was arotirid $20^000 and second 
nearly ;$] 6.000. Close to $5.0,000 for 
run. Highly .profitable, 

Hennepin-Orpheurn (RKO) (2,890,; 
50-75 ).--^"Big News" X Bathe); tind 
vaudQ headed by Lita Grey. Chaplini 
Eritertainin.g screen prpductidn, this 
alltalker, : but .apparently had^^ hp 
pulling po\ver; Lita Grey Chaplin' 
not the card .as on first visit several 
irtonths ago. Pleasing if not excep- 
tional .siio-w: . $13,000. Fair, 

:LyHc (Pubiix) : (1,200 ; 35)— 
"Broadway. Babies" (F; N.). One of 
best. Avceks in fjome time. $5,000. 

Pantages , (1,.'')00 ; .25-50)— "Melody 
Lane", and yaude;. Picture met with 
fair audience . . approval. Eddie 
Leonard's name helped, traide. Nofh-- 
in'g in vaude amounting to box ofliee 
■asset; .-$6,;; 00. - Fair.: ; - ;..^ ■ 

MetropqlitaTi ; ; (LSOO;; 7' 50-$2,50)-^ 
"DraLCula" ..( road ■company);. ; Mys-. 
tery shocker ;6pening its road season 
licrie did very. ^voll consi(je'rihg;w 
weather.' I'lay and cbhvpaiiy -liked. 
About $9.OO0i. - 

Shubert; (1.300: "35-$l). Dramatic 
stock in "This Thing, (jailed Love." bponing' weolc in organiza'-^ 
tion's record. ,;$6j400.: ^ .; . ".: ; : 


' . .C?hicag.o.; Sept. . 3- ' 

Straight va;udevillo . in / the 'tw^o 
largest houses' of . tho country de- 
voted to that policy appears to bo 
giving the ed.go to the iocal Palace 

Palace, Chicago, last week did 
$30.^\a0 -an(l-<:lie/j.Cqitli:s-L>..'ilacG ,:-Xew U 

York, $24,000; .- * ;; 

Botii are booked out 'if tho .'^a mo 
Ki'ith olTlco. ■ ... • - 

. Locfil Palace .s<«t a house record 
witl.i tlio figure; That may be topped 
this w'oMc through Jack Donip.^ey 
and the tliroe-diiy holiday. For Ntnv 
York'.s Palace, $2-},noO is way und<»r 
its highest.- but KtlM rilio.v'e< r"- 
cent weekly, figure of r-i.-( Out- nKnaii.'-. 

Helen . Josefihirie 


.Returning,, 'home- to America, 
shortlyj after.- eight years of. svlccess 
abroad ;;;Uhd!Dr management Charies 
Gbchrani; Andre Chariot, Sir 'Oijwald 
Stoll, ;Charles GUlliycr, Sir. Alh-ed 
Butt, R.;h. Gillespie :arid.. Jill other class managements in .EriglaridK 
besides starring in tlieir'own show,. 
•Tricks/' .• ■=.■;• .>••..■..• 

Direbtion J ErsilE JACOBS ; 

■ ■■BP9tPn,^;S^pt.^:4;,. \ 

(Drawing Population* S50,00i0) 
. Weather : Fair ' 

LpeW's State rcrbrpke '^if s; AUgi^st 
; house reccrd Avhich .had beSn made 
"the previous week at .$21,400> . with 
the new : figure, $24,000, with "Our 
Modern Maidens." Business started 
off heavy, helpied ;'by three factors, 
the most important One beiixg the 
fall-off at the Metrbpblitari with 
."Snilling -Irish Eyesi" . Tlie pther 
tvyo were . gppd. weather which dis- '■ 
cpunted the absQiice .cf tefrigeratipn 
at the State and the Jack of legit 
competish, the Blymouth; beings the 
only house open.; ..The previPiis: 
week at $21,400 was set. by "The 
Single Standard." Matiniees ; puslied 
It pver. -■'..''' 
r. Metropolitan suCfered with ."Irishi 
EyeV' despite the. popularity ;of Col- 
leen MoPi'e and the ruthless expur-. 
gating pf tpuches that were feared 
might tpuch tender grpund/in a city 
that is heavily dpmlnated by a well - 
tp-dp pppulatlpn pf Irish ancestry. 
It did under .$31,000; not : sp 'sweet 
for this mam jhpth show . hou.<«e. 

After Labor Day will . find the 
film situation in Boston getting 
down to brass tacks. ■ The Park Is 
ijeliig reopened as a .first run pic- 
ture house and Keith's MeipPrial. 
Sept. 7 will go onto a first release 
grind starting off . with "The Street 
Singer" and followed by "The Cbck- 
Eyed . World." The new Pubiix 
house, renamed the tip-Town, arid 
the Olympia will gp on a feature 
first-run cxploitatibn basis land a 
new group of five hpuses Cbmprislrig 
the Capitol, Scollay, Strand, Central 
and Fenway . ^yill play full . Weeks 
with the same feature, altorhaling 
bet-ween minor first releases and 
second I'uns of real outstandcrs. 

Suburban and pPp hpuses; aH re- : 
pprt gppd business and the legit 
Tremont, which j,ust -' opened with 
"Hollywood Revue," is selling .solid 
-twu.. -'' woeks -lini ; advance.- ' ." the 
Lpew houses plu.p^*inft . the M-G-M; 
feature- in their lobbies'. • - 

Estimates for Last Weels; 

Metropolitari (Pubiix) (4.380 ; 50- 
75) "Smiling Irish Eyes" (1st Nat); 

.?30.r)00. ■ 

State (4.000; 35-50) "Our Modern 
Maiderts•^ (M-CStM); $24,000. -' 

Keith -Albee (3.00.0; 50.-60) -f-'Half 
Married" (Radio); $23,500. •. ' : 

Uptown : (1.300:. 40-60) "Four 
Feathers" (Far )• ■ ( 2d; wk); $8,500. . 

"Argyle Case" $31,000 in 
St. L. ; "Fast Life" $13,300 

St. Louis, Sept. 3, 
(Draw Pop., 1,060,000) ; 
Weather, Cool 

"Weather unusually plca-Sant, but 
crowds fell off at most liou.scs. . 

Estimates for Last, Week 

==^Am bassa d or=(=S^O 00 {r=^-iT 

"Argyle Caffe," Stage-show, $31,000. 

F^qx ((J.OOO-; 3r,-7r,> .-"W3,y Leave 
Ilonio" (Fox). Vitude, 

Loew's State (3,3001 - 23-.3.')-05)— 
"thunder" (M-G-M). Stage sh'iw. 

.Missouri (3;S00; 3o-na-0r)-7r)) — 
"Fa.<{t Life" (FN). Shorts; $13,300. 

Grand Central (J, 700; 5u-70j— 
"Fnur Fe.-ithcrs/'-'fld week. 

St. Louis (4.;:'<i)? ;';r,ir,.-,w. "i'.j.^ 

NuWtt" (i'atli'ji. \"uude.: 

Heat and Zep Put Crimp in L A.; 
'laidens'' Misses State Topt $41,i() 

Once More for 

- IX()llyv\'bbd.. .Sept; 3. : 
:. That; ''in'Sfiold; trio: ()C;.ft'bin 

- Walsh to Mc'Laglen to Lpwe 
is selve.dtiled, tp... toi^s; the ball 
arpund agaih. iiext ; year' fpr 

: Fox. - . McLaglen; find. Loiye 
.Will: iigain don their marine 
;unifoVms arid T\> ; VviU^^b 
more, direct. . .. 

: : "Cock Eyed Wbrlci'-is alreaidy; 
past ;the; Ohio and Penn.syl- ; 
yania , censors witli but 
couple of minor cu ts. Now 

- York didn't touch, it. , 

S FlNitt PTU): 
HOUSE RECORD, $19,000 

Portland, Ore., Sept. 3. 

Two lipldpver films last . week, 
"BUlldpg ..: Drummprid" ; at. United 
Artists,- arid "Hpttentdt" at Music 
Box," dping pkay. ; - . ■. 
; Copier Aveather helped, with; pnly 
about pno pr twp weeks' slump dur- 
ing entire seaspn. Greater Mpvie 
Seasp.n went Pver With, bang,.; getv 
ting gppd returns pn explpitatlpn. 

. Four theatre ppenlngs are sphed- 
uled immiediately; .:Hanriricic's. BlUc 
Mouse arid (Parkerrl^ox) Alder open 
Aug. 30. .Blue Mouse brings ' back 
"Desert Song" for. start. Hellig Is 
being" remodelled arid . renamed- 
Rlaltp fpr PUblix, tP.operi Sejpt. 20, 
Duffy's' will ppeh . the Dufwiri fpr 
stpck Sept. 19. . .:■:■.}'■■]:':'■■'■''.'"■''■ 

Pantaiges new clPised, tp. rebpen 
Sept l4 under Keith's. Finished its 
Pan's career, tp $19,000, l;pwn's lead- 
er last .-week.- . 

Estimates for Last' Week -.' 

Portland (Pubiix) (3,500; 26-60) 
'•Greene; Murder" (Par) ;$16,000, big- 
gest week in five men ths. . 

Broadway (Fpx) (2,000; 25-60). 
I'lrish Eyes." ' Stagie : shew. Started 
big but fell pit. tpward end pjE week. 
$15,000. -■ 

; .United Artists; (Parker- Fpx) (1,- 
200;. 25-50). (2d week). "BulIdPg 
Druriimbnd" held up.; well and. tp 
strong flriLsh. $7,000. 
: M.usic Box (Hamrick) (2,000; 25- 
50) . 2d week pf "Hpttentpl," gPPd 
dprrifedy picture, Pver big. $6,000. 

Oriental (Tebbetts) (2,700; 26t35).- 
Dpuble feature program With ."NJght 
Club" - (Par) and "Love and the 
Devil." Okay. $6,000. ■ i 

Pantages (Pan) (2.000; :25-50). 
Mpran and Mick billed big tP tpp 
vaude in person. Picture .was 
"Midnight Daddies" CSennett). $19,- 
OOO. hpuse recprd. : ; 

Two Two-Week Pictures 
In Wash.— Big Films 

Wishlngtpn, Sept, 3. 
\ Fox got it with ;''Why . Leave 
Home" last .Aveek arid then with 
"Cock-Eyed .World" snowed, every- 
thing under Saturday and Sunday.. 

Palace with VMrs;. Cheyney" did 
$2,500 drop from previous week, but 
ho coriiplairiing; Jiarle bit. off with 
"Man arid the Moment," wliile the 
Columbia with "Madame X" got 
away on a tw'o weolcs' stay witli a 
good figure. 

Mot is holding over "Argyle (i!ase" 
after a fair intake. ; 

.Rialto. bpened Friday night with 
$2 start for ; "Broadway" . revetting 
to 25c matinees and 50c nightg Sat- 
urday. ;. 

Estimates for La§t W'eek' '"T 
Columbia . (Locw) "Madame X" 

(M-G) (1,232;. 35-50). Good, first 

wccki at $12,700; 

Earle (S-C-AVarrier) '"Man ' arid 

Moment" : (FN) • (2,244; 35-50). 

Billic Dove skidded this timie;- ^13^- 

500. ,. 

:\ Fox (Fox); ■ "Why Leav6 Home" 
(Fox)' stage -show (3,43-1;- 3o-5()r75);: 
Consistent - run pf good pictures 
shbwinflr Pteults; follbAvlng anbthei- 
mu.sical ("Words- arid Music") thi.'f 
one dropped ; loss ihan $500 under 
previous marK;.: $24,200. '^Cock-iOyod 
World" go.t 'over ?7.000 ori opening 
Saturday..- That's- money, at .scale. 

Met (S.-G-Warnpr) "Argyle Case" 
(WB).Meighah's first talker helped; 
$12.5.00. Hold over.. - , 

Palace (Loow) ; "Mrs. Cheyney" 
(M-G) stage shoAv (2.3')3; - nn-.'O). 
New m. c, Al Evans, opv-ned; $22,- 
000, fair. 

Rialto (T;) "Broadway" UV) (1,- 
M7 ; .35-50).; OpeiU'd • Friday: • In-, 
te'i-est good after oxccllonl.- ope'ning 
^ba-MylwO r- . . — — ^-^-j — v- i. . ■. -: ^= 


Ottawa, Sept. 3. 
Two ('unadian.s reported to be in 
the haras.'^ed section of I'aie.uTlnn 
!ii;e B. Lester, yetf-ran Dntaiio < x- 
j hibitor, and. liis' wife. <» 
j They an- safu, . according to ro- 

-.- " ;Lbs Arigclcs,,: S?ept;. ?.' 

■ (Dravying Population, 1,500,060), 
; Weather: Hottest in" 20 Years 

-At least .five toi:rid idaj-«-l,a.<?t;-w'cek. 
wilil . tho local pii^Pers cliYiming . ii 
top of 92i arid .L.; -A:; , dailies niVyx'r 
■giv^e -.tlie . jion.ic, .town ,»in.y' the Wori-'t 
of it,-.; It- niay liav<!;:been' O.i....oi.i t.op; 
of a moantainl . Both dbwntoNVn 
and Holly .s\yelterod and . eV:er>*-:; 
body; was .sfinawlii-ng. Bos'id-cs 'tfiat. 
the: Graf Zep kicked a hole in all 
bo.xolIVces during the two nights nild 
a day it;-\\*as here, Tlicjttres in Pa.^- 
adena arid . Long. Beach .felt the 
pressure of the big ba'g. 
' Locally the Zcp kept ' the State 
aiid *^'Our aioderri Maid;ens'' fr.Qrii 
reaching a house, record, .theatre be- 
ing liurt at least $l-.000 each night. 
Out at the- Egyptian busines$wa.s 
$ 2 5 0 urid 0 r n o r m al r.-an:d :. p rnc tica 1 ly 
all houses were from 25 to 40%.i off 
Sunday and Monday. Tjieatre bc)ys 
were glad Sv-hen. Hearst's tourists 
departed... y,- " '■.-;.-.,.■'; '. 

. State hungup a. big week at that 
in doing. $41,000, but starttjd pii't 
after ; a . recPrd by ; inaugurating 
seven .<shp\vings daily fbr ''Maid^nt!'' 
the first .day. That's brily a little 
behind the house tpp, ;rip\y rcpprtod 
ns •; belprigirig; . tp' Garbb's ,' "Single 
Sta;ridard" .at $51,800. Theatre lias 
b;een: 'dping; heavy and steady trade 
since Greater Mevie. season started. 
"Bulldog Drummond." which, start-' 
ed put' SP fast; at .Urilted; Artists, 
felt last week's two opposing fac- 
tors to .the extent of tunibling $10,- 
OOtt-tP $23,000, ; 

New ehtrants hre new listed, as 
"They Had tP See Paris,'! at the 
Carthay Circle, . Sept. 1.8; and. "CPCk 
Eyed v Werld/'; at the Chinese, Sept. 
26. For the latter picture the town 
is .; being plastered with 600 28- 
shects, a,; loca;i billing record. . "Dy- 
namite" was dpw^n to $11,000 at the 
Carthay; arid . "Hplly wppd Reyue" 
registered $21,600.. , 

"Marianne". (Cpsmo-.M-G) Is get- 
;ting' the usual Hearst advance plug 
fpr its twice daily run at the May- 
an,- starting Sept. 5, arid the Hill- 
street gpes pvcr tp Its new policy 
(stage band) Sept. 12, plus "Street 
Girl" (Radio). . 

"Fast Company gave the Para- 
mount $21,200, just fair; and "Drag" 
was only $9,600 at . the Egyptian. 
Hillstreet eased off from Its recent 
pace to $15,5.p0 fpi-; "Paris Bbund;" 
but the picture, as alsp the Pthers, 
had tp fight. "Lucky Star" get away 
nicely ericugh. at the Criterlen in 
dping $14,400. 

: Estimates for Last Week 

Boulevard (Fpx) "Mpther's Boy*' 
(Pathe); (dialpjr) (2,164; 25-50>. 
Too miich opposition from the ex- 
terior warmth arid the sky visitors, 
a double . blow felt all over tbwn; 
meant but $4,900 here. 

Carthay. Circle (Fpx) "Diyriamlte!' 
(M-G) (dialpg) (1,500; 50-$1..5O) 
(5th wreck)* . Slipped tp $li.d00. 
"They Had tp See Pairls" (Fpx),; 
Will R.pgers' pictUre, here Sept. 18.. 

Criterion (Fox) "Lucky Star" 
(Fox) (dialog) (i;600; 25-75) (1st 
week).. ^.Started off all right despite 
cpnflictirig- factprs;. $1,4;400. 

Chinese (Fpi) ''HpllywoOd Re- 
vue" , (M-G). (dialog) (2,028; 50- 
$l-.50) (10th. week). Dbsccriding 
pretty close to $20,000 from top 
side; ' last week $21,600; "Cbcic 
Eyed World" (Fox) . now dofinitciy 
penciled for Sept. 26. 

Egyptian (UA-t^ox) "The Drair" 
(FN) (dialog); (1,500; 25-75). Under 
usual figure at $9,600. 
; Hillstreet (RKO)"Parls. Bound" 
(Pathe) (dialog) (2.950; 25-75). 
Doing $13,000, not bad under con- 
ditions; house adopts new policy 
and "Street Girl". (Radio) Set)t. 12; 
stage band Foiutine ; pictures -only - 
to hpld over. if. biii^iness. wa;rratn.ts. 

State (Lbew-Fbx) . "Our Mpdcrn 
Maidens•^ /(M-G): (sound) (2.042; 
25.-$.!); ; Tried fpr house record by 
starting, oft with seyeri . ^bih'owirigs 
daily J: missed because. /of curibsity 
Over Zep; $41,000. always terrific 
week here; less ;.thart. $1,000 frbm.. 
Objective. ' • 

Parartiount (pubiix) "Fast Com-; 
pan y " ' ( Ka r ) ( d i al og ) ( 3 ;5 D 5 ; 2 5-75 ) . 
Only a fair week; $21,200.. . . ' 

United ; Artists (Pub-UA) .''Bull- ^ 
dog. DrurniuondlL ( Sam ; Gbld-wyn)/ 
(dialog) (L'.IOO; 25-?-i)- (2d week). 
.Voscd .down $10^000 on second week, 
to $2;}. 000 ; ' .vUdy.; - .. ■ .' 

Warners . (: VV Ji) "The . Argyli^ 
Casivr . .fVVJO -(.dialog) , . 25.-. 

''■) (2d iiiid final Wf!ek); Meighan 
Ilif;tur'^^f^u^t to arpuiid; $17,000. 


vSyrnfU.'^e. N. Y., Kept. 3. . 
'■Behind Tiiat (.'urt.-iiii ' (Fp.\J ga-vi? 
tlio local Keith house a record iiigli 
l:ist week, $22,000. 

Loew'.s State, with "Thunder" and 
vaude, had . a litio Slate Fair week 
l)'i.-;iri<'.s.'<, 'abuiit iH!>;Onii. "Kid GIovcs" 
' War) iiie:int $7.i)im) (it the Eckel and 
•T1j/> Sli;ilvc'lnwii'' at ■tlio Strand 
abbiiL till', j.aiiic, - 

V A R I E T Y 

Wednesday, September 4, 1929 

■ ■ ■ , . ' . ' = 

1^. . vj!i^ \ 


s ^ 


i ''A 

Si- V>- ■ i 



*:->K-tt-LW-x :<-:': :v: 3^ -K:' 
^»»'»>x: ■:<■>: ■ ■ 



:ars and'd 
Gallant Host of 
S II per n u m e r a r i e s 

BEBE DANIELS:^.-. . Rib Rita; 
JOHN BOLES/nir>r;ri>eser|k 
Song/' 'greatest 'of screen bari-' 
tones; BERT WHEELER, World-^ 
famed comedian hromNo.1 RioRita 
brilliant comedian/also^'witK orig- 
inal company; DOROTHY LEEj 
sensation o( '"Syncopation" and 
500 other singers/i dancers and 
glorified beauties; 

Directed by Luther Reed. Boole 
by Guy Bolton and Fred Thomp^ 
son. Music by Harry TierViey.Lyr-| 
ics by Joseph M*Carthy^ Chorui 
^direction by P^^rl Eaton. Singing 
.Chorus; Maestro Cimini. 


V A R 1 E T Y 




Pit>ducecl by Radio PiC^ on the most 

elm in;, 

acnievea oy Jiuman art ah< 


■ ■. 

^RIO RITA'' out-Ziegfeld s Zie 
towers head and shoulders above all other 
motion pictures of all time . .;. and smashes 
to atoms the archaic formulas and moss- 
theories of old-fashioned stage or 




ude and preparcition. The Radio Titan 

now rinss up on 

M. P; NEWS . . 

Rkd is responsible for the sreatest piece 
of filmusical entertainment producecl to 
date. It j; a positive two-dollar attraction in 
i^'any spot and'TltcTrlV^^^ 
ness everywhere^> 

/'RIO RITA" is not only a fine productior^ 
f . . 'in every respect/ it is outstanding in enter-', 

t^inmcnt appearand is one of those gold bonds that suarantce huge grosses reaardless, 
pt opposition or. cohdilioD; - 

I I 

RKO has a big one here^^yV real 
road show if they choose Jo^make 
Jt one j M a s u^^^^ 

any exhibitor^ 


— moheyy worth >«^^ 

:dolkrj:ate_a.nd,eve(y_sh book it if he: can get iti 


V A R I E T Y 

Wednesday, September 4, 192^- 

e mo- 

Produced by R; C A. Gra- 
mercy Studios Distributed 
by RKO Distributins Corp* 

From orisinal sons by W. C. Handy 
With Bessie Smith/ famous Victor 
recordiiis artist and host of negro 
singing ar)d dancing artists. 

Wednesday, September 4, 1929 




ins Shorts 

16 Mins.l Colored Dramalet 
Rialto, New York 

iV fiip. short, directed and authored 
l)v Dudley Miirphy, and prbduced by 
RKO Pit^tures at the 0ranic>rcy stu^ 
dips (NYd) of RCA Photophone. It^S; 
a colored dramiilet ruririirtff a littla 
short ; 6t.. two reels, ; pungent with 
tonseriess. and 'acitlon . jxnd , r.eplotcj 

i th ■ ; Af ra merlcan • iooal • and o ther 

■■■.p^oior. ^V :/ ^.- ^ ■ 
. AV.-d; Ifandy and Rosamond: John - 
son are cre'cUtod Tor . th©. choml ai:- 
rivrigement!?/ rAjctiori bu up into- 
that now..\blaclc, -and. <vhito man's ha- 
tlonal antiiGrtii, ' ."St.. Lbuls -Bl.ue^,". a. 
classic am.anj? indiffo compositions, 
<'oro posed iiy the .vohorable Handy. 
It's the champ ,i6w,-d6.wri: cojor.isd 
■brethren's toi;:ch; song. : ;\ ; 

plenty ot. atmospheric props and 
hotsy.-totsy ;trimhiinffs which may 
KCt by the c.cnsox;s- ort the ground of' 
authentleity; .-for it; eertaihly . rings 
true and is as . cohtcmpprahebus -to 
certain strata of black folk as it is' 
to the whitQ^ti-ash anionfj the. palb- 
■facrs. • ■ . - '^ ■ _•: ;. •.. 

' .Tlnihiy is a '•hot-shot^' ;jazz-: beau 
iNhb complains that Bess only ffaye 
hini the one Suit ;:he'.s wcarihg. and 
hot rfiucli- nnahcial .siiccor. to boot. 
Jinimyjs lucliy -in ;a crap, game, es- 
pecially after, a tpothsphie : wohch 
"ohcoura&es'' thb .dice by / rubbing 
.Ithem insinuatingly. :' The sepia jazz 
.beau dellverii, a fevv' humboi'S and 
with a b. f. takes the lucky gal intp 
: his l-oom.. Usual, prbpis of gin bo t- 

. tlcSj jirom.incnt bed, etc., w'ith the 
enraged Bess interrupting thVlr pet' 

• tihg-pairty. ; .v^ ■ '[^' r. :' ;/ ■ 

Primitive battle between the gals, 
. with . Jimmy 'easing out and Boss 
. taking to the gin, and dolof ul . ro- 
priiSes of \ ."S.t. .Loilis BliieS".' for 
^Bplaxje.' •.'■ 

A clever; iris -Put . from her pros- 
trate position- on the tenement ;llobr 
into; her besotted condition in .a 
honky.-tonlr, standing :.against . the; 
rail, has the recordihs blend in from 
one scene to' the other, without lyric 
irttorruptibn, y<;t cffeetiyely indlcat-. 
ing .a time span.' . . 

• .Olafo pi:oduccs.:-more local , color, 
with the v'easy-rlder, snakeThips,-. 
bclly-ru.b and shootin-'from-the-hips 
type of sensuous Afranierican- strutr- 
ting so . peculiar . to the Haflern 
blacks. (It has. been averred by' I. 
Jay Faggen, fotrtier managing! dir 
rector of the Savoy ballroom in Jlar-r 
lem, and now: a ; B&K manager in; 
Chicago, wherb. he : put the Regal, 
byer, . that the bunny rhug clinches 
, of the colored patronage is -devoid, of 
any ' moral laxity and cohtrarlly, Ih- 
dlcates a firm ; amorous attachVnent. 
-between the couple, .ihore or less 
. hlntihg. . of forthcbmlhff huptiais 
when the gal's: arms. so . closely , en- 
twine her vis-a-vis' heck dnd he has 
: hts paws spread out flat on the. sma 11 
of hci* back); However, this inci- 
deiital; comment indicate^ : the out^ • 
ward appearance of; this style of 
ballroom clinching which "Haplem" 
(the play bn the stage) and "Halle- 
lujah," current at the Kmbaasy,- also 
depicts,-; bbsldes. that very: dirty 
;dance ih '-'The Little ' Show." 
■ Thfe predominant kpyhote of "St; 
Lbuls lilups" is its low-.dpwn col- 
orcfi hotch-cha-chn aura. Murphy 
has': caught the spirit more of a yes- 
teryear St.. Louis honky-tonk than, 
perhaps anything else. . 

For the finale, hot .stuff re-enters, 
goes into a phoney clinch with his 
.T!e.s.<3, who is. willing tb forgive and 
forget. As they're hot-strutting in 
.a heavy clinch, he slips his hand Into 
•her sto.cking, extracts thb roll and 
clips her again on the chin just 
to remind not to be such a chump 
.for a heavy lover: Fade-out on "St. 
.Lotus Blucs" vocal reprise. 
] tossie Sm ith is the girl. ; 
A little comedy witii the por-. 
pulent colbrcd janitpr -figuring In a 
little ;inciaental by-play. • Cast . is 
wi-rolly- ciblpro^^^^^^ A"&c7. ' 


•'The Parlor Pest'' 


9 Mms.; Comedy .. : 

Paramount, New York ; 

y Both the fact of ■ its booking in the 
Parahiouht and- the- unques'tlonible- 
manner in which it rung up laughs 
tugs this short ias \vbrthy. of the big- 
gest de-ln ices. . ~ :- .i;: [-'t 

' ■ Twa songs of . ancient Vdude' Vin- 
.arb used by Boyce Combe. 
••That's: -Righv* and . his sneezing 
song, first popularized by the late 
Clifton Crawford. They are Weil in- 
troduced by the device of. having 
.(-•ombe impersonate an inve'terate 
and irrepressible story teller and 
parlor entertainer; Pepper is spread 
u|)on his kerchief and when he starts 
to tell about the biff horse race the 
King, Queen and Prince of Wales 
atlemlPd his facial contbrtlons create 

- f.Overal. moments of sustained hilar., 
ily. .v ■ » ■ 

l^v'^V'^i— FenntJt^^rpnr^^r^ 

IS ihe only Other person ldentifir.d 
n "iV. l^.'^t'ty- Short was directed at 
tiie \ lotor Ktudio in Camden; N. J., 
I'.v Lasil Smith. Sooy Bros, are 
m'di ted with the- sbund and .Frank 
''^ui.kor hnd Dal Claw.son with the 
•n.'.T'? I'rbduction quality- is 

i.riu"'^ hi-pw.s and. low brows can 
both enjoy this one.; Land: 


6 Mirts..' .- 

Rialto, tJew York. 

A trailer ; but an okay . ;shbrt in i t- 
.self, packing not a tew laughs on; 
the. Chai-Jie . Mack' drawling type of 
C()'niedy dbiivc.ry,. . stage. -:i)it,s; etc. 
Marry Green' and .Evelyn . I '.rent are in solo ..shots, ■ with: the. u.siial 
ballyhoo captions. ' . 

; . Shbts fi'om the; forthcoming ''Why, 
Bring That. tJp.?", title - of thb . fea- 
ture ^iitarrinpfthe Two Black-: Crows, 
sl.-xtod ' to folkxw ;."Bulldog- "Drum-. 
^mond'; at the Rliilto. ; .' ^ : ; ; - ' - 

' It'.s away .from the usual frailer, 
featuring' five .comedy appeal as. ah 
.advanre '. -heiiald, and effecting its: 
p.urpb.5e wclh' : ^4^beV 

RCA Photiophone 
20 Mjhs.j 4;Scenes 
Conigress^;.Saraitoga,: Ny :V. ' 

(jcorgb Lemairb. and Loii is Simon 
arfe ..featured in : tlnB ': Ph(?,: ^ which 
Htiiris.;as! broad: satire and finishes; 
with an -ami-)le. dose of sJapstick that 
:earnc(S : a .iEull. share of , laughs; . frPm 
nii audience 'cbnsi.stihg; of -;up-state 
natiyes ~ and.- rifiiting w:ater.-cure 
seekprs. Rates spbttihg : on any in- 
termediate; house program., ;; 

Stb'ry by Ray Hodgdoh boncerns 
a ; couple; 6t cpmpdy crooks.'; Who ; arc 
engaged in rbb.hlng a plurhbbr'is 
blllce; Ip the: midst.^of .their safe-: 
dVacklng- .activities they aTca3alled-to 
a wealthy rosidenep. ::'to repair a 
:w.ater,.>le.ak . i.n the. cellar.: - 
.. Arriving- there, the crbpks, pbsing 
as lUumijerSt ' db\yn 'to discuss -the 
situation with .thb society matrbh aS 
if payinfr a: social ;caM.^ When , the 
phoney plumhers- flhally reach the 
cellar - to repair the crackedv;water 
pipe they tijp . their racket,, making 
matters worse.hy cracking the.hecks 
off liquor bpttTes ag.Tihstu.the Vater 
pi pes, Avh ile -sailing around the ..fioOdT 
ed avea'ih a paclcihg ca^^ i: 
■ : Sufficiently plastered, the; crooks 
take the maid for a ride; in ' their 
''b(>at,'< . .while the butler ea:ils a: cop. 
:- : plenty: of - hbke- thereafter -with 
the butlbr and :the cop; botii haying 
the slug piiit. bh theihr wliile the 
crookSi deciding, to call- it.: a. day, 
strip to the waist arid sbap :up for 
shower : baths benbath the .leaking 
pilpes. . .':" '• ■ ■ 

"J U ST L J K E A JVi AN*' 
Cometly Playet (One Set) 
10 Mins.; Kitchen .; ;.. 
Strand, New York.; 

; Well plAvbii sketch of an :bbvibus 
tiieme. - " Scrappin'- yourig' ; ma4-ried 
ccuplc- With .hubby complaining and 
Wife deciding .him to $\v6p their 
jobs; she',ll go. downtown to: the of- 
fice and handle his business ;if he'll 
run. the. househjOld.. He's mor® than 
williiig to prove, she: dbesn't need 
any maid ;as ah assistant: like ..he 
does a sten.bgrapher, - 

Hapless nian-'s troubles :ln the 
kitchen . constitutes the essence , of 
the playlet ; thereafter. . Handling 
their giii-chjld Angel, who : pt-oves 
anything but that under Daddy's 
direction, altliough an - obedient 
enough; offspring Avith- her mother 
in charge, is but one complication. 
The continuous calls from the vari- 
ous ■ tradesmen (grocer. Iceman, 
ga,rbage— "no we dbn't want any 
garbage today," is -one line) has him 
in a frenzy all in. -the first half hour 
of his morning duties/ :: 

Wife i-e-enters as he .was abbut tp 
'phone for iier. : She * explains ^he 
didn't go downtown, knowing the 
answer all .along, hut got a .loa<I ,of 
Iiis troubles by listening in :- next 
dobi'. ■ • 

John Hpbble i.*; credited for author- 
ship; Artiiur Jliirley directed. - No 
credits, for the ■ cast, which: is^ :un- 
foivtuna.te. a:S tiyey.: all .do' creditable 
jobs, : inciutling one of:' the most, 
natural children on the screen, She 
cries iihd-. frets and .Avorries- her. 
frantic \ male pajvont liUe :many- 
another : .reail-lifeV : ypung-ster. "rhe 
contrast- to the sbphisticatcd Baby Marie (the sta.r of her 6\yn 
shor,t) . w.a.^ the more noticeable, fpl- 
lo-\vihg' the - thea tric.aily -. schpplbci 
jazz songsti'bss: imnriediateiy there-: 
after. ;".'::'; ::•.. : _' ■' , 
; Jt'."? contomppranoous stuff, obvious 
in .itis, but punctuated Aviti^ 
enough .general appeal and studious 
bits, to ring the bell generally. One 
knbws for exa.mple : that . the in- 
evitable of his attempting to Irbn: 
the girl's iittlb dres.s will be t-hat 
the fa then will fbrget the; 
and bui'n fight lliroiigh the igarm^nt 
while he's: distracted by .soriiethin^ There are other .simila^r; sure-^ 
lire bits. : • , Ahel. 

6 Mins.;: Drawing Room; .. \ 
'Mar-l$^trandF°New==YQr-l«T -'- ' . . ■ 

■ Baby Rose Marie's ^billing l.<i: '-'the 
child wpndf^r" or the "fburrye.'i r-old 
flai)per." Probably nearer eight, this: 
youngster delivers thr<'o pop sohgs 
with uncanny capability as a vo-do- 
de-o GObn-shpUter; Works almost 
like a miniature edition of Sophie 

The kidlet'.i tah-nt for exprc'S.Mlon 
liaa been excellently caught in close- 


Musica:i .director at the .Capitol, 
"Nejv 'Torkj for six years; 
\ .;Scbred '^The ;Blg Parado," "iioix- 
:ri:uiS.'':, .''Dnncii-ig . I)aughtern" and 
ni a ny. o th er ,-M - (:;.-; m: fed t u r b- pic tu r es , 
: Nbiv creating, a h igh radio sta n d - 
ard. in charge of: "Ther Fada Hour", 
oyer WABC every 'Tuesday at 10 
p.- m,- ■■■ . : :;. ;. "- .. ■'.. 

': Unanimb.usly acelaimbd .by . tlie 
New Yprk press in his: recent jip-^ 
peara-hbe at the Lewi.sbhri Stadium 
With- the New York Philharmbhic 
Orchestra^: - . /: 

;Gpld Diggere^^ 

:'. (ALL Oi A LOG^ . ' 

•v. ■;;■/" ^:( With Sphgs) ^ 

■Warner' Brot|i<:r.<r Vltaphqno : produollon 
ah CoIorlngMjy ;Technic61,or, Kca-- 
liirihg ' Ann- IVniilngtoni - ConWdi:- : TesKiiQi 
Nancy WcUoi-U; Albert Gran,: I^Ilyah: Tashr 
ma-n..-and .Nlclt .Ijiica.s.' . Scenario: by Robert 
r^oril Irom tliO; iale;'Avory Hopwood's 'staije 
play (Delasoo), "Gold pigBcrsV". Directed, 
by ltfiy Dei-Ruth.- All original qohg num- 
Fi(>rs bj,- Al Dublu, arid Joe Burlse.-. "VVosto'ril 
ICleolrlo; -Vita- aoUniicd. .. iDan'qo. . nunil)ei-s 
.'!.(iVg-ed by Lirtrry Geballos. At, Winter Oar-: 
cio'n, New: -yorlr. onciilnfi: ; Aub! ..."lO' oii two- 
arday at ?2 lop. Running tlhie; 105 min- 
litcs..-' ' ■;. .' ■■ ■ v - 

Jerry. . , , , ... . . , .... i.;:; Nancy WelfOrd 

Sleplicn;Le.e; . . . . ... . . . .Conway Tearie 

Mabls. . - ; ; . ............ .Winnie Llghtner' 

Ann Collins. . . ; . .'; . . .-. . , .Ahn Pennington 
I<:icahor... . .... .;> . . ..... , . Liilyani Ta'shm^n 

Wally , , . ; . . . . .. ....... Williain Bakc>\-eh 

Nick. . . .;, . . . . . , . , . . . . . . , . . , . . .Nick r^ucfis 

V.lolet. ; . , . . . '; , . i . . , .'Helen: Foster. 
Blake.-. . . ... ; . i. Albert- Gran 

Topsy. . .' , ; . . . ..... . . ; ..GertrUdfe Short 

Stage Manager.. ^...........Neely EdWards 

Cissy .Gray.. ... , . ... ."Julie Swayhe Gordon 

Wance. l>lrector. ..... . .Ijee Mornn 

Barney Barnelt. . . . . . . . Armiind' Kallz: 

' Lots of colpr-^Technicolor— ^lot.s: of 
comedy, girls; songs; music, dancinig; 
production and 'W^innie .Lightner; 
with Nick Lucas the main warbler 
in "Gbld; Diggers of: Broadway." 
"That's what's going to send the pic-, 
ture into the mcney .class for :the 
Warners, iii the ..regular houses. 

Somebbdy tbssed the picture right 
into Wiiiniie Lightner's lap, or blse 
slie^ $t.ble , it, for when Lucas isn't 
mahdolining , for the canning of , his 
voice, .with at least two surb Are best 
sellers in songs, it's Winnie ;Lieht- 
ner. -And since it's Winhic, who's 
unknown to the, picture' fans in thb 
sticks, <lespite her two talking, shbrts 
or so with the hot seng.s, It's best 
first" to tell about .Winnie,, at 
made by sbme one, this time thb 
Warners.- / '._; ■. 

She's from vaudeville, in-- what. Is 
known, in vanishing -vaudeville as a 
standard act, Newton Alexander and 
the Lightner Sisters.. Then Winnie 
wont single turn'o picked songs for 
their ly rics that a single should sing 
in vaudc .and then intb A production 
pr- two; then the shorts and now 
picturps for most of tlie rest of het* 
time. The talkers, gain another 
comedienne and they haven't any 
too mfitny; so W;innib is set, wheth- 
er -she's mUggihg, talking, ,:sihgjhg; 
bP .Sla|)st"ibldhi;,: rfVi:: 'she b.ah da Ihcih 
all and does in thisVpictlire. ■ 
. And thi?!h. Nick LucaS. ; Maybe he's; 
singing a bit. :tbo much in "Gold I)ig- 
fter.s," while the original -mimbers 
provided by Al arid Joe Burke 
run too closely in the Kame key, 
lcnii,)o .and general theme, but there's 
no voifte oh the discs lilic Luea.s! for 
the type, of, number sung: by.; him. 
He's a p,iLradbx> as bn the -Bcreen, 
great and can t'^ voice', 
while on' the stage Nick mUst ffet 
p-i-er on the, .strength of the canned 
rep he has piled so high. The tw:o 
certain hit spnga sung, b.y. him 
a:mong :the .several btheris in "The 
Diggers" ::are "TuHps'.' and "Paint- 
ing the Clpuds." Ahothor brib : or 
so may :edge in, Winhio fsings a 
ceuple, too, 

W'hen /thcy got through with Be- 

ll p£i so that the drawing, rooni back- 
ground ^)»iCoriVes alnio«t non-exis'tcht., 
.so fpinpoUlng is her facial pi'r.soh- 


"IIeigh--iro:". "Who . Wriuldn't ' Bl* 
jt>a,h)us of. VouV" and "Don't He Jilke 
That";are tho titlbs, the hittf'r done 
Is. very Hclenk.'incish b-roop-ppo- 
poop delivery;. 

P>aby itcse Mafic, while not quite 
a baby, is a rfniarkable yuung.sler 
and with it. a coinely child. It's a 
peach shpi-t and they'll" likf it all 
over. Abel. 

lasco's "Gold Diggers," the Warners 
had the. title only loft. Around that 
they built another show, on and off 
stage. L.irry Ceballos attended to 
the staging of . the on sstage portion. 
And well, so well he used 24 ch'drus 
boys ill walking suits and silk hats 
for one bit. . It must have .made the 
show pro'ilucovs gasp last' Friday 
nlgh't at the: Winter Garden. -For 
this lively : film with its - comedy, 
sbng.s and numbors at 50c AVQuld 
chill oven, a Slvubcrt -ttMio thinks" ttnjr 
.stage turlwy can get. $4.40, and mbs>t 
of thorn rrdin :Or on the stiigeMiopk 
like t.urK'oy.<? : a ftor a ^ ijicturi.> ; riiakbr t^irough;\yith this or that exr 
trayagant produotiqh .-i.s .a talker. ' 

A cbupie oC; dolnitK otherwise from 
thb. stiige in • the oolluloid . ''Gbld.'" 
N' Welfoi-d and. Ann Portning- 
lon, - . Technicolor . has imule a real 
little beauty piit of the- girl. with the 
Coot, ivhci didn't dance so inuch herb 
or ni a k o , h e r se 1 f n o tab 1 e . ■■} \at ; h er 
nartie is : spmethih.g; • : M iss Welfoi'il 
did nicoiy enbugh what she ;h d to 
d(). .' In ■ the stew scene,' Klisn Wcl- 
f oi-.d, : at least, . surp,,assed Conway. 
Tparlo, fo,r Tparle too bfteh; forgot 
h e .;. Was son sed. Ho s6bc:red iip 
(.ireadCully. to denounce Nancy, then 
reiheinb(M';e'd ;ahd staggered put: of 
t-he-(jt)or.~: '.:' •■•:':■.-' ::;, . :•.,-; ■ 

■ Xext.Mp: -jliss .'Tjigh'tii'cr' .iii ' work 
. wa.s , her- cpniody. 'oiuipsite, Albert 
(J Kin, as a ^reyr'haired heavyweight-: 
linvyer;: whom Winnie landed: Win- 
pie really; landed twice. yOnce wheni 
sho got- him on a yes , proposal, but 
hetyrp then when Winnie took a lbap 
from a table, right - on { to :Gran's 
bread department. : It. w'a.s a. howl; 
- LilyaTi' Tashmah did an upstage 
show dame i-iolther well, but someone 
forgpt tb- -make 'her :say .:''ain'.t" tbo 
after sciiiaw king over it;. Thos'e gag 
nien , on. the cpast at'o only, recalling' 
iifvff the:'stiinL: .': '. .. / / , -.- :::',' .-, 
.. Helen Foster and: ' WiiUaim Bake- 
well were' the kids in: a. very slim: 
love thread, but; Miss Foster look.s 
well tb be tried out. iri some 
of those :Ahlta: ;Page roles. ; . ' .: 

in the rewritten . "Gbld 'Dijggers"^: 
the love thing'. Js Only the alibi, The 
new story i.s; hung; onto it, with just 
enough of the digging to hold ui> the. 
title.'-,,. •:,■.'■:-.; .,.:; ":: 
: Well .worked ■ but; " witi^; ^Jienty' of 
sirced- all of .'the time,; and coloring 
h:il of the ■vvhile,:; in: the rbg- 
uiatiph individual scehos ot the ;eh'- 
sembles..: : And tlie director,. Roy del; 
Ruth.: entitled to equal bow.'5.:: \ 

;Hard shoe dancing, or tapping is 
frequently in use for Its sound effect. 
: While the Warners "Say it with 
Songs" is an all-colored talker, 
soniehb'w -here 'the Technicplor prob- 
ess appears to give greater strength 
to the picture; a part bC it. Technic 
colbr's smoothness in the tJ^King thai', 
also cause those many others , who 
believe .they have color proceisaes to 
wonder.;- '; '■■.:'_ : 
. a: very good entertainment on the 
screen: : :Reigardless -of how long .It 
runs fit the - Winter Garden -$2, 
"The .Gold Diggers,': splendidly pHo- 
tpgrapihed a:nd r.ecordqd, is; in. 
:. • " ■■■■..••..-■ ■' ■-. .- '.^ ' .': Sime.". . 



Fox production and . • 'Directed by 
Benjamin Siol"iff. Story by John Stone. 
:Ed.vln :H. Burke, dialog. Western Elec- 
.trie .(MovicloheJ Roiindefd. At the Roicy, 
week Aug.. 31. Running time, (55 minules; 

Joan And>>rs. ... ..... . . . . .i.,ola I..anp 

A lian Grant, . . . ... . ...... vl'aiil I'age 

William Dane. ., . ... , , . . .Kenneth Thom-soh 

Ijona Marti,". ............... Natalie Moorhcad 

Spike Howard i ...... .Warren Hymer 

Dougherty. . . ...... .Joseph (ilratd 

Babe Han.son... . ...Adele Wind^sor 

Sally Green Marcla Cliapftian 

Toots Xolaii . . Dorothy Brown 

Detec.tivo. Juun ..Sedlllo 

Joe Barker itaymond I^dpcz 

A rouglv house battle l)etWeen the 
hero and heavy threat^ some scenic 
.stuff on the Panama Canal and lla- 
yiina, :fi <;r»>ok stoi-y and a nice little 
.slice .of love iiiter.est, make "CJirl 
From . Hayyna'' a modbrate talking 
picture.. . . . , .. ' 

It . hasn't - the strength fPr .high 
reeognitipn, and on. top of that there 
Isn't ;-a , drawing . iiame on: tlie list. 
-: ; ' Noiie -o f . the-; silc n t : bio w off bat -. 
ties, of - the ;past, ■iyhlle : some m.iy 
have been- rougher, io6ke4. imoro like 
the. real thing than 'this one between 
Paul Page and Warreni Hymei*. - ^ 

Xioia Lane plays -:a . detective, 
•which, offscreen, would be uhusiual 
for such a ^nrl:. Shels asstgricd to 
un.r.'vvpl a .jewel mystery. The mpb. 
IS fleeing to Haya-na, '. ; .. : 

l?aul;Page,- one,. of the members, 
seems ' too; nice tp he : a , common 
thief, while Mi.s.s Lane rhakes. it 
tougher for herself by fn1ling.:in Ibvc 
.with ...him. Ijack of faith., is ihisr 
placed, fot- he's: only mixed up witir' 
the gfing to . find the murderer of 
his father; Simple? 

In the. clo.sing flsticuff.s: Page 
hind.s tlui:o;ib. lip wa.s .artcr. It hap- 
ixined to. be the wicked Ilyiner- 
Whose to.Ug.h ^<iiy. antics provide the 
picture's comedy relief. ,liis is the 
host played roh'. 

Ship.'s. concert on board the Ila- 
yana-.bbuhd 'stcfunfr .providv.'s a 
chahcc. for m'bre comedy and a plug 
i''.'.t' a- them e, song. "Tim t; Av'l 11 .Tcil.' 


,(Sex Picture) 


; Circle Films, Inc. (Samuel Cummin!^), 
road ni\ow sex- fcaturo, wlUi tcoliircr. Story 
by Jiick Townloy. : Directed by WlHiant 
C'urriin. Ca-st Ineiuidcs I' O'FJynh, 
Jack Ifopkins, Tom Gi'rle.v, Alt>hoii.s(> Mar- 
t»'ll,. .Mcfle- WHUUTOS. At Tlhif.s :S(iuaro, 
Now york,: Indednitoly, starUnK AUg. 31, 
at.- 30-7D. Running :tlnitf 80' hvin.-i. ; 

Junior clerks, .menVJyh.o- never: 
found out what it's all :i"ibout, .gents 
With -ti the to ;iiUl, vi.siting- :firohien 
Who- believe everything.- they . .L'bad.. 
and see on three i-sheets-— those are 
the. cUripus peasants who ^drift. into 
a sex shb w 1 Ike "I" hgu-'irded Girls;" 
-When- they slap, dpwii -thelr::six bits 
and. pchetr.ato. the veil of "the" truth 
.about : white slayery" they, .may, vor 
may not, fee] like uriichay.s;. b(<t im- 
Ibis.s they left school at. th p.. fourth' 
grade they probablS'. npftc'b; .thoro;ij.,a 
long- swim botwoim the- ibijhy' 
promised and' What, the sci-oen' do-. 
liyerSi, .. " "■■ ■;: . , •■' 

This, of, ; lias boon going 
bn for spmc littlb: while! iOv.ej-y b.ur- 
Ipsque house in' the.; couhtry' QDet':': 
ates on the sanac principle,- putting' 
i ts best .show' . in t he :ibbby„; Tim b has . 
:built. iip a techniqlib and frcqubntly 
a very high order of : showmanship 
is represpntod in the e>cph)itiitioh of.: 
seJc .shbws. The; law allow'fi: man.-^.: 
agers tb arouse :cuiiosity,;;i-iut^ does 
not permit itis. gratlflcatibn; So Uve 
boys strike a .bal.iihGe.: it's an or- 
ganized- businc>ssv . ' 
; /'Unguarded ' Girls" J i.s; ho . more, 
and no: less, than a:,younger >gener.a^. 
tioh Sermon and shPwis far le'ss than 
a Clara. Bow piotu re-.: As to- quality ' 
it's. passable,.-story. is it little; minus 
on .logic, but irivblyed in- do'tails; di- 
rection is . pretty faiiv photdgraphy 
only :sp.'-so; aiid it is vbry dbfihifely 
on the side PC the "f undiimentaii.sts. 
Its theme sOng: would be, if: it had 
a theme song, "Say- No, Littlb' Giri, 
■Say/Np.''-; . . ■;: :■: 
■ As. Wltii most sex .jlictUres the 
spieler docs a woik-up ,'for his.' lit- 
erature, sold in -bulk, seven pam:i- 
phlets for a biick. He alludes to thb 
.purpose of : the .presentatioh. : A: 
stranger might ; deduce : that ,".l.'h-\ 
guarded , Glirts" :'Ls .,a phllahtiirbijic; , innocent • of cbmmbrcial - 
ism, .solely intent, ui^'on; brihging- 
light and understanding into lives 
darkened by ignorance of Santa 
Claus;;' ^,;. , , :-■ ,' ,-. -■-■':-'~., ■ 

Sin :Struts its flamboyant hips 
late in the picture.- They call it a 
Speakeasy; but there.'s an. older 
name. : At ; least if there are .any. 
speakeasies like this one around 
Variety's .staff would, probably do ■ 
a story bn -'em, It'd malce rage 

."Unguarded Girls", doesn't turn 
out . a -vefy;: strong caisc ;for yirtue, 
but it "artfully. subscribe.<!"lo the. re- 
quirements of censorship, \and' will 
probably . find its wiy iptb most, of 
the. states. ' fjond. 


; (AL L b I A LOG) : 

Warner Uros. vita:plione produ'etlon- 
relpase; all. dialog, ' starring' . T1jo»na:9 
Melghan, -with H. U. AVarrier ahdMIa featured, in -.plcturlzatlon of plfty hy 
Harriet I'^ord and Harvey J. O'lligginar 
directed- by .IT.oward Mrftthertoi) ; aronarlo 
by Harvey Thcw: At Mark Strand, New 
York, week of Aug 30. Running time, 
85 minutes. 

Alexa-ndcr Kayton. . ... . .Thomas Mfl^Wan 

Hurley. . . . .. ; IJ. Wumer 

Mary- Morgan. ......;.....:..... T^l! a 

Bruoi? Argyle.:. ■..'.......-.. .John liarrow. 

Mrs, \Vyatt..,. 54iiSu PUt.i 

Joe; .-. ; ...... . , ; . ... . . . .'. ; Bert Rbach 

i^dtn . . i 4., i , . . yft'lihur Mack 
Fin fey. , . ........ .Uougia.s (Jcrr'jinl 

KItt.v .'. . Aiona Mai'lowe 

Skidd'.,. -.. ; . ,. . ,:.- .,, ..J.. QuLtin 

Alan. . ■ . . . . . .,.;, . .'. . . . .IjPW .lTiirv(.>y 

;4i)'ira'rejlXIy~reTun^re"(l by"MTss^>ant«. 

The crook talk is a bit ov-c.r'dohe 
In thf dialog, but most of Die tiinf' 
bright onoiigh . to ivoid, b'MMg tak'.'ti 
ton .Korlously. 

Voirp oxplanatifin of the trii? 
ihi-odgh the Ca-ruil i.s in1r!i-o.«<i.ijig ;inii 
well i^lantod. A'n oillccr tlx- ho.-it 
tl(K'S thi> explaining to iwiv Ki7N. 
When he's, through tlwv ask f.,!!,.}. 
other, '.'What did hn «ay?"' iiij/f. 

"7-he Argyle CaSe"- is good box- 
bfllce as a talker. It all.; 
tlie elements, of pbpularly a7)i)<'aling 
mystery melodramati'cs, fortified by. 
tbe. added significance of Ihi.s l.cing 
ThornaH : Meighan's iir,st talki r, . As 
the star-detective hero Of "The 
Argylo Case," Meighan - more than 
sustains his end, even lending con- 
viction :-tp an occasional banality 
\yhlch the continuity writer wished^ 
bhtb TiTrn;; sucTi : a.sT^ •''ThahTv's;' .sei-.'- 
geant; I'll sec that you're prbinfjted 
for this.'; , ; ■•:. ■' . ' '.'• 

;. .' With It, B. Warner .'irfd Lila Lob 
featured in s:uppbrt',:plui5 55aSu J'itta 
and Bert Hoach in comedy as.sign- 
ments, tlip pasting Is handily tfi UoiV 
caro of/ Mis.s Lee looks .find sjieak^: 
well, ' rioHv "grown ti p,'* ' ^ihd ■ 'Koaclv 
as . the .sUghtly. ,dumbbelj. -assistant; 
injects enougli of a :llght touch to . 
maintain a consistent ,. . pace .a.-i 
comed.v relief to fin ultra- ; 
dramatic sltuatlbn; .. , ; 
• Again.<5t the background bC the 
murder of the head of the hoiise o£ 
Argyle is a: sihl.ster seciuenco pi: an- 
tecedents going back ..120 y-'ais, 
which ahso h:rinj<,s in a strong, coiin- 
terf citing elemiMit.. The ; thcatrifar 
hooey with the SecToi: t5''rvlc9, 
agents,: the .sliding panels,'- dicta- : 
gtaph set-ui)S (this now oulrnodi-ii 
theatrical jjrnp Is lent . new ..Hignitl- 
cant-.e in this treatment) and the 
wbulci-bo niciiacin.g, a.vsailant bf thf» 
horoiiie all c'(;.n)binii into agri.'oablo 
w.a'.s t>riginally producod 15 years 
ago.) ■■■ . - -. ,■ ■ 

of, calling the hero, Alex- 
anilor Kayton, ' A, K," .sonnd.s a hit 
a.wi-y for th" JDrnadway butich,.' but- 
othcrwiso; ' \v'>n't - any- 
thing. Jloai-h'rt ob.servation , that 
"ih;« casi*- i.s {."•lling nion* scrmvy 
f.-v'i.-ry d.iy" was the big belly lliiugli. 

(Cnntinued on page )i4) 


V A R I E T Y 


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ w 

Even greater than"Our Dancing Daughters" and beating "Dancing Daughters" records. 

In DETROIT it's so big at the Michigan Theatre that it's being put into the Madison for an 

extended run. STATE, LOS ANGELES wires: "Smashed all house records, beating 'Single 

i tecord^^ 


' "'it's' a gpld- mine.-. ■V/"^■^,^:■■;>■':^:'•■ 

ASTOR, N. Y/ sold out every perfo with standeeis niatm^^^ 

night. Advance sale biggest in Astor history. Midnight Show added. $2 smash hit! 

TREK4GNT, BQSit)N^^^^^^ an opening 

riot, police holding back crowds unable to p^^^ into S.R.O. house. Biggest advance sale 
ever heard of ^i^ 

GRAUMAN'S CHINESE. Gontinues its amazing $2 engagement. Opening soon 
PrilLADELPHIA, GHIGAGO, FRISGO and elsewhere. 

Playing day and date in two $2 New York theatres, EMBASSY and LAFAYETTE and 
solid sell-out with standees at both houses. Midnight shows added. 

4- DYNAMITE (Cecil B. DeMille's $2 Smash) 

Continues its great run at $2 Carthay Gircley Lbs Artg 
greatest De Mille box-office hit of years. 

opens Mayan Theatre, Los Angeles, Sept 5 th for advanced, price ^engagements The 
surprise musical romance that's on^the way to a grand.and glorious clean-rup I 


Wednesday, September 4, 1929 

V A R I E T Y 



in V\ontns, 


^.•■■.•.■AA*^ I 

does the trick 

the r e g i ( t e r e d trade mark of the Vitaphohe C o r p o r a t'i d » d • • i g n a t ! n 2 i t • product 




Wednesday, jSeptember 4, 1929 

HoUywood Chatter 

Richard Arlen has igroho home, St. 
Paul, Minn., to visit his parents. 

iLlly Diaimita Is due In New Yoi'lt 
oh the EireniGn Sept. 10. ■ . 

Graf Zep 6£iileci over town and 
ebmebody thought it was Jirtimy 
Durante in a Jjursuit plane. . : 

Ruth' , Chattertbn and Fay. Baihter 
are planning to fly to New. York to- 
gether tor a yaeatlpn. . . • 

Joe PInqus . pulled out [ of town 
with an : . Irish . setter and .Lew 
Brown. , 

. Emiljr Fltzroy 4s back In H.ollyr 
wood after several months In Eng- 

kay Franois will gnash a rose In 
Paramourit's revue. She's to dp 
"Carfnen," backed a male chorus 
so she won't have to sing. 

Mary Eaton and MlUard -Webb 
held a reception at the Beverty Wll- 
shlre following their marriage Sun- 
day ■ (Sept,:; I) \- 

Soon as Lenpre ;.Ulric finishes' 
"South Sea Rose,'-', for Fox, she and 
Sidney . Blaekmer. wiii go east to do 
"The Sandy SCoijker,'' ^gk ; . 

Howard Hughes has hew Boeing 
biplane. Recently the .iCSoodyear 
blimp dropped into th.e^ producer's 
backyard and picked him up. 

Jack Lalt is In town and Aqua 
Calicntled over Labor Day with hi.s 
son, ' George, Lait expects to start 
east Wedneaday (Sept. 4).. 

.When Wlimle Sheehan sails for 
Euroipie early next mpnth he.; will 
try out the .Bremen..^ Fpx produc- 
tion head expects to be gone eight 

Dick Bartbeliviess tried to secure 
passage on the ifirafrZep from Hero 
to Nevy York. A wire from Jack 
Warner told : the actor to stay at 

Formt . feilpw townsman of the 
Roach vice-president reveals just 
why that official practically always 
Is referred , to as "Beany" Walker. 
He. was born In Lima, O. ; 

Story drifting bick from the east 
says that when It started ito shower 
In New York one night, the girls oh 
the- Astor theatre living billboaTd 
went Ihto "Singing In the Rain;", 

Sol Witrtzel found it imperdtive 
to previev} a pictute this weeK at 
Pebble Beach, seme of the golf 
tournament. Seventeen cither irh- 
.pcrative pre,views, 

Riidy Valleie ipicked a tough day 
to arrive. Came In: Saturday eve- 
ning before Labor Day with every- 
body out of toy/n. No mayor or 






Musical Director 




nuthln'. Publicity boys had to think 

Charles Chaplin Is credited by hfs 
staff with having the right idea on 
the heat thing, Out . of liatiencc 
with Old Sol's persistence, Chaplin 
closed down production on. 'iCity 
Lights" from Aug. 24 to Sept. 3; 

No trick to tell ■Who's working 
among the film. players who patron- 
ize hotel Iballrboms. About . 11:30 
there's a. general, exodus of those 
who have, to be oh the set In make- 
up at nihie a/m. 

Kay Johnson (Mrs. Johrt Crom- 
well) has a sneaker to dp a comedy 
scene In M-G-M's next; revue. A 
natural comedienne, iWlss 3 ohnson's 
hahdlcap lis that' ;^he studio ..execs 
Won.'t believe It because of "Dyna-; 
.mite," . . 

Plenty, of tennis being played oh: 
Freddie Mixrch's court. . To date 
the host, .Chandler Spragiie and 
Harlan Thompsorv^ . havi? ' been 
splitting top hPhors. Kay Johnson 
leads the' fehime .contingent iatirpss 
this net, but cah't stop laughing 
long enough to win a set. 

A. humbcr of performers .were 
sent out to a cafe . on ' the outskirts 
of Hollywood in answer to a .call. 
When the performers asked about 
the proposition the managep told 
them they ' were to entertain and 
wash dishes between shows. No 
takers. ' 

Within , 48 . hours after "Bad 
Babies" was. pinched pave CantoV, 
local cut-rate ticket lmpi;Csarlo,. had 
mesisenger boys distributing pack- 
ages of 12 passes with a fou bit 
Service charge tag through every 
office 7 building, In town. 

Harry Cohn pidked' himself a bar- 
gain in a new Hlspanp. Day after 
he bought he had twp. offers for 
it— one was $6,000 and a used Roils,, 
the second $9,000 , and a LlncPlh. ' 
Can't be said that Harry got the 
new bus fpr coffee and cakes, but 
coffee aind French pastry gives the 

Columbia wanted a double for 
Ralph Graves to hoof In a long shot. 
Jack Murray applied and .was 
okayed on Ipoics but; was told he 
was Inches too short, Murray hiked, 
to a : cobbler, had twp^ and one- 
half inch, heels put on his shoes and 
came back to the studio In a high 
crowned hat and suit with vertical 
stripes. ..He got the contract. 

They . say First . National has a 
title for a coming Alice .White, 
picture of "Darling . of the Gobs." 

Harlan Thompson " and Marion 
iSpltzer (Mrs. Thompson) leave for 
an eastern visit In October. Latest 
title, for: Miss Spltzer's novel Is 
"Runaround.'' Wiil probably be 
away a ihPnth. 

Mary Lucas is still struggUn;; 
With mashie shots and her husband, 
Bobby Crawford, understands. Fol- 
lowing the farhily's eight weeks 
abroad, starting next month, Bobby 
expects to put in about. two months 
of hard labor before taking a hPuse 
in Florida; and ihstalllng- a golf pro 
therein.. Says if he doesn't come 
back in the 70's he' iand golf will 
terminate the association. 

Fox Studio is wise to Step 
Fetchit. Step went to Frisco for 
a personal appearance at the rieio 
Fox there, and installed himself at 
the St. Fraricis ioith a valet. About 
mid-week he wired into the studio 
asking for a week's vacation 
Hovic office spurned \the request 
on suspicion, later finding out that 

Step had booked himself in another 
town on the strength of his Frisco 

That Fator guy is still phoning 
members <»f the screen colony about 
those horsea who vyhisper to him. 
But .maybe_a Fox femme name un- 
knowingly .cured him last week. 
Fa;^tor called ;the girl up and went 
into a. long routine oh this pony 
in that race and that race for th's 
pony. After close to half hour siales 
tajk, the actress finally said, "Well, 
all right/placie a dbllar and ?i hajf 
fOp me''--Tan.d meant iV^^, 
; They're tollihg a yarn out here .of. 
the "break" ■ I'VankV' Albprt.spn the 
boy who plays the . fresh kid in 
:'* te" .(Fo>:), .. got In New Yprk. 
Aibert.<5on,' li ..youngster,, was in 
Mahha^tau f or . the rtr-it .time 'vyhien 
thi.s unit went dowh to Annapolis 
oh. iocation. Knowing hp one but 
a, Princeton imdprffraduate, the t'wo 
pooled; 'rcspuroc.s,'; $30; arid AlbertsPrt 
picked . .a hotel bccatise a noted 
gainblor had been shot there. : . Ask- 
ing; a bell hop if he know ah actor, 
by the hume of Charlie .Eaton, the 
unifoi-m replied. "No, but guess his 
Kistor istops here." . AibcrtsOri and., 
tlie boy friend grabbed the: -phone, 
eharlie Was there, and fpr the' next 
two days MisajKaton -arid Marilyn 
Miller , trotted the visitors from 
lunch, to dinner; to .show.s, to night 
clubs/ And Aibertson still had $8 
when he lahdGd in Holly woo d; 


(Continued from page 7) 
vaudoville bills .to those managers, 
his ollice arranging them and t<iii 
lending his explbitatlpn advicf. Al- 
though in that dfty .the word ojc-. 
plbittitipn had not: crept into the 
sho'vv buslneps, Instead it was cill- 
ed"fra;nriihg stunts."; : .. 

Bill Morris tried to run an op- 
position, circuit, to Keith's. Oh . tiip 
verge of. succesis. -he suffered . th 
unfortunate loss of the late Georgtv 
Leventritt, his flnancial and contart 
man, alsp his attorney, I^iyentritt 
could not be replaced '. In time to 
prevent Morris .abandoning the on- 

Bill has been brpke a couple of 
times in 30 years but he nevor lost 
:his ,; smi|e ' or his grit. Far bettor 
than ail, on his record Is the- un- 
di.<i!PUted' fact /that Bill Morris h.aa 
never done a wrong thing in a 
business way In his life/ 

Joan' Marsh, high school, girl, has 
been given a con tract by U. . 

Mprgah Fiirloy >for- "The Show 
Off." Par. ' ■■' 

Matt Taylor, screen treatment of 
"Paradise Ahoy," Glenn Tryon. V. 

Houston Branch, writing original 
for John Bole's next, U. 
. Al DeMbnd . writing dialog fof 
"Behavior of Mrsi .Crane^," . Laura La- 
Plante, Ui, 

i^o-w at 







JOS. FULCO, CondDctinp 


Return Engagement 


Thanks to Mr. LOUIS K. SIDNEY 



This Week: ORIENTAL, Chicago 

Ptcture Rep., SEYMOUR SHAPIRO West. Rep. R-K-0, SAM ROBERTS East. Rep. R-K-0, M. S- BENTHAM 

Wednesday, September 4, 1929 

V A R I E T Y 




Read this partial list of offerings for 1929-1930 


I'rpm R. C. SherrifTs sensational stage success— a play that is astounding the whole world. A Tiffany-Stahl-Gainsborough Production, 


. ^ A thrilling, up-tp-the-miriute naelodrama with Conway Tearle, Virginia Valli^ 

MAE MURRAY IN "PEACOCK ALLEY." ; "THE MEDICINE MAN" with a star cast. From Elliott Lester's 
'TROOPERS TIIRE3E" by Arthur Guy Emp pliiy- 

"PAINTED iPACES" with Jbe Ev Brown, Helen Foster and "WOMAN TO WOMAN," a Tiffany-Stalil-Gainsborough production 

Wallace MacDonald, / 
"DANGEROUS BUSINESS" from Edwin Balmer's Cosmopolitan 
Magazine story. 

"KATHLEEN MAVOURNEEN" with Sally O'Neill. 

with Betty Compspn, George Barraud and Juliette Compton. 
"THE ENCHANTING MELODIE," all-color Technicolor feature, 

TWELVE ONE-REEL "COLOR SYMPHONIES" with twelve more to follow. They are "Viennese Melody," "Songs My Mother Taught 
Me," "Minuette," "The Cossack's Bride," "The Sacred Hour," "Temple Bells," "Tales of Araby," "A Modern Cinderella," "The Mountain 
King," "A Song of India," "Pharaoh's Daughter" and '!In Old Madrid." 

' All in dialogue and sound with RCA Synchronization 



Wednesday, September 4, 1929 



All Talking 




lorn Patrlcola El Brcndcl 


Owen Davis 

Scenario by 

Sony a Levien 

Staged By 

Elliott Lester 
Directed hy 


_ _ .^%w.•;■:-■• 

vis > 


s\ vVv'.Xsv ssSS.}. 



for the 



^^^^f- ^^^^^ 


Wednesday, September 4, 1929 






Minqieapdlis, Sept, 3.- 

:The Northwest Theatre Owners' 
Assoeiatloa ; CQntinues to . a 
winning- fierhit to prevont thie dis- 

. tributprs; from re-ostahllghiner arbi- 
tration In this, tetritory. Tho ini- 
tial meetingr- of the 'outlaw" film 
arhitratipn' board, scheduled for jast 
week, failed to materialize when 
not a , slngl^ exhibitor menrtber ap- 
ploihtee put in. an appearance at 
the Nicollet hotel. : 
: .The exhihltor merriberis of the 

; •'outlaw" Arbitration board \ were 
appointed by Mayor* W;. P. Kunze of 
Minneapolis ifrom a list subrnitted 
by the .distribtitors. The list con- 

■tainipd ribn-members of the l>iorth- 
west Theatre Owners' Asspciation. 

Plstrlbwtbr members of the "out- 
law" arbitration., bokrd were on 
hand to conduct a number .of hear- 
ings. Tliey waited in vaini for the 
exhibitors .. and were compelled to 

W. A. Steffes, president of the 
theatre- men's association, declares 
"the exhibitors will be unablb to 
re-establish arbitration." . Even if 
they should he threatens court ac- 
tion to prevent the carrying put of 
any "outlaw" ibPard's decisions. Dlsv 
putes between distrib.iitof s and ex-^ 
hibitprs regarding 'contracts,, etc.; 
heticeforth must be settled in the 
law courts, he says. . ^ . 

The owners' a,ss.oclati6n avowed 
reason fpr withdrawlner .from arbi- 
tration was that the arbltratlpii 
board was "a monkey court and 
collection agency and entirely one- 
Bided." It chiargred that in every 
98 cases out . of 100 .tried thie "big 
fellow"— distributor— was unmolest- 
ed fpr violatipns, . whiie the small 
operators werie,^ haled before the 
board for the' slightest infractions 
of the written , documents.. 


Cpston Abandpns Vista, ehhr--Leas- 
ed ta Sal kin on Percentage 

_ Chicagp, Sept.: 3. : 
Chicago Theatres Co., -headed by C.ostpn, who also is bperating 
the National Playhouses in receiver- 
ship for the. Ghicaso Title & Trust 
Cov,: walked, out of the Vista the- 
atre leaving all equipriient behind, 
About three years' to .go on the 
lease, ■ ' , , ■ ' 

Harry Drtenstein, owner, has; re- 
leased the house to Morriis .Salkin 
Who will operate it. on a percentage 

This is the third ;Costpn house to 
close in four months. ■ 

Cullen Landis as M. C. 

Edmund Breese, Bert Roach for 
"Hold Eveythlher,"^ WB. 

Montague Love for " Wild . Heart," 

Howard Estaibrook, dialog for 
"Hell's Angels," Caddo. 

..... Chicago, Sept, 3. 

With release ot. Chas, -Kaiey- as 
m. c. between ihe . Granada and. 
Marbro, Marks Bros, how empioy- 
irig temporary or "guest" stage 
band leaders. . 

■Tom Waring . concludes four 
weeks next week and Will be fol- 
lowed by Billy Taylor and CuHen 
Landis, . Taylor comes iri for twb| 
weeks with an optlpn for two more; 
while the d£ite for Landis, former 
screen, actor, , has hot been set. 

ThPrnburg Cpnries Back ■ 
. Mat-shailtown, la., Sept. 3. 
. Don Thorhburg,. former owner of 
the Casino and Odeon theatres, who 
disposed of his Interests three years 
agp, is back In ; the picture - busi- 
ness here in association with M. 
Wardman, A. DeVale, K. Johns and 
•J. L Troyas. 

They have secured the Crohkle- 
ton building:, 108 East Main street. 
It will be revamped into a theatre 
and opened Sept. 15. 

Here 'Tis—rYours V«ry Truly 


Known and Idolizi^d by Millions 

Radio's celebrated persPhallty is 
hack on Station WLW, jGIhcinnati. 
The Big Radio Shows this season 
will keep me hustling for a while. 

"For iluture bookings correspond 
with 1238. Michigan Ave., Cincinnati, 
Ohio, or 'phone East ICTl-L. 

Undertaker V SideGne 

. ; . . Norwalk, Conn., Sept, 3. 
, Andrew J. Colling, one- of Con- 
necticut's Jforembist undertakers, 
has . given up his theatre running 
Sid© line. The local Empress and 
Regent have been leased by :Cpllins 
for 21 years to Charles Vuono, who 
operates the Palace and Strand at 

'.; Collins recently let his other two 
lio.uses at Danbury go to the Hpff- 

AUle Hamilton, with Collins, re- 
mains with Vuono. 

J, Charles Davis company • has 
gone to Presidio, Tea;., to make 
three pictures. First will be an all- 
tailker, "Below the Border." Others 
feature Art Acord, "A Texaa Bat- 
tler" and "Flashing Spurs,"- both 
silent, Bruce ^Mitchell will direct. 

Joseph Cawthorn for " Jazz 
Heaven,^' Radio, 

State Fair No Longer Brings Biz 
To Theatres-^^Btos Main Cause 


WhlzVed: right .out of the Roxy, 
where it: riaade house b.o. historv. 
Fox's .-^CPckTEycd ; World" ^iwrent 
into the neighborhood Fox Vayde- 
filni houses Saturday ar.d' started: 
to .'smash. :aU. previous records:' 
. Sensational biz reported at the 
.Academy (14 th street), Audubon 
(ICSth street), and ~ Fox's, Brook- 
lyn,' ; ■ . '■: ■ 

A lini^ on '. what the piptUre can- 
do at the Academy was shown since- 
ppening last Saturday. Six riiris . 
daily of the film witli.,- standees. 
The house seats . 3;514. The house 
opens at 10.30. with a Fanchbn & 
Marco unit; ';B6ws / and Beaux," 
only :ph the stage. So that the six 
cPrhpletjB shows can be given daily 
there the stage • act has its fu-st 
presentatipn at 12V35, noon. ; It fpi- 
lows the feature. . . -. 

Saturday, Sunday and 'Monday 
(holiday) .never sa^y such crowds 
that, jammed the APademy and . its 
entrances, a condition -a^^^ 
other .Fpx housps.-'. T^ 
range for ■ the three diTtys \vas \ CO- 
75 -.90. Monday to Friday .vnfiats., 
25-35 -.50.' Monday. ■ to ■ li'riday. 
nights, 40-50-75. 

Over in • Brooklyn the weeit-end . 
and holiday turned the entrance de- 
sire alhiPst into a .parilc; .; . 

Up' at the Audubon' it was f pre- 
cast it would be a completif . sellout 
for the entire .seven days. for. aft- 
ernoon and nights. 

Tracey's Three Years 

Hollywood, Sept. 3. 
Lee Tracey has ■g:6t a three-year 
contract with Fox, Signatures were 
affixed last week. . 

It means Tracey. leaves the stage 
after the coniilng season during 
which he must play "Front Page'* 
pn tiie rpad for Jed Harris. 

. /Milwaukee, Sopt; 3. . 
Wisconsin's State Fair is no long- 
er a , business makpr for the local 
theatres. Held here last week the 
houses suffered instead. 

Automobiles are given the ntaih 
blame, but a dropping interest in 
the fair itself is citPd. 

.Wiscpnisih's State; Fair is one p£ 
the -largest in ..the' U, S. Its l)uil: in 
previous 'years. hM. been 
Last; weelVwith moderate ci'owds.and 
rain ; for a cpuiile of days, the the- 
atres .downtown .failed tp feel any 
acceleration iii; the bPx offices, 

'Those drawn in from .outlying 
points usually return h,ome the 
same day, . In , f prriier years the 
State Fair Was an occasion and ex-' 
ciise fpr a trip tp Milwaukee. It at 
least , lasted pvei:"hight or. for twp; 
days.. ■ . ■..''..■'.': •■ 

Taken as a toicch of a. fading In- 
terest in the State Fair .exhibits, 
how long that institution will keep 
going in the ; face pf : the evident 
stronger cPunter attractions yearly 
riiay'riie the problems of all Ijig 
city fairs. 

Fox's Mountain Div. 

Los Angeles, Sept. 3. '. . 
List of Kohn -and Fairchild houses 
taken over by. Harold .B. Franklin 
for Fox are as follows: Lincoln and 
Princess, Cheyenne, Wyo.; American, 
State and Lyric, JFort. Collins, Colo,; 
West, Strand and Rlalto," Trinidad, 
Cplp,; . Strand and America, Lbrig- 
monl, CblP.; Rialtb and Lov.eland, 
Lovelahd, Colo.; Jones and Cannon, 
Cannon City,, Colo, ; ■. Rpui'ke - iand. 
Wonderly, La Junta, Colo.; Corona, 
Mutual "and Duncan; Los Vegas, N.- 
M., and Rio Grande, Las Cruces, 
N, M. •. . 

"These theiatres will be known as 
FPx's, Rocky Mountain Division, 
with heaiiquarters in Denver and 
Kphn to remain In charge. Seating 
capacities range from 500 to 2,0Q0. 

Franklin is. expected back f roih 
Denver Sept. 6, if he doesn't go oh 
to New York. 




Wednesday, September 4, 1929 

Pete WoodhuU Keeps Traveling 
As and Persuader 

"With the MPTO A rendered irn-' 
potent by the Abrjim Myeris Aliied. 
States and liable to ' shut off the 
president's traveling expenses and 
$200 per week to boot any day .now, 
Pete Wopdhull grabbed hi msGit a 
title and a little irn&re dough AVith 
the Schlcssingers. the latter feel 
Woodhull's Indie cbntacts over ..the' 
many years past will rip into, thiis 
sewing up business on the part of 
talker competitorsJ and >viU sh6,pt 
Dr. DeForest's talker prescription 

to the fore. \^ 
The Schles.singers and Pete didn't 

negotiate long:. . Jiiist a week.. Wopd- 
hull capitulated to a vice-pres- 
idency. '«^A 
DeForest plans to underbid RCA 
Photophone, which recentljf ai^r 
Iiounced a- reproducing ipparattis 

for $3,000. v-; ^ : ■■ • . 

At present peFd rest: equipment 

sells at $6,500. with a' Junior 'ap^ 
paratus for houses under 7,50 seats 
at about $5,000. . . : . 

Simultaneously with the drive for 
Installations it is deported General, 
Talking Pictures Corpbration Is 
about to make its • long-pbstppned 
entrance into the prpduction field 
At present Its studio on TSaat .. 48t|i 
street Is pcciipied on sub.:lease b.v 
Weiss Brothers, but can be re- 
possessed by DeiForest upon notice. 

Woodiiull,- with l3eFor*^t and the 
Steffcs-Myers group actively en- 
dprsing .RCA I'hotophone, creates 
the parellei of the pro -Hays and the 
ahti-tlays exhibitors Unihg lip be- 
hind two competing devices, each 
tiiaking strong bids to line up the 
5,000 unwired theatreis of small 
capacity .which now cbhstitiite the 
remnants of the independent field.. 

Although the '.MP'l'dA paid up 
meiVibership fpr the .i>ast fe.w years 
has .almost been made up of 100% ■ 
prodiicer-afQliatefl tlieatrcs partiall 
to : \Vesterri . Elootric, the £)eFpres.t 
aggregation feels that its adqliisi- 
tipn will deliver , the indepehdenta 
.hand and : fo.ot.' ' • '. ^ . 

. Past floRPo. heads of the MPTGA; 
inciudiiig Joe Seider, also, pa;rtobk 
of the food spread at the Savoy- 
Piaza in .jubili'-tion pf Pete's timely 

\ The theatre organization,, never 
powerf ul beQause of " petty .bicker- 
ings arnohg its executiyes, has, with 
the coup pulled by Myers apd the 
jiadio-Tiffany-Photophone hook-up, 
literally voided Its usefulness to.; 
the Hays organization. Obsiervations 
have beisn ' niade. frequently in the; 
ihfornied; trade during, the past few 
months Us tp why two oixtfits When 
Hays ha.s the meetings in his pla.ce. 
Nevertheless, ah put-:Of ^tbwner . Is 

Sign— After 15 Yfs. 

Painters are brushing on a. 
colored picture . for Radio 
Pictures', talking production of 
"Rio Rita" on the hbrth wall 
of Kelth*s Palace theatre 
building. ' . "' y- . ' 

That wall for 15 years has 

contained only th6 wording, 
".B. F. Keith's Palace Theatre." 
It's hardly distingutshablb at 
present, . through- ;faded paint. 

The; wall and sign command 
a sweep up 7th avenue,, and 
also, from directly opposite on 
Broadway, the' impprta.nt bill-; 
ihg space iias been; entirely 
wasted Jieretof ore. ; 


reported being brought liri t<> sit In. 
Pete's chair awhile, M. A, j^igl^t ^ 
rter/ . ■ ',• - 

• Another Schlessinger ; acquisition 
is :jl6bert E. Saunders, described as 
a South Af riican hanker. He will offi- 
ciate as secretary. Heretofore, .Joe 
Stark is iihderstobd: to have held 
that ppst, .as . well aS' ■sebretary foi- 
the DeForiest prompters. , 

No Publix, Cincinnati? : 

; ' dincinhati, Sept. . 3.. 
Piiblix is said to have' temiiorarily 
abandoned its intention of building 
a theatre in this city. 

• The asseiinbly pf a site at 9th and 
yin.6 streets had gone fprward. 
From the story, something unknPwii 
turned up . and the- deal is reportbd 
olL ;' 


ASTMAN Sdnochrome Tinted Positive Films translate 
every mood of the screen into color. Their sixteen delicate 
tints lenct subtle atmos^iere lo eyei^ 
they sEire s6 adjnsted^^^ 

sbiind reproduction . . . .Best of all, they are available at a 
cost no higher than that of black-and-white. ^ : 

yersatile, effective, inexpensiye, Eastman Sonochromc 
is the answer to miany a sound-and-color question. 


No Great States 

Minnoai>olIs, Sept, 3, 
Publix dealt R^K-O a hard blow 
here " when it succeeded in getting 
back: the M-GrM film liroduct for 
MirihoaipoUs.' R-lt-O last year had 
outbid Publix for this product and' 
landed it for . the " nenncpin-pr- 
phcuni, it .wa'3 the first time that 
the ioGal vaudeville, house, oyer had 
splurged, so strongly on pictiireif;, . 
paying ah averagei pirice of .i$^3;006 a 
Week^fot-the M-G-M screen attrac-. 
.lions, -.y .. . ?' ■ / 

Hennepin - play od^^^^^^u^^ ^leti'o ; 

pictures heavily the past season. 
Previously, it dcpohdcd almost en- 
I tirely on : its Keith vaiide, using pib-. 
turca as fillersrin prior, -to .the 
M-G-M,acqui.«!ition. . 

Under a ; ne\y contract Publix 
takea the entire. Metro '29-'30 prod- 
iict exclusively for Minneapolis an;d 
the jipvthwest ; terrl toi^y.. . tiennepiii 
is now left only with..RK0/ Pathe, 
independent product and the '28-'29 
M-G-M . pictui^os. S^^^^^ ; 

Fox and tjfniversal pictures Ave 
still outside the Publix fold. Botli 
of these brands .are iised by 
the Pantages hbii^e here. . . 

Chicago, Sept. 3. 
The name of Groat States 'rho-. 
atros, familiar in every town in Illi- 
nois, will bo discarded. Hereafter, 
the houses - will be known as Puh- 
lix..- " 

A special- institutional adyertising 
camitaiirn' has been started, to . ac*. 
quaint tiie state, with .the .chahge. 

Harry Gi-ebn in F.annie iBrlce pic- 
ture (U A) before starting on term 
contract with Par Nov. . !» Robert 
Armstrong, . borrovvcd frbrh Palhe, 
to play prize fighter* opippsite Miss 
Brice. . ■ . ' ■ ■ '■ .•■ ■■ 

Joan 'Bennett will, siriig in "Song 
Qf ; Broad vcay,". UA.V . ; ' . 

CbncessicHii From llm 

' :Cle\'eland,; Sept. 3v . 

laocal exhibitors and oj)ef.atPrs' 
unio'h have s;|gned7a hew. vyorking 
agreement. No trouble such . as has 
been experienced in Al^roh came up' 
in Teaching a wage scale agree 
i riient. 

New: contract jprpvides for a con 
tinuatipn of present day ^ Scale in 
silent picture houses, but calls for 
salary reduction' in two. classifica 
tions of talker theatres. 

Operators in. houses with 500 . to 
800 seat capacity, playing seven 
nights and Sunday maitinee, to re 
■c'eive $85 instead of $100 weelily. . 
Houses seating 500 or less ■vyiil pay 
operators. $7.5 instead of $100.a'Week 
for seven nights and. matinee. .. . 

Reductibh doesn't japply to.clOwri 
town contihuous show houses, 
which' -will continue to pky . $100 
vv:eekly. Operator is, to reecive 
added pay, pro rata, if aii extra 
matinee is scheduled in both cases, 

Cost Films $15,000 

San Francisco, Sept. 3 
Arrival of the Graf Zeppelin was 
a bigger show than any this, burg 
has turned out to see since the 
pla.ce was a; .hiining camp. 
: Every downtown picture house 
got a slap at the b. p. that was felt 
for the rest Pf the week. 

Between five and seven that Sun- 
day afternoon, each of. San Fran- 
cisco's hills was black with peo- 
ple." Weather was pcrfefct to view 
the \vhaie of the sky as it glided in 
froin the Fa.rrallones, skimmed 
through the Golden Gate, circled tlie 
bay, glided across the roofs of the 
I Pfflce buildings arid then headed for 
I IjOs Angeles. . ' 

The huge Fpx suffered a loss of 
$1,500 during the; two hours; Gra- 
I nad a • was hit abp u t . $1,000 , bo th fig-. 
..ures admitted, and all of .the pthcv - 
houses likewise suffered prppor-, 
tionately. . . ' . ■ ' ' : 

lOsiiniated Zeppelin's arrival dur- 
|iing supper show .hours cost San 
Pi'anciscb thejttres' better than $15,- 
000 In receipts. 

; : J^GABBO" AT $2 

: .' "Great Gabbd," the Jaiiies .Cruze 
-picture, opens. Sept. 12'-at. the. Sol-, 
wyn,-. Ne^Y York, , fo^. a $3 .engage-'.: 
ment. . it is being presented by the 
new group: headed by Sarriuel Zier- 
ler, with . whom Cruze recently e.f ^ 
fected a distribution tie.-up. 

Reported this' picture has been 
booked by Fox for Ins entire cii> 
cuit, but this-is not confiripod. 

Neglepted Theatre 

Jtliddlctown, Conn., .Sept. 3. 
'Chargin.g that: -the ': Connecticut 

Granada and Marbro Theatres: 
Per. M(fr., MUKKAY BI^OOM 



li^ ' C O S T* U AA E S ' 

Itivo'r V-alloy Theatre Xoriv, of i'.os- 
Uin, pre.«('nt l<';i.<'oe of. the CJriind 
Uieatve in . liiis . .oily; has ' jiaid no 
rout for 11.10 h(!nsc aiul ha.s removed 
einiipmont from the unused theatre 
and th;it. it lia.'^ allowed the properly 
to . deteriorate, Halvutbro Adorno, 
Who ■ cdMl i:ols the property, has 
.started legal aetlcm to reopyer $-5,- 
000 from the corporatipn. . . 

5th Ave. 

Wednesday, September 4, 1929 

V A R I E T Y 

I 21 




u-ith Frederic March 
nnd Leslie Fenton - . 

From, the staffe play by Philip 
Barry, Produced by Arthur 
Hopkins, Supervised by Maurice 
Revnes, Directed by Edward H. 
Griffith, Adaptation by Horace 
Jackson . 





Story by Arthur Richnuiri, 
Directed M{irshall Seihin, 

SuinTiisrd by Maurice Hemes, 
Didlimiti' <lirecteil by Rollu 
r.loyil. tiltip I (I I ion b\- Arthur 
Klrh niiiii 1111(1 Horace Jachson . 



Story ai\d dialogue by 
(■ene .\fnrlyey 

<frif:inui son us hv Hud Creen 
and Sam //. Slept. Musical 
Direct or Sac ha Bun ch u k . 
Directed by Kenneth JTebb. 
Supervised by Robert Kane. 

\rst BIG FWE on PAT^ 1929-30 program set 
industry. Keyed to the taste of a puMic 
bewniing metic 

productions of the inost advanced type^ 
in star value^ production merit, and story interest, are a 
tnie c^ of the entir 

"^rdrn fqr the 

NN HARDING in PARIS BOUND literally tobk 
Ghiciagoi by storm showing at the Sliiide- 

bafcer, and was icclainied by critics and pu^ as a star 
destined to siirp^a^s eyen her brilliant career on the stage. 
At the Fisher Theatrcv Detroit, PARIS BOUND duplicated 


o success. 

tremendous business in day and date showings at the 
Paramount Theatres in New York and Brooklyn. The 
reviewers raved over the picture and placed Eddie on a 
plane as high as Harold Lloyd. THE SOPHOMORE also 
scored heavily in the Michigan Theatre, Detroit; Princess, 
Toledo; St. Louis Theatre, St. Louis; and elsewhere 

INA CLAIRE in THE AWFUL TRUTH, a production of 
wondrous power and appeal, is rated by reviewers as the 
most distinctive personality that has come to the talking stage 
— a noteworthy addition to the stellar ranks of Hollywood. 

LOMBARD is classed by foremost critics as the most 
realistic, human story of newspaper life ever filmed. 

aU -singing, all-talking sensation ; novel, fascinating, 
with sure-fire audience appeal. 


Sally O'Neil, Jeanette Loff 

from the story by Corey Ford 
Supervised by If^illiain Consel- 
man. Directed by Leo McCarev, 
Adaptation by Joseph Franklin 



From lite slory by (jcor^e S. 
Brooks. Screen play by \t alter 
de Leon. Adaptation by Jack 
Juiifiineyer. Directed by 
Crefiory La Cava. 




V A "R I E T Y 

Weflhesday, 'September 4, 1929 " 

The Greatest Epic Picture f 
Released In Ten Years • 




from Lon^ettoufs 
L0ve Epic 


^ ~ S ' ^-■■"■■^%/'v 

• . ■ ■ ,-.■*■ • - 

One oS tbe most Keart gripping and stirring scenes ever produced for pictures 

■*A classic. It is a gem. Never has 
Dolori^ looked M beaortiful/^^ 

Epic aidiieve^ 

--New York American 

^^Deserves a Three Star rating. Miss 
Del Rio is a perfect choice for 

r-^JVeu) York News 


spectacular film,- 

. -^-Washington Daily News 

Alt EDWIN CAREWE Produetion^ been acclaimed in the big- 

gest cities as the finest of its kind evw 
New Orleans, Sea^ 

Francisco, Salt Lake CitjTj Kansas City. 

Synchronized with one of the most beautifid musical scores ever composed 
for a motion picture. In this picture Miss Del Rio sings three songs, one 
being the Irving Berlin HIT ^'Evangeline.'' Screen play by FINIS FOX. 

Wednesday, September 4, 1929 

V A R I E T Y 


Solid by 



^ PairamouQt Sound Sbo^^^^^ 
fillers into seat fillers! ^ This company 
^42 ialkibg) singing, musieal releaseis in 
one and two reels for 1929 -30 give yon 
JiriUiaiit flashes of the New ^^^S^^^ 
that inake real box office attractions. 
Worthy of 24-8heets! ^ Paramount 
Sound NeWs has shown its leadership 
from the start. Paraiiioiint Silent News 
is a necessity for houses wired and 
iinWired. Christie Talking Plays 
oflfei" Holly wood!& finest talent. 
Paramount Acts, made a stone^s 
throw from Broadway at bur 
Long Island studio, present 
famous stage stars no other 
company can get. Parsimount 
Screen Songs, the most pop- 
ular one-reel subject on 
the market. The new Talk- 
ing Cartoons are its biggest 
rival ! 






talking in : 
Welcome Danger* 

■ •■ 

Wiiy Bring That llp.?»» 

Hal Sfkcily^Nancir Carroll 
• • ■'. 

12th $2 week in N. Y. 

5 weeks on Broadwaj 

.■ •■ 

$2 Outdoor Talker 

* ProdUcfid by Harold Lloyd Corp, 
Fara mount Releatt 

The New Show World Prmes St^ 

The box bflice is the test. Adj ectives don't count. Paramount merely asks exhibitors to compare theatre figures in 
judging 1929-30 product. The clean-ups scored by "THE COCOANUTS,^' ''THE MYSTERIOUS DR. FU MANGHU " 
"THE DANCE OF LIFE," "THE GREENE MURDER CASE" and other Paramount product already released can leave 
no doubt in your minds that this company alone has the pictures that get the SENSATIONAL dough consistently 

-in-the^New^ ShirirW^ 




F I L M R E V I E W S 

Wednesday. September 4, 1929 


(Continued from • page 13) 
A new element in the coek-robln 
exposition of ^mystery niellers in 
struclc here in that one pretty well 
suspects Who the murderer is but 
appreciates that the crimingloi^^isrs 
priniary task is not to apprehend 
him until the necessary circumstan- 
tial evidence is first completed. 

The analytical may become curi- 
ous about the plausibility of certain 
things Hive the TNT-loaded . citrars,? 
the. warninpir scrap of. .i)ujjn'r tl)at 
ialls from the ooiliiiff, the gullibility 
of an otherwise astute gang, and 
other loose 'en d^, but the mystery 
fans ioVe this ba.mboozlinR- and 
realize that much of the ext;r,incous 
hokum is put in "just to make it. 

Picture runninj^ SS minutes, mainr 
tains interest throtighouf. I'Argyle 
Case": will- not . permit the .ticket- 
. ch(>p;pers to fall asleep in the lob- 
bies/ : . :, ■ ' • .. • AbcL 

George :Barraud opposite Mae 
Murray in: "Peacock Alley," .T-S. ; 

inTdley Early and Shernrian Lowe 
Tvriting . original, : "Man , About 
Town," for Joseph Sehildkraut and 



Paramount prndiictl.on and rclcaec.' Ftn- 
turiiiB llal Skclly, ' C^lipstiT Morris and 
Kvplyn Urcnt. Dlnctf-a by William ^ViU- 
maiv. Story by Kdwin liurkc. UuxIok by 
Hartlott t'ormack. Adaptation by LouIj<" 
liOnj;. Cimn'raniari Jlfnry Cicrard. At 
Paramount, Now York, week Aub. 30. 
•}tunnlnB thno, W mina. 
ly.xT)' Jl.iluno 

...... .TIal .Skelly 

...... ChC.Mtrr Morris 

, Kvflyn- Hnint 

. ..AVm. It. Davidson 
'.Kme EllslPr 
........ .Aiuy Oliver 

.. .•. . . ,' iTA'Slie Konlon 
iriiurlofi Ciblyn 
. . j6siM>li . Mankicwlcz 
. . ;, Wilson }lununell 

Kay Alaliirie. . . i. . . 
Kitty JOvaiis. 
XValt.s. . . ..• 
Mrs. Miklorio. ; •-• • • 
.M?; Kvans.:. ■ 


Sti.ilth,,. ...... 

JlepOitfT. . . . ..... 

Detective Ofipialn. . 

Melodrama of average progi"«iin 
quality. Generates enough .suppensc 
to pump up the an hour'? 
engrossment. It's ..gangstei- . and 
tough cbpper hbdge-podge, -seen be- 
fore; but holding a primitive punch 
that will sufiFlc^ to get it ai^rpss. . .: 
: Kal Skelfy Is. the dominant char- 
acter, an agoing sergeant in the 
early footage, developing conscience 
later and .becoming the terror of the 

Bbmaiice is present to . about 

% of 1%;. • ;. 

. Originally Edwin Burke's story 


Solo Orgdnist 


3rd Year With Loew's 

thanks to 1X)UIS k. SIDNEY 

was a, vaudeville act. It was re- 
vived around New York a couple of 
months ago by Itobert (Jlcckler'. 
This episode is Incorporated at tiu' 
finale of tlie picture, but falls prt.'t(y 
flat, the film ending a bit laniely, 

"Woman Trap" reniains in the 
programcr classification because of 
the muddled condition of the script 
from time to time.. This, of course, 
may be due to editing. 

Flaws can be pleked, but the tout 
ensemble passes niiistor a.s reason- 
ably tense melodrama. - Land. 



. Osiar . Price, . produoiloii... . .RIfhard .Tal- 
madifje, . star. ' Support Irioludc^ Itarbara 
Worth and Edna Murpliy. Indi'peMdi'ni re- 
Irase. At ■ IjOCw' Si . .N ew' .Yorlt (one . day.) ;■ 
A.uK. 30; half double bill. Running time, <M 
mina. ■...>■ 

It's Dick Talmadge up to his old 
acrobatic stuff, touched up In a new 
way, but still the same old display 
Of athletic skill that brought H. T. 
td the.lore when he stopped doubling 
for Fairbanks, Leaivlng this picture 
good for double bills as a silent with 
acrobatics. . ' ■ . 

The picture was made before talk- 
ers became necessary, to the exhibs. 
It. is given soirie help :on the inod-v 
ernistic scheme of things by having 
a musical accompariirhent made since 
the picture was turned put; Other- 
wise silent. ■ .' . 
: This iridic sure is story shy. At- 
tempt made to make somethmg' out 
of a president of a bachelors' club 
going goofy . over ' a girl and then 
having the club mete out punish- 
ment to him for breaking the very- 
rule he established, ,• V 

Talmadge does, those long hand- 
springs and bumpety bump i-oll- 
overs fer no good reason other thaiV 
to make Dick look sprightly. ' The 
picture, however, gets its best in- 
ning bni Talma'dge'is a;thletic prowess. 

All of Talmadge's skyrocketing 

around lumbor yai'ds and aboard 

I|h(.»ti)graphy good. Ship seorics 
esj)ecial)y well cameraed. Mark. 


(10% DIALOG) 

I'n'lversal pnuliiotloh .and rel<?ase,' Star- 
ring J.Hura J/nlM.'tnic; lUrOcfed by Wil- 
liam Wylor. Story by H;.. tJ. Monta^ne. 
("a.-id Incliulos: Noll ' J(Iiinilltiin, Norman 
.Trovor and Jooylyn T<oo. Western ISleo-' 
trio .'ii>un<l(.'d. At Ni'W. York tlK-alro,- one 
day, Auff. 20. lUiiiiilnB" time 03 mina. 

Much dramatic quality with nice 
comedy relief. Captions and dia- 
log indisputably, good. ."The Love 
Ti-ap'' is not merely another chorus 
girl picture. Nunrierous unique situ, 
iltions. Recording of Laura L'a- 

Plante and . Neil Hamilton stands 

Story gathers momentuni from 
the start, reaching high intercMt 
with the voices. Backstage and so- 
ciety life wfcll set forth. Girl fired 
from chorus, desperate for funds to 
pay landlady, goes w.ltU fast chorus 
girl friend to party to make half a 
"C", Attacked, she beats It home to 
find herself dispossessed. Picked up 
in fTtreet by young man, who offei-a 
.shelter in his taxicab. Fellow puts 
furniturie in threie other cabs, order- 
ing drivers to jjo "South." Hill 
runs up into the' hundreds. Wind- 
up mairrled. 

Folks of the man belong to upper 
cru,st arid, disdain the chorUs girl. . 

(Continued on page 31) 




■ ' Late of "LADY FINGERS'' 

Direction LYONS & LYONS 


And His 


A i)f^erc^^ Dance Orchestra 

Nightly from the 


Broddcdsting Regularly O WJZ 

LLOYD HILL Presents 


Originator of a New and Novel 




M ustcal . Director 


Loew's StUIman, Cleveland 

Thanks to 

(Peace be with him) 


Lbew's Sheridan, New York 
tx>ew's Oriental, Brooklyn 

Thanks to 


Loew*s Ohio, Colukiibus 

Thanks to 

Personality Organist 

Presenting His Latest Song Hit 


At Loew's and United Artists Ohio Theatre 

Wednesday, September 4, 1929 

V A R I E T Y 


(With grateful acknow^ to our many friends) 

(Wheire we trust we w^^^ 




Starring in 

Radio Pictures^ Special 

'The Vugahond Lover' 


Exclusive Managemeiit of the National Broadcasting Co 

Personal IMrectipn: EDWIN W; SCHEUING 

V A R I E T Y 

Wednesday, September 4, 1929 

Vb SyLVA , Brown & Henderson, inc. Songs 



Warner Brdthers Picture 

"Sai ii » 


Fealiinng AL JOLSON 

"Little Pal" 
"Why Can't You" 
"Used To You" 
"Fin ill Seventh Heaven" 

By AI JoUon, De iSylva, Browa A 

Metro^Goldwyh-Mayer Present 
Marion Dayies in 

"When 1 See My Sugar" 

• (I Get -a Lump in My. Throat) 

^The Girl f roni 
Nod Chateau" 

By Roy Turk and Fred E. AMert 

William Fox Movietone 



, • ^ Wan-A MaM ' 


"1 Love" 

By D* S,W.. B'o^*^ 

Wiliiam Fox Movietone 


"So Dear to Me 

By Conrad, Cottier and Mitcltiell 

WiUiam Fox Movietone 

Featuring WILL ROGERS 


"1 Could. Do It for You" 

By Conrad, Gottler and Mitchell 



*nd Dave^ St^^ni 



WUliam Fox Movietone 



"The Right Kind of Man" 

By L. Wolfe Gilbert and Abel Baer' 





WiUiam Fok Movietone 



Too Wonderful for Words" 
"Steppin' Along" 

By Harlan Thonipton ahd 
; Dave Stamped 




'D& SvLVA , 'Brown & HeNDBRSON, inc. 


' Wednesday; iSeptembfer 4,' 1929 




Inside Stuff-Pictures 

The Montreal's drawing pppulatlon as given In Variety at 600,000 
brought on a controversy over its accuracy. A lay reader knowing his 
Canada wrote that every one but a Variety man would Ijnow Montreal 
has a PoPu^^t'O'" '''^. '^^^ 

■ /Making the ipapQr's; Montreal correspondent the alibi, he answered by 
saying that an. estimated drawing; pdpiiiation to him raeant the pos- 
(Bilile number of people Who might be Inveigled into a ^theat^ Taking 
his cue thusly, :the deductions are the childroji under 16 not . permitted 
in theatres: in the Province of Quebec and the atteiiding/rosiRtance of 
their parents to the scrcien luiL'e for that iTason, aiid bcKides the Very 
large number influenced by .the Church in Mcmtrori.!, also . nbn-thGatre-, 
^oers, leayihg .the not as per estimate as (diavv pop, 6.()0,<)0Q).. • ; . . . 

■ ilndorsQmfenf ads of! commercial, articles, has, reachpd the slapc where 
testimph^lis £roh\'5Gbrctarics to. pic'Uii.-e personalties iire now- being used 
irt inagazihe cppy; ' Among, bne of those nbtod in a: nationally circulated 
mag is .a .jp^lug for a^^ secretary of John Mc- 

Cormiclc, First.7Nati.dnal. p -\ 

•Pathe and R-j'^'P .Is said to jhaVe^^^ gone into a clinch over thC; Iv^ith 
contraet to Play Pathe features, ■ Some meetings have- boon held on';the 
rriatte.r; It appears to be mostly about rentals fpr thie . Tathe subjects. 
Thes^ take in full lengths and short?. : 

. The Pathe-Kelth cQntract;tliat has about 10 more years' to run, is re- 
ported ca;iling upon Keith's to play a certain number of Pathe full length 
teatures annually, around 25 ;it is said; These, with no rental iixed; 

Musical Diirector 


Violin Soloist 

In. exchange for that contract Keith's la reported to have received a 
bonus in Pathe common stock of some 60,000 shares. 

Where no rental can be agreed upon, the contract calls for an arbiter, 
•The Keith-Pathe wrangle nearly reached that point last \veek, from the 
account, although later it was said to be in the process of smoothenirtg 
put. It started over some Pathe pictures Keith's pUiyed last season,, 
without rental Axed. , 

A difficulty American' film companies encounter in many foreign coun- 
tries is the laws, applying to the discharge of employees. In these 
countries from four weeks to six months, or oven a' yjear, must elapse 
between notice of dismissal and the- actual dlshti.<!iial or discontinuance 
pf' saiary,.- .■■.;...■;•:..•;'.■.'■ ■ i': J ■ ^ 

This is regulated by the length , of eniployment and the '.chnra.ctpr oi 
the job Pccupicd. . It is designed as a gdvtM'hweivt' nioasure to pratect. 
Avprkers in: coiintrie's where jobs are ^scarce, and being fired is a 
catastrophe.' . ; ■'■ ' : ' ■ ^; ,." ^^v 

., ^ArpeiUoan;. firms opening pnices in these laii(l>! have to be viirj'. cir-.. 
cumsijQct in . hiring help as rnistakos . iiv . soU'ctioh are costly .to iToU 
An exchdnge merger deal' between' t-wo - American fi.npa' iii a- ;foreign 
cbuntry i.s. now held up-.while the matter of -taUing; care .pC om-plbyeds 
.iiS ■■Hcttied..' ■ ■:. ''■';■ . -■ 

"Cotton and Silk,"* 
Jr., '-The . Other 


' Nancy GarroU has fallen Ihtd. a couple of 
merGsf acciderit arid her latest , by ah ihcid'oht. 
.\Vhen Ann Nichols ai>'ranged with- Para mount' 

(Continued on page 56) 

pioturps/ her. first by 
to ; hiive- .''Abie's 

ley Cliambers, 

Grant "^Vithera, 
Tomorrows^" FN. 

liiHTy EOAVeh. Ernest fitilliard for 
"Red Hot lUiythni," Pathe; 

Complete cast "Long Star Han- 
ger," Fox: Sue Carol, tledrge 
O'Hrlen, Charles Morton, l^e.K Hell, 
Jean Bary, Creorge McFarliino, Uoy 
.Stewart, Walter McGrail, . \\'.aV'ix?.n- 
Hymer, Russell StmiJsbn, Dick 
Alpxarider, Bob Steele, Roy Coul.son, 
Oliver .Kokhardt,' Caroline Rankin; 
Ralph Le Fovre, Delmar- Watson, 
.I'Jli/.abolh I Patterson, Ilka Chafier. , 
, .Geor'i;:ie Stone for "All's Quiet P'h 
WesLeni Front," U.- ■ . ■ ^- . ■ ' . ■. 
. c;ast of ".Jazz .Heaven/.' Rdilio, in- 
I'kulos J ( V.nny . Slack lii'own, : Sally 
.tV-Nell.- Clyde Cook, Lilaii. hc^; Prpd- 
i.n'i('-i. .Tool McRae, Ralf- HaroUl'o. 

Aiay lUiley .jfor.<'Four iiillies," F'Nv 
'.■ ^.liiek lagan's option ; taken up fay 

Gov. ■■ -■' ■■■■ ■■ . ■■: . ■ 


rected; by C.haiies Itogcirs, fdrriier 

writer on studio ■staffi . 

: . O.scar '. Ai)fel.. 'Oeorge Davis, Dud- 

s Start ^hcatvc 


54th WEEK 




Frances Agnew to write adaif>ta- 
tion, continuity a!hd dialog of > "Thc- 
Popr Spprt,".y. : 

Nena Quartaro, Nick De Ruiz a.nd 
Rose . Diorie; for " "Isle of Kscape," 

wb; ■ 

. Robert J1;ili^; for "Ropes." U.- 
; iLucien Littlefield, in "The Mar- 
seillaise." U; ■ ' . 

IBuster and John West, "The 
Dancing Gpb," by Vernon Smith,, 
Christie... : . 

Bert Roach, arid Natalie Joyce, 
"The Fatal Forceps," Christie. . 
f ; Joseph Ricksbn and Richard Alex- 
ander, "Lone Star Ranger," Fox. 

Charles Grapcwin, new head of 
Christie's script and dialog depart- 

; Virginia Sale, for "Dude Wrang- 
ler," Mrs. Reid. 

Robert Edeson, Antonio Moreno, 
for "Roriiance of Rio Grande," Fox. 

Ulrich Haupt, for "Rogue's SOng," 

m-g; : 

Jocelyn Lee, "The Children," Par. 
■ Coni-ad Nagel, in "Ship from 
Shanghai." Kay Johnson, Louis 
Wolheini in cast. M-Gr. 

Aima Bennett, Baldy Belmont, 
May Wallace, Jerry Drew, Howard 
Truesdell, for "Painted Faces," T-S. 
, Louis Wolheim added "All Quiet 
on Western ijlrpht," tJ. 

Joselyn Lee, for "The Next Room," 

Shep Canip, "if I . Were King," 

Ruth Taylor, for "This Thing 
Called Love,*' Pathe, 

W'^illlam Austin, Albert Gran, for 
"The Man," WB. 

Natalie Mioorehead, for "Furies," 
FN. ■ 

Bodil Rosing, Sydney Bracey, for 
"Bishop Murder Case," M-G. 

Harry Pollard-directing "Ropes," U- 

Barbara Stanwyck opposite Frank 
Pay, Partner," WB. 

Mitchell Lewis, Neely Edwards, 
two-reel comedy for Academy Pic- 
tures, new independent company, 
Lee Jason directing. 

Albert Kelly and Robert Ober, co- 
directing "Night Hostess," M-G 
Story frorii Phil Dunning's play of 
same name. 

Pickwick Productions will make 
"Illegitimate Parents" from story by 
Maxine Alton. No cast or director 
set. . 

M-G has chg,nged title of "Jungle" 
to "Untamed.". 

Memo's Arabs, "Show of Shows." 

Ivan LcbedefC added "Bugle 
Sounds.'' M-Q. 

William Holden "Other Tomor- 
rows.". PN. . ; 

Harry -Cording, "Marseillaise," U 

Robert Ellis, "Ropes," U. 

Harry . Larigdoh; starts his third 
comedy: for Roacli this week. Di 


Master of Ceremonies 


Indefinitely — 15th Week Now 


Many Thanks for the Co-operation and Encburagement of 

JWrection WM 

After a s^qiifying engaigement of 40 CONSEC^/Tiy^jE WEEKS^^^^^ Cer€m€nuesr--Condt^ 


Has Been Chosen to Open the New Magnifioeii^ 

For an Indefinite Ehgagement^ Starting Sept. 7 

Ackhqwledging the splendid co-operation given me by Mr. Louis K. Sidney, Mr; E. A. Schiller, Mr. Benny Thau and the Messrs. Hale, and Knorr 



P I C T U R E S 

Wednesday, September 4, 1929 

.This.dQpartrnent c<ihtain$ rewritten theatr'ical.nevvs items as pub« 
lished during the Week in the daily papers of. New York, Chicago, 
vSan, Francisco, Los .Angeles and London. : Variety takes no 
for.'these news. itehis; each has been Rewritten froni a dajly paper. 

them. Commish returnoa tlioin -with 
statement that federal .prohibition 
ngcnt had power to ni't upon them 
and that it. would cost thO city 

[ ^iJJjOOO.OQO a year to . cnforoe local 

' prohibitioji.; , , 


Mary Meriiall (divorced wife of 
Ion Swinley), anil I'VaiiUliii 1 )yall. 
(also - divorced) ..both iKiiiiilar statio 
favorites arc to marry : in •London, 
this week. 

Flying squad, i'aidod. a Cji-iu-los 
Square house and took 10 inc^.i 
charRcd witli: framb.lihf; iiito (■astody. 
Arthur Mince w.ns.' ('harKCd, ; .witlv 
keeping: a .ira'niblin.K jVcuisib:. willv■ 
rQuietto v.-.lK-rl 'a!s:j'iai't of iiiyout. ■ . 

Nejlie . j^'auie . I^r^ixXieUT. , , rejiip- 
tered. hoi'kiC;' was '- ■nikHl ;. - foi= 
keeplnjj- .a .bcttiii.i? h(<u,«o;" 'It was- 
her tl.iii'd , con.vk'tirm and .she 10i;k- 
a two niontlis' jail .scnteiu'c; . _ .: • ' ,~ 

take thpir. places at the b.'i ck. of - the 
j)ublic •■'standi; ■they .' objecledl hoid- a 
jn.ecHihjr.vVead .ari' ultim^^^^ .to the 
clerk -of ili.e course, -atid oii viiit iifiiit^ 
tlnff.-his. 6ka>-.,- .took-^ the: law. in , (heir 
own,- hands antl wt-nt'/back to -tlK'.ir 
oid: places in tlie rin.ffi • 


. Jai-k Dcnipscy lias b.een sUsiveruK-c]; 
■l>y. Kiiuity. on i'l.inri?-es .irf dislnyal-iy 
clurinci: the: recent lloVlyVvoiid." fi-isis.-." 
(ICslcl te:>-Tay]i ir.. j;;r<^ks^ y ' ■ rein a i'ljis 
' ih-j,^ro'd/sta7ljiUnsr,- • ' . 

Georffe jan . M;i Icolri^. .f:ran.ilso.n. 
Lilv Lani:1i-v, niarrh-'d -to. Kriid (';;is- 

Daly's reopens ..I'lnder Bi-il'ish 
Am;rl.t:a mated . Theairos, Ltd:./, wjth 
•nominal ca.piial of $S7j,p'O0i -in .-.Jo. 
shares. Isadore AV. Schl»'si,n&e.v'pai.d 
the Geprpre Edwardos' iiTtc'reslr; $1;.-; 
250,000 for; the' propeiHy a ..nvpnth 
ago. House reopens Sept, \19" w'ith 
"Sandy," Kojiers, Hart and . P'^ields 

Franklyh -Dyall and; Man' Mcrralj, 
professional.s have Riveh. hCtico at 
the Chelsea re^fistry office- of . tlijeir 
Intention to marry, 

Installation of Pari-mutuel.vkhiawn 
here as Totalisator, have the British 
bookies burning;. Ordered at Bath to 

• ' Th-; I:^.--!iiiiff; tlvrep; padlock orders 
aii;u:i..-u Atlantic' City bbanlwalk-ri-s- 
•ti'inriints, Judge Clark in - Federal 
.( 'Durt', 'Xowark, . specilied all iVxt iires 
wOrt-'to be removed,.' ' 

.. Ti in M i y, dc t or . '. 6 7..,. \vl ro . d ic;d. 
Jan- 1-1. left an estate ivpprai jod 
$6',"lfO .net.. It- consist ti^d of ,L. I, 
•realty.' aiid. hvOi'^tsascB.^" - ^ V 

. j Accu.'-ing the government of, lax- 
ity and.- ne.s?lis;enoe In pro.^ecviticin, 
F.ederal JXidire Guy L. I'^ake in Xew*- 
iirk- ^^yacaled tJve padlock oi'der 
afffvinst Meyers Hotel, Hblioken, 
^yll^cl^;' he. liad imposed .six weeks 
ago.' -'-- ' ••' . ''■ 

. Police Commissioner . AVhalen ' acr 
cused Maurice • Campbell, Federal 
Prohibition Agent, of "passing the 
buck,". When - th6 latter sent him 
300 complainta against speakeasies' 
and requested him to act upon 

Church of S.t; Malachy, "The Ac- 
tors' Church" in 4!)th. ."Street, is to 
be enlarged at a cost- of |S5,000. 

lipuglas G. ilertz will produce a 
■ drjvmatizatioh of his novel . VFlei?lj. 
.Alley''. : in October; . with Mo.dctte 
.ilunt .in, the -Ibad.^ ■ . .• . ... ' . : ,'-• , 

Edna Forbej' Aviii oolkiborate in a 
new jdny with George :S, Kaufman. 

.Having settled his differehoes 
-with .Mrs. Anna "VV- eightman . Peri- 
neJd... his "a^ngcl," PJarl Garroir is 
having "Fioretttt-' revaniped witlh 
i)orothy Brittbji in .tlie' iead. -.- -. 

F16renc<; - von- ^Vicni...-.playwriglvt; 
'wife of AVilliarii Auerbac^ 
tist.Vjtttempted ..s'uicid.e^'a to 
the police; . by j limping in front . of 
a avenue' " train- at . Stii . .street 
.station. She is' in St. A'incoiit?s ^.^os-. 
" In a critical condition. 

. To holder.s of common Stock of 
record Sept. 9, AVarnerS j'lro. ol'i ei ing 
as optional 6?^' .cphycr:til>.le deben-^. 
tures,...*5ei-io& due: iy39.,at the rate of 
on$ - $500 debenture for' each: 6JJ. 
shares of' common. The price which 
ls;ret|,uircd by .Sept. . 30 is .?5;'5 for 
a $500 bopd. Txftal -Lssue is $2d;- 
00.0,00b. • - V ■ i . ' 

; Net profits for the first t\vo qua r,-; 
ters 6f the present year, ending i) .illy 
13; -Of $524,336 are :ai,nn6uii 
Pathe lixchange,; Inc. This cpin- 
pares /with aui $3ix(l,p50 . loSs for- tb.e 
same periodTast year. 

Charged with negligence in . driv- 
ing, Madge Kennedy lias been named 
d.efehdant in fvvoVdamage ^iuits .a.sli-r 
ing- $13,000 dimagies; . Mr. iand Mrs, 
Richard Shindler of Oaklyn, .N. J., 

say they >Vcrc Injured -when a car 
driven by Miss Kennedy collided 
wit h t li eir.s on 1 1 1 0 . 1.3os tOn . Post road, 
near Now. Lomlon, July 14. 

..■\Viilter Greenough, ■who has ac- 
quired the Princess theatre, plans 
a sub-scrlption; seaspn Of intimate 
plays for "excliiisi vo xuidienceH." The 
title given to tho undertaking :Is 
"New York Theatre A.ssem.blies." 

Ai.l ou t.standliig 6% convertible 
debonture.s, .series A at'105 and . lnr 
teiiest, have been callod' in by Mo- 
tion i»i,ctiirie Capital- Corp. fOr re- 
dem-ption: Get. 1.' ' 

■ J. Finley WiJson was again .elect-' 
ed pireside'ht, for the elghtli con- 
secutive, time; ' of tht} ' ; inipi'«ycd 
!Ben evolent Protective Order of Elks 
of .the AVorld (.Negro),- at the annual 
opnveiitiOnVlieUl af. Atlantic .City'. 
The. defeated carididafe' :wa^ Casper' 
Holistein of : Ilarlom^ .supported by 
iieiircsehtaUvo O.scar De .Priest. 

..A nvctai . screen ! invented , by Dr. 
G!ii>vifd .AVVin^^.clienl.vri Ituijisian Sur- 
ir(>bn,. .has by tlie 
•I?ngine*.^riug Sp:oi(v(y. pf Now . yprlt.; 
1 1 is . sai d . : to : rcq li i on e - fif th- as 
inuch - a'niiiorage . for ' prpjectioh . asi 
liie (irdinary m. p. screen : -'aii is 
suitable fur- sound <)i' itjil'ent :nims 
in. dii>Might or djiiMines.s .and is si>c- 
CiAlly recbp'tivG to color. ' ; ■ . •' 

. Mi-s. . Margfvret ReiOlc .Stoarn-s, 
dalightor . of . . the ]atc William - C. 
Reick;: .foi-mer owner ' of : the,- Ne\v 
York . Hu ri, : - liai^ -, J.iTcd. a - ;.s ui t for : di - , 
.V'orco .; in \lieho . against; Heriry S. 
Stearns; Jr., chai jsriiig- her- husband 
with excessive, drinking atid humili- 
.atiori. Thev were- married lu Nev/ 
■Vorkrin '-1922. :■'•'.' :.'.;':-:-' - ■ 

. ' Ximel Lillian . LePtOY Arth'uri ior 
many y.ear.s Svith .tlie .Chicago Grand 
Opera c.djiipaiiies, iS;, suing, the Plaza 
Hotel, New- ..ypi-k; .;f or .$I5;pob. . " Ac-, 
cprdihg to tlic complaint -Mme. Ar- 
thur wished to go into Ah exclusive 




K.I N G S 

T ,H F. A T a. L 
f LA T S U SH 

women's rest room on the main 
floor but was r6fu.sed admittance 
by a maid as sho was not a guest' 
at the hpte.L She again tried tho 
following day and wa.^ again re- 
fused admittance, the maid Te- 
rn ai-k Ing "I will not allo\y tliis sort 
o£ a lady to enter here," 

John P. Stapleton, promoter and 
sale.smnn, committed suicide In a 
Philadelphia hotel. He had been re- 
duced to" poverty . by the late . David 
Stefnhardt, bankruptcy, lawyer, who 
duped him- out of $105,000. 

"Rope" wHl be. known . a.i "Com- 
plex'' \ivhen. It \s presented here next 
month -hy the Sh.uberts. , 

' It has been .revealed .that'vj;iiniTiy 
W^al;(hour; sja;-day raco; ch.ampipn,: 
wa.s secretly married . to May De.- 
lahey, lately , of '^Manhattfin Mary," , 
at .Rye, 'N". 'i',,.. Atig'. ;!^),- against, the' 
wi.shos, of Tils : p.arents. - / 

. {Hhllam Keep,: former husband of 
Ahn^ IMurdofik, -Avhose divorce be- 
comes -. effective ; bet. 1,. .announces 
iii.s engagctiient to Ruth 1-ra.rrington 
Ander.«:on, .former "Vanities" . gi.i't of ■ 
PliilfidOljih-iitr- • -' ' - :. ; ■■ -, ".: .; ■ --/* .' 

; .Ciharles -K-.- Gordon ;. l.s 'tiv- in'oduce; 
'^Th 0 .;Re:i son ' ji; ," ; new; .ii u t ii:bio- 
s:i\iplticril play -of /iiihrrled . lifii '.pn 
Park u vciiiio, jjy . M'rs. .M i iviiet te 

Hirst:' ■-- ■^ -x. , . 

. :. J; p. Ayilijams- is toi .Lee ome head 
of. the ' .Wiiiianis' Plan mult iVi.ngu?i! 
talker studios, ■ KnSllsh' pi'.Pioct.. . 

. li'one Castle' McLaughlini wi<l<u'7 
and stage partner of. Vernon Cftstlei, of the heirs of .'<MisK-) - EJien 
Hotehkiss;. whip died T.eCentl-y in. 
Nd-w Haven,, conn,,, arid left an .00-. 
tate of $20,000, -' - --V 

Film, censorshii^ .will bo. osfah-' 
liished in Mexico; .. Sept, .: 15.- Work 
Will .be handled by -a fte^y- dept; un» 
der the Minister of. the Interior; •. 

Jeanne Eaigels' s'usperision 
Eqftity ended Sept. 1. ■ . 


.'.'The Good- Old Summertime" ia 
title of new musical to be produced 
by Guy- Bolton, Bert -Ktalmar hnd 
Harry Ruby, . who have recently^ 
formed a partnership. . 


• Pola Negri made a flving. >. trip 
here landing last- Friday (Aug. 30). 

- Jeanne Kent, legit actre.<5S: fined 
$50 for .speeding. Cop clocked hef 
doing 63. - - ' ; 

Montion Picture Capital Co, filed 
suit in the L^. S, District Coiu't 
against Harry Gar.-son, secretary* 
treasurer of the Thomas, T'roduc* 

(Continued on page 47) 






In Fajichon & Marco's "Sweet 
Cookies" Idea 



\ rcalurcd by. 



Fonliircrt In rniiohoii nn<l .Miirco'e 
"l,ove School" UU'n 

Wednesday, September 4, 1929 

V A R I iE T y 






Flye and Teift Follies*' 



Under Direction of TONY SHAYNE 


VARIETY " Wednesday, September 4, 1929 

REC AIXED'-tp Pittsburgh 

By Public Demand 


ajCe master of ceremonies 

at the 

Lbew and United Artists' 



Tliis Return Engagemeni Inaugurates 


Watch ^^^^KiJETY for THOSE Box-Office Reports! 

MR. LOUIS K. SIDNEYv my Boss and Sincere Friend, flatters me as follows: 

Teddy Joyce is^^^^^t 

Sincere thanks for their many kirtdnesses to Messrs. iMnning and Rayrrtond, respectively the gen^^ of the Penn, Pittsbrugh, 

and Century, Baltimore; and, of course, my sponsor, Mr. Sidney, 

Pr S.— Stin sending commission to LOU IRWIN. Believe it or not, it's a PLAZHURE! 

Wednesday, September 4, 1929 





(Continuctl from page 24) 

Gets the sympathy of tho audience 

Dramatic kick wheni husband 
slaps his uncle for accusing girl of 
being niistrcfts of host of , original 
party. Goes with imcle and mother 
for showdown. Dialog, here porf<jct. 
' . Wife turns the trick by compro- 
mising the uncle in her bedroom, 
when he comes through with chocli 
for $50,000 to settle up marriage of 
his nephew. 

Entertaining' picture, , >. 



■■.-.^.(Silent). . ■ 

.. M. J. Go.urifthcl ))r()ilU(aion. - r)lroot('<T 
"Walter Nicbiihr; Sinry liy Slr. I'hlUi) Gilybs, 
adapted by. I:.ui:lllo'.Si|)il.m'.s. .iMKa. Chpc.koYa, ■ 
JuUane Johnson,. Jiillns Klola ft-aturod. In 
cast' H>ib'l> Miller, MnliMllni. l\hl. . At- .Mir 
AVe. Playhouse, -Ni'W York, week Aup. -ai. 
Kunnlnjf time, 00. iiiiiiiitc-s. .. 

Cheap foveigh-rriade quickie of the- 
.Boirt that won't dravy a dime in tire 
arty houses or any.\Vhcre else, lack- 
ing: in story .development, ca.sting 
and direction, . . V . . 

: Philip Giblis' novel ha.s either been 
butchered pr. never \vas intended for 
screen .adaptation. Old-^ra.shioricd 
plot has a Tiii kish roue oh the malic 
for a Russian rofugee maiden in 
. CQnsta,ntIn6ple. . - • 



T, A. Welch prosont.*) th!.<) .'iilM't.'illiin of 
(ho ol<l-vory ol(l -IliM(i-y Aitlmr Joncs nif>lo. 
ilvH.'ilbcd .as. "A I'.irumniinl Kortvi^u .1:.- 
l.aH.y DIrc'Clcl. l.y T. 1 L-u .-s llunlvr. 
I'frry Miumont ff-aturp.! wlilr cast 
WiqtOBi'uiil.iy l.y. Hernuiil Knowlos, Itunnhut 
llind 70 inlnHKa. At: Mltlc. (.•arrioijle l'l;i> - 
liousc. New Yofkj .wcck- Auk. .'it 


N'l'llIC J>onvpr. ... 
Oapt. Skinner..;..-. 


JaDfcs . ............. 

(ioolTrcy "VVure. . , . . , 

(^ji)rlfiilt.: i 

^Vuinibo. . , 


."^ol Avyn. ; ; 


Cci'ily iH'u\cr , 

N'l'il DiMiver 

.r'.'iX'j' MariiiP.n.i 

. . i . , '. . ii-aiV .Ti;.v' 

. . . . . I ! .M-ri;il il. N»cie)l 

. .-. .- . Ciiili' ''liior 
...ilUfV'l' I'J- WflKlil' 
. .H.inil'l lluil! 
. ...-^.Ti t-"li:,u-.( 

.V.i..... . .i;.-n i'^UlO 

. . k .Ilerii y \\'(.-iin!.in 
-.l-lVM, I) .J..,;;;! 
. .;..llivyn;on.| .J-)i;i.>-- 
.I'earl i lay 
. .'. . I'vu-r .Curpcnlor 

; '.An awkward sc'recii adiii,it;iuori. of 
this iincient molo. loav.os it- hc)p(,Mess.: 
ly - old-fa.shi6nod. Try to .wish, an 
.underworld story of 30 years ago on 
Lliis gonoratloh of fans .cd.Hcated . to 
the subtle niceity of dnimatic crinie, 
4i:iid all you get is .a derisive :gls!ile. \ 
It's a beautiful technical produc- 
tioh and neatl.v enough acted,, for 
the pfirt, but the materia;} and 
tone of the whole- thing is absurd. 
J.teprb.sont.s apparently Paramount's 
purchase of a picture tor 3'Jri^lish 
(lurtla purptwes.- filvn : being .releai-sed 
for what it will, bring, and ;. that 
won't be much, baised on. the . rental 
scale the sure-seaters pay.' Sbme-' 

. ■■■■■■■•■I 



.. -■•■■■■■■■L, 

•■■■•■■■■■< . 

■ ■■■■■■■•Ml 


anct his - 

d Ohe most Dalkedi L 
III of Unit in Chka4p Jl 

ill today! Ill 

■ ■■■■■■■■a ■■■■(■■■■■■■ 

iiijilARAGON BAIL ROOM iiiii 



D i rector of M u^i c for Loevy Th eatreis. in Wash i ng to n 


WAsillNCiXOX, I). C. 




TiiK .SHOW rr..\( K oir .svnAn si:, n. v. 

thing should be salvaged from the 
purchase price from the daily 
changes, which la the field for this 
ohe. . ' 'i 

."The Silver King" wag one of 
-Tones' earlier works, done; In col- 
laboration with Murtin II<> and 
probably dates back to the late '80's, 
It's still in the late '80's rind is "Blue 
Jeans" witli a few of the rough 
(Mlges smoothed out,. When it was 
.an A nVori can success Harrison, was 
in-esitlcnt and horse ears ran across 
4\li\ street; .;\Vh cover adapted the 
old boy for the .scrot?^ couldii't get 
the riiu.sLy .'smcll out of ;it. 
: . All ihe bid liok© is still. there, even 
if ,they have injcctod.. such .sprightly 
hirtdorn touclies. as a vainp type who 
sUinds around! for a . brief scene in 
up-to-date; undies.'. Chili ..Bpuclnor 
(hies this ' role", and over-acts pain - 
fully... Nevertheless she has poSsi- 
bilitie;s.; w"ith .restrained /direction, 
and is by all odds . the best thing in 
the. lilhi, getting over the: torrid sex 
appeal in spite:,of a: silly role crudely 
act6d.:. ■. , • .. 

Compared to the modern under- 
world story dished up with atmos- 
phere , and studio slight-ot-hantiv this 
.stuff .-is raw Nick/Carter iagatn^t 
eonari Doyle. • They oven have the 
heroine kidpappcd by -the master 
cr.bok . and . held prisoner in a steel 
lined , Chamber at. the end ot ar 
undei-ground tUnnei. tJnderirrourid 
tunnels aren't good technique any 
more., They haven't been used, for 
escapes since Chicago gangdom dis- 
covered the 'real .^blessings of the 
writ of ha.bea.s; corpus. 

Another detaii fs the return home 
years later of ,the Monte' 
Cristp in the midst of a heavy stage 
snpwystorm.' The. comic, papers killed 
off that dra:matic device : bfefore' the 
films began to cut into the dramiEt's 
gate, and. hoHr. it, the . exclusive 
property ^ of the two^reel . comedy 
makers. ■■ . 

;. The tip-off Oh what Paramount, 
thought of the^ film's value, of course; 
is . that the company just dumped it 
on : the market without: ^taking- : the 
troiiblei to giVe it'syrichrdhi^fed sicore 
or .sound effects. Anyhow, the Car- 
negie Playhouse is candid about it; 
They bil.l it promlnehtly as silent. 

Riishi ' 

GoiiflueH of Holjr Land 


.. Protlucers not ha'med. At 5th Ave Play-, .N'ew York, .week Aug. 31. . Running 
time. CO minutes. ; 

: Thia three-feeler is, said to be an 
authentic record of General Allen- 
by'.s.. campaign in Pailestine during 
the World War, and made in that 
country. . 

Allenby headed British -troops 
against. Turkish uprisings in; the 
Holy Land while the big conflict on 
the Continent was raging. Sevefal 
of th e jscenes seem fakiedr. iiotably .a 
sfeqiience showing a British captain 
performing ari exceptional adt ' of 
gallantry for whibh.he recfeived the 
Victoria Cross. .Lengthy tltlfes arid 
troop movements,' shown on "maps, 
help to pad It out; 
With Palestine daily in the head- 

lines, on account of the Jewish- 
Arabian riots, this picture may hold 
timely _ interest on a screen pro- 
gram, especially in neighborhoods 
with a large Jewish population. ' 

Reconstruction of 


Xv< nro.hii'er. naineil. .\t Sth Ave. Play- 
luiuyo,. .New York,' week .Aug'. 31. Kun- 
nniK .Uine. .'id- iuinutob.1. 

• Three .r'o.els; of .Palestine: newsrecl 
slvots released by Hada.«isah, woman 
branch ' of.; thfr. Zionist "organization, 
without ehargci tQ'. the exhibitor, / 
. ,PieUti-e likely has been used 
preyjously -in: Zionist cainpaign 
driyes.^n.'this co.untry. . Dug. out of 
the vault, because of tlib curreht 
pogrom-s'; in Palestine, , the .film, cpn- 
tains many, scenes of places where 
Je Arab ; ra,ce riota. ai-e now 
taking pliJCce, but h' is propaganda 
for the' Zionist movement, showing 
what the organization has done 
with the hioney it has received, 
mainly in this country, for the up- 
bulkling of a. Jewish Homeland in 

'■ Photography Jjg' poor,, but as sub - 
joct is timely the filri\. rates a place 
o.n any Jewish neighborhood house 
prograrh. ' .. 



rox pr-i'liu'tl'jn ;uiil relortse, DlnvlPi-t by 
iTi-^iii-Be!. ^.'oii.irlo by ..Mario 
l)lv. .lo.-iiMilrine Dunn tVatnn^.l, At I.oew'a 
.Vew. York HHP day (Xwn. '.'7i, l\;ilC iloubia 
bill. Itunnmt; tinie, GO iiiituii<-s. 

As nutty a. story as a ^<lor.y could 
be, erlQiigh .character iKi-rt.s for, all 
the .films in llollywooil and .a villain 
for every honorable person iii tho; 
picture. ; 

A prolog shows 'hii w ' men 
wore doomed to exile. Ilehry Wal- 
thall iJOrfprmed : .ail bpei\\tioii. wiule 
.stewed, .arid the. knife slipped ; .Earle^ 
Ivpx seduced:'.'.' girl ; ' J-'ritz Feld- lost 
hi.s honor but saved :vi.s life by pos- 
ing a.s. a woman; in a siiipwret^k. . 

Three- dreadfiil gentji. .... 

The three guys go -so far- aa 
to pull pivohey death scenes; and 
even that doosn'.t get: them tJie poils. 

A not too picture for 
not top intelligent audienoeis. 

- ■■ Bige. ' . 


Man to act as tcchniciciri for 
broa^ea.sting sound, effects. 
Should have experience/ as the- 
atrical pi-operty hVauj .combined 
with imagination and mechanical 



.■ ..Exclusive \ 

Eaispn Recordings 

Sole Matiageinent 

Featured in F. & M. "SWEET COOKIES" IDEA 

"riianks id FANCIION & MAKCO 

v -.feATURED:-'.. ■.■^;;'.:-^-!: 


Souiicl Motioti Pictures 

:■ Pres. and Gen. Mgfn Fox West Coast Theatres 

401 pages; of information, ideas, methods for immediate applica- 
tion to the running of a sound policy theatre, successfully and 

,:Wi-th profit.^:. ; V -V : ■ ■ ) ' ■ ■■ .; ; - . 

Technical and practieai studies of equipmeni^ 

to operate and service it. .' . '. . vy."- : . ■ ■ - ;■• 

How to build programs, present and exploit talkie features. 
History of sound— present trend--probable future developments- 
wide Him— stereoscopic pictures— television— all intelligently dis- 
cussed by a qualified, authority. : ; 

; ..■ . Distributed by • 


, • ■ .• - . ".-^f ..'Seventh Ave., New York City ^-7 

Price $3 

Plus Mailing Costs • 

- ----- -ORDER TODAY- - W - - „ 

'.Motion Picture Xown 

New. York, N. Y« / ^ ; • ' ■ 
. Kncros(?.d in — ^ciicck, nionev urder . lor ( -.^i). c 

coyer; niriilin<; cosU) in full" payment for one- co 
Motion . I'ictures. 



* .* • • • t . 

I'Icd i:> 


V A R I E T Y 

Wednesday, Septcn^ber 4, 1929 





arid .their Col- ■ 

legiate Unit for tliei 

r Invaluable as- 

sistarlce and co-opera 

Ltion in promot- 

ing otir success. 

We are sinGerely g 

■ratef ul for their 


Directed by 

. Just finished our- third ehgagemcnt 
at the Palace, Chicago, in. less than a 
year... .And each erigagenient. to big^ 
ger business. 

Last week attracted capacity busi- 
ness at every performance at the Al- 
bee, Cincinnati. 

This week, Palace, Cleveland, and 
another big week. 

Special exploitation, Miss Agneis 
Cherry, of bur own publicity depart-; 
ment, working ahead of the band, de- 
veloping the "Redheaded Beauty Con- 
test" and the "Brick Top Club." . 


Permanent Address : 




Under the' Direction of 


The Ace Loew Pit and 
Stage Combination 

-That-Rates- the—— 

Glowing Praise of 
Aiidiencesy Producers 
Direictors, Critics 
And Artists 





Here They 


Thanks to Mr. 
L. K. Sidney and 
loew -s, Inc., 
For Our 

GEO. WILD, Conductor , G. A. WIDOF'F, Violin 

H. P. BANGS, Concertmaster SOSNER, Violin 

k. ALT, Violin S. ORMANSKY, Violin 

5. E. HELMERS, Violin R. HAYNIE, Violin 

M. C. DOPSON, Viola 
J. C. SPAHN, 'Cello 
R. WIEN Eft, Flute 

Vy. F. SCHNABEL, Oboe 
KUMMELL, Clarinet 
M. C. SATER, Clarinet 
F. MARKS, Horn 

C. E. MUELLER, Trumpet 
W. Hr BLOHM, Trumpet 
H. EOMHARDT, Trombone 
R. G. Jones, Drums & Tymp. 

Wednesday, September 4, 1929 

V A UD E Vlt LE 



Keitlis May Solve Ad-StuiSo 
Situation West by Booking^^^b^ 

LoS Angeles^ Seiitv 3. 

I,ocal Kelthrprpheum office may 
goon l»ut into pperatlon a departr! 
ment to: book its own acts in pic- 
tures, on. a commission basjg; 

It has been flffu red ttiat durine 
the past 52 Wbeksr, <in an; i^^^^^ 
of three acts, either at the. HUl- 
street or Orpheum here, h^ve weeUr 
}y done som6 kind of picture \vork. 
The "no picture, work'-v clause In 
the H-K-O contract has been lonff 
since ignored. In some cases, the 
circuit has - £pund itself buying back 
the act : at .an increased, flgu.i^e be-, 
cause of a;?creen cliclc. ^ V '.: 

Current Idea, for an established 
b(wklne office- . is' based . on/ -t^ 
pr'^mise that there is- no, ■necessity 
for the circuit: to. lose; the acts, 
as if . Orph^uni makc3 • the picture 
arrangement the contract' will stat^^ 
that , the act must resjumie the; yaude 
route, at ;lts .fcirmer saiaty.; : 

Tlie .vaude . .chaih will maiie . tixe 
studio arrapgi?menls . and . literally 
loin :its pef£6rmer.$' . for; the usual 
cqmrnissldn foe; thereby hbldiong on 
to its acts; creating good. Will among 
the Viudeyilliahs ;by .ai; wilUngn.ess 
to let -tliem . do . pictures; Cif' t 
niarid is there) ,: and reaping toy tlie 
yaude' circiiit, ;; pdrliaps, $20,0 a 
yeir in. commissions; -i That's the 
present skeleton of the plap; • . 

: QrpheUm officiB;' now hia? a lone 
TOan scouting the studios and book 
ing; its. acts- in. pictures which come 
into town; This, of course, makes a 
joke pt the . ''ho; pictures'': clause, 
. Besides; which the local agents and. 
studio : caster^ watch .; the . vaude 
houses vwepkly for .possible, talent; 
iand . wiion . they waint ; something, 
grab light and left-^to Orpheum's 
loss. Hciice, it is said that ais long 
as this condition exists; and if both 
the brphcum a,n,d Hiil^ttefet theatres 
have virtually become show , spots 
for futurie picture work, .the vaude 
circuit: may as well reap sorhe bene 
fit from the situatipn as nothing It 
has done or is going to do can stop 
It. One^ direct studio cbrtnectlon is 
alreidy at hand. Radio Pictures 

: 'Accordihg to report the western 
Orpheum office is sold on the idea, 
opposition coming from the east, 
which is. supposedly as - yet unOon 
vinced on- the propositioh on the 
theory that it would be throwing 
the acts away. 

■.';';. - ■ 275 ShQrts^' 
. An angle to the situation is the 
275 Vi taphohe slio^rts ;Warners is 
.planning for the. cbming season 
This schedule, to be. siipervi§ed by 
Bryan. I'oy and Al Cohn, reads as 
follows: 50 one-reel dramas, 50 one 
reel comedies, 2o tWo-reel .dramas, 
25- two-reel comediea, 25 one-reel 

these to t>e made in the east), 25 

; hand recordings, and 25 two-reel 

. .playlets.' With its feature prograrh 
completed late . next month; this 
stiidio will stay open to. get these 
shorts under way. ;.; . 
, The .eitent : to which • Warners 
niust call, upon vflfUdcyllle talent, to 
.fulfill Such a' line.rup is ob yipus. it's 
van airgumcht put forward in fayor 

. of Orpheum's bbOkihg . department 
for picture engagemients . by sup 
porters of tlie plani ;•'; 
. As currently operdting drpheum 
1$: not. : reach ing .$ u.OOO; ' a year..; I n 
cOrhmiasions on its. booking ;p£ acts' 
In pictures, .Many a perform'Br has 
left Los . Ahgeles with a! jgrOuch be 
• cause the; plrcuif ref used.; it a ' film 

Hatidshak^ f or $150! 


Eindihg a; wallet conta;ining 
' $150,.- :'MauriGe Maurbr, . chief 

■ "usher; at tiie iPalaee, Ti^yr Ttpvk, 
returned . It to the . owrier and . 

/ got-; a ;ha^\d5shalce; ' : ; ' .; ' " ; 

Maurer also rescued" a felt 
'hat Sunday which \vas. claimed: 
by Senator JPrancis RTurphy by 
wire., from : iBaitimore :Mbrid,ay. 
The m0P°^°sist has- so; niucli 
hair that. when he left the the-, 
atre. he did.ri't. miss the beririy. 

Buck and Bubbles Hop in 
And Out of Jail Again 

Chicago, Sept. ; 3, 
..For . the second time in; three; 
weeks, Buck and , Bubbles, ; colored 
vaude 4;ea;m, were thrown - into; jail 
by J.udge; i/yle, lihgeting threo days: 
in; the can this time,: - A $1,600 bond 
put UP by the RKO circuit gained 
thclr^release. ;" .■;-; ;.;■• 
. Troubles ; of Buck artd Bubbles 
ha;d been' acbrulng fbr a lOhig time;, 
arising f rpni their legal jams :with 
Nat ;Nazarro, . former, manager and, 
spbrisbf of the. teani,.; three weeks; 
ago they .were yanked f rom the Pal- ' 
ace , bill and incarcefated., fpr two 
days. ' liater, released on - a writ of 
habeas cprpi),ii,:they continij'ed;work 
for . Keith's until cbmine back to the 
State Lake. Judge ' Ly le then ordered 
them back to jail until the bond 
was placed. \ ' \ . ; 

Ladies and Prima Donnas Can't 
See ffliy Hues Singers Get 



\- Cliicag'o. Sept. 3, . . 
Ted .Williams. inanager of "iCitch-; 
en pirates;'', act ht . the .iiltate-Lake ' 
last .W(iek> was arxestod '■ after the 
final performance Friday on a ;War- 
rant charging embezzlernent, ^sworn 
oiit; by Maurice Gold'eli, ; o\yner of 
the tui'n. Jie was released tiie next 
morning bn proriiise tp m^^ke: resti- 
tution for a $ GOO payroll that.dls- 
appearccl while th.e act was playing, 
the local Palace a few. Weeks ago. 

Diuring the Palace' engagemeht, 
Williams reported that $G08, to pay 
off, had been stolen frpm; his trunk 
in the dt^essing rpom. Police -in- 
vestigated and recommended .that 
Williams be arrested.. 

Colden engaged Attorney VPhil R. 
Davis and the Warrant was sworn 
out fPr Wiliiams' arrest. In CPurt, 
although denying tliat he had taken 
the mbnisy,' Williams, promised to 
make ;up the amount and the judge 
permitted ; Attorney Pavis ■ to " noli 
prbsse the case. 

Edith Marcelle, featured in the 
turn, !^ Williams' Wife. She and her 
husband left the act; despite Gold- 
ehs' bffet: to let them remain. 

.' libs ^Ange^es, Sept. 3; ■ . 

Mrs. Alexander Pantages'went pn 
trial' today. (Tuesday) ' bef Pre Su- 
perior Court judge Hardy on 
charges p f ' second, degree murder 
grpwing ■ out of art aUto accident 
four months'agb.. '. ; ; 

Mrs. Pantages was represented by 
Mux; steuer, W. J.'Fbrd, and .W. t 
Gilbert. , 

Pantages, facing., trial on stat- 
utory charges, will, be tried Sept. 23 
before Superior Cpurt Judge. Prlcke. 

Alpise ;Leyendecker, p. r i h c i P a l 
state's witness aealnst Mrs., PAii 
tage.s, was repbrted missi by 
deputies from the District Attor- 
ney's office. . 

Trial of W. R. McGefc op charges 
of attempted ; bribery. In connection 
with Ivis attempt to buy off the ar- 
resting officer of Mrs. Pantages, was 
cohtinued until Oct. 1. iPostpprte- 
nient at the. request of- the dis- 
trict attorney, ;w:ho. wishes first to. 
try botli the PaTitages cases. 


Catherine : Ross Asking $|200,00d 
From Plank Company 

Ju^t li Hardbbil^d 

Jack Barry was in a. sisters' 

hPspi tal in Atlanta during his 
Jatest illness. ■ ; 

'It was . toug.h'cr than . Jack 

knew .for .a week,, but he' finally : 
:; pulled a .. snVile that ; indicated- 

'cons.ciou-shcss.. ',..;;; ; •-'.'■ 

. !'.You' were .very ;sicii. Mr, 
; Barry,"; snild a ■ sister^.; ■ ;';'l>id.n't; 

ybu hear the angers singing?" . 

; ''Np;:' . replied - Jack;'- "but ; I; . 

heard someone ahpveli,ng coal.". .; 

. Which put • Mis'ter;: Barry on 

the ;biaekl ist for tiie rest; of his.; 

stay, there. ; 


^odgrass' Cafe 

Girard, 111., Sept. 3. 
Harry Snodgrass;* "king of the," one of the first tO cap- 
italize radio fame; realizing not only 
vaudeville contracts; but a release 
from the Missouri state .pi:isbn, IS 
going into . the cafe <^ business here. 

Snodgrass is a native of this city 
and; was a small time performer 
when; h^ . got Into a legal jam ..that 
landed him in prison. He became 
a star in the prison radio pro- 
grams and eventually his sentence 
was reduced tO allow him to ac- 
cept stage offers. 

Af tei^fheT'fit'St^glanTOr^he-beTXrtne- 
a small timer again* 

Des Moines, Sept. 3. 

Claiming injuries received in "an. 
accident Feb.: 8v: 1929, at the pairi- 
mount here . ended her career as a 
performer;. Catherine, Ross, chorus: 
girl with PubUx Unit, has filed suit 
for $200,000 damages in district 
cornet, naming A. H. Bilank Theatre 
company, Des Moihes< Theatre com- 
pany; Publix and Paramount The- 
atre cortitiiiiny. 

The plaintiff alleges she entered 
the theatre tor;: the purpose of at- 
tending reheaTsal and fell throtigh a 
door used for Unioading stage scen- 
ery as there^ was no light at the 
entrance. ' ^ " , . 

According to the petition her left 
foot and; her jaw were fractured 
and her eyes, nose and head bruised 
and lacefatedi The Injuries caused 
her lips to become stiff, hindering 
-speech-and-lwiye -made-it-impossible 
for her to continue; ia her work.^ 

Heidt's UiiiqiK Co-opo^tne 


K'ew.. Britain, :Se;pt.- 2; ; 
Tiiree diamond rings valued" at 
$3,500 and stolen from the dressing 
room of Mrs. Florence \':ernon bf :3S9. 
Kast 152d :stroct, New Xork, on June 
,21 .while she Avas playing a va:ude'- 
ville .engagement at the. Strand the- 
atre?, this city,, are- at the bottom of 


■ ^Vl>l^e told, ."/ 'r '■ 

John Wass, • 1 8, said he' had ro- 
tM'jved them from two younger boys 
Who had stolen, them from the ac 
tro«.«i. : Fearing arrest if foun.d in his 
Po.s.sossion, Wass threw them into 
the pond. 

Police are skeptical, but are In- 
^•".Mlg.nting. ' 

Horace ;Heidt's. .band' .will . hold 
over at the f»alA<^<^* New Ybrk.;ne'^^^^ 
;we'ek. . ■ .Seturri . bo.bicing . .was 9pn- 
. sUirtmated fpliowine . the California 
band;^ bperiing. day click In . .the 

; Keith .hpusiet -■■.';..■ ;■•■:;; ,,;'■ ' ..' ;'; -'v 

; ^The :Heidt> aggregation h.aS the 
most; unusual • personnel arrange- 
ment of aiiy ba;nd in the country, 
so good that it reads like stuff. The plan is cp-ppera- 
tive for ail ; membor.s, all sh.'iirlng 
e4uJiilly in the profits, with the lead- 
er's (Heldt) salary ohly .slightly 
Ivigher tiiun the unbilled. muKiciunp: 
.: First requirement frorn^ all; the 
men is that th;oy. place thVmselye.«< 
aijd por.sonalities .s^ccondary to tht> 
organization. ■ If ' a,n> • ■ member 
tiio h<irid by; vote of .nine nuMnhi.'r.'^,' 
Vote, of nine; unanimously i-^ nece.^- 
sary,- before - any, .;c'lian£!:o c;ui . he 
made, ■. ; - : ■ 

. A set sum i^ Jif'ld out from ail 
.salaries weekly and. (ifP'>><ited,in in- 
dividual savings accounl.s for the 
boy.s. No brie can. ilraw ptV the 
account without first iConsiiUint; vnd 

receiving ; perm issioh; frpm. his' fel- 
low bandsmen. Under .that system 
each . of the Heidt: musician? ;\ a 
sub.sta;ntiar bank; account at ; all 
times, .which automatically . pyra 
rriids . weekly. - : V 

All of: the -bbys are. University 
of California alumni. . Heidt 'at 
tendcdl U. ..of C,; after four years 
at Culver Miiltat-y Academy,, where 
lie - won the all arpund athletic 
mbdal.. At the uniyersity :he was in 
jured in football, .Seven operations 
forced hi.rii out of ; school to. pay off, 
doc-toi' bills. ; : - ; 

He organized .a fo.ur-i)iece Ijand 
at .school to play cafe and theatre 
jobs for a time, then formeil a larg' 
(>r comlMnation of 
I .irccr, tJifi. lieldt men nr.tjoml In 
music and participated in the U. of 
C' glee club. ;.•. - ; : 

Heidt and his- ;CaliforniauH •are 
un(U'r contract tp I'.anchon ,& Marco 
for - another 14 weeks. They were 
booked with Kfith-s by the Fox of- 
;rice as an F. & M. unit. Salery i.s 
reported at $i,00d wr»"MtU'. 

;; .Sam Ti-shman has quit KPith's 
bppking office,; after serving there 
for. six niontiis; Induced by: George 
GPdfrey to leave a more lucrative 
post as the. Gr'eat States booker in 
the ;a.««sbclatibn'.s office in Chicago, 
tP join the Keith .New. Yorlc staff. 
Godfrey lately assigned Tishriian as 
assistant to. Johriny Collins on the 
New. York, books. .It was Ti:$hni,an's 
Objection to 'the subordinate p.osltibn 
^yhich br'pught''^ about his - resigna- 
tion. • . 

Recognized as a class A booker 
in New York and Chicago, when 
Tishman first reached the Keith 
New York office, he was given the 
middle western book (hpuses).. In 
the continual shifting of boPkers in. 
Keith's, Tishman .was deprived of 
his mi<^-y^'^st. bopk though knowing 
that territpry better than any other 
Keith New Yoiijv booker. 

Collins was -lately added to tlie 
Keith bopking staff, after having 
left tiiat oftlce about, three years 
ago. When previously with Keith's, 
Collins had booked the twp-a-day- 
ers,; such as Pittsburgh, Cleveland, 
etc. iRetUrriing Gplllns; was given 
the 17 or mpre NeW' York Keith 
three-a-day split week houses, to 
tiandle under his sole supervision. 
"Tishman vi^as made one of his as- 
sistant bookers,- 

It has looked for some tim^ as 
thoUgh Godfrey was trying to i c 

I. R. Sam uelSi recently returning 
to Keith's as a booker, following 
an absence, like CpVlln.s', replaces 
Tishman. . 

What's the b.f 'bo'int? a pi Ima / 
dohha when the l)liio sini^ors s<*t 
tlio'breiks? .; 

This seems to. be the ..dij>courag» . 
ing coiiclusiPji; re.actied ' by a . num- 
ber Pf prinia donnas. The ;prirha9;; 
still cling to theiivprofes.sibri'ai pride. .. 

iBlire sIngerSi say. the prima don- 
nas,; are usually girls with itntraiiied ; 
voices— of a- differeht strata ■ tlva;n; , , 
primary donnas—girls, with rterve. • 
Witness; t;he vvay they burst into 
the; .singing field-r^b.ut often -they ; . 
have something that puts them over 
better than tlip .prima donnas "wlio; 
are ti;ained for their vocation. And 
blue singers 'freqiiently get more . 
money with their nerve and per- 
sonality; than p.rima donnas with all 
tlveir. training. ;;; 

i21ue . singers . Pfteh :haye beea 
chPruS girls who crashed fhrbiTgh. . ; 
.Prima dPniias are Usually from out . 
of town trained with lh;€i Ideas at , 
doing, big tlungi?.; "They marvel ni Pre 
pi" les!5 ;at . the : of their, sis- 
tcrs; . but cbhijole ; themselves with 
tliel thought of their own .dignity. 
' The Very. " titlo, - priina, ..donna,; 
seenis to signify a dignified stand- ; 
ard that, they.; feel they must live ^ 
up to. ; It. has a grand Opera riiijir 
they ..think, , while "bl ue' singer'' calis . 

..lo .mind a .jazz •.mama.' ; ; 


, Chicago, . Sept. 3-. 

Combination of 'Ted Lewis and 
Molly Plpbn set . a new;; record of 
^30;900 for Keith's ;tvyrbfa-day Pal- 
ace here last weels. ;..;.; 

The pr'eviOu.< recprd; ;of: , $30,800 
was set by Ted .Lewis the. proviou3. 
week, High befpre that, of $28.,433, 
also hold ;by' Lewis. 

Browning With Publix 

Joe Browning Is set with Pub- 
lix. 'fpr; the forthcoming . "Dance 
Mara bhb.n" unit.; Bro^vn ; Is .pne of ^ 
the ;few ■ straight mbnblogist.s Pt 
modern; times remaining. 

Another vaude. monolPgist now*;; 
out with a PubliJC unit is Senator. 
Murphy.. ,'•;'; 

Cantor's Relief Benefit 

A benefit performance of "Whoo- 
pee" foi* the relief of . the Palestine- 
Arab war victims is being promoted 
by Eddie Cantor, either for a Sun- 
day night at the New Amsterdam 
Pr a midnight . performance at the 
TfivO Palace.- [ ; ' 

David A. Brown, philanthropist 
ahd chairman of several national 
Jewl-sh charity committees, con- 
ferred ;witii the comedian over It. 


A.P'ecc of yaudeyille bu.slnftss is 
valued\ at $oO,000 or what have you. 
by Jack Strbuse, who has retained 
Harry Saks. Hcchheimcr . to com- 
pilaih against Ken*; liurray. 

it's the bit witii the phone, fro.m 
the ■ m'andger'.'S office to' the stage 
ringing up every time, -a gdg i.^ ;off- 

coior.''; ;;■';:'/-■■. ' 

:■;, clairns its prior ;; use , by 
manyryears:; .; -. ;■; - ". 


Sa'rti. Morton, his,- /jbrij iPaul, .and 
tlie latter's daughter, .Naofrii . Mor- 
ton a re ret 1 i.r n i n g . t P : ya q de as . a. 
Morton famfly ■ c.Pmhp, -in : an act 
.stsiod-. i'Threo Goneratioris'lV' . 

Hilistreet*s 4 Shdws ; 

Los Angeles, Sept.;3; 
Last week's story that the Hlll- 
.street will continue, its three-a-dajr 
policy was wrpng. HOuse goes four- 
a-day starting Sept. 12, when it 
starts serving its : vaudeville differ- 
ently behind possible long run, pic- 
tures*. Stage band .Will be ihaueu- 
rated, the acts woritlng. in front oif 
same and the. set tp be permanent 
upon the start of each stag;c bill. 

Theatre closes Sept. C, reopenlni? 
as_ the . RK O with "Street . Girl" 
fRadlb) ais the screen feature. 
Whether- the weeitly bills will hold 
over depends upon business. Rudy 
Vallee will . prPbably gp to the bat 
at $5 . premiere; with his band; 

Ray West's outjfit, at the Orpheum 
last week, goes in here as the perma- 
nent stage band; West is a Coast 
l>roduct :,;havlng- played _ various 
hotel.<3 and cafes hereabPuts. -; 

: Hollywood,. Sept, /3. 
Gus kdwards is rciJPrted wr-Uing 
a ;stage pperetta, "darmencita," for.; 
Armida/- young dahcer' lie 
found in the Mexican theatre here 
a couple of; -year^ ago and whom 
he has; been bposting iever . since;. . ;. 

Expects ; to .stage the operetta in ; 
Lbs;;Angeles. , 

. iFqst«r Girls in .Lo.ndon: 
' . ;' 'Montreal, 'Sept. 3. 

/ A.laii Fosh-V; , .s'ull.s f rpm , hortv tp- 
nibiTow (in tlie "JMi'jfahtic," . to\ Ijb 
ut Ihf I'allVidium; London, .pet. 7. ; 
-X-jV--:-t.i;r.ui.pix^f.i;f— iJilfiiK ttti:-.— giL-l«^ jari.- 

Ihc.M'f.'. pn that date. .; . ; ' 

■ .Danny Dare; for* Fox 

. lioilywobd; Kept.- 3. 
- D.-iVuiv; 7),-irc,- dancer, has bcf^ii 
sigru"! ii.r S/'W Y.ork for ;'i period . I.iy 

.li'hvi-.-, "by niolor- r')r;il'.illy wixiiV 
Oct:.,!/ :• ■ ' -- 

Brbwri oh Cdiist' ' 

; A trip . starting Saturday 
with 'a-- roturn tP .Ne.w York set for 
Sept. 20 is beihg taken by llirani 
S' Brown, oC R-lv-a• 





FOX & 

Ez Keoufjh;,, 
$ta.hlcy Rayiiurn 



. TEUPHOMT.: BRYANT 0651 -.6 • 





^Wednesday, September 4, 1929 

Oiily ^' Single'' Act On BrtMiawm 






ON THE Screen 

at the 


as a Feature of the New Warner Bros. Vitaphone Production 


Management LEO FITZGERALD, 226 West 47th St., New York City 

Wednesday, September 4, 1929 

V A R I E T Y 

iiiH mil Hm Hill iiimn i ini iim i mn ni i m ii iiiiii hih ii i h i ihi iih i iiii i iii ii i ih i i ii i i iih i imi mi l 


We tafee pleasure la telling ttie 

■^-'^V,'' , -'.-f ..■■■■.V. „f-, .. v . - 1^^. . ■ 

mj0SmM\b^&hx£^ rhe lod i( 


^U -i ^ — 1 1 1 I j TSS^ .J 

TJbe birdsdoatGQtmt,theJbees.d6n\.cf)unt,the-Sum-mei±reeM^^ YOU'RE 


And lov-ert lane, that shad - y lane, Some- 

E- iuii mil mil mil imi iiiii iiiii ihii iiu i iiiii i mi luit i i iii mil Jiiii.mii mil inn mil m m mil iiti i i mm 

|Yda can't qo a>rong | 

F^l SX. INC..'. 


Cor. BROADWAY and 50th ST. 

_^ (KNi' R.VSCli_ _ 0>113UT|l gi:.). 



935 Market St. 

75 W. Randolph St, 

23S L)>«b Aread* 

707 Lyric Thoa. • BIdo. 

181 Tremont St. 

193 Ycng« St. 

I22'8 Market St. . 

Gayety Tl>ea. BIdg. 



310 Michigan Th. Bldg. 405 Majoitic Th, BIdg. 


138 Charing CroM Rd. 30 Ru« de I'Echlqultr 

BERLIN. GERMANY. 37 Lalpilgtr StraUt 


llliW(l(l))WI(ll[lHI = 


^ ^rJ^ Dealer . I 
. ..wAlX or Direct / = 





Wednesday, September 4, 192^ 

Houses Opening 

: , Vaude is out again at the Crescent, 
Brooklyn, with stage band policy 


Park Lane, Palisades, N. J., re- 
opening, this -Nvieek sxyitcheS book- 

'Jngs from Ja,ck Llnder to Keith'g. 
it will piay five acts on split week 
booked by ilark Mui-phy; 
• Fox ha:s taken over the Strand at 
San Pedro, Cail. House wis built by 
JVIark.;H£|}nsen several years ago. 
After closing for a irionth. Springs- 

field's (Mass.) first deluxe theatre 
reopened Aug. 31 as Fox-Poll. It 
bias been rebuilt, with 3,000 seats- 
House opened with "Lucky Star," 
film, and Fahclion & Marcp's "Fan- 
tasma" on the stage, together with 
shorts, •• ; ^, 

A fall on the stage by Russell of 
Russell and Hayes put th© acrobatic 
team, out of acy 6h . last week at 
Loew's Commodorei l<rew "Tork. In- 
juries: forced. -them off the bill on 
Thursday. ■. ■ v : 

are now 
laid out in the 


If you are now working 
in or around New York 


immediately. Room 1207, 
Bond. Building, 1560 Broadway 
Bryant 5208 




162 N. STATE ST. 
Central 0246 CHICAGO 


(Continued from page 1) 
forms promised^ with the other ofll- 
cci\s promising, to lend their full 
support. No names pf . anyone not 
present were, mentioned in any of 
the speeches, although Judge Kelly's 
quiet references could not be mis- 


Arbitration tor NVA fcliib mem- 
bcr.9 was skeltonized by Cantor as 
a board of arbitration composed en- 
tirely- of NVA members, . before 
whom any member could file a com- 
plaint. : As. a further protection for 
the complaining member'^ Cantor 
said. If ■dissastified with the de- 
cision, the complaintant could ap- 
peal to another board, called "the 

supreme court," which would be 
show people ot standing unaffiliat- 
ed with the NVA', and the second 
board's decision would be final. 
Cantor stated the names: . of ; both 
boards would be given out- later. 

On health,, the president stated, 
the club intended to innovate a trys- 
tem . ;6f . physiical examination by 
doctors, with the .hope that every 
member, whether traveling or in 
New York, would consult the club's 
physician in whatever city he might 
b^ at least price each six months. 
No expense for these examiiiatiohs 
would be borne by • the members, 
"Cantor stated, as the club . will re- 
tain the doctors by the year, and 
carry all of -the cost itself. 

■ Comradeship. 

-The physical examination appear.') 
to have been suggested by the Sara- 
nac situation, with the: idea of a 
member ^ through examination, if 
developing a symptom ; ol any sort, 
to have it looked after in its first 
stages when it can be checked. It's 
along the life extension plan;, uni- 
versally recpmmended by physiciari.<5 
and industrial leaders.' ; 

. A :warm'^f,ee.iihg.:Iof ..:CQmrads^ 
appeared to .extend cyer the first- 
NVA meeting under a president of 
and for the bunch. The members 
were told to believe it was their 
club, and to treat it as such; to 
promote. it. and bring in new mem- 
bers; to tell everybody it's a new 

Casey In a meeting at the club 
before the election spoke in the 
same vein, with Casey making it 
perfectly plain that the day of the 
stool pigeon in the NVA and in the. 
variety' theatre had passed along 
with the system in -both , that breed - 
ed such practices. 

Variety Field 

A drive for membership for the 
club wag mentioned, with this to 
take in all variety divisions, such 
as the picture field (including the 
studios) and radio; It was with 
the expanding meriibershlp scope in 
mind that the name of the National 
Vaudeville Artists . had been 
changed to the National Variety 
Artists, with variety covering the 
extended area more properly and 
thoroughly than vaudeville could. 

Mr. Kelly advocated a return pf 
"tm~ crown— NielTt~:weeiny"~In'~tlie 
clubhouse. This was met with . a 
hearty response. 

The president, may call another 
meeting after the opening of the 
Sanitarium, to inform the membera 
more fully Of that institution in the 


A testimonial dinner to George 
Jessel will be given by the Jewish 

Theatrical Guild in the Commodore 
Hotel Oct. 27. 

Jessel, now on the west coast 
making a talker, has notified the 
Guild of his iacceptance. 

Doc Rockwell 
Doc Rockwell, under. Shubert con- 
tract, will likely return to vaude for 
a few weeks subject to Shubert as- 
signment. - . 

Rockwell may be placed fcy Jake 
Shubert In , one of the two new 
shows the Shuberts will i)roduce 
before Thanksgiving. *. 

Seger Ellis' •Tun^ 

Soger Ellis, composer-recorUin^ 
artist, goes R-K-O vaudeville; 

Ellis Is the Gene Austin of the 
Okeh recordSj having a tremendous 
following In the South and West, 
with the vaude bookings aimed at. 
that ten-itory especially. 

T: D, Kemp, Jr.; has Ellis signed 

: Ates Joins Fox | 

; Hollywood, Sept. 3. . 
Roscoe Ates (Ates and Darling) 
has . gone Fox under a t\yo. year) 

First picture will be LenOre Ul-, ■ 
ric's "South Sea Rose." 

s YOU! 

Your IN PIVIDUALITY brought you Where you are. 
Your INDIVIDUALITY will take you further. 
Providecl you keep oii telling the woHcl .about your 


11 am » , ' per.»,«oii wllh ' In • 'dl - vid • « - «l .• ' I ^ iy| Be - 
a You ar« a per-son with . in dj - vid • b • at • I • ty. Just. 
. 9 I felt In . loyciTiiUi ypur .In • it • vid - n • al ■ -. I ty. You're 


cause I am • • *(> .• full of rehl o • rig • In - ol - t 
. act liKe your • aelf and you'll prow yoti hnve • .'bi| - i 
nbt like the test,, you, iiuvo . rtul o - rig > In ul - 1 




. ritii ' ariirch tiiru 
Clin. . thrii 
citn .Miir'cii'. 'thru 



: where^ ' 


Bat ' tbereV oo 
But thereat . oo 
But theroV no 

«voo • wiit> 

oiie. .with 
vuu .wiih 

me . can ' '^om : pnre. 
you Clin' com pure, 
you, cun com pure. 

Send for Artist .Copy and Vocal Orchestration— AIT Keys 

Full Dance 
prchestrationv 50c 
Pldyahle without f ee or liceiise 

W. e. POLLA 


1585 BroiBtdWay, New York, N, Y. 

A Big Hit itt a Big House 


Gleaming Personality 


160 W. 46th ST., N. Y. 



FOX VAUDEVILLE in and Around New York , ' 

Excluslvie Management 6£ the National Broadcasting Co., New York City 

Personal Direction: BERNIE FOYER, 226 West 47th St., New York City 

Wednesday, September 4, 1029 

V A R I E T Y 


youth wins' 

- 1- 

^ Hi Most 


/ ^ 


Jack LiOEB £^3 



Wednesday^ September 4, 1929 



AND f=>/=^(DUlDU^ /^hJNOUpJcW^ 


\A/iLL PROVE Itself the fastest naturaU'ev^r. wRfrreN 












Ey£R.YaODY WAilsiTS A-PAsL. 








(^J^^S you'll I^EZlVIBlVf BER 

Wednesday, Septiember 4, 1929 




One-Nite Vaude Fading Away; 

Its Bookers Fear Bread-Line 

> Qnerhight vaude atands have 
flaltohed put. A ifew remain l?ut 
they are wabbliriff. Seyeral booK^ 
ers who not Ions, ago were' doing 
a big biz . oh the one-night vaude 
gag admit the talker has; done them 

The- bQoIdhg of the one-nighters 
•wiis a lieadaiche- ■with the sort of 
grief that makes a pallbiearer but of 
a boolcer. .. The commish. ran to 
nickels and dimes , and it took a 
long, steady line of orie-standers 
to bring any sort of return to the 

The one -night stand bookers are 
stlii dazed) hoping, : a miracle will 
get 100 or more stands to keep them 
from the bread line. : 

Some years ago 100 of more houses 
were playing Ihdle vaude with Pally 
Markus,. Jack jLinder, : Arttiur 
Fisher, the Dows and John E. 

Coutts scrapping to grab the ina- 
jority. Now that the hundred has 
(Uvlndled down to jess than half 
Worth a booking commisii, there is 
less fighting among the bookers. ^ 
Coutts isn't in his Oftlce half , the 
time. lie is running a theatre at 
Bradley Bisach or . has boon . this 
ftummer on spec./' . 

Markus. docsri't .seem worried, yet 
his • bobkihg - baz-vest is . lie 
has been a consistent leader among: 
the indie. bookers but -the hiaigih he 
has held lately hasn't. been muich... ' 

Linder predicts a lot but , has 
turned ,hls attention to producing 
acts, a minstrel turn being his Chief 
concern now. . 

. The Dows have made money, ac- 
cording to reports,, but are reporter 
i putting sohie .of the net in bur^ 
league, . riavlng . an In on a Mutual 
show. Their indie list has also been 
;faded to a wh.l.iper. ; 


Arthur. Ivy ons says he pur- 
posely muffed a booking for 
this 'Week, an Arab act for 
Loew's Delancey Street. 

$25,000 FOR DEMPSEY 

\ Jack Dempsey agreed upon a flat 
amount of $2.5,000 , for his four weeks 
jri Keith vaudeville. .His first .is 
tivii current week at the Palace, Chi- 
cago. , ;. ■. 

.Previously reported .the .pempjioy 
booking was ai rahged but of New 
York, it . is ' said that the en^age- 
mient was . made by Ben Piazza- 
Keith Western booking manager in 
Chicago.,- '.: 

Arthur Lyons on Pioor . 

During gam Lyons' expatriation 
from . the Loe.W office, Arthur S. 
Lyons of tli^ agency, is representing 
the L&L acts.on tbe Loew booking 

floor. . ' ■ : . , ■ ■ 

• Sam .Lyons' differences with ^ar- 
yin Schenck figured as the 'why- 
forfe of the breach. . 



Commander of His Admirable ; 



of the 




Exclusive Management of the National Broadcasting Co* 


. Hollywood, . Sept. 3, . 
' New route belnff prepared .for 
Fanehon and Marco.units will carry 
them from Los Angeles, the starting 
point, across tba country by a gen- 
erally nbrthern route, under a re- 
vised schcdvile, to New- York, 
through .all the larger Fox -theatres 
in . and around Groater New : York, 
then over the Fox-Poli cuviiiit into 
N-cw.Englajid and hack to Lii^j- An- 
.scles via Lbew'a southerii circuit.- 

"Pnly. marked chan.ijeB : froin. pre- 
vious -roiitiilff will, be on. the Los 
Angeles to New Xork tour;;GraduaT. 
buiUtiiig - Up of this - route . left the 
F-M units with a hodge podge 'of 
j u ni ps which were proving costly, 

A' Cbiiplc. of picture holdovei\s lb 
prospect the next feVv weeks has 
made the switches possible. Some 
of the units are how being booked 
over Loew's squtivern circuit for the 
return, to the Coast from New'York. 
Gives them 10. weeks; on the way 
back. ■■ .■ ■ • ■ 


Patsy Ruth Miller to Tay Gar-^ 
nott, film director, Hollywood, Cuil., 


Blanco Mehaff&y, screen actress, 
to . Wallace Stauntort,' non-pro, 
Hijliyweod; .Sept. 4. . 

Richard . Nicholla ' .to Catherine 
Dunbar- Duer. bqU-in-O', .. Aug. ..23 at 
ClreenwlcK, .Gonm . 

Ruth Elder, avi'atrix and lb. p,.ac-^ 
tress, to Walter Camp, Jr., president 
Inspiration Pictures, -Aug. 2d in Now 

William .(Biily) Mcjore to Lorelle 
McCarver,. siiow gli-l,. Aug. .29, in 
New Y'ork. Groom is son of. '■pinty" 
"Moore;. ^ 

-Frank Tiaylor (agent) to Alberta | 
Winneck (dancer) , Atig. .24 In 
Bellevlll'e, 111. 

. Mary Eaton to Millard Webb, 
Sept. 1, . Beverly Hills, Cal. 

Warren Hymer- to Mabel Wil- 
liams, Tia . Juana, Mexico, Aug. 2T. 
Hymer. is the son of jphh- Hymer, 
playwright. - Miss Williams, non- 
pro. ' 

Mrs. Lois Josephine C. Cross to 
James Henry Reed, Jr., non-pro., 
Aug. 30, In .Boston. Bride at one 
time was in vaude' with hei* former 
husband, Wellington (Dulse) Cross. 

Captain Sir George \y.nklns to 
Suzanna Bennett, Aug: 30, in Cleve- 
land. . Groom just returned from the 
around -the-.wbrld trip, of Graf Zep- 
pelin. Bride has appeared In sevr 
era,l* Broadway productions. Both 
are from Australia. 

Bankruptcy Petitions 

Waterson, Berlin' & Snyder Co., 
1587 Broadway; liabilities and as- 
sets not Stated. Irvlhg Trust Co. 
appointed receiver. 

"Variety credited Al Boasberg for 
the dlalbg; in.; the Nat Cari- dialog 
short, ''Two Gun Ginsberg," at the 
Glove.,^^ Bialog- Was written by Nat 
Carr. , 













Management MAX HAYES 




the hue and cry 
today is for 
something that 
means good 
and has real 
box office 


TO CREATE......... 











UNLIMITED. . . . . . . 


PROCTOR'S 58 th St 






V A R 1 E T Y 

.Wednesday, September 4, 1929 







. " BY CHAS.-TOSlAS / 










; ' BY PEASEy NELs6N ' . 


Wednesday, September 4, 1929 

V A R I E T Y 



t mmmiM pdpuiar 





vj. .. ■ / .V 

Ttt Me 

• - V.-;.' ^^v-v-'V''./ • • 0 ...■>;.■is.■..- 


.;.J,.N;.V>....-:- CITY : 

JACK; GL(MAUv;'i:i# ^J&MSS' • 



V A U D E V I L L E 

Wednesday, September 4, 1929 

Vaudlilm Back in Harris Pittsburgh 
Houses-#'aight Rctures^^i^ Red 

Pittsburgh, Sept. 3. 

Aflor two months on a straight. 
|)li. lure policy, Harris and Slieridan 
yquaro, I'lttsburgh'a last remaining 
vaude sitos, will return this Satur- 
cl;iy to v;uidfilm under a stage band 

l-^ich theatre will use four acts of 
U-K-O vaude with a stage band 
iiiul possibly an m. c. on the sanie 
order as the big presentation houses 
liero. Harris will i-un Cull week pro- 
1,'riim.s while the Sheridan goes 

Straight filma have been a losing 
prciposition for both houses, known 
for years as vaude sites. Whil^e on 
the old vaudfilm policy, the pit band 
numbered anywhere from four to 
six men, but under a st;ige policy, 
10 musicians will be used. , 

Inauguration of new policy also 

hiarks. beginilinff of Si^turday open- 
ings for both of the na;rris houses. 
This leaVea but two In town, f enn 
and Aldino, both ioew's, ■oppning 

Price aco:i6;Will be 10-20-36 for 
mats, with a .40c tQp:.for\ rigihtS;' ; 


Lbs iA;ngeies,; Sept! 3. 
Leatrice Joy opciis a 10 .Avccks' 
Keith tour at Columbus, O.. . Sept. 6; 


Jack . Halliga'n and .Dick Stewai t. 

Sibylla; Bowhati, opera -singer, in 
four - people muisical. ' . 

Odette Myrtil, . closing . lylth 
"Broadway Nights," back In vaude. 

Gene Barnes, Joe Siilly and Patsy 
Ruth Clark in. "Interruptions,'- by 
Fred Allen. 

General Sxecutiu& OfTices 


160 WESX 46™ ST* 




There Ls a saloon scene in 
"Sweet Adeline." ' 
During rehearsals Oscar 
Hammerstein, 2nd, was dii-ect- 
in<?. To Ja,ihes Thornton he 
.said; *yim you . should enter 
this . way," and Ilammcr.stoin , 
started- to Explain. 

Thornton stopped Iilm witli 
upraised hand; — 

"Young man,, you may; tell:,: 
mo iioW to. loay« a .<!alopn but 
you can't tell mo the. way to' 
go into ' oho.": ; 


•. Jack CJoode " underwent" t.on.sii 
operation, New .York. , 

Harry JSassler, witTa Earl Tay- 
lor, Chicago, slightly Injured In 
aluto accident near MitclVell, S. p. \ 

Mercita Esmond, actress, very ill 
at. her home, at Silvermlne, Norwalk; 
Conn. ■ 

\&tor Theatre Bldg., N. W. Cor. 45th St. and Brpadway 

Lackawanna 7876 New York City 

Harry. S.otherh, -has b.eeh dis- 
charged from the Stairnf ord, Conn,, 
hospital where he vy-as treated fpr 
severe! auto accident injuries. 
: Brandon .Tynan Is in , the Fifth 
Avenue hoiipitali recovering from an 
emergency operation performed 10 
days ago. \: 

Write to the III and Irtjured 


Mr,'.- and Mrs. /James BrigR'ii, ' son, 
Aug.y 28/ '.Los AngeieSi. Fatheiv. is 
banjo .player at Loew's Staite. 

Mri ahd ..Mrs. Sweeney Haniid, 
Aiig.. 28, in New York, dhugiitev. 
Moth.ef is Muriel Real, of . the Real 
Sisters. ' Father, with '.'SiJc Jack^on- 
ians;" . ■'■ 

Pierong Retained . 

^ Spokane, Se;pt. 3. ; 

H. . (Nick) Pi6rong, manager 
of the local Pan tages for five years, 
will continue for Keith's, now in 
possession; Theatre closes Satur- 
day to be reopened Sept. 13. .Six 
acts and pictures vvill be played. 


starts on Sept. 6 in San ^''rancisco— 
Old Ot-ph. for Legit 

San Francisco, Sept. 3. 
The Orpheum opens in Its new 
homo, former. Pan tagcs, Sept. 6; 
Juiiuti Tanncn due as mi c, and 
Ted Lewis' band hoadiining first 
Keith hill. J. J. Gottlob of the Co- 
lumbia has the old Orpheum ajid 
is reniodoUng it for a no\y Erlanger 
legit roa'd i' here. It Is ex- 
pocted to be ready next spring. 


RobersonVSmith Players, ! Inc.; 

Weatei-n u:Tel.;CQ;r $026. , \ . 

: Acigerst Inn, inc.; Russet Holding 
Corp.; . $0,506. ... ' ' . 

Mitchell East i 

' Los Angeles, Sept. 3. 

.E. H. Mitchell of . tlie local. Lyons 
and Lyons biTlce, . leaves ' fbr New, 
York'next week. . . • ■ , 

Will probably rejoin . thie Yates 
oflice in that city^.. 



Ci'lo.brlty rro«iuctl»hHt . Inr.', MAnha.ttan, 

pictures; .Harry A.- Post, ' 'Tlioinas J.- 

Shanlc'y; Map ir.. O'Uoary.. ,• 
.Twln«I.■ .Corp.,, 'Freepo.rt, anvusementa; 

Alphous'e Lutlrlriis:er,' Ann I.,ut.trlng-er, 

.Soijhlo •AVefnbprtr.. 

.• Cine\|>ost .JIlKtrlbufinB; .Corp., ' Manhat' 
trtii, i>i('turf'.>!, theatres, ^'lO.OOi); Myron A. 
VAWii. lipW .Klolson,..T:iclf Kllis; ' . , 

.' tjoiicll I'roilii'rtioiis. liic.,- .Kov(' Tork, 
thoutrea." plays; Samuel . Saiiiaclii Mel 
Kloo. Will RoWhm;, 

.I'liildon' 'Prodncti'ons, liir.'v -'Manliat'tan, 
thoatros,' jiicturos, p.lriy.s; .Miirrity IMlilUps, 
Irnm Kraft, OcorBO J. \Veslnor; 
■ TIjo. Cine ProdUftH Corp., 'Manhattan, 
plpfiirtt. canipras; . .Tull.a .ft.u.l wanner, : A. 
Lincoln EpAvni'th, Fred '11osbnl)(»i-|;. .■ 

' .'^tiiiiilnrd It'roiirtcastlnB .'Sy.s<«*ini . Kliips, 
$100,000;- Puler J. . Te.stan, .Charles 'G. 
UnRPr. ; ■ - 

X>.!eatreB-o«prff, . Iiio.,'. Manhattan.' ;thc^. 
atre.s, Pictures, 30,050 . shares — 60 com- 
mon no par value an<T'!)0,000 preferred,; 
•Louis.: K. Vlelhaber,' Anton Green, , Rose 
Shapiro. ■ . 

, 'VIck , Amu8«n)ent Corp.', - New TorU,^ 
theatr^.s: pictures;. Leon Kauflman-, David 
I'unlc,. .lUchiard S, IJasson, 

' Stalonicnt and : Destenalton 

E. E. Fultoni Co;, Del., theatre supplies, 
Xew York oflice, 115 45tli; street; New 
York City; A. J. Jarmin, treasurer; $500,-.. 
000. JTileO: by Frederick .<v. Hairbour, 35 
North Dearborn street, Chicago. 


In the elimination of thei pit or- 
chestras in some of the Keith thea- 
tres in and around New York the. 
RKO ofTlces liave assigned threu 
complete stage sliows . to rotate 
through eight houses, playing thcni. 
ori a split .week basis.' , 
. . The first show , is headed " ;by 
Walter Clinton iand- , Invadas,6rs> 
doing an act as well as ,sxipplying 
the music for the other turns on the 
bill. The latter include the Hem- 
street .Singers, .Cirelio Bros., .Rob- . 
erts, Conway arid Earl, Mae Wynn 
and Sonny. ,■. ; 

'The- second is the .Will' AubVoy 
ShoW, ..with Aubrey's b,and locaUzIng 
in the .ncig.liijprhood . whore playing. 
Among thQ acts , are Rudolf Friml 
Jr. and Co., Monte May, Harriet and. 
Bill • : Hutchins arid Stanton and 
Dolores. , '- ' - 

The third in the Le\v: Wll.sbn Slio>y; 
with Lew Wilson and Mob furnl.<ih- 
ing the* rriusical part a.nd;' the acts 
iricl tiding Pisano . and Landa.uer, 
Alberta Hunteiv Maurice and Vin- 
ceWt and Ondek and Walent: ' 


tiicofpoTnted . 

Exchange : 

260 Trempnt . St., Boston 
nOOKINCi ja:C|.tSIVEI/K • 

The Bob Ott Musical .Comedy 

R6utcd TlirouBliout Now KiiBlnnd 
Avalinblo on nnd liftor January C 
rorsonal l>lrer'H«>n . of , 
,J. J. McGl-INNEi^S-.; •• .• 

En Route B,utterfield Circuit 
Direction GVY I'EBKINS 



Vaudeville Exchange 

, General Bocuking Offices: 
Palace Theatre Building ; 
1564 Broadway 


General Booking Offices 
1560 Broadway 


1560^1564 Broaidway, New York 
Telephone EzchnnBe: Bryant 9300) 
Ciible Address: "BADIOKEITH" 


Prodnc^rs and DIstrlbatorR Qt 


Launching an Era 
, - of Electrical 
.. 1500 Bronid way 


Australia's Largest and Most Important Picture, Tajld^ and Vatideville Gircuits Govering Ely^ 

Stat<e aiid Important Gity^ m 



city Capacity 


St. James 

< Legitimate) " 2000 
Lyrlo " " 1600 

Crystal Palace " " 1000 

Kmpress •* ** lOOO 

Olympla " " 2200 

Union de 'Luxe 

(Marrickvllle) " 2300 

L'nion de Lnxe 

(Aslifleld) " 2400 

(In association) 
Prince Edward, City •* 1500 


strand. City Capacity 1400 

Royal " " 2000 

Lyflo " 1200 

Star (Merewflther) " 1100 

South Coast Circuit 

Croivn, 1Vollonj;ons Capacity 
Town Hull, H'oIIontrong <* 
Royals Bum " 
Kines,; Tlilrrbiil ~ " 

, Brisbane ■ • 

CUy Cnlpnclty 




Capacity 1400 
" 1600 


Tivoll : 

In ttSBQciatlon with Blrcli^ Carroll , 
' and. Coylo, . : 

ISmplre Capacity 1700 


Widterffarden , . Capacity 2000 

, Bundaberg 
New \VlD(tercrarden Capacity 1700 
' (in cohstruction) ' 
Alrudtome " . 1600 

Wlntergarden Capadtiy 20O0 

ISarlscourt " 3000 

, ' Townsvilie 
Winterfrardeini Capacity 1800 

Olympla " 2200 

Mount Morgan 
Olympla Capacity 1400 


states City Capacity 4000' 

(Australia's Largest 

Majestic. City " IIWO 

Melba " " 1200 

Britannia " " 1000 

In asHociatlbn with Electric : 
, ThcatrM Pty., Ltd.: 

Paramount; City Capacity 1!5«0 
Star ■ ■'■ . ■ ■' . , . " - , • MS" 

Strand \ ' .' /IttS: 

' tn asBodatibn with E. J. Carroll: 
Athennienm^ city ' Capacity 1200 

Melbourne Suburbs 

Mo«nee .'Ponds 
' Burnley 

Rmf>re8s, Prahrttn' 
'\^'e8t Brunswick 

Capacity 1400 

" 1050 
- 1000 


West's Olymttla, City,! Capacity 2500 

l>avllion " " 1400 

(irand " 1100 

York " " 1800 

Wondersraph « «. 1500 


'• ■■-■Pierth ■'•■■■.■■ 

Ambassadors City , Capacl^ ' 
Prince ot Wales V " 
Crand ' ** ■ •• ■ 

PavDIon " ** 


PrlneesB Capacity 


ma Majesty's, City Capacity 









\ . - or to ^ . 

Office: 729 Seventh Avenue, New York City, N. Y. 
Los Angeles Offke: Suite 711, New Orpheum Buildings/ Los Angeles, CaL 
London Office: Beacon House, D'Arblay Street, Warbour Street, London, E. C, 3 

Wednesday, September 4, 1929 

V A R I E T Y 




Valse andante 


WHters^^^^^^ Moon 





Now that ^ 'ry - thing" 



£1 lit - tie Sym - pa - thy; 

Tho you may be 

lav be 






rr — — — 

o — — -t-^ 


f r 


smile, dear, Lin 

grer jyst a T^ile, dear. 


were all I had. 


I feel so bad. 

All that Im ask- in^ is. Sym- pa -thy;. 

Dprfti :know_what 111 


ap-peal to ^'•i^u, 

All that ,Jjn ask - ing- is 

Sym - pa - thy. 

Al - tho* yoiiVe brokr-en yoiir vow, 

grown so 

used to you now, L know 1 11 miss you some-how, I love you, I need you; 


be - lore we par<. 

spare my ach - ing heart, 

An that rm 


Sym -pa - thy. 

ask -^ing" is Sym - pa - thy. 

T)u' Publisht'rs ,RtN-<t'rVo th 
Jntin-ntUioiini Copyright Secia\€d^^^ All Rinlit.-- Kcservud Albert &- Soij<. AuitM 

All 6tht.'x countries — -GampbiUi; Coin 




V A U D E V I L L E 

Wednesday/ September 4, 1929 

Theatres Proposed 

AnnitpbliH, Md,-T-(M. P. and Vaude) 
175,000.' West Btreet near entrahco 10 

Hoiiroe Court. Owner, Tranlt' M. Klela, 
Itoliinson, Md. Architect, 13arl Harder.' . 

Ann Arbor, Mich.— (flro rcbld.) N. .W, 
corner Thayor and Unlverally avtMiuoH. 
Owiiora, Sholljy and Moran. ! Aroiuioct, 
M. KInkcU, Detroit. 

CliiruRO. — $500,000, T.*awrencc> avenue, 
oast of I^ipp street. Owner, li;iliili:m ,X- 
Katz. Architects, C. W, and G. I^, "itapp. 

Ft. fVajrne, Ina.—>1, 000.000. Also atdrcs 
and oITlce. 126 K. Wayno street. Owner, 
Loop Realty Co. Architect, A. M. StrauuB. 

JlnlittlayHburp, Vn. — (rcmoJ., alt. and 
add;; Lyria). AUeRhony street. Owner, 
Steven. ChlnRop, Architects, Hunter and 
Caldwcil, Altoona. 

rcorla, HI.— (remod.) Ft. of Jaek.<»on 
.street. Owner, I'coria . PlayerM. Archi- 
tects, Janje.soa and Harresoii. 

St; nvrnanl, Ohio.- (.NI. T.) Main and 
Mc(-lellanil avenue. Owner, company 
forming of Dir. IJ. H., president, 
Clnelnnrtti and .'^t. Bernard. Architects, 
l\ A. Jonos & Co.,' Cincinnati. 

Pepper Pot Heater 

(Continued from pagb 1) 
now remedy of yours I could not 
Aiiimb stairs or scrub floors without 
getting an empty feeling, in my 
iiead. After downing l2 bottles, I 
not only pcr.suaded my husband: to 
buy an aiitpmatic elevator, but .have 
also, hired rtn old lady named 
lOmmett to .scrub the floors. . . 

''Why hot buy a- bottle of Tep.- 
per Pot. Jlousehold llemedy and 
persuade your. old man to pry open 
hjs purse,.: ladies?-' ', , . 

"Meanwhile, the ScS Appeal 17 is 
pantitTf? ■ t6~ >let' loose oti; 'Blo^'i', 
Blow, Bloomi;r Crirls.' '' 

' '".■•■'.. ('.Music) •■'"' ; .' ■ . 

Announcer: . "\V^e have .a little 
surprise for yoiise guys. Tillie Tan- 
talize, who just • murdered her 
sweetie Jjeca use she . found him dat- 
ing another-, jenny, is here in the 
studio and ivas a' few 'words to . say 
before: she starts on her tour of the 
country's largest vaudeville. houses.: 
Miss Tantalize": ^ ' y 

Tillie r "H^ilo,; ; everybody! Can 
ypii hear me?: ivell, I just. wanted 
to say that. I've learned my lesson- 
since; my sweetie gave me ^ the 
works. 1 fourid out later that the 
little snip' lie was datihg drank a 
bottle- of ^Pepper Pot Household- 
Remedy- evei-y evening just " before 
she had her date; arid ! stood liead 
and shoulders above me . as a neck- 
er. But how I drink two bottle.*;, 
.every night, ahd/.pray that, nay 
sweetie, will escape the punishment 
he so richly, deserves in the great 

■ "I ' hold :no . grudge against him. 
In fact,; 1 don't -.even* see now why 
I used to date a- punk, like that. 
Well, . call me .up sometime when- I 
play in. your city. "But bring yO.ur 
own bottle." :. • . ■•.'-' 

Announcer : ""Thank you, ; Miss 
Tantalize! Kow, radio lis.tenors, 
don't forget that hot snapshot of 
Aggie that goes with every $i bpt- 
tle. '■. And while you're addressing 
.your envelopes, the Sex Appeal 17 
will play bur theme song. 'Pepper 
Pot Household iRerhedy Girl, Please 
Remedy -Me."' .: 


Emde's Bookings .V 

Suggestion front. E. R. jEmde, 
new Keith division manager for 
Westchester ■dounty and Newark, 
has caused White Plains and 
Newark to be removed- from 
Johnny Collihs' -book to be booked 
with the rest by Mark Murphy. 
Change places ill of Erhde!s 
under one book; They are, be- 
sides White Plains and Newark, 
New Rochelle, Mt. . Vernon and 

Nearly All Vaudflm N. ¥. Houses 
Opening Regular Week Saturday 

Practically a,ll vaude and com- 
bination .thea;tres iri NeV. York 
City arid vicinity, Including the in- 
dependents, .are now startrng the 
stage week before Monday. .Mon- 
day passed out generally last .sea- 
cson as the tra.dItional day b£ com- 
mencement for bills In the 
• Theatres in N;'W Yprk and. near r; 
by country, with policies and day 
of . opening are: ■ . 

•■;KElTI-i'S. :;; . ' 
(All Saturday- .Opening) 
Palace and Riverside, si. vaude, 
8-9 acts, jiill wbek; A 1 bee, Brooklyn, 
vaudnim,' €, full; Jerrerson, vaud- 
film,. 7, split; Flushing and. Ken- 
riiore, Vaudfllm, 6, .split; Newark, 
vaudlUm, 5, full; all . Vaudfllm, 5, 
splits, 81st St.; Coliseum. 86th St., 
5Sth St.. Fordham. Frahklih, Ches- 
ter, MadI.>i6n,Whitfe Plains, Regeht, 
Royal,^ Tilyou, Trenton, Greenpbiht, 
125th- St;i State, Jersey City; Cap- 
itol, Union Hill; Bushwickv Hamil- 
ton; Regent, Paterson; .Fabian, llo- 
boken; Ri£z, Elizabeth. 

(All Saturday) 
Academy, yaudftlm, 6, fiill or split 

depending on picture;' all vaudfiluv, 
5, splits Audubon, Polly, Park JMazVi, 
Star (Nevi^ York), S[a,voy, Kldw^: 
wood. Republic, Walker, Fox UrooU-. 
iyn, .same policy as Acadeniy ;. Riv. 
oil; Ilempstead;: Cameo,. Jerst-y 
City; Sunnsyslde, Wobdside, L, 1.; 
Libeirtn .Elizabeth.- 

LOEW'S ■■ ■■• 
(All Saturday) 

State, New York, and Metropoli- 
tan, Bi"OokIyn,^vaudfilm; .5^ .or .6,. full 
week; all vaudfllm, 5,- splits: Bouli>- 
vard, Delancey tSt,, Falrrnbiit, Cu'ancl, 
Lincoln S(i., National; Orpheuui; 
\'ictoria (New . . Yoirk) ; BedfofUi 
Commodore, 4t)th St., -Gates, Orien.- 
tai, Paliiee, I'remibr (Brooklyn) ; 
T5ay .Ridge, Wood haven, Yorikbrs; 
State, Newark, vaudlllm, 5, full. 

As Acknowledgment of MR. LOUIS K. SIDNEY'S Kind Interest 

Oirecior of Music 

Loew^s ValeiiGia, New York 



Known as the "Twa Stveethearts** 

Now with RAY WEST and His BAND 
At Orpheum Theiatre/ Lps Angeles 

J. G. MALL, Sec'y 

M. SHEA, Pres. 


Recognized Names— Standard Acts— Also. Flashes Wanted at Once 
WRITE - - - WIRE - .- - PHONE ... 
Cherry 6561 318 Erie BIdg., Cleveland, Ohio . L. D. 39 





Phil Fabc.llo introclitcpd to New York the versatile orchestra, now being 
adapted as a standard for R-K-O neighborhood houses. Mr. Fabello is cur- 
rently persoitally supervising the' induction of. this policy at the Golden Gate 
theatre, San Francisco, and due to return tP New, York in a month. 

Wednesday, September 4, 1929 

Stiir the Greate^f Bkllrpom Band in America 

and His 


Startine OUr 4th CoiiM 

on Broadway on Oct^^^^ 

At the Million Dollar 

Personal Direction 




V A R I E T Y 





Vrofesstpnal Copies, 
ybcai ay^d Dance JJrr. 

or Call 

L. . F. C GLLI N y LT D . ; 


231 TREMONrSt. 


I (itMiaiiMHiiMiiiMr 


■VVednesday, Septeml)er 4, 1929 

V A U D E V I Lii^^^^ 



Inside Stuff-Vaude 

Tony Shayne/ who brought suit , against Janet Hood, of "Whoopee" 
for ;$58i000 for alleged breach of contract, has. also instituted suit foV 
the same amount aga,inst Walter Bachelor,: contending it was Baciielor 
who was InStrumehtal in getting Miss Kecd to sign Ayim^^^ with- . 

out consultln|: Shayne aa to his contract witli^^^^^U^^^ star. Miss lieed 
toolc Ethel . Shutta's role in the Ziegfeld' sho W, . Shay ne'a . attorn€:ys are 
©reloW and. Salzman. 

A~tra:lt piBCUliar to chimpanz^eiS br to th~is country and others for : 

ishoW purposes Is making ■7oe Mondi,''>perforn>ihg mohl<, quite iiiof£i6GT 
■tlve as a sheik^ ."Jpe." is making his engagements on bills somewhat df 
a fright for the women. 

Actresses hayVbeeh declining; to' prece^^ follow ''Mondi" on bills, 
not wishing^ to pass him coming on or leaving in. the wings. Last week 
a fefnirilhe single refused to :follow. the <ihi)iip on a NeW York bill. ■ ''. 

When: "The CocpahutsV with the Marx Brothers Opened at the Rialto, 
N^w Yor^k, the Paramount comedy talker of the stage productioh, in the' 
Publix hdusc, was almost unamimously declared tob fast for th^ sticks; 
that'the dialog and the comedy ■^hoiald: haVe boen slower, for the natives 

'to'getit. ':-v :^ . .' . y-'^- ■■■ ; ..i; ■ 

. ''CocoanutsV again; proves comedy is^ c on the screen or in any 

.iountryi V'Cocoanuts'' has -been one of the big jirops makers of the year 

for Paramount... Besides holding over to • big nioney, it is starting to 
■go/to 'the sejconij runs for continU^^ 

.Jack Pepper's Returri 

: Max Hayes' "Doln' Things" unit 
is at the Palaqe, New York, thiis 
week without, its featured member. 
Jack Pepper. Keith ofli'cc roqucst- 
ed Pepper be pulled for the l^alace 
week, sinc'* it so closely follows his 
recent opposition . date down .the 
street at Loew's State. / . 

.Slate is- a . 75q. house. Palaco 
top Is $2. ■;■ 

As a compromise Keith's has 
booked Pepper alone this week at 
the'58th.>nd.Sist Streets. 

Rita Vale's Pfacerrtent 

London, Sept. 3, 
.Rita, Vale replaces Adrienne Allen 
in the Vamp; role of .the J^ew York 
cbrfipany. cif "By Candle Light." 

After an opening w*eek iri South- 
amptoh it sails for America. 

Silver; With Morris / : - 

■ Chicago; Sept..;?..-' 
Reports that Morris Silver, secre^. 
tjxry to A. J. Balabnri, woirid leave, 
have been confirmed. ■ 

Silver is joining the. Wjlliam Mor- 
ris ''office.. 


(Continued from page 28) 

tions. alleging that the picture exec 
endorsed a note for $7,492 only pJXTt 
of which has. been paid. PlaintlfCs 
afsk the ^ balance amounting to 
$5,694.-., ; 

J^evv 13-story hbtel Will be start- 
ed at . Sunset and Vine in . another 
moiitli. '; • ' 

Warners reported negotiating 
with iB.illy . Sunday to make a^talker. 

Oliver Moroscb faces arrest on 
wage ciaiih in "the San Friinpisco 
office :6f the !3tate. Labor Conrimis- 
^Idn amounting to $1,000. Claims are 
leftovers from Morosco's "Someone 
in White!' staged in -San iPrancisco 
last winter. 

Mrs, ;Ralph ;ince back In toSvn 
after eahcellinc her contract with 
producers of "My Girl iJ'rida.y";. in 
New. York. ■ ; 

Lionel Barryniore and Irene Fen r 
wjick Barrymore made defendants 
in suit.rbrought by Dr. Louis Kauf- 

man, Now York iihyhioiaii, who asks 
$2,890 alleged fees due. 

Miix Stouer enkagcd by Ale.\ander 
Pantapos to det'ond pending cases 
against both hiuuself and . hiri wife. 

. Jack Mowor awarded divorce from 
Margaret IMow'or In Superior Co.urt. 
Cha'rgeis of infideli ty. 


. Charlotte Faurbt, show girl, at- 
tertipted, to . end her life witli pas 
last Friday. She was rescued by 
police who broke into her aiiart- 
iriijht. when .Rviby Halladay, ' friend 
of : Miss Fa lirot, . notified them she 
liad failed to get : a response- to a 
phone call.' Miss Faurot was found 
uricohsGious. Reyived by an in- 
halator squad. 

; Ciii-is 'Solbrig> ■ art model '.'with a 
body like a- god," and member of 
the Chicago Health eu It, died at the 
cult caimp in. Coloradb last week. 
Solbrig lived far. back. in hiUfl, nude, 
• existing . .pn dandelion, tops. The 
county: eoroner said that Sblbrig 
starved himscif to . death, having 
reduced in .CI nicinthsS from ICO to 
:iS5 poinidSi ■ 

Director of Music 


Many Thanks for Assigning Me in This Important Capacity 



AI30 Grateful Aclcnowledgment of an Eight Months' Pleasant Engagement at Loew's Valencia, New York 



Booldng Exc^ 


~~ i Will OSlFBe in Ng\f Yblrk^ 

If You Want Immediate Action Get in Td^^ 

Headquarters— MEYER GOLDEN 6FFICE 151 West 46tli Streetv New York 




Wednesday, September 4, 1929 

Horace HEIDT and HIs Califor- 

hians (13) 
Bandr Entertaipers 
33 Min3.; Three 
■:Palace ..(St:. V.) ■ 

• , itiorace Hiplclt .'incV his C:illfor- 
tilans. havie as their (punny) billing 
the phrase: "tlio heiat 6f entertaln- 
nverit,'!' ■ That goes triple. .His is the 

• fastest band act. in or put c^t vaude-. 
ville, topping everything' .for spcedj 
pUnch, pop, versatilit j! - a rid orHfT-' 
talrinieh.t: . • y'- 

Fanchon . and - • Marbo ' "prosGnt" 
Heidt and like tJie .F, & M, units, 
it's just another cas5e of riot So much 

whore,, but Avhy have they been hid- 
ing in the far Wegt for so loiig. . 

.This bind; act .moved 'em-; flit the-l. j^S^ss^d '**wSn-- of 
Palace . Sunday . night to: cheers,. -so jn^.Pt?,^n 

$ongs . 
15 Mins.i One 
Palace (St. Vaucje) 

In '10'J3, Rose I'orfect was caught 
In-' A-Urioty at McX'iOker s, ('hi<.-aKc., 
arid- (Se.scribod . a.s a slutt^ly woman. 
That still goes ftnd nioroj she's 
still- stntoly, :pf ' prima .statuesque- 
ness;. but . ■.more svelte and a 
iookdr.' i)orhapx oven more so than 
whori White. lir.'<t.. 'Si Arned her, for the 
••JO "SoandalH.^' She's siho'e . been 
in another etlition and the JG.CO at- 
mosphere ' evidenocs 'itself in Miss 
periEoct'S: .appearance. ':- ;: ' ' .'' 
If The Skirt wasn't; tM'vin8'''iSt0r)y 
Broolt a break, unanimous that 
the rates the ' Kcst 
^ th6 Week 

much so that those Insistent ;pn set^ 
ting the riiuiEiical values sh^feli'd- their 
more ehthusiastic - neighbors whp 
were insi)ired to punctuate ' the 
presentation with audible appi'ecia^ 

i .StiSs^ Perfect-; is : a .soprano , and 
hot oiiiy knoVvs .her lyrics,, .but 
doesn't; keep it • a. secret. Aud ifences 
ai'e. funny that way ; they, appredi- 
at0 being let in on . the Vyord.** of 

„„ , , „ . . ^ . „ .. |< . .'So many prima.s ; iil.ur or 

What is equally; as. noteworthy, m; gah-gah the Ivrics the music 
the Heidt band act ls..that-: i^^^^^^ mean a .thing. 

the conductor (Or is, it 'Fahohon andl 
Marco ?) who's resp6nsih»ie for. some 
of those,; staging effects, rhytlimlc 
..routines,' preclsive\ uniCornniity and 
showmanly evolutions, it miglit be 
well for Heidt to thrbw ^his. baton 
away and hoobme a ; 
It's a wow: iype of .act- fcdni e\:cry Perfect has selected her 
songs, cannily. : She .oi)ehs - with, a 
prbduetioh medley. . One or two still 
current, and dQubtiossly by.- pei\- 
niission. 'What's, more, the . Avay she 
Mridles it,, -it's a great ad for the 
shb.vAS;- Which -."ire ■ ahripunced. y 

^-"KiTtiigoline,^' one -" of those 

anglB. Having a coast r^^ ^altz ^ themes; 

is one of those . hazy thmgs . to the _i - , +KQ n tivo liiim 

«shou,- himlnf»ti«: in thp >ist- n<? frtp ^esn^^fl to go. better than the .num- 

snow pusinoss m tne e^H.. her merited.- due to tJie treatment, 

the general , eastern public Heidt S. ^D^Siy - ajmounCed «ncd^ was 

moans no more now as a name than ITr^fF^^i^^^ 
Smith. However. Ins turn will have I .»^is5S. xvic Again. 

them talking before week is 
out. If capable of manifdld routiries, 
the act can play.a stock engagement 
at the PalacOi • . 

From the harrier they start off 
with a zip and go that's undeniabJe, 
Their physical actions in the. in- 
strumental renditions - are uniform- 
ly routined. Every tempo carries 
with a physical syi'ay that presents 
an arresting stage picture 
The boys are i . collegiate flannels 

which Miss- Per 
feet ; did in . ■ her . '^Scandals''; 
specialty. ' The - pJano ao'cphipanist 
mad€i . the' iniiounce.ment. He's an 
assi?t 'oTi: appearance iand _ general 
masculinity alcihg. . . . 

Funnv .nam^/ -tliat- R6se P^ 
Even If oh the. ■ level,. ; it sounds 
phoney.' .Those Arline Pretty, 
Louise Lovely. Donni. 0arlin;g . and 
kindred ■ iihpoistsible , superlatives' . of 
yesteryeav. flicker . days,, went. Out 
of stj'lie-. a decjide . or . mor^e . ago. 

- ■^"••'-b*--'^ 1 .Anyway, without any -puti. on the 

and V-neck pull-over sw'eaters wuth hS? ,Vo;vK ■ - • • - 

the letter II. after their lea'der, as 
an Insignia. They go tlirough 
startling stage evolutions, doubling 
and shifting about with as much at 
tentfon to scientific detail as a triple 
pass formation on a. gridiron. 

Heidt's manner of direction is In 
itself extraordinary. He has. the 
physical front, towering six feet 
and of stolid football timbre, and 
shifts about, grabbing a different 
type of instrument merely as an in 
cidental byplay, yet impressing with 
his own individual versatility. 

They have a two-piano effect, 
with the pianists back to back, 
that's a biear and should be pro- 
tected. Heidt is at one and his regu- 
lar Ivory^ thumper at the other, 
spreading their arms so that they 
play both baby grinds slmultan 
eously. That makes for a novelty 
four-hand effect. Thence comes two 

Perfect. - Rose, is, good vaudeville, 
especiai'ljr • on ' Broadway and 
around ■ -New York, , . :wh.ere . : ' t.he 
"ScandaLs" rep rtieart.s^ sbmetning; 

■ ' ' . AbeJ. 

"DO I N' : TH I INI GS" vwith Ken M ui- 

pay:.(42) .V . ^ ... ." 

So"lvii.ns.r Three, One and Full (AH 

Specials) - 
Palace (St. V) 

Two woekijv. ago Max ■ E. Hay^s 
(also programed ifor ;staeing) sent 
this unit out witii Will. Mor.risey and 
Midgie Miller at the helm. It. was. 
a frost as a presentation, "the office 
evidently, stepped in and decided to 
wish it onto Keri Mtirray. . 

The m,.'yc. of the curreht Palace 
bill, besides - having .Milton, 'and 

luui -iiciiiu viLvtL. xii^ii^'c. 1. « V I Helon jChailCston - 

more keyboard manipulators and te.sque Pomp in support, wod^S intp 
the eight-hand rhythmic effect Is thi? unit, which has been a t^^^^ 
startling, which is pitched to a ,new to. its original, personnel, with some 
peak through the manner of stag- of the principals retained; .. 
Ing, Elaborate credits mention . "Wil- 

A choral effect nobody can cop llam Kv WfeUs as sketch author; mu- 
because of their own native talents. | sic and lyrics, by Jay.Gorney ia-rid E, 

beyond duplication by lifters. They 
do a comedy revue of the nationat- 
istlc dance routines,, running froni 
the Highland to the Kozotski. 

Lee Lykens, arinounced ifis a Vic- 
tor recording artist, vocalizes effec- 
tively in solo. An Ice-skating dance 
specialty tops ahything of that type 
ever done before, further enhanced 
by the stereoptlcon effect. 

What is the plece-de-resistance dais" edition 

y. Harbiirg: dainces by LeRby 
Prlnz; Bernard Lohmullef. art di- 
rector. Latter is ditto for Earl Car- 
roll whicii . explains that s\yinging 
gate effect, in a', for-mer edition of 
Carroll's "Vanities."' 

As for ' Weils' contribution., .that 
"Nfeighbors;' Is kinda' . biirleycue 
more than revuesque—:it the latter, 
probably a .discard- from a -"Scan- 

.Bert Nagle obpns with - his oaf 
act, doing his cdmedy personation 
well, w-alking in the audience along 
the box-rails, on all fours, teasing 
the drummor. etc. Good openih 

of the act; -is "Lomo," perhaps the 
smartest police dog ever on the 
stage. One of the band boys. Clar 
enoe Moore, handles him in a five 
minute specialty that's an act in. 

itself. How thW dog escaped a Hoi- i specialty. Murray then introduces 
lywood contract will be the first ^j, .* 

- Tlfen ■ there's Stewart Robe, ah- The "Neighbors" sketch Is ,a br^ad 

nounced as a protege of Herbert hokey souse scone. Steye Savages 

Clark of Sousa's band, who hits C specialty s a very a la James^Bar- 

above high C and scores with his tort in: make-UP and stepping^Helen 

trumpet solo. And there's lot more, Charlestoh Orrupts w^^^^^^ 
. This isn't a band act: It's a .pro-. UnusuaVV Milton rC^^^^^^ 

ductlon. Following a flock of Aarbrt- face ^.eccentric, and the whooZis 

sons. Warings. Olsensi et al. Heidt'p . Pompi, .foW^ 

Californian Collegians pars 'cm all, | Then : the vLcRpy Prlhz dvincing 

These Western lads set a nfew stan- 
dard among versatile band acts. 


HUN G RV F I V E a nd The Wease 
18 Mins.; in Presehtaj^ion 

A radio act from the Chicago" | sta \\'ith their , toe ciogS,; Ar- 

girls. Their formation ideas, are 
good,, the stunt of splitting 'em up 
into': relays of octets , arid doiible- 
.octet.<5. exiting -and entering with 
new changes. But as presented, it's 
; still very slipshod.^ which, staging 
and seasbning should improve. 
Tlie . Manor Twiiis . were -early 

Tribune's station. WON- Beciitise of 
its radio repiitatioh the act )s a draw; 
In this arid neiarby cities. 

There's nothing to the. affair -^.s' ent^rtfiinment. On the air its 
f popularity .was gained through the 
'. not . hdtabiy intel.ligcht .liKten«;r. 
much less Versda in . ancrorit ..gftgs 
than the ordinary sliowgocr. ' 

;.T\V6- comedy bit.s. amohg the fJor-. 
manic mu.sical iiufnrig.Si both .worked 
:l?y Horr Ijiouie arid, his cdinio.: th(v 
',' ■; woa'sel, ■ "Oh'e Is""a Icngf uy''nfil3'"tv- 
■dious explanation and the dtlier is .a 
' . blindfold test wherein the Weasel 

. llclcing it; He licks a caf.? tall i-.nd 
calls it pu.ssy wiiid>4'. 
• Men are costuriicd aj^propriatcly 
, ns penny-catiching musicians. Their 
blatant music is good.; for a lat'gh 

y. at the start. ' . -^'^^ 

^ Act is getting around $2,500. It 
will more than pay for itself here 
, or in anv German ; district; but in 
less familiar spots It naturally 
i ttrouldti't be worth the salary.. Btw^r. 

thur Page, acrdbatic dancer, .also 
dovetailed in. Supporting . persidri 
"n'el includes . Jack Wolf, Paul C'.arr 
nei-j Joe . Rose, -E\'oly n Kirmin, Ray 
Datvis and High Hattie Band; , the- 
latter ^a phoney (with a" few oxcei^- 
tidns); the ■ gals flrialo-ing into the 
hand .flash after , their dance e.volu 
tion.s. ".■ 

Rlurray.'s ad lib contributions^ en 
deavor t0:.«iave the tmit. Act is a 
hodge-podge :arid top tough even £or 
^TiTs'faoiIe'''riT'-T."" r " .''""^'^ 

Mui'ray's tolling a .«itory at tho 
Palace, at least hO didMondayi.that 
the boy Who fell .in love \Vitli scV- 
oral Rii'l.s, and each ti'mo wa.s warn 
C'd to forget it as they are hi.s half 
si.sters, oxpluriied by the fact that 
the bov's father was a protty wild 
youth 'in his day.s. . The boy. in a 
huff, complains to his mdther of 
his ariiordus complicatioris, who .sets 
his mind at ease: "Don't believe 
vjrhat the Old Man tells you: he's 
not your father." Aftfl. 

SMITH 6AULEW with his Band 
20 Mins.; Throe 
58th St. (V-P) 

Smith Ballew With His .Band, is 
the act'fs. bluing. BalleW is proserit- 
ed by .the National Broadcasting 
Co.j \vhich booked hlni Into Why te's 
5th Avo. re.'^taurant in the Ldfcourtr 
Xdnnandie building at 43rd .street; 
The rietwork etherizes and' manages 
him exolu.'jiveiy. ■ ; '. . 

> • Ballew. ' is furtii,or bftUj'hooed . ?is 
"the glorious radio and recording 
voice to the aocohipalhiment df. his 
own .drcheistra.''- • - ; ' r ' , . V ■ 

This act is a good sample of the 
grave i)rdblCm . the NBC faces* • in 
view Of its close lheatrica:raffllia.- 
tions with 'R-k-O and the Jiew sea-- 
son's; schedule of/ iradip-fampd'acts 
making . flieir stage .debut as- in the 
Case dt'BalleWi .' ' - ^ 

Hd.W: .to . property, present k radio 
name, especially if wholly new; .to 
the. rostrum, artd yet' assure it of 
.some iiovelty, is rip easy taisk. Ros- 
aiie Ste-wart ostensibly - is Iri charge 
of .this depa,rtment.. She'll have, a 
headache ;:before thej iseaspris,. grows 
much older. . ; .. ;. • : . : . 

They flgtired probdbly that tp give' 
Ballew another one of those radio 
mikes" an.d simulate -a.'; studip 
broadcasting Ay.ould be . just as bad 
as permitting his radio rep to carry 
him ^^^til. hi.s^<;u^rently. trite manri^^ 
of presentation. One's: ais bad as 
the dthor; That's the problem.- 
. It ;s'q.-. happens .that in Ballew-s 
case it .rii ight even . have been- worth 
V'hile dding the microphone -. gag" a.11 
over' again .as with Mildred I-Iunt 
who has jiiist: started diit, or .CharJes' 
W;.' Hamp; or. LittleJ' Jack; Little pr 
■any . othOr, ipf the ethier . ceieb.s, Bal- 
lew' s. ydi'ce is drie- pi those sympa- 
thetic t'ondrs, yery.a. ja. Vallee (with - 
out any : attC'mpt at. cdpy.ingt : al- 
though, both.. ;use.. riiegaiphpne with, 
the siarifie. aitdi'erice stance) arid that 
top is bound create sdnie-^ 
men'f.- '■ 

vYdt pallew's'Voiceneeds the '.'riiiikd" 
for^nipliflcation. H.e works in, "one- 
half" for* his vocal .address, prob^ 
ably, realizing, the li.mitatidns of/his 
A-ocdi 'Tange> • and it was, toUgh to 
cdtch.'^ in the .rear. This reportei'; 
.purposely mdved : back f dr the .test, 
,with a" sparsely ..filled audieriee 
seemingly aprpeciatirig: . the Inti- 
macy ol Baillew's tendririg frdrii thielr 
choice dbwri-frdrtt. . locations. ' : . It 
was differerit on Sunday, or Labor 
bay with -those .extra frolics a.n(i 
extra; atteridance..' 

- iAside from , that, Ballew's. act is 
rather, haphazard; hit or niis.s. No 
iieiflection on : him 'or his triily Ca-p— 
able aggregation; Musically they're 
more capable than. many. an. estab 
lished stage orchestra, proving Just 
what showmanship means in, .sell 
ing. an iaudience. On personality 
too, Ba lie w's is as clean - c u t an a g 
gregatidn as Jhas been seien on any 
:Stage, splc-and-spari ' in Impeccable 
dinner Coats, with- properly boiled 
shirtisi sans sihy. sacriflee td sar- 
torial splendor .at the door . of per-.- 
sorial comfort. . 

- vThey looked and • probably , are a 
-cdileglate agg:regatldn. A hot fiddler 
is a bear; guitarist ditto;, a torridly 
vocalizing drUmhier;; Ballew himself 
picks a wean banjo; the re^fts:-and 
brass get properly broiling on dcca 
sidn, arid -in -tdto a:a a musical .or 
giairiiza:tidri they . reflect their 
straightaway .fdance-flodr. merit arid 
past-proven radio appeal. . 

. But . for the' stage, NBC . should 
give the situation plenty of thovight 
This suggestion , .could be by no 
means riew. It rinight eVen be. worth-- 
while to defer sending Out its ether 
■'names" for personal : appearances 
until the stage requireriients arc 
thoroughly, complied, with.. They 
made a stab at it by ringing in ai. 
jazz ballerina/but that . doesn't help 
much. , 

Rallcw's vocal ability is of the- 
Vallee type arid if he had the .Val- 
lee rep behind hirii, perhaps what 
he did- wouldri't matter . so much 
although Vallee knew what he was 
up against and produced enscrinble 
comedy, numbers, with bits, for 
stage appeal. 

\ Balle\v -was dbylpusly nerVOus^^.^H^^ 
worked: hard,"' xldirig.'! almost 'dvery 
nUriiber .-vocally- as yell as inst'ru- 
merttally, indluding. a pop medley: 
Act finished V weak; 
■ Ballew riit rits vriidre. serious at - 
terition for vaUdeyiile. He ;Can con- 
tinue doing J.iist whait he's dpirig of 
course and. get: by in' the ri?I.ghbor-. 
hoddei^s'likci here pr at the: 8Cth ^dr 
Kenmore in. Brookiyn, or the.ii'Drd- 
ham In'the Erbrix, etc., biit the. basic 
timber bespeaks. pC: gi^tater -prppdr- 
tidris. ■.,■'■■■• 

- Ballew needs a vaudeyille -pro- 
ducer; - ; . . yl-?^)!' 


Dear Doctor" (Playlet) 
20 Mins.; Three (Office) 
86th St. (V-P) 

John Bowers and Marguerite La-. 
Motte, froni pictures, are dipping 
into -Vttude with a sturdy coriiedy 
playlet. Without. their name values 
it would sufllce. . Which makes it 
dpubiy oke for the act for ariybddy's 
theatre. - : 

• Bowers is "an expert f arceur, and 
Miss LaMdtle sustairis her . eri.d well 
as. the mildly jealous Wife pC . the 
medico. (Bowers) whose rep is being 
bandied about through . a,, 'wv k. 
penchant for trea:tinc: the haridsome 
flighty ydung matroris. for ."neirves,". 
through such riiisdirected adminis- 
lerings ag hip indculatidns and this 

Doc. gives 'b^m; a load of atmos* 
phere, plenty of. soft Victrold music, 
and lots /of ■persdnality/. getting 'ohi 
tor .rei);eater^» for ■imaginary . ail- 

Misis- La Motte frames it with a. 
flirtatious : patient's , husband - td 
scare the wife and; the flighty doc 
into. mO're conservative deportmerit. 

. Three .pedple besides . the stars, 
nufse and the Mr. Shid Mrsi Horace 
Liyermdr.e' characters. ; Playlet has: 
Situation, . punch and. .comedy' . ,ap- and will pl^aise. any where.' The. 
flicicer. ropsji are further assets.. ' '; / , 
•■:'-. •::./'•'. ■ ..' ..■ Ahel. : 

Vy A R N E R, GO L E a nd W A R.N E.R {A) 
'Songs arid'Oances' - ■ 
18- 'Mins,;. One '.;.'; "'.v:^ .. 
E.pgl.e.wodc|,v-Ch icago. ( V.- P) . , ■ t '>■■. :. 

The . parprits . liav^ brougiil; ,thoir 
fvvo kids to the stig^e ah.d. the kids 
have.^toleri the act- Boy;; eight; arid 
gii'l; four, are surefire. ' . The. . girl 
'clicks, easily, . .even ; getting . acroiss 
vvith a difficult. ballad, arid manages, 
to keep the squeaks put of her. voice. 
The' boy. is a. nice: tap dancer,, looks 
ndat arid >vorks (ilea,nlyi -The pair 
get togethier ;iater, th6 .boy scraping 
a vidliri.r/^vhile .hls ; sister warbles: 
Playing is ;rather",i>dor arid should 
be. cut or,.: at least,, the .'irtstrumdnt. 
shduld^be -miited. 

.. ."The parents,... in . coritody, - :have 
eiipugli tp , get aci'dss .with . thejr 
songs and. darices. . The. man . should 
sticictp his: comedy cldthds tlirpUgh- 
Qiit.- His -business mstrt!' appearance 
at , tho. close, is oilt of 'place -and ai 
Spur-ndfo.. '. './ ' iOCpi. : 

Comedy Acrobats.^ ^ ^ . . . ., ; " 
16 Mins.; One- 
Palace; (St. V.) • .':' 

:Frarik Christie and Eddie Nelsdn 
are riovelly introduced by Kcri Mur- 
ray. After that thiey go irito comr 
edy acrdbatics,. -includirig .a ' stprii-: 
ach-coastlng bit t.hat wilf rate them 
iriiportatit position, with, or- without 
Murray a? their regisseiir. 

.' bri.the current wreck's Palaice . bill 
with .Murray all oyer the .place' (off 
arid on .stage) as na.i^a, W'ise-cracker, 
iudierice-commentfitor, :etc;; .:;thc. 
team -Ijad Murray preserit on the 
rds'trum. .with them, ftunriirig time 
arid, extraneous bits : beca;me cpri.- 
,f used,: but boilcd. down to itis funda- 
mentals,- here's a vipry f uriny act. 

' ' ; ■...■;.-A*ci. ■ 


New York, Aug. 3i. 
"The Cock ' Eyed World" gav© 
Ro.xy four whole \yccks to think 'em 
up, and Roxy took advantage. After . 
the comparative vacation, the, stage 
stuff this Week is handed out. with , 
both barrels; It has been built to 
suit all tastes,. Very stronjg back, 
ground for the moderate feature pic- 

tiire, '*Tho Gii'l. from Havana" .,(Fox-)v - 
all-talker, wllich can sell a sprightly 
hand-to-harid, tu.ssle ' between' the : 
yillairi. arid the. - hero; :at. the box. 
office.- r-:: V/;;'::-" '■..''.'.-■: '■..-■^ 

■ There fdiir .stage items. <JUi"» . ' 
rently, topped by a .flash., called ."In 
Old Havana. Town," which leads, di* 
rectly into, the: film, The.-first, VUn- .; 
dor .the. Sea.'! is an adagio ' dance in ' : 
a sea bottorii set. .. SlmilaLr number . 
u'Sed before in "Delriiar's .:Revels,". a. 
stage musical, .and somethlrig'> 
li^e it ardurid . at. present in" vaude; 
Yet, they ca;h atll learn sdmething . 
thrdugh : a' ld:dk"'Rdxy's yersiori; ' 
The dartcirig of Berindff and EUlalid 
is eycellent, but: th'e'. staging :S.ells it, 
and the staging w^ll be remembered , . 
when the rest i.^: forgotten. . : 

Beatnce : Belkin, principar. 's^ . 
sorigstrOss; ha.s^ the- huge rostrum .to • 
herself in ■ a birdrlilte song., ac'cdrii- '. 
panidd by flute dbbligatd from tl)e 
pi t. ■ .. ; I^ds.sessing a n . extreniely bea u - 
tifui ' Voice. :th lady .cart- warble^ 
Number %yill please, other'.s -beisid-e^? 
the : class muggs at Whprii/' it .was. . 
ai.lmed. - \; ' ■ .''■...'■. '' •■• >"- • .'.'■.'-.•■■: 
; I>ati'icia Bdwm&n,; she df the nim- 
ble feet, leads tj-ie Roxyettes ..iri: -a 
ndvelty: kitten . dance, . Alias BdjWman. 
ntcrprets. a ball df wool, sdmethin.15 : 
for a 'Ci.ssie. Loi-tus t& .worry abduti 
ThA clidrus: routlnejs 'a pea,ch. : ' 

New'sreei .. Interrupted , the stage, 
series at this point,, with the maiii 
r>reisentation following- !. Iri- it 'a cou- 
ple, I*airilir;a tiopez and IsiriaU CfUZrV; 
man. do what i& billed as tins origlr 
rial Cuban Rumba dance..;. It's pleritV : 
hot, pleitfy furin-y and proved a sock: 
closing number' for the preserit'atidh; , 
The entire cre^'; vocal ..arid , podal, . 
ijarticipated. ..--^ . . 

•ThroUighppt.all Rdxy pr.e&entatidns 
tltb beauty .of color and masterful 
jn^seritment can always relied dri 
tp entertain; if ridthirig else can. iBut 
aeidom at the Roxy that the talent 
i^ri't tliero .with equal strength. 
.. Syinp.hdn'^y- orche.stca's playing of 
art arrarigement of Tschjiikowsky's 
composition, under Erno RapeciS di- 
rdctidri, resulted ,ih. dead stdpp.age ' 
df the show. 'That's. an orchestra 
thjvt can't .tn'iss. : 

Standing them pri the walls .again 
Saturday afterrioLori; Bigc. 

ROGERS and :WYNN and Co, (2) 
Dancing, Singing . 
12 Mins.; One 
Jefferson (V-P) , 

Rogers - arid Wynn,. pid-time tap 
dancing team, ofEgr . theriiselVes . as 
the parents df .tlVe two. young stop 
pera, Mary- Sawyer and Davo Calla--' 
han, w-hd begin. the; act and. carry it 
up to its last five minutes. Rcla,tiori,- 
■«lrLp.^q .uestlQnable . _but-hiiman.::iptcrL 

Dancing and: Singing 
20 Mins,; Thre^ . : 
Englewood, Chicago (V-P),. 

Fpur girls sLnd a cdupic df 
iri an ordinary daince and sdng. act 
Starts .slow with intrdduction of the 
members. iBit should, be eliminated 
The four girls do a. couple of chorus 
dances; one girl st<fpping out tp do 
few solos. 

The fellows are but fair dancers 
Tlvey score : best with songs, done 
nicely. All df the dances' okay,: ex- 
cept for one jerky number by three 
girls in spme sort of Hawaiian cos- 
tume. Meaningless, and gets worse 
when t.he girls break to some- In- 
dividual body-twisting. 

As ^ a •vyhole, , the _act,-.iW-lt.h_ :Bdm.e 
.eliriiiriatTprt" dnd a'" bit^^m 
should, be able to. piay farriily time 
succeSjsftilly-.-> '.. 


("Snap Into U'WUnit) 

-: > . : Wa^^^ 1; 
This Loew house has AI Evans as 
m-. c. Evans cdnflned the break iti 
to; wielding the baton onlv. Now he 
is stepping dUt a little and doing 
right \vell. ' . 

Effectiveness of vvhen he does get , 
into his own atmosphere is some- 
what Idst by sticicing him in be- 
tweeri the 2. Stantons for a bunch of 
blackouts. 'Twould; have been bettef,. 
to have sfived him for thie .band 
numbet- alone, for with that . he 
showed the ;cu'stomers an .excellent 
style in directirig; a peach of an ar- 
rarigiemenf (his own) fd^r the or- 
chestra and theri a . pleasing tenor. 

Evans ought to make the grade 
if handled carefully. . . ■ 
•. As to the unit it pdssosses three 
or lour high i'spots worthy of more 
than jUst a: word or two. The De 
Toregos, with.the girls and a vdcal- 
ist supporting, do an adagio routine 
that Is excellerit. They work with 
lightning-like precision. 

Collette Sisters are decidedly 
okay— cute Without' being annoying 
and cinching it with their dancing. 

As to Vari arid .Ernie Stanton, 
there , is too riiuch talk with most 
of It .lost ori a 35-50 audiorice. Most 
df it .was lost in the back df the 
house, too. Month organ and uke 
number okay; 

V ..Couple djt.'novel dance routines by^ 
■the Serova girls .helped; • 

Feature : "Speedway.!'.^ Meahin 

est created by^ the : build-up iss rer 
tain to put act overi Besides which 
the elder pair arc remarkably sl),ry 
Cor their years, arid whip' tlve.. i^up- 
piCs. for some snappy cler.king. 
■ Callahan and Miss Sawyer are 
from tho Billy Pierce studio. They're 
rea.sdnably adept, although their 
youth is refle,cted in a little ner.vouK- 
ne.'is. Girl Is bloride, shapely and a 
looker. ■ - T.nnd, . ^ 


Juvenile: :Xyldphpnist ; . - ; - 
t5 Minsv; One 
Erigleyvo.od,. Chicago. (V-P) 

vBoy 'xyldphonist playing a. mix- 
ture 'df classics and pdjjs with con- 
siderable, talent. .Easy for the 
ASs'n. housds, and cdjild be grddmed 
for bigger houses. Picture cust&r 
mers especially would iilce hirii. . 
. Very: neat appoaroncfe, and like- 
able ;pierSonalIty. rn big houses he 
eoiuld more classics and . less 
pop stuff for impressive results,-.but 
iri the.>ots his'prC'sent prof- 
orOriG.e -for light' stuff riiakps- the act 
a snro click; / ' '; ' 

Idea of youth is. riiad^ rnorc ; no- 
ticeable by having the boy play a 
man-siwd -xy-l(tplione 'and using-;, a 
pkilfprm. to reach, it. -Bing\,' ' 

^ ft 6 E N T ancTTOlTElz r" ■ " T 
Darkstagfe IJlusioh : , - 
10 Mirts,; Full (Special). 
Eriglevwo6d» Chicago.: (V-P) . ' 

.Another white-figure against dark 
«taire novelty act. with tables. chairs; 
and bottlois flying around whil" the. 
oi\.o .u:pnt visible acts aririoyod. 

A few original bits in it, "\Vill 
suit in the smaller midwest ho:uscs. 



('•5 and 10 Follies"— Unit) . v 

:..::.. New Ydrk, :AJug. 30.:. .; 
' Messrs, Wddlwdrth at^d: ;Kresge. 
can fijcrht for credit oh this one, 
but meanwhile, it wlU probably . be 
discovered tlvat : Jack . Partirtgtpn 
w^ins .the largest plume: .He has 
thought^ up, or- dug. tip, a.; couple of 
ingenious stunts.: cheaply and .clev- 
erly mounting this unit with, pror 
duc.tidri novelty. 'tiiat rare . flou'dr. 
. .Shrubbery and dther scenic l.^-iok- 
knacks are .created; by fanciful coiri- 
blnatidns of -various articles of; tin-' 
ware selling in the nickel and dime, 
emporiums, Th.tis . bread, - pans 
placed end to.-. end . form a tree 
trunk and Icnivos as.sumo the shape 
l)Tn ea ye.s. fa ri d "so on a"d"TnTiriTt uiri ; 
.:. After . liio fia.shi.on of gcntlomon 
iyhp cdncoive and sta,gb uriit.i; for 
haniijor- IVimHoIf with ariy adhdsive 
fidt'Hty to hi.S contra r idea. Thiirf 
from ; tho Wdohvorthian motif , he 
cajnily introduces tlic Felicia 'Sorol 
sle))pers. dre.^.sed In cdstumds . .»C 
1840. or thereabduts. 

And thereafter the motif is/ prolly 
thoroughly snubbed although 
couple of polite reCprence.s are ad'hMl 

(Contlnued:on pa^jo 54) 

Wednesday, Septemtier 4, 1929 





(St. Vaude) 
A Bllpsliod Dill. Great second 
tialf: Blopiiy first seqtion. Rose 
Perfect a^a Horace . Heidt'3 Call- 
'^ornians (band) were, both new, re- 
opening the second ^portion In ee- 
dUence. With Ken Murray's ad lib. 
nonsense Interrupting the sequence 
tintll Christie and Nelson, it made 

: that last half-r^so strikingly strong 
1-i 100% trinity 'oi New Acts. That 
Bounds like It . should mean spmes 
thing to; the bookers oorhehow.^ 

First haljf. too ; Was comprbrnlsed. 
of rehashed if riot UteriPLllir new act 
material. The Ken Murray . unltj 
'•Dbin'- Things," a revairip . of the 
flop Wlli Morrisspy-Midgie MiU6r 
tufn which showed At the ; jefter- 
son two weeks ago, is still in': the 

' rough, but the R-K-6 office is evi- 
dently intent on salvajjirlg,from,thfe 
wreck- Then a,s ij'oW it was noticfe*^^ 
able that the act . was, overbpj^rd on 

; ;production investiture; ■: 

Murray' 13 . iria^^ the Pa,lac^ \».\ 

■ stock, run. Every tim'e. they're stuck 

' for an act they dtaig .Murray hack.. 
.Maybe because If^s thQ liist of. the 
^hree-year contract Ii-K-..0 holds- on 
Murray; ' -The coniic. is slated for a- 
pjcoduction thereafter. ; T6 his credr 
it, this V'kiilihg" . of hi^ welcome is! 
•still this. side of >the. danger linc.foi' 

• he knoWs how to '.pace. . his .stuff; 

• ThCy . call liimi "master of f esitlvi- 
ties," . as a departure f rcim the rrii c. 

' ■ appollation.; : • ' 

Zlert Nagle's feline . specially, 
which . js part of. A'Dbin* 'Things" 
. (New Acts), pp^na the ghow: . Fol- 
lows. thfe'.50-minuteurt^^^^^^^^^^ 
' Then Nick :^Ucd^5; .^dQirig' 16 ' min-: 
ut^s, arid who; .might Sveil chop it a 
•little more.; .:The crpohihs: troubar. 
dour was. recognizedi thfe requests 
for his Bruhsw.ick; recOTdirtgs. dat-: 
.ing baek. to. the "Cup: of Coffee, 
Sandwich .and. Vou'' a« He 
does a progro.m .of. Ws recent . disk 
. releases, bu.t. might , as well slip , in 
-v his Warner, iprps. -First Natlbhal. af- 
• ./hliatibns for the ;ba.llyhop effect; 

; ' Totb, wlth.,iah embellished routine, 
closed the' fi^^ The clever 

clowri i$ even riibre . so than ever. 
" Aside' from vthsit grbt'esque minia- 
■. ture automobile opening the rest of 
the bits* are new.: Thby are canhlly 
cphtrived for . l.'xugh returns and it's 
..a gr<ja,t. act; for; the. adults as well. 
jEiis the nia^^ 

Taleht is getting Palatial punish- 
ment this week with those; three 
. shows dragged in oh. Sunday, and 
Monday (Labor. . Day) . ■ The' fextra 
frolic Monday -was a' bust at the 

. . jgate; couldn't ;. be over $500 extra 
tariff, a,nd. what it may have, done 
to the Monday 'night's intake is 

.; something. else again.- The BOO 'ber- 
-Ties, couldn't have paid off the union 
help. ; Abel. 

81St ST. 

' (Viaqdfilm) 
Small audience and many me- 
: . chanical errors backstage caused 
: the bill, to look rither had at the 
first show Saturday. First showii 
:. generally: appear at their worst, but 
this one more so, . 
.. The number, two and three spots, 
held by Beth Ghallia . arid ' "Stop, 
liook.and liisteri," dance ilash, were 
a distinct letdown frbm the normal 
81st St, pace. .ThLs hoiise, the sec- 
ond best: Yaude place on Manhattan 
jftll sunirher, heed^- more Wiitchingl 

A natural pibkup with Jack Pep - 
-per, wlio semiTclpsed, and a "con- 
tinuation of the pace with Harry 
Gonley. . Jt was late by then. 

W ith V'Stop, Look and Listen" it 
seems tp be a staleneiss from close 
and lengthy association, while' with 
Miss . Chains it is a case. . of ques- 
tionable Judgnient In selecting song 

For . the first show the dance act 
tised an aged ifront drop that 
groaned In resisting all efforts at 
getting It up. Lighting effects were 
off and mbst of the hangings fouled. 
It was the .cheapest looking piece 
swge m^ a first 

rate vaude theatre In months. While 
. I've dancing girls were, pepiess. 
only the two principals, a girl who 
puciv dances on her, toes, arid a man 
ef^-entrio stepper,: seemed willing tb 
exert themselves. "Stop, - Look^^ and 
y^^^ 'been, around now for 

■ OP ^pur years. V ThJtt - seem/s 

to he. its tvpubie..^\At .best, iJtfst 'an^ 
antermediate sort of : dance flash, 
:.Ppo(l.. we.^tern .act, but n'aver a .iriid- 
. dle of the bin tiirn for the -8Ist.- 
;. Miss Chains is ribt- lyiving- her- 
aclf. a fair break. . A somewhat dlf- 
•lercnt singing, single woman with 
fu '^i'^" T»ianist,. she's using materidj 
tnat handicaps every efflbrt. - Lean- 
ing is toward light lomedy songs, 
ail- published, and mainly too 
in miliar In this section. ; The dl.^: 
: number wasn't' written for women 

; smg, fpr it is strictly a .tiomody 
K9ng' for men. Miss. Chaih.-s isn't 
getting the laughs she deserves ;:f or 
tlip .•work .she piits into the ^rhgiriK: 

.. of; it. Thi.s ehtry has a front and 
«>j style. What , she' iinsn't got in^ 

l>cr in the No. 2- everywhere, 
weighty deucbr; now. 
vyiliifs and Holmes were the com- 
edy aorohalid Glo.scrs and ' plci-sed; 
A .harkyiVrd olio and a niu-sicxl open-, 
.j"?,' gets tht-m into tlioir laugii «cro. 

• i)ntit.s; Tlioy flnis'lv with a,"k'gitl- 
raat«" stunt, a log. lift that sfcin.s 
f lm.ost ir,\t)n,sKihl<> i() ' i'li-ciniiivlisli 
■Without ii.sing a wire. Either good 

deception or an unusual trick, but 
effective "both ways. 

Pepper, out of the "Doin* Things" 
unit at the Palace because he 
played an opposition date at the 
State, so short a time ago, is here 
with his musical sfooges as a cOm- 
prpmi.sie.; The expected, click was 

. There a;re few - others besides 
Harry Gonley whp cpuld waste as 
riiuch time! as he does in building 
up a; comedy sketch and get aWay 
with it. . .About eO% .of the action 
in: "Click -as- i2vcr" .is syperflupus,; 
yet Cbnley maHes each moment in v 
teresting.' It's the old -style Vaude 
idea , of toiking your time, and -set-, 
ting them; up for the blow-off, and 
the .:numi)er of comics who still can 
do it is slight. - • Nowadays, generally,, 
the formiula is short; snappy and 
punchy all the. way. Another chflnge 
thie picttire houses can be held ac- 
countable , for; .' 

■ ''(^harmin!; SinriersV (Par.>;.i first 
half picttire, ' ; : Bige.' 


.■ ;•..' Minneapolis, Aug; 28.'; operiied its nbw 
sea.sori with a considerable blia're pf 
publicity trumpets this. week. .The. 
in i tial bill : 'impressed ;as moderately 
pleasing, \i not by any means 
notable or so strong as some bf ' the 
summer - shows at this> house; It 
.ne-ver . seemed able at any staige to 
stir up fair-sized ^audience to 
much enthusiasm Wednesday nigtjt. 
. - . Pp* ' X name . headllrier was Lifa 
Grey ; .;Ghapliri,. .back: aftei^'' several 
month^'. fbilbWing in engagement in- 
terrupted . by illne-ss. .■- AJpori this 
ocpasidn , the-. erstwhile Mrs/ Ghaplin 
failed, to. exhibit any O.utstaridihfe; 
draw, biii her song. offering. :was well 
received.', ■ iiet ;:bea.uty • alone could; 
alm^o^t carry, her albiig., To it 
up, she .jexhlbtts:.a pleasinig. voice for 
vaude, . well - chbscn sentimental, 
:'numberSra iBl^racious .persbriality and 
^bdd stage, presence. ; Her tvyo' riialij 
:accom]i{i.nists tickle the . piano .skilr 
fully $,nd are considerable of ari. aid 
to the ex-film "aictres.s. . Mrs. Chapr 
lin was .the.§hpw closer, ah odd spot, 
but probaljly necessary .dii . iLCcbunt 
of the bill's lay-out otherwise. 

Aiiplause . hits were Vox and 
-Walteiis- in-, hext;; to shut," .and the 
Dixie .Pour, -No. 3. ; They worked 
ialong their familiar and usual but 
always .acceptable lines, i 

Helson aind his unusual .conibina.. 
tion of . fielines and. white rats get 
by okeh as aii; opene;^; . Flieed and 
Le Vere clicked mildly as deucers 
with their comedy, music and danc 
ing,; pretty niuch the same as thiey 
have done here a - number of times 

Jimmy : Allard's- comedy skit, 
"Journey's Ehd," .wi.tij SPngS' vand 
dances,; Tather crudely; thrown to- 
gether, also failed to - land heavily, 
although All^rd, first-rate perif prmer, 
arid his" assistants worked hard. . , 

The. feature - film was i?athe's allr 
talker, "Big 3flews,'< : announced as 
having its wP.i'ld's premiere liere. ' 

Bill also ; included Pathe sound 
news: and a.:p.retentl6us . ovierture by 
the orchestra; in the pit^. • Big ' 75c 
worth- ■ . The same two -a-day (three 
on SundAys' reserved Seat ppHcy 
andi'price scale, as during the sum 
:meri v ■ : ■ ■ '■;- ;..:ilec«v. 


; (Vaudfilm) 

Putting up .a new marijuee out in 
front, but haven't gpt^around to fix 
ing that ceiling. Prbvidirig the Jeff's 
custpmcrs don't start yawning, they 
may not look up. - The. same public 
two blocks: away has the new. and 
elegant Academy to form a con- 
trast. . . -.. 

- iSaturday's: .line-up bright arid 
peppy, focusing upon the . ingratiiig 
down, Harry Howard, who an-, 
nounced apparently in earnest that 
this is his third aiDpeariance at the 
Jeff this year; . ; 

She who assists Howard is a fresh, 
and radiant Woffde With sparkll'ng 
eyes. iRomance and gallantry \ls a 
little QUtrajged . in the ;service bf 
Comedy ; by having this pink oLnd. 
dainty creature take slapsticks and 
pratt falls. No southern ■gentleman 
cbuld permit' this tb go unremarked. 
, . An act . thit Canie- close tb halting 
the - aftcrnopn - . performance was- 
.Rogers; and -Wynne, (New. :Acf.s) a 
feet-up bri human iriteroBt . through, 
late intrbduction of the old-time 
couple by two. younger tapster.s! 
; John .Tiller's '"Cocktail.. iGjirl.s.'' •and 
Foster, Faigan and . Cox-, , both ■ actp fi'n.i.sliiiig at the Palace; pponed 
p.nd deuped respectively. Both did 
nicely. \ . The ■. hard-working English 
girls: iaroused ■ plenty of ' respect f pr; 
their prowess. - - . • 

Keri- Christy, in a , Billy; House Skit 
has. the advantage of.'.fast moycr 
ment,: although nrctty. drafty at thf 
licfims : and joints; A: red-headed 
iToofct*- roads -his lirie.s -to the audi- 
ence and Christy himself overdoes-- 
the alidi'Cnce targeting. TliKs may b/;^ I.ro_use .ha.>--; 
a unique . personality that is en- 
hiinccd by hi.s audient'c-ihlimncy. 
hut in writing. the .samp .sort of stulf 
for other people of diff.crent pt-r- 
.sbnality, the tochnirjuo has h^df.s. ; 
■■, .Wii^hb's Entprtai'nf'i's, '.standard and 
.f.'iniiliar, closed^ 

Parambunt'.s "<Mviinnlijg Sinnfr.s.' 
at thie IJ^ip lust wvcK, ou the s<:rf-< ii. 

- Land. 


(St. Vaude) 

Los Angeled, Sept. 1> 

Springing a ne\y idea in vaude. 
shows on the local fans,' the Or'r 
pheum dished up orie of its best 
bills since the summer rates went 
into effect. Entire first half was 
taltcn . ui> by Rhth Mix's Rodoo 
Uoviie, very riiuch a la film house. 
Second half was straight vaude . Vv'lfh 
Betty 'Blythe, Sammy Cohen and 
:jRoy Cummings taking the. bows. . ; 
, Mix . linc'ui) ; had plenty : of; stuff, 
with one or two. soft .spots wh.irh 
can be. eliminated .;w.1thbut trouble. 
Act clicked with the capacity ho, Vise 
greeting the flrst...sho.w." Ruth,- her- 
self , contributes^ ' little : more ••thari 
hei'-. name. A. ilittle •^rbpe..;t'wii^ling,; 
parading her horse^ "Lindy," ;.fbr a 
couple of tricks and a . gag song that 
wouldn't be missed. ■ Hpwcver,' she's, 
thpr'e. on ;lo.ok.s..' ■ ■;' . •; ^'. :. .... . 

' Entire i .unit . exc'^.ptioTialiy . well 
decked out. ; \Opened ; with .eight 
Gamby-H*kle line, girls dpirig. intro- 
ductory : dance' in, one, drop goihg: 
up to show Ruth In \^hite cowboy 
Putfiit on . Xiridy. . Dbijglas-Wright 
Co.;, with blonde foninie hringing op 
t\yp hoofers for; combo in Spark 
Plug dummy for lau^^hs. ; Fbllbwed 
by^ the. Rangers; 'gbp.d .agjicegattbn 
of niale Vsingers. ' Gaijciby-Hale 'OirlR: 
hack to do an Indian yreddirig, with 
Ruth as the : bride; ; V;ery: - good. 
Finale a prairie, fire flash and spec- 
tacular. '■;:■'■■.■■•-•■■' ■■■v", ■ 
■ 'Jed Dboley. next, helped' by Au<l»'<?? 
Ev.ans. Sortie of patter nebdis fresh- 
ening." ; -Toby "toblas' and -hiS" Tex- 
ans, ban<i. followed in -. full stage, 
with Bangers;- girls,' .iDpple.y ' and 
Ruth on for flash wln.dup;; 

Betty Blythe, song ;.cybie, . oftered 
a good voice, and the latest in step 
ins, changing her costumes tjn^stage; 
Samriiy Gphen rocked therii with' his 
Clowning, tvmhljng and high - speed 
dancing. -About ' 15; minutes'; -worth 
of wbrk in- five. ; ■ - • 

Roy Cuminlng.s .closed v?ith his 
regiilar ! rbUghhoiise stuff.- .; . AlWays 
wbw^ here. . Helped by ;Flbrence 
Roberts, . cute . blonde: trick, who,-her jazz steps; ;•» . 


(Vaudfiltn) ' 

,. One of the chpice spots along the 
stagger lane for pickups and ; tran - 
sients on a holiday for some reason 
or .other failed tb stand them up 
at the Stiite Monday .night.:: .Maybe 
it was too miich . competition and 
mayhe it was the show or the heat. 
Whatever it was, the hp use wasn't 
jammed to the back rails. Four 
shows Monday caused the acts tp 
dp some cutting to get. through on 
time with the last vaude bill start- 
ing at 9:30, a mtich later period 
than usual for State a,cts. Picture, 
"Mrs; Gheyney" .( M-G.-M ) . ; 

Vaude as framed was nbticedbly 
shy of comedy. What little was 
offered was rather small in quan- 
tity, due to the, general style of the 
show. ''^ ; 

; DpC Baker ■ and Go. opened: As 
ah opening act the Baker tujn 
would fare better :lh a 'different 
spot, yet it didn't do sb badly here. 
Nothing in the .act a stiandout but 
Baker's changes. - Baker has his 
company down .to two. - girls, whb~ 
hold the stage ; with dialog and 

. Francis and Wally. dished up 
some coriiedy with the dances sure. 

The Stone and Vernon act 
seemed cut to permit the shpw to 
run within time allotment,:, but - the 
three men and thfit diminuive little 
lady did enough to have 'em 
ga.sping orie mintjte ' arid applaud- 
ing the next. Effective for 
houses the size; of the State. A 
corking closer or opener. 

The. Six Brown Brothers head- 
lined and scored theit usual hit. 
Despite the apparent shortening pt 
the turn, the Browris proved their 
standard - worth with their saxor 
phone harmony, 

In addition to , the feature was 
the Fox M.bvie\one" news, devoted 
mainly to the Graf . Zeppellri. 


iiortvd and not very good bill was 
Baby Edna Kior, who ni'ght he five 
or U. Slu' siug!5, danci>s and tells 
storit>.s doing tho latlor with Uic 
reeitative oliant of a Sunday school 
pot. Her tap dancing is good and 
8int{ing fair. Act as n whole .jias no 
busincs.s in tlio . SiaH'-lyal<e. • 

"Smoke Screen," second. Is a little 
theatre plaj ie.t. It won the Chicago 
toxn-nanion t last st-asbp an<l ■ made 
its .lli-st pi'Ofe.s-siunal appearance rtt 
the Palace .several mpriths. ago. 
Since- then the prbviously non-pro- ' 
fessripnal- trio acting it , have ac- 
quired, sonic ^polish 'and, can eom- 
pare easily .with the .aycragc" .'drrif 
matic:. acior in vaude for a Ifvihg. 
The sketch, aboiit. a pretty Uttlp 
w'einch : trapped . by two; detpcti.Ves" 
into c'bn,fQsaing a mCiiHlbr, Js ; well 
written and has dramalio quality. 

Wilson was third. Then ' ca.ino;; 
Marc Nathal, monkey man, in .a 
short, -bu t. i n teres ting tu rn.' . Nathal ' 
•puts. on. his. nio'hkoy. ttiakeup; :b.ehind 
a silhouette 'scrim, ' thbrii. hops '^ all 
pvor*; the main flbor and. balcony^ 
from the- back bf one seat to art- 
othor. A -.;prccariQiis tricli: -..and 
makes Nathal-a,:nbvel performer;-; 
■ Le ; Paiil, card manlpulaforj worked 
a -; clever tui-rt with ' two stooges,'closing.-. He did well al-, 
thbugh his act by nature IS riot' for 
that sitpti' . . •-. ■ ," ■■■ 

'■ ."Brick - Tops". dosed the:hili, with 
popular aridv ClasSical riiusic. need- 
ing no .defensive alibi, the musi- 
cians are . girls. They can be judged 
on .inerit, a,nd rate high among 
bands. That they are girls simply 
enhances, .their , quality and wOrthv 
. : The trouble ;'wrth.' this :bill is ..a 
lack of sti'ong!..cbniedy; also. the. slow 
pace .paused -by : the . baby .■ single 
opehinp the." dramatic sketch £p1lo\yr 
Ing .arid, the persbriai appbararice 
talk next. Tpb m.uch. to .b^v.erconie;- ■ 
.'' ;; :■'' '■ Bing, 


•;.- . (Vaudfiim) / ',: 

Chicago; Aug. 30. 

. That the State- Lake's recent re- 
IiiQarnatlpn as a- prosperous the- 
nti;e was not only a. matter of good 
.busine.'Ss. ■ for M^bbd- ;j)r.ogram's ;arb 
more or leSs proven this week, with 
a; practically capacity main, floor 
crb.wd ttirning out early Saturday 
tb see nothing in particular. It is 
a -fairly reliable sign that the S^ate- 
Lake IS: brice moi*e part, of Chicago's 
con.sciousness, and' that; people. Will 
go there, even as they, do to picture 
lionses, as a matter, .of course.'; . 

' The feature thl.s week is "Flying 
Fool". (Pathe), and the yaude head- 
liner Is .''The .14 Brick .Tops," ex^ 
o<!,llcnl. girl, j'barid' that could riot bo 
railed a draw. . - ': 

; Sub -hilled is Al Wilson, stunt 
flyer from . Holly wood^ who takf-.S; 
mo8t of his time with a film chron- 
icle of his stunts, then gives typ- 
-iC?U _litLrg-Qn g!jLLaPP e tal k and 

w in d.s up "By. , giving a'~stWfro~a'~tri^ 
lot's test; in a revolving , ohair.' 'I\i<y 
."■'t Is okay in a mild way, ; n.s a 
.«-tunt fly^r without a plane i.s han.- 
d icappf'd f or thrill.s. Matlnff cro v.-d 
mistakf.rily awarded ' ■\\;il.'4(jti's an- 
nfiiinci-r a .good' api)luu«e rf;( ('pti(/r;. 
\vhi(h is no way to trrat a nian 
wVi'i is :ftlso Viilh-d a.s a film futf/r. 
Opf-ning .thl.i week's a.S- 

• ALBEE. /■ 

: .' . (B ROOKLYN) '•■■■■/':■ ■•' ' 
■ ■ \ ' (Vaudfiim): ■.'. :';■; 

Those, mats the, A)ijec. look 
sick,. Vaude doctors , arc ' working 
and : report prbgreyis, : While -they. 
hi.ay be turning in bulletins that 
may sound bptimi-stic, 'the.; after- 
noons pass; by quietly at this Brook- 
iyn Keith house. 

Vaudfilrii • as laid oiit Saturday 
wasn!t :bad at all. The picture was 
:"Dark Streets" (F. .N.>.' if Jack Mtil- 
hall and :Lila Lee. had ainy §'up;pbrt- 
ers :; oVer. there they were holding 
o'ii1; :.thjat :af ternobn, . . .; 

Vaude gave ifar more .satisfaction, 
ilthpugh show started off with Har- 
vard, Charles arid Kendrick with. EW- 
ing Eatpn. Both these turns seem to 
please iriimehsely. : Latter's versatil- 
ity, effective. Brady and Wells 
clouted o.yer a hit. Male half scorned 
hoarse with a rather . throaty sound 
when: singing, but riot suflScicntly to 
keep the act from registering ail the 
way. ' • ■ ;' - ; ■- 

More laughter when Solly Ward 
and Co. showed that, nonsensical 
land farcical skit about their- prepa- 
rations to start for the •Wpbds; 'Good, 
.support particularly from the maid 
who duriibbells .it capitally, .. . 
. Laughing hit next with Har-rls and 
Radcliff's dialpg, dariping arid ' sing- 
ing. Their score was topped off nice- 
ly by that boy doing the tap; danc- 
ing. ..'.■■ • 

In closing spot Benny Davis with 
band and entertainers. The Davi.s 
act never slbws up. •■ 

Pathe Ne-Ws ;shown- after the FN 
feature. " ''"■ 'v 
; Maybe . ; the cold weather will 
drive, thehi in off the streets to keep 
warm. . ' ' ■ • - ^ - Mark. 

58TH ST. 


A song pliigger stopped the show 
with William . J. Gilrby's organ reci- 
tal, and tin pari allcyite working 
from the audience. ..with "Am I a 
Passing Fancy?" an'd encoring with 
a whistling specialty. GilrOy him- 
self .rang the . hell with his console 
presentation.', - . .;. '.'.... . ..'..../ : 

. Rest bf the show vvas a corking 
fiVe-ract line-up, strong on comedy, 
with, Flo 'Lewis, a canny variety vet, 
whamming 'eni murderously'. ..Ad 
hbbing piehtifulliy'..' .wise-craqkirig 
about the new gorgeous theatre a.n<l 
their bath- :tubs, and: cutting, up in 
careless, arid. , car.efree ritahner,. her 
hpydenish pcr.sbrtai i ty, . u rid errieath 
the flaming top, zpwied with the 
cuStbriiicr,<5- almost, from her en- 
trance. She said she -wag in Aus- 
t ra lla^ ; ha d j u.s t .re turn e'd-, I n trod u ccd 
her. new, .;.Leo K.'u-lyri, and 
projected her: .'. piquantly iint'irrb-!- 
gaiiveiy, • ''C.ut,c.'' .iobs^-rvations for, 
tcll-talo returris.: .; Same- toy.s,. same 
.silly hokum,;Cveri tho'satrie foy aiito 
finish, but done, with rcfrL'.shing 
verve and novelty tiiat stamp her 
a.s- okay for anybody's audience. 

Just preceding wore Hooper .'ind 
Haitr'hett: with tholr "rookie''.' non- A - flock of laughs right albng, 
t()7tr)f'd"-h"y-risomr' pxof'llcnt vbral har- 
muhif «. ' 

George Brown iind Hxirry King, 


cjood a'f t- hnilng arid sh'o-wmiinly 
prf'Si'nta'tiorii oa,ch, b'r?ing .saris a right 
if.^'. up to above thf! knff. 

i.-!ayard and Cook (New ' Act-s). 
t li.r'n.- ll^ifi'rw'r- ( Ja t f'h.ft t. Miss . L*- wis, 
Willi f-'inith " JialJcw'.'^ liiind (.Vi-w' 
.\ct.«.). c\<-r\uy. ■■"Cha'rnvin.i' Si'iri'-rs" 
' I 'u\ \ f I ;»t IMC. 

Biz off jHa'tijrday jjiaL .' Alil. \ 


(St. Vaude) 

Chli-ago,, Aug. 31. 
Bill .•<pou'iali:'Jng. in novelty this : 
woelv, with Ja< k .l.KMni)?H-.v giving an 
interviow writton;as, a sJilt 'by Wil- . 
lard ' Mad4 ; group of mUlgots in a. 
bettor tlitiri ord i nary song- and dance' 
rovue, arid an aninwil ai-t made 
novel with -dialog, and. gAgsi 

IDorii psey is- the/: draw an d .satis- . 
fled : the niatineb; audicivGo; pighiVr . 
-hafs . no ^' Slugo. pfosnu'o,: but ; gots • . 
iivross niooiy in a poor :rte.t. due to 
his .pbi)iilarity and -a eprtaln appeal- ^ 
ing':shyries!s. Act is hooey, btit riotii-.: . 
ing riibre thaiv oxpeeti^d, a persbhal 
appearance. Got a great roceptibiii 
interrupted continually : duritig , act ' 
with plenty, of. ribise hnd speeching 
himself- off. : ■> 

. Wilson, Kop.pei and .-Bettys pperied - 
with a. -fair dance roulirie, closing 
nicely \Vith.,a' step number. .- ." 

The animal act . fbllowlrig gpt- 
acrbss big; .with a smart dbg,- and • 
his trainer Ed Ford, clowning and 
gagging. '■.'■■, . .:'-:;'-:-.■-.- '.- 

...Glenn and Jenkins, colored; third,': 
arid ..Freda and Paldce, . wop .comicis, . 
next to closing, terid tb riiake, vaude-. 
ville. ; Both get their laughs biit . of ^ 
pig Erijg^ishi the:; other '^uy's; durinb- ^ 
riess; and both, close. :by. v.QcalIiirig.'' 
Both acts are •stTandard and click;- 
tlie two - wop boys taking, a ..sP*2 ' 
.: Don Cumriiings, -rbpe'r, has ap;-. : 
pettranco- ip • his favor and.' voice 
against him. . He'd dp better If brily Turii ;-i6; sliort; and snappy 
arid oke in its element, bpt should 
cut.,the: ta;ik;. ; V' - 

Rose's ', LiHiputianis. started 'the" 
second half; tb;'a .po.oi^ start, bright- 
ening tip. cbnsidera,bly in the later 
sets,. ; 'Phe Siberian opening num- 
bers are meaningless. When the act 
gets, into ;its. night' club set,." the 
riVldgets entertain : iri their . o.Wn 
right. . The band, billed as; the orily 
midget outfit in the world, is .t>ood 
enough,, notwithstanding that the 
ti:iimpetei'; ; who plays the loudest. 
Is iive-lfopt-riirie;; iCurt . Zweiblor, 
Nordic midget, fine m, c. for this 
ti'pupe. and gets across big. Act as 
a .whOle .a good novelty and pleases 
even who Idon't usually car' 
for midgets. . "^Ulfte 

.Larimer arid Hudson, . cyclists, 

; : Business weak -liere this after- 
noon, \Vith rows, of empties down- 
.stairs,.- Mezz spotty; ' too, but shelf 
was.- full, program up to the m^rk 
set; by the . past few weeks and 
doesn't stand tb break house rec- 
ords,, but Pempsey shouid prove a 
draw here even to thl.s wise mob. 
•And he, .should', pack 'em in when 
reachirig 'the Slate -r Lake. Loopm 


House management threw in an- 
other act this first half; augmenting 
the original iiuintet with Reed and 
Du theirs as added starter.. Two , 
strjong turns bolster- the show, John 
.Bowers-'MargiieHte La Motte (New 
Acts), hcadliniag on their picture 
farine, ' wit.h> Larry. Rich's versatile 
band act; topping the show off 
strprig, : A^ .the fact that 

Eddio Leonard, noy/' has a strong 
rival, tor his Ori-ToQ^Loiig Oriental 
alter -ego. Rich's is bliay ■vaudeville, 
but he' started to: outvyear his wel- 
come;. Especially with that: repe- 
titloiis plugfest • for the "Foolin'," 
pop sbrig which ho . and his piano 
player wrote. 

' The: act 1.S somewhat of a unit, 
combining two separate . presenta- 
tions, running in combination well 
over ia solid hour. Pirst Rich ;itnd 
Cherie do their corned- specialty. 
Cherie affects bb-la-Ia Frenchy ab- iS 
breviatlpn with ribthlng subtle about 
the business or chatter. There's 
an Inferno motif with a prop 
Mephistpiiheles that rings in th« 
band thing. 

Larry Rich and Friends Is the 
band act's billing wherein Cherie 
flgu res also . importantly with spe- 
cialties. Winana Otrlch, Lillian 
.Martin and Bernie Rich ar^ sub- 
featured but -evidently a program 
antiquity, with Evelyn Spencer an- 
nounced for the. ; '-'Tiger liag" hot 
dance; Ralph Mbbre, eJcpert 'one- ■ 
armed trumpet player, vwith his 
physiear shortcbjiiing . not/ Stressed, • 
:was an individual highlight iri the 
gpneral enscmble.Vv.brk arid the spe- 
cialties.; It, was Mooire Vfho made 
po.sslble Rich's mllkin' 'em so much. : 

The bandmaster-cbmic Is sea- 
soned fun.ster, bespeaking some -bur- : 
leycuc antecedcn ts, He ha.s a patirich 
that is ejni)loyed.for .sbrnfe la:ugh rp- 
turns . along: with his bWn. hot ifT;^ 
ping. •-■-": ;'.■ ■ ' ; ...^^^i-'- 

; Boyd a.rid iron- jaw wire 
act- opened big. Allari Reno (mis- 
programmed as Allan : Shayhe, with' - 
the annunciators carrying Ronp), 
m.adp ', the deuce : an. impiortant - 
groove. . Not quite a.s -English . as 
llorrriorl.y; he announcc'.<! it now as; 
an English; . doing' his ■■ 
bccoritrlp fiddfirig arid dancing 'to ■ 
^'^•'"f'^M^r'^-tivrTi'T-— ; '■;'"'. 

Bow(-)-.ssJ^'t Motto '■■i>:, - then Reed 
and Ijufhrr.s,; who; tap-steppod to a ; 
n<-at sf'oi'b; Hi'lv. anil Chfrie, and 
tiie- Jtif-ji gaij'-'.; (;loi--ing: Wtll laid; 
out. tin; {'liiiiidanf (• of dttriclng ... 
hj-fikf-:n iifi sn (hat l.ii.'it ;dc;p.'irtnlent , ' 

'lid <i.VI'J-)i.'ll;i-n«'(', . . - .' ; 

"Ciiartiiing Sluneii." (Par), fea- . 
ture. - .:-;;-;■ Ahel. '. 

V A R I E T y 

Wednesday^ September %, W9 


NEXT WEEK (Sept. 9) 
THIS WEEK (Sept 2) 

Shows Citrryiniff numorols such as. (Sept, 8) or («tM)t. 9) indicntc opcn- 
InBT, nt?xt Syo.ek on Sunday or Monday,, us date may bo. For this week 
Xbqpt. ;1) or (Soin. :i> wUh; spUt wco indicated by dates, ; 

• .Aj.n astorislt (•) before name : signifies, act is: nev/ to city, doing xi. new 
turpi, reappearing, after a,bsence or appearing for first time.:. 

Pictures . include in classification picture poUcy, v,rith- vaudeville or 
presentation as adjuncts :. ■ . 

Week Sept .2 

Casino dc I'nrid 
Harry I'llCer 
JTaCk I'^brrester 
Georfjuv llnyi.^ :• 
^^arle IJiiUag ■ 
Rowo Si3 . . 
ti Tiller 6lnl3 
Bac)i-I)aiiily ' 
noTcnee .& Grip. 
Henry . Lavetne ; 
Germalne ]...ambcl.. 
-MeretKMeniient •' -;■ 
.Gerntaihe '■.'•Lahibel ' 
Rlt£^ Mae . ; 
Paulclt© Franck 
Jim Wanpo. 
Erica inibrecht . 
MarcoUo ICIona 
ColettP Ahclris 
Glhett'e Guy' 
Marc ■ ;l")errjS. 
Frort Mele Bd 

CirtjiiA d'HiVeir . 
Carrer PUS 
Ii7a & AVolf V . 

.Mof'hassy ; nros 
Arco. lilifjiVanDrt. & G 
llalo- ■(.<-• .'Uiiyx -'. 
.Tosi'^f (Jolojnana- .-' 
(•hllcnos<..Tr • < 

■ I' : ■ . • .' 

■Wiiues : •■■ ; ;,. 

■ Jilifer. IJroa ' • 
Fratollihi . 3 . ■•• 

•C-'irre -Aeros ••. 

Johun/ lie G6k-R 
' Topan' &.■ Gcnova. 

Carro'.s .Horses . . ■ - . 

."Whtprwinda . ■ • :,. 
..\Vi»>ner ipoucet . 
.Sl'MsoTi ■ ■ ■ 
.KoberCs 3 ; ■ 
.Mttlf. i'ipltajt -Co . 
Dick Cilrtor : / , ; 
C'refiso . nros- ; . . 
Ii.oohce" &.',T.lllane ■ 
>Iax ■ThcHor ■ ' ■ 
Mare^orlte Gilbert . 


Week of Sept, 2 


ITaurlitoni & Gold 

The 2 Bobs 


jettrt Kennedy.' 
Debroy Sdiner's Bd. 

. IIIppbdroiiiQ 

Mr cinders • ■ ; 

: - NEW CROSS ' 

Funny' Bpy . 

E mi) Ire ■ ■•■ . 
r?rlnces,a Cbarmln? 



fiavbr Orphans' Bd 
l^ea Plerrotya 
Cj»W'>tj & Strahd 
Max Wall 
Albert Whelan 
Apps & Daphne 

■ Grand 
0how of the Tear 

ffhe Niew Moon 
Stranger Within 
Opera I[6u9e 
The Past 

AHinmbra . 
The 5 o'Clock Girl 
. Empire 
JTbe Desert Soni? 
Vagabond King 

Charly Lloyd 
Chas Aherne's Bd 
Rego 2 

Annlson & ' Major 
Betty BlncUburn 
T J Andoraon 
Toms & McSweon'y 
Sanger Sis 

Noble Slsslo 
Sam n;irti)n 
Harry Moore 

Hinsle ■ 
Ashton & RaWson 
Morris & Cowley . 
Ad.dlaon & Mltr'ga 
HULL ■ . 
One Dain .Thlngf- : 
■ LEEDS •■ ■ • 
What Price Navy.. 

Toung .AVoodley 
House Jack Built 
Virginia . 

. Empire 
.Opeh_Your Eyes 
Empire ■ 
The Last Word ; 
Empife . 
Clowns In Glover 

Jo.urney'a find- ■ 
The .Squeakers 
. .Empire - 
Mr • Cinders 

. Empire^ .■ ■ . ■ 

liOve Tjies." 

Life , • 

Lucky In Love • 

Cnpitol (31) 

••Dixie Dprby" U't 
Lou Bring 
King King & King 
Johnny Herkoa 
Lucille Sis 
Dave Schooler ' 
Cheater Hale Girls' 
.•Broadway MpIoiTyV 
Piirnmnunt (31) 
•B & 10 Follies' U't 
Roy Sortley 
."Woman Trap" 

Roxy (31). . 
Berinoft & F.ulalie 
. Irene SicRrlflo ■ .. 
Ivena Hall. 
Clarice Goldnor- 
Helen Sa.<!scl6r ■ 
Beatrice BoUcIn 
Patricia . Bowmijin 
Angelita' Loyo . 
David Pfollot' , 
.Albert. De; ..I.l.nia , 
Elizabeth. Morgan 
Gomez -Tiplc- Orch 
"Girl from ''Ifxay^na: 

AVfiloh (.10) 
Charlie Crafts Bd . 
Berriard . A Henry 
Norman- -Pr^scott 
W^Ils & Wlnth'fop 

Cnpitol '(.SO) 
ChaiJJ j . Aghow. Bd. 

BaXL'-' I'tt Vere 
TaS & J.arJt Dale ; 
rranops' Wilts 

Chloixpo. (30) 
^Cltcus GiXbiirPt" ■ 
L SplfaJriy Bd ■ 
EVdns Sr.- Wolf 
.W .ft .B Rod (l ick , 
-. Walzor: & ;Dycr ■ 
•'.Vera ."Vrin . • 
Foster- Girls 
■ "Fast Oomp.iiiy^-' 
Grann da (.30) . 

Geo IVIcGloIliin . 
Martin & Marlin , 
Morley S;. Do.potJo' ' 
Dcs.s Cbwati . 

. Marbro (30)" . 
Chas Kalcy Bd 
Tom Waring- 
Ihtnrn'l ("omlques 
Stowai^t Bfoa 

Orion) nl («0) 
•Old .Kalioi-hood" U 
Al KvalQ Bd. 

Loule'a Hungry 6 
The Weasel 
Joe Griffin 
Darling 2 

Ford Marshall & J 
BoUrman BallPt " 
'Smiling Irish By.'s' 

Parn<Hs«> (30) 
'Caatlo. of Dr'ms': U 
^lark Fisher. Dd 
.Spoor. &-' Parson^ .• 
Lufiter Bros 
Henry ^lack ' . , 
•Sybil Pagai) 
Block & Suliy 
Fostet Girls-. . 
"Gr<;ene -^Murder C" 

. Rlniio-(30) •■ 

_Ami9.dio Bros 
T &• L DoniuMly- 
i ; Strill ford 
2d , Ii!Vlf-.(-5-.7) ■ 
( ■(i.blil.o B'cl . 
Kleii/nor • CliPrler - 
Liiypb :&- I.^ij . 
Ot^orgia iralt 
3'-lJamel Sis .: 

.; ■ -Tlvoli C30) . ; 
'Sqnshore J?<..l I fcs' t' 
F- Mast.ora Bd- . ' ■ 
Ed & Morton BccU 
3 PepiJoraliiik^ra 
•Prosper & -M.'Vret 
Dave Gould Co ' 
:'G reonc .'Mii.r.iU't: - C'. 

I'ptown (!}0) . 
•'^Firth Ave"' t;:nit. 
Xovpllf Bros -..' . 
Win.ird . Hall 

imiinoir 4 . 

Oflortor & :itlii X^al.s 
A Busch Girls . - 
, '.'Greene Rl urdpr C-" 

..Molropolitaii (30) 
Muzz Clock .Sioro'U 
Bob La Shlle 
Paul Klrklahd 
Bard & Arbn : 

Frpd Evans Girls. 

A.lpx Kce.«;e 

"The I-ady Lies":. . 

. lirFF-iLo 

ItulTalo (1) 

"Let's Go" fnlt 
Phir Lampkin . 
Heller .<& Rllpy :- 
The C' Pashns 
A A G Blum .»' Gould'a' fJIrls 
"The 'Lady Hea" 

. ,st4tle' (i) 

'Surprise. l';irty XJ' 
Austin jyouhg' ' 
,-A.-.ft L Chrr . 

Nl'll JlMVCll ' 

I'aul .;R'ussclr - 
Gliick SorOl Girls 
'■li'cr:. Pri-vati'- i:ifp" 

Palace (.7) 
'S'y with . Pl'w.'rs'U ' 
Sunimy - Cotion'i ': 
.AIiLxine HiirhiTtoh- 
SlOri'o' & ■Vernon- 4 
U:vvo Gould GirlS 
.Denver • (7)- : ' 
''rarlsiitn-- ;Llft5.' . U':t 
f.'a'iiPi'tpn '&. Bfcldle 
liarry. .Do 

Gamby-Hale Girls 

. I'ai:uin»iiiit (7) 

'>S;iy With Music' U 
El rievo ' - . 
.Sliidjor Sr Rosft - •: 
Siinuriy. .KrevofI - 
Jlonry- Giird-cn ■ 
Foster Girls 
Earlo (31) 
'N'lglit It'cvelbrs' t)" 
Eddlo. While --- 
'"The Idle Rich" . 

IVx . (31.) 
'Swoothearfs' F & 
. . M Idea . . ■ 
Nat Na-zaiTo' Jr .: 
Coscia & Vordl ■ .;. 
"fcialiife". -. -.'>' 
PirrSBURGlI . 
Enri^ltt (31) 


Mt^tt Intimate Chat'i 

For Natlonii Advertisers arV 
now bleinp constructed for fall 
and. winter ..Artists who are 
'radio-minded" and whose 
work Is adaptable to broad- 
oastinfl and who desire rep. 
resentatlon shpuld consult -us. 



Chilfoh & Thomas 
4 Merrymakers' 
Gamby.-Hale Girls' 


Paranioun t ' . ( 7 ) - 
■^•Pearl BagiJad" U 
Boyce .& . Evans 
Jack ea'rtlcr.- - . 
Arch Cannon ' • '- '■- 
Gladys St- John . 
Murray .& Allen • ~^ 

, .OFisIier (31) 
.'Palais Royale' U't 
Kay Davidson 
Wilfred Du. Bols 
K'a-ravlfi • 
Red Carter 
Arseno Slegal - . 
Al ■ Donahue- 
'^The Hottentot" 

Mieiilgnn (31) . 
Del DelBrldge- - 
.Joe -Pen tier 
"Fast Coiri pan y" 

Metropolitan (7) 
'Country Club Co' tr 
A lex . Morrison 
Olive Fayo . 
Cliff Criin? - 
Al Rasch Girls 

• Koiilevprd (5) 
Lynn Co wan 
"Pleiasure Crazed" 

Cartliay Circle 
, (Indef) 
Carll Elinor Oxch. 
. ; Egyptlfth (.-J) 
'Sr'nl'd M'ldlea' I '■ 
PUly Randall 
Hoborto .Guzma;n 
Sherry Louise - 
J' &' B, Willing 
Franklin (t Warner 
Evarta & Lowry ' 
"Single .Standard'' 
Loch-'s. Stiitb (15) 
^'Drapes" Idea 
Jeroino Mann 
Frank Molihb Co 
Sunklttt Be.iutiea 
'Imti^ine Jfy Em*' 

Pnraihount . (5) 
GayJord .Potter. 
;"Lady Lies" .- 
Uhllwl Artist9 
OUvo.f Wallace ; 
'Bulldog ' •Drumm'd" 

Minnesota (7) . 
'Castl6 of D'rti.s' U 
Spoor &iPar!johS 
r.iiiptet'.- Bro.s 
Hortry Mack- -" 
Sybil Fagan 
nibc.U & Sully 
Fob'ter Girl.-i 

Itm-nford (31), . . 
'. 'Cf ooie "Ni gli Isl XS 
Jay Mills' 
■•"Dark . Slj-cets" 
N'W ORL'N.'*. LA. 

-.. - Snongor (7) .-■ 
"Urlfiht Ligh'v.s"' tl 
T,ln'ib'rl'g.s Edw.'rdi 
•VUMh , rhaUl.s~ 
..Ban'korf Cannon 
.lai-k G oldie .'• 
Oi>uld -Bby.s . 

'Black & White R^ 

Dick Powell 

"Her Private Life" 

Penn. (31) - 
'Pln^tes . of . M' Unit 
Teddy Joybo' 
Smith & Hndley .• 
Jimmy ' W- Dunn 
Jup Foiie; 
Ferrar 3 ■. - 
.Gamby-Hale Girl's 
"Modern Maidens',' 
.. Stanley (31) . 
. "Dixie Days" Unit 
Bro.cite Johns . 
"Fast. Life" - . . . " 

Fay's (St) 
TIUIs & Larue Co . 
Maryoh 'Vadles 6 . 
Lane & By toil 
Florence. Seeley Co 
Thompson & Kemp 
Parisian -4 .. 
■Why Leave Home' 

.. Texas (7) 
'Laces. Graces' U't 
Llora' HblTmnn 
Tommy. Atkins- 6 
Nell O'Dsy '- . 
Portunelfo Co 
Gamby-Ilhie Girls 

ST. L0L^.'5 
. Ambassndhr (31) 
'H'Dy w<d Revels' U 
Don Barclay ~ 
Lillian White 
.Tohnny Dale', 
Ed Lowry ' 
"Her .Private Life" 
- Missouri (31) 
McKee. & - Todd . 
Gbdee & North 
"li'Ast- Conipany" 
W'SU'GT'N* 1)7 "C. 
: . Earle (31) 
Kafe Smith - .. 
"Dark Str.oeta" ' 

Fox .'.(7). ■ 
. Joe LnRose Pres " 
■ IQ' Foxcttes - 
Leon BrusllofC' - 
Meyer. Davis - Sym 
'Cook Eyed World' 

(31) . .. 
.Toe La Rose. Pres . 
Leon ;Bruslloff 
Meyer Davis Sym 
.;16 Foxottcs 
•Cock. Eyed World' 

Garden of Rosea 
(One to (111) 

2d half (11<13) 
iTamcs Se Dotty - 
Dalton & Craig 
Mivley ..& llowland 
I'llcer D AlcK 
1st half 7-10) 
M'r'y McN'ce & R 
3 McCann Bis 
Thos McAuUffe Co 
Marks & Elhol 
Colonial 6 ■ 

2d half 011-14) 
3- MolViri Bros 
Mirgl'u Coate ,. 
Kerr & Weston- Rv 
l'''i'arik 'Farron 
^Iew. -Gold Rev 

OrpU«i)m. . 
. lat half (7-10) ; 
Van Cello & Mary 
T &■ Al Waldman • 
Kerr & Weston R 
llyan I^oo 
>!iielddn Heft . & L 

2(1 half . (11-13) . 
lioalm of DaTice 
F.arrell &. Ch'd.wl.'k 
Sol ' .Gould Co 
Viiiiriijhlhg' Maid. 
(One to nil) 

■.•■.■. State (7) ', 
Tom -Fulmer Co'. 
Prniiik Conville ' 
Ann! Codce Co . 
Wilson. Bro's- - 
Ebony Scandsls 
- Vlo'tori'a . -. 

1st .half 7-10) 
7 Stylish Steppeta 
wn.son & Addle . 
Mario Si LSi^^arin 
eurion & DeRex 
(One to nil) 

2d half. (11-13) 
Elly Co ; 
(.'bnyey 2 & Johnny 
H & H Langton. - 
•.Sara!noff •.'- ....•. 
Dream- Street'-' . 
..■.1st half T-10') ' 
Ford & Price - • 
Fay Sa Mllliken 
-Kite ReilbW Co 
R'Ss'll. &• Armstlr'g 
Denhlsoh Rev 

2d.hAlf, <U-13.) 
Page & Class -. 
Mariorle' Burton 
Ulis. &. Clark . 
Browning & Clark 
Blue Ridge Ramb 
. . .'. Commodore ' 
: Vlst hiilf (7-10) . 
Merle's Cockatoos. 

• Francis ; Marian ■ 
Fisher & Hiirst- • 
Dare & Yates 
Dunn , & West Rev 

- 2d half <il.-13) 
Prance '& LaPell 
Frank Whitman : 
-Ir'ving's;-- Flappers 
Welsh :& Hills 
Rex Marshall Rev 
40th St, 
l«t half ..(7-10) 
Wbrden . Bros . '-. . 
Bob Albright 'C» - 
-Jay C. Flippen ' 
4 Dlitmonds 
(One to nil) 

• 2d half (11-13) 

G .& M Bllne Show 
Others to nil) . 
. Gates' ' 

• 1st half 7-10) 
Al Llbby- Co . . 
Cook &. Vernon.; 
Singer's. Midgets 
(Two to nil) . :. , 

2d half (11-13) 
Dare & Tates ■ 
Ro.<!is A' Costello 
Singer's Midgets 
(Two to nil) . 
.MetmpbUtan (7) 
Lucas &: Lillian 
Win J Ward 
Monoloiglst .- - • 
J Sidney's Fr'l'kers 
(One tp nil). 

:.lst half (7-10> 
Charlotte & T 
MIml RolUrts • 
Kemper .& Noble 
Irvlng's Collieglans 
(One, to fill) 

2d halt (11-13.) 
Salinas Circus 
Cogert & Motto 
Cook & .Vernon 
Bob Albright Co 
Sheldon Heft & L 

; :1st halt C^-IO) . • 
Francis St LaPell 
C & L Gerard 
Tracey & Elwood 
Robles. & - Hamilton' 
Snow Columbus & I 

2d half (li-lS) 

L Murray &. Olrla 

2d half (11-13) 
A I Llbby Co 
Bobby Carbons Co 
aiinp.<>oh' (fe Dean 
Colonial 6 
(.One to nil) ., 

Loew^a (7) 

Ora'' -. 

'Murray Sr Ir.wln. 
Hilly, Ilallon 
If (llrard'a Ens - 
(One to nil). 
Grand - (7).. 
Eddy ■'J •.. . . 
eiilt J& .Ilel.Vs- 
Hamilloh' .Sia ' F 
'.Sid -Low is Co-."' 
Lano-'Tl.s-fii .Co . 
- IjOo>v'S' : 
-. Jst-:half (7-lOJ > 
3. Melvin Bros- - 
Alton' ;& 'W 11. son - 
Golden Bird ,- 
Frank Farron -'■ ■ . 
Plibor D, & McK 

Zd .half- (ll'lS) . 
Ed ' & . Lee Tra ver -- 
Stanley &. K^r'ps ^ 
"O'Neill & Ma'tiners' 
H & B Iliitchln? ..; 
Clbwnettes ■--.■. 
Davids. & Glass. 
Bernard- . Weber ' do 
Arthur Prince Co; 
Bison City 4 . 
..Study. In Blues' . . 
".. .CANTON . - - '. ■■ 
I>6ew's (7X i- 
Zelda- 'Rros ; ' • 
McCarthy SIS ; . 
Fraternity Sqtlare 
Fired Ar'dathi Cb 
Va Mountaineers . 

1st balf .CZ.-IO) . 
Golden Visions , 
Frank Whitman • 
Gbiiig. Straight 
Fraiicls' Sc ■ Wally - - 
M Brbn'Soh.& Girls 

2d half (il-l'S:) 
- Worden - Bros , 
iMorrcU . & B'kwlth 
Golden Bird 
Kemper -. &, ' Nobl.e ■ 
■VVm Soiibury Co ■■ '' 

- Loe-w's .(7)- '. 
The . Emllons . - 
Esmonde-..^ -Grant. 
T & R .RbmB;i,ne Cb 
S t u ar t & La sh . .V 

Houston (7) . 
.Bordher-Boyer' Cb 
Jack HbUsl^ -Co 
Johiihy Barry. Co..'- 
Paul Mall -. 
B & R. -Gbmtin' Rev 

Tioew'R (7) 
Gibson & Price 
Heytritt . & Jlall . . 
Coiog'an ^.-. Casey . ' 
Jack - Wilson ..Co ■ 
Hom'ewar'd Bound 
Loew'a (7) 
H Hines & Stars ■ 
(Others to niiy 
State (7) 
B & G Carmen 
Romaine Sc Castle . 
Great Blackatbhe 
(Two .to nil) 

State (7) 
Chelm St Orr Co 
Edith Bohlman 
Bob .Capron Co 
AUman & .dpulter 
Loew's (7) : 
Clifford & Gresham 
Up In the Air 
(Three to fill) 
Ix>(ew'8 (7) 
Ted & Teddy . 
Craig Campbell Co 
Harry Holman Co 
Brahdels C & M . ' 
Rainbow.' Revelries 
1st half (7-10) 
Elly . Co . 
Stanley .& Kerns 
Simpson & Dean 
Browning. & Clark 
Wm .Scabury Co 
; 2d half (11-13) : • 
Relmers Bros ' 
Marlfl .& Lazarfn 
Henry Regal .Co; 
Qllfton & DeRex 
Dennlsoh -Rev - ■ 
Yis»kerB . 
1st half; <7?ib) 

Hooper & Gatchett 
. 68th St. 

Lit half (T*10> 
Lytiill ft Fant 
(Three to nil) 

2d half (11-13) 
.T.iy Velle 
Wrn' Gaxton - Co 
Walter Dare Wahl' 
Nevillo & .Neal Sis 
(One to nil). ■ 

2d half (4-8) 
Princess Pat 
Hay & Erna Hall 
B'w^ra &: DeLaM'te 
.Jack Pepper. ■ 
Dainty Mai'le 
. - Fikrdliam . 

l.Ht--' half (7-10 
Hoed & Duthbra 
W'm. Gaxton <jo 
.loo. Itejj'nn 
Koye Si .Maye • 

2d halt (.l.i-13) 
Lonias Tr ... 
ilyii'n Si;s ' ' : 

.Ir I)urkln Co' . / 
Chamberlain &; H -. 
.Rich & .Cherlo 
Larry Rich & Gang< 
. .2d half. '(4^6) , 
Count U.crhl .VIcl U 
(Others to nil) ' 

1st .half (7-10) 
Doing Thinlta 
(Others to fill) ' 
• 2d h.Tlf (11-13) 
Lytoll .i?ant > . . 
II Forgurson- Unit 
.(Three to .nil) . 

2d half (4-6 
4. .lUigli Hatters 
Ryan . Sis 

■ Harry J Conley Co 

Alberta Hunter 
Plsano .Sc. I^ahdauor 
(Two to fill) . 

2d -half (11-tS) 
Commodore Boys 
Barry Dufor Co 
(Three to fill). 

.2d half (4-6-) . 
Stahcbn & Doloroa 
Allen & .Shitri . 
Marly May 
Cam'pus GollcgJans 
Kenihore. . hair (7-10) 
4 Jllgh Haitern . 
Harry Conlev - Co 
■I.uleS Bledsoe 
Sid Marlon Co ' ■ 
Lianible Hoys Co ' 

2d half Cll-13) 
.1 M Idhl to . >Slei)i)erB 
llitirrlhgton Sis . 
Keh ChrlHty Co 
3 Kwirt.'j . • 
I'harle.s Mui'rav - ■ 
. 2d - half .- (i-GV.- 
Gaynor • & Byrbn 
FU'urotte JeofCrle'. 
•Wm '.tlaxton - - 
(rhamb'rl'n & Hlm's 
Mob Mali - 
N Arnaui S Bros 

:. -'' .'. MaillHon '-■ ■ 
1st halt (7^10) 
Monroe- i&'.CJrant 
Harrington Sis 
Jr Durkln • 
Harry. How.ard-'-. 
nich A Cherio ' 
I.iarry Rich & Gant; 

2d . hnif (1V-J 3> 
Wills Si ir.oilnies . 
J BbW'ors &,M'rg'et 

De IjamoUe 
Flo Lewis . 
Jo-hnny Brkb's 



1632 B'way, it SOth St.; N. .V. Qitj 

darl . McCullough- ,Tr_ . - ;. 

. -. Hamilton .. 
. lat hsilf (7-10). 
lifluren- : & . La 
Porter White'.. Co ' 
Harry Dufor -Go ■■ - 
(Two to nil). V 

2d half (11-13): . 
Jane PiUon r : . 
I'aliii . Bedch Girls 
(Three to rill) . • . 

-.2d'halt (4t6) 
Billy Maine Co . 
Irene' Vermillion Co: 

(T-iifee. to-.nii) 
JefTerson . 

l5.t half 7-10) • 
ilay &- Jdrna Hall.. 
Billy. Batchelo.r\ 
Chamberlain & H 
Bob Hall 
Devil's .Circua 

2d half (11-13) 
Lcavltt .ft L'kwbod 
(Othera to fill 

2d half (4t.6) 
Jeanne Upharfi Co ■ 
Bayard ft. Cook. 
Jr Durkln' . 
Flo Lewis ■ . ■ 
hich .& Cherle 
Larry . Rlch^ & .Ganj$ 

125th St. 

lat halt ,(7-10) 
Kennedy , ft^ Kra.mer 
Hawthorne ■.& A . 
Bobbie McDonald.: 
(Two to nit) . -. 

. Paln'ce (7) ■ 
Prlpcess -Pat ' -- 
Yates - ft Lawley 
Solly Ward 
(Two to nil) 
■ . . ■ .(31- ' 
Doing" Things Unit 
Nick Lucas 
T'oto -■ 

Rose Perfect' . 
Hcldt ft Calirns 
Ken Murray. . ■ 
Christie A 'Elson 
Arthur A Darling. 

■ Regent: 
'1st half (7-10); ■ 
Qndek A Walnut 
Maurlcjs-. ft Vincent 
Alberta" Hunter ■ 
•Tolly Joyce 
Piuano A Landaulir 

Riverside ' 
lat half (7-10) 
Ken Murray Unit 
Molly Picon - 
W ft J Mandell 
Owen McGlvney. 
(One to nil) 

159 West 47th St. 


TAftOR, 908 Walnut St./Pfe^ 

„ Palace (7) - 

?il Uviins - 

;^'Creol'o Nights" U-: 

"Modern .Malilehs''- •: 

• (3l> /: 
AT .Evan.f ■ ' ; 
"Snap Into It* U't- 
V A E KLiinXnn 
ColloUc Sta . 
Dp. Tororgos . ' -■ 
•Ann ^Villlnma 
.Sctova' Ballet. .'■ 

3 ."Silver's : ; - 
^llllward - A Marlin 
Doc Biiker 

(Two to fill) 
. '. : Premier : - 
.1st half (T-10) 
-Salinas Circus . :'" 

Alice Morley . 
-Walters Friea Co 

Avinehlll A Hall. 

Pago . A Class, 
Delancy. G A C . . . 
Johnny HudglriS Co 
Blue RIdgb Baiti 
(One to nil)' 
' 2d half (11-13) 
Mlmi .Rollins- , 
Francis A 'W'ally 
TrVing'a Collegians 
(Two to nil). 

.: Boiile'vurd : 

.. Ui half (7-10) . .. 
Ri'lmbera Hro.<j'.: 
jrcdjby . t\'i rb.iine Co ' 
riis. A '.('lark ■ 
bri'.'inx Slroi>t - 
...2d.' lialf (11-13)- 
M'lr'y McN'co. A K 
■Alice. Morley 
W.ll.s-on A Addle 
^Vinchall A HhU - the Ranks. 
. • . Doliinroy .St. 
=-l-T;tf= iTrri f=(5?l V)?== 
J A ' J -Gllisoti. 
."\I.ariric ('i).a(o 
11 n llutchlna . 
(i)hi^ lo IIIM 

2d half (11-13) 
("iirpy (.'uppy- 2 
Tho.s ^IfAuliffe Ci) 
3 M(>C:inn Sis , 
T..'nc'.sl 'r A 'T.fiMn't; 
Garden ' of Uusua 


Ist halt: (7-10) 
Ariili'esscns . 
. K ra n z A. Ka U fm an 
O'N'cllI: A aiiinnera' 
Jipve In the Ranks 
(One to nil) . 

.2d half. (l.K1-3> 
Van Cello A Mury 
Fay :ft Mil I Hi on 
DLxon Ifolcr Co 
Uu.'jscll iv:-" A-'str'ng 
-Sniw Columbus A I 

- Grand 
.- half (7-10). -. 
J3^t=it=^10ll i»r»==4>h(>w= 
(Olhcrs (0 nil) 
• 2d hall"- (11- J 3) ■ 
Ford- .A Price 
. Alton . A Wilson " 
li^i.'ili"r A 
Ityan A Tjce . 
M Bronson A Girls 

Lin«'4Vln S(|. 

l.^t h.Mf 7-10) 
Ell A .r..i'C Trjiver 
.Ifrniiii'' A Uvan 
St Vlair A Sinclair 

• ('lipstef 
1st half (T-10) 
Golden Unit ■.' 
.Money la" .Money 
t'l'hrce to HU) 

:2d half (11-18) 
iTitrry Dufor Co 
Hen ' Ij.lue \ . ■ 

(Three to fill) . 

: 2d hrilf (4-6) 
Wills A Holmes 
Rogers A Wynne - 
Kpn. Christy Co 
Sid Marlon Co - . 
ShVilh Ba I lew Or 

.Coliseum . 
' 1st hill f (7-10) 
'iToni ,ta~Tr~'^^ "~ " 
Uyah. .Sis 
ICcn--- ClirlKty . Co 
ITncio Don Carney 
Niincy Glbbs Co ■ 
.2d haif (11-13) 
Iioing Things 
COther.'j to nil) : 

2.d half (4-G) 
I'ndcrncath Stars 
tiytpll A Farit 
Gpo' X'larlt - Co 
(Two to nil) 

.■ ■BlHt '.St. ■■■ 
::.l5t half (.7-10 
.lay Velie - -. 
Leavltt A I/kwood 
(Three lo nil).. . 
. 2d half (11-13) 
Julpa Bledsoe. 
Harry . Howard • 
Nancy. Glbb^.: '- 
(TWO to nil) 

2d half (4-6) 
O'Connor Family .. . 
Tabor A Grc'erip 
H Pergurscm trrilt 
(Two to nil)' •• 
HOth St. 
1st hair (7-10) 
W it l t pr D7tre_Wah.l.^ 
Tt~Fergurs.ij"n .UmT^ 
(Throo to nil) 
. 2d half (ll-;i3 
4 . Itigh Hatters 
Mol KIpe 
Chas WlMipr.-^- Co 
(One to nin 

2d- half <4-G"j 
Foster A Ptvggy 
The Lockford.s • 
R'yinond A ("vcrlv 
Jules UlcdSM 

.--^Royolv - ; - 
' l.-'t half. (T'-IO)^ 
KenTiedy A Ivramor 
Tiprbqrt Pay 
(Three to nil)- ■ 

2d. half (11-13) • 
Francis A Wilson : 
r.cnrson Brba A R 
Mollle Willlama Co 
(Two to 'flll) 

.. 2d half ,(4-6) . 
Ad<*laide . Rotti - Co". 
Lvdia HUrria. . 
Hurst, .Bros ■ 
■Victor. 'Graf ; ' 
Rynn A. Noblette 
Albre (7) 
Allen A^ (Srpcn"' 
■George ("^Inrk 
lia'^ris: A Riidcliffe 
(Three tn fill) 

HanriM A Radclil'fe 
Hrndy A Wells 
Solly Ward ' 
H'v'd .M't'r A TC'd'k 
Ucnny Da\'I.H. Bev . 
ICwinir Iflatbn - 
Itu.sliwiek (2) 

ltd half (7-101 • 
l..lrrv I'llfTiird Co' 
Will Aubrpv 
I'amiius ("DlU'gians 
(Two to: nm ' 

2d half (-11-l.')i 

AlbiM ta Hunter . Co 
Kllt.v,. Doner ■ 
I'L-iano A I,ai\'dnuer 
(One to nil) 

. 2(1 half f (-6) 
W cilui'n A Invad's 
.\Ii->lro Singers 
'I'irclid Bros 
U ('(inwny A Earl 
M- NVynne A Siinny. 

' l.'^t hsrif (7.-10) 
.Maurice A Vincent 

Gamhlp.- Boiys^.A-;Xro' 
2d half (-6) . 

Boyd A Wallen . 

Fo.sler -Fitgln A. Cox 

Francis llcnault 
-Beji. Blue- 
: (One to. All) 

Prbsnoct ^ 

(Ist half (7-10) 
R.ob'.ts Cn' w'y ft E'l 
(Tliree .tb nil) 
- :2d h.Tlt.dlrlS) 
Per.^onalities • ' ' 
(Others to nil) 

..1st lialf (7-10) 
Francis ft Wilson .. 
Clrilto Bros"' : 
Palm Beach' Girl» 
: 2d .hjilt (li-i3). 
Selnia Briatz Go 
'Will Aubrey 
Herbert. Fay Co , ■ 
(Two to nil) 

2d half (4r6) 
JUsta ft Charlie 
Paxtori - ' 
Jack Tralnor Co 
Earl Faber Co ■ 
."^oiigs A Steps- •A 
: Stntnd : 

(L-jt. half 7-lOV . 
Florrlp. Laver.e,C*o 
.loe Mend I 
(Tw6- to nin : - 

Palare (7) 
Lbckett A' Page 
Fulton A .Parker 
.0 Bro'wh Bros , 
Baird A Callahan 
Use Marvenga 'Co 

(31) ■ , 
Carrie A Eddy. . 
Powers ft Jarrett 
John .Steel 
Corbntt ft O'Brien 
Sandy. Lnng Co - 
Proctor's (7) 
Maryn Bpllllt Co 
Pri Sea mon " 
Teck Murdock .Co- 
Cronln A llnrt : 
•piuiiket A Family 

. - (SI) . 
.The 3 Sluderits. 
The '•! JeSlors 
The Davcys- 
Frankle^ Hunter Co 
Carnival of Vienlte 

1st half (7-10) . 
Wells Craven A L 
Mardi' Gr.xs . 
Mbr.-tn Werner ft M 
Morocco 6 
(One to fill) 

■ 1st halt (7-10) ' 
Ilarriman Swan AL 
2, Daveys 
4- Jesters 

Frankie Hunter Co 
Fla^shllghts -of 1929' 
: i2d hiilf (UrM) 
3 Sludpnt,<i.- 

D. ite A O'Np.aT . 
Claude ft MaVlbn 
Carnival of Venice 

(One to nil :. 

2d half (4-C) 
Alberta LPe-.Co" - - 

E. arl Hart - . 
Jack ' Tralnor Co- • 
Gordon A-. W-alljpr 
1J06 Hee A vRMiy.'tte 


KeitirH (7) ^- 
TTan ls- a: Badcllffe . 
Bri-xtol -3 
(Otiicrs to- nil-) 

' ■ .(31) - ■ 
Delnny .Cr'd'n A G 
Ruckor . A Llyard ' 
.lane :Dlllon 
Smith A. Hart 
AVoodlan.d Rt?v : 
Meriibrlnl 7) 
Billy Gal.son ' '■■ 
VV' A J Mhndidl 
Florrlp: T^n vprn .. 
OWbn ^TcGIVnPv. . 
llPntPl ft Gould : . 
Toop 2 •- - :. > .. • • 
Kuhia - Co 

Scollny Siinare (i\ 

Thp .I.. NcIson.H . 
McRae A. Mott ' . ' 

Karl llivrt 
Revi'l Hroa A Red 

Afowalt \- Hardy 
Ashley A ■j\ai;T: - 
lla.v Shannon Cb 
.Waller Uare A : W 
Flashes, of Youth 
Hippodrome (7) 
Guy nor A UyrOn 
■lljniivy Lucas 
Henry. Santrt.'y fo 

(Two to fill) 

JAB (?avanaugh 
Lubin Lowclr 'A A 
Whi.sperih^ Smith . 
Geo Broadjiurst 
JoanPtto Hnfkctt 


Palace (7) 
T(»d . Florlto & Bd 
roilack A Dimn 
Kltayamas . 
TWO to. fill) • 
■ - : C31) 
-Jack Dempsoy 
Rose's Midgets 

Orplieam (7) 

Jack Dcinpsey 
Grace Doro 
Stan Kavanaiiffh 
Freda A Palace 
Carrie A Eddy 
Sawypr A Eddy 

^ • • ' 

Baclanova ' 

Parker Babb Co 
Jimmy AUard .(3o 
Vox: A , Waltera 
Puok A l.lubbioa 
LydcU A Spottie 



A. B. Leach & Co.. Inc.. 57Wj|liam St., N. Y- 

Freda A Palace 
Olehh A. Jopklnar 
VVhltpy A Bd Ford 
]5ori -Ciimmihga , 
Wlispn. Kepple A,B 

StAto^Liiicb (7)': 
Largo A' Mor'gnor . 
Jimmy AUard Co 
(T.\vo to nil) ■ 

■■ (31) 
Smokescreen - 
r*o- Paul • 
Edna. Kolr .' ; ■ . 
Al. B Wilson Co 
Nathal- - ': 

: ■ Albee>-..7)"-.v 
The. Del Ortos ' ' ■ 
Richards ft Cjhurch 
Burns A: Allen \ 
Olseh A Johhsori' 
COhc'- to:, nil) '/ ■ 

■ ■ m) 

Intprn'l Ilhylhm : 
Lou Go:lMer.6n - ■ 
Cbiirlriey ,'Sls . - 
Oiharles . Murray 
Le.i'.-K lick's -., - 

ior»tu St. (7.) ' 

Marcus Show : No, -J. 
(Othcl-s to nil : : 
■■'.-■ (31) ■ 
Falls Rending ft B 
Cronlh. : A Hart' : 
Lydell ,A . Hlgglhs 
Fid : Gord^<'),n . 
Pastime R'ev-'.^ 

Paljtce (7): 
Guy Lo)nb'ardo. O'i- 
Medley "A . Dupree,' 
Wilsbh Kepple A B 
Whltey A Ed, Ford 
■- .-■/-■ x31> - ■ ^ ■ 
Molly Piton ; 
PpUbck A D un It 
Biirhs A Alloii 
Crockett'.s ,-M't'n*r's 

Palace (7) 
Ihtn'l Rliythm. : 
johnny Hymiin. : .'. 
Ijeatrlce Joy • 
Lou- Cameron. ' 
Australian Waltes 

Lockett ft Pago' - 
Fulton :ft Pak-k6r 
OTsen & JohnsOii- • 
(Two to nil) 
:Orplie.Uin (7) 
Joe Laorie ■ 
Sylvl.v, Clark 
Hill Billies: : 
3- -Lordeh.H .. -■" ' . . 
Raymond Bond - 

(31) ' 
Adier A llradford - 
Chas Chase' . ' 
Frank D.ovoe 
Rbbin A Hood - 
Billy Lamont * 
2d half (11-13) : 
Ilarriman Swan AL 
Ernest HIatt 
(Others to nil > . 
1st half (7-10) 
Wills A Holmes 
Bowers & DeLaM 
Flo Lewis 
Ben: Blue 
Amerlque A Ner . 
vUle A NeaV Sis 
2d. half (11-13) 
Joe Mendl . - 
Harry Conl6y Cb 
Joseph Regan 
Sid Miirion: Co 
Roye .A Maye • 
2d half (4-6) 
Broken Toys • 
Wycth A Wynne 

Loavltt A i/kWood 
(One to nil.) 

: stale 
1st. half (7-10) 
Jenks A. Howard; 
Louise Brown Co ' 
(Three to nil) 

2d half (11-13) : 
Evans A Adams 
Joe - Young Go 
I'rene Vermlllibn Cb- 
(Two to nil) ■ 

2d Ivalf - (4-6) • 
Elsie Gellle Co 
Radiology ---' ■■ 
■\vilson A: Ad<He/ - 
Hall A Plllard-' . 
(One to nU) 
Dlalristrpot^ ('?)..■ ■ 
Sophia Tucker'.' 
Hprl.ort WlllLama 
Colleano F'anVlly . . 
(TWO trt nil) ' 

■ ■. (311 ■ 
Peter ■Higgina - -^^ ■ . 
.Sltyacrapcrs- ■ ' 
('i'hroo to niiv - ^ - 

Hlllstreet (7) : 

'.ounte.s.s Sonla- 
Evans A Mayer- 

. Ilonnopin C^) 

-Marcus I'nit - - 

.(Othbrs to nil) ; 

. : •: (»i')- : 

Fred Waring. 
Stdn -Kavanaugh -'' 
Jllllon A. Parker 
Dorotjiy Loo 
Mann: Bros - A Barrows: 
'Imperial (7) 
O A P Maglcy 
Norton A ir.aley 
Jane . Green 
Moybps.ft ilanford 
Rhapsody In "Silk . 
^ . : •:.. ('31) :^ ' 
Dance Vi'irlpllps 
Waller Hlersr 
.Cha:rm -4 .' . - , 
'•Stan. .Staiiley ■ ■ '^■ 

■■- MT. /-TEIfJJON :.■■■ 

■ I'st half (7-10) 
B.o'/o Snyder Cb ^ 
Biirna Stokpij .ft 

Lee Bros ■ 
(Three to nU) 
/ -.2d :,half; (11t13) . 
Wejilcy rBarry Co ' 
Temp'st ft S'nshiii* 
(Three to- nil) 
: State f (7) - 
Nellie Arnaui Brba 
Tabor ft Groen 
Bcfnlce A Emily 
Anger A Fair : 
Dainty Marie 
■. (31). 
Monroe A Grant 
Jay Velio 

Blood. A Thunder - 
Sully A Thomas 
M Hunt A. Lnndt J 
.. Iveltli'H iKilf (7-10) 
5 lloney. 'Boys 
Harvia A Harriaoof 
A A F Stedmap : 
Eatelle Matthew 
.(One to nil) " 

2d half (11-13) ' 
Camp^s ColIcgUwa • 
Uncle-. Don ' 
(Three to fill) 
- Strand - 
1st halt. (7-10) 
Th'as A Fr'd'r'k Sl« 
Ruth Ford 
(Three to fill 1: 

2d half (11-13) 
Baker A Knox: 
Prankle Ilunler 
(Three to nil) 
Orplie.iim (7) 
Perry Askam- 
Cainrteld A White 
Maryla'd. Colleislaue 
Bert Hahlnn 
(One to nil) . 

. (31) . - . 
Hap Hazard . 
Denizon ft' Leedon. • 
Albert Carroll : . 
Julius Tannen ' 
•Joe. Mendel '-Orch ' - 
Keith's (7) 
Al Herman ' 
Harmonica- Bd ' 
Lamont 4 ■ - 
Chaz Chase ' 
Adlcr A Bradford 

. ' (SI). :■■ . 

Mareua Show . . ■ 
(Othera to nil)' 
Palace (7) 
Crookett's Co 
Aiidersbn A. Hurt 
IjOos^ Broa . ■ 
(Two to nil) 
Marcus Shqw 
(Others tb nin 
Kelth'8 (7) 
Danny Small Co !> 
Claudia Colpman ■ 
St'nl'y A Geo'g'a'Gi 
Evans A Mayer ': 
Hap Hazard ; 

Golden flirte (7) 
White Manning . '. 
Harrison A Dakln 
(Three to nU):. , 

' (31) ■' . 
Maryl'rid Collpglana 
Camfipld A .Whllo.' : ' 
Rfiyniond . Bond 
I)anny.: Small : -. 
Bert --HahTon. 

O'rpheum (7) . 
TOd' Lewis Bd . . 
Jul'Uia Tannpn -■' 
Cartel" D.eHaven- 
Gltz Rice .- .- • ' 
Dixie 4 

Felovis-:... : -v. ■ 

Corln'iip 'rilton 
' I'roctor'ij 
1st half (7-101). 

Dale A O'Npi'xl 

Sunshine.- .'s.'Vininy 

T.ii!iMarr .A .B'oyce ; 

The Big Parade '; 

(One to nil). 



- ; 1500 BjROADWAY 
.Bobby Clark; Vit-nlta Gould : 

I'lie Brl.ants -: 
'ora tireenp 
Wd'ndi-r VGlrl 

-,Orpl iemn=-('7-);=^ 
■Tack Uenriy ■ •■ 
r\M>crt .('iii'rbll ■. 
l'''ranlc Dpvoe 
Mann Bros' Orch 
Jenizon - 

Willie Mauss , - . 
(31) : 

aiitmy CohPn 
Jed Dooley . - • 

>ancing Eiis 
Wright A l)ouglas 
"iptiy Itlyilip . 
Uby Cutumings 

2d. -half (11 M 3) - 
4 .Jo.stura. 

rppito - • 
^rrvii n.y-^A-^fif 
(Two- to nil). 

2d halt (4-f.) 
ilatt: A ITerman ■. 
Hyron A: Willis: 
Tampa ' ' '■■ 

Schwn:i:t7,' A t.MifT'.l 
Chorus laddies 

Orplieum (7) 
Murand A (Jlrton 
Wn\ E1).M 

Eildie Allan ('() • 
Slim I'lmblin ' 

Wednesday, Septembe r 4, 19g9 

V A R I E T y 


Murray . 

Add prowa 

(TWO to jY)'' ^ 
BIbyUa Ho.won. Go 
Tne/, & l>ewynn 

FJore^^,, ; 

.Orpl>ev>n. <?) 

TVarlng's. Fenn ,, 

gSw & Borrows ■ 
Kobln. & Hood . 

tita Grey Chaplin 

w & J Rhlnehart 
■ Monroe &: Atlattis 

Hal Nolnian 
vi-ells & • Brady . 

<Two to flll) . 
^ (31) . 

- Cautlcr's I>oBa 
. B4,ih Ford 

Aiiderson, & Duri 
; nay & Harrison , 

InUKin Bd 
. ■ TORONTO ; 
Hippodrome (7) . 

Xex MurdocTt 
Weston & Lyons 
Bobby McDonald 

Capitol ^ 

1st h^lf (7-1(0 
Selma Brlatz 
liamont & Q'Hare 
Jane Dillon 
(Two to flll) • ^ 

2d halt (11-13) 
Clr,<'llo Bros. ; 
jcnks & Howard 
Burns HtoU?a & • 

Lep- Bro.M 
(TWO to mi) , 

2d half .(4rC>. ^ 
Al'x'hd'r Bros & E 
Ted Donor . 
Bert CpUlnS Co 
l^ureri & La Dare 
Maryn Bell It C<> 
" Orpheiini . (7) 
MascaK.nb- . 4- 
Gardjni . , _ 
Norman Thomas 6 
CUffbrd & Marlon 
W-West & McGlnty 

. . ,C31) . ; 
Frafices . Denfemore 

Wni -fibs^ ^, v.: • 
Mutand & iGlrttm 
Chas sum Trmblln 
Eddie Allen Co . , 


" . Keith's 
.ist half. (7.-ia> . 
Rbmmy Payne.. 
(Others to nil) 

. Zd .half (4-6)' ■ 
jievel Bros • & Bifid 
Ssindy . .Sha.>y , 
Jo© PhlUlpa, Co 

Shcan & Anger 
Jo© Roberts 
(Two to fill) 

2d half (11-14) . 
Monroe & Adams 
Sharon Duvrles R'v 
Winifred & Mills 
(Two to fill) 

go. IIEND, IND. 

: -1st half (8-10) 
Incz..^ Dewynn 
Eva Mandrl 
(Thripio to 1111) 

2d . half :(ll-14y ■ 
P Sydell £. Spotty 


Opening for PUBLIX • 

• ■ ■ '.ia'.- . 



. IfEW .liAVEN. SEPT.. 5' 

Direction LEDDY & SMITH 

Glenn & Jenkins 
(Three to flll) 
Grapil (7) 

McConnel) & Moore 
Juahlta &• Pace . Co 
Aiiniabolle & Boys 
(Two to flll) 

Windsor; can. 


1st l\Ulf (7rl0) 

O'Duhho'.: & Day 
(Two to -fill)' : 
. 2d half (11-13). . 
Siioozi-r ; Jr 
Tom WArlntj' . 
(One tb. flU) . . 

Keith Rayn© 
Tlra KeWin 
Marie Regan . 
Joey Chance Bd . 

baklan^'B Terrace 

will Oakland . 
Buddy Kennedy 
Blanche & Elliott 
Kay .Green 
Rosalie Wyiin© 
Jo^ Str^cy 
Shirley La Mont 
Ada Winston 
Peefgy Bolton 

AXVirC O'TY, N.J. 

lat half . Cr-.IP) . 
Novelty Pltfrretto^ 
Tressle '& Dad© . 
Angus & Scarte., 
Br6ms P A M Bros; 
(One to: fill). ,. 

2d half (11-13). • 
Law ton ..V ' 
Lane . & Harper 
Seymour .& Teller S 
Levah & BoUes - 
Baring Lazar Co . 

eIizaRetii^ N. J. 


ist half (7-1 b) . 
Bert . .Sl«an Co 
Seymour .& TeH'r .S 
Jimmy. T^yons . 
Charles Withers : 

. 2d half. (11-13). • 
The Bardclangs 
)ir6ms fi: M Bros 
Visions of Sbvllle 
(Two to .flll) . 
1st Half (7t1Q) . 
The . Bstrdelangs 

■Ben. Turpin'- 
(Throo to\fll.l) 
.•2d hialf (ilri3).: 
Pope & Thompson 
Ardin© . & . TyreU 
Roy D'Arcy 
(Two to flll) . 
UN-ION. CITy-, ..Ni. J;. 
XjlncOln ■' ' 
Ist half (7-10) 
Moody & iSmyth^. 
MolUe Wnilams . 
Bernard & Tbwiis 
(Two to flll)- 

2d half <11-13). 
L'clUe & Hall firos 
Angus . A Seavl© . ' 
Frank X Silk : 
(Two to .flit) .. : .. 

. ■ ■HcKenf - - 
. .Ist half :(7-10) . • 
Pop6 & Thompson 
Ardlne & TyTell - 
Roy D'Arcy-: 
Visions bf\ Seville 
(One - to .flll) . 
. 2d hatt . (Il-;i3).: 
niert .;Sl6an . Co ;.. r. 
.Brri. Turplri" ■ 
(Three to. flll) . -. 

.J ^ B. Cavanaugh 
Lubln; lio wrle &, A; 
Geo Biroadhvr.St 
Jack Smith. 
Jearictto HackStt : 

•; . .. (31) 

G & P Maplcy. : - . 
Morton & Haley- 
Jane Green . . ' , 
Meyers & JIann t d 
. Ru.s.slan Art Circus 
Oapltol. (7) 
Harry Lewis L'nlt 
(Others to flll) 

.Grade f>inlth Co . 
Stoddart . & Cutly 
Palm Beach Girls 
(Two to flll) 
. . .TROY 
; Ifdctor^s . 
ist lialf (7-1 d). . 
The 3 -.Students 
Johns .& Mably 
Krnst Hlatt 
Carrilval of Venice" 
(One to flll) ... 

2d half (11-13) 
Ruth- Pord 
Sunshine Samnniy 
lAMarr. .& 
The Big Parade 
(One ; to fllly 
2d half (.4-6) 
■ Harrlman Swan &L 
Keyo-Titkl. & Yokt 

Chas W HamP 
. Orpheiim (7) 

Rose's . Midgets. . 
Jtusalah. Art Cirtus 
DIHbn & Parker 
X)6n Cuminlnss • 
(One to .nil) - 

o.iy . 

Golf Frlonds • 
Rudfell & Doncgan 
(Three to flll) 
Keith's . 
Isf hal'f (7-10)-.' 
Wtslo.y Barry. Co 
T'mp'St Si S'nalvine 
(Thriee to' flll) 

2d lialf (11-13) 
R'UcrtS C'nw'y &. E 
B6-/6 .Synder, .. 
A' & V. Stedman 
Estelle , Matthew Co. 
(Oh©: to fill) 
. Keith's 
1st :halt (7-10) 
Ijoirimer'. &• .'Hudson 
Courtney Sis 
MoiTis & Campbell 
Buck & BjJbble!* 
Na't'cha- Na'tova Co 

:2d half- (4-C) 
feeeffc . & Quepce 
O'Dunn & Day . 
Kenneth' Harlan 
Ilseri- Marvcnga .. . 
B Bard & Calahah 


.Stiite.. . 

1st; hair (S-10) ' 

Everett Sanderson : 
Texas -.4 
(One. to flll) 

•2d half <11-14) 
Geo Dorrrjohde Co -. 
Fein' & Tennyson' R 
(Otio. to mi) 
1st Half (8-10) 
Aussie & Czech ; 
Holly - 

11 Glorious Girls 
.2.d half (11-14) 
Texas. 4 - ■ ." .- 
Everett .Sandei'son 
(Ono'^-to 'nll)■.'^'-. --.1 
rONTlAC. Mieif 

.- strtto- ; 

1st- half (8-10). 
foroadus Erie . ' 
Billy chrvmiJ Co 
(One to flll). 
■ 2d half : (U-14) 
Holly.- v., , 
n.. Glorious Girls 
(One to. flll). 

Mildred Lorraine 
Loretta Flushing 
Boots Mallory 
Maria Whitney 
Alice Cavln 
,Lf^ridB.u's Bd. . 

. Paramount Aotrl 

Roy Ihpraham Or.. 
Besple McCoy 
Tess Noel- . 
Dorothy Florence : 
Carson SU . 
Helen Swaii 
David DOnnell 


Alabnm .. 

kitty. Co hh ■ : 
Dorothy DurneU 
Bl.liy - Meyers 
IBiernle ' Adler .- ' • 
Eddie Jacksbo Bd 

AinUnBBa.depr0' '. 

Esth(>T. Durnell 
Thelriia Vlllard :. : 
Louis Stover. 
Isabelle. Gerhardt 
Fred Villttnl 
Jlmmy\Npone Bd 


Romo Vliicent 
Mary Stoiie' 
fienlta Fred© ,. 
Clarita : 

Bill lir^^ni Bd , . ■ 

: Coltef^e : Idd . 
Fra^nk LlBus© . . 
Sleepy Hall . Bd 

■ Colosimo . > 
.Bobby .DnndereT 
Emiiiy Carmin . . 
Doris Hiirtlg 
Kitty Garner: 
Thelma & Upland 
Pierrot, a ' -' -.■ 
-W Newberger Bd 
- • ■Dellfl :.^ - - 
Eavl RIckard 
^Kirby &; ' D j Gage 
Alvira Morton -'.' . 
Coon. Sanders Bd 
-■Frol'tcB v . 
Geo McQueen 
N'elle - Nelson 
PhylUs Rae. ■ 
Llshecon Ac' Alice • 
Irene ::Fa.ery. ....... 

julla. Geriiy .- '^ : 
Ann Allison, 

Buddy Ilbw© 
Sol. Wiiener Bd . 

Garden Allab 

Castles ' ' 
Eddie Clifford. 
Cecil- Lehman -, . 
Babe Payne . :, 
Lew .L6wls Bd 
. G.eldien . Pumpkin 
M SheVmaii Bd . . ; 

Lincoln Tti viertf. 

Ray Miller. Bd ;. 
Cbrlas . & Louise 
Rick & Snyder 
Helen Savage 
Carmen, DiGlqvanhl 

.Raphael . . ■ . 
JHerble Zellcr Bd 

StableB ,. 
Don Ulsh'.' 
Johnny' Dodds Bd 
Terrace Garden . 
Peters A Farren 
Gus C Edwards Bd 
' - Turkish Village 
ieliech.' Tanner. ■ 
Sdrah '. Thcbbbld - 
Pep. Hunter ' 
Jackie Hamlin.. 
Riistfe Darnell . .. 
Hill ;Galt . 
Cieorge De Costa 
Margie Ryan 
Fred die' .' J;a h is . Bd " 

•Upto\»Ti Village: 
J Garriean's Bd 

'■ ■■'.■: ■Vanity •.fair'"' 
Romo y^ncfent 
Ci'en^v* Butler . , , 
Snydot WAltbo 
A'rt..'pa.hai.tead., . • 

' wiiite- HousiB:' 
Mlckpy Cherep Bd 

Bands and Orcheslras 

Routes for Next Week (Sept. ^9^ 

Permanent addresses : of bands or orches^rasi-vvlll be published 

.without .charge. . ' 

No charae is made for listing in this depa^^ ^ 
For reference guidance, initials represent; ,H-T-hoter, T-TtJn«atr«, 
SrUc^afe^b H-^4rtce *iall. B-rballropmy R-restaurant. ^ • 
As far : is possible, s^^ r*'^ 

'-included. ■■ "' •:•''■• •■.-■'■ ■; ■ 

Great States 


, . 1st half (b-ii) 
P.-^rket-Babb Co 
Don /Vsilprlb 
.Danf^ -Bubbles 
2d half <12-H) 

Memories of ' Opera 
Montrose & R'yn'ds 
Th.aler6 & Gang 

Genesee (8) 
Meriiories bt. Operii 
Kl'trose & Reynolds 
Thalero -fe-Gl^ng 


, •■- ATLANTA 
Keith's (0) 
Hollywood Bound 
(Others to flll) 
RItz (0) • 
Hayes Marsh & F. 
W L S .Showboat 
. (Three to flll) . ' 
Majestic (0) 
B & L Gillette. ., 
Meehan '& .Ne'wman 
Irvine Edwards . 
IB Syncopators . ' 
jOne tb flil : 
tr. WORTH, T'Xi 

Majestic (0) 
3 Ladellas 
Jerome Jackson - 
Smith & Sawyer Co 
Rita Gould' 

Mazett'l Lewis Co 
Mertint (9) 

Lloyd Ncvad.a. 

McGrat'h & Travers 

Kelly & .Ja,ckson 

Eva Clark 

I<a .Belle Pol'a. 
Orplieum (0) 


Hay'es & Cody 
Kellnr Sis & Lynch 
Fred Llfehtner Co 
FrabcUe's Frolics 
MalJesUo (a) 
Chapelle & Carlton 
Nash & Fately 
Charles Ray. 
Farncll & Florence 
The Canslhos 

Palace (2) 

.Indian Summer 
(Others to fllD 

1st half (2-4) 
Sohgs.I Love; .■ 
(Others to; flll) 
Palac4i (3) 

Idea of Beauty 

(Others to fill): 
Piiluce (2) 


(Others to .fill) , 
• Pularb (2). 

Fantasma - . 

Barto & Mann. 

(Throe to flll) 



<!'I>*R RAPIDS, lA; 

4: 1st half (8^10) 
Winifred & -MtUs'- 
S,haron Duvribs Go 
(Two to flU) \ 

2<V.half (U-.14) 
Don Vaier'lo. 
Shcan & Aiiger 
Bobbins & Jewcit 
<One to flll) 

• 1st. half (8-10) 
.Mlllur & Wilson- 
.Llta Gray ClvapUn 
(One to - fill) 
■ 2d half ('1.1-14) . 
SUyscraprrs - . 
' (Two- to- -flll) . 

,. iRt Kiiir -(«-io) 


CTwro to fllM : ' . . - 
. 2(1. h/ilf- '(M-14 . , - 

Milicr ^i . Wll.xon;.. - 
jLj^a^-G jay ._ Chai)"lln_. 
TTT^c .to IHT) 

UKTltOlTi MICil. 

, l.-st haU . (t-10) 

L<-.s (Jlv^^zzl 

■Walter ■ Illers 

CJn? to nil) 
2d halt\(ll-13) 

4 Covana 

L/'o.JraHon it S'nny 

K,y'N.sV'IJJE, IND. 
" Victory 
2<1- half (m..l4) 

Dubell's Pets'. 
Lapan & . Bast'edb 
(Three to fill) 

LiycOLN, NEB. 
■ Stuart (0) ' 
JacK Flue's. Follies 
(Others to 'flU) 


1st half (7-10) 
Rnoozor Jr 
Tom Warltiir 
(One to . nil) 

2d half (11-13) 
O'Dunrie &. Day 
(Two to nil) • 

aiadison; wis 

Orplibum - 

. 1st half (7.-10) . 
ycrnon ll.ii.nihu'rh 
Crienh.' ft ■ ilonkfna 
(One t<) .'fllly ■ 
. Za halt... (J 1-13) 
Eva Mil rid H . . - 
(Two »o . flilV. 

Orph.oiini. (T) 
IOc wry , nn.o_Co_l ^_ 
'Slorlcy . & Anger 
Ned Havcrly 
Crtdcf 6.- ' 
(Two to flll) 

ICiversIdo .<7) 
Dack Sching Tr 
A del a Verno 
Nat. -Haines Co 
(Two to flin 
1st halt (8-10) 
Lathvop JJrt»a 

PantoKCft ,(2) .. 
Morton BrbS 
Jose & Edy.the Rv 
Al'x'nd'r & Elin're 
Fisather Creations . 
PantfMceB <2) 
Laddie & Garden 
Flapper Freshles 
Flora Le Brettoh 
O Nottag© Glrls^^ 

Pantaues . (2) J 
Peddrlck & P'ches 
Freed & Carlson 
Opera vs Jazz 
Mallli>- & McCabe 
(OnKi to fill) ^ 

panSoiseB (2) , 
Johnnie Plank' 
Nee .Wong. 
Lay ton & May _ 
Walton & Brandt . 
Stanley Rolllckers: 
Pantasos: J2> . 
Johnson ' & puker , 
Francis & Day 
(i-iis' Fay©.; Co - - 
Bailey & Jackson 
Cook Morilmcrjli 
Pantrtcos (3). , 
Hclmonfs Can:irlcs 
South Sc West 
Wm Bencft. 
Choict & Jones 

Keep Moving 
FantaRCB (3) 

3 Lordens 
Josephine Davis 
Frank Sablnl 
Tell Tales 
Exposition .4 
Willie Mausse _^ 
SAl/t LAKE ClTy 

PantaReB (3) 
3 Qrantbs . 
Gigolo of Paris 
(Three to fill) „ 
PfUitaKeB (2) 
Rellle . & Lopell 
Manilla LeMorl 
Radio Jacks- & Q 
Lane & Lee 
Night In G^y 
•PantaiteB- <2) 
^Striker & puller 
(Connor 2 • 
Manahah's Co-Eds 
Godlrio Siamese 2 
(One to. flll>4„,„ 
. PantttBC* (2). 
. Joe' Fenton 
Levftn St.: Bernlo. 
Suite I'G ... .. - 
;:(T\vo . t4v ftl.l - 
: . Pantages- (2).. 
D .& H WAlkSr ,, 
Flo '/i OUlo Wnltc^rs 
Al Dut.ts. & P'thea 
•.Blll.v .Gilbert : 
Herbert G Idlnb V 



' Castinoya Roof 

Francos:.. Wlllliiims . 
Leon & Bebo 
Jerry Friedman Or 

Castiliuh Royal . 

Irwin Abrahapis . 

Chatead Madrid 

Jack White 
Arthur Brown 
Mary Price . , . 
Pat Harrington 
Pearl Harris 

Connie's tnn 

Leonard Harper Rv 
Le Roy Smllh Bd . 

Cblion Club 

.D.-in llcaly Rev 
Berry Tlrbs ' '• 
6 Blazers: 
H & Mil: Dixon 
Jo'^ephlhb Htill 

Weeks S?pt. 2*9 

Bare Facts— Empire, T,plcdo; 0, Grand, 
Akron. , ■ ' 

. Best Show lij Town— Gayefy, BufTalp; 0, 
'Victoria,.' Rochester, . ■ -■■.. ';'-" 

Big Revue— Victoria. Rochester; Tem- 
ple, ' Syracuse. 

Bdhemlans-Lyrlc, Daylon; », Empress, 
.Bowery Burli8squers—,Emiplre, Newark; ■ 0, 
it & S. Apollo, N. Y. 

Broadway Scandal s-^aycty, Baltlmpr^l 
9, . Gayety, Washington. 

Burlesque Revue— Gayety, Boston; 0; 
State, Springfield. ', . . 

. Cracker Jacks— Haymarket, Chicago; 9, 
Empress, Chicago. 

Dainty Dolls— Lyceum, Columbus ; 9,- 
L^rtc. Dayton.; 

Dimpled Darlings— Empire, Albany ; '»11. 
W^edge.wuy; 12-14, Schenectady. 
• Flapper Fblliea— Gayety, Brooklyn; 9, C4t. 
sinb, 'Boston. : ; 

French Models— Garrlck. St. Ikiiils; 9, 
Gayety, Icinsas City. 
Fri^pllUes-rteinpresB, Chicago; 9, /Gary, 

^clt 'jHot^rand. Akron; 9, Cblurobi^. 

^cTnJer^' Girls-Hudson, Union City; ; 9, 

Trom't^i Foillcs^Modern. Provl- 
dcnce; 9, Gayety, Scranton. . , 
Girls I'Vom. Happy landH-olU^bla, N. x. 

C.;' 9, Empire, Albany. ' ^i,.. >> 
Girls In Blue-^Academy, Pittsburgh; 9, 

Lyceum-," ' .Columbus; • ■ ■ ; ^ , .j. -■ ■„ 
Hello Parce--Oayety, Washington; .9, 

Academy, Pittsburgh. . . 
High Flyers-^Howard, Bpston ; fl, Modern, 

^Hlndu"fielles— Lyceum, St. Paul; 9, payr 

ety, Milwaukee. v -w t' ^ n 

Jazztime Revue— Fojt^ Jahialca. N. T,. .9, 

^,'Kuddllrig^Ktitles-Casi'no, Philadelphia; 9. 

^irfffn'^^hrS^^ Gary; 9.VBlackstone, 
South Bend. „ « i. n 

Lid Lifters— Blackstone, South Bend. ». 
Majestic, Fort ■Wayne. ,„„. o ■«„ 

Merry Whirl-Gayety, Louisville; 9, Mu 

'"5r\schiefn?rSyr'sM3ayety. Kansas . City; 

"'M^oohligl^^Malds-MaJestlc, F.brt T^ayne; 

9. ■ Palace, Detroit. \ a 

Moullh Rouge-State,, ; Springfield ; 9. 
Grand, Hartford.' . m v 

Naughty Niftlesr-H. & . S. APPUo. N. T 
C.J 9, Orpheum, Paterswn. .. 

Night Club Girls-Casino, Bostoh; 9., Ca- 
sino, Phllndelphia. 'ti. 
' Night Life In Parls-rEmpreBs, Cincinnati, 
9, Gayety, lioulsvjlle. . ■ v 

Oriental GlPls^2.4, -Wedgeway; 0-7, Sche- 
Ticctady ; toi - Colonial, Utlca. . ; _ 

ParlslaTi Flappers--Star, Brppklyn; 9, Co 

^"pl^y^abU^Palacb^ Detroit: 9. Em 

*^Ra'dl am Quecns^L., O. ;. 9, Palace,; MIri ne- 

°'Krd; Breakcrs-N,,:iiyri<^ A^ 
3-T. Di-Phcum. .Brooklyn.; 
. Social. MftUlR— Irvlrrg Plirqe, N, T. C. ; 3. 

Sporty- :u:idows-^rphciim, . Palerpon, 'J, 
-illuiison, mioh^Cliy; ^: ' ' -. ',', « 

■ Rtpji Ll.v.rly .Qirls-Gayety, Montreal, a, 
Howard, Itosd.'^ti.. ,...' ' , ■ : ■ „;■ . ^ 

.Stpp On It-fJnlcty. fi«-rant.onj Lyric, 
A llonto'wni .' l"'Jv1-l. : Orphcom.' RsntlJnif, . -. 
. Kloppc PliP\yT^Tj.'ini).le,:,; Q,; Gay- 

''*'sugflr"^-l?ablps— Mutual,'. Indlan.npfll!'; 9. 
GaVrlcki Pt. Lfuts; '■ . ■■ '\ '. ^ „ '■■ 
- ppppd Girl.-s'rrColonlat,-. C^Mca;. P, Gaynly, 

^''lVtko"-a Ciifi-rtcc-c.aycly^^^ '0.. 
Havriihr1«^f". <'iilc:ifrb.: .... .„ -., '>,■ ■' 
Tf nifilnv^^- Monn, Omrih-T ; f ...Ti.- .O. 
Wal^-oji:;) f-bow~T,yr!'', JJrVilBfT'f'rt; 0. 
F<i«f, Jan)al''.fi. - N. "V. - . ''„/■ ' ' ,. 
AVh'ioi.i.n Oirl.s— PalJic", -:^Iir.r.<^rii.<.J|.>=; . 9, 

.LycfuiB.- St. - .Paul;.' ;...':.'.. • ; ,,' , 
WIno. Woman and PonK-Orynd, -lliait: 
ford;.9. Lyric, Iirl'lgcport. ' 

Anrbnson, Irving,; .Roosevelt. H-.' B.ol.'y; 
woodj- (ial..' ... -■ .•'1 

AgbHtini. Geo.. Palace. T;. Montre.-»l.. ■ • 
Albertj Harry, Lldo-Venlce. Venice.. Italy.. 
Albert, Don; Valencia. Jamaica, .L.. , 
Alberti> Jules, Luigl's C, Detroit/., 
Alblh, .JacU...;Bps9er.t.. H.. Brooklyn.. . ;- . . 
Aldrlch, Bob. Onori::Hot«'l. Syracuse.^N. T 
Aledorf. Uv J..; U3 Liberty 'St^^,: Newburs^ 
Almnre, Joe. New Bam bop 1 n n; C:h I ca.go; 
Amidon; A.. 912 E. 8th St..-. P Int. Mich, 
Appel. Oscar. The Cath.ay. Baltlmor?. 
-Armbruster. J... L... B. A,. G... Buft«Io, 
Arcadians, Greystone B.. .Dny^o". 9- 
Arcadia. Synoojiators (C,. Edgertpn). 2004. 
Addison .St., Phila. - -'• . ;: . 
Arnhelin. Gus.. Amb'a.seadcur.s R..; .Ppffls. 
Ash, .Paul,' Paramo.utit T... N. \, . 

Astoria,: .3o. .P. . 0. pox 398,. Cpral. Gahl?E, 

• AtUrns'"A.'.P.r 3Ci4.-«lfi: Ave;. .Dc^ 
:•■ Austin, S.. Davis Is.: CbUniry C.. 'la>M.P.a■ 
Baef.' >Ioe; .Sherry's, rBaUlhiPTe.. . -;' : 
Bailey, R., OiJO' So., B'Wfly,: Los, Angc es. .. 
Bali-d. : M ay nard . ' Crystal T. ,: Khpxy il le,- 
SaidWIn. p.. . Frohtepac; .Qxichec. Canv . . 
Bard, JoSii. Golden Pcilsant. R,; . .B«Vto. 
.Barnard, .B.'..,33p. \V. Morrcll St^,. Ja 

-Rarrirtgcr, iSbii, Ciiico Cat B;. Miami'. 
Barrett, lL, Scheea.H;.. no<;l), N..T;. 
Barlictt.' 0., Book-Gadlllac, . Dglrolt. - .'• 
'Barzley.. Bcpnar,' .Aloiitauk . Point. \Mop- 

tickuJf X* '■'I •'• ' >i' ' 

Baslle! Joe. 65 .No'. 14th St;, Newark, N. J. 
.Bastla'n, .Walt.. Stat^^^'T.,." Delrplt. ^ -. , . 
Baufer, p. Ji. Gl Ormpnd St.. . Rochester. 
M ■y- ■ "- ■ :■ 1 '-. ■ 

" Bauni. BabP, .220 Rose St., Rcaidlng; . Pa. 

Balr- State .Acca (Al, 3 . Mohawk 
St.i ■CohiJes'; N. Y-.; --; .'-.' - i ' 

Beale, .'Bbti,. Athens Club.. Oakland.; Cal. 
Beckley. T.. 102 E. 8ih St.. WHmlngtbn 

Del. ■ ■- '- '■ ' '• 

Bcnlave, Sarn. CnpltoV T... Detroit.. ■■ 
B.erec, W. K.„ C7 .<JraTid Ave., . Engle\yood. 
N. J. 

TBerget, Paul, Rice H.,' Houston.' Tex. . . 
Bergor, W. J;. B449 Pe.nn Ave.i'X'lttsburgb. 
Berger, Herb. Chase H;, . St. L ._ • 
. Bergman, Ai;, .41 Harvard PU Buffalo, 
Bergniafrl D... -Webster Hall. Plttsburglv . 
"Bernle; Ben,, Arrowhead Inn, Saratoga, 

^Bestor, DbW, Wtiti;' tenn «.. .rilttsburgh.:, 
Blhgham. T. W„ 18 S.-Ryan St..;. .Buflalo, 
Bissettc-Maclean, Marigold' R.. Rochester 
Blumenthal'is OrcTi..: Sovereign Hotel:, .Ghi- 

"Boi>bltt, P. O;; yaxBlty Tnn^, Van W^crt. O 
Bbshea, Fran; Earltbri. Country C., - Eail 

ton,- N. -Yi . ' 

Boutelle Brothers. WIn.chendpn, Mass. - . 
Boyle, Billy, Copley-PIaiia: H.V Boston.. 
Bradfleld; E. Max, .-itb.; A-vc; T-.^Sealtle. 
.• Brambllla;: M„ St. Francis T., San Fran 
clsco * • 

Braunsdorf Orch., 911 2?d.'St,. Galveston; 
Breeskin.. Daniel, Earle T., 'VVaShlngtoiK - 
B'way -Cblleglans, -Walled Lakb B.. De- 

*"roudy. Dave, Grant "T.; Pittsburgh.: _ 
Erbwer, Jay; California .T., San,- Ca I 
Brewnagle,. T.. 022 9t.h . Sf.^ Harrlsburg., 

-Bryant, /i^. H:, 1020 6111 - St;, Tcrrf. 
Haute," Jnd. '. •. .'-i'^ ..-'■-' '- - ■ 

Buck,- V^rjie,- Tlvoll T.. Chicago. . • • 
Buckeye . :"Vyonde.r3, 04.5 So. Main . .SIj,;: 

^BulosWk'ies Califs., Eagle. B,/ Mllvy.aukeie. 
Burk. Mno, Brockton', Mass. 
Burke. Chick, Amesbury,. M.isS. 
Burthett. Earl. Blltmore JI.. L. A. .. 
. Busse. Henry, care Arthur , Klein, .1500 
Broadway, N.' Y; C. • ■ , - - ' 

Butler.. Mel., Davenport, Spokane. . . 
Byers, Hale, Variety, N. .Y.- C- 

DeiVtrldge. DelV, (iapltol T., Dbtrblt. ■ ' 
Dcl.Pozo. Senor. ;i;'S7 IVwayi N.:l. C, . - 
peLiica, j.,. 3:11 St.: Marks Ave., Brook- 

^^Den^i'y,^ Jack. Mt. ; n.f Mbntreal. 

Delcrlch. Roy,- Avaion T., Chicago. ■ 

Domino Orch.. 2'-> 4th St.. Troy, N;. T. \^ 
. Donnelly. W. H.. 239 Glenwood Ave.. E. 
Orangb. N,"'!.. ' - '. ', John. Kelly's Stables C.. . CM. 

Polin. Max. - LoeWs Wnrfleld T., S. F. . 

Doinbbrger. . Chas,,. Rlley:s-on-tne-Liike, 
SanXogrt;-. N:: Y. ' 

Dougherty; Doc^. Adelphia; H.. Phlla. -: 
. Diimont.- A,.. Parampunt, N. "V. C.\; . 

Duiin. J.-tck. CinderoIla;BoPf B. R., L, Ai 

nunintC: Jlni. , Zlegfeld ,T.. N. T. C. . ; 
: Dytch. 11., 400: S. First St., Daytpna> FJa. . 

Edily . VV'ei.s;; Locw'fi - Kings X., 'Flatbusli.- 
Brookiyn. .>?;. Y. . : :'.•- < - ■ ■■ 
-J>.>i\vi»rJa, . Gu.a C. Tferrace- Gardens,: Chi. 
. lingah, 3ack,: Para'nibunt T.', li. A. , _ . , 

- ;Elscnbourg.: Dpk. Shcpard. - Colonial. R;,. 

.QOStOn'. ■ '■■. .' . 

Elinor. .O.trle, Carthay Circle, L, A. v 
Ellnrd. Jlin, RlVlera T... Ortiaha. ■ 
Ellis. -F., St-'. -FrariCis. H.,. S, 'F, - ..; ; . 
Kliihgton. DtiUe. Cotton. Club. NT. T. C. 
' Eliii'wond . Band, .372 Van. Nbst rand Ave., 
'Jer.*iby City.. ■ . ' .■.■'■, .. - '"' 

ISmerhon. Hii Merrick: T.; Jamaica, L. L . 

- Engblhart.- Jf(s., MoVlcker.'S.T,,- (JiUcago.. , . 
. EiSiiCl. b7;fO N.^'th St.i. PlTlladelphlrt.. - 

. ICrdodyi :Leo;-10ri ,W; '^Sth 'St.,:.N._ Y> C. 
Esialg-. - ,'Abe. 1000, ist. Nicholas,: Aye., 

V-Eiiti'ank." Philip llee^rriarU'h^^^ - 

FaboDb.. .Phil, Collsevm T;, N; T: C.' 

Fallon. : Owen, ;PaIjils de, -Danse ■Br-, R., . 
K'^jv. ' ■-"■.'•' ■ .'■.■- :;: ■■■■ ■ ■■ •- 

Fai''rcl1..F.. -Inh."4 SHprldan iSq..; N, T-. C. ; 

F.•^■y; BbniaTd. Fhy's, .prbvidbnce.' : . 

Fecney; J. M... 220- E. 11th .St.. . Oakland, 
Cal. ■ ■ - .'v :■ 

Fclfiman. jJoe. 1 008. B. 98th. St:, Cleveland^ . 
:. Fenn. F; C... .100:.LefTerts Ave.',. B'klyii; ■ 

Fentbn, C.-»rl, 1074 Broadway. N', >Y. 

.Peyl. J. ' Wv. 878 Rlyer StV. -Troy, N. Y?*!)! 
■ Florlt'bi Ted; - Edgewater Beach- H., . Chi.. . 

Flsehe'n. Carl. -Majestic. D. H., Detroit; - 

Fischer. C. L.,' 914 So. .;;Westhedge ,St., 
Kalamazop. -Mlc-h. ■ ' ' -: ~ . . 

Fi.sher. Mark. Vbrlety.' Chicago. ' 

■Fogg. A. M.. J 74 Deacon St.. Portland, . 
'Me... - 

. Fbbte. R.', Brown's (Tlubi Prerich: Hck, : 

-thd'. ' ,' :'.'' •:' ' ■:-■''->' ' 
Forbes. T<ou. Denver T!., Denver»- : 
FOrman, LoUi Palace: T.v N. :Y; C ■ 
Four Horsemen, c-b ,M. C. A., 1301 Broad-- ., 
way,...N.- Y/'C; -:. - .'.■' ■:, .'- 
f Fox, :Jtoy,. Hblly wood . Music Bbx, Holly* 
wood; Cal.. - 
F+ariklyn. Milt. Grand L^ake T., . Oakland, . 

Cal. '■':•■;■ -.' -.■ • ■■■ 

Frasetto, Joe. .Vptowh C. 253 W. 12Bth 
-St,,'N< Y, C 
. Freed. Cart', 29 S. Orange Ave., Ne.wark.: 

. ' Friary, George, Rockland-,' Mass. • .. 

Friedman, Jerry, Casanova -C, ,N. T. C. 

Friedman. L. F.. St.: Loula .T., St. LbulSi , 

Friese, J. F., Strand T., Stamford,;. Coftn. 

Fry, ' c; M>, 5233 R,bbseveU Blvd.. Phila- 
delphia:-..''-- •:■'.-:'!-'■ , 
. Puich:er. Chas:, XtO M. C. A.* Paramount 
Dtdg., N.' Y; C: ■ v.: - ; 

Fuller. - Earl. Lookout Hotise. Cevlngton, 
KV: . •• -..■■' ■ -■' ' .. 

Funk. Larry, 15 Barrb'yt'.:St.. N, Y.: C 

i)uke Ellington Or 

'Ernest Charlfs 
Imogen© Coca 
Sue Baxter ' . 
Walt Feldkamj) Or 
' ErcrgladeB 
Le Roy Prinz Rbv 
Eddie Davis 
Fawn & Jordan 
Tbelma Edwards 

Icaso;*' .si-G. - ■ . -\, : ^ . 

Bottv Comppoh ! orp.p.sU/^, TOfMl'- 
jDowUn^',: "ijlasco' -g' -Glory," Sono- 

, Cast for Erouffh ton's ."Tlio. Tiuar 
WrahfjU'V"— -iUiyniohd irtitton, Ktli« l 
I Wales, Hojin, Virfjinia Siilc, 

John: SalnpoHs for "Tlire^ S^^U•^^..,:• 
lF03U ; 

Cajieroon. Fred, 401 B'way. Camden. N. J. 
Carberry, Duke. Walpole. Mass. _ . ._ 
. Carpentier. E. J., 743 7th Ave.. N. Y. C;. 
Carr. Jimmy. Variety, N.^ Y.^ C. 
Carter, P., Majestic. Long Beach. Gal. 
Casale, M., 140 ' Pine. St., Wllllamiiport, 

Pa ^ ' 

c'auspr. Bob. ithaca H.. Ithacaj^-^H, T. 
Cavallarb. John, 20 Irving St.. New 

"^Cavato. Etz. ^Flotilla Club, Pittsburgh, 

Celestalh, Jack, 1930 Boston Rd.. Brpnx, 
N V - 

" Cervpne,' Izzy, 602 , Blackstone BldiS.. 

Christian. Tommy,. Palisades Amueement 
Park, Palisades.' N. J. ' ^ . 

.Christie. H. J... 1831 N. Ormsby Ave.. 
Louisville. ' . . ; ^ 'i 

Church, Ross,. Buckeye Lake . P.. B«cH- 
eye Lake. .0. . 1.: ' ' 

0)1. f;. 252. "W. Douglas St., Reading, Pa.. 
Cohen, Richard. Vanderbllt.H.. S., y.,C., 
Cole, H.. Swance: Club. N. T. C., „ 

. Oleman. Emil, Central Pk, Casino, N. T. 
Collegian .Schcriader.s. Far -East R,. Cleye^ 
Commdhdeifl, - Rposevelt H... Hollywfood, 
Ca-J 1 
(ipndelorl. A., Adelphl H.. Philadelphia. / 
Confrey. Zezi c-b M. G. A.. Parampunt 

"ijidg.;; N'; ■y.-'c,-"-. : " ' ...,, .■ ' ,;, .'c: 

Gonklln. ; lUchard. Lotns CIub,-.Wa..«h.. ■ -- 
e'ontielly. .11. R.V 489 Cehlial. Aye.,.- 
Brldgip.VTt. Conn:, .,- .'. . 1. ^ . 
Conrad U:. '10.<<8 Park Avp.. N, C. -. ^^ 
Coolcy. . Fritz,: -Mapje View,: Pliisflold. 

' Coun-Snhdrrs. c-o M. C; A., Paramouni 
Bldg,.: N. 'Y.' 0; - : -, .- 

Copp J'ythlah Tbmrile, BrcrUton, Mass. 

Cr.rnwell. P,/.-Lo<?w:.s T., Coiunilius. •' 

Crivvan, LSnh, Blvd. T.. J..: A. 

Coyle L.' II.. 21if S, TOth HI., Earton, Pa, 

CralK," Frahrls; .litrmliakf 11.. .Na.shville; 

Crfjctr.t 0,rch., -Artii(;iy,-. ■ MidUltlow n, 
N -Y . ■ ' 
*• Grawfiml, ''Bu"." 2l2.i: New York Aye.. 

.S'. \V., .\V;r.<-hi»:ft'.<-i). . 

•Crawford, Ja<;li. c-:o Mi G. A., -Paramount 

Di'iR., N. y: '/y. 

Crawford., Thrim,TS L., \VI''!i!tO, K.7n. 
Cullen, ij. E.; - 614 E.' 5lh St.. 'KouiK B'^'^- 

*"r"ummin}i.. Bernle, niltmf-re. JI., N.. C 

--t;q.i;r;p ^Jl:^rrj^^Sccll.ach-ll..:,l.ftui>'vi.ll/;;_: 

Galvln. J. J.. Plaza T., Wprccste.r,.:M.i8i. . 
Galllecchlo. Jb, 5206 Sherld.ah Rd.v Chi,, : • 
Garbcr, Jan. 743 7th;Ave.v N. Y. C. 
■ Gardner, C. C.. 1527 .N.. 24th St., LUn-. . 
c'bln,- Neb., .'■ . . . .'■ ' - ' - 

G.isparre. Dick. Hotel Plaza, N. Y. C. » 
Gaul, Geo..' 2il.'i Madison Ave.i Baltimore. 
Gegria. MlsHa. Forum Theatre. 1/ A. 
GelJt. : Al. 117 S- N. 'J. Av«., Atlantic 
'City.' : 

Geruhovlch. Tom^ Roof Garden C., :Brbad« 
^way- and Kearhey, San Francisco;. 
Gill, Jbs., Congre-ss H.. St. L. , ■ 
GUI". E.; nambob Garden.s. Cleveland. . 
Gillette, Bob. Valencia Th.,' , Jamaica. 
Gbrr. ~ Mark j Brlggs/t.. Detroit. 
. Goldberg. Geo;, (vclestlal R.. Bay Shor* 
Park. Baltimore. Md.- 

GoIdUetto, Jea'n. Book Tower, Detroit. ; 
:. Gohznles,- S. N.. .310 E. fth St, Santa 
Ana, Gal... ' .„ „ -,-. .' 

German. ,Ros,«i, 800 8th Ave;, N. Y. C. 
Gbrrcll, Ray. care Gbldkette. Detroit. 
Greeii. A. J., 340 West «.1d St.i L. A.. . 
Green, :Jac(iues; RItz Towers. N. J. C. 
Greystone Orch.. Grey stone H.. Dayton; 
. Grosso. 31 St. James St.. Elmhurst. L, I, 
. :.Guan«tte, Lou, 16 St. Angele St., Quebec, 
Giirhjck. Ed.. 38 Reynolds Ave., , provK 
'dcrrce." ' - ' .^- y, ,■'":•:' •-v--;- - r^-^ 

• Oun-'sendorrer; .W.. Whitcomb H., ,S.: F. 
,' Gutt«r.sph, M.,, .y»lenclsi 'r., . Baltimore. 

.^.v->i.^3 ; ':'" 

■ Hall- RK^epy^ Sherman H.; Chicago. . 
.Hallelt. Mai.'. TAwrence,: Mass. . 
:Hal.4iead..H('nry, St. Francis Hv. S. F. 
•Haminond. Jean, Sky Room, .Milwaukee. 

; 'Ha.rn'm.. -Frcii c-p M, . C. A.. Paramount- 

'namp, ' jPhnny. Glbspii Hotel;, Clh.- 
:Hancork.; Iln'Ban. &-o: M...G.. . A.. Para, 
mount Illdg., Ni V. C;. - . •; - ' 
Ilaii Utr, Al, Lincoln Tavern,; Chicago. 
Hand.. Ai-mln, i?lccatiniy T.'. . Chicago, 
'. I1arl)rjr- l,"h. State- R„ Columbus. 

Harlng. Bnb, 'c-» Bi^un.SwlOk, B. & G.., 
70'0 7tli Ave, N.. T. .C. ..- 
lljirrnon, D.-iv'p, I.>alrtl<i D'Or, N: Y. C 
llarrhon, M., Club Mirador, Washlnrt»Ji^ 
IlarrlKop. . J,. Ttendpzvous, . Toronto. 
Haves, "Kd., Alliarrilira T... N, Y. C 
iTavV. lul:. Cfittiay T^a Gnrden. I'hlla. 
Jliiy a ltd Coats. Italnbaw Gfrnlcns, 
Wltids'ir, (ni\. ' 

-n.«.!ii>.rnf.'r. ■•KiiiH; B^'nd H,, Hartford. 
fU-nlfi-oh. I<'.,.22.«"W. i:jyih Sl.i -N. Y, ,C. 
HciikfJ, •J'ol,, 'Ciiplt-..! T., Aydncy, Aii.s,.- 

■ licrtsct'll. J.. .«5l.H('-L(ike IT:.- Chlr.aro. 
Hoilifrvoaiix, J:.. UliC' ■ 160 .N.' Michigan 

Ave . ('hl-'iigc). ^, ,- 

Him.l:.(.m. M.., ."tnittord T.. Chlr-agp. 

A,,,ll'-i:« ciocttman St.. Pitta- 

D'Artil'* biih.. 6.1. 14lli St:, Norwich. 

^'i"antzlg. ic. J., ifvi'l Putnam Ave., B'uiyn 
l)augli<'rty, Kinory, .Jaiilin Lldn, ArJirji;- 

t'.ii H., \Va».liitiKtiiti, 1>: C 
lJa\|i!s: n, J .\V,.-.NV'rMlior(> T.'; CIiI'-.tCO, • 

Iriiljiiiiii T.. lii.l.atiari'>I-.s; 
Ii.ivIh I)'"!'.. Iiiiil<r> ll., c*l,!<..<icn. .. 

'uavis. K.iciic. ;'„''i f.:jd st.. n-. v, nty. 

D4\l.son, Wa.t, Maiiifitroei T., K. C. 

^.Hr-rf^r, John, 1008 ' EllzUbeth PI., Cincin- 

""il' Earl, c-o, M, C. 'a., Paramount 
lildg., N. Y, C. ■ „ _ , 

H<.ffman. L. G.. 78 Ernst ft., Buffalo. ^ 
HaIIowcII, B.,: Strand D. 1,1., ■Wilmington, 

n'l.lnK"'. Wr'trht. MartlnlqUf U.. 
' lI<-.ii..tori. C.'i.'i'-'., M<.>iN:<.uih . UeaPh C, 

(CoritijiUtd on page 70) 




Wednesday, September 4, I929 


Inaccurate Biographies 

Xiloyd (Quaker) JiiOwiJi, author of 
•Myths After Lihcoln," collaborator 
; on ''Chicago — A Ilistbi-y of. -Its Itop- 

Vutatibn," and inspiration for "Mo- 

■Puffy's First Reader,", is one of the 
; cbu.ntlcss i;{alaban «&. .Kutz .'press 

; afonls who': attack tho - ^.thoalri.cril 
deiV;ji;thi(>nts';,pf loc-al dailios, . 

Born in I^onnsylvdnia. of :\\'hph>-' 
somG' -iiarp.nts, i;o\vis' is a ciuakt'r. 

■ by-; prbXossion but a lipt-art lov^or 

' by; >,riyiroin>jitv.~''lt .%as l»iMin-. 
s>4.vania Cracker; \^)ho cpiivlneed Hi 
&. : K. "btrieials . that v a nude poster 
;n\n^ be.- aiv eyesore - for, the local 
.pastors . but.- .a, ''Cloine.' In" .si'giv fpr 
•\vandqrinfi' ' ff I^f^.^vi s • tako'i!. thp 

posters..' , home, and stands - thGih up 

. in his. r pom. He 'stili gets, a ■thrill 
out - of ppeninjjr the doPr stiiddeiily 
and . playin.ij that h.o ' has entered 
the .\yronff..r\)Ghi.'....^- .• 

LeVvis. out .quite. a-.widp :S>vath ;lh 
SwatHhaorc/'Cpllesro, l\ai; . and caiiVe 
to Chlcagp i n tent on , ,ei ther t'7 Iv ihg"' 
over : the' Daily .Kfews or .;settin5 a 
job; in the stock .yards. So' Lewis 
went . to' work. on\ the .News as a re-. 

■porter^ ; '■ .- ..; 

Fi'om :,th.<}" Ne\ya,^ IJOwis. . w^^^ 
the- old moji'n'iils Jlijrald!, • .where ..he 
eventually started, editings, its' Sun-. 
day magazine stipplemerif. it was 
the'r.e lie' learned the .t^^^^ of call-' 
ins a. i^eGkin^ p^^^ an .orgy, arid- 
.of - oaliing a' $3.5-perT:\v'.eek cletk • a 

■ mlllipnaire- clubniari. This. Jrain-* 
ing has .istpod hiin in good 'steid 
throyghout, hi.s years , as a picture. 

■ hPuse prc's$ agent;, Tp; him, .no-\v 
a . Ipiisy pictiire an.; epic;- Any 
working eal ^Wlip goes out witK a 
gent rndking more -than $75 . peri 
week is j.ust one: of Passion's Play- 
things to . Lipyd. 

Lewis joined B.. & K. when, 
the Ohicagd. theatre- was opened 

i.p, 000 acres in Utali, . \yhich he op- 
erates by. long ditftahee iti partrier- 
ship with a man wlio doesn't have 
to travel , in society. Until this 
ypar Lewis .used tP .visit .the ranch 
every summer, but liad - to di«cpn- 
tlnue the trips whon.all th(i B.. ^ K. 
bdys ' arid - Mrs, Lewis poinplaiived 
■pf the 'ranch, .pdor; .. --;;^ 

Id remained ever - since; :. His de- 

scriptlpn of the , Nprshpre theatre 
as the .Weil of LonxilihesSi .if :he had 
made , .such- .a . description.^^^^^^ w^^ 
have been .the tklk of the town. 

Once out of his office, Lewis loses 
his name and becoines th<fe meekest 
of husbands.;; JI^^^ married' to 
Katherine Do.ugh^^rtyi secretary to 
Blcke'lt of tlie Evening Amierlcan, 
and figures"; on placing her; with 
Henry Jiistin . Smith of the Daily 
News as soon as Bipkett is won 
over. Under ,np . condition will he: 
let h6r go. near the Tribunfe. . 
Lewis owns', a sheep, ranch of 

Will Sinj^er hud io ho lite»".iilTy. 
•thrown ' -out ' of - tlVe..' . Stat^ 
before he GonKfrntctl to . take a vn-.; 

chtion. : : '\ ' i : ' 

ITerb KIl i.nbn fg , . L& t . . i)ii'bi leity 
.braihs. : sweoV.i?>iT '-tlie cobvycbs : put 
somewhere in Wiscoris'iri ; or. maybe.. 
MIchiijran;- ; . ; ;. 

Biitli ''- Racett^, ; • pictiire. ':' hoiife 
prima, wejvt Avith the Lauder coin- 
pa:ny to .Canada. ^;' \ 

Trailer, 'ai /Tie. ■ RKO. 
.hi)u&e, lasi AoceK., cdrri0. invitation: 
f7-oin. RuUy V.allec .to; the' to. 
comc' doion -to Viiioii StMion, <fnd. 
meet %im iohite He ekan(jc;s ■ trains, 
on roiiie' ta Calif Qrriia. Union Sta- 
tion is ^ pretty Mg- aiul it 'might 
rain. : . 
; . Jack' Lavin ie.i:t fp^ Angeles 
on busIriesS' ■ Jack , biarned up.: A 
couple bt''.;Weeks ago he . spent ;his 
ow'n douj^li tp gp - eUt tliere : on . a" 
^vacation/' ",•■'.'' ■ : • •^ ■ •■■.'; 
; : Ashtpn ; StevenSr %lip;V siys lie; 
achieved a .rep for honesty 1 h ; 
dramatic. critiGisni by • his ; 
owri' brother, Landers Steye^^ 
week ga,ve the. bro a g;OGd notice 
for. .his work. in . "Trial of :..lVtatfy.. 
Dugah,;' film yersipn, - ruiiiinig ' 
rep. , • ■;;■' : \.' ■:■ ■■'■■^ ;■ .■. ■■-■•■.■ •■..,• 

In a. golf matieh : between Hary.ey . 
Woodruff ;and . .Weatbrpbk PegliBpj' 
both of. the .: Tribune, Pcgler loist- 
with a ..score of . i33p^2. . Tlie half- 
point - vvas decided by judges when 
Pegier socked, the bail once; in rnid- : 
.air. The match ,.wias to see .which 
was the. Ipusies.t.; . . 

Dancing Maisteri'-. Association in 
convention here describes: dancing 
as a jneans id .marriage,: Previdm 
week the Piano ^Tuners': convention 
announced rnuch faihiiu . sickness is 
caused by an lintuned piano. Ifext 

week thd Banana Growers' Associa- 
tion may issue . /statisUcs shelving 
the number of moihers in-ldw .sent 
to uritimeiy death by a. carefully 
mdsplaced peel. :^ 


Even chefs get tempera- 
mental and insist on billing. 

jit's now Zani & Joe's, with 
Joe, the kitchen mechanica, 
spiitting tlie billing along with 
Zani ■v.^ho's the heavy :i)oraonr 
ality greeter at hia Paric ave- 
nue ups'tager. 


A largo collection of liuman flat-. 
s;iin , was . brought., to . West Side 
iQourt : before' ' jjagistrate -Edward • 
Walsh. Youths, and men .ranging 
f rom ;1:7 to 7Q were rounded up • on 
this l: R. . "T:; orm at West 42d 
sti'(?et. ;.■■;•..' ■:•^.■■■ • : ' 

Thirtyvfl'ye; in aU- Uhsli.ayen for 
daiys :-a.n}i. : some- bewiskeced' were 
nondesgnpt :in dross". .Thej^ carried 
"beds," ' coilcctlpn .. of newspapci-s. 
The : mob suns ■ ali day in Bryiint 
Patk .and midnight. they trek to the 
platform. . '. ^ :'/■:': 

Complaints have bebh •made tP 
thb Interborbugh. Special OfRcers 
LQUijs Abrarhs and ;Hugh v O'Cphnor 
.\Yer?!. > assighed , to: make the . haul. 
With other cops they Isurrouhdbd 
the Ijorde; ■ All . were . gho'ring aiid.^ 
Ippiced; like Mr. Ziero's Army. 

Peeved ' when.. 4.i'c>Us;ed, they sal- 
yaged. theif beds and brought thprn 
to court.. ^ They told tiie magistrate 
they came froiTv .Nova Scotiai' Canv 
ada,- Oklahorna . and ppints south;' 
V ""V'i'^e .'can't ' get ^^vprk,''. they phpr- 
uSed, The icpurt'::warned them, and: 
stated if they were brought in again 
he' would-; keep them stbidy on 'VVcl- 
'tare Island. .He suspended senteT>ce. 
.. ;HPme\yard bound ' theatreigoers 
have compiained they were forced 
to junip acrpss the forms of tiie 
derelicts, . :The "bunis" promised; 
they would, quit ^ sleeping on the; 
platform. . ■; . 

Chatter in New York 

Helen Hoerle la sitting In" .for 
publicizing Anderspn'a "Almiahae.''' 

Lola Werscl, assisting Lynn Fiarr 
npl. . ' 

lid Garyey,- ex- Notre Came,- writ- 
ing, book on foptbtill. . ; . 
:. Don' Clarke'.s . npvei • Is '^Louls; 
Berettl.'' It'^s about gahgst6rs. . 

Ga.ston Bell returnsJ ijrpm Europe 
^Sei)t.. ■'■■ •■ ■ 

: Buddy - .Byron back ; early .from: 
Skpwhegan.' • ' . - . ■ . ; ' 

;:Betty Darling has opened a hat 
shop. . . ^ ' ;'•.:-.. •.';'. : - 

.Bonnie -Biackwood - and Martha 
Mtickay back from Parijj.,. 

I'^'rank . J. Noxiiicj Miami band, 
leader,' in to wii.-. .. . ; . 

; , jack Renault , in town malking the 

will Vodery ' has nvade 17 round 
Strips to ■ Eui'Ppe; . 

: Harry Dchnar will toboggan .out 
to the coast next Aveek. ; ■ 

A''ing Fuller and the Graphic haye 
discpnnfectedi : .. : . ' 

The Crying Goldmans hilve bought 
:baek the Castlllian Royal. 

After 11 years, Al Ansbaehei' has 
,$hfived his .jiiustaohe.. . . 
; It. : was Joe Frisco who sold 
Gebrijes Carpcntier the idea of havr 
in*, his nose abridged. ; 

Ray -BPyer, ■ the ' druggist's.' son, 
iiaving oibtalnjed his flying . license, 
took off for Cleveland. 

Lou Schwartz has affiliated .with 
Tony Siiayne in the lalter's booking, 
billce.-.- ; ^"■'■' .. ■ ■. • . '■ ;■',• 

George' Givpt may leave"Sketbh 
Book'* . tO; do ; talkier " for ; James 
CrUze.- ■>.;■..!.■•, ■■■ '-■''■.]' 

Billy Rose, grew the spinach, on 
his upper lip ; to Ipplf older put on 
the coast. V 

. John Maxwell, of ''Almanac" (Not 
the hotel), is :a grand, nephew, of 
•BuIta.lo Bill Cody. .: ■ . :' ;—::; 
Helen Mencken : is now in New 



ErlnnEer, jpililhitliam. & zlcgfeldk. Mg.' Dir. 
MaU. Wed. j( Sat.— 458 Seat* at l» 





ZIEGFELD Thea.. 64th St. & Cth av. 
MATS. THVtaS. & SAT.— lIAtr VRiCE 




RFI ASPO '"'''''!-. irnay & 44 St. Eves. 
»j:,lLi^^\^V;a.:50.;^ MiilV ;TliursM. Sut,. ' 2:30 

DAVID lBI?r-A.SCO rrcBciits 



Jfi-iiew. Coinedy. bf .•Laurciive: J&. -joliiifjoii 


■ Mats. .Thursdiiy ft-nd Siitiirday : ■ -: 


: New. Revue -of LaURli.-j nn-d 'UoautlcsB ' 

,-JiftIZE BEAir^TIES. 

St y .:: / — — — — — — — ' ' ■ ' ■ 

pf . A VMf>t I^F ' 4flth - St. . Evi. 8:r,o: 
irLs/\ l n\JU>Si-* Milts. Wudv, Sat:; 2;3n 


Mctro-Obldwyn-Miiyct' All 
' ■ V TaJklng-^Slngliig— Uaiiclne 


BROiU)WAir Itt EiflWY 

Mnnimntli .St-»go- .'^liavv— Dixie: Derby, wfth Clicittcr 
Hnlo Olrl."!; Cnpltollnns: CnpUol Urahd Ordirsirn, 
'Vaslia Itunclmk, cond. . ■ i 

Kpoii COOL nt the RefrlRcrnted 
C* A OiT/^I B'way & Rlet St. 
^/^Jr 1 1 KJLt MIdnlRht Pictures 
Nlthlly at 11:30 


N. Y..:and Brooklyn 


SEE & 
II E.\lt 





. ComlnB rJlID.VY, Sopt. 0 ; 

.WUIIe,<;ollier.'g:1<;amoti8 Statist' rittr 

50th' St. and 7th Avt. 
Dir. S. L. Rothafel (Ro)(y) 


AII-TuIkliiff William Fox Movietone lilt 


& Aiisrmented OrcIi6stni of ftiient . ArtlRtn 
DIldnlKlK Show Every Day at 11:30 !>. M. 

W:arrier :.Pr6s.;and -Vitaphbne . 
Singing-Dancing Pictures : 




B'way •& : 

Dally, ■ 2:45,8 ;45 
Siini, 3, 6i 8:45 


in "Say It With 

MIdnlte Sli0\v Snf., 1W5. 


Warner Brc-s. 
Thoa., B'way & 52 St. 

Daily, 2!45," 8:45 
Sun., 3, 6, 0:45 


: . -Baked Ice CreatHi Melts 

. ' Baked ice cream provinB' too: hot as a summer tempter flopped in 
Times Square, but. may be revived when; it gets- colder. The gag was- 
ah ice cream fllled tart .. topped": viri th and placed under 

bo'wi. shaped electric stove for browning. ■ The demonstrations Were be- 
ihg; made in three spots around the. Square .i-eported flnanqed by the 
cpmi>iany. manuCacturihg the electric bilkers. . ; 

With little .encouragement given, the racket.,- the shops passed out. 
aft;er ia.. month's -.try; ■■ ■;■'/■'■' 

. Free Mpvietphe Show .Again oh Squar^ 

Fox :M6vietoTje bpipth '^sp^^ in TimeS: Square at 47tlv strept .and 
Broadway will participate in, the lyrayoralty campaign of Mayor James 
Walker and .the DeTriocratic ticket, . Synchronized speeches by Mayor 
Walker and: running mates will, be alternated, -with vaude shorts, and 
other, featuresi It will again give 'Tim'es Square a free show. . ' . 
' Altliough the I)emocratic ticket is practically set rto-w the: MpVietpne 
booth -will -ript be' installed until after the primarie's the latter part of 
next .month. : " 

Faro Bank Netted $250,000 

. Faro . bank, the best game for a man to play in a gambling joint, ac- 
cording to pro gamblers, isome plays being an, even bet as the cards, 
drawn from a meta'l box, near the bottom Of the deck, still has the 
gopd old law of averages working in favor of the" One of the 
faro banks operating at»Saratpga with two tables running nightly finished 
aboiat .$250,000 in front when the. seaison -^vouhd up Saturday. Nick the 
Greek, biggest plunger around these days and a drawing card fpr any 
gam ))1 ing house, was. the biggest loser, dropping close to. $75,000. 

Faro, bank usually js a. separate concession at the casinos, the. house 
being in for a jipi'centage of the gross winnings. 

; Juice Jpiht:C!eaning ,Ut> . 

Juli\i-s' juice joi.rit at Brpadway and 46th •street is a mop lipi Crowds 
hanging arpuiid waiting tP buy its 5-10 di-irtks ai'P as large as those that 
watched the Lucky. Strike; demonsta-ation for ;nothing when the. cig;iiret 
started its street .floor factory at Broadway , aiid 45th. : ' . 
.. Thp Julius, orange drink with a hiixture or so is an importatioh from 
th;^ west, . l^ayiiig; , $26,000 for ;the./c the.;Ujiited Cigars .moved out 

.oi Vathcr th.-in tp:^ thdt amou-nt for around. 60 :square feet/ the Julius 
rush has affected all of the bther IG or more drink stands, in the Square. 

/Barney Bt\\ed Agatin 
vl'^^ Stager's .billing is back in 'I'imes. Square after "yvhaleh through 
his inspectors bpppsed any of the cops getting publicity in the New Tork 
Journal's pppiiiarity. contest for the gendarmes. 

, l?arnoy*$ billing in an especial large .<5ign, paid for by the Journal. Is' 
that •he's ."father .;0f 13 children." . This should innuence plenty of 
votes for him and that Journal's new autorhoblle. he's, after. ' " . ■ 

Johnny O'Connor was telling IjO'uis«c=unw4>se-4;p^H*p^ 
good gag with l)ig words! ' "You 
spoiled one of Frisco'?' cracivs the 
other day when you said Octoge-' 
narian In.stoad of old nian," said- 
Johnny. "Your readers doii't un- 
derstand $2 words." Frisco came in 
at the moment and said: ''No; they 
don't even understand the 75c ones.*' 

Ono of the contestants in the Xationar Air .iRaces at Cleveland last 
week was Lieut. Cfporge T. Reynolds, attached to the "Saratoga," n'aval 
airplane, carrier, who, is a Mm of . ''J )rtd'' Reynolds, former actor, now 
owner and manager of the Hotel Maryland, one of the popular Times 

.Sq:ua:UC=:host<tlr-ios=^e-ater4ng-=niaiivly=-t^ V . ■ 

Increasing Columbia's Depth > 
When Radio Pictures start transforming the Columbia, N. T„ Into 
a modern picture house it .will also extend its. present depth by adding 
the space occupied by the St. Regis restaurant on the West 47th street 
side. ; 

In taking over this place at cv fancy figure Radio Pictures will add 
.'something like 20 feet to the present Columbia depth. ' . 

York taTcing thinga easy untii },» 
legit season ojiens, 

Wililani Williams has been sing, 
Ing in concert In Connecticut sum- 
mer, coionios. '. 

. Jini McKoviren Is in from the 
coast; on Keith's .pay roil. Former 
Wife declares, in again :f or a Share, • : 
:. . .Torn Webster,'' the - famed 1^^^ 
cartoonist, rbvefr here, with a coast 
stay on the route.'' 

■ lii. 'the Harlem', 

party ■ enters, a waJter wi'ii gay,. "I'li; 
talie <;are of the body." ^Meaning he 
wants theni at -his . table.; : 

■ :'i*empci:ainehtal;- .'outbursts "^^^^1^^^^^ 
tweon the Glorias (Albert 'ahd Ade- 
iaiCte). . forced. Vivian Hart tp- re- 
simio. as .a Single. ; 

. Mary . Hay's'. husband, . David .Vi- : 
vien : Bathy tiransXetrod :frpni : the 
Mirror to the ' Kcws ^nd jjot out 
: a. headline story the lirst :hi^ht,' 

Cicprge • Giimoro,- colored poi\tet: 
and; night -vvatchmafi in Loew's State - 
building, ha$. one son at Dartmdiitli 
.Gollbge', and .aiiptlier at Amhoi'st; 

.' Gioi'^ia Sw'anson.: reported to hav« 
tiiei . intriguing wardrobe of 'varir*. 
hued pajamas .extant. Bbugiit Ihbin 
•abroad;'.;'.-^' •■. ;;'i • ■'/ '-. .:--.''-:'; / 

pari liealy : will play pai t ; of ; a, 
irepbi'ter ■:iri' Jeannie' Eajgels': next 
picture. , Dan Is using: the monicker 
pf.:k Variety reporter. : . ' 

. Broad way duclc. JxUnters. polish., 
irig off ; the guri.s and greasing .tjie 
.bhrrels for. the • ganie ' se{i.5bha' 
■^premiere... :•' 

. Sam, the oplbred; stage carpenter 
of tH.e LaFayette theatre has two 
■Packards vyith a chauffeur for. each. 
How have you. beehl 
• r^rances .'Wililanis real last name 
is Jbllineclc. She . changed it bdi 
cause the kids at school "used to 
call her" jelly Neck." 
... J^mniy Cannon would rather siif- 
iCeir with his. rheumatism than carry 
the ;; canb , .he recently i)bughti 
'Couldn't igtand the kidding, • : ' 
. !Rail Carrdil has a big ordei" to 
fill. iobking for that girl with a f.ace 
Tike ICriapp's and a yoicb like Segal's 
for 'rVahitios:" ' 

jack Moran .of the Chateau Ma- 
drid khpckcEid oil the August Heck- 
scher Foundation press job. Now he 
is night clUb Pi. a. by night and 
philanthrbpicai p. a. by day.. 

Fellow parading the stem i:Cith 
self-winding . wrist watches thai 
operate hy movement of the arin. 
has gone so dimzy he's been bobbing 
Jiis head: for siv months hopirip' to. his brain goiriff. ■ 

When the -iilpyds, Eddie . and 
Helen, left for St, Paul last week to 
start a long season of trouping; they 
packed' little junior along. Less .than 
a year old. . . . . 

IBilly ' .pierce :idusied off high 
hat. and cane and. >yith lils Wife and^ 
Billy,: Jr., went down to Atlairitib 
City last week to attend the Js'oifroi 
Elks • convention. : 

' Eddie C Lark, has visions of oil 
cbming/f orth in gushers on his prop- 
erty in Los Angeles, Jimmy 
ison, living on the place, thinks he 
sees sigrisj. ' 

:No high-hat about Bobbe Ai'istf 
who, thoiigh she has reached star- 
dom, still lives in modest apartment 
at Mansfield' Ha;ir and tobts alohg 
the:main stem in a new flivver. 

Barbara : Baroiindcss, who quit 
showgirling- to sell printing,' making 
three times the dough .selling cvll- 
ing cai'ds to the nigiit roundci;.s and 
-nienus to the restaurants. 

Gilbert Scido.s, now dramatic critic 
:pf the Graphic, will conduct .12' lec- 
tures at tbe I*fcw Sciiool of S^ooial. 
Resea rch on ' "Sa tisf ac ti oh i n the 
Theatre/' i 
: Norman Kerry ivas.m. c. of a hot 
.Park- avenue party, the oilier night. . 
'Steady stream of Brofidioqy idient: 
flowed, m the apartm-cni until n^^ 
the. next day. . Kerry went Ao .ilie 
partif : Acnsjiaved to .give it atinos-' 
fCphtinuied bn^i^age. 04) ' ; . : 


V "The Theatrical Jeweller" 

'Special dl.scounts to" the profession. 
Choice collection of cll.iinQhUa.: Jcwola, 
prociou}) .stones, odd Blfts, . novfH'f • 
ptc. An unusual feature (?f our aorvtce 
Situnt>d In tlie Iloiirt of TimpH Soiinre 

0» WEHT 4S<I .ST.. N. V. C, 
- •' . Clllckoriiik' K<U.t . ■ - 

'.\ltout fi >iVf>rle<'t«iV jnsiit(iti(in . 
The t'frhonc IJootli" Classic 



Over ieO.OdO Copies Sold; Last Tw.o 
■ ■ Months . 

[( . On Sale -at 

1688 Broadway, I>I. ¥. 

Wediies jay, Sgpteinb er 4, 1929 

Stories by Jad Gopray 

1090 onward. Jack Conway wrote a series of stories appearing 
Ff?"*. 11^^ Ely the stories dealt with basebafl and prizp . fights 
»^ ^*['i^d Dug?: This' series is repi-inted weekly. Story below appeared 
t^^^^:^' 1921. ^^"-^ 





Eddie Mead Slips in Hunripier 
: Instead pMet-U^ 

■ . ' ' ■ '" . Syi^'tcuso; Jijria '22 
'■ jDear. Chick: ..; 

■ \ve staged an ^pon air bbxin 
■■ ^hbW up Mionday and Tom{it6 

got an awful pastin from a guy 
- ^namcd mCL' Liix that.^IiJddie IJ<:a(l 
. brousht VP 


■ SoivinBT cross-wprd puzzles 
kt .jv/-drlnking ■ restauran t*^« .b 
lb' the inspiratioh of Alexandei:; 
ttocktailis; was one yourig rriah's 
solo .idea of preocoupat-iori.' : 

XJitimately he had to give ^vip-^ 
the , X-wbrd pijzzles •. as. 'the 
epcktails won oiitv . ' . ' • . . ... .. 



. rtn" s u r e • -tlui^ 

• Lux •Wuz {V ring^- 
. .er arid 1. want 

you to nose 
. around "SariV and 
;:Ahe.^s clgay 
' .store and; see- il 

jiead. .db'rit ..tip. 

: Jiia nrit. • / ■ ■ . 

i wired-i Eddie 
. at the liist minV 
Ute to ..bring up 

• a soft, 
. weight as : .To'^ 

matpV' wasn't in 
•■•he shape.., for ;^ 
tough .brittle, and 
they would - dp .a* 
nice . JjO • roAUid;., 
walti! for th^ '■■■/'■:■:■■'■'■':■. 
folks and nobody injured. . 

■ 'll^dd'bibws into' tb>vn with tills 
Lux bird .who' certainly Ippkbd like 
a hanger for my spclcer byt. yoil 
jievcr can tbU a book by it.s.,adverr 

: -ti^in ■ rates: : They;^ Avere . tWe star 
bout and iattei*. a few pork aiid beap- 
ers bad beat, ail the" air put . of the 

• ball park tryiw to hit each: • other 

■ they trptted put, Tpmatp and Lux 

I told Eddi<^ "just befpre the bell 
not to let. Lux\dive uiitii after the 

• fifth roiind as 1 >yanted to, give the 
saps a ruti for; their jack.,, .He 
latighed and. said; dont .be suri!)rised 

. if ; lie dbnt: di\^ at iiiil 

i . dldn't pa:>^. ho' attontion tp this 
lor Mead- is , always brag-gin abpiit 

• his fighters when, everybpdy knows 
he's the lucldest' in the fPv; 
gfai>bin guys who :lgrp out and cop 
for Jiim. ■ Well this Lux gvy cer 

■ . tainiy ' siappod Tomato around- in 
•the Arst found, and ^Jcad y.ellin for 

•; me get ready to catch. ■.Tomato 
. ^ Pn .tiie. first bo 

in tiie. third- round- Lux .copped 
':. . Tomato on the; button and tlie blM- 
ies Vpuid have sung cppIcpq fpr him 

• onliy I had the prcseticc of mind to 
puil the . bell a minute ahead pf 

■ time endin the reund. -IVteoxl made 

• a terrible- bfee " about ;me cuttin a 
round shbrt and I a.5kcd him where 

.'was the set up he promised to brinjg 

'■■• -yp/: ;■ \ ,'- 

. .. ■ -ilead tPld me tliat Lux was tryin 
tp lose but that Tematp was such a 
tramp Lux cpuldn't help winriin. 
Can you boat that? I tpld Tomatp 
to keep covered up that this Luk. 
guy knew he had caught him put of 
shape and was tryin to knock his 
brains, out. TOmato . wanted to bitbj 
scratch-, and kick to : make^ a fight 
out of it ijut I was afraid, the gang 
wouldn't starid fpr it they were 

, j^M; stucit_^qn t^ 

I,n thb sixth round I told 'irom.ato 
to run acrpss.-.tiie' ring arid paste 
. Ijiix us he was. 'gcttiti ttp off his 

■ stpol. .ThCAkid done just a.s I to?d 
..him and hung Mr.- Lux across, tiie 

tpii rope in his wlicre. lie 
slashed, him. lip. good ;fo.r aboiit a 

• ■ ' riiiri'u te /b ut " i t w a ifiash' in • the 

■ . pah^ f or th is . hi rd • cbu Id take . i t 1 ikb 
. licjor Rpdei 

lie comes but of the stornv .<!milln 
and lit into .Tomato .with a^ right 
,.: cross that I-. felt over In, the Corner 
; Th.c.'wny . he ..sriieared: my feller- , tip 
wbiild have made a bull Tight look 
•. . like; a crbqxict match.. All through 
•thjsMead kept errtckin wise about 
cover up Lux, "ho aint hleodin, he'.s 
sOiUin, and a lot Of n-nre cracks 
that I Will make hirn eat sbbrier or 
. S later, yovi mark my jWord.s. 
. ^- . If !.■ had . wired Frank^ Bagley • 1 
'.know. he. Avovild have ■ brought up 
SQLri(-.; -.-^at_ub„aTid:ji,pt,:-a-mtD.:io-ut^^^^^^^ 

• , >. •.'■pel ;Monte, pulif.,:.:'Septvr3 
. - ilolly wood- moH'cd in' oii Del >ionte 
and I'bbbie l->each w'ith more, than. 
300 mehibers Of thb -filhy colony" on 
hand. to^. witness the ■^■Natipniil Ama- . 
teur Golf ; , T6urriamen% - ..opening 
■Sunday. \- ''V ... ■ ' 'y. 
y Lasky has. leased -a hbusfe at 
rebble Be^ach fo.r^hb. week.'.it^^^ 
ibbks ■ tiip:. famous . He- i^ 

paying ;$:i/5.p^^ period and 

as' g;uests has.'^r. 'and-;Vi!S- : A;It)crt 
.Kaufman; , . arid • • jules FurthniaJi 
Harold; Lloyd alsb^ has taken a hPUse 
here for- ; a ' weelt. .. Joseph • ^1; 
%hcnck is. h.ete. with .a ,par.ty.^ 
ence .Brown .flew, here frbni . Los ■An- 
geles tp. attend, with ptherson hdnd; 
Matt a;hd ewert^MoPte;. Frank ; Joyce jf 
Alice Joyce;-. ' Arthur Bern.stein, 
Chai-ies ■ .Irwin, . Alan Htvie, ] Billi'e' 
Dpv.e, , arid Victpr HeerniaLri. . 

HoiwaVd . Hughes strained, a, li^,- 
ameni'iri his arriii while playing with 
the result- he has withdraWrt frerri 

Abbut; 150, teed off in the Qual - 
ifyirig rounds Suinday and- '.■VV.cdh;«!S-. 

day.-.' ;■'. ; ■. ■'■.v'-; .'' •' ■-■ .•■,' 

Around lO.OM are . expected in the 
gallery, ^vith number ' figured- :dou-. 
liled; . . on." ■ semi-final and ; firial. 
matches. ■ 
; Bobby Jones is the sole .toi)ic Pf 
of. CQriVer.<3ation with, the chanvpipn- 
ship practically . conceded l)ef6re 
matches begin. He; broke course 
-record of 72 in exhibition round by 
shootrrig : C7 arid is figured to ; av- 
erage arpurid par during' the match; 
; Tiibviglv Jon backers are a.skT^ 
ing" two to one on him the 
fieid, it is diffleulf to get any re- ,Avith- mbst betting being 
even money lie cleans up agaiii'- 

Hellp ■ Lli/ ■ what're . ypu 

■Avorkih'? .; ' ■' " ■ 

■Nb, I'm. ript •wpriiln', i'm' movln'Ht 
niovinl' to an ^" ele'vatP*' apai'tnient.' 
'l?ut i gpt. tp get a jpb, I Tieed; dough. 
Look, .Lii, Joe -gave me dozen 

1 of these'- Btpbkihgs-=-^$3;50;-. A^^^^l^^ 
when I wais . put cheatliV. oii: him.: ; 

liow^s every thing, and Jdo ? . ■ 
. Say,. I'm thinking of frettinp.-mar-^ 
l.rled,. :i)ut he' dpri'^t:-k.nb\v a.lvout "it.' 
i'nrx; waiting for my future- mptherr 
ih':;la'w how. I . ; ;" : \-^-. : • ' ,-..' 

■Wh{tt.;ia'!g1ri. ■ the phi . iady 
hasydbiagh!'' - ■ ' -.- '■ ;■''.■; 'v. " .- . • ' 
Yeah, J think sp. ■\V.'ilt'li ;y.i.)u sec 
her; .siie 'looks as yoiirig as . ihe. 
Maybe shb isn;:..t bift hw^ . ■ 
Teah, that's what i'iri nfra;id of. 
Sayi listen', I need 71 .■joiv bhly T 
haven't got any coistuinei*.;.. 1 can't 
aisk the boy ifriend .fbr'-irioriey for 
Costu.Anes'. I lost the .ot-hei;s li.e paitV 
fpri-. . ■ .■ ":. ' "' ■■. ' ■■. ■.;■■■ - ■: ■ 

0o through, his.ppekets;; that 5\ih^^ 
stealing. ■- '■; ;;.■•; 

That:.|jiiy knows every nickPl.:i 
hls'vpahts.'.- ; ; ; ;;■' " ■•^■.'- :.- •' -. ■ 
: . ; Sa,y, where'd; you; get. the;, ei.^ar- 
■e'tte:;.lightcr Lii— ybiir ,init -it: 
and every thiTi&? ;';; ■ ;/ ';\- ^ -. : • : 

. 0 nusMal Newspaperrnarr. .. 
.A ■ ne^wspaper f e.llpw .give, it tor ri>v 
.~7-he ^called, me Lillian^tbok .m'b but 
tp sSveli pia.ceS^yOu l<-ndw -was .nut.^ 
on. the prpfessibn-T-he'd h.o-ve : to go 
jjack . tp . the .; -rievvspaper ce you 
kiiow^ and ; hb say.^ here's. $.1.0, ■ gist 
yourself sbhife liinch 


Average weekly pyerhead of 
the lux u r i o u s. gamerppms 
>Yhioh pporated in Sipu-atoga, 
along . the Jersey , co?tsl aiid in 
some bf the ' Lpng .Island, re- 
sprts during the stmimer bpuld 
hardly have been' /Ifiss ..; thiah;. 

$10,000; ' ^v;x., . -. ; :- ■. :•-■;.•;..':: .' . 

Some • of ; the spots, . had -^s 
hiany ^Vs 30 dea)ei> caeh dra 

Ing $30 {i da-y'- •' . ' ■ 

Gtli\>r heavy.' ..expense.s ; are 
;eritertaln(prs- :arid inside -mhI 
outside ^proteetlbn, , - ; - 



"What Do' You Think of the 
Decision?'* Heard Around 

Polo Grounds 

•• Flo i lai-t'' and; Alice ; VuUv ar 
rested in ■ <?ohnoctiuiv with-, -the s.av 
Ug'e iiS.saiiU .oil- tfjiurlattc Bui'k.e, dir. 
vbvbee- and"nlodoI, of vthc; .Kinev«pn 
rtotel, ::'v>-ht'iv: the yii-tim wub'- liv- 
liigv will .prdhiibiy^ '-l.ia vp a lifariixg 
!i'n . Wi'St ..Sido';:.O.oui't " ioin.o-rrbw 
iThursdiiy), ;. licfoie . tVIagistratc 
CJeOrge JOWaUl. ; \ ■ ■ . ' ■ 
.; Miss •a3uiike ;is' still: ■bciullji.ed to .t\\(>' 
Mfd^lcrtl Arts, -trajiitari-uni, ; She is. 
said;.'to; be !iv:il'f«^'>'irig- fi'^K'''^ sevoriU 
frivbtlir'ed^. ribs, niuitip.le. lacerations, 
arid he'i". ey;es "ai'e r6i)brted-.iiri{)a'ii'ed 
as k resuit; of .tlie; assdflit; ■;;;-..■ ; ' 

. l^ieut; ' ^^^lller ; llbiirigan . and - IJo- 
tective .J»>0 .FitZKe^i-aldj Pf . the "\\ A>st 
.•17th. ' "s.trfict . s ^liss 
iravt ' in ■ an .aivu-tmCMitVi" ^^''.oon- 
.i.Lav..^ , . i wich 'Village: Three ^ hplu^s. ■ later ; 

yeah,^.and.Cif'd^^e^^ DetQct;iye Jim I)c«f;irai'^i;; pf the. West 
worth. ; ■ ; : ^- '.csth ' .strebt. : sta:tibn, ' locate Miss 

Say, ..listen. :I'BPt :tp. .w"rit.e a; Ict-d^y^^^^ .at Brpa:dw"ay and 47th .street 
ter. My. cpusln- . bought a^^ ^P^^^ tvwo niale cpmp'cinidrts. '. '; 


RepPrted Settlement W ith Calmeta 
FriesSe. on . Charge. 

oh the recommendation of the 
eorporiition ceuri-sel -the chivrge 
ajjairist ."Walter Smith, ; actor, f o.r-. 
incrly in- "New-a-Days," which, 
clpsed rcceritly at the Fprrest, bf 
being the father pf aii unbprn bhild. 
tb Calmeta Friessev actres.s, pf 242 
■^''est 49th street, •was dismissed in; 
Special ^essipns., It. is understood .a 
settle.ment had been reached put Pf 
court between, the con'iplainant and 

Smith. ;; 

The arrest of Smitii ocPurred two 
weeks ago when; & warrant . was 
served on hirin after the first act of 
the i>lay liad bbcrt completed. Miss 
I?riespe alleged ^nrtith had left her 
aftfer learning pf iier; ion. :' 

Bf-nny Leonard like this fat ^guy 
Mr-aa did. And the- worst bf it is 
that the fan.s got .sp stuck on Lux 
they want thlm back in a return 

The fight Wont the limit with me 
.''avin Toinato twice by pullin the 
boll Avhile .hb was on. the floor. To 
niato hasn't .fiiten nothin but soup 
since thc;\yittie for ho couldn't mas 

■ .w-aht you, : Miss- Vale," ;said De- 

was on my way to the .detective bu- 
i-eau," said Miss Vaie. 

She waTited. tP; send it'-.l^^ but. all 

she. .cbuld; get Vwas - another pirmp. l:farari!""'L>Pn't get excited^ pllicer, ' I 
Says she'd paid/. $f20<r and. rip;\Y 
wa.nt rbferences .tpb;-; . 
Why didn't she "warit the piartp?;. ., .-, . - ; , 

Oh^' sdie: thought sh^ :was' hroke ■ -T^henboth women wer^ arraign - 
hiShjyjettiS^^arri^. and going ed in. West Side ^"''t before -Ma^- 
rKve ;P^'Weit iDnd ^ivenue::. ; :li?trate . >Valsh, Flp sphbed. 
: Listen., I met Valelnb the pther day h'^^ ^"^'V^^?!'"^^ ' "i"!^ 

on the- sti-eet^ She m^^ bulling: me jocular remar^<s to the scnhc^ rh^ 
•abbut her trip, abroad. She had:pn Uvere- released en bail. . When .Miss 
f ^2 ?Ss?^ .I^ays;- did you get kale was arrested she ^an to J^^m 
thfit in Paris?. . . the, detective bureau and :embraced 

'Whf\t''s her. act like' ribw ? ■ M^*?* .. . 
Well, she .sings rotten and dances "Don't .cry, baby. We will be. out 
iPtisy. • shprtly. This i.'i just a • truriiped. up 

■VS'hat .aiiput the Hawaiian' mini- charge,'' said Miss Vale. Both are 
her? blondes, T^lb' trill arid heavy; Miss 

.Anybody ban gb Ha'wiFih don't ivaje, slender and gpPd looking; 
know . how she . gets by. . . . 
Maybe she's ;a:g.bod mixer. 
. Sure.; Some rhixer. . YPU khpw 
she -iirayed' in thit. cafe in Newark, 
for sb iPng that she nipved pvev 
there. ' ' • . ' ' . 

Listen, Li), here -cemes my nipth- 
ei'-in-law now. 

Is that 'her? • She's:©.. Ki'. kid— 
his mother f d bb .saying.. If she 
isn't^: br:cak her iii lialf.; 

;,^;v:py;-JAC'k:\PULAS'Ki-.-;-. - " : 

..' ■i^iggest. outdpbr bbxing '-card. pf.;; 
the' sbaspn ;'wfts: .staffed last; Thurs- • : 
day ;at the Giants' -; ^xir . park; •ivheii; ; 
Kid. Chopplat^!, pf :;Cub;v- received. . ,; 
thb debislbri- Pver Al .Siriger, of ; the ; ,. 
^h'onx. Mjuiy; squawks'; over: the 
strit, .e.xcept^ f rbrii th.e ' .H'a r-Iorii 'CPTt- 
■tihsViif,' >The little, inbii in -drawing .; , 
nearly - a .quarter o million for 
a.' nou'-ti tie ScrAp' set - a ' box' otfice 
-riH-brdV .^^.ra ■ t^^ ■ ; ;' '- -'\' 

. Ai' I or . ■liuyipbries Vi 'a'isod - the- arm , 
of the iiitib' ebpny, ■boxer .aigriiifyiriief.; ^ 
his ■'vvin,.: eyeiTbody. at the' ringside ^ 
•Ktiijiaed ..asking, each, ■bthel; il6^^^ ; 
.'dbi'i.'-'iori.- t!Lir.he.U.- biit that way ? .. 
; xiMaiYy, ihclii.dlTig bfllcialsi liad the 
-sa'me- dirfcu-encc.. pr;bpinioii. . ■t),n.e p£ 
the .•jiidges .did e'i ve . the (.vgiitcst tP; 

•iin],'iM>; . A.i\ ^ eJipei'-t.- coniil'ected with 
the tMtrderi.admittOd .it- w;ts a-mild; 
liphtef^t ai-id.ia;bad •■decision. ■■;■; . . , 

\\':'[ 'Deni't; :^et-; .dh"';Fi.ghts;; ;•. 
"IMie.- .C.:hocoia-te-Singer. affair '.i^ran . 
(•xjrin))]e b^ -wl-iy- pebp^ shPiild' hot 
Irety bri :':ilglit^, :made; .^j>ertlnerit . . ; 

wheiv tiiey ^cannot 'beliey^^^ 
cye.s; . The ; odds - .\Vbre- bh A'l and 
tliby i)i;ol.i;iiny wi^l be' wlVpn the b . 
'liiflit- afeain . this. •\Writeiv .in the. .Ga:r.-: 
den.'. ■ ; : ;;■'■;;■.■■; ■.'•.:;''^ ■:■ ;■ ■'■..;.; ..-, :•- 

'Die pr.fporidersvnce. pf.'the fans'; 
oi^iinipri is bbst derno:!.it;trated by . ■ 
what happened aftor' the .main, 
event, the .serni-fihrii . lO-rpurider; 
between. K id Berg' arid: ; $i)vid; Me^,:-, ; 
ers tht-n staged.- J.^erg,. the Briglisr'H^ 
Harry (Jrob, ' hit . Meyer.s : 10 . tb l; ; .;.; 
When the bell rapg at •l.lVe ;: finish; ".. 
the mob caus^tically yelled; '.'Meyers! . ; ; 
Mcyei-sr" llpwcver, . -the ; judges: ; 
coukV not call the . wrong ;turn: the , ; 


Walker's Tirbes .Square H'dquarters 

. Headquarters for what is termed 
the 'Theatrical Business Men's As.sp 
elation for .■Jim-my- Walker'. f oiv nia y or . 
has ^ becii established in Harry Cop- 
per's insurance efllce in the Ghurch- 
hiii. building ,a"t 1 CrG :i5rbadway. . , 

ticate a "cream . puff , his jaws a pc- S( 

.sore. ■ ■ ■ ■ .. .J,-. 
; As sbbn as ho sriap.s out oC it 1 rii 
gpin tP' start • him. trainin and 
match him right back . AVMh ■thi? 
soaiiy gtiy and; if he dont take, hini 
I'll punch ; i'bu iri; the- nose at . 3 
.piclock some afternoon in front 01 
Macy's. wlndbw.; 

-But dpnt forget tp .snKik ar'.tuinl 
to Sam and Abc-$ for I can; iust 
Jhnn ,r-^Ica, J_tLJlin_t]uy; flr.(;k 

if. Gertrude: Kderle,. cha:iiiriol sMVim- 
mer, cpiild ■ see how her father, and 
uncle, Jacob, bPlpgria magnates, 110 
Anj&terdam aVe.nuei drdbbcd 'VValtcr 
Peter-.seh, ip, . Sweclish sailor arid 
meriiber pf the brew bf the steamship 
."Drpttningholm," she. -^yeuld be hap- 
py. What a licking Petcr.spn gpt fPr 
Charies Entratta, alias ^ Charles I bring lortdbd and creating disorder 
Green, ' indicted With Jack (Legs), neair popp<\ Henry and Uncle Jake's 
Diamond for the double, murder . bologna .^hop. 

■which occurred; in the iipiSjy Totsy : Henry, Uncje Jacob .and Gcr- 
night plub, . Broadway and :52d trtid.e.'s "»notlrer; were PUtside ; the 
street, July 13, last, pleaded' riot I gj^op. The place isvin the heart of 
guilty before Judge..Jbsephai'. MuU [ g^n JuaLri^^H wcrb ;sbatecl 

Chas. Gr<eeii jailed in N* Y. 
In Ho>tsy tptsy Killing 

queen ,ih- General Sessions last 
Wedriesday. He Was remanded to 
the Tombs to await trial. Diampnd 
is Btiil being spught by the. pplice. 

The airrest pf Entrattb, pceurrod 
iri Chicagp in a telegraiph '>^'=*^ 
while his -wite, Anna, remained PUt- 
side in an: autpmpbilc: Although the 
defendant pnly had $1 in his pocket 
wheri arrested his. if a had -a ba nk - 
roil amounting. tP $4,500. She; was 
alsp taiven iii by. the Chicago. rioliGe; 
but later released.; . ;..' - 

;. ■ When Kritratta' arrived fr pm Chi - 
cagb - - he ; was . questioned • s 
hiiu'i<S by "the police at hba'dquar-- 
tcrs.- lie irisisted. he .kriCMv' nothing 
of the double shooting, declaring. he 
was riot at the Hotsy Totsy ;on the 
night of the. fight. . lie aclmitted ho 
Iviiew Dianipnd •.ba.spally, but; denied, 
hp was a rQtckctebr, extortiums-t' or, 

bnotlogger.. ^ '•--■' ' '; . . 

The affray in the night eliib re- 
sulted in the deaths of Simon Wal- 
ker and William Cas.«;idy. The po- 
iit'e have not yet learned the direct 
cause pf tiib shooting, (.'orninis- 
slonei- Whalcri . has deel-'ired that 
since, the: shpoting tiire.e-;hnpprtiUit 

knuckle p\i>'hers how he "snf Mke^l :iti 
a ringer (/h mo after -frie liltpiri: ">>: 
hfiy wa.xnt in shape. - : 

I'ind out whp Liax is and I Aveiil 
bo suriii-ised if: he- aint. .«()ine nevy 
star froni the Ccilist, Trri l.ryhi t" 
get Leach Cross for Tumiiie; for 

wilrtrs.scs ' ■ ak'a;ih;St^tTre ■ di-frnf* 
h.'fv-.e been killed-' ^ . • . 
:'. Anthony , Mbrellii. a; ' .singling 
WiitC'r, by tli.e. 1 1 ro. >-!<.•. cn- 
tion tp be the state's nioM. impure 
tatit witne.s.s was commuted to tlie 
observation wbrd at ISellevue <rn liie 

nextvmonfh as he is a bi:,','(;:inl -.p metion of his c.pun.sel. .He had V.<-.en 
here .and they ought to ■i>...-ic th. m j held under heavy bail as a malerifLl 
in. Y^r pal, .Cow. .1 witness 

pn ciiai'"S- Alorig p.'ime i>ctersen, his 
logs un-steady and in .dariger of 
Cblliding into the Ederles. ' . : . 
-: . lie: parked himself put.side of the 
bologna shop and began, to . argiie 
•With ^\ the- ••f'^derlps. They a;dvtsed 
that ho keep bn -itipvihg: He rof Usbd 
.and began' "tP "take, a" puncii"^- at 
Uncle .Jake,. . ■'.;'■ . '■■ ../. .. . ;. : :; • • 
■ Ho ;mi.sf!ed; atid -then thp'ught;one 
pijnclv at Heriry ;ceul.dri't. do ari.y' 
harin. The ; .Ederics^ are nu:Ict yifiMk. 
,-Thls: was. too ' mu.cii. : Bu t «ppri they 
put :a polish; on i^<•ter.sen's optics that 
eyen; his .'iTilot;; fvs^on't; Vjo-: able -to 

recognl.ze him. ; 

.I'atrolnuih . Jiihn JJroderiek pf . the 
I Wt.'.'it fi8th .strer't .station hoyed in 
si g) 1 1 . He too k I 'e tb r se b . to . i.h b s ta- 
tion housir?. In court the .fbllowing 
hi 6 rn ii 1 K h i K e j- os . w' • i"b in ni o u.r n i n gl 
.1 to. pieridod not; guiity.; Found .guilty 
f(ir . $ 10 . worth or twp' .diiys. He. did 

his ?'.bit,'v :. V . ' ..v; ; .;■ :. 

; • Jjliily wbod,^ ficHit. • 3. .: 

Andi'V-w: .- CaHfjgiiari, Jr., I'urar 

... =vrrPTT=tn7Ti=emrrlfTye.e7;fn<^^^ 

of the • Teehrtieolfjr cHvpritlve,.- won 
tlic' SO-Vard . ; soiith'irn. Oa.lifbrriia 
juninr .><wiinnviriK ehamplbrisiiip at- 
I'ftsadena,' . tl:.e' • 1 r/-<.year-oid ■ .hJ^'^i 
selibol iad- fini.'^hjng in .0.127%.;' ■' 

Clydf- Swenson, swimming coaeli 
at tlie JloViywuod A'. <'r, is tfaiiiirig 
y()iirig Caliaghari for the ".32 Ulynipf' 

AiecoTi^d time. 

t=5inger went out iri front in thb: : 
first ;fivb rounds;. He did aU -the 
leading arid cohtiriued to do so a.1- ■ 
■most: thi^bughou't. ; Fellows with ■ . 
short '' end. bets bp Ghpcoiate ' were ■ 
rb.^fgned tp ipay. bff because th^b^^^ 
ored kid wpiild ' hot ■come inv At . V 
timeiB the crowd ;started the raspr • 
berry hand-claps, as tlie; going was 
too casual.. '; : . , ; . 


It' seems the referpe (MTagnplia) 
and pne judge discpunted the lead- ; 
ing pf the crack Bronx lad ;4'i^• 
pr.eferred tb credit the Cuban with. . 
those blows;' to the body 'whcri: in Chpco;iatei in the iatet>:- stages 
Pf the contest'; did show flakes b£ 
lightning fast wprk;and pn^; m.'iy 
havb dazed : Sin'gcp with :a .right.. AJ . 
tried hi.s hiardest in the 11th and the ;T 
last round bv't could ript tag Chpc-i. 
oJate ■ with his ■yaunted^ ;;straig:ht .; . 
right. . ■ 

In total the fight while \yorth . 
while as a cbntes.t. 'wa.i-not thrill- : ' 
ing and the. fans tlipugiit that was 
w h a t, tiiey Tvere to: get- The • men: 
seemed more evenly matched than 
the 'odds indicated* 

"The worst Singer ;shouid have ■ 

gotten -was a draw," telLs vwhai a. 
majority of fight bugs thought.. - 
. TJie'first lO-rpiinder wasj by Izzy 
Grove and Jlarry Ebbetts, return 
match; Last tirtip : Grove beat the, 
Ki^eeport blbndS!.- ^his time it wo si 
:the .■rev'.*i'«e. Izzy 'vyas on his ■w^iy ^ 
.0 repeat ag{,iih,^t Ebbett.s,. when in -. 
tlie ;he. fbrgbt tb dMck : an.(r - 
went db%n fpr a . riine-cotint. . 

in the' ;finaLl 'twb^ rpund ; I?z> 
slammed llarry Xroupd pretty. Thi 
crowd got one. bf. its few kick.s ot 
the ; evening, edt; bf ; that, . yet that ; 
icnoek4^do<vri- beat ^ 
.■ The; ..Berg -Meyers ■•.event , looked 
pkliy/ "iiiit the bpya were too . muo'h 
clisiVirppintM . over^ the mrt:in evr-nt . 
to care ;mviGh' what haiMiened,' ev.en .. 
tiwiiigh . rrips.t pf the gjing- •stuck It, 

out.- ■ ■ ; ' ■ ■.• ;-■.-.■' 

;f:n tennis; 

. ;; . ■■ ; ■;;;: :. Hoi lyvvfjod./Sf'jit;: 3. •: . 
. in T'Mr'st N\utibnai's tOrinis fnima- 
rnent l<'re<l,l'<:.' Smith def'/ati d Cec.rge 
'^ront'/(!mery• 6---?i, l—'J. l^''.' 
' ter, wit h Jay (.'hapmnn.- . d-'-f'-ai ed 
Will Kiii::/!''/ and Karl o't'aifnll In 
the final. s el' the rVii-n.*.- dp.nibrfs, C — 4, 
'TT^ .i .-l. ::j - ' ■:' ■ ■ . • 

. iSfx eups were glv'-ri. 
of Ih'- yiet.ei-s and .thi- runii' r^j-tip 

;.•;'..: ..Glen no n'sSO's- 
i'.i-)f f;ir.|in(>ii has; gr;id:iafcd to . 
llie. hi)'.« riM the roa.".t. Turned in 
I'.'irds of •*^«.;^ll and ^(i the past week 
1 at iwiK'-'-iJc; \ 




. Mtituiii's cho has 
. precipltatod ..rii'lds ph ; 'stocks by 
. AI ut.ual 1) ro d uc'6i\3 . i fi o i- d<.» r t q . fi 1 1 o u t 
I., t liei r " w' i KeU n'f;, . b ri gad orf :':t 6 ' ■ t he . r e - 
• quire^d^ia-giris! '- ^.: ' ' 

Shortage o£ .burlesque cUoristprs, 
" reported the most acute in years 
haye ^vad the ijrDd.ubors and Mutiiai 
chieis iip- a tree "to iiir the ranlck of 
shoivs to required huTmbcr .before 
. . the reffular, season ushers in: . Shows 
. playing .infelin> .. season; .datcs.;.-tli6 
past t\vo .weeks hrt.vei gone ■ in' Vith 
. .from four to six girls shy> but not. 
particularly hoticeiible through the 
early, opener " li buses ■ hayii)g house 
bfigUdo^.; ; : ■ : V • -y ': :- 

■ Mo&t . telling .raid Was istagod last 
week when 11. of the Appllp.'s. ruri" 
wa^y ' enseftible- were', pui^ 
road ; attractions; The withdrawing' 
. ^ais delivet'ed an iiltimatum to. 
Mihsky'g that uhieas they \vere 
given irohblad season contracts for 
house runway they'd yamp to the 
wlieel.. sfhows and did. '^^^.^ 

Mihskys have no qualms about 
EubstitutihS for the. dropo'utS claim-: 
ing that thei-e are plenty of girls 
aYailq.ble for the ineh'opolitan; dates 
that wouWh't give tho road shows a 
tumble. ■ 

. Sonie of the old standbys in bur- 
lesque chorister' ups hwve been 
a,nglinj5 fpr .better .coin than the 
prevailing $3.0 . salaries, but with 
whe^l proditc'ers ' laughing, that, off 
and claiming there woiild be plenty 
available to repla6e at the set fig- 
ure. With st<)eks not willing to 
sign. up their gals it looks as though 
the wheel men will work the prob- 
lem out okay. 

_«AIutuars training school idea In- 
'^I^urated this season and figured 
to enlist stages to. offset previous 
shortages didn't •work out as 
planned. A number of gals enlist- 
ed, but .most after getting stage 
legs and free dance instruction 
jumped to Broadway musicalg with 
Earl Carroll's "Sketch iBbok" having 
the. cream of lookiers of the Mutual 

Not Indecent Show 

After hearing the testimony of the 
raiding detectivcg, Magistrate 
Ewald in Harlem Court the other 
day dlschfirgcd the four ' wjnien and 
two mon, members c.f the h'lirlesci'io 
stock troupe at the New 12Pth 
Street, Harlem, arrested on a charge 
of partlcipr^ting in an indecicnt per- 

.The magistrate's a-ction. was simi- 
lar to that of three years ago .-when 
a number of perforrhei's arrested at 
the sanib playhou.''e Syere- discharg- 
eil, the JudjTc d'^claving that in his 
opinion the show they gave •was no 
more indecent than any on Rroad- 

The six are Joan Fox, EthPl Lee, 
Betty Shaw, jSVinifred Howard, 
John O'Connor and Alfred Pisone. 

Pisone manages the house. 



Bridgeport,. Sept -5. 

Police' censor,s are. •watching every 
performance of the buriesque shows, 
at the local theatre). 

Burlesque must be cliean Is the 
order. / 

Last wot>k many. cuts wer6 order- 
ed In 'The Jazztime llevuo." 

Boys ih on jailiaita : 

.With th 6 Mutual circui^^^^^ 
"*'In" on the operatibn, ; Fox's bid Ja- 
maica,' theatre ppened with Mutual 
■ burlpsquo.-. 

It was reported Dave; Kraus ^^w^^ 
the..- sole pp.orator, but Ivraus is re 
.'poyed, as b(»ing there as hpUse man 
^»?tr 0 n 1 y . and r e p r ese n ting, the M u - 
tual ; pn./th'e policy. ; 

; City. Stoek. Delayerf. ' 

■ When tiie .ne.w hui'lv^que . stock 
jgp OS , Into the G i ty In 14 th s tr cc t is 
a s^'Cret. ' - 

. ' The. ^linsky- cro wd is ropprted 
'"Kavlng acquiFo.d, ■"fl^'T^i^ffso a'n'd" 

made .arrangements fPr burlesque 

but the Ppenlng has been hold up: 
. vntil the " lire , dept, inspections ai'e. 

jeompleted and ho.Use approved. 
"When , the . City, goes ' stock' 

Charles- Burns' Irving Place, a 
^.Btpne's throw away, will have op- 
. position.. Biirns , plays a combinia- 

"tioh of stock arid Mutuals. 

SbcrAL MA1D3 


: Kvery ,Tohg had better agree wii-.U 
Chang i'Mi yung : and . Van JVloiig 
Toy, ^ind r ail: the otiiet: laundryiiicn 
who: saw "Tjie' Social :;MaldS" .tiiut; 
Llie show, at ..the I rvin.g place house 
Is- quite tli(j rice, pudding thi.s. week.. 
. .Yari. .;an.d ic^hang h>st ; all .iiveit 
Oriental cl i/^n|ty - iX.tin g d ir oc tly in 
front ..of - tlip: i'iin\my • wheit-.-ftiiiini.b 
FitiJgcrald, Ktl.icl Spears : .and . l.iuth 
b.oiiald tbrsbpd. out accompanied by 
Lbttie- Ohisolrface, Bprtha Crab.nof?,e, 
Vera MuRciia^^o, Maggie. Suci'ihPutli, 
TrixiP 'Ciumboils and . ll.achcl Stup- 
joi'jits< ^Th'e ironing- .board knights 
rolled under tht^ir seat.s und dijnie 
up- 'witlt only . -a , . vestige '. pf ' their 
fancy pajaihiis, ;• 

' .Of a half ' dPzen comedians, two . 
were funnjr enough to get.a. rise out 
of Messrs. - Yung, and Toy^ That 
thcy rhere mcssln'.. around Vifhlje the. 
girls Were cbnyaloscing frbin. their 
Inherent stupors is patent. 

The funny fellow^f were. Shorty 
MacAlli.ster and hi.s partner. They've 
been two years , at the Iryirtg and 
the .patrons..' gave them a, hlp bva- 
tioja every entrancev. , Evan • Chang , 
and. Yan know. them. ■ 

Minnie • Fitzgprald failed to reg- 
ister as .jjtrpngly .i -in this . house .as. 
at th'e. .. Cblumbia;^ ; In an. endeavor 
to ' talic . hef, way tli.rough phPiiy 
lyrics* tellln.g, :p£ her^ Broadway* ap- 
pearance.: she . Abpped vocally, but 
earn C: back fairly fitrong with .the 
chassis.. But .even ;ii'i?re she. Was. 
left belvind .by the- hip Ayavers at^^ 
tached to |;he theatre-.. • $Qme of the 
girls have' some; nifty ', .curves,, all 
their Pw"n.v''.> -■ . 

Tli e Hot el DeBiink ■■ ■ n umber was 
crude, and so were all the sketchea 
without exceptibiriiV .Nonie.had punch 
or kick and'/each wound, up stag-i 
gerlng.,.' .■:.''^',".- •■ ^''■ ... ' 

The regular -house run'way girls, 
were, better than the visitors,- and 
costuming throughout was even lai'- 
ish. ■ : ■ 

Chang and Yan. enjpyed all. 

GirU FVom Happyland 


To open- a burlesque' show in a 
different manner— besides providing 
the only "different" mPment of the. 
performance— Iryirig •Selig, featured 
comic, ai^pears ahead. of the womr 
cn. Will' iyramer, singing, straight, 
maices . this fairly clear in' a poetic 
annbimcement at the Coliimbia on 
Brpadway this weisk. .. 

Here!s ,hpw Selig ppens the shoW: 
Bed is on the stage. Comic .enters^ 
Pulls back - the sheet. \ Spans thP 
hay thoroughly". , : Picks up' aii ob- 
jpct, rrieanwhilei slipping the audii 
ence a. knPwlngf look. . Throws this ' 
invisible s'pmething tp. the flopr and 
the drummer contriljutes . a gallop 
roll. A bedbug; , -. 


Coniic. slips Ihtb - bed- With his 
shops oh. ' RaiKes* his .hand^ in 
prayer. Says,."Plcasfe, Clod, spndnie 
a woman!'.'- .•: 

Prettier? -': "':/. ■. 

Rest of the show. .expUiln.'? the 
straight, • is . Sclig's drcant. It's a 

Note this show is .called ; "Girls 
From Happyland." 

Later on another comedian and 
the straight !tcll a gag while walk- 
ing Vff at tlVe of a comedy 
scene. The straight- Wa.s. the only 
one in the housfe whO| laughed. Em-: 

Selig- "wrOte'v the conriedy for this 
show besides his own. He dbublo- 
crps.«?ed hinri.<!elf. 

Even vaude could show the bur- 
lesque, boys spnielhing in the_ v/ay 
of gags. Ye.s,. ovbn VaudP, and^biue 
enough for burlesque, too. : :Juibjt a 
see and hear and. look at Ken. Mur- 
ray at 'the Palace this, week would 
polish up "Gir!.-!! Fi^in Happyland's" 
first part.'. Murray is telling one 
that Wpiild be - perfect, It goes 
th-ii.s^ly,'anc( donf -f pf get . the 10%.- 

Girl: When I fept' married I'm ^o--' dai?n. my husband's, socks, 
cook for : him, - do the: hpUsewprk, 
greet : him. When he comes l-iome at 
night,, have lii.s slii>pers and news- 
paper, ready :fPv. him; and fill his 
pilie^ Could a,, husjjand. expect any 
more?'.' • - ■ ':-. '; ' , ' ■ 

Murray: Not unless he's evil- 
minded. ■[■_'. 

' A burlesque comic would siib;-"dirty" for "evil,:' and have 
tlie best gag on the wheeL . 

Sellg has so arranged his bo.Pk 
tliat two fh'fatlon scenes, in which 
the handsome straight slroWs 'eni 
how ' to got a gal, and'i, a pair of 
money changing bll^ follow on eaph 
otlier's : heels. . But for differpnt- 


Claiming that nixrry ! Dlgmim, 
assl,.prt'Sident, I. A., virda pi'^venting^ 
him from ohtainlng worlc and had 
oyci"stcpi>pd his premise by not giv- 
ing him :a- contract to go With, the 
Slidi.rtg Billy. Watson Mutual'; show 
;'i!* ■ clpetrician,' George,, L, i), 
stage' liahd, went to. .court- to force, 
i^ignam tp^rant. thp coh^ The 
ojuse seheduled. for the Suprcmp 
Court Aug; ' 29 was tiismis.sed Uy 
Jiicigp Grainy ■ . . \- : -: ■ . -^v 

The- I, A*, has a ruling ' that all 
burlp.sci.ue .aiiplicatipns; niust'.be. sub- 
mitted in I lirn-- w i W"trao'jhr'Trrirti)an.y 
Crew : tle.signa.tcd. .by> the .o'.fllce, with 
I')ignain ;\as.'Ugtipd . tp '.take • cih'e of 
that:p'at'l'icu:la.r:'woi'k. '■ ';' 
• liaVisr ihsi-Sted through -ills; oittbrT: 
ney,'. Harry Wallach,. that; tlie- i> A-r. 
Via Dignam,' had ; np legal right tp 
hand jpu t thP Mii t liai ■■ Pre W a .ssi ijn -: 
mpiits' ahd tliat a^i the Waiisbh man- 
ager has cQnsbnted to .his going witlv 
the shbw, the t. A. siiould . okeli iiis 
contract despite any rule..' . .. . ' ' ■. 

The I. A. in former years aS. well 
as tl\p -pr'e.sent haa ehdeavbred to 
keep a.«j tnany of . the .bld burlesque 
stage hands •Working as possible; 
f or ; tiie fpw jobs available' there, are 
hundfeds p,f .applications/, At: I.' A.- 
lieadquartcrs- it . claimed tliat 
E>avis had' npt been eiht>loyed by any 
other burlpsqup cpnipahy,... . ; 

Pre-Seaspii Tap 

Tough aummbr on a lot of 
the. Mutual chorus • dambs . as 
the first thing they did when 
starting the poll ^ call was', to 
'jiiaite a toiich. . . • 

■ One Mutual; had; "I.-- Q. U.'s'» 
on ;: about • every girl Ih; the 
troii pe b.efbrp.the ifirst iJprtoiTiir 

-■•aixce; ' ' ..-' . ■ ■ ■'."■ -■•- ■■■■ 


But Do#t Advertise 'Eni 

rnonient betorb. 

I'hb comedy isn't comedy at the 
CpU.imbia. But, the'y- reply, it . goes 
okay In Canton. Maybe a one-night 
stand route of Clintons woiild be 
better f of. thp Mutual. 

But the comics aren't kidding 
themselves any more, cither. They, 
know where Ihby stand in burr 
losque. And how they know it. 
.There isn t any such thing ' hbwa- 

Mi risk ys, . com bining . th ei r. h p u se 
stopk burlesqub . With^ t Mutual 
shovir^ at their uptown theatre, the. 
Apbilo; 125th Street, .'.topk the hiih 
charge .. cue. from ^' the dbWntown. 
ipgits when -the^ ' ppehed the iiPuse. 
for the hew' season. ' . .. - 

Eiltirb: lpwer;,floPr ;a.t $2.^ With .SOO 
seat^,\ mbaning . an: intake , there 
alPrie:pf/$li800;- : V:- - 

Stilt- ;rubbi^^^^^ the 
MutiiaJ^. : Thby are* . playing them- 
this seasoti, .despite a ., hbuse . an- 
tiouhcbment that they had ; bbbn 
tossed but, but .t.he ^Minskys ate not^ 
giving the Mutuals any mentiPn on 
the advertising or tha pli-ograrns. 

Cast Changes 

Pritzi White replaces . .Gertrude 
Haynes,' .Jr., pii . the : Columbia 
(N. Y;) runway next. Monday. 

(Vaude Sundays 
Italian vaude. goes in as pblicy for 
Sundays at the. Irving Place; New 
York, Sept, 8 instead pf . burlesque as 
fprmerly, . ^ , 

d.ays cbmedy in burlesque,, so the 
comics- do of ,.mean. -nbtMng, becausp 
thoy . have nblhing tb work with. ' • 

li'.s iio honor or glory to merely 
fill in between ladies! sexy strip 
numbers. No chance for sbif-glori- 
ficatipn. when spending lialf thp: 
evening i'Ppeating an .'.openihg 
speedv six or seven tinies. and dof- 
fing the lid while' the teasing wP-. 
ntcn. take bncofes. . 

; These tea.sing women, doing'noth- 
ing So sub.stantial as the passe 
cooch, are still, making them like it, 
nevertheles.s. "They '. all ■ talce -a 
whack at it In this: show.. Violet 
Buckley Co., featured with. Selig, 
gets best bhance. But VI was in 
stpck at the Gplumb ; most of the 
summer, >so she. can show the boys 
notliing tlicy haven't seen before. 
Unless breaking the law* The way 
they do: it how, withln .thp law, it's 
smtittier. than if bfeaking it, and 
the sight effect in -either case -'isn't 
worth wh'ile...-.' 

In addition to what familiarity is- 
said to, .breed,: Vi has some butsldfr 
ppiiosltion inMae Brown,; the blonde 
section of iihe house. fuhway group. 
\Vhile- Gertie Ha:yb3, on ; the brunet 
side of the. house : pay rpll,'t 
Ibok; as; nice as Miss. Birown with 
her clothes off, despite ;Misia Hayes 
is a more pr'pftcieht performer; . ; . 

This troupe's dough' •vi'cnt for 
chorus cbstumes, new and bright. 
Girls; ju;e-; avefage;: and you may 
know the a.verage. -House chorus 
has the edge, as usual. 

. VGlrls Froni Iiappyland" is the 
third Mutual "Wheel show of the 
season at the Columbia. It's a tbss 
which has the best chance tb 
flni.«*h put pf the money for those 
priTies with strings on. 

Thft O. arid .M. Production Corp. 
prpbably did its bes.t with "Girls 
From Haiiipyland" on this $1,600 and 
$1^00 gua rjuit o^s. M a y be j t; d id. _: 
~Tt)ngf'jvhen. yau'^geF'toTNew^York 
and bios' one of these, you can't be 
iiiaccurate. And you dbh't have to 
watch onb of these over 25 minutes. 
' ■ liige, . 

: Cant. R. B. BIbunt, 11th U. S. 
Cfivnlry. will be technical advisor on 
■'Vrroopcrs Three," T-S. Presidio, 
MpntPrey, Cal., will be the shooting 

. Dcspilc . tiie . iviihakys.' .reppv.tcd; 
tossiijg . pu t . of Mu tual ;slib Ws . at. thb- 
Apbl lb,- . : 1 farieni, (- iij&'vr . - -■S^Prk,^ the. 
Wheel /slibWs are stiU in; but inay bb- 
:out -.any time,.. ' . :% :-v 

.1. -H. lle'rk burned .piehty^ '-after 
-Minsii.vV . .notiiicatip^^ 
whbpl^ shows were " not Up to snu.ff. 
iand the Minkis bbvildij.gbt, along bct- 
tb.r • Wltii ^Stpbic .-i>url.esqtie.^ £^ the 
ujttbwn house. 

Hprk claims tLji Irpnciad .contract 
-for the. Miituai shPWs, .: 

Minskys. af b ^aid ,tp. .have another, 
peeve • thf pugii \ inatillity - to : get 
,MutUal's:;okay fPr; the City: Pn East 
l4th sttebt,- which thpy^^ reported 
taking, byor f or- srtpcit burlesque. It 
will cut in on, the Irving. Plabe play- 
ing the Mutua:! shows, and having 
the burlesqub .situation of the- vi- 
pinity .seWed up since tlic Ppening 
of the ,,• GlynipiCr. . ' lipriner Mutual 
stand; '..•■:".;• ;-■" ';■ '' ■':.■•'" •,'■ 

..With the dowritQ\yn ^ wrangle 
Miiigkys" throaterved ,tbss off-rpf the 
wheel; shPws Wpfe not surprising* 
-Herk, however, claims he -will hpld 
thena to tjie contract with Minskys 
fetaiiating With a stand that they'll 
toss, the Wheei shows out when 
ready and-.iet the;courts iron things 
out later,: if Mutual intends to drag 
the . bPntrpvetsy that far. 

(Continued, froin page 48) 

in due pburso. . .It was hpt mentioned 
but Roy . Sedley, the unit's chief 
comic, had apparently paid a visit 
to Woplw.orth's- and purchased some 
of their best seUirtg literature. Much, 
of his 'material wras rfeniihiscent of 
"10,01. Laughs", by . Joseph Miller. 
Esq'r -. He also Was ' remih isoen t of 
Riph'y Craig,; Jimmy Savo, Jay Flip- 
pen pind Jack iicnny. 

.They: liked Sedley at the Par- 
ambunt. They Wilt, probably like 
him elsewhpre; . These gags always 
were gbpd gags and picture fans 
never" followed vaUdeville very carP- 
.fuIly;V .•■ , ' .- ' 

" 'IMiil Arnpld and Juirte Carr, a team 
but; also . working Solo, are plover 
comedy ::dancOrsl Production -de^ 
p.'irtineiaf should havb pfovided them 
with- chiange of costumes. This par- 
ticular-; unit is pretty skimpy in, .Small particulars for Publix. 

A :burlesque piano bit by L. La 
Gi'and . got over nicely, this per- 
fbrnVer knowing a lot : of vaude 
triclJt.s, for ' rnaking hokum seem 
somehow difTicult. 

Jesse Crawford's organ concert, 
Rubinoff's rtip-ups in the pit, I'ar- 
amount sound n.eW.s, Boy.ce Combe 
in a very, funny Columbia short and 
"Woman 'Trap" (Par) rounded out 
the' show. Land.. 


('^Column Idea^Unit) 

Los Angeles-, Berit;*. 3. 
Handipapped by that "unusual" 
California heat^. Loe.w's State opened 
to , a. bad start with, plenty of niuin 
flppr^sftats.' Jiad..thrQUghout the 
day* . Not the. rule for this house. 
Screen feature.: "Words aind Music*' 
(Fox), supiiprted : by. • a 40-minute 
Stage show, .sound' newsr"eei: (FPx) 
and plenty pf trailer foptage. 

.Since every F-M idea must l>e 
identified :by a title, this one is mis- 
.placcd,.The onl.V part 'Ipblumn''. take- 
in the :of£erihg'' Is a '.few trick georg- 
ette drapes formied in' huge columns 
to cbv'or ;the ..inihiattifo like bodies- 
Pf the- linp girls. Rest of the sbbw 
is straight Vaude With' ensembibs trf: 
30. girls. ■■.,-■'- 

. Two, clever kid toe tappers, wlth-^ 
Put ahhouncbmeht,', dancing threat- 
ened, to stop everytlilngl . Girls Hve. 
the Mimis Twins. Jerome Mann en- 
tranced tb plenty; of foot and ai-m 
gesture, warbllhg a la Jolson, To 
make the mimicking more impres- 
sive, he picked "I'm in Seventh 
Hea.yen." sung by Jolson in his 
latest picturev Mahrt continues With 
Impefsbnatioha of Tod Lewis, Eddie 
Leonard and Pat iRooney. 

Anpthbr ensemble, with thb gii-^ls' 
the impre.asibn of half man: and- half 
woman clicked big on Its no-velty 
and the illu.sio.n it gave when coti- 
plbs .toamcd; for ballroom dancing. 
Nurobcr was interspersed to advan- 
tage by somp clcvcf gyrations of a.i 
acrobatic Vpcal rendition 
waa furni.shod by. a- former Fan* 
ohon-Marco lin^ girl, given her first 
chance to hold a -solo spot. Oirl has 
a pleasing, voice and not hard qn tbp 


;Miitual shows playing the Oolurri. 
bia; N; Y., have taken if on tlie: .chin 
.since the: opening of. thP new atv-json 
with Walter . Rpade.: .Columbia op. 
.erator; handing them a sPckor to tli» 
tune pf .$i30 each;. This amount wis 
expected / to, .be paid .-each:. Mutual 
.under the npW; producing' agrpomcrit 
entered.'- intb' .by. Herk and tlio Mui 
tual. fslipws.' ; .The .$130 •was the in; : 
oroase,'; bh Irt.s.t. yearns guahuiLeo of 
$1,670, which. the;Mu:iuai bPys wera 
al.sQ a'.ssuml lindiT t.iie sea.spn Tlye prbducers undl''r>jtubd ' 
but; Itpadp. didn't.' .Keadp dia 
iSign.'any house- agr.benVciVt, run* ' 
,hiiig,thp Mutuals :uhder the aiTango* 
mbnt-pf .^last year.-. -f. 
- ,;^'irs.t show in Ip get - thb :unex, 
pectod AVham' fronir Reade Was iod ■ 
Patpy's -;'Broadway. Scand Tho- 

Show: manageinpht ;\vas atnazbd:;\yheii; ' 
the :Reade . c'hcck cariie - -bver i "ivith * • 
out any .hi'oSrision for. tiie atiditib^^^^^^ 
-$130.:--;.; -..^Vv:'- -;■.■'."':::'■■ V ''. -■■■ ..■.; 

The seppnd show, .-vbiniplbd ha'r- 
Jings," Eddie Sullivan'^ ; . Mutual* 
bumped. into the same, cbhditibri. . 

.Both slioWs; in turn are.Understbpd 
to' iiaye gonb-tp Hprk in jeffbrt ta 
;.straighten. out the bonditibn. 

On top. Pf -the additional $15 Week- 
ly- Mu.i;"Ual shbw must; . Jiay stage 
prew .this .season comes word that 
the Mu tuals hereaf tef to be hauled 
to and; from, -the.; Nevv' York .thp'alres 
must pay $160 a haul, - 'Tiiis ' la an . 
Increase .-oA.;$20 o"vcr the : former' 
haulinjEr sea.lei -.:; ., ;. 

Sliows ptaying one: or tWb - girlf 
shPrt ;pf. tliel.r ; required: circuit niim-: 
bcr, 16, are belng 'fined $30 for Pacli 
gal but of thb chbfuSi 

Some of thosb Mutual show pro- 
ducers are in hock uiready. 

Al St. John for "Out of the Night." 

Skeets Gallagher for Paramount 
royue. : • ; . ■ 

Vera LeWls for "Wide Open," WB. 

Alphonse Ethier for -'Eirst Com* 
mand," Pathe; . ' 

H. B, Walthall, Nancv Welford 
for "Phantoni in the HouSe," Trcm 

James Eaele for "Son ' of th» 
God.s," FNT;: 

Lionel Belmore for "Rogue's 
Song," M-G. 

eyes. Preceding the. finale, Rome and 
Gant landed witlii their clowning 
dance rPutlhes and patter. 

Billy Rolls, old time Fanchon- 
Marco tumbler, appeared again hers 
this week in an effort to livpn up 
the ensemble numbers. 


! Chicago,- Aug. 30.. 

Herr Louie and His Hungry Eiv» 
(New. Acts): conceded to be tire fore- 
most str-ictly: Ibbal name on the aiif 
since Correll and Gp.sden (Amps 'n^ 
Andy), have gone, east, are hPiadlinei 
at the Oriental this week at $2,'750, 

'JPhe first show Ertday mornin j 
was to capacity, with the screen fea- 
ture, "Smiling Irish Eyes." (1<\ N.). 
The German band from'' Chicag» 
Tribune's station, WGN, should b* 
rated the draw. 

Luie's act was setin a locally pro- 
duced stage b;md presentation titled 
"The Old Neighborhood." Seen* 
was a lower New Ybrk street affair, 
witli the regular house band seated 
in an election .speaker's stand. One- 
third of the stage was occupied, by 
a store front, advertising a brand of 
radio, and an announcer ■ speaking 
through ah. amiplifier to introduce 
the Hunpry Five Act aLso mentioned 
it. "That's a Ibt of . publiei ty to give 
a company Just for the privilege of 
using the amplifier. ' 

Show started with a PlevPr rou- • 
tine, by the BoUrman ballet- -imitat- 
ihg a working .man during his -lunch 
hour With the .w.k. dinner paiir iNum- 
ber.stat-ted With a song by the Dar- 
ling: TWins, .Sv-hb appeared later in ?^ 
harmony a;nd' dance act that clicked: 
nicply^^:,.:-;-. ■ '"'1: 

;; 'Al ICvalei m.c, foilowed' with a' . 
ballyhob: plection.: spebch for.; Mf,. 
..lloolihan; who is Ijillb'd all . over the : 
stage as ruhning for niayor. Kviiile's 
Pnly other Spcciailty bit in i.hi.s shp.w ■ 
was as one .of a bra.«iS ;qU,'i .of tak- . 
irig a ..break in a : pop band num- 
ber. J pe Griffin, tenbr, - appeared ; in - 
this nuniber and'scored with hi.<?. e3C- . 
ceilpnt voice in the short period. 

Ford, Marshall .and Jones, colored 
legmania . trio, piit over the only 
speed itbii» in tlie presentation; dlS-r 
playing' a. dizzily .paced set of rou* 
tines. Another Ixjiiet number by the; 
Bourman Girls, as ;Salvafion . Ariny 
la.ssi es 'in sh ortips_joln g a kick an d 
tanrbpurine'Tou'finb, Ts. questioned , 
fp.r.taKtcfulries.s, ■ ' ; , ■ . 

:Hungry Five closed the acts and 
tnerB(ed ' right into the liinale^-<'cbl,e- : 
bratioh over the election of Mf. 
HoPli,han. . 

House bind Worked at pit overture 
ttlsa,fbr. a change, with a, medley of 
Irish melodlo.s. Movietone News and 
Paramount silent clips comnlt^ted. ' 

House should have a big WPplt. 
duei to the radio act. ^^V!f^ 

VVeanesday. September 4, 1929 

W O M E N' S P A G E 



DncoHimon Chatter 

/ By Riith Morris ; 

At the Palace 

•■ TTPlen . ei»£i»'l«'SlQn . in familiar 

•^SSy- terrible: ^vrter :^-aye. v . , 

i*^ -(1680 I'cvfoctv m perfect 

^S' Slar tones ; thby eo for. 

graceful Vvhile.' chiffon. 

^Sc^SSt tSes; liKht ;e<^^^'2iS 
: ^Border^d with :an unusual trim 
if • hattiral lynx . . ...Ken IVlurray 
J„ .£ig^-atiatlns ih; c. .. ..Could / xl^ir 
we of few. .of . the' cheap(^^ crrtcks 
S siioxild take off a ;fow pounds 
Hbmce . ; . Heidt^s XSallf ornians, 
^^ItiA - slar basses, .2 baby grand^ 
\ir£-ixp:ot v^r brass- and 
• Sngs that, looks .like a: <;music 
^riopf • Boys d6Mblo;:$n hoonng, jvar- 

SS - -actv :witH -art :.%inffbnuous 
IVvbr Jf lfsV not vail . done ::with 
" Christie ind. Nelson, two : hilarlou^ 
cU)wninr with-]HCurrayV.vA?-tl^"r 
.& • Dining, .closing . .with contor- 
tions, but n6t clever enough 
wiggle ;but ; of a tough: spo^^^^ 

yy^oolwortji ;Glonfi*d 

■ . .jhe P^rainouiit . , Rubinoff. .' in 
the pit f or . a. Huhgariain tnec^ley 
.with varied temi)o and nice p.hra3r 
ing .The arrival of the Zei) glorj- 
iied' *in the :n^ws; reel^:;A ;;sh^e 
: theres not more v of ,. Uckner-he s 
this department's P.arUcuJa:r movie 
hero, at the moment. . ; 5 ,& 10 

■ Follies'*— all Woblwdrth and: a yard 
-wide. Opening set a black, velvet 

■ proscenium^ with two large ^painted 
nickel^ oh either , side. The Indlan$ 
,^ith their little puished in bc^ 

: daiise- - of - insufllcierit: backins v- » •■ 
-Center stage decoration, a mo4<^i'."-. 
. ^ istic tree ihade of Kniveg, forks and 
siioons ;?ihd pots arid. pans. Awfiilly 
clever and really . good looking,.^;. . 
Pretty spng and dance . number in 
old fashioned cbstum<!S . . . . phil Ar- 
ijbld arid . JuijiB Carr in would-be 
•funny, sayings^sliould :go Into their 
: vdance "immediately . / 3:oy Sedley 
.ni.c*lhg with the aid of a : cigar and 
-not awfully amusing material..... 
ilh uh, aiidience shbiildrt't have 
laughed at that Bag.. Is there no 
.respect for old age? . , , .L. La .Grand, 
■ havirig'-a .swell serious ..time at the 
. piand. . Worka too miich like Eddie 
Conrad not! to be . funny sooner or 
: , later. .Military number backed .by 
two ciainhons made of V and X 
grocery products. . . . AI Mitchell on 
to lead the band in full stageJ .Set 
V . made entirely of crepe paper, and 
: awfully effective. ,.;June Carr back 
ior a numbfer, garbed In a sriiart 
white evening dress and graiid low 
. comedy shoes of brown. Sihgs the 
song perfectly legitimately, ■ but 
: those . shoes make - her a howl . . . . 
."Roy Sedley's.specjalfy. He's much 
better than his material. . . .Lovely 
costume^ made of crepe papec . for 
. the fihalei - ■ 


that the nbri-fi};lillivfr P<*iH>laoe/.rt 
not ; G'erriiany'.s : solUic-ry, . suffprcd 
mbrei ■ ■ ■. ■ ~- 

.Second feiattiro,- " Magio," 
was more in keeping, with the New 
Yoirk's usual ii'pe of feature. Its. 
flrst caption promised to toll th^ 
story of ''a rake, a coivtu-d, a m^^^^ 
ard and a .mari." The rake \v;is 
shbwn.'afj. a' seducor .of :young pi'^ls.; 
the coward a gill Ian t who ■ .ru>>hX'd 
into, ii^e boats. .with.. tire wonion ahcV 
childVeri.; the di: un.k'ar d' a. . siirfei cal 
nvurdorer; , andi the . nvin, ! ah. . up- 
standing, broad -^^^^^^ 
intontibns -.^vere rt<3 bright and shin- 
ing as sapoHb. . >Vith such material 
to start with . Anything could hap- 
pen—arid 'did . Lots .. of fun, and a 
good plcture;;wlth'ail; its 

In one of the little offices ad- 
jacent to Times Square a card 
has been hung just outside the 
door.: It reads "Hostespos 
Wanted." -.'-i ■ 
: ■ First tiriie. ■ ■ ~ 

Clothes and Clothes 

By MoUie Gray 

■■ . At the Roxy , . 
Quite a 16t-o£ Sliithi^h^^th^jao^vi. 
where "In Old. Havana TQ.\yh'' pre- 
cedes the feature, \''rhc.,Girl .From 

Havana.", V ; 

Openirig sceri^ the )r)ier w^^^^^^ 

passengers . scixttered about, singing 
while the Roxyetftes nit^ke a hurried 
entrance ~dowri • those side Stairs, .all 
in sport - frocks and-i^ oyernight bags. 
Color^ -^eht from ..pale yeno>y, jto 
orarigd- in. to.ur steps, the style, simi; 
lar io: a^ f roclc.- 'worri. . by, L6l a : Lan e 
.in' the picture^that' with : .kerchief 
cbllaV arid .<5kirt. matching. . 
Reatrice; B^lliin sang . beautifully 

Merry 'Styles of \the YiQunger ^Se* 
An investigation pf .the iiOliviti^ 
of the .-youhge'r set ..Qrids the .eirls> 
wearin.?? white gob trpusets around 
town. Fashion >ycrkcd jts \vay fvoni 
the ' bcachesv ' where it is . .-worri. . by. 
the ' lean/, and piump. ' G 
ipunging pajamas stroll' the board- 
walks, a rtrifle self-cohsclou.?, vit-; is; 
irtie', ^but^eterihined,; ; 

■Boi's ' are dyeinf? their shoes to 
match, their, sweater^. ^usponders 
tor both- Isbic.Cs atej proud ly exposed. 

Shbjp Talk . . . .Light- wool dresses, 
iftt Aitman's nice for- street. 

Fans Nuts. Over Bugs 

.Rest part of. the show at the 55 th 
Street last Tuesday night "Wa^ put 
on by the audience. . Its members 
were like; a bunch of school kids, in 
their spontaneous; reactions. ; Sch 09I 
room , atriiosphere: . may : have,, beep 
actua.ted by; jthe. eduCatibrial ; flayoi 
•<>f the feaTure, ;*'Becre'{i3 or 
•a compilatlpri .of 'various;, shpirts 
shown ' previously . in the snooty 

It is reall-y .surprising., that so 
. much kieen . ehjoyment c.otild be de- 
rived put of a film that lookeid like 
auch a dry item' on ai program., .-But 
the. featured wa.s tremendo.usly in^. 
teresting, and ; th^ audience quite 
enterfed into the isplrit of the thihg-t 
;gettirig awfully excited over drama 
in the iant kingdom depictinS war 
betweeri tlyo blades of gra;Ss; howl-^ 
irig with mirth\ over two tipsy 
' beetles, drunk with the- lalcohollc 
sap from ciertairi trees; and- being 
; as partisan ais "betting rooters at 
a ring fight, over the. now •well- 
known battle between, a cobra and a 
mongoose. Awfully ; good stuff, 
though at times much too grtiesome 
to look at. 

. Interesting "Giirl" , ■ : • . 
"The Giil From HAvaha'' is inter- 
esting as^ well as a- film-trip thrpugh 
th# Panama Canal to Havaria. Lola 
Lane always seerns a redl persoji in- 
stead 'of ari . actress. Had to drag 
Iri a ship's cbnceVt for her theme 

soiig, '. ' ; ■ ^ 

Miss Lane looked nicest' 'in a 
white 'gown: with: shoulder flowers of 
the skirt; ■ material, maline. Her 
black : frock- was apjiliQued with 
large white /flowers; following the 
diagonal line of the bodice arid skirt 
meetln^r, shoulder bouquet was the. 
same white flower with black «dges. 

. Natalie . Moorhead' worC those 
tIgHt-fittirijg;, frocits. lady crppHs- us- 
ually adbpt; one of jersey being 
white with large daric . squares coy^ 
^rlng part 'of the side and back of 
the jumper. A lieht cloth coat hstd 
an iinusual collar of shaded silk in 
deep folds starting from the, left 
shoulder and continuing around the 
length of ; tlie.cdat . to the bottom.. 

. The Roxy aujlierice seemed to en- 
joy the fight scene as much as the 
mponllgbt: one. ; ; 

; . Cooling 14th St> 
The Jefferson,, on 14t.h street, has 
a cooling system and. how 14th 
street heeds a cooling system! The 
Tiller Cocktail Girls— doomed for- 
ever to open shows rwlth that namic 
—gave 14th street what they - gave 
47th and Broadway; so did Foster, 
Fagan and GoxJ so .did Rogers and 
Wynri ?ind so did Hajrry Webb and, 
his ehtertaiherS, 

Ken Christy's company, feminine 
end wore a red crepe : frock with 
vestee in beige, gloves and slippers 
black. Her change to velvet, pa^- 
jamas carried oiit the idea that she. 
lived alone. : The other member 
wore light green silk frock and cloth 
coat about the same shade. ; The 
coat had a small collar and lo^yer 
part of the. revetes of black fyr.- . - 
- Hairrjr; Hbward^s :glrl friend 1$: -a 
very." attractive blond, blue satin ai}d. 
tulle iriaWirig a. becpming frock; . 

Pbtiipadoiir. halrcbmi) .> is, i:avorea. 
again by the; dancy youths.. Thosc; 
in^the kriew in the serious business 
of .djtncing are . walking forward; 
aif hi - in arm and side -by side, ribn-;- 
<?halantly. 'dpirig- -.steps ; bprrbwed 
ftbm :ihe. tarigb, /.; ; ; ' : • 

Pehdulurii - ha:s . also sw.urig from 
birbecxied / sandwiches to ! the good 
old . .fash iphed , hot dog; embellished 
y^ltiv'fv slice; of. raw 'onion. : ■ 

Girls.' have . • discovered ' steri.cilled 
sWeat. shirts. . As/ ^y^t .-their ■.skirts 
end. ab.p-ye; the-.krieefSv: v 'i'rpu.sers are 
deeply ..pleated,; higb w-j^isted .on a 
four-frich:' iValst band. ; Lads . Svith 
aiitos aris busy Installing liorHs. thait 
tpbt; "Cijck-oo,' cuckipbv^^ ; 

Ckiay irig Tommy Meighan ■ ( 

, ..aMiomas Meigliari fiiris. Can brifathe 
ea.«!y— their. Idpl has no. voice of tin. 
In fact, .in /some scenes of "The 
Argyle Cjase'' the .. mcfhaiiism. glvc.'i 
hiriv as : riihhy vbicos. a.s; Clianby. has 
nv^cs! Lila: Lce. is bt seoori,drtry 
iriiportancc. as- an^^■■\vonHah.- lnust :bc^ 
wit;h A groat detective in the story 
and t Ivis. ■ -orie '.. had f ot-psigh t : . and 
second 'sight, and' (lnslght--^he 
.\yas. but of ■sijjht'of jUl others.; I^ila's 
■figured - velvet suit , had self . cbll'ar. 
ori.tbe long coat bvit^. cuffs of 1 Iff lit 
fur, ' the whole ■ aniriial ..iisedv'^lettirik 
the tail ho nft; the satin blouse used 
shiny arid id'uil sidekf.^ in ; horizontal 
bands* Only .ti-i'mminier on a- ^yhlte 
velvet wbrc.. twb small fan shaped 
ruffles :,ov.eriappirig . 'eaeh other on 
.the right ^iside ..of the skirt. . -.Her : 
.blSckvelvet^f rock-had .elbb.Ny.leng^^^^^ 
sleeves. Gladyi? BroHcWe.ll.'^. , black 
4oafcA'gn-'' f birred- in ROiiir rel and Zasu 

no! sleeve on the other As 
slow and .pokey a!?^ but of town 
trafllo on a Sundiiy "itiight^ 

The Shawl - of .GhiaHty 
"The li.aohelors GluV could' all 
d;rb\vn; themsfGlves; iri Jtlieir; own su- 
periprity .and ricver 'b^ missed; Bar-, 
barav Worth's ' black frbcfc. was , si<l^ 
.trihimcd :A\;ith crys^^^^ silk, 
shawl she wore had .better, not; be 
meritibned: ISdna M.urphy tl^ickened 
ihe i)lat>. aS; blpndisv; will, :.;in satin 
pajama.- ensemble,- .' ^ ; . • ; 

Pitts , has had: her . voice .'prp. a speed 
diet, it was: funnier when she 
drawled. ; ;^*the \ Argyle Case,'' as 
settled: but. of court, in the lobby, 
'was 'a! success.-. .■::■:; •;;'.■ ■ '\ ■ , ■ 

J4Ra kes^p wd rd s»a^- --■ 

. >?ew . York -Theatre -went In for 
the more serious side of life last 
double feature day .with a vshowirife 
of Gei'many's. side of the war. Film 
w-as called. "Flghtinfi: for the Father- 
. land" and was a coilectlon of hew.s- 
rcel shots taken behind the line's 
and at the front, IIprrbr.s were 
there a-plenty, but not underscored 
In captions, the impression being 

■ .'Borrowed' idea ■ 
Comedy: playlet for John Bowers 
ah4 Marguerite de la >Ibtte; tor 
the kdbiescent mind .at the : 86th 
St. . > Miss de. -Id Motte -in a ismart 
piirple ensemble,: with molded, hip- 
lerigth. jacket. ... Freddie Rich 
opening V; With ah idea borrowed 
from "M.ima"-^Mephisto sunimprilrig 
to life -si vampire -compiled of bits 
of Cleopatra, Lucrezia Borgia . and 
sbrriebody or other. . .. . Cherie's 
French accent sounds jUst .as iri-. 
terriational. :. . . RlclV: looks '^a lot 
like Paul Whiteman. < .-v Act. of- 
fensive with its nasty -implications. 

Careless Over "Glrr . ' 

lt:o.m IlaVana' 


much .better than it wass . done by. 
it has a": good crook T)lot with sur- •. finish, "bitt .its, dialog i," 
childl-sh and its direction; worse. . 

Lola Lane would-be biamod ffir a 
stiff performance if .she hadn't al- 
ready proven in other pictures she 
is a good . film actrf.-ss, I'hoto-f 
graphs nicely and handle.*? a isjong 
number proficiently. ' 

At the Stuidios 

"Lord Byrph of Broadway'' (M-G) 
Will h.ave. ah Alb.erWrta 
Set is_a,-revplvlng circular platform 
with winding along, it to, the 
top, like the threadirig: of ' a ■^jc'r^Ay, 
Girls, walking .. up .. -the . ramps ■/as 
platfoEm rotates, is a pictorialiy exr. 
citing effect; . They danbe on the 
top. . The lines of the platform cbni:: 
verging toward the top^ cbnCen- 
trates visual interest on the dancers, 
ja wholly desirable feat. Costumes 
fail to interest. . Shorts; halerb bod- 
ices, and head'd.resses. . Girls.: carry 
fan" shaped plaques in each hand 
^hich heighten the rhythmic execur 
tiori .bf ■ their rbutirie; . Rasch ballets 
■are becoriiirig, as ine-vltable aS theme 
sbrigs, '. ,S!ckr.cejy an-M-G-M ijicture. 
but What they pirouette :l^^^ 
fprniatibns under .overhead shots. . 

"Taiined Leg8'^ <Ra;dIo) happens 
[ at any ; American seaside in the 
surtimer tinie. • Such: fun looklriir 
ait.'bekch fii^hlons iriterpreted; by the- 
mbvies. They*!! be;CiinnIng, iali right, 
all right. Girls for the theme song, 
titled <'Tahned Legs,'^ wear romipers 
of . yellow polka dotted in .black, and 
vice ver.!3a, which tie :. In knots ■ oh 
the .. shoulders. .JLittle^ pleated skirts 
fasteri round them., anid ' there are 
bereta tb miateh. Frisky little clothes 
fbr playful little gamihes^ . 

Aileisn Pringle, variiping in "Night 
.iParade," ; dazzles the innocent lad 
with black velvet arid crystals. This 
Combination, ftlmi sirens will . tell 
you, ig practically a uniform. As 
a. .mdtter of fact, when the vamps 
decided to. band together in a club, 
the ; pro.Of that they had worn such 
a costume was the acid test of eligi- 
bility, iiyriss. Pringie's dress has the 
skin-tight l.orig basque, ■ cut whole- 
heartedly, low In, _djee]P_ yis,. both 
;frbn.t ahd iiigick, and .outlined with; 
beadiS.'. I^ransparerif.. Bouffle.;. sup- 
ports it up to the liarge pea.rl chokei" 
riecl^iace, sewn on the souffle. . Skirt 
is .circular, and: .Iriistead . of being 
"up in front,'' does the amazing and 
goes hp; sidiefront. iA good dress 
for. slinking airpurid.- .: 
: Corrine Griffiths iri "Lilies; of the 
Fi4ld," Is seen living an bsteiisibly 
wicked lifie as a night cliib hostess. 
Site ' lopks very beautliCul being so 
haughty, , decorously dancirig In a 
brick- satiri P'oi.rbt . dress. It^is Iprig, 
slim but hot tight, trimriied only; 
by a flat bow, of wine colored; rib - 
bbrt on the shoulder.s. Wine col- 
pfed slippers accompany it, I^ffect 
I.V-th'at of a . carefully .reared . pal. 
who knows clbthes to. the point of 
sophi.^ticatibn.' Grte.good dress can 
make people fprgot the novelties 
Worn before. 
Julia Faye-wcars a slim bU-'-k vi l 

. ^ ^i<ip This, Boys ; 
.. piiye Borden in ."ttialf MarrlageV 
is . tiaid /a pretty cbjripUnient - by 
the . . soreeh. / credits. . ..Max-: Ree is. 
called ai-t director • and gbwriing 
Olive. Is • -; jiist; abbiit that, Her 
crepe satin erisenible 'used the ; dull 
side of .the mateiiJal for : all hut thie 
iustrbu^ rays inset in the bodice: A 
loyely . white . gown -wlrose lorig: .lace 
ijpdice was, trimhied witii tiny pearls; 
butliriihe the design had a lorig skirt 
of chiffon- a bias fold of Which 
Circled the. neck arid then from back 
of ea;ch: shoulder draped: to the hem., 
being caught wlth .ii; band of pearls 
at the waist, a lieari cluster also 
decbratirig the let t ■ shbulder. Arir 
other S£itiri frock used a dia^bnal 
heckiirie,, but .cut to the rights In- 
stead of :the left, as has been done, 
|; where, the deep Jiplnt of the flat 
cpliar - gave an 'od.d effect ; to "; the 

Lbbdice.. ■ 

'-B^th: Chain8'.;-Teeth '■ ;. 
Beth. Challis may. hate it hot ; all 
iitlle people have to stand for being 
[ called cute. .'She: £^^ the .81st 
Street cute songs, too, but- seemed ■ 
entirely capable of sorhething bet- 
ter^ Her white:: crepe de Chine en- 
semble w^s a neat model, short 
jacket finished all round XVith a tiny 
pleat; three green, glass buttons that 
were, not used because an Eton' col- 
lar held It together, the -f rock prac- 
ticall/ a princess llhe because the 
ftne pleates were sewed half way 
dbwn from the long bodice, a jagged 
pointed hem; Tie, kerchief, hair 
ribbon - ind slipper bbwo kll green. 
She has splendid teeth and the kind 
of smile that shows them. 

"Stop, Look and Listen" sfipuld 
take its own advise and renew sceri.^ 
ery arid cpstumeo. Fred Sibley a. 
clever dancer. ; , 

College Wiikhoiit . Football ; . 

'-■ "Collcfee Coquette'V tells the tale' 
of two little girls who ^ \y ent to cpl- 
icgei One. was a '.blbride; who made, 
the boys" believe she .meant -what 
She .said and the ether a brunette 
i-^:ho-b4 lovod th e y)(iiF A mea;l>t what , 
they sa:id.: The brunetite died be- ; ■ 
cause of a trlji in an elevator when 
no f elevator was present :and ■ the : 
bloride wori the Tuririey^faced coach 
who looked like the,tIori 
of ; judgment day- . The mora;i seems 
tb •be;i)prpxide;": ■ ■ . ■ ■ v'^'' V : 

Ruth Tairiof who : s^^^^ 
not firiy syiripathy If she liut 
It in yeftst looked well dressed . is 
she - -silways :db.e.s, .'Arriving . . she 
wore a sUit.of tiny ebecks^^^^ hiP: 
length . jacket ibbse and straight as ' 
were - the sleeves, groups of tucks 
at thV; shoulders back and: front, the 
white satin, tucitlh blpuse with w 
flat collar whose jjeep jpoint made, 
another V belbw tiie neckline, "skirt 
pleated air round. What seemed to 
be gbid '■ beaded bodice ; ahd black 
net skirt woiild. appear /%ob 
spphlsticated for a f reshmarf^tJl^', 
prbbably. not' for this .freshman. : . 

Jobyha Ralston came through iiS; . 
a . capable .little actressi: with, .a 
pleasant ' haturai . voice. A : diark 
frock of hers had" It's circular skirt 
-quaitered &s it, were by four iri - 
verted-.pleates a white. band nnialcihg-. 
a V line . back and front of the 
bbdice and around the skirt hem.- 
A dark sweater and white skirt was 
bocbming too but- the dance frock 
looked like a horiie made one 
though perhaps it - shouldn't, be 
judged tinder- the : conditlons-r^ 
Jobyna!s .fromi . too miich .refresh- 
ments, and the :Irock's from, too much 
Jpbyna. At least there is no, foot-; 
ball game in this college cut-up. 

They're Weiaring Lilies 

"PiccadiUy" has a new credit 
system-^ihtrbducing title jind stars, 
etc., Individually on largs ads on 
buses as they move through London 
trafflic. But there all promise of 
soiriething different, stopp 

Gllda. Gray. Was niade to appear 
terribly old in both stage .and street 
. costumes nohe of which did her 
'justice^i at all.; . / Wearing ^ lilies, pn 
her .liibulder ^as: a h.e-w Ide'a ,that 
heed, not be. bopied^swee.t , ybun^ 
hprbines dqri't heed theriil arid all 
bthers ipok . ridlculpus. Attna May 
Wong ;wa.s .the-.picttire, at one- time 
carryirig what looked liUe a .season's 
trisippirigs as the fur trlnimlhg on 
a light suit, only ©ne f ur .cuff on 
-iti thi^ other a- clrtjUlaf .; flare,: An 
pthei* instance of one cufflng it was 
Gilda's' black chiffbn ^bwn with a 
gauntlet .of - fitch pri a . tight sleeve. 

Strand Sound ^hopey ;^ 

"The Ga,mblers": at the Strand 
seemed to include the . men in the . 
prbjectlori room— drie time 'It would 
be thp sou rid that , was mjissing, an - 
other time the picture though the 
talk went bn and yet they 
aiged • tb. makd both fends meet. 
eventjjaliy-f7:-perhaps they had pleri(;y ■ 
of margin, but the audience - Wa§ 
short on patience. Lois 'Wilson' ha;d ' 
to ruin her husband's , Career before : 
she : discovered she loved- him but 
better iaie than Reno. Her. black 
velvet gotvn looked rather cum- 
bersome from . ■ the . . back . but 
shoulder prchlds and ■ fitted bodice 
improved the front view. ; A . 
negligee of gold figured -white chlf- 
f bn with heck of marabou clqrig tp 
her figure, ■ trailing ohly from the 
8houIder.s: Pauline . Garon sounded 
and iboked cute, especially In a 
wjiite epwh with. s?itln . bbdice and 
driigp^ tuiie ; skirt7 /ah<f ^ Ih i Vblapk 
coat , with collar . of t.hi^t ' 
also made the clrcuiar flare . above 
the elbo-Ws : ph the ' tight sleeves. . 
Both Lola and Pauline heed fear 
no microphone unless they have any 
secretstp hide. ' 

vet dress rri-c'T»ulcy"n;H^rtl'ai?ir^ 
things tb the flgnrc.' It is princess 
in line, molding -hor form until just 
below the knee. Whore it sways .out. 
scalloped, over a blaHc tullC .skirt. 
Just .ah old. Spanish cu.stbni. A 
shaped velvet' pan.el is attacbcd to 
the AvaLstUrio in back ' + 3 form a 
.smart little tr9,ln; A dr.2ss far ntore 
restrained than thofi'J "Misj Foyf 

usualjy - wears a,nd consequently 
better. . . - : -. 

Irene Bordoni sings In "Paris" 
wearlnfj her own kind of very largCi 
vbry glittering, very extrayagaht 
Costvime, requiring rib small; skill 
to balance. It is bf velvet,; with 
a tlght'bbdice and tremendous bouf- 
fant skh^t that, sweeps, the floor 
over a huge .arcii.- ;Thc fealhor.? of 
l^intrariTT'iHrbi c="b»ti'i'th€^3==eb^^ 
loxynr part- of the skirt. Jew-elod 
ftmbroidcry in the outline of an ex 
otic trf)pical iTlrd splashes the front 
of the co.stume. The toAvcrlng head- boars the same bird pattorn 
with more feathers .swirling from. it.'< 
heights to at. last roguishly curl 
under her. chin. A great big. dre.«.«4 
in a' grr-at big way; 


■■■.■Sailpr's' .Vyives. 
"Wrath of the: Seas,", a itorelgn ; 
invader, is still ;fightihg the late-- 
but never "too . late' to picture— war. 
This particular, angle is • that a Sail- 
or's, wife is lonely one, espei^'^.y . 
when hubby is .more devoted .tq'v'f? 
other women— a . ship Is alw.ays 
"she"— than to her. . And with Nils. , 
Asther Just starting out on his. 
Career as film villain it:, tobk the 
.Battle; of Jutland, .to settle a 'do- 
mestic situation. 'Agnes ■Ksterhazy . 
■played the solemn rfaced wife, but 
Mary lialm, an attractive blorid, 
-hci ped:i-t } |ie-^pict..uro_m.ojje_thap_thei_ 
hfrpinb.. ."Pt-e war", is ; rip recomr 
mend'ition for -n'pnio.n's clothe^. Seat 
.s'oonfs gfj<rd:'hut nothing to explPde 

Ronald Coinian 

"nulldl.g Drunirtiond" (nobody 
over .♦■-aid why the "liulldbg") is 
iConliriued on page 79);.-^ 




Wednesday, September 4, 1929 

Trnda -Mark ItCKlsiered 
ruklMira ^Vookly hr VAIURTS, Inc. 

;■■ Slm'e SUvofmahJ President ■ 
IB4 :\Vos.t .4Ct,H Slrcei . New York City 


. . .v.; in 


. ..$10 Foreign. 

SlnRle Go 

pics . •.• * • ^ * • 1 t' • • • • •. 

.26 Cents 

:15 YEARS AfiO 

(I^'oiii'iVariety 'and. Clipper) 

Up to date the fjroat.cst ;^hards<hlp 
, wroufTht by- the ISuropean Avar .y,'as 
the tilt in price,for champasrie irbm 
\ii td-$?7In Ne\v' York- dance places.' 

^\ew Vol-k liippoiSronie • was rusir- 
-ing -Its .:btRt€;sSt spectaclP; "Wars p£ 
the W.orlia.''- Marceline was back fit 
the . Hip after two years absence. - 

— Harry' t'ox ' and Jtirirty Dolly 'were 
married in Long i3each| Lbrii? Island. 
Annouric(?m<?nt., wii^r: made_ that 
George M. ' ' Gohan would write a 
musical .; -Which ; Cohtin. & Harris 
would produ^he" with . the pa,ir as 
stars. ' ". ■ i:-' 

Famous. . Players, celeb rated the 
first anniversary of its direer as a 
program releiasing comp3.ny. Adolpli 
25uk6r*s greatest .work was regarded 
as his . deal . with Jeadlng. produeers 
for fiimihg stagfe \successes. . ; His 
allies ?weVe pavid Belascp, Henry 
SavagiE} and Charles Frohrhan, 

"tipperary" jand /'Oyer There" 
had not yet ibeen glven to the world, 
but an . avalanchjB pf pat'rjpti.c. num- 
bers wias on. One of the early pops 
was "Fatherlalhd, Mptberiapd, the 
l|fj^ of My Best dir'I/' over wM^ 
tsvp publisbers wrere fighting. 

Peter F. Daile'y, comedian, left an 
estate of $16,000 divided between 
his brother, !Robert', and a slsten 

Litigatioti thiat later opened most 
of New York ..state- to Sunday pic- 
tures, reached, an . advanbe pha.Se. 
Justice McCann .ln .Utlca ruled that 
Indoor exposition^ for an adniission 
•were nPt: in violation of the penal 
code. Authprities had to prove such 
shows were disorderly . pr ,:ag;alnst 
public prder. City had sued under 
code section fprbidding "hunting, 
gaming or . other public- sports or 
shows." . Utica file<3l notice of appeal 
and it was on this argument .before 
the Appellate court that the decis- 
ion in favor of .. Sunday pictures 


(.From "CJwper") 

After much ballyhoo a contest 
was framed between Capt, ]Webb, 
English (Channel swinirher, and Paul 
Boyton whP made the Caiais-Dover 
crossing in suit. James 
Gordon ' Bennett of the N. T. Her- 
ald, offered the.pair $1,000 to appear 
at Newporti Webh to swim In only 
a bathing suit and BoytPn to paddle 
'himself buoyed, by, his. suit, Con- 
ditions called for Boytoh to make 25 
against Wpbb!s; 20 miles. 

''Variety'' on ihe^I^ 

By Sid Silverman 

■ : Hbllywoodi Au^. 31. 

It's too hot io .sci.nawk. 'feoon tliat wur 'a week , and what a theme 
.song a thunder' storiiV would be. \ . , 

•Neither is Variety helping the. situatuin. . N6\y that you guys hayo 
that "Halleiujali^ . special: nuinbe.r: o^^ 

news.' . Tliat's the greatest ^.spacP lillinf,' racket .we'Ve hedrd of in years. 
Better than, ofllce !.*nllei%^^ and representing more picture reviewing than 
Vance haSidono Mtiee .A'arietyV^^^.S^^ Got to black- . up 

now to get a by-line., ■ .:■ ■ ' . i .v ' .. 

■ J ust . 7i^' inches oil -the Vidpr .pie tii rc litst wPck. ■ Cpujit 'em. A page 
of .reading- matter be«i use- the: j>apor was aTrnid to. trust one critic's 
jiidgiment Pn;. an expcri-mcnt. .AVeii; it's, nobb.dy's tault; buj thelr'own. If 
ihey-rcad:-itV:; '■ ■■ . ■ ■ - ■ ■ -- v--'; '•■ ; ; , . 

Is Variety the sap 'papcir of th^ wprtd? .Is it-the, piuyhover for pubU 
ebme-bns? AVise- Xisteh. - On; the. -frpnt pa^e - last' week- 

was a yarn, headed, ''Seeing the . AVorld' With Gciliebs: As Newest Gag." 
Oh page one. We'll SiVy it'.s . a gag. Look 'in the issue of June 12 and 
read wliat the twp column head on page . six .was.ail about. The sarrie 
yarii slipped pvei* by' thfe same iguy. You'd better put. that p. a-, oil the 
staff before he selis you the 59th Strefet; bridge. ''. 

ilerely . proyihg that ncithei- Variety pi* its repprters are reading, itv 
Ciiumps, making a chump of a chump. Save some radio ibed time stories 
for those page one bpxfes and let the boys tak0 turns .wearing Pulaski's 

Only, don't fprget the guy -who took a prop -y£u:i) ,artd vmoyed. it tip 
from page six tp page pne. within three ri;pntlis'. TheiVs a : 
staff mc.mbiBr preparing an, expose bboH on :raekets,/tpp.^^ He- should be in- 
the home office; Variety, take ix bow ! . And, tny Ayord, if ■ w'e catch you 
bending; '. . ; : 

It's:stiU too hot to squawkii ■■ ' : -'. -^'''.^ ■ ' . ' 

: ^ ;. (Cohflnuied .frPm; pace 2T) .-- . .' 

Rose*' (done Into a picture with the Nicholis office to" Supervise its pro- 
duction, Miss Nichols did her "share of the tblnkingj pver the cast. The 
Nichols oftice is on. Wbst street. . Standing outside of it- one day: 
Miss Nichols observed a girl/ whp yyas Ninqy Carroll.. 'Asking her name 
and address, Miss Nichpls learn Pr so 

arptind -l^w York as an eitra; / . 

Deenried just the girl for Abie's Rose, Miss Nichols mairitarncd she 
wanted that NaiiCy Carroll, through a long .debate .bn b.oth ;Coasts as to 
the best girl for the role, N6. one but Miss -Nichols had seen. Miss 
Carroll.' : ';'.:-'.-. : ■' ■ 

.Again when VBuriesque'' was being c fpr a talker, Walter 

Wanger asked Arthur. Hop.kins if lie would not send the fiill stage 
company ovPi: to' the Par Ijorig Island studio for a test of pn.e act. 
Hppkihs, also .curipiis, consehted. The full .cast reported at the, "stiidiP, 
minus Barbiarai, Stanwyck,: the girt lead- of the- Stage play. The trouble 
and , annoyance of pireparing foi- the; test , with thej consequent probable 
postponement, irritated every one. at .the studio over 'Miss Stanwycli's 
disaippointment.- • ' '.■ 
Wange^ finally concluded the test wPuld have tP ffo on with any kind 
pif a substitute - fpr Miss. Stanwyck, and Nancy. Carroll 'again called.. 
She retains' the roie in the PararnPunt hit, now at the Rivoli oh Brpad- 
. way, "ifhe Dance, pf Life," "Burlfisqtie:" on the sheet,, arid generally voted 
.better-.than:the:stagi» shifish; • ' . ' ■ / - ' 

The. Albany team of the Baseball 
Leafi;ue topped tho circuit in home 
runs for that season, havipg scored 
■;l2,: four by brie 'piaye^^^^^^ 
had the disf inctiph.. of being the only, 
professional club ih .the coiintry that 
had never been, ."white washod.V.' . 

Clipper .dejplpres disa.ppearance of 
the old ■ fash'ipnod small ..circus, 
:^hich vL^i tod . ■ the .minor, - towns. 
Explains, that the'., tendency is for 
only '.'cblossal". organizations tb take 
tb^thb. road.;'- ■■'..•: 

.Christies: don't like the. terhi,: Shorts, ; as indicating talking shorts. 
Called the Christife' shorts 'Talking Plays in the, Christie ad in Variety 
last •we:ek, saying -that iS, -what they are instead of Variety's pet , expres- 
sion. Shorts. ; ■-.'''.. 

That came about through Pat Pbwlln|r, p; a. for the Ch writing/ 
in tp inquire why Variety in its difEerent'repprts always- group the talking 
shpirts on the prpgram as j Ust Shorts ; why not mentipn, the names bf the 
shorts, especially the Christie shprts, probably meant Pat. A reply .went 
back to the coast that If meetirig" with. Pat's desire, Variety would have 
to list the names of y aude acts instead of using ,merely Vaudej to denote 
the: stage sho^y ;Included .turhsr : 

Sp it Avias suggestPd to Pat that since he did .wish to make the titles 
of tiie Christie shorts Icnowtt and sih.Ce Variety went to yaudfiim houses 
playing "shprts as well as niany other' theatres Pat ; knows . not pf* -why 
not advertise? • ' - ' ^ 

So Pat did, ' ' -. . ' 

And that rpugh spot was tivcn 

The Future of the N.V. A. 

It*« not "i'he Pity of the. N. V. A." any more, 
forgotten. But it had a long rim. . - 

That day Is almost 

.The ,N, v.. A|.-6f the future seems to be the thing. Quite an institu* 
tioni for the actor when properly conducted. Arid when npt, not. 

.There. Is. sp rnuch fpr the N; V. A. tb'bvercorne. frpni its -manhandljhf 
of the past. Its riariie is iiaitiPnally known,-- but not any tttp f a vbralily; 
Thiis panhandling, sthtt. In the theatres onp.; day yearly for "the.:. p'^of 
yaudpyllle aetbrV' -was-d'eadiy-^ .' ■ ' - 

..That rnust >b0 forgottcjii} ^,The personal publicity theft of the Ni -V. 'A'-s. 
good: name is prie. P4 , the thingS; to be overconiei\ , AJ.thpugh tliat Hoed -not 
concern the;, ictor-memb.fri^ Pf the N.** V..: A.; sp much, -ias., .long as . lh». 
.N. V; A. is. an' fictor's,'d ho^^^^ V- . - '; . 

.; In the new layout the N. V. A^-lpoks bktiy. "Thfji'e's/Sinc^rity to it liow. 
Variety- actors, slipuld have an, organization. It shbuld ^ be their- club, 
and th^sir cburt,^ as the N. V. -A/ Is intended, to bo. ; That: Elves tlveiu: 
everything — excepting wbrlc. . . . ; 

Silt, in -the well cbnducfod club, prgariized iind bpoi-ated- litce tlie ;N.- v.. 
A., with nb -member bui'n in g^^^ up througli oppression pi* mi.streatniiont hy. ' 
the club itspif/:tiie discontehtn\ent,/bf. the-.lay off -is not apt tp carry tiuv. 

As an institution - pf- thc^ variety - business, now -9 S- per cent of Anit|f - 
ica's shovv-dpm,. file N..- V. A^ foirward, to lie. the, repi\osentati"vo 

ahd the home, of its people; tp mean sorh^'thihg tb tlid actbri, that; hp cart,, 
respect, albng with his.; profession, and something 'Just .as ..niuch to tlj* 
.rtianager who wants tiie' actor to .liaive . resjpect ,an,d be rospectod.. Tor , 
the standing: of the- shb.vv business, with all, vpf the pii^ 


The N, :V,: A. .can, b'e.a regulator, of tiie.'a'?tbr. for it is'bf actor,, 
can bje: a r(jgulato.r of -thb inanager in his dealings, wit 
its ma^irt purpose, taking- biairie of :tiie actor when ill or unable to act,- if 
the actor, heeds either, is the \great goal* : • ■ '. 

. To be f pee . frbijv. agita^^^ frpm. iriterfbrence, to ,,bc. run .by - tho 

actbr_ for .the vactor,^: to be his guardfan oi-'' guid.e If ne^^^ tb hay* 

thie actpr; believb: he is the N; V*, A.,, to ^accept it and ;lopk; upon it a-V^a; 
.hayeh, ..and tp bp satisfied. -With it,: whether a star or a ribvice,; WiH mako 
thfe ideal ' N. V. A.:>and the- ac.tpr's :§^^ 

T© accomplish all of tl»Is, the- actpr muist have- faith .'and. help? He 
must believe there is pne place , he can 'go to that Is. on the : level .arid 
■that piace h.e must believe is the N. Y.; A, - >,For, thbs.e now in .charge of 
the i^^ V- A., niust make such a plic.e >yithln it: they:.^^ the 
actor beiievie by m,Tilcing tlie N. V. Av on ithe, level, something It .heyer 
before has .been from the -day it was. illegitimately born. ' • 

; The; N»" V. Ani- is a necessary part ,of , the variety j^r-bfos^ .. There is 
no charity cprinected -,^vith ..the N. V. A., . ijlte; wb^ should 
never be uttered iii , the clabhbuse, in Saranac, in a theatre or any other 
i)lace. The N. V.; A. never . did and n^A'pr can do ^ahy ehjarityt .It; has , 
done arid can only dp for the actor needing, it -what that actor is entitled., 
to. Any actor of repute (npt r.phut,at.iPri ,6r.renPWn) iri the variety, field 
reaching a point .where Ire siibiild be care of by -th hb haiij 

graced, shPuld be taken care of by that business, not thrpugh parihandlinff 
poverty.- up; arid down theatre aisles with : a hoit. but! f rorii a . business that 
can support arid . .will suppbrt It^! ppople, whether unfprtunate in thei 
office or on- a stage. . 

'In the new officers of the -N. V. A. is tbe piibt ligh v • Tliby are aptprs, 
of and with the actors, and the N. V. A. is a truly actor's organization 
at last. '.;•' 

. Freelance members bf^ Fox's "In Old Arizona" were elated when called 
back tO: the studio to make a silent version of the picture. Anticipated, 
several weeks work. 

All reported, -went through a fast day !s shooting arid iri the evening 
-were told that was all. Only scenes retaken were thpse which pouldn't 
possibly bo lifted from the talking version^ 

. StealTiship Arizona made the trip 
f rprii ; NeW Yprlc to - Liveriiool. in- '7 
days, 8 hpurs and 8 miriutos, desr 
ci^>d as: fast, going. ." 

• ' Mark "rvvain. was leaving the 
-rcpritineht after four month.s in 
-Paris Belgiurii and HolLlnd, prepara- 
tory to sailing for home -where ho 
would publish an account of h'ls 
: travels (apparently "innocents 
Abroad''. Was in the. making)., -; 

. Bernhardt was on the »ve of an 
American, tour for \vhich .she would 
receive $600 a perfbrmanpc, besides 
living expenses of $20 a day w'hcther 
she. appeared" or not. 

Project was on to build an elab- 
orate all-year casino at 'Coney 
island with two 200 -foot, swimming 

, Buying up unplayed dates of tiie existing prpduction Is one bf the 
troubles that go with tcinaking a picture be_cause of. spund. Pictures 
oh the market three years, and, jbngcf' iii foreign cpuntriQS, have beeri 
found with as ;many . as 50 play dates yet; Qutstand ': 

It is neces-sary ,to conciliate the renters, usually :accpmpli:shed bjr re- 
turning th<?-:dopasitand.' canceling :the bbbking, before tbe studio- deems: 
it safe, to gp ahead with the. ne.\V version? One -large plant estimates 
the average cbijt of buying up unplayed dates to be $7,500. - 

. ; Jveith's theatres have shown a, profit over the- suntmcr period. Last 
week the net is sa id tp '■■ liaivb been $225,000. , Weelc before it. was $1(50,0,00, 
and .runnin^r near -:tb.a iTiilllon' fbr'-lS^^^ 

' ' Fpr 12 . wop.ks Iveith's .charges off -nb : rent. The .Keith annual 
rental for nearly all houses is charged off. pn';the 'bld-istyie "s^ 
40; weeks.: "That in the .days -vvhen the theatres .were not open in the 
hpt woatlvor 'and left tbem frcp bf rento.1 overhead when idle. „ 

. Just Avh.'it tiio rent amounts, to for all of the Keith, (and Orpheum) 
houses isn't known. It is said the weekly Keith Pverhead (Radio Pic- 
tures not included) lias been: $175,000 this surei;mer." With Labor- i)ay 
the rent charge goes on again, . ■■ - 

Keith theatres of late have been getting a Ijctter picture break, -with 
the talkers given, the entire ' erbdit fpr the increased 'buainess pver other 
.summers, although a decreased expense, in the houses may have aided 
on the profit side. 

Exploitation in Brooklyn "vi^as -big oh "The Cock Eyed World" at the 


One Rr(>;U t\vo cnlmnn ad read: "Good bye Broadway— Hello Brooklyn- 
Wo'ro ?.iiiVing,oy«n' Wit^ Our Whole Outfit of Gags, Dames arid Deep 
Bolly l..iiuhnis,'' C'.ut showed Flagg and Quirt grabbing the dame around 
rather intlmati'ly. at the ,^ame time. Other two cblurnn laybut showed 
these- two marlne.s saying: "Hey, Brooklyn, we'-v'e left the front lines 
to fondle tiie . . . of the Swellest set of dames a guy -ever 
Ipved at one time. You'll be a\s neck if you pass up thi.s chance 
to laugh yourself goofy when our little, bedtime story begins on Satur- 
day. Faithfully yours .but not to each other, Flagg arid .Quirt." 
Ads 'receivod quite a big hand here and much tullccd aboUL 

Fitst time in -many /inbriths . that .the; cops had; tb be called Put .to 'qiiell 
cnibr.yonic riots. In front of the Fox. when "Cock .Eyed World" bpenel 
Satui day, Nothing like this in a long while aroUnd here. 

Stand-by equipment for prpjeGtion bf ..talkers soerns to • haive- beeBii 
discussed i)y tivbsc,- interested in; exhibitipn,' iand then forgotten. Sbm.i 
say it is gro-wing tb ,be a .mbre.-impbrtapt subject daiiy. •; Even- in ths 
keys, when ah .equipmerit - bre'aic. .dpW^n . occurs, tiiere • is no immediatft 
remedy at hand. In the Smaller places the .breait in sbiind proj[ectipn ;maf 
haye to be repaired through phone call or new parts sent by air plane. 
. It' is claimed that an emergency, projector could be rigged up fof 
around $4,000 through the soUnd portion being added onto' the regula- 
tion projecting machine, 'giv:irig anotiier , machine In the booth as th* 
stand by. T,he more thoughtful say this is. a . necessary Insurance to 
proper running and the requirements of an audience. The audience en4 . 
seems to engage the most attention, inasmuch as a break in the project,- 
tion, even- with a refund folipwing, still leaves dissatisfied patrons witU 
a ruined evening. 

Resultant loss . bf patronage and gbbd , will for the house, are "said t« 
be important factors of the entire phase. - 

A long time ago Georgie Jpssel wbrk'ed for Gus Edwards: Godrge hai 
tp do a number In the act with a girl,: and the frail was .:fraiT. .So: 
youiig. Jessel registered a squawk. Edwards suggested a couple of othe>r 
•girls in the; turn, but (Seorge held but; -WTalicin^ 

street -while talivihg it ;over Gus finally said,- "AH right, youngSter.vyou'ra . 
so smart, pick, your, 'bW'ri pavtner.'V vTliey/ happened to he <. passing, a 
hotel and George, lopiiing through the glass: froritf spPtted 'a girl r 

1)1.3 head. : Tliey .proffered another name, ' iarid. George kept on ^ shaklngi 
Sp. .they also, said, "Pick ybur own*'— and Georee picked Lila Lee. 
■ Reads like ;a press yarn;and ityi^^ 

Typical' attitUde: bf ' the produceirs. since, the ' Equity thing; was that 
shown by the .heald of one- bf 'the big . studios. When, the castiriig- of a pic- 
ture was being discussd. '--/:,■•.- . ' ■-.'. - 

,. Name ; of a-', character man, one of Equity's torchbearers. ivas sug« 
gested.. ,:"Sprid' for hitri," said- the producer. "But,'* .'protested ;aipther/. 
'.'ho was amPng' the fnPst active .Iri thb Equity, fight" • ''"VV'hat I:qu^ly - 
:f]ghtr' aiskod the producer, ,''Sign^hihi,'* ■ . 

. : UniCormity pf, the v^ido filni for, the ' wide .screen has been taliced oU 
it i.s-said, by ^s'orne bf the prbduoors who^soe tliiis as the future ill mi ng. 
At present the. wide :fi:ihi is of three diffoVrit sizes. Whicli size SviH be , 
ultimately, adopted ha? not been settled upon, " • 

Nor is there much talk about tor guide, the date when tho wide screen 
will go into ihore. general usee A eo .uiiijEL.;of_.t;he_clmin.s^are^said_to_I)^^ 
striving to install a .«iupply. without thov screens having, been tnade a^j 
yet froni the accPunts. 

Technirplor is preparing for ii natipnrtl- publicity campaign reaching 
to $1,500,000. A New Yprk advertising agency is handling it. 
, Just what Technlcolpr's objective Is Ish't anhouricpd, nor has th(» 
campalgri itself been nientipriod.. Technicolor, with its stock leapinj? 
from 5 to 85 since the talker- arrived, has beeri thought to be up to its full, 
capacity. A recent report from the coast stated Technicolor has 3.i 
cameras uiixl witft ari order filed to increase the riuniber -to 100. 

Wednesday* September 4, 1929 





Last We^k*» EquUy Mi^elirig 
Reported to H 
Undivulsed. Inside Stuff—-' 
Artti-Gillmore Qroup ; (i>i^ 
Coast INflarking Time 


Sunday Kite's Specials 

■; A .SuiVduy Ex^ 
Theatre i-k': 'a.-.r\Q\v little thcittre 
, venture :boihfT^ . proiiioted . by - 
Myron :E;; .Sattlor; • director .o£ 
the 92d^trect.Y;;3J^-H^^ 

' -Tfileritttl : lobai . tale^^ Ms. 
isi)ecially ■.invited ,by ' Sattler ■ *Q 
join :;his efro'up,' headquartered 
at 3CI3 Leiinston avcnuci 

Frank (Billmore' . fs saic< to have 
been put on a spot before Equity's 
Coifiicir at. its meeting :last week, 
the first held aft6r GrIlrTipre's 
abandonment 6f ' HbjiyWobd to \the 
picture producers. .The spot is said 
to have been set by Lawrence 
Grapti member fronii the coiast and 
' repr^senti ng . the . a riti G i II more 
groiip in Etiuity out there. 
^ Giilmore is. reported ta have re- 
plied to Grant's ari'aignment of him 
to the council that he. would short- 
ly submit a report on the Equity 
coast fiasco. ;. Follo>iying that state- 
ment, thie dozen ; or so council mehi- 
bers presient !dtcf not ipii-ess qu^s^ 

: The 'Equity's CouPGil meeting oc. 
cupicd . about . four: .hours, with 
Grant's fireworks the, big thi^S' 
. though £ov the public an aonounce- 
■ment Nvas issued tiia.t Jack Dempsey 
had been suspended, resulting f rpin" 
the Equity Hollywood affaiir. 
. At the same meeting and foJlpw- 
ihg- erant, jetta ,(>Oudai i a: said to 
have presented a. petition of . prp- 
; Qilimore niember-v • Ayhitewashitig 
hini- for. Ilolly wood/ v. Grant , is said 
to; haVe answered :with . the rexnark; 
hie could secure artother list' of sigT 
. natures, with three to . one against 
■ Gillnibre .over the Goudai . names, 
~ ■ . Miss Goudar is reported to have 
admitted > possibility of Grant 
making good on his assertion. 

.The coiincil is reported to have 
beea f greatly . surprised by 
veheniente iiid . Irif brmation of the~ 
Grant -reaid letter ! to "it. Gillmore, 
attacked in it, is quoted as replying, 
referring to Grant,; .and : declai*ing 
the statements wiere ' brought about 
.. by a personal itni.mus; . 

"This man has hiited pie for 
years;"' . 

. . Nothing Given Out 

Nptbintr on the internal matter of 
Equity has been given out, nor has 
Grant or the group of Etiui ty niym 
bers he represents ann<)unced any 
. liaft of the Grant statement to the 
council, either in Kcw York or in 

In New York it is. i"epOrtc^'that 
neither William Canavan, the* st£ii,'c 
hands' head, nor Joijoph N. Wcbct-, 
of the musicians, was consulted by. 
: GiUmore. before the Equity lircs- 
iilent Ifeft for. the. early in 
June. The first in timatiPn had by 
the' labor leaders Gillmore knew lu> 
-. \vGuld :hav6. to crtll upon at. a show 
. down of the Equity rnoverhcht was 
the press annouTiccni^nt' given out 
by .Giilmbre the day beCdre; l^ciuity's 
nb-studio-contract ord.fcr.' -went into 
effect;: JuTife 5'.. V '' . :'. • ' . 

A part of the .'Grant statennoht 
. is -said to have ..been tba^^^ Giilnjbre, 
while actiye in opei'ation in.HoUV- 
. ;w'bod and' with' a . layout, that ' I6'dke<;l 
. . riiore .like a ljatU6 array than a prc- 
lihiirtai-y, failed' to'^ive .heed to or 
follow any suggestion 'by his 
.eoaiit . ?idvlspi;y board tlifit . di,d n^.t 
. moot .with Gillmore's perwpnal view 
.. of ; the subjftot- under discvission.: 
There i.'> ho information as to the 
future attitude, of Ciinavan .Jind 
Wobcr tcuvard (Villnrore in his 
..Htiliyxvood; ambition. ' . 

• . Gillmore left ;ITc)lly wood. with, a 
T>romise to i-(?f lirn for a renewal of 
his hcipos in tiie pif-fUre niivking 
tifld. 'ro. roturn without a pl^^^^^ 
■ ^'''^ ^t healriciir unions ivPuld 

r~"T?'Tivc r:iiirnf>r(!, ifr^^ST po.«sf))l'srTrronf 
' (lill'MMih.: pa.Hitian'. thiin h*' found him- 
^"■•If on 'the .late -trip, . ' 

KdUiiyV.s Council liiid its soeond 
?-"' ssiou : y.ostprdiiy ■; Tuiwday ) • sin(;e 
.<lilliniirr'"s roluvn. It Wii.s . stated mi 
<'"aKt collapse \vas to be looked for 
iintil tho details had been diprested. 
'I'll fi matter of suspension,* t«till Is 
a leading problem. 'While there 


Klilwaukee, Septi 3; : 
Margiret Anglin w'ent up-stage 
here late last week, w.hijn about tp; 
bperi in "A Woman of .KrPn^e". for 
the I>avidson; stock, starting Sqn;^ 
day. ; She , sent an ultimatunri .to 
Mack and liroWni the s t pc.k • rrian- 
agers, either, the' cpThpany; • AVPivid 
haver to conie to Tver hotel to te- 
.hearse-.or else...: ' ■" .. '■ 

it \vas or else i.iTimediateiy. I^?a^ 
bel. Randolph >vas . brought, p 
Chicagp: by- pla^h.b/; learned : the rolo 
over: night, and ; ppehed' S.und.ay; She 
is a f avpr i te here, hiiv in g p re v ipu sly 
a pneared With the stock. 

. A .flg:ht between Mai'tin ; Llooney, 
cp'-authoi: .'with / Thoma.«j' IJurtis pf 
•'Sis,ter.s of. the Chorus," . a:hd L.buis. 
■Safi.ftni prbduGer; oyer play owner- 
ship;: took a moro;.. la-st 
weoi< When . .Saiian filed . .counter 
charges aga inst ■ Mbbh.ey . w.itli . the 
Dramiitists* ..Guild in. defense of the 
laUer's attempt to ireolaim. ri'g^ to 
'the -show;. ■ ; • • ■ .. ' 

Mooney jjetitipned Safiah to show, why the rights of "Sisters" 
should not -revert to himself and 
obllabPratPr tp'bc decided by; Drani 
afist Guild arbitration with, Safian. 
Vhrpugh his. attorney,. TheodbrG 
I.,Csspr, retaliating with ■ countei* 
chargcis demanding Mpbney's .. dis 
ihiss'ai frp'm the Dramatists' Guild 
upon allegation that Mooney engi 
neered liolice interference which 
•slPugile(l • --the production after its 
premip^:e at ,;the ; Windsor, .Bronx, 
soiiie weeks. a'go. The cpmpiaiht al 
leges - ■ Mooney . phoned the IBrbnx 
bistrict Attbrhey working as anon- 
ymous; ,6pnrplainant and was re 
sponsible for the follow- tip. pinch. 

Mbbney has amended former coni- 
plaint /to . reclaim the ' show ■ with 
blanket denial of Safian's charges, 
also .claiming that neither he or 
Burt is . h&d received rpy allies due 
The rnatter will be arbitralted next 

weeki • , 

•Mboriey is rrepprted after play as 
he has aliother -producer ..ready to 
reproduce it. . . • ' ; 


Miss Ahglin had differences -WitTT Mack, ; tlie ^company's direo' 
tor, It - was thc'n she refused ' to 
conic to tlie theatre for' final .I'criour.-^ 

sals.^ '--y. ' '-v..''^ -.' '■. ■■ '■■•• 

It is said the.stpck's matla^^emen.t 
will prefer a- chai-ge ;;vitii.;:Eqiiit y 
.against Miss'-Anglin. -- ■ •',, 


Zibkfeld .was. feeling gbod 
;abput : Eddie : Cfthtpi-'s . terrific- 
niat iriess . buSi n ess w ith "Whbo- 
pee.'' . Upward of aOQ : standees 
turninpf' but .reguliarly.,.. • 
Jiiggy' wa nted tb knb w:: 
VI don't knbw \vhp's the draWr: 
whether it's , Cantor : or Ziieg- 

•: Eddic^^rei)lied.: ,-. 

•'■Well, 'yoU; saw wh.di hap- 
ijeried Avith .'Shb\v Girl.' " 

\ lyfinheapbUs, Septv 3.; ; 

St. -Paul . civic Ibdderd ;are de- 
termined that St. I^aul shall . no 
longer 'i)e'.-knb\yn a;s: "a poor sWpw. 
town" .and: ;that . the flesh and bloPd 
spoken drama: shall no longer Tvaht 
for support there.. ; : . •. 

iThey haive organized all the civic, 
and commercial bodies of' the pity 
into 'an Pi'S'T-nizatibn which 'wil.l de- 
vote' its. efforts tb. enlisting siippbrt 
fb.r the, drama throughout tlie eri- 
-ttre-fteXy— gea-Sbny 


I'tiui Griringer's' alleged attempt 
to e'iscanc EqiVily's alien actor regu 
liitiDiis hois been, apparently nipped, 
sifter . (■Jvuinger'.s protest against 
alien actor classification t\yo' weeks 

ago. . ...■'■■ 

Grain.gor signed for a road co. o£ 
"Joui-ney's lOiui" two weeks ago. 
ICquity'.s checkup fPund him on the of visiting English actors^ When 
questioned he cinim'ed .that although 
he iiad .appeared in productions 
abrPrul Iris fi' wiis a liaturalized 
"American.' citizen inul therefore he 
shuuld be regai'iled ii.s such. Equity 
d'eniahdod prpof and w.hen not forth 
CoiuinK notilied Gilbert MilU-r that 
Gi-'aiJiseuV'^V(iuld''ii:iye tp;;be replx^^^ 

.. ;.A1 Jfolson: stiu-ts a . -vv-oVld'-i con- 
cert tour next wintet-, under Wil- 
liam- .Morris' dit'ection, with ; BiHv 
Grady: of the .Morri.s; ofncc- :to ac- 
cpmpany him' and handle all. busi- 
ness details en route. ; Mrs., Jplsori 
(Rii^^y Keeler) will, of cours:e.. ; also 
be along and may contributii a por- 
tion of the "Pne ma^" -show,; 

The tour -starts in the mislwest 
in February, followed, by .t cpuplo 
of concerts - in. Florida, and fi om 
there. ;either to' London or .Australia 
as starting points ' round the W«n ld. 
In Albert Hiall, London, a . $lO' lop 
will be charged .and it is. expected. 

Suppbi-ting -': tialent ' will , be re- 
cruited in big ..cities like London 
or in. the Antipodes, but; in whe far 
eastei-n \ cbdhtriesf, : isuch as. India, 
China, Ja:pan, ::tKe. Phjllipines, etc 
Joison Will do a single. 

The ti'^'niendous sales pf. .To'isou s 
Brunswick recordings of fho "Shi',f 
ihg Pool" picture spngs gave: him 
|.the idea for - the .'tour, .that Vjeiug 
the first strong indication of his 
international r«p. In far-pff trad- 
ing posts, igeneral stoi-es, etc., the 
prop phohograpii .has been vised to 
demonstrate only . Jolson's , 
this being merely . a local servi-e to 
, the natives who went strong, for 
I the mammy singer's "canned" dit- 
ties. In some of the countries with 
wired theatres, Jol.sOn is eq'i.illy 
known in those spots.- from bis 
talking pictures. 

'^IIci- Friend the .King,"- : starring- 
WiniaiTi Fayer»ha.m, came.\yithin^^^a^ 
ace . of Jb'^lbw in reheiirsal laiat 
week when Equity, demanded better 
secufily than that proffered by .Mor- 
gensterii' and. Shprt, producers, : 

Result was a break between Mor- 
ganstern and Short with the latter 
taking over . the productip-n and 
promising :; tb , plaocL N'seeyrity, ' al- 
fhousrh it is .figured frbrn :9.ther an- 
gles ^that^ the cast may waive to 
permit ■ play's .opening ^it Asbury 
Pai-k, ' N. J... .next we^k • '(Sept. " 9) 
Short has .propositioned the cist, to 
waiive. if '. unable tb interest enough 
coin for the Equity bond. . 

if thi.s one folds, it will be the 
secorid bust this ..season for Mpr- 
genstern and Short, the other a re 
viva! bf "A Temperance Town." It 
folded . after two weeks' 'trial and 
w'ith . cast -. pa id off from Equity's 

After hearing! addresses: at. a 
meeting last, week on . the impbr- 
tance of a theatre to the city,. 100 of 
thbSe leaders pledged tiieniselVes to 
attend at least once, each ' -iVeek 
some offering pf the legitiriiate 
stage..; ::' ■ - .''^^-'' --^ 

The civic leaders promi.sed tb ask 
the niembcrs. of the. organizations 
they represent to pledge themselves 
to suRP'prt the living drama. 

"There, are. two spoken' drama 
houses'; in .St. Paiil— Metr.opolltJin, ' 
playing road shows, and the Presi- 
dent with a stpck cpntipany. . Both 
did pporly. last season. 

Phoney Solicitalkm 
Equity Funds on Coa$ 

. "...•'■ ;'■ -' ;■; .. '■ • : . ' 

. . . . ; Hollyvvb^ 

Another racket is an .aftermath, bf 
the Eqiiity -fight. ; Equity headquar- 
ters ha,s received numerous cpm- 
plnint.'^ .that a group , of ppbple arc 
solibiting funds in the name of the 
Public Safety Committee of Equity, 
siu wing printed cards to prove tLo 
coivucctiPn. . 

To slop the gra:ff, Charles Miller, 
coast representative of Equity, Is 
broadcasting that Equity i.s not :so-- 
liciting funds for any' purpose what- 
soever at the present time. 


"The , Npble ilogue" closed at the 
Gansevoort, Greenwich : Village, last 
\yee.k. with : producers still hopeful.. 
Pf putting over: the- downtown play- 
house.. : ■ •. 

A . new one was. imrtiediately 
tossed in. rehearsal, "Comedy . of 
Women," due tb bPW in next .week. 
( Sept. 9 ) : . with Theresa M axwel 1 
Conbvcr, Jean Dowries, Jane Allyni. 
Ruth Fallows,: fithei Allen, >Lv=i^** 
King, Leslie l^eacock and Elizabeth 
Day,:' - '^ : ; ■ :.■ ' 

The downtown house, was badly 
hit thrPugh ' inability' to 'carry out 
its playhouse and cabaret idea when : 
the Fire .Department stepped In the 
opening night,' .and slapped viola- 
tions on the upstairscabarbti 
:' ''Noble Rogue" did indifferent' 
: business with cast naid for both pt 
its two weeks from money posted 
at . Equity. Fresh .security cover- 
ing, two weeks' .salary now up for 
new show. 

aj-;^ jO 'pOoiiic- on .iljc ■Ci«ii:rv<;i:l,'.nitihy 
ai'c out :of Jtdw'n' aiid some...:are . on; 
the' coast.. \ 

' • '.JNb.'TalW j5n Coast :'^ ; 
'v. ■ .' '^Los Angeles;. S"Pt"'.l; 
<-"'LiiU-o'- is;. i)(-ard ubput .aS' a re-. 
i)i>und ■ of t!k.:K<iuity ■ cOrr^tl 
the' .studio acting forc'es.' .:■.,' .' 

The .ai.i.ti*Gil|morc, tAihOh of 
E.iuity-..nveniiier.f, containing prom- 
inent'u'-s, is . awaiting any but- 
t'lonvo in Xe>v :Yo.rk,' fr.orh: the story; 
Tlvc: anli-Gillmorcs, it'is believed, 
h.ave decided to say notivirig until 
some detVnite . re.«ii]t..,. comes :, fryna 
^''ew Ybi-k. ■ .'Should tb;it be- iiieiong 
•\vitlirn..a reiis()ii;ii>1e timo: they art> 

apt --to -talk; ■' ■■. ■•: 
^. Lawrence (li^ant, of tlii-: looal ad- 
visory lioard Cor':(Ul.hnnr« whftii go- 
ing through, tin;.- .sti-u.ugle Ikto : dur- 
=tn^nm?^vre(:-"Til pnTHT?=rFf=^t=l«-^i ™-= 
mer; went by rail' and X'-w 
York, returning by the .s..!hi.e -nu)iN: 
of travel.- .N()llvlng Is kunwn. 1i'T<v 
Of Grant's mission to nT-P'-fi" *''^.f'.""''. 
Equity's Council in '.Vew V()rk, oili- r 
than iie acted as the rfprr'sentative: 
of the anti-groiip and placed a re- 
port of the lOqnity fiiihire on the 
<?oa3t before the. cottncil. / - 

Burnside Spec Closed 

Atlantlc City, Sept. 3. 
"Here and There," produced by 
B. H. Burn.side at the civic Audi-: 
torlimi for this city, closed Satur-: 
day riight. That winds up the show. 
It had been reported headed for 
Boston and; later for New Tork; 

First local closing date was given 
out as Sept. 20, then moved to Sept. 
7, -w-ith the ^Saturday shutting done 


In the immense atiditoriumi seat- 
in g arP li n'd : SPVOO (), ' tli c.. or d i nar y "at"^' . 
tenda nce^ for a stage show . was lost, 
VYith even 7;000 people in the place 
it looked: bare; .■■ 

. Atlantic City furnlshei^ an: Etjuity 
bond; of $o0,b00 to ensure the . sal- 
aries. of. the cas.t. - . 

Ilntife" - cast ■ bf : ShuberOs "Night. 
rh.,A'e'nl(;C\'' , c,i.irr<.:n't at , the Sh'u'bert, 
lias: aecopted a: .salary .ciit t'r>i^ 

balanirc of . the^ run. '..-.■.,' . • 

1 {.us in (■««>- off. . .■ . : .' '' 


. : ^ ; 'i\ . City, Kf-r)t,i 3. 
.'Ti;i vnioVid Ilitchepck is a. " patient . 
iU I.t.' Si'.'.irfli<i:t!i] in this .city 
iiiidiTi.'oir.^r tr' •■ii'ii.ent ■■ for . lif.irt 

1 trovilii' .aiiil 


Voice of, Firestone 

;(' to .r*r.:,st .: \v')-;.\ • 

• .iTid ' 

iixcl usi vt> Victor J leVw ,ri) i nj; A ri ist 

in: ( ■ol"i'*ailii .'.^i'i-in -. ■ f'>r a n-imi- r 
111' Ayi-t i-'H, f'iit til'- iiiv.-J-i ;.liiiu<l«: did 
. ri'-t - ;i;m-i I- V. ith liisn. Kii r'.uto to 
j'Cliic'it'o. ri l!(.;irt . iiiLi'-k'- i;"<-essi- 
I i;i1('fl l,i,-; !fi.>i>i.t:-. 1 1) i !.i>v I'iCil hos-r 

Plr. :.ii .• ■;iy 1; i..— )■• ■ .-' ist corir 
1 ditioxi i.-* I*ot daiigeious. 




Wednesday/ September 4, 1929 


riQ Ziegfcld appears undotermlnecl 
as to the start pf his production of 
"Ming . Toy," the ^'East. Is' West" 
musical. Its Score is reported writ- 
ten.^ ■ ,'■'[ 

•Ziggy's . "Show Qirl'V at . the Zicg- 
feld is no smash, suggesting aii early 
successor' If an outside attraction 
Is not to; be sent into that house. 

•/Despite this, Zlggy has notified 
talent under, contract to start Sept. 
15 to defer . the date or . seek ^^h-, 
gagemeht elsewhere. : Pne of the 
actors contracted, is Jack Donahue, 
who has accepted the.: high, .spot iP 
the flew, Bobby Connolly show^ ".Tin 
Hats," It will get into action around 

oct.i. _ - 

' A report has ibeen that another 
show, othei: thah a ZiWfeld prbduc- 
tl6n will follow Zieggy's "Whoopiee" 
into the Anrtsterdam. "Whoopee,", 
.with Eddie Can tor, .did a: tremen- 
dous coiinie-back fojld^'lhgltis, three 
weeks' lay o jff in July, hav ing, ..l ed 
the Jirpadw'ay. .11 eTC~.Tfr~"ipp gross 
since reopehiiig. - It Is expected! .to 
remain at th6 Amsterdam until at Nov. 1, ; 

No date ha,?.; been set f6r the de- 
parture, of ' -Show Girl''; from the 
2iegf9ld. It's ■ hardly doing enough 
at present .to hold In. For the past 
isouple of weeks "Show Girl" got 
barely over $26,00,0 In. a ■ house that 
can do $63,000. " 

Ciiange of femme lead f t-pm Ruby 
Keeier to Dorothy Stone failed to 
assist the b. 6,, "Show <iirl" : will 
likely igro to .the rpadj as It was a 
Btrongei* hit when playing fpr two 
weeks in Bostoh before opening, in 
New York than- it; has beert at the 
Zlegfeld. ■■ 


Miller TKeiltre C)iaiiges 

-^ temporary change in the hbuse 
sltfff pf Henry .Miller's was or- 
dered because of legal technicali- 
ties relating to: the dissolution of 
the E & M Cprppratiph,; operating 
the house. ' ' 

iibdewlck Vroprti Is in : charge, 
replacing Ollie Alger. Willie 
Harris of the Empire replaced 
Louis Ohlms in. the box office. 

It Is understood the staff will be 
re-engaged upon the return of 
CfUbert Miller frem LPhdon this 
moiith. The 'theatre Is now con^ 
trolled In total by Miller. The 
lease of the corpdratlpii in which 
A. L. Erlanger . was ., a . party ex- 
pired Sept. ;1, the term for five 
years was entered Into after the 
death of the elder Miller. ; 

Duffy Vetoes Himself 

. San FrahclscOj Sept. 3. 
After picking the original cast for 
"Cooking Her Goose," premiered at 
his Alcazar here, Henry Duffy, dur- 
ing the third .week oif its: run, sat 
through a p.erfornianice and then 
Btartedi giving out two weeksV no- 

Nydia Westmah,; leading womati, 
was not replaced; neither was Lep 
Llndhard, who plays a detective 
part. Jason Robards^ male lead, 
was replaced by Irving Mitchell. 
Dickson Morgan was brought in to 
brush up the production, which had 
been orlginaliy staged by Ferdinand 
Munler, the regular Duffy director. 

Duffy Is planning to do "Cooking 
Her Goose" In New York aifter Its 
coast, runs. 

wpoips TOui 

Hoilywpod, Sept. 3. 
Having finished "Golden Dawn" 
for Warners, Walter ."V^oolf leaves 
here tomorrow. (Wednesday) for the 
east. . 

Wpolf resumes in "The Ri^d Rpbe" 
: itShuberts) starting a road tour t6 
tiiei Coast at /Syracuse, N. Y., Sept: 
12. Troupe conies in here from 
Texas during December. . . 


. ^ Brldgepd^ 
©arry C*. Blaney, 2d, theatrical 
ihanager, has brpught suit fpr a 
divorde from Marion «Melrose 
Blaney. . 

'., Tlie Blaneys were, married iii 
.March, 1922, and Blahey alleges 
.desertion since June . 1,1923. 

■ ■'.'^'■Reb orri""'at'^Lyceum ~ 
. "Reborn," starring Glenn Pluhter 
'ftnd produced by Murray J^hlllips, 
will open at Ford's, Baltimore, Sept. 

Two weeks later it will steer into 
the. Lyceum, New York, as sup- 
planter to "Freddy," also produced 
by iPhililps, which at that tim,e will 
be ^hlppad to Boston. 

^ " 

Add the following to the collec- 
tion of anecdotes about the pro- 
ducer who thrives on aggravation; 
who tortures himself with needless 
difflcuitios; who. wouldn't be liappy 
if he could not feel, th-at each mem- 
ber of his cast was personally. doing 
his utmost to. make the ishdw a Hop. 

Call him Joe i?r6(iucer, -He's a 
dynamo. He's dynanvite: just be- 
fore a preniiere. 

It happened at . the opening night 
out of town. The cornet player 
hadn't : been delivering his. .-"wah- 
wahs" up to standard, the chdrus 
woric had been "Iptisy." Acccrding 
tp :Jpe, 'unless everyone, came 
through 100% at. thp opening, he'd 
close tthe show. ' 

Afore- mentioned . eornetist h a d 
been the subject of most, of ' the 
abuse. Popr guy . meaht Well and; 
blew well,, but was -just the patsy. 
Immediately 'bef pre' pverture, the 
producer ■ summoned his orchestria 
ball coach whose team has just 
muffed the first half. .; 

:He called; thein everything. Then 
he cklled thenl to order and shoved 
them into the pit. Particularly, he 
addressed the cprnetlst, ; 

"Listen, to mfe, you guyi" he ciar- 
ioned.; "You neyier played a good 
show in your i life. ' But; you're gbing 
to tonight, d'ya hear? .Or ouit ypu 
go— and j ■ dori' t meian two weeks'^ 
hptlce!.".; ';.■.' , ''^ -.' 

The trembling .ciprhetlst followed 
his brethren . into the pit.. . 

Curtain . .up. ^' Cast doing its 
darridest. Orchestra ditto. 

But soon enough, •. the bunch of 
nervies that Nature made •into a 
producer bobbed up In. the pit, 
grasped the baton from tiig startled 
conductor iand froin then . oh his 
wild . conducting made It practically 
inappssible fpr, anyone sitting in the 
first five rows to see what was .hap- 
pening pn the stage.' ■ . 

First act. pyer. Big applause. A 
great perfprinance, including the 
cprnetist's^ Jpe PrpdUcer ' rushed 
backrStagiB, called fpr a fresh shirty 
and cellar and stood at the entrance 
waiting for the musicians to file butv! 

. Cams thie eornetist. 

Joe Producer swooped" down .bn 
him, murder In his eye. 

"Listen, , you miig," grabbing thfe 
eornetist, llmp^ from expellent .musi- 
cal endeavor, .and almost sweeping 
;hlm bff his feet. 

''Listen, you bum eornetist;" Pro-/ 
ducer shouted, "what wa^s^ the mat-^ 
ter with that trombone player ?" 


In "Hit- Bits of 1929" 

■ With Ted Edd^ .i^^^ Band, the 
Seven Haydeh Gloria Girls, Babs 
Day^and-GTrtthsoTr-Jone s a ivd- Elste- 
Elliotl.; Opening R-K-6 route, 
week August 31. 

Keith's . Madisbiii, Brooklyn, and 
K-A, Flushing; L. L ; 

Pirectipn CHA^. H. ALLEN 


Great States Saves Rockford 
: . Ferhmes From Show Biz 

Chicago, Sept. 3. 

The Rockfbrd, III., Women's Club, 
whiiph ventured V into the picture 
business- by eperatlng the little 
Rpckfprd theatre, experienced some 
internal .controversy over Sunday 
showk. It has how disposed of the 
house;, tp" Great States circuit.. 

The circuit Is installing Publix 
Players, dramatic stock trpupe, In 
the house. 

Cast Changes 

Jphn E . Ypung. replaced Lcn 
Haskell, In "Hpld Everything" at 
tiie Broadhufst Monday, at which 
time Helen GUigan replaced Ona 

Jerome Collamore replaces Law- 
rence H. Cecil In "Freddy." 
; Helen Crane has succeeded Adele 
Klaer in "Let Us Be Gay." 

Patricia Barclay, Frank Beaston, 
Arthur Pearson and Edward Van 
Sloan, have replaced Viola Frayne, 
Walter N. Greaza, Percy Helton and 
William B. Mack, respectively, m 
••Reborn." . 


The next of the new Shubert 
productions to go into rehearsal will 
be ."Nina Rosa," mnslcal operetta, 
the joint; W'ork of Signiund Rom- 
berg, Otto Harbach . arid Irving 
Caesar, with GUy ORpbcrstpn and 
Dpn Barclay 'among the principals. 

f'Reborh/V .by Irnia, Kraft, Glenn 
Hunter starred by Murray Phillips,' 
opens, at BaTtjmore. S > 
- Ciist includes <iha.rle3..He^^ 
son, JaV: Muirey, Larry Wood,. Jerry 
bavariaugh, Duncan- Penwarden, 
William Gardner, jerry . .Taiylbr,. 
Charles Ohlmeyer, Edward' Red- 
dlrig, William Janney, Ralph 
Adams, Ejjnice Stoddard, Sanford 
McCauley .and Lott'a Bonner,. 

"Dollars ; and Sex/' by Adeline 
iieltzbach, will reach production 
next month via Louis Isqiiith. Cast- 
ing, and due for : rehearsal next 
week. , 

Edgar Selwyn has the American 
stage • riehts . to ''Other Men's 
Wives," by Walter Hacltett, cur- 
rent in London. . 
""'•FiTmfly tAffaif s;*^ 
tano . and Earl . . ,Crbcker, . with 
Blanche Ring nientipned as . pre-: 
ducer star, goes intb ; rehearsal in 
twp weeks. 

Ralph Rainger and Adam Car- 
roll, songwriters, , will ; author- and 
spbnsor a new rhuslcal, . ''Yes, 
J a riles," jibing in rehearsal In two 

. "Prima Donna/' witH Midge Ken- 
nedy as the star, will be given a 
stock trial in Greemyich, Conni, 
next week. (Sept, 9). Charles Wag-' 
her will produce th0 .Kennedy. slibw 
in New York latter part of October. 

"Jehovah .Joe," tried put last week 
in stpck at GreenwicTi; Cbnn., gpes. in 
rehearsal next week, with James 
Rennie as star. The cast Includes 
Flera Sheffield, Mpffatt,. Johnston. 
J. H. Brewer, Valerie Valaire and 
Georgle Lee Hall. 

It has been decided by Shuberts 
to produce "The Duchess of Chi- 
cago," which is now running in Ber- 

"The Whip Hand," drama, by 
Marjorie Chase and George S. 
Brooks, will be produced by Will- 
iam P. Farns\yorth and Marian . 
Flbrance in November. Edward 
Goodman will direct. 

John Golden has a group bf plays 
for production without , definite 
plans or dates. They are: "Let Us 
Be Good," by Raphel CrotherS; "Salt 
Water," by Dan Jarrett; "When in 
Rome," by John Kilpatrick; "Big 
Six," by Austin Strong; "Thft Brass 
Ring/', by Philip Dunning and Bu- 
ford Armitage; "Eagles and Lrons," 
by Geoffrey Kerr ;"Af ter Tomor- 
row," by Hugh Stange. 


Los Angeles, Sept. 3. 
Looks like the cops just won t 
learn. p!ut of deference to squawlca 
from the blue-nose element the gpn- - 
darroes swpoped down on the Flg- 
ueroa Playhouse last Wednesday- 
night (Aug.. 28) and pinched the 
cast of "Bad Babies" after the -night ' 
performance. Playing to $150 night- 
ly before the raid, the show con- 
tinued the following evening . and 
has been capacity, br close tb it. 
eveir since. In jUiictibn asked to stop 
tiie show was denied, ' 

Reports that the play would . be 
spanked again If . It reopened proved 
unfounded, It , being said that City 
Prosecutor Nix decided to lay off 
after; George Scarborough, author- 
producer, agreed to cut some of the 

On Friday a cut-rate , ticket op- 
erator flooded tlie. town with 6Q-cent 
service passes for. that night's per- 

\yith 'thV^ilfst lO^rows sold out. at^ 
the regular $2,50 scale. Other than 
that the cast must stand arraign- 
ment tomorrow (Wednesday) morn- 
ing, the' ohly. tangible result of the 
raid, as: usual, is a decided b. o. Im- 
petus;"' : . " • . . . .' 

Players . arrested were. ; J'bbyna 
Ralstpn, Arthur Rankin, Mervlna 
Williams, Marjorie ; Montgomery^ 
Norman Peck, Elinor Flynn, An-, 
hette Westbay, Darlp Shindell, 
Frank .Jennings .(stage manager), 
and Scarbprpugh. , - 

The Girl With the Golden Voice 


Keith's Palace, New York, This Week (Aug. 31) 

J'rttna Duiina with George White's Scandals for the Past Four Seasons 

L. A* Assault Trial 

Lbs Angeles, Sept. 3. 
Retrial of Harvey Pierry, George 
Wilson, Edward Welch, and Sam 
Cummings,- actors, on charges oC 
battery arising from their alleged 
attack bh Harry Deck during, the 
i-ecent Etiujty fuss starts toiiioif ow. 
(Wed nesday) before M u n i C; i 'p a' I : 

. Actors are accused of. beating up 
Deck with varibus reasons assigned 
for the attack. : Deck asserts it \i-as 
because he refused te jpin Equity. 
The Pthers iass.ert that.;; he pwes a 
debt. tp pne pf them which he re- 
fuses tc pay. 


Michael Arlen, as a musical 
librettist, will figure this sieaspn 
through . Ma^^ and .Nathaniel Lief 
adapting one of his Mayfalr stories 
for a smart drawing rpom pomedy 
with songs. Dr. Nat Lief, knpwn 
as a theatrical dentist, met Arlen on 
the Continent. 

The lief s. :are doing a musical .for 
the Shuberts and another In . col- 
laboration with Gcpt-ge. AbbPtt, who 
likewise is. debuting . as a boolc 
writer, although he has previously 
written lyrics. 


Cleveland, Sept. 3. 
■ Suzanna Bennett, ex-"Vanlties" 
star, was married to Capt. Sir 
George Hubert Wilkins, Australian 
aviator and. explorer, Aug. 30. 

Miss Behnettj 28, and a divorc.eew 
was one of; thie Prince of Wales' fa- 
vorite dance companions on his 
American tour in 1924. Wilkins 
flew over the ','top of. the world" In 
1928 and recently was on the Graf 
Zeppelin's ^vorld flight. 


Lbs Angeles, Sept. 3. 

Sid Gold tree is negotiating for the 
Orange Grbve : for the balance of 
Robert Levy's lease, .starting Im- 
mediately. . Goldtree's Idea is to 
bring his San Francisco show, 
' Easy for Zee Zee," here.. Nothing 
definite on the deal as yet. • 

Ruth Renick. opens a stock, at this 
house Oct. 8. 


Chicago, Sept. 3. 

Harry Ml h turn will again oi)erate 
the Ambassador with stick, reopen- 
ing next week. 

Ralph Kettering, in on a third 
Interest with Minturn last year, 
dropped put a.fter lo-ijog a .chunk,. .. 

Kettering wilt operate the AdolphI 
for A. H. Wood.?. . 

. "Yourself" on RoadC 

George Ghoos is Sending, '!Hollf». 
Yourself" again this season ns a 
road attractioji, booked through; 
the Shuberts. 

Ghbos won't say what, band hw 
has to take over tlie W;i.t.ini;s 
Pennsylvanians' previous stelUir 
assignment, • 

Wednesday, September ■fe 1929 

L E GI T 1 M A T E 




Shows in Ist Hock oM; 
Over Normal for Season's 

' New filiow producUon may be 

rtowcd up somewhat, but the per- 

Ihtage ^ of - inalcated; • successes 

«^oriff those attracUpns . which have 

already arrived on iBfoadwAV Is 

to normal, if not better. ^ - 
I^st weelt there w^s one new play. 

..Oamblin^/! ^at the. Pulton, ^nd^^ 
scared a hit/ getting over 118, 5<^Q. 
Capacity/ That makes tliree mo^ 
«lay^ . among the ; first ?even; fresh 

pvbduetions: This week's card m- 
cludes'at least two promising show^s. 

fl£ the fbim- io be displayed, those 
veil regarded: being ^'goldiers and 
women" and "Swe^t Adeline." -. 
>Text week from five, to seven ne.w 
are due: "Scarlet Pages." Mo- 
ones. aieaue._o M icriickor- 

5?reS-' "The Comedy of Women" ;in. 
ill villaire: "Heigh Hb," . expected 
2 t^^&e.^it^^."Divid^^Hon, 
Irs" and "The Wall Between,- poasir 

Dliitie?, ■ ;■ ^ • ; 

week of Sept.. 16 may. have tbe 

heaviest iJremiere card of the new 
SoTa doUn plays being sched- 
uled though only . half the number 
AaS set: "Scpirtdale,'' Apollo; "Mur- 
? Ser on: th^ Second Floor.^^ ^Itwge; 
Simplex" ("Rope" In London). 
SSe; "Mendel, . IncV' Lorigatre; 
^S," GarriGk; "Sea .Gull" .(re.- 
Tival). 14th Street; with th^se pos^ 
; biUt es: "The Street Singer," v^A 
Strong Man's House," "Strictly Dis. 
hSK." "Hawk Island", and "The 

Shadotv.^'- • ■ . -v.. . 

.' Good Grosses 

Biisihess continued very good Itist 
week, the money shaws collecting 
despite the Labor . Day interval. 
"Wise Child'^ again approximated 
$23,000; "Gambling", is in the,;con- 
tender's plkce, yfhile the holdover 
leaders, vstreet Scene" and "Jour- 
ney's End," wei-ie around $18,000; 
"Bird in Hand," which mloves from 
the Morbsco to the Barrymore, 114,- 
0.00 ; "Let , tJs Be; Gay," .$11,000. 

The musicals are strong, with 
"Whoopee" still in front at- $42,000; 
•'Follow thru" and "Sketch Book," 
JS4,006; "Almanac," $30,000; "Show 
Girl" perhaps the same; "The Little 
Show" in. great stride, kgain well 
over $25,000; "The New M6on." $25,- 
000; "Hold Everything" and .".A. 
Night in Venice'' about the same; 
"Hot Chocoiate3,'V $11,000, probably 
profitable for colored 6h9w. . 

Theire are 24 current attractions, 
which means that sU^htiy; moro thun 
one^.tlurd of Broadway's legit houses 
are liglUed" with attraiptlons. From 
now on the list will stejvdily In 
creasbi- ■■. ■■ . . \ 

"ACCIDENT" TO $14,000; 

Frisco Grosses 

, San Francisco, Sept, 3. 
After two wccliS of a-he.T.vy Span- ■ 
Ish drama, Ktlvjl Barrymore gave 
her foilowers "The .I^oy.o Duel" at 
the Curritn and copped- tho biggest 
gross of her engagement. Wccit 
hit , better thnn. $23,000, .two grand 
above ''The Kingdom of God." 

The Geary wlUii "Tlie Door Be- 
tween," in fourth and . final week, 
petered out to a bare $8,000. 

Both Duffy houses, the Alcazar 
C. Vith "Cooking Her Goose," fourth 
week, held up. well to better than 
j $4,300, and PVe.sIdeht with final week 
; «f May Kobsbn in "Ilcjuvenation of 
Aunt Mary," slipped to .$4,000. 

The Green Street dark owing to 
sudden .closing of - "Eagy lor Zee 
Zee" after 51 cbnsecuti-ve week,*?. 
Getting ready another French tid- 

: Los Angeles, Sept, . 3.. 
Hot weather, and' plenty of it, plus 
the Zep's. visit, ■ giaive • the iegits 
something of a toissingi aroUnd .last 
W.eek. -Cops swooped down on ,"B£>-d 
Babibs" at thb finish of. Wednesday 
night's performahde, arid. ".Come 
Se-vien" suddenly withdreW;, tiie 
Orange Grove, minus . jany advance 
inklin/i of th6 move, gi-ving no show 
Aug. 27. Colored .players will -likely 
resume at their old: stand, .the La- 
fay ettbj in a cbu pie of weeks* : but 
"Babies" . Is probcbbly perm,anently 
through.' .- Busineiss in both cases 
was. 'way off. . ' ' ' 

"Little Accident," at the ,Belasco. 
Is: running away froni . Its field. 
Hious© ir gbifl^'^"cleaTi''-itbt)u't-^vei»y 
other night and .finished Its third 
week to ■$1.4,000. Tiiiat's;' a, lot of 
dough in lieu of what the self-styled 
native sons call, '-the hottest, sumr 
mer in 20 years.'^ Charlotte. Green- . 
wood's "She Couldn't Say . No" 
couldn't come : any closer to :. the 
leader .than $6,400. ; "Miss Greenwood . 
is reportbd headtng:.the ciafst at the 
El Capitarj on a: guarantee ani pei'- 
centagb' and asking heavy; /dough' 
from the studios, whiqh have .shown 
interest.' Miss Grcbnwpod is . said to 
:have snubbed one .film offer of .30 
or 4p weeks at a salary which would 
tiermit the purchase of a Chrysler.. • 
Next in order is"Kibltzer," at the 
Masouj on $6,00,0 for fbvir dalyaV.with 
"The Sap?' r and • "Masquerader'' 
closely bunched dt $5,90.Q :aLnd $5,500, 
respectively. From, there down It 
doesn't mak6.;nrluch differehce. : 

.Mayah" i6opens .Thursday ■ ( Sept.- 
5), but With a picture," Marianne" 
.(M-G), on a twice daily basis. An- 
other lie-w Arrival 'Will, be "The 
Youngest," at the Vine Street, with; 
Bpug Fairbanks' little boy in the« " ■ ' 

' Estiniatea for Last. Week . , 

Belasbo— "Little Apcident" .(3d 
week). Doing right'well for itself; 
ploughed through the heat and 
laughed off the Zep for. $14,000; fig- 
ure probably th6 only unusual as- 
pect of the weather. . 
,. Egan — :"Th6 Big Gamble" .(2d 
week). Not. bad at.. $1,000; gross 
sounds discouraging, but house only 
scats 3il2 and the top is $1. . 

El Capitan^"She Couldn't Say 
No" .(2d .week). Easj^d off here and 
theri© but no sciuwaks on,:$6,400. ' 

FigiierOa P f a y h b U s e .— "Bad 
.Babies." Four days into its second 
week .■w'^hen.the.vcops arrived; if the 
usti^il resti*aiht" order can be pro- 
cured raid may. help; ^ ; otherwise 
piece was V doing' a scries . of re- 

Hollywobd Playhouse— "The Mas- 
nueradcr'' (4th week)'.. Post can still 
draw ;^ '$5,500.. ;;'-• . : 

Mason— "Kibitzer" ; (1st week— 4 
days). .Started off with a smart 
clip, doing $6,000 in. fqlar days; 

Orange . Grbve^.'-Corhe; Seyen." 
Suddenly folded at betrinni.rig of. 
fifth week; quit. Aug. .26, dub to 
scarcity of- customers; colored 
ti-6upe may reopen' at -form or site, 
Lafayette, within couple Of weeks; 
never 'reached solid figures here. 

President— "The Sap" Cist week). 
Taylor Holmes doing, all right; 
opening week of .$5,900, 

Vine Street— "JQxpreksing Willie" 
(2d -week). Wiir bow^ out end of 
this week; showed nothing; Pang- 
born leaving to make a couple of 
pictures ;"Tho Youngest" here Sept. 
9 -with. Doug Fairbanks, Jr., in cast. 

Shows in N. Y. and Connnent 

Figures estimated and comment point to eom6 
•uccbMful, while the 8am« gross«<l« others might suggest 
mediocrity OP loss. The variance is explained in the 
Kusrcapacities with the varying overhead. Also the siie^of cast, 
with Consequent difference in neceseapy erpss of profit, variance 
business necessary for tnysical ftttraction as against dramatic 

'''g;aS.i?!Sta;''i?*:?ii^actibn. hou.e g^'f ji^i^ 

admission scale given below, . Key to • O f borrett^'. 

P (drama) J R (revue) ; M (rnusical Comedy) ; F H»rcp) ; O (c^perettaj. 


.Master of Cemeteries . 

'li'or 18 months at the Village 
Grove Nut Club, 15 Barrow street. 
New York City. Branded: "B6st 
impromptu comedian , in radio," by 
News.". Abel Green in. "Variety"; 
"Lightning ad libber." N., Y. "Even- 
ing. World":. "Much of the enter- 
tainment value (at the club) Is due 
him;'*; - 

Bookei^s and radio commercials, 
get ah eye and ;6arfui of this un- 
usual funster; ; Midnight until 2 
a. .in., Mondays 'and Thursdays;, the. 
Village Grove Nut Club is on the air 
from WMCA. . 

Doubling and summering ;at the 
Family Jacobs' Alamaic, Lake. Hb- 
patcbn^i N.; J. : \ 

JN L(M)P m $19,0W 

A^mhslon tax dppU^^^^^^ 
''Almanac," Erlahger's (4th. webk) 
(R-i, 520 -$5.50).. .Week-end pxodua 
. over Labbr ' Day Aid ..not soem to 
affect theVgood things; .'.'Ahhanac': 
again $30,000, or better. . :. 
"Bird in Kahd," Morosco ($3d week) 
:(CD-966t$"3.8.5). • 'Held pace With 
aDProxim.atc $14,000; move's; to 
;BarrymorC: Mor\day;; Miss Barry- 
tiiore's season doejs aot start until 
New 'Year's. ■ 
"Follow Thru," Ghahin's 4Cth St. 
(35 th week) (M^l,413-$5.50). 
Though hot Labor Day those 
^ho-ws giving matinees sold Out; 
this was one; ijp again last week, 

A. C. Grosses 

. Atlantic City, Sept. 3. 

Elsie. Fferguson- in.- "Scarlet .Pages" 
drew $14,000 to Apollo last -Week. 

"The, Street Singer," Shubert mu- 
eical at Garden Pier, did- $26,t)00, knd 
"Klb Rita*' (road), at Globe, gbt 
$8,000 for its. flnai week. . ; 

Staff for 

: Hollywood, Sept*. 3. , 
Ma;rcel Silver will direct Don ; J.ose 
Mojioa ih. Fox's untitled production 

. In which the grand opera jstar will 
wake his . 'screen debut. 
Thompson is Writing sjcen«irio, dia- 
log .and lyrics and, Dave S,tamper 
the miisic' Stage humbore/wil'l bo 
■und(>r .fJurK-rvisi'on of Ed;wa,rd Royoo. 

----]VLojioflJis.^diifiJh ftj:fi-S(>ijt-:-a ^--^--- 

Haze! Gaudreau With Butt 

llaxfl Craudroau ha.s hem pkirrd 
-•through ■Willie Edel.stein of the 
Lygn.s it Lyons agency, for the 
Butt production of ''Roscmarie'' in 
London. ; . 

Ml.s-a G.-iudreau will open with the 
ehow at the Drury Lane. 

Chicago, Sept. . 3i. 
Legit season bipenlng with perfect 
fall weather" giving theatres' a break 
and -^ith the arrival of 'threb ^ ne-W 
shows; '"'^kibitzer" had a big first 
■syeek at the Woods, fl9,000<,"Rain or 
Shihe" carhe into the Grand Sunr 
day, forcing "Pleasure .Bound" to 
tho Majestic; and "New Moon" 
opened Labor Day at the (Sreat 

"Follow Thru"- is still .the hohey, 
piling up $34,500, which beats: week 
before by. $.500. Other riln musical, 
"Pleasure Bound'' dropped off ba:d- 


Estimates for LastVWeek 
"Follow Thru" (Apollo, 4th wecH). 
Looks plenty good at pi'osent pace. 
CleaningJup at $34,500, . 

"Pleasure Bound" (Majestic, 1st 
week; llth in. town). Moved. from 
the Grand Sunday nite,. going, out 
■with another drOp of two grand. 

"Rain OP Shine" (Gra,nd, 1st 
week). Ojpencd Sunday night, big. 

"Kibitzer" . (Woods, 2nd week): 
Splendid opening week. $19*0004 
• **New Moon" (Great Northern, ,lsi 
week). Monday. 

"Nut Farm" (Cort, 17th week). 
Still carrying on. $6,000.. . 

"Freddy,'r Ly'cetim '(^th week) (C- 
957-$3). Sticking . b"t to little 
; purpose; rated under $2,000. 
"Gambling," Pulton (2d week) (CD- 
- 913-$3.85. George M. Cohan scored 
. hit in and. with nbwest play; ca- 
pacity second night and virtually 
80 first. matinee.; $18,500 rating u 
, y/lth best on Broa:dway. 
ii'Hord Everything," Broadhurst (47th 
week) (M-l,118-$5.50>; .Leaped 
.lixst . tyfb weeks in. August; ' again 
$26,(l()b' or better. ^ ; 
"Mot Chocolates,'^ Hudson (12th 
week) (Rrl,904-$3). Colored reyUe 
ought to last .-weir into autumn^ 
using some cut.rates; $11,000.. \ 
"Wise Child," B.eliiseo (5th week) 
(C'^i,050-$3.S6). Belasco's comedy 
hit selling but a;nd .tbpping its di 
■vision, at $23,000. ' 
*yerry for Short*" Waldorf (4 th 
week) (C-l,101-$3). Cut rater and 
can't stick long. 
"Great Scott," 49th St. (1st. -week) 
. C-708-$3)i . Presented iridepend-. 
ently; written by. Howard E, 
Kock; opened Monday.. 
"Journey's 5nd," Miller's (25th 
week) (G-946-$4.40). . Nothing 
jBhould stop English war: drama 
from running .to New Yearns, or 
longer; capacity; almost $18,000. 
"Let Us Be Gay," Little (29th week) 
C.-.530-$4.40). Another . holdoyer 
^ success; around $11,000, very good 

in small capacity hoiise. ; 
"My Girl Friday," Jlepublic (29th 
week) (e^901-$3). Cut i-ates have 
helped this comedy; also wide dlfr. 

on tickets over $3 

ferepce of 'opinibn; $5,000 claimed. 
"Night in Vehice," Shubert. - (16th > 

weok)'- (II-1,305t$.6.60). IJOing fair 
. week; $24,000 eslim'jited. 
"Show: Giri/' : Zieg.f eld (10th week). 

M-1,022-$C.C0)., Not as; hot as ex- 
. pected ;. holding to /profitable busi' . .; 
. ness £tt around $30,000, if that 

much.' ■■;■ "■■': .. .• ■'. ■ ■ 
"Sketch Book." Earl Carroll (lOth 
Wdek) " (R^')98-$6.60). Revue hit . ; 
^^jBxpected to last well through new 
sejtisoh; capacity at $'34,000. 
"Sbidierfr and Women/' Bitiz (Mt 
vveek) (CD-945-$3), Presented by 
Lew Cahtojl'; ■written by Paul Her- . 
vy Fox and. George . Tilton; well. . 
^-regarded-af-try'butt:^per)ed Mlbn.-? — ;- 

': dJiy.' '•■'•■ ■ r„ • ;;' . 

"Street Scene," Playhouse (35th . : 
wtck) (D-879t$3.85). Hit drama; ;. 
rated over $18,000 every week. 
"Sweet Adeline," Hgriimerstein's : ; 
(1st wcbk) (M-1,265-$5.5(>). Pre^ 
sented: by Arth'hr. Hammerlsteih; ■ 

• authored- by Jerome Kern and, Qs-. : 
ci-r Hammerslein 2.ndr rstted: 

^vbry good biit- of. tbyim; opened : 

• Tuesday.- ' .■ '.•. '■■■.'■ ■' '■• „. '■■'• • ■•' 
•^The Commodore Marriesv^ Plym- 
outh (Ist week) (.D-'i;042r$3,85).. 
Presented by Airthur HopHins; 
flrst called ''Blow the Man Down;'' 
written by Kate Parsbnjs; bpena 
:tonIght (Sept, . 4).. ' . -W ^ » 

"The Camel Thru the Needle's Eye," 

Guild (21st week) (D-914-$3). 
Pew week more and then Guild 
. will„ open its s'ubscriptibri . season 
■ with "Mary and John"; "Camel'^ . 

around $7t000. ;.■. " :; ^ i. 
"The Little Show," Music Box: (19th 
. wbek) \(R-l.O0O-$4.4p). Weather - 
.nor week-ends: affects capacity..w'til 
pace of this revue, sui-e to . hold , 

• oveip; oyer $25,00<) last week^." 
"The New Moon," imperial (Blst 

week) (O-li446-$5.50). Sitting 
. pretty with this bne; nearly .a - 

• yeai''8 nm; around $26,000., 
"Whoopee," New Amsterdam (37tli . 

Week)' (Mrl,702-$5.50). Leads list 
and ought to run until first of - 
year; since resuming after, three 
weeks' shut-down, average $42,00(> . . , 
weekly. V'-'.-:- 

"Aftep Dark,'?; Rjiialtb, Hoboken; rer 
vival; 39 th week. ; ^ 


• Helen Mehrmann, who had her face slapped 504 times in as many per- 
formances of the stage version of "Shannons of Broadway," is. about to 
have it slapped some more. She's in the same part the dumb, wait- 
ress in Universal'Sficvccn version ;of the show. 

C. B. Cochran's London revuei "Wake Up and Dream," which. will be 
brought to New York this .season, :wiil hAve d new score written by Cole. 
Porter. ^ Music used in London ■wa.? the same aS Porter used here In the 
Irene Bordoni sho^y "Paris." 


: Chibago, : Sept. 2. ; 
Amcri'ca;n Opiera . company will 
open its third Chicagq -seasbn tit the 
Majestic, - Oct> 7. Vladimir Rosing, 
manager, and Isaitc Van Grove, mu- 
sical airebtor. 

Opening . ' bill. Is- ; .."Yolainda and. 
Cyprus,/'. :work of Clarence ,Lbomi.s 
of Chiciagb-, an4 Cial0: Younis; Bice of 
Eva.nsville, ind. ; .• ; , 


Bobby Connolly, dance, director,, 
now on his own as; producer. Is; lin- 
ing up A: cast for his initial venture, 
"Tin llatfj." .'; .■., 

The piece is, flgurexl for rebearfcal 
next month/ -.^ 

K : Hazel Baker, Milton Goodhahd, 
Bert Edwards, stock, Winnipeg. 

William Keightly, "Town Boy" 
^director), Ruth Easton. 
ding, Larry Wood; Eunice Stod- 
dard, "Reborn." 

. Charles Henderson,'; Edward Redr 
ding, Larry Wood, -'RebOm." 

Carl Anthony, 'Wiilia.m Riccliirdi, 
rx»uis Heydt, Edward J. McNamara, 
Muriel Kirkland, "Strictly Dishonor- 

Gladys : Hart, "Good News'^ (tour- 
ing), ■ . . .;■■;- ':■■ ' -• 
Patjl Russell, •Canities" (coast),. 

Word from France, where Eugene O'Neill is now living with the new 
Mrs.. O'Neill, the former Carlotta Monterey, Is that he is at work on _^ 
play which will take him a year or more to, and that he will, 
therefore, have nbthing for. the coming season. 

. . .,, Prov.. p. . H.. Sticks ; 

provi(l.oni-f>( S< pt. 3- 
In.^tend of tf-aving. down the an 

Col. Felix WpndPl?--ciiaefffr will play, 
legit.q thlf3. sea. ';oh beginning - with 
"The Vagabond King," .Sept. .9. 

StoCl< at Freeport . 

Dra-malie • stock will supplant 
vaude at -tho Frcoport,' I-Yf-eport, 
L. I., sept. 9. . . 

Al Luttringer will make tbe try. 

Show$ in Rehearsal 

"town Boy" (L, Weber-C. 
Harris), Lbngacre. 
. : "The. . Crooks' Convention'* 

(Irving Lande), Forrest. 

".Brawl" (P.. Dodd Ackerman) 

"Me F;or • You?' ( Aaron s\ & 
Frf'Odl'-'y),'Brqadhurst. ;. 

"Divided Honors" (liobgrt 
Stf-rling), Ritz. , . 
. " Dracula"- (Horace; .Livc- 
riffht), Avon. 

"Scotland Yard" (A; H. 
W(K'dM);, HarrfiJ.' ' " ; 
' "Hav/k Island". (ThonifJiK KiJ.- 
=:pf) t=r=i^sli=')-t j»y r-ie 

".House Party" (Ty)cr-Er- 
lan'gcr), Frolio. 

"Great Day'' CVincfrnt You- 
mans). CoKmopolitan. 

«the Student Prince" /E. J.;, Engineer.'* Hall. 

"Signed X. Y. Z;" (Goorge M. 
Cohan), k. of C. Hall. 

Arthur Kober intends to give. Vera Ca.spary something real to kick; 
about since she warned him not; to use the title "White Man" for hla 
fbrliUfiOrtiing production. * ^, v' i . 

Miss Gasper's book; "White Girl," dramatized by The Speewacks, Js 
due on Broadway about the time Kober's play Rtarts. Becaiise of the 
howr ,dbout"Whito Man/' .K^bcr has changed th.^ ; title of his play to 
^-iWhitbiWonian;''-:^/^'-'- V-'' - -^^ ----- --^^ --.Uv'^- 

.A group bf critics^ cblumrtists and reporters gathered at the Frlara 
to. toast E. -W. 6sborn, -r<iiirlng dramatic critic of the/New York Evening 
World. After niore than' 40 years in newspaper work on th^s pa-rpe daiily, 
Mr. Osborh will probably write his memoirs at his home Ih Auburn, N. Y, 
A retibent min, Osborn recalled that earlier in his barber,, he succeeded 
the. late Alan , Dale Oti the Evening World in the jpb from. Whicli; he. is 
^vithdrawinfe^ ' He supposed the -weight of big names .in rtew$papcr work 
at the time hid his own. . . . '' , 

Burns Mantle, the News critic, a^jtcd as spokesman and did it nicejy^^^^ 
There was somb bantering about the city of Auburn, home, town Of that 
recent. Jail break, but if wa.-? agreed, th'at Oahorri wouldn't break in. 

Gilbert Gabriel stild somethirig or other, as ::di.d Bide Dudley, while 
Henry dlive, a .specinlly invited gueht, told a few. pet funny stories. 

1 r, li. Van Loan, co-author of "Cooking Her Gbcse,'? haivlng prenilere 
production at llcnry Duffy'.s Alcazar, Sarii Francisco, brought, his show 
.and the thf-atro a windfair: wli'^n ho iil.ckcd a Chin<!.se merchant to play . . 
ah' Oriental character.' 

- .tJf-cklng a rbal Oriental Van ix)an wa.'i .sent to sec Ilarry lio, proiu-ietor 
of a big silk merchandi.^ijig lirm in th(' Frisco cniiiiatown. Harry grinned 
whrh yiiri i'iVo'i)Ositloh;6d hini. ■ Mo(l(.;.'-!ly he. oxj.lairi'-d he was a ni(;rcha;nt, 
not .'lU actor. Van wa.s pfr.siia.sive and induced hirii to tiiko a' niho' at it. . 

natnrahK'KS',' . '■ . 

I'n the tlu-oe weeks "(.'<joklng ITor Oookc" has. bct-n play Chi n.-«e 
tn'ido hf-avy enough to wond<-r. Ilarry'.v bc-en doing his own pross 
agf-riting In the ciuartcr and- f,i)( n«lirit-' all; lii> tliv<'l:-j,' .salary 
lor ti< k'.-ts f'u' lii.s partjf-ular fri.f-nds. 

Aftr-r a riirt of three months at the Studio dos Ch.'tnjr'.^.Elyff'^J*.. "Maya," 
in Englif-h, with Wlk-tte Kr;r.«4haw, clo.«(-d S<it. 1. ■ Mi.^.« Kershaw will 
take the play •©'« European lour with New, York and London players. ^ 


LEG I T I M A t E 

Wednesday, September 4, I929 

London as It Looks 

By Hannen Swaffer 

■ .liOhdon, Aug-.^'23.' 
/ Bernard Shaw and I have apparehtly crossed swords at laiJt-^-in tho 
sense, I mean; that after I had said his new play, "The Applo Cart," 
exposed him as a nfian years behind the times and ah: author with noth- 
Ingr to' sayj he replied, when seiin hy one of ■ our ;rep<>rters the neiit diy,. 
r'Pioor :SwafCe^^^ ahdUdded that I had WriU^ 

'. Shaw Met the Wrong Man. . v- ' / 

. Still, Shaw did. not get it all. his own •viray. ' Wtien-the reporter called 
to see him at Malvern- and made' hlrri read my article, which was headed 
.:vG;- B; s:.; With i^ofWn& ; New:^t^^^ Is. Years Behind the 

■ Tirnes^'f. and 'IStufiid Nptlbnis Of a- Llttie Boyi." Shaw., exclaimed, f'Fancy 
$en^ing; poor Swaffer down. The Daily: Express ought tp have! $erit its 
•PS:rlia;rneutary ;CorresponAei^",' r ^ ' ; :^ ''. • 

VI ain-; the Ex^ressV-Par^^ 
■porter. '■\y. :. ■ / ". ' ■ 

.V'HaVe -you :sWn r^y srtid Shaw. ' . .. ■: . 

: '"Y.esi'' rcpiied the. reporter, "I'saVv- it last niffht."- . 
. "What did yoii think of it?" . 
: thbuffht the; first act fairly, ainusine," replied .the. reporter,- /'but 
Oren:: i"':^'' ^--^ /''-^ V^'v' 
' ■• And, iri.; a cji-Uicisjn which, fcllowed hi? -interview with Shaw, heVsaid;: 

damped, and tiae thread of ." the, - argy lost so. that.' tUe^^^ led 

. .. /.'• 

.: ' When Gi.B/S. Talks -Tripo' 

• So Shaw :.d id not even win. oyer his silly' statement that Parliamentary 
:Cpi*pespondents' ought to go, .ahd 'not dramatic, critics, .. ' . - : 

• " A -few week^ ago, when the play , was done at Warsaw -arid the Ob- 
server had- something snotty in about the' show, Shaw, .interviewed : by 
the Daily News, said. the., critics Cught ■ to. go six times before they .wrote. 
abCut it. - What rions.enseT Once is once too mych. : ■ 

, .'After the .:first . night, the: producer,' taking, a call,, told the - audience, 
VWe . shall know we haye ; been playing it; 

.fojf'two 'yfears," ■7.-- '..T 
. Let' nie. tell ydu- frankly 'thdt there, is. nothing in ;*'T^^^ .to 
Uriderafahd; SluiTV, whom 1 reverence more than does almost any.' man 
in EJriglaridy Is iiow exposed .'as a tired rhan fbotUng. iabbut, unable to, un- 

. derstand- th.e great changes- that are going on -airqiind ,hlm, even although 
It .is .he,, more thap anybody else, who brought about the changes. 

•'V.' .;' ' ■ The. Eariy-,Diays''of a iGeniws / -v' ■■.v---;.^- 
I hiaye heeh . goihgi tiie Irtst faw diayis, throUgli^tac^ of " cUttiirigs- con- 
RJ- Gerning^ ShaT*^S early. cJtree^ cuttings, 
: ivhlch viyere originally his, jiaye Jong since possession." . 

They are cuttings ' frbrn obscure newspapers, .sigiied by Shaw's own 
nailie^^iand all sprts^or cbihic nom-^de- like "ffi B. S.. Larking" and 

. "Amelia Macld .urging reforms in a hu ways, fighting abuses 

;of fiiower, doing small, earnest, petty, tiresorrie little jq'bis; • I came across 
anhpiiricements that ; he 'was . speaking; ''next :, . Sunday at; the :cprner:. of 
Battersca Parit Road'! tp a handful of people, knd probably in the . ritlh. 

"This sort of thing went .on for . years .when $5 a 

week. He wbrked his life put,, dpirig dbstlnate.'things for good. . He has 
always been the champion of . the oppressed. . . • 

I ca*"© across tetters ;Objeptihg to flogging in . the industrlsci:. schools,, 
flogging in the, Nayy,; vivtse.ction. . I found repo.rts of a two nights de- 
1>ate in which he took piart. Tiiefe is a mass of material : which is ftl- 
mbst-.pHceless. ■' : .. : 

Weil, Shaw ; has dpne. it. all now. .He has freed the mirid of man. He 
has l!reed tny mindi Tet>- in. freeing it, he^has. freed my niihd even of. 

hlrri..." :••■:■;■:■ v.;: - :.;;:.-:'... ' 

■ star of Stage iand Screen 

' Retained for. a second weeKliC Aug; 
31) . at Keith's palace, .New York. - . . 

Last . week "'VARIE TY", - ^s aid:; 
'Murray, "^ho. Is a :m'6st proflclent 
oioTv.n, knows how to ;Keei> the> ball 
moving all the way. t'hey-'ilHed 
everything that came- from Ken." 
■ Ayg. 10, - Palace; N. Y,;.; Aug. 1.7, 
Boston :: AiiR. 24, Palace,'N. Y-i- Aug^ 
31, Palace, N. Sept 7, River.Side, 
.N, :Y, (opening). . . 

Dir. Ghas. Ailert (:Be;ntharn Oiffice). 


. Green Lady Gho^t . 

•. . The jCarl' of , Nbrthesk, ox-sppuse 
of Jessica'. Brbwn and now married 
to Betty Viasto, once owned Ethie 
Ciistle, made ^arnbus by Sir Walter 
Scptt in "The Antiquary^" . Castle 
had ■ been in' the Northesk. family 
since ilTSV Wililam the tiiot^ i)re- 
sent'&d it to IJie ancient: A of 
■A:dbrPath.:.^:.;' '■■ ;'.^ -•■;'.;•'■••■■.... ;■ 
■ Ghost .6t th.e; castle.; is ;,a .- green, 
lady whb appears, : according ; to 
triditlbn, i-just . before'- the- death pf 
any ' meiriber . of the vfamlly; . With, 
her appear. . •Certain. ' sounds ; o£ • £l 
single' foot mbtiri ting the stairway. 
This Is - 'sut) posed to be vGardinal 
Bea.ton,: who only lybrn: ■bri.e" Shoe, 
his . bther. foot being bari.dgaged be- 
dause of gout, the^ehy^vihaking; ho 
sound. ; Lord .Nprth.esk. . only 27; 
sold this castle a,rid has talten .Jiis 
bride to: GLeh^agles -inLStead.; 

:Ca:rl'yle Biac^^ 'oid-Urhe .film 
hess • after'' several years pf . retire- 
itient. , •• He was recently ' ; secn^ ih 
Ne^y; Yp^k. in ''The Wrecker,'r a f^^ 
elgnTriiade •.t)lcture, and^ ripw ^ he 
stars , fn - a -- L^ : stage play, 

'^Lice." ■-■'•■ ■\ -":^, ■:. . • - 

His "own life wbuld:- furnish an 
excellent ., sceriarip! . riivbrce'd .by 

V The. Patron .Saint pf Malvern > 

Malvern/ wiiere' J went last Siihday to see ''The Apple Cdrt,"' has 
kdopted Shaw aS; its sort of patron sairit. Although Malvern is an 
ultra- Conservative town in Stanley Baldvvln's own coristitueriey; . khd 
the ; most COnseryatiye tpwn . in . that' cpristituency,: Shaw, the raging 
Socialist, Is. made the local god. Now that's a funnier thing than any- 
thing; in "The Apple Cart.'V ' . ^ •'. ' 

.;! am moved to anger at some of the play's cbhclusibnsi— For instance,, 
tliat ..Democriacy nieeds a check from- Monarchy, and that this crisis will 
: cPme 30 years .-he.ncev-- Actually,; the crisis »was passed -when Asquith, 
speaking ".with orie .eye on the country arid 'one ' eye . pn the throne" 
forced the House of Lords to drop its A''eto, some years before th.e war. v 

" ; • . Rotherrtiere Is' Much Funn'ier . ^ 

' ,Shaw hJis a great .theriie. He just plays around with- it, and says 

All thc;time while he fpoledjj Philip Sno\vden, the crippled .ex-postman, 
whose father was. a weaver, and whp, a few "vi'eeks. ago, was the terrible 
- who so frightened Lord Rothcrmere that he started to Invest 
half hi^ rtiilllpns in America, and made him. print, in all his. hewspapers 
'IKeep the Socialist Out,"; is nOw cheered bn by that sanie Rbthermere's 
ne\\'^papers, which iprint pictures of Snpwdeii with the Union jack be- 
hind ^him.and praises that rtiUst make Snowden roar, with laughter. 

' ■'-:: :■.':' ■ Gene ;'T.u h.rifey .Missed JHis -Puncfi \ - \-,':''y 
sivaw ; Slipuld . have fl when he \yrote '.'Saint Joan," ' his ni.aster- 

" piece, the greatest i)iay pf our time: Now he; is 73 and I am .going to 
'■ stop- this r\onsensei;-' ■./■. •>-; ' ' ■ 

Shfiw must, hot be allbwed to • Interfere '^V'ith the natural .p of 
the Eifiglish people, .He had ; better' go back tp Italy . and talk ti-ipe to 
. (^ierie .'T/unney arid not.^ f stepiplng in the People|s..way* 

'He has .been their champibri" all ' hisj: lite... Now 'he js gbiiig on the 
other; side.. , That is: senllity-T^not geriius - •: 

■ In the name , of all; the martyrs whpsc , cause h 

Joan,*' I • protest agairist this change bf front; Shaw, hag forgotten his 
oyvh' youth; when -he -dared .eyerything. cl.ty . after day. We must ..Save 
. him.:,fronv hiiriseif. ■.■''■- :■. ' . -. .•.'-.•■•" '•:: ' ■■' 

■ wiien -a cheered by Tories, Clod heii) hiin! , J>etii(.ios, . he 
should, no't-: write such non.serise. . . '; .. ^ ■ 

My"Bj'stancler" article ahnotinces in large type, "Tlie End of iBi'^'.nard 
Shaw," - :■■ .' ■ -:.,. - . . '.: .'■:■-■/ " ■ .' : >'^■ '.. .':-'•■'' . 
. i shrtll gb: Prt;riow. The fut'ure bf the world bo .siivod from thi.s 
pantaloo'n who is trying to turn .sohipr.sauits. ■ 

•'The- Apple Cart'.'; isn't Born.-ird. fShaw, .It is Noel Coward, ye.^, it is 
as tripey as that/^ • ' ; • ; : ' • . '' ■ 

Jher6 _ia_one-:.scenp.,-at„tlift-ji'nd^f>'C.:^A.ct-Jti.^^^^^^^ 

people, ;aH the .folks- ■who hMe Shaw because- p.f - his Radical yiews,, .all 
the. lunatics vvho'. .are 50 years .. behind, the times, all. the niGan-jriirided; 
•bunk hierchantst whp think, .that Shiiw; has always been. a clown. ; • 
. They dp. not nnde'r*starid. :tha^ I , am ^rtP.w; criticize 
vibiiVpoirit of : my o\vrn idolatry of . a.;gre'at .man a great thinker and .a 
,grea:t liberatbr; . These, ppor : little idipt.s haVe rieyer uridcrstpod a^ -word^ 
he meant.'! ■■ ■'.:. 

V- 'Shakefep.eareva's .the -Rival- .. :; '.v., 
:There: ii one more thingj l irtust teU: ypu that, xv/hlle . Malvern, has heeri? 
trying to,' start- -a local Shkw-:-Festiyal,' which w^ Malvern into' a 

sort of BajTeuth or Oberanlhiergau', . there are posters on the Malvern 
railway platform. adyCrtiiSlng-^ Stratford-pn-Ayon and: its Shakespeare 
Festival, that -Is. still oh. -■■ . . ■ ■ ■ :■ ■ . ]■'■' 

'.'i?he--Shaw pQsUrs. show; .-a Satan In red. . The Shake- 

fejjeare pictures are ritiub.h more impressive; for they are photographa of 
. his marble :5tatue.;' ■ ■ ■•- ■-■•: -' '■-:■. ' -■ •'. ' 

Shaw . has .attacked the: Sha;kespeare - boom .all his life. Npw they 
have/iset him-. up as a riyail. god ! V :' :: 

. No, . rip; 'MrV Sh^^::/We rnusV that. • V -: ; ' 

.1 hniSt '.cast the 'flrst'.stone.;- '.. 

-';y- ''"|;!Might BievThpown 6ut;NowV. 
Qh yes, and there is just brie thirig rinior'e. .wiien l.went irit'o the new. 
Maivern theatre, the m^ina^er asked i)ne to write iri^ a nice new . auto- 
graph' book, ;vrith virgin leaves and. a nice Clean., miind. 
•'r hope I shall never he'throwri but of your theatre," I wrote. . .. 
■"Ohr no/' she replied gushingly, for she; w wpuld be 

so riice to be thrbwn oiif of a; thea^^^^ by a .woman- ;: 

"Weil,, two daiyi? afterw^^ .my attack ph Shaw: aj^ipeared,.: and, of 
course, "the poor theatre ;staff nearly dropped ^ead. 
I expect they yirbuld throw tne out how, all right; At least, I hope .so. 

Tv^enty years ■ ago, an Arinerlcah friend oif inlrie saw .a cable ^in a New. 
Ybrk agent's office: : -- ' . ■ 

"Send 12 elephants imrtiedlateiy tp Blackpbol.'' .. . : ;: : 

It was the first time he had ..heard of the town. - Well, gradually, the 
whole world is hearing of Blackpool.: It is the greatest shbw place; I 
have ever seen, i 

•' Several Towns in One ; ' 

.. New "rbrk revels" In Gbriey Island. Blackpopl hag a Coney Island at 
one end of its promenade; 

Atlantic City swanks of its prbmenade. Blackpool has over five miles 
of promenade better than Atlantic City's, and is already , talking of 20 
miles In the future. . -,- 

Blackpool .sends emissaries to Coney Island every year and they 
scour all the pleasure rcsprts and zoos and seaside places of the Con- 
tinent. They are building a Roxy because they haye heard pf New 
York's, and" a Vateri'and is to be cbpled from Berlin.' . ; 

Blackpopl. proves what the showman's instinct can do for a town 
when it is used with self-confidence. 

_ - • -/"■.•'N'. ;•• •' ''-■-The:-'C?ansB-. bf /British .:Pride :-./ y'--.--;----- ■■--'.•.• 
Bertie .Meyer announces - he ; is bringing b'ver t 'B'ig Bill .'Tilden In a 
farcical 'cbme'dy "They All ; Want . Sprnethi ng;" , and ,1 ■ read that Meyer 
"admitted to ; me 'that he - would ije prouder of: presenting^ . ivir. : filden 
to the public here 'oii an ac'toj.. than .any achie.yeriient in man- 
agerlal . career." . ' :■ ' - '. ':- ■ V' : 

How on eartli: can ariyone be proud of putting a . tennis' player ort the 
s.tage?'. if 'Mr; Meyer had' put' ,bn "Journey's Bndl". .yirhich, like all ' the 
otiier managers of London, he had a, chance of doing, I could, under- 
stand his; being proud, but ;.hpvv can anybody hoast bf bringing over a 
tennis , player ' Who knocks balls abo.u ^rid then; merely because he has 
left off knocking balls about, paying hfm to ' 

Surely the English theatre, has quite enough amateurs as It is 
Sohio are actor managers' wives-. Some are society dame.?. Scime are' 
ju.s.t noijpdie.'!, . What a lot of npn.=!en.«:e! \ 

mistress roll on the floov just like pour old "Sirocco." Suvoly Shuw ha.s 
heard bf Siroccp! Even Gene Tiinncy iiiusl liiivo told hijii .^oniothlng 
' about: It and, by. the way, when he wa.s s'lieuding ill} those wi-cks with 
Tunncy on an island,. Xvhy didn't lie get Tunncy to tell liini how Id put 
a punciv Into his play? 

• The. Wrong People Write In 
' I have received all sorts of letters in rc,n:;inl to iny Mttai-k on "The 
i.Apple Cart." Unfprtunatoly, the vvbrd.s of coimi lYuin lhi> ' w-i'upH: 


. . Am I a Semi- Pro? 

■ Tin's seriii- pro business has touched mo, now. I': have boen attacking 
the ..seriii-fproa; who form concert, parties in the Lprtdon park.s, arguing 
that real profes.slonals ought to. d,o the' job. 

In conse.quence, a theatre man wrote to the Daily Expi-ess ; last wee 
and .^said that,' if I attacked f'eml-pros, why -yvas I appearing in liar 
r<).!?itte a.s' a semi-pro myself.?- : . . :■- '' 

=======I-I.e.7=lvad==roa d=^>^n (HHii ouH.=^ 

in the Royal Hall, as a' lecturer. 

."IVpnle who live in housos siiould not- throw stone.s,'" h(i .said. 

T wrote back and replied'th.'it if I was doing anybody put of a job, 
would not appear, and that if he,: for instancei would take my place, 
should ))0 UoliKhted., He at once roplic'd, wUhdrawin.g his first letter, aiid 
saying, in that cowardly way that tiiost theatre people have, that he 
u-oiild not like to be thouglit a crillc oC the loral ihi'atri' manaErLMuent 
>?!> tlint's- that, I shall, of, refer to .the matter In my Har- 
rogate ■.speech. - 

Ruth Hartman, he married Loah 
Barnato, fprriierly Mrs. Alfred Hax 
ton. From her father, the' iate Bar' 
ney Barnato,, rshe Inherited ?4 soo " 
000' PutrJght, .Plus -'an additionil 
$125,000 a year and share's in the 
Barnato Brothers organization val- 
ued at $1,250,000. ' . . 
■ Barney Barnato": was originally 
Barney Isaacs. 4nd .first a cab 
driver in Epndon, then-, a second- ' 
hand clothes dealer. ' After ' beink - 
a hartender, . he went to South 
Africa, an^ secured cbntrol' of dia- 
mond niinbs. In 1893 he '. commit- ' 
yted suicide at sea by jumping over-' 
board. ' '. 

Barney . -Barnato's son was the 
first; husband of Fannie Ward's 
(iadi^hte.r .by / Job,:Lo>via. now mar- 
ried to :Lqii'^d. Plunkeft .Wheri Lewis 
divorced . Ifariny In, 1913. enabling 
her tp. mari^y:Jack Dejin, he settled 
$MO,6qo:. on this daughter.- . 

... M.r^._3am--K,atz.:-;---^ - 
:■ . When .Eleanbr : Ariibrose . married 
the .late .Iklaurtce, i-lio; . wa^ exploited . 
as a! ''sbciety '; girl from ^" 
Now. that . she has married Srtm ; 
Katz; the wealthy president of pub- 
llx '..Theatres, . it - deyeiops ■ thaV her 
f ath er;, H b w.ard P uCliCt t, •.■\y'as' a p6- 
liceniin in • Newtbijji iiari^^^^^^^^^ . ' 

Eleanbr and. hbr- sister, "Adeiaide, ' 
changed : their- name f^^^^ Pucket't 
to AmbrPse-V-.dfter. Adelaide had 
come tp. Nevy . York :and got On "the 
stage. : Miuric^ was Mou- 

.vet and, although . Supppsed. tp 
a Parisian, he :was. bprn arid fared 
in New "Tork, He .: was divorced 
by Florence .Waltbn, from Wil- 
riiington, Del. Florence -tijen mar- . 
ried:'Leon .liieJtrim, daheci*,- and is 
npw a successful milliner In/^aHs, 
A^'. for* Char ie's. Sabin, \yith -whom 
Miss AmbrPse danced, and to.- 
whorii she . was reported engaged 
for . puijlicityi lie; seems to .iiaye 
dropped -but of . everything. . The • 
tabloids once Cbnf used -him with 
Chalirles- H. Sabin, Jr„ .sbn of the' 
presiderit , bf th e G uaran t y Trust Co, 

M a n -.Abo ut • Tow n 

Ai'chibal'd - G. Mcllwalne, New 
York banker, who died recently,: 
wag-, a popular man-about-town. 
His father was the late Archibald 
G. McIlwalnCi American represent- 
ative of the London and Lancaijhi re 
Insurance ; 6o. His mother, Eliza- 
beth Laing, secured a divorce and 
died as the 'wife of Joseph Palmer 
knapp, -w'ho had been' di'vorced by 
Sylvia kepner. 

The senior Mcllwairie is sur- 
vived by . a widow, yhp was Caro- 
line. Read, daughter of the lat« 
'William A. Read, millionaire bank-- 
er.i Her brother, R. Bartow Head, 
was divorced by; Hope .Williams, 
the -Actress.- . 

The Kochs 

H. C. F. Koch & Co. has for • : 
genera.t;ibn prospered as a • depart- 
ment store - on .125 th street. The 
business was inherited' by two sons, 
William: ;T. . koch and the late E. 
von der " Horst Koch. The latter 
was received by the smart set in 
New - York and - .London, and> after 
taking up coaching; became an in- . 
timate friend of the late Alfred G. 
Yanderbilt .and the late Reginald 
G, yanderbilt, ; ; < 

He Is survived by a widow, wh* 
was Jean Livingston, and now the 
daughter, Jean Koch, has become 
engaged., to Reginald Victor Iliscoe. 
Hlsco.e was divorced- by 'Marie. 
Hirick,.; remarried, to her;, and .agfiln 
divorced.-ln her last suit, Mrs- His- 
Goe : ciaimedvhei; Oiushand, broker, 
makes .$100,()0(j^a:. year. '■■■[■■■ ■': 

One of the Three 
Halle Schaffner irihbrlted a large 

fortjirie, as the diiughten^^ 
jbseph S'chafineri bf - Hart; Schaffr 
rier ; ;& ^Marx, ... cio thiers. . ' Sh e di? 
y oroed - Elmer Schlesi nge.r ; f ath er' of 
her two children.: ; Sciilesiriger: tlien 
married Eleanbr ' PatteVsbn, wh«:. 
had; divprced':Oburtt\^pseph Gizy^ 
. The Countess, an authore.<<s, is :> 
sister.* of Joseph. Med ill Patterson, .: 
bf Chicago, ; the .millionaire. put>T ; 
Usher. Her (laughter, : JTrs. Drev 
■l^oarsori.;.-4s' .a divorcee; Hcl^lpsinger^ 
died, aii-kd'^the fcn-mbr 'Couuie>s was, 
of,:' his widow, l)ut Halle. 
•iSeha ff h e r st ill cal led h erscl f M.ri 
Elmer. -Schleslrigyr. lfiiil<^ hQW- . 
.ever, then - married: and . aivprfced 
Clifford PbrLc'r,. wlio. li;y.c.<3 -in'Sj 

luishand S.umher AVeli, "N<-'\v Yorlc 


Rich Uncle's 
The- highly respc<'lal>lo . ^i''-^ 
George Ch-ant Mason;' of .Xe:^ 'VoV* 
and : IVjxedo, died recent ly. H*?' 
husband inherited, many niilli;'n9 

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Wednesday, September 4, 1929 




Correspo"*l®"'s' Lunch 
fThe Association of American 
rorresponderits in liondon gave a 
inncheon the other clay, with. JSdgar 
Wallace, playwright,.; and Charles 
J Cochran, English manager, its 

list have been tiarnod down/ EVif^ry 
effort Is heing-.made. by. the bluer- 
bloods to -cbunter the ciroularizlhg 
evil. . . ' ■ 

• : ■ F»honey By-Hnfes 
• Among the ■ phoney by-lin,es; one 
reads in the Ncw'TprlvdaiUts, mo^ 

the . Mirror; Oates. ;Mdnroo .of the 
News; . Ed Willianisij'n b£ tlie. Evc- 
.hirifj Telej^rahi: and Poteiv Van .Biiren 
Sand ■ Douglas .Cants-ron. of .; the Jseyvs 
and Mirror. V 

" Waliace ■■.spojte jfellcito^Sly ;. ■•and.| rea,aa .i.n i>vw av'." <.«u"a'--o, ^^tya^. 
humorously of. his Jourhpiistic ex- proriiinent ar"^ rei-i\yinkel.Cosdeh"of 
neriences' Gochfan - claimed' . lhait I -x'-- — Vi"*-- ■vta.,s.«« . 
Jiost of th6 thlng§..ii6 had . learned 
atiout tiveatclcal .mana,g,emeht ..was 

Amohg Other things, Cochran 
mentioned he wa^ h-^aylly obligated 
to Archie Selwyn for .his .comeback 
after his disastrous failure ; several 
years aio. Cochran's failure cul- 
.xtiinateii. lii' a debt of 
like half, a million .dbilatrs, ; 
. When the news of -It was cabled 
^to New York, by Variety, Selwyn 
lihWediatiely wired $5ipp0- an 
a 'collection..' amoriS- Gochran^.s 
-American Jtrienisjofsonietlim 
$40,000. As. he wds in the throes of 
bankrUiVtcy, . CocKran could .not .ao- 
cept this -assistancje,. ; as . it v^ypuld 
have been .merely a drop in' the 
bucket and.; been ■ afeplifed toward 
the payni'^n^t- ;©£ his indebted hess, . . . 
; glnce then Cjjchran has gotten dn\ 
his feet arid Is.-repaying. as rapidly 
as possible the .entire half, million, 
with the exception of $25,o6o due to 
a professional . moneylender': Avho. had 
forced the bahkruptcy .proceedin^^^ 
X.ast year he! paid bacTt $110,006;. 
. The .scene . paintcrSi cbstuni<?rs, 
etc.,. with- whom he iiad bobh deal- 
ing wei-e all wiilirig to extend iiiin 
■a, hew lirie bf orcdit af ter th e . bank - 
. .ruptcy, and. Cochran i«els a .riioral, 
~ if "not a iojEsni,, to. pa.y 
every, penny due them. He. ha 
sought.' nb: :-plib.licity. for thi?i atti 
tude; Siiibe; vthien .Cochran has :' air 
.ways giV!^n 'SelWyh the ..first call for 
Amei-iba. on a^ his XjOhdon sirc- 
cesses.' ' 

' A Babkkickrifrg Rais*v 
. It Was a^great day,: the iphbtbg- 
raphcr.s; "of the .Graphic thoiught, 
when summoned in a iiody : to. the 
6mce of the; new m. e^;, Xx)uie Ws-it 
zenkorn, late of the World.; He In 
formed the 1 ads of a $ o ■ ra It put 
the .boys -in the . over fiftyra:^w;4ek 

class..; ■ ;, ■' .. • ''-l^ ; ' 

T^vb ~ T(>ri6wTrig on v '!''.tTie 

Grai)hic's- bulletin board:^; v ' 

.*'AU photbgraph.fers .yarning, more 
than $50 weekly will herbafter phy 
owft carfare arid telephone calls." . 

newspapermen and writers and in- 
joi'ts a realiijii.c note to his book. 

A departure in book publishing is 
thb ...covor notation . that , "Fanfare'" 
ha.s "not appeared in any magazino,' 
lliis a.«i a'mt>ans to offset title cbn 
iisiyn p.eriodical sorlaliza- 
tlon, ■' ; 

Monte. Brlce's Shorts : 

According to a presf» story' sent 
put; bit the Coaiit, .iMonte-.Brloe wjll 
Writ<j. ia; booic of '20. short stbrip.s _ as 
related by various "name", people., 
siich- as ' . 01iap.Un, .. ret^gy;. / Joyce; 
Dehip.«'6y; Hay .Loriig, etc. iniblis^ 
is n.b.t mentibiied. 

American Still Flopping ; . 

New York American/ baftiinff for 
circulation, recently, bought pyblica-, 
tidn rights to '"AH Quiet ' bn : . the 
Western Front'.' at a high price' and 
'claimed. t.p have gaiiiod 30,000 with 
it. .That piece ;havirig expired,' the 
paper is no\V using '.'L<ittle Caesar," 
the .Litferary..: Guild.. book by Wv 1^; 
Biarnett, abbut Chica/rp gang life. . ; 
; Apiparen'tiy pblicy of publish- 
ing bb.'it sellers while they are best 
— : r sellers will: be adhered tO/ Paper's 
He. has. pergjstent circulation loss fpr years^ 
..iw ' jg gtjji a. puzzler to the Hearst o.iit- 

'fit; . : 


Now at the Casanova Roof,. Nelw 
York. . "When In "Rosalie" the. New 
York "Herald Tribune" said: . "This 
reviewer's main pleaisure canie from 
-t1ve-'oppetiranee--crf-a rxloOigiitful jazz 
singCr named BPbbe Arnst. Miss 
Arhist is a lovely and exciting ybung 
person,- with a,h air of. inl'ectibus 
merriment that is. irresistible.'' 

'..Direction ■ . ' 
;. 1560 Broadvyay.r 

T.buis ITaaf!. Toledo, ordwd any 
vopios found to bo .«cizoa and de- 

; Ju5t a lyictribry .. 
O\\o of. the t5tin-ios "M':u'.KiU'(;t Tint le 
■will Use. in. her yarn on iu-l'>;.'< aiii ht- 
ry for the.; Saturday livening I- I'st. 
ihrlude$ d ■ former exploit of jVilin 
iioCormlvk, . Bernie Finenifih: and; 
I'efe .Smith. Pete,: now : head of 
CV-M's coast pui)iicity,^Y.'x.s tl'uMV por- 
sonaliy'hernldinff Cplleon.MovH:^. <uie 
of' his a,lmR in life being; to soil to. the, 
uneonyineod MvCorniick, . at .Ihat 
. -t 1 mb lich d: . o f Fins t ' Nat i (j hal • p u li 1 Ic ; 

. - Right at; Home . 

The mysterious; lopking dwellin.g 
uSfVd to advertise .the new ; Rpbert 
M. : McBride.,.:;<Si .Co. mystery "..story,' 
"■the- Murder .". in the Krbwnstonc! 
.Hou*;ei',' is .the bvillding bccuped by 
the publishing hpuse. on; ICth: sti'cet. 
The . MeBride Co.. bbcupibs aVfprmer 
private ^residence:. . ; ; ; , ' 

Libe! Action Withdrawn 

Hobert K. il.aas,. president' ;bf th.e . 
■Bbok-of-the-MPnth-Cliib, anno.u 
[ ills company;, has dropped its ;jibol 
suit John Macrae, pi-eaid>nfc. 
pf ; E. P. ^'rJuttpn's book pvib1ishers>v. 
wilos<^; letter of. retraction of. Aug. 23 
[i^ the Cphsidera'tipn for thb aban^ 
donhieht of tl^C suit^; -• .• ; .;- 

Ladies; and;.Geh ■ 

.. Vera. Ciispiiry's '^new';^.'nbyel ; iS; 
^''ik<iies'-4rivd7. (Tenti)' r'^ a- -r..!itbr-y'- o-t | 
^slibw life;:.: nero;iVv«t book,; "Wrhite 
Git-iy'V went .'i.<:toss; so well, that f=!he' 
quit the ' editorship . . of the hotel 
^iyieraway, ; ;':Gotham ; Wfe;'; ' tb de- 
vote iierself to Nvrithig' only.- 

■ . : ;Li A.'s Financial .'Daily • ' 

''Exchange" is the title of a pew 
32-pag;e lihancia:! daily ;tabloid that 
starts, publication- Sept; • 10 in- . I>bs 
Angeles. . It %Yill sell ;for a :hickel, 
reacliing the, street as soon iatter 
■Wall Streets closing as possible. E, 
\C. Simmbn.s is ireported as tbe own- 
. fer.- It will publi^li in ; the Daily 
Ne'ivs building, but beyond . this any 
cbh.nection Is denied,. 

• Blytlie on Diets ; : 

: Sam ; ;Blythe. is i)i LoiS Angele.s 
Ig.ettirig pliinty of; space in the.Ex- 
I' amirier on a diet cbntroyCrsy. . ; ; 
; Ainprig his other ; works,' the. yet 
pplitlcfxi writbr has rpany a par.a- 
eraph ;on what and wliat riot to ea 

Riihlix- Mirror Tie- fn . 

Ne'>v-. "ibrk Dally Mirror antici- 
pates. 20,000 daily increase of circri- 
latio.n thrbugh 'its tie-in with Poblix 
theatres in Newv'yor.k. The start 
wias at about 4,000 a day last week- 
s. Thrbugh the deal Pubiix stopped 
■using • the^'.New York Wbrld as .a 
giybaway at Its final performances, 
loightly, in its Broadway houses. 

"With the: .World it . was iio hbok- 
;1ip,.Publix jiist probably :buying th'C 
.. papers as a giveaway at the Para- 
mount. • ■ 

Like a. Woman. 

The wbmiriri In charge of .: a Ch i - 
caKb daily's theatrical depf>rtmcnt 
has had a feud Avith a. Windy City 
p. a. fbi' several years.- When the 
p. a. started :;a. ne-w and. important 
position recently the woman sent 
one of his first pieces of Cpipy to his 
superior, circling an error that had 
been her cfiuSe for rejecting It. 

The p! a, had; used , "ovei*" instead 
of "more than.!' : .- ' . 

years ago - persuaded: Sfiniuels' 
to shake ; a n ' iniportant pofit' . -\v i tl-i'. a 
local udycrtis'ing group f oi-' thc hSan 
aging -' editorship of .the weekly; 

Almost immediately after .PLCCcpt 
aii.g the ; ne\V job- Samuels broyghli 
over Rea Irvin as art chief ;and later 
attached ;such experts , as ; Robert 
Bciichiey, Dorothy Parker, 'Frank 
.Sullivan . arid Alexander 'WooUcbtt. 
More recbntly disagreements over 
makeup, text, art-.w.ork andi salaries 
( \yith Samuels arguing in favor of 
liigl.ier prices for. higher class mate 
rial) jarred Rpss}' nerves. . He took 
a curb upstate and: upon his return 
decided to dispense with ' Samuels 
Waiting. untii;.Samtiels a;n.d..his wife 
h.^d .. had a . European holiday . and 
Samuels was on tiie seas hbme\yard 
bound, Ross cabled : the. hews 

Samuels is- at present- .offlcing With 
Uci-bert- Bayai"d Swppe. . . 

'..' Woman Wrote It 
■The ilerii-y . :irand.el . Uichardsbn 
whb authoriid "Ultima TJuilo,''. -.this 
mpnth-s solPGt'iori ' be the . jVook-Of-' 
the-Motitli; Club, is a ;-won>iFn, .Who 
hrt:s been . tirfirig llie 'male ha n die for 
.all her : writings. ;, .V :^ V 

•e'hi'$ ;Little Spain; Rap.eK; ; 

.Figuring a; potential. cii6ii'tele:;bf .. 
liQMOO Spahishjspeak^ pebi)le in _ 
Xiie- cfb'ieiifrb'^terntpi"y, ;F 
.iietaihebiirt of Havana, is .starting • a : 
SpaniSiV .wcekiy printed iri;; Chictigbj 
to bo called :La Haza .("The Kacc).; 
.. . ;l<71rst issue is; Sept.. 1.5; Mexican , 
Indei)endence;:I):vi'v., : •: 

. . Burtis Gbilifl> Film \ ;, ' '. : 

:;Tivbnip'.'<6n -, Bui'tis, n.ov<?list -. .arid : 
playwright ' of : juvenile . subjects, : 
iou-^'oa ^Xow I'oVk. late this mbhth 
■for-- tho coast- V ile will join: one of 
the pieture 'cortipanies. ' v'. • •'. ' > / ;; 

Vaude Reviewers . 

Jambs Cow has been assigned the 
vaude . revie-ws by the . aiorning 
World, formerly covered by Norman 
Krasna. . 

The/Graphic has ^.dded Krasna to 
I Its dramatic department as assi.str 
. aht to Gilbert Scldes. - 
; John Hutchens, formerly of the 
. N. Y. Post and; vaiute reviewer; has 
gone to the Times dramatic depart- 
-. ment. ' :;;, ■: 

Jules Dubois, of- thb Trib, is the 
.. yaudp reviewer for. tliat. paper. 

. .Old S. F. Bulletin Merges with Cal I 

The San. Francisco; Bulletin, an 
; old newspaper ^ lias, been merged 

Bbni's Buys •. 
Charles Boni, whb separated his 
business activities from his brotlier, 
Albert, to get out those paper- 
bound books, is accepting stories 
on. outright purchase instead . bf the royalty basis.; As: the books 
sell, for arPunct 42 cent.s each; Bbni 
feels that the royalty plan, based 
on a percentage of the retail price, 
would give the "author tob small a 
return. ' 

\ Splitting Names ; . 

Since the: idoath of '.Frank -A. Muii-: 
fiey*; the late publish er-s-.namb hdtsti.'t- 
rhearit : a ■ thing tb Muhsey's ; Mag-, 
azine, with the result that it IS .to 
MiniSergo a' change in title. : The title 
of the,.Argp.>iy-All Story Magazine 
is to be split up, ;Ayith Munsey's tb 
he known as the AU Story; Mag- 
azine, and the .Argosy-All- Story to 
remain - simply as the Argosy Mag- 
azine. ■ ./v ;.: : ■• . - ..^'; 

New hovel: ' by H^^^ -Jiustin' 
Shiith, Tiianagirig editor of -the- Chi- 
.Ciigb Dai.ily Nbws,. is • "i^obr Dpvil,'^ 
publishiesd by Covici. Fr.iede.; . Not a 
new.spapcr: . story,; • but ;mgKt of 
Smith's - talcs huv.e ; :bVeh ; . of the 
c-)-'af.t',.'ihclui.1ing tlve fa.nlbus "D'ead- 
llncs."' ;-'. V' \. 

Brooklyn's Only Day 

It's a tbiigii wind that doesn't 
brbw something in from Brobklyh 
these, days. 

Jlonday, being Labbr Day and a. 
holiday for everybbdy but show biz 
the Brooklyn Eigle swept into , the 
Times S.quare newsstands with 'pa- 
pers .and ;a one -sheet flat which 
read: ■ ■ ' 

"No Manhattan evening papers 
Labor Day. Buy the Brooklyn 
Eagle." ■ ' 

: Indian Chief's Sandal. 

Chief Buffalo Child Long Lance, 
Indian writer and: freqtient con- 
tributor to Cosmopolitan, has- ;de- 
signed : a mpccassinrsandai.: along 
Indian principles, which the Gobd- 
.year -Rubber Company is placing on 
the market in a few \yoekfi.. ' 

It ;\vili be called the Chief Long, 
Lance sandal. 

Kenneth Hutchinson will edit the 
\Voplworth'iOc 'rhags .to bc .;published 
, in the fall. 11. A; .. lias taken, 
itutchinsb.n'^s place with MacKin.- 
nOn-Fly. - 

A'iotbr Cuhriynijhanv .-w^ 
editor of thb playgoer,, the theatre 
magazine prpsrrams to come, out 
h'bxt month in about 20 cities. He 
will' be Ibcated in ' Chicago, ■ 

Mags Down and Up 

Within the past two months about 
25 of - ' magazines have . suspend- 
ed publication. . None is expected 
tb resume; Terhoips the most prom- 
inent of the dead ones was Mun- 
sey's, ' with ; its circulation down to 
sd.OOO; Its. owners gainc I wealth 
with other publications. Despite the 
I s\ispensibn's not loss than eight new 
niags afb sdated'fo rrai^i-thb i^^^ 
within the next :twb months. 

The Magazine Publishers' Corpor 
ratlbn alone kill'bd' eight;mags,:while 

Darnton Returns. . 

Cha;rles Darntop, biack in . New. 
York. from a long stay on-thc west 
coast in picture Work. He has sub 
cebded E. . W. Osbprn as dramatic 
reviewer of the ; ^3vev World, rer 
turning to his old desk. 

Three More for- Fans . 

Thrbe new" picture .. fa n publica 
tions fbr :hatiohai , circulation- will 
make their :appearance this, fall 
One will be a monthly to be edited 
by Ruth. Blery, for. the Woblworth 
chain of stores. ; 

Another monthly, . dealing with 
talker features and personalities, 
■ will be sp.onsQred by the Dell <:pm 
pany, publishers bf Film .Fiin. Thb 
third is a weekly tabloid -to deal 
exclusive with picture subjects and 
tb be published for the Eastern Dis- 
tributing' Cb;.;;-; ■ 

Frederick James Smith, with Piip- 
tbplay Magazine for three yeai'.s; I's. 
leaving it ;iri October, .upon the -ter^i- 
minatloh of 'hi-s contracts \ 

Hahs Roberts has written his 
memoirs and called It *'l<Vrty Years 
Through a Stage Door." ;. 

R. M. Brinkerhbff, . cartobnist: of. 
the ''Little Orphan Annie" series, is 
yiiilting Holly wbb^v ;: ; 

With the San- Francisco Call by Rainei- Reviews which sp.bcjalizeU in 
Hearst who bougiit the publication , art and dirt nVag.s knocked, down 
last week. • - six. W^^- Claytbn killed three but 

. 'Orily two- or, three bf the Bulle- , is -staiHirig^ another t , 
tin's, staff retaineid..' A^ .F. Giila^ - " ' " 

Pey, dramatic .editor .arid dean of 
the . local critics, was ambng those 
loft , without a: ■ job. . Gillaspey ha.d 

..been covering sho-ws for nine years. 
He will handle publicity for the two 
Wagnbn ':house.s,'' Embassy and; 

, Da vies. • 

Bluebioods and Circulars 

' Thb new sbpial . regi.'^Jei'-^l^^re.c.-' 
y' tbry of American Society-^ha s been 
. compioted and the second edition is. 

"^yU Under way. This 1030 rompon- 
. -dium of hTuebloods will be i.'ssuod in 

.'nunvhors loss than the total of regis-. I • - •. .. i , 

°='tet'cd j i! Li ri o « . i^'p^jg=^- :-^ l^liy .y f ;T n=M*e.nt.--hed=an 

clJi.s.s- socioty with being bombarded lot h.-r crt.'dit as c-"'.'!!!!)!..!- .ti<. l-y 
^vilh .ciroulars. from all manner of boanls, 

;"Saturday's Children" 

An 'agreement; was ::reached. re- 
cently; through; Chai'le-s Bi'aunhut, 
attorney, \v hereby; Orri Lanshin., 
secretary tb Walter Lip,pniaii of Thy 
World, . received d. caf^h settlement 
fbr" her share' of royalti.e.^ of "Sfit'in'-: 
day's Children," of which f=h" was 
coauthor. This is the. first anything 
has been Ix'-ard- of Mi'sf< l.;insiiin as 
coaiithbr of the play. Thr-(ni".h n 
former close fricndsliip. with. Max- 
well Anderson and th'<* intr-rvci:.ii(>ii 
of newspaper friends inclUilin,!? 
F. P. A-. a priyat" scillfuicnt u:a,s 

Syndicate Publishing 

The Metrbpbiitaii Syndicate, one 
of the bigger firm.s supplying fe'a 
ture stuff tb newspapers, is to go 
into book publishing as well, Max- 
imilian Elscr, ; Jr., . having formed 
Metropcilitan . Books, Inc., for that 
p,nrposo.- .-■ 

Idea; is to publiwh all the book- 
iFTigth 'v stories-ana.: ;features;,;syn 
di C.I ted by it; Formerly the rights 
were sbld to 'TGlurt: or Gri^isset . ^ 
Dunlap ;br .other publishers of chwip 
i-rpririts, but .Elsbr believes ho can 
iWlize more bn - the ; subject? ; by 
p'uhlishi'ng them in t><^ok forrn liirii 

self. • ' - '-: - :. , - . 

' Other syndicates may follow. 
' Sia ny sy n dicaie la rgb - -numbers of 
sorinl stories each yea* .and; their 
newspaper', reprodtictio.Ti publicize?? 

til<-r?i;..WCll; : .■ ; :, 

: Gaga Club 

Story- t.cllers and , those who also 
teli stories have banded together in 
Topeka and have organized a club 
for mutual edification. At thb first 
meeting, at Which Arthur J. Cur- 
ruth, Jr., m. e.. Topeka State .Tour- 
nal, presided, only dog .stories were 
allowed. They are at present trying 
to sign rii(ire tabloid editors and a 
I couple of fishermen. : :a golfer 

or two. ■' 

it is reported that the rnember.ship 
i s ■.CPmpTisXTl^ en tirely-'of those su ff er- 
ing, froin ohrbriic Insomnia. ,:; 

A Bad Summer 

IThis.summer has htxin' a wallop to 
[ the publishers-; Of books as well a.s 
mags. Some, of the book pubUshers 
,arb.. ifar . from -breaking: even., on .th^ 
period. '' '- -. - - - ''■ .-. 

'Of the turri. now is. ex 
pected to shortly arrive."; ; ;;• 

Borden ChT Tab> Critic 

' -i )a iiy . Illustrated 'Time's, Chicago's 
new tab dally, has Gale Borden as 
<lra ma critic Borden,' whb rcplacf.s 
Virginia Dale from Ihoyohl Journal, 
is a Xcw Ypiker bf nTag expericncb, 
.l, has not.'.-vvbrked on a news- 

■ ji.ijicr licfnl-C 

"Fanfare", and People 

... . Guess in g 'Em . 
v. K. ■ Kicliards, ■ dr.umatic. ditbr 
I Toledo P.lade, leaving Septi- 1 foi 
six months in Kurbp(!.. E. H. Gopd 
ihg, A'ai-icty'.s local news -hbund .ln 
-Toledo, will gu('.«s.. 'em meantime. 

niaii (irdor housos, etc 

I'-vory name in the bonk was fur- 
hlshod and; checked liy a nicmiicr of 
tlio. family. A registration blari 
. bad to. he filled out and f-igncd 

.I'l' of authentirity 

A Sea Jolt,' ollK'r inside mu tlie ..Nrili'ir 
SiiuiiK'ls -New YorK'.-r separatifm iv 
! ii)c clasliintr of i u o ; seiisilive t< iii.-. 
i per.'iiuents whieli cuhnin.iteil in Tn' 
ine.«s houses sti'rni'ing the : nl" ."-^.•nnu"):-. l"a\ ir.g H.i: '.M 
publi.:hL-it, for .sbts bf.the new social j, editor, in chal'ge. Al't.ut iw^- 


:. "Kiinrarrv-V .(JMitftam'-s). .wy i-iieiwro 
I f.! liii.iay , is another i'ri ' 1 he' series of 
:.[:.(.;id\yay - llbllyWu'id - nf-wspaper 
■'i,..V';ls wYiU-h uves r'al-lif" iiersoii- 
- ;, lilies freely for realism. irif-'Ttwin- them- with the fici i-m cliai-ablf:rs. 
' H;i'llii1:iy, s.'ihl to haM-.bei-n a picture 
- viiic. in his firpf novel '-Tiienl.i<.ns. a 
!.«. t of sci-ei-n pe..plc: Varieiy, th' 
, .'vlgoJi(;uin round table; counll'.s;. 

Broadcasting Restriction ; 

Kila Wciinan's story, 'Tiio IV)oi 
Sport;" has l)et-n. purchased, by' I.'':ni-. 
vcr.sal.. ■ A sf iiaiirjtion- in lhc 0'<>ntr.a<-t 
forhadc .Miss AVeiman rroni liro.'id- 

' ;th"..air. : : . ; ' . ' ,; ' ■ ;; • 

• Snook's. Trial !'Hot S.tuffJ', Bannfed: 
Tr.i.)iserijjis: of -HtcnoKrapber"s. n-c- ; 

ord , of ."liot stuff" in trial of Dr..| 
: .laroes II.' Snook, former Ohio. State ; 
' uriiver.^ity, convicK'd of ■ niarder. of 

.(Continued from p.ago CO) : ; 
fronv hi.s uncle, the. late James ■ 
Henry Smith. Oddly enough, Mr. 
Smith had Inherited this fortune 
from an uncle. Smith left addi- 
tional millions to his widow, who 
liad previously : divorced William 
Kfiinelander Stewart, New York 
society man, .and finally :marricd; 
Jean St. Cyr,: cbrisideraVjly her . 
juriibf 7 ■ JCaH "' hXLU •'pi'nviousrly 7 in--?- 
herited . .a, fortune : firpm his ili'st 
wife, {ilso ah elderly widow, Mrs. 
Alexander Redijeld. St. . Cyr was 
briginally Jack Tho.mPsbP. o^' ^VaCb, 
Texas, and. ha.d been :■■ a bell boy, 
chorus ." bby arid hat salesman at 
Wanamakbr's,: and.- frh'nd • of .a f elr;. 
lOAV named Schwemm, father. 
Avas a telegraph opcrytor in Treri- 
tbn. The Masen daughter married 
,Sarii'ubi ;-Slo.'in Colt,; and/ the .spn. 
George; Qrant Maspri,: Jr., tiiarried. 
Jane; Kendall'; , J,ine f was - a doiited 
by the. late Lyman B. , Kendall af ter 
he had married her m other, wlip 
had :divorred rrof:tor Welch; man- 
ager' .Pf the; Onond.oga .Hofel, . SyrV 
ainisev : Mrs. ' ^Velch - Keiidali. was 
originally l^lizaheth C<^yle. but was. 
known' on tlio .«ta«(' a'.-:- U.ei ly; 'Lee.;, 

Tlieoi-.i Hi.\. eiii tl. liein:;'-.' old' ill vari- 
•, j i/uH Ohio citi' .'5. <_'lii<.-.l.' ot i'uiic'. , 

For so m':' weeks; past llw' 'fitmlng 
(if -Tlie- lieinvn of. .Sif-Tlock 
^I'lTFl -iri ( ^y^^ T^ltny^ ^ i r- - i vn '^ti wTr'i'^'F-ayf=^i» 
a la'livf.r ril lb-- r'ai-.;.i!.f.:i!it ' stu/lip 
.(.n Lohtl' ;i: laii-i. ii i." ..iii.i;>-i««r; to 
«'■( .•all ' I cii-iili*-- cii.-.pnn oh'-e 

ToMfi (I t lie •)-;'l'it'll:'h 'lU'".' >':'l''-.i ; -fls 

i'iillv, t.i.e ii'ii--. ill .••.-:|.-r:"''-k 
Holmei;," \\!i'!i \ViMiaJii flil- 
li-v;-: ..<-i.-irre(1 in K'ni-'mi in . !''•'''■;. as 
.rln ili.< !;■ ' lloltii. •,' (.'ij.i.plin' aa.iin 
u-jip'-.tixd ao ijJ'ly* ■. 


V A R I E T Y 

Wednesday, September 4, 1929 

NEWS (John Chapman ) 

"That superb clown, Jiniimie Savo,, was a 
shieer dellgiit," 


EVE, JOVRUAL (John Andfirsoh) 

. "Mr. Savo bobs ■ wistfully in and' out: of 
it . . i The most Ghaplin-like of .the 

^tiage's funny men, he is a, quiet riot, 
equipped: with hilarious leerings and a shy 
sadness which , tinges his comedy gently 
with absurdity." ; . 



"i/lr. Savo. was more ingratiating than, 

EVE. SUN (Stephen Rathbun) 

"Jimmie Savo was funnier than ever,' 

thank; you, MR. RATHBUN 

eve: POST (Wilella Waldorf) 

"Of the . peffprihers, a comedian named 
Jimmie Savo, Who hasn't been around in 
some little time, is still as funny as we dimly 
remember he used t6 .be.. Mr, Savo does a 
funny little shuffle dance that so many come- 
diahs try to do nowadays but can't, and he 
sings and chatters comically besides." 


EVE. WORLD (E. Wi Oshorn) 

"Jimmie Savo . (whp was funnier than 

ever)-.":-' - 








GRAPHIC CG«6crC Seirfcs^ 

"The perfect clown, Jimmie Savo . , . 
Savo Is. tiie nian with the agonized . white 
face who crumbles up airid disintegrates and 
goes completely to pieces out of sheer em- 
barrassment for no reason in the world. He 
sings a song in hlis. volfccless way and. leers 
out of his bright little eyes, or he tries to 
pick ut) a stogie from the pavement or ho 
shows the orchestra a piece of music he has 
written and Is terrified at the result. And 
whatever he does he is completely and end- 
lessly funny . . . he sings— with coy 
glances, sudden enthusiasm and equally sud- 
den retreats and seems baffled by the laugh- 
ter and applaus6. He is a fine comic as 
everyone who has seen him in vaudeville 


. (Katharine Zimmerman) 

"Jimmie Savo rings up gales of merriment 

with his melancholy chanting and his eccen- 
tric dancing," ; .": ■ " ' ; ! 


MIRROR /lVa/fcr lVmc7»cM> 

r "Yet only the antics of Mr. Jimmie Savo 
deserved the. salyos, if. anyone should ask 
this deputy, and they probably will. The 
veteran of the ' two-a-day was thoroughly 
amusing,, and even his vocalizing of the most 
tuneful of the songs, 'M?iybe rni Wrong,' fell 
on willing ears— threw the comedy burden 
on Savo's able shoulders." 

TIMES CJ. Brooks Atkinson ) 

"At any rate,; what seems- to this spectator 
most enjdyable in a long evening of sketches 
and turns, are such, items as the dimlnutivei 
pantomimic clowning, of Jimmie Savo . ... 
is also an artist who leaves no lines lncon>r 
pletb In his clowning. Against ah antima- 
cassar backdrop of wild proliibition morality, 
he does a vastly/ludicrous pantomime num- 
ber of facial contortions, wriggles, slaps and 
falls . Interpolating nonsense all the 

while . . .. Mr, Savd keeps the,:c6mic spark 
delightfully alive." 

TH AN K YOU , jyi R_. $ELDES_ 



Wednesday, September 4, 1929 




Plays on Broadway 


Gomedy i" ^^^ 
«^och proBentcd at 
£*ty I- A. Sallan: 

sister. . . 

llolly Scott .. 

>nnio Sunjjson 
jaks Scott 
jjem Bcott 
' iDelanccy Scott 
Riilh Walwin .. 
J H. Watwjn 

acts by Howard E, 
the 40t)i Street Sept. 
otageU by Albert Ban- 

. . ... . .iiftbcJ Strickland 

' Miiry ItolU 

Walter Horton 
. . Millard . F.. M UcheU 
......'.....Ray Harper 

A dele^.lionson 
........ .Dean Haymond 

^^ piay about tin cans, new. ones 
: though^ to: the , . manufacture; of 
•rtrhich psychology is, applied by a 
^gaibbi: youth just out Qt college. A 
■ fricncliy: first night audience seemed 
iito like it. but "Great Scott" isri% 
•.good entertainment, in fiact it hasn't 
•a chance to run. 

" Show is independently: presented. 
'It is the first presentation by L..- A. 

Safian, a modest sort of lawyer chap 
I who had his name out in the canopy 
vlichts, Mr. Safian is. one of the 
i4roUD 'callod tlie . Showshrip that 
'■'triea Sisters of the Chorus" Avhich 
•anneai's to have passed into the (lor- 
■mant class. "Claas" in- a Showshop 

oroperty according to a' prograni 
•^ote. Group l.s due to do five other 

■•.'i*'*"GiW' Scott" is set in, the small 

faeto.ry town of Canton, Mass. You 
are i introduced to the Scott family, 
riffht there in their combiuatioii 
kitchen, living and; dining room. 
They are common people .and know 
it, feeing satisfied to labor with their 
hand.s, eo to bed right after dinner, 
getting up at dawn for another 10 
hours .of It. There is- Jalce,' the 
father, . teni, and a son and ' Ma 

Scott; '■ • .-■ 

But on this particular riight' a,, 
younfrer. son with the .. fancy name 
of IJelancey, ; i.'s coniing, home after 
four years in .college* M.otlior has 
worked l.'ito int.Q tne niphts to sup- 
ply: monc-y to- give, her fayorite boy 
a college : educatiori. and -slie has- 
great expectations. I-op gets tlie 
shock of his life when as soon as 
the family sit down to dinner, Dcr 
lanccy starts highbrow stuff 
tliat tlie old boy never heard about 
and doesn't care about knowing. . 

Delancoy is sCTit .to labor . in the 
can ■work.s; He ha.«3 anibitions as 
ihc director of .social welfare in tlie 
Wat.snn -plant.- Instead ■ ho steams 
up the men to- strike;' then .S(i?nd.s 
thorn b.T,ek to ' woi-k. by promising 
reforms in the lino of an eight hour 
day, profit Rhoring,. planting of gar- 
dons .and .'trees where the, birdies 
can chirp. For stirring up things 
the old man and Lem get the air 

and so does he. But after a few 
month.s It Bcems his ideas were on 
tlie right track. Production had in- 
creased,, the plant showed a pro lit. 
So It looked like everything wai^ 
goiu!? to be ell right. In a small, way, ' 
Dolancey is to teach his stuff in the 
hioal school arid Is to wed .ryuth,^ 
■laughter of the head man of the 
^ an works* 

During all this the tAlkatlv.e col- 
lege grad Bpills plenty of theories 
on social science out of his text 
books. Most of It may be true, in 
line -with Industrial plant devclbp- 
meiit, but its place irt the theatre 
is rather uncertain. . \ 
. . Millard F. Mitchell, as Lem, i 
follow of few words, provided wliat 
diversion . there was In "Great 
Scott." OHis "aw .pa'^ was fupny. 
He had been friends with. Annie 
Simpson .foi* 12 years but was . too 
bashful to ask her to, marry him. 
b ii her part she Was of a la mi l y 
where the girls had to be asked, 
Mitchell did well too in a newspaix?r 
play last season. 

Ray Harper, formbr dramatic edi- 
tor of a Brooklyn daily, is the lead. 
Delancey, a fellow who . airs^ his 
views on his family and a:il else. 
It isn't. easy to make a gabby egoist 
iv lijtcable "person;' . Adelo Ronson -i.s 
Ruth, in love with pelancey, but 
heaven knows why. , 

"Great Scott" is. a small cast at 
tractibri that costs but little to put 
oh. It can likely get by on a cut 
rate b?isis for a time, but is no hot- 
tef than that. : ' . -Wee, ; 

Plays Out of Town 


Atlantie rity, Sept. 3, • 

■ Skcti'hps 1>v .Win. K. Wells ana Ooorgo 
Whlto. . Music and l.vrli-s l>y .OlifC Fnoiid 
and Wlilli'. . Art .illm'tor, O. ' A. AVoidhaas. 
Orch.'5tra umlcr «im-Hon of William Daly. 

Willie and' I'liijrcno . )l<nvard, MUchvirnmi 

^urant. Kvolyn Wils.>i), . J^^^-l^V."^''' t.^'^lv 
fornla Collrelans, Carolyn N.oVti'. Haro 
Morrlssoy, lifMy Gilbert. Jnnic.'. C'^.l^-: 

l.-rnnce.s Williams, Olilc JOnd.-r. Marlott.a, 
Frita . and: Jean . Ihiliert. • ALLoit 1 •aI>l^;■J.=^• 
Sally and. Tod. . Floi-eni'c .lUi>.lnson, t fi'd 
Xjy'o'n, Pcolt -t'lst.iT!-. 

iCeorpe White brouglit .'to tho 
ApoUo^liist night a ni.erry.;nnd t:une- 
.iful 'yaffciin „ ..Thc. -lOtli- - edition-; ol. 
"ScandaU/; ItDrovides; the combi- 
nation o£ tiie elaborate cOstunie and 
chorus cfCoGts and the. sliort, snappy 
and. unclaborate >omody. . ' 

While this year's rcviio .is..too imi- 
tatiyo and. too content to follow 
aloriif? the; paths of its i^rodocossors. 
meaning, yet in pl-o'iluciion it I'opvo- 
scnts tiic. ni()!?t tastff lil -aiid colorful 
of -all..,'.;; ' 

■ virtually now batoii -of : pririM- 
pais is piDViilod.- The H<v\vard, boy." 
and Frances Williarhs arc tliCS only 

entortniners retalnod. Wlijto tides 
several specialty dano<,= .=: hini.«olf, and 
part of the time acta - a.< master of 

ChiO'f among the no\vooui>-rs are 
Mitc'hoil and i:)urant, Kvelyn. Wilson, • 
Jack White, Chic .Endor, .SjiHy and • 
Ted,. Frit/, and .Tean Hubert ^Mariot-. 
,ta, and. the .Abbott: Danoor;?, all of 
whom do their, own tvirns in the 
second act to niake the revue: a 
vaudeville extra.vagau/.a.- Th.o first ■ 
portion of the revue evidently uses 
up nibst of . White's tliiuider. 7. . y 
Tlie .comedy sketches by Wra. Tvi 
Wells'. and Wliite are not-; groat, 
shakop,-' .almost all ending with-- the- 
usual' husband Or \vifc betrayal arid, 
gun shot. . ' • , 

Tyliss- Willams is used particularly, 
to iiIutT' one song. "lUgger ami- IVetter. 
ThiuV Ever," althoug-h ClifC. Friend 
ha.*' writ ton some ■ tuneful numbers 
which the prograiiv also . accredits to 
White. : Miss- Williaths. and White 
also introduce a. new dance, |'bot- 
toms up." It oombinos the Charlesr 
ton, 'black hot torti anil the -.shimmy, 
rtb'wat-d- - Brothers arer-fis fn^nny --as- 
oven but the matori;il they, use lacks 
froshno's.s. The California Collegians 
wore the real knockouts of the eve-; 
ning, but" every .member of the cast 
received n strotig welcome. . - 

This. lOt.h "Scandals"' may be put. 

V '1 



JAZZ IK^^^^^ 



Am at Prestttt One of the 


Anderson's ALMANAC*' 




- ' GIBSON HOrEUOWWU Geceter.m 

»- I, ^- -y o B K - c M A III 





Wednesday, September 4, 1929 

down as a hiQre subdued edition, In 
Which White has gone in for real 
beauty j^.nd more nudiiy. It was ru- 
mored about the theatre that two 
of the most costly tableaux would be- 
left for the New Yoi'lc opening, !3ince 
they need considerable overriiakinB 
of the stage,. The tempo last eve- 
ning was sluggish, but with more 
playing and •judicious .cutting it 
should ; provide gx>pd entertiiinment 
in tlie accepted revue fashion/ 

. ^Veintratib. : 


.7 ("Nice People") 

Montreal. Aug.. 29.' 

- Gaiiiedy In three . act3. prtiaented and. 

directed' by Hdrry. McK&e. Written by 

WllUam A. if'cGrew. . Margaret.' Bra'ytori 
'and Victor SutherJftiid featured; .with 
; caat' ' includlri? Arthur' JacobsOn, Eva 

fidge, S, Ilcnry Norell, Madefe ChAridler. 

P. Roy EilUlns, Melba Palmer. : Jbsepti 

EgBentdn. Prank Joyner and' Emily. 
. Srolley. At Orpheum, Montreal, Aug. 29. 

ll.&O top. 

prplieurh Players opened the hew? 
season . in . Montireal rather Inaus- 
; plcuoiisly with an^ improbable, 
weak-kneed little comedy which 
flopped In New York. Played by a 
company, which is. locally . popular, 
: it Was okayed by show-starved au- 
diences, mostly womeni .It cannot 

serve as' a barometer for the bal- 
ance of the season, 

/Montreal, the largest city in Can- 
ada,, with a population of over a 
niillibh, can only, support one stock.- 
At that, the support is meagre and 
with .the list of unpromising plays 
so far announced, prospects not so 
radiant. ' 

"Nice people is considered 
risque, from the viewpoint of local 
femrhie audiences. It is a slightly 
smOtty but a thoroughly dull arid 
lustreless comedy, lacking speed, 
human interest and drama. This. 

opening prcst-ntation, as a play has 
little to recommend It, . llog.vnlK'ss 
of this, it was a choice. It e\u- 
denofs a .sly daring .ilong dirt liries, 
without being openly brazen, and. 
appeals to thc: local rnob. 

■ The women fell h.lrd. It 
has plonty.- of girth, /mnrriatii? . and 
wedded life gagging. . . . 

McKee has done a nice job inso- 
far as scenic sotting.s. and cqsLu.m- 
ing are ^concerned. The is 
also being properly handled out 

.frbni.;' ■• / 

Most of the players were mis- :- and undertrained. ; Emiley 
Srhlle.y, ^ as the . scat-let woman, 
plaved it like a grandrtibther. . Jo- . 
se i^h' ' Eggenton. . as the : ben pecked 
hu^bahd swallowed every time he ^ 
tried to speak, arid \yallowed about, 
gehcrally.. ' Madgei . Civandier, . the 
6id<5^r sister f breed to mari-y a. man 
for :lVls wealth against her desires, 
not so, good. What was,:, intended 
as the high spot of the play fizzled 
0|Ut ihto a too ; obviously • thea.trical 
hysteria. , ' . ■;;;/.. 

Innumerable speeches were ; un- 
slimg like schoolrobm recitations.; 
Words followed words jn cktaracfs, 
jineinlhgiess. Every gag ' was re- 
leased ""like a 'feuVer-speciar. VWith 
long, e^cpectant waits f or i laughs 
Which, hapRilyi fQllbwed in time. . 

Margiaret Bra>'to.n, the new lead- 
ing -lady here, has ' been iriiported 
frbm Hollywood, where- she is re-, 
ported, to have been witii t-^^ Diiffy 
group. Mi^s Braytbn created, a 
favorable Inripression in: her first 
we^k aind is likely to hold attertr 
tion. ■ ' . • ' .1'']" 

Arthur Jacbbsbn, as the kid 
brother,, is easily the outstanding 
meniber of this group. .The only 
player on th»e stage Wbb handles 
llnea naturally and doesn't pause 
fbr laughs. P. Roy. ElkinSr as the 
iove-smltteri swain, failed to im- 
press. Action, in this role was main- 
ly responsible for the unevenness 


■ Malvern, Eng., Aug. 19. 
Oomody in thro© acts presented by Capt. 
Ruy W. r..lmbert arid .<?lr Barry Jiickson. 
Written by . Bernard Shaw and- produced 
by II. K. Ayllil. Codric Ila.rdwlcke and 
Kdllh Evahfl , starred. Scenery and coa- 
tumos deslgrifed by Paul Shovlinp. At Mal- 
vorh, Worti-alcrslilre, $3.i5 top. . 
I^amphmiUs . . . ; . ... Wallace Evennctt 
Sompronlu.s . > .Scott Suhderland 

(SocretarlPB to Kliig) 
Boiineree.i . . , , ; * • > . . , . , ,Matthe,w Boulton 
. <Pres, of Board of Trade) 

Magpua , , Cedrlc Hardwlcke 

{King of England) , 
i?roteu9 , . . . ;. ... , .Charles Carson 

(I»tline Minister) - 
Nlcobar . . ;.. . . . . .Clifford .Marquand 

■ . (Pot^lgn Secretary) , • ,; 
Cra'ssu3:' ..^......Julian IX'Alble 

.(Colonial Secretary) 
Pllhy . v.. .. . .* . . . i . . . ... .Aubrey MallaUeu; 

Dalbus ' . . ... . . . . Frank Moore 

(Home Secretary) 
Amanda ■■i . . . . ..... . .Dorothy Holmes-Gore 

(PostmlatrfessrGeneraJ) ■ 
Lylsitrata: ................ ... . .Eileen Beldpn 

■ (Powemilstress-General). 
Orlnthla' ., Edith Evans 

. (Kirig'is Favorite) . 
iaueen Jfemlma . ; . . . ...... Barbara Everest 

The Princess Royal . . ; . . . . ...Eve Turner 

Mr. Vanhattan; .4...... JTaines Carew 

'■ ' (American .Ambassador) 

hranch of 

S H O 


Featured Danseuse, 

'-'Now Moon;" Uses Stain's 




• /in Musical COMEDY 

• On the SCREEN 



.singers, Dancers, .Lcgif .Players, Screen; Playbrs, all find In Stifin's 
Cosmetics an indi.spensable aid to beauty imd In their professioh. 
And no wonder, "unciuestiohcd purity for over. 50 years," and today,vas 
through all these years, uriqucstibnably ■ the leading theatrical, cosmetic 
in the world. Write for new free booklet, ?'HbW to Make- up," 

This. one . has 90 laughs, one , gag 
arid-a p.rattfall. If it had sex appeals 
a hit it.'hasn't. ■ 

It will get jaiighs in America 
wheii the Theatre Giiild takes it 
over in' October, but sbriie Won't 
be .where Shaw planted them; 
They'll be in the speaks 'where the, 
walk-Outs of Act III gather to laugh 
at this giiy who says he stands on 
Shakespeare's shbulders. 

They opened a two Aveeks' festival 
of Siiaw . at Great Malyern with 
"The Apple VGart,*; and shipped a 
carlbad of critics, down from . Lon- 
don to catch it oh a Sunday after - 
noon. ■ 

In. Itself this is a prize piece of 
showmansh'ip, since Malvern ( pro - 
nounced . MawlVern) with its 18,000 
hill-billies isri't in any sense gpreat, 
except that Mhie. Gbldschmidt (nee 
Jenny Lind) died there. 

Imagine the Broadway mob run- 
ning up to Kingston, N. Y., to catch 
a show due in town three weeks 
later anyhow-^and killing their day 
off to do it. Get that and yoli get 
what Roy W. Limbert, Barry Jack-- 
son and Bernard ShaW put oyer On 
the Fleet Street muggs. " 

For what end? To learn; about 
a -king's power in England 30 years 
from now and take their pick as. 
to whether they'd like a constitu- 
tional monarch go . absolutist or 
have him pass out altogether. 

So here's the unsocial : socialist 
who started his play wrigh ting .ca- 
reer plugging prostitutes noW end- 
ing it plugging; princes— or where 
Shakespeare, began. Born '■ in Ire- 
land, Shaw'is gone English so com- 
pletely that he has t.b stop rehears- 
ing for tea. . 

This play shows the subtle ef- 
fects of hanging around gentlemen 
too long. None: of the rowdy writ- 
ing of Mrs. Warren's'; Profession" 
is. "The Apple Cart." None of the 
waggery of "You Never Can Tell" 
or "Fanny's First Play" is here: 
either. ..It can't . touch "Candida." 
It's terrible when placed against 
"Saint Joan" or- '-'Heartbreak 
House," but It panicked them at 
Malvei-n, because it's 

Forty-eight, laughs in Act I. 22 In 
Act II,. and 21 in Act. HI, but only 
10 liisty enough to survive an At- 
lantic crossing. ICyeh under the 
sure-seater staging of The Theatre 
Guild, some will die tb^ first night. 

Yet becauise it's more English it 
will do better In London than pre- 
vious plays of his of far better 
merit; ' The two sap parts are a 
thundering rabble leader dressed 
like a riussian rhoujik in red smock 
and black trousers tucked into high 
boots, arid carrying a pistol, (which 
tui'ns biit to be a pipe-holder), and 
the American Ambassador: who's an 
Uncle Sam cartoon. 

All other characters are .played 
as goofs except thb king and even 
he has bne moment where his dig- 
nity goes slapstick, But for the most 
part thiii philosot>her-klng gets all 
the flit lines and. the English will 
ibve /that. An ai-istocratic. Aristotle 
is what . they've never had, but al 
ways..loriged for. 

■' It : took Shaw . to give it to them 
by having a ruler pull such stuff . as 
this: ■ ■;' ■■: . 

"Cabinets rpay come and cabinets 
may go, i)ut I. go bn forever." 

- ."You're beautiful, diyino and .enor 
mously amusing.". (Laughter): 

"Most pebpie; wouldn't miss their 
head.s." (Laughter) . 
. "Frankly,. I' always looked upon 
his mouth, as tlie most important 
part of the ■ President's head.'" 
(Laughter) : 

"Is it po.sf?ible this .proposal 
reaches me before , the . press 
it?" .: (La:ugliter) 

"I must go to tea." (Laughter— 
jrhcreI,are^-l.otg.,,_more.,:,biit._^ '.oi 

wouldn't want to hear them. They're 
even duller in print, 
. Like all Shaw plays but "Heart- 
break House," this on© lacks 
warmth. No pas.sion, no affection, 
nothing to stir th^ blood and, to a, 
detached outsider, 'nothing much to 
stir the anytbine. 

Each act is as complete as a flat. 
Act II is a time lapse, It l^as an 
exquisite modern set; In blue and 
gold arid the king's mistress has a 
robe that's shimmering, with flex 
appeal, but the king sprawls airouhd 
as if it were a rtib-down room of a 
counti*y cliib. 

This hbke is laid in England in 
19.62 ■ when Shavian seer , assumes 
mob will still be singing "God Save 
the King" at the end of all sliowsv 
Mignus is king. -Magnus is a 
neph&w of the late ruler, Shaw no 
dbuiit. figuring present prince of 
WaliBS won't mariry. 

If Magnus had been the dumbest 
egg in the-.Empire hie'd haye been 
picked for the crown, but in this 
piece he's as fast under hia hat as 
a Broadway racketeer. Me keeps 
the Gabinet members squabbling so 
that he can keep pn tQ^* of them. 

Joe Proteus; . pi-Ime minister, is 
the "spur creain in Mag'^s coffee— ^ana 
vice versa. 

There are four women a,nd the 
only one who shows any emotion is 
a power mistress, cabinet member, 
arid she only to weep because a 
linkup of refined racketeers keep her 
department in the rbd. The Queen's 
a fat dumbdora. • The favorite has 
,a whole act to herself . with the 
king and gets , nbwbere. 

Matthew Boulton as Wild Dil! 
Boanerges about , steals the show, 
with Charles Carson as Joseph Pro- 
teus, Cedrlc Hardwlcke as Kins 
Magnus and Edith Evans as Orln- 
thla trying to, make It a' blanket 
finish. But with Shaw, as with 
Shakespeare, the play's the thing— 
and that's in no sense a knockout, 
anywhere outside of England. 

Shaw's name will keep it In the 
Wept End for 20 weeks and the New- 
York' Guild addicts will holler quit 
after 10. . Scully. 


(Continued from page 52) . 

phere. Sound proof walls proved 

Sam Leffler back from . Europe, 
press agenting the Little Carnegie 

Dot Justin fishing' iip in Cana<ia. 

Vee Carroll, secretly wed to 

Eddie Peck, became a mother last 
week< Baby died at birth. 

Johnny "WeismuUer has lined up 
14 bolls and three carbuncles. 

Ettna Ross of "Sketch Bonk" fell 
in the orchestra pit during the .surf 
board number. Frontrowors helped 
her back, on stage. 

Giri'^ight grpvp of three fellow* 
and thriee girls went on a cemetery .' 
drunk .' the other night, visitirrg 
graves of their respective relktiveq 
from :Sleepy^ Hollow to Kingstpn,; 
N< , y. . Brought flpwerW but were 
80. tanked they couldn't 'read tho. 
tombstpnes. So they laid •flovvers on 
any grave. 

: The gossips of the Rialto can 
tab 146 toys and girls separated, 
who haven't the d^ugh for a : d> 
>pbrce..^ ': \ ' • ; •■' 

' Alice CurVin, .model ' for . Roth-. 
bardt, landeid with "Sbandals.'f 

. Lou, Schwartz will open the Rich- : 
man blub .'Oct. 3 with Maurice 
Chevalier or Jack Buchanan, maybe; 

Eileen Wenzel abed With appeh"* 

Whitney, Bbl tori baCk from vaca- 

iiopr-'V""' --.--v - ■ - :■•• -; 

■ iivclyji Crowell, Vitginid' Haw^- 
Jcins and Netda . Kinkaid ■ have 
spent all the money they've saved 
lor: dental work. An epidemic of , 
tooth disorder prevails among the 
gals of Broddway. Seven in .one 
company Tioue. teen to the dentisi, . 
Talker aspirations, : 


TKc Menvberj- of iKe Facjlty , 
' o/" tl^e > 

Arc Qjvj<^lified Yej^rj- 
ol Profej-xiorvAl Experiervce 

Winter. Saason Opens Oct. 10. 1929 

Stein Cosmetic Co., 51 Madison Ave., New Yoric City 

(A Unit of stein Cosmetics Com pan]/, 1 nr.) 

The Beautiful 


Seating Capacity 1^995 

For musical or dramatic stock purposes. Ideal 
downtown location. House thoroughly modern.. 
Population of Toronto approximately 800,000. 
Theatre available September 1 , 1 929. 

; „^;V-;. ■rV;.-;-': : Apply^^^^ ^^^^^^^ ■ 

Famous Players Canadian Corporation, Limited 


Boolftng Exclusively Through His Ojvn Office 

1560 Broadivay 
New York City 


Personal Representative 


lyrM>nul 3Iunueer, CnARLFiS MOIlItlSOK, IROO Itrondway, N. Y. 

Wednesday, September 4, 1929 




Publishers Doing a Hideaway Hay 
Be Qvedooked by Film Producers 

The scif-cbmpliiccncy of the "Qutside'.' music ' publishdrs who may h6 

micnl'l?reyf uss, brbthbrs; at. the helm,; flgurea strongly on the future and 
fbrccii the recent Warner-Harms' ia.OOP.ooO merger, . This,; after Warners 
had turned it. down cold twice before, revived interest, and again letting 

things Ifl-r"*®'"- ' ■ 
There are firms in the field -iiow; whp ;are sitting bacU, . waiting for 

••proppSltioTis" and .offers, arid seemingly; blind to the parade . that's 

marching by. . ■ ' ■ ■ ■ ■ 

At present ireist-Berlinr^Schirmer-Fischer are reported in throes of 
arrialgtt^^tloris with RCA; or which- e'vCiv subsidiary. Radio rijay, nominally 
cede these merged musical catalogs , to, which mean's possibly R-K-0. In, 
any iristaricei RCA has Its own Photophdne, NBC and RKO arid Radib- 
Victor ijiterests In mind. "; A past bid of $20,000,000 for tbe, Big Six among 
the pop. puhUshers, Which had been turned down," Is a buy from either 

■standpoint; - \-, . 

■ Waiting-, 

There are. the. other firms who seem contcrit to loll back and wait for 
the merger "heavy sugar"' to ccme to their door.step'' Why keep, them- 
eciycs a secret? " Most probably . are that ,to tl]e -electrics- or. the 

picture companies. • 

This isn't a pro-Variety adVertlsing discourse. It's business. Else- 
where in' this issue, the financial . dittlculties and bankruptcy bf Jicnry 
Watcrson's firm (Watcrson, Berlin & Snyder Co,) ■speiilis for It.seif. Yet 
.even In the iriidst of It. all he is trying to get irt .with pictures through 
his Gordoii'& Rich -subsldiary or all^ , • V - ' - 

; ' ■ • Few Publishisrs :. 

" There are only.; six or eight more "iridependcnt'V publishers lef that 
merit the attention of the; mere 12 or is- big league picture producers 
or their allied, electrics. ("Ultimately of cpyrse the . electrics througli 
A. T. & T,, their ..parent, niay have It all, but this is merely pise^icated 
on the present status of things). ^ '. ' '■ ■ .:[:.''::: \: 

The Industry may well look to the Robbins-Metro alliance as the 
answer, For years Ro"bbiris struggled; struggled so much that his unclP, 
Maurice Richmond (when the firm nanie was Richmond.-Robbins) gaye; 
up the and figured he'd let the publishirig^ destinies to an ambitibus; 
and pugnacibus riephevv. ., Richrnond went into the music jobbing field 
where he rates highly. . ' . v'^ 

Story of Robbins 

: Rbbbiris as a publi.isher ranked merely as an. idea riian. But Rbbbin.s 
hJid vision arid riis talkativeness stood him in good ;stead in selling the 
Metro-Gbldwyri-iyiayei* officials on the future -of things. 

Robbins had been building up a catalog d pictui;e music. It . so, hap- 
pened that this. ent^Hrig' wedge proved the least valuable commodity, ho 
had to offer, SDiricthing other publishers might keep in mind. ' , 
. .They dori't want tb,e old or farinll.iai' songs, unless possibly: for char- 
acteristic Inblderitals. Primarily, pictures i-equii-e original themes and 
freshly created arid synchronized scores. The secret lies in the writers. , , 

Robbins fouri<l his wagon hitched to a star and riding >vith. a picture 
winner to big sales of important theme songs. 
• That's the trend of music publishing^ Pictures ai-e too. big and im- 
portant to seek anyorie out and too big and important, for the publisher 
not to bother calling, himself to propei^ attention. 

Even though tli.ei-e are" but 7. or 8 publishers for i! or 12 prpducGrs, 

; Along ; with the-; radical change 
: the music busiriess Is experiencing 
from the publisliihg erid, its per- 
eorinel is undergoing a highly com- 
mendable: change. It is a matter of 
• satisfaction . ■ to the . "plugs," it 
should bo . stressed, that the old- 
type song plugger is fast disap- 

It, will surprise the old-school mu- 
sic men to know ho.w often the or- 
chestra leaders, especially, com- 
plain to a disinterested audience — 
such as a Variety , man— that it 

vrould be a great relief If the plug- 
gers visited them sociallyr not just 
on a matter of business, not mere- 
ly to land a: song or; a plug on a 
radio program. . . - 

As a . result there's a spirit of 
cordiality- arid conserva,tlsm which 
seems to be in keeping with the 
general ' a;ura the. industry has 
taker! on ; to • wit, that the music 
business now rates As Rig Business. 

The association of the picture 
people, the ejceciitiye direction in the 
Jiartds of bu.siness nrienv h.a3 reacted 
favorably Qritb the rest bf the pcr- 
.sonnel. They chat arid discuss mat- 
ters: alorig .nevr- and " ijries. 
; 100% l>opularity : 

There is one riiusic" man who, if 
he docs, not know it, can land a 
100 % .piijg program with almost any 
of the qohtempbrary hotel and class 
«p6,t riiaestros for the rekson that as 
a natural . thing the hast thing hc'dis- 
ciissps with .the plugs is songs, lie 
Tnay chat on the stock ; market, 
mergers, show business conditions, 
but rarely songs. 

These come along through the rcg- 
V,','-'" 9 mall or a deputy. 

Jnoro forcibly than if he high-presi- 
sprod the band boys with a now fa- 
nilljar line of hooey that "niy job 
<lopcn(],s On putting this instrumen- 
tal aci-ots and I want yoiv to hoip 
.J^^" etc.,: with a plea of necessity 
tnat may have momentary aym-: 
pathotic offect but nullifies his" ef-' 
^'cioncy for repealed favors. 


Pctitioning''rc.r a receiver to take 
over the; business for benefits of; it>s 
creditors, Watier'sbn, Berlin & , Sny- 
der , Co., veteran music :publlshing 
firm, went . into voluntary bank- 
ruptcy last week.- Henry Waterson, 
Sr., struck a: pessimistic note as to 
the whyfore Of his financial difl!lcul- 
ties, blaming, the mechanicalizatibn 
of riiusic, chiefly the .radio and sirig^ 
ing films. Watersori's opinion that, 
everything's "canned from riiusic, to 
beans," was offset by the rest of the 
industry's general optimism that 
this "carinirig" was the life-saver 
of the. music business, . 

No schedule of liabilities or as- 
sets was filed* . 

With Trving Berlin leaving the 
firm, some years agO, Henry Water- 
son continued the firm name, Ted 
Snyder, third of the original trinity, 
has also since left Waterson after 
cbnsidierable bitterness oyer Sny- 
der's share of the/ profits, royalties, 
etc, A suit to that . cffeet is still 
pending. , , , 

. Waterson ". last week changed the 
billing on his business ofiice to Gor- 
don & Rich, a new,, fii-m vvhich is 
attempting to specialize' in theriie 
sorigs.' . It has Mack Gordon- - and 
'Max ,Rich at thC helm with Frank 
Waiorson; son of ircnry Waterson, 
,as. .associated..- 

Waterson may be attempting to 
stage ?i come-back- through the 
riicdiurii or this allied firht. ; 
: Judge COxc appointed the Irving 
Trust Co. Tcceivor of W'-B-S. ' Lia- 
bilities are; as yet ^indeterminate; 
assets arc. about $10,000, exclu.sivo 
of the- value, of the song copyrights 
which cannot be materially estab- 

. Sediey in ■ BetyVeen 

i Roy Scdicy at the I'aramount, 
ject of a tiff between Jerry Cargill 
and tJic William Moni.s :,'y;<-ii<y. 
Sodlcy is Publix routed at ?riD0 a 
week by Cargill, with Morris claini- 
ing the act. 

It developed that Tony .'^Iiaym- 
has the comic undf.-r ijfi^oiird ujan- 
aprni<>nt, guarantct-hig' tini al.d.ut 


Writirig:"G,iibert-Bater".:SoiiRs;. :, 
Fox Movietone Studibis, Bev.erly 
Hills, Calif. 

.Grateful acknowledgement for 
many cburtesica to Messrs. Sheehan, 
Wurtzel,- directors arid /StJirs of -Fox 
Studios, and bur publishers. Do Sal- 
via; BroWn and Henderson. 

Disc Scale for Musicians 

•Gomriiericiiig Labor Day, the 
fQllowirig scale of prices for re- 
cbrding services in the connection 
with the making of Coluinbia, 
Brunswick, Victrola arid similar 

records became the minimum scale 
for such work wherever perfbrined 
in the U. S. or Canada. 
" One session, not to exceed three 
corisecutiVe hours, $20; two ses- 
sions, same day, not to exceed five 
hi3Urs, $30; overtime for 15 min- 
utes or fraction thereof, $2; leader 
or. coritractor, double. 

No; member Is now permitted to 
play, trial date or rehearsal for 
phonograph without receiving pre- 
vailing rates, 

The Made4o-0rder Orchestra 

By Edwin W. Scheuing 

(Managing OrcKestra Dept., iSlational Broadcasting and Concert Bureau) 

Tuners Get P A. 

Chicago; Sopt, 2. 
■ Are ybu bothered with a 
. furry ■ to.rigup, . mal-de-mor, 
:- ,ylieumatisni ? ' I")o ybu . awaken 
" with /a. dark brown fooiing? 
. Are you sick bf it all? If so, 
it must be your piano.. 
. The National Assa. of Piano 
Tuners, in cohveritiori as- 
sembled, have officially 
. • Glared that -urituricd pianos' are 
detrirnental to, health, arid that 
no, person; wljose piano ,U& «t, 
; mess of fla.ts; cari be properly 
attuned to life, 

Violinist Demands $10,000 
For Fiealt Clii Accident 

Qlsen's Picture 

Hollywood, Sept. 3. 

George Olsen will send his band 
before . Fox cameras while here. 
p;isen's riiain coast purpose is to re- 
place AaroTison's Commanders at, 
the Hotel Robsevelt the middle of 
this nionth. 

Understanding is that Fox has or 
vvill close with Olsen for the butfit 
to be included in "New Orleans 

Chi Columbia Lab 

Chicago, Sept. 2. 
Columbia Phonograph Co. has es- 
tablished permanent lab here, with 
Bob ^Myers in charge. 

Chicago, Sept., 3. 
Olga Marselli, violiriist with the 
Roma Trio,, has started suit for 
$10,000 damages against Chris PaS- 
chen, building comniissioner, be- 
cause of injuries alleged received 
when the iron disc bf a swivel chair 
was dislodged . from the window 
ledge of onb of Pasclien's buildings 
by a workman, crashing uPon Miss 

The violinist states a broken 
collar bone makes her incapable of 

Gerunovich — or Else 

Bruns\Vick objected to the cur- 
tailment of Tom Gerunovich's name 
as one of its exclusive recording 
artists and so the orchestra con- 
tinues Under the name built up na- 
tionally on. the Brunswick disks. 
"When the Music Corp, signed him 
last woelc to open Sept. 6 at the 
IBaker Hotel, Dallas, Gerunovich be- 
came Geruh, 

Brunswick simultaneously engaged 
the orchestra leader for another 
year, objecting to; the shortening. 
Gerunovich sticks. 

If sult.S;can be bought on the bolt 
and bungalows from blue prints, 
there's , rio rerison why a d.anco or.- 
chosti'a .-can!t be ordered according 
to spccilications. Isii't this - Ahierloa, 
where, money can satisfy every, in- 
dividual— ccin . accbm:plish anything? 

"Which is a rather 'flippa-rit. but 
an eritirely accvivate stattment of a 
,new- and: siurprisihg turn to routine 
in the, riierchandizing of orchestrias. 

To the layriian it iS; already an 
bbyious fact th-lLt tills is the age 
of the "big-nariib'' orchestr.a, -Ho. 
one is startled ' when .the out-of- 
towner Avho has one week to., spend 
in .is'ew York City, announces that 
he vvishcs :to see and hoar, the .nam©; 
ba,nds in his sightseeing, 

AV hat I ■ am wdndering is whether 
the hotel manager, the • night club; 
arid .the orchestra, riianager;' as Weil 
as: the. dance proriibter realizes" tiiat 
the- da:y ^amJ thb bPiibrturiTty: Hitye 
arrived .wliereby- they ean ariticipate 
the fa,riie, of a ''big-riarne'' erchestra. 
Or, better :stiil, can actually a 
'.'big-^narne". orchestra, created to All ' 
their own pjijt'ticular .needs? • 

Tiie'Tanswer, of;, course, is radio, . 
The idea? is ;reasoria,ble enough, yet 
the situation has; eyol vcd so , subtly 
that riiany persons still seem blind 

tb'.ii; /■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■.-■ y:-'.:"- ' -,.■.- ■ 

To -begin \Vith, : tad lb has already " 
made and sustairied the majority 
of preserit day .orchestras. As I 
write this; I artv reminded that a, 
year ago tbnlght Rudy Vaiilee 
played , at the : Rltz! Carlton In 
liridgeport,, Coririecticut at $157. net, 
while last week, he played the same 
place at $3,000 net--^yith the nian- 
(Coritiiiueii on-page .73) 


The pro-German gbod-will mani- 
fested by the exploits of Dr. Hugo 
Eckener and his Graf Zeppelin is 
manifested in song as well as aero- 

The latest ballad is "Friedrichs- 
hafen, Ich Will Dich Haben," with 
50% of the chorus constructed In 
familiar idiomatic .German; 

There are a number of Zep songs- 

Shapiro-Bernstein is easing into 
the theme song pilflishing business 
with Pathe's ■:"Oh Yeah," by James 
Glea.son and .Robert .Armstrong, 
which has "Love t'ound •> Mp 
When i Found You" as its. theme. 

Helen, Kane's ''He's So Un> 
usual" in her. next Paramount 
picture is also iS-B, 

Thie Hairy Carripll revue opening 
at the Music Box in Hollywood 
this month is published by S-B, 
Louis. Bernstein also being a 
"-fflnanclaLl babker. A tie-up. with a 
picture company for the Movietone 
rights . exists. . 


. Radio's Foremost Virtuoso of the Organ and 
" Rpxy's Premier "Orgahist 

Enjoying his second year exolusively with : the National Broadcasting' 
.;(-:ti-^fjji'tl --.'iflil i tLtGd---fet;itians ,^ti i ank.*}--t( )- 3IX!>';_ A yje.sw or tl i, ■ SI i a ad_:.a.niL 

?ii(:Lofjd. ■■ ■ : . 

: In Lf w White, -whom the NBC liorald.'^ as' ''thr> c^lc•bratr!d . Ariicrlc.'in 
r.rfrani.stj" commercial' broadcasters have a genuine nfivf.-lty ; as; a feature 
that .rs different — a grf;at -hot for tlir- now season's distinctivf; cornrnffrcial 
hour.":'— <T.^"narrio" thnt is Intornntifin.'illy known -vvlirrrever radio is ahousc- 
hold '.word— 'featured on VLuHty . .Strike?, Ev< rf:.'t(iy and otlir r :'<;ommur(;iyl 
I hcur.'j*— and of whom the N. ,Y, "N?'ws" rli.ap.sodjzcs:- vjiatJi off to the. prize 
i, Lew. White! What an " 

I . Aliro ;in%-Xf.iu.sivci arU.'--l ff'.r Jia un.^wif k rrci.vdi-: and Aeolian- Duo- Art. 
' Lew V/hite Organ Studios, 1680 Ero£.dv«/5y, New York City. . 

Jay Brewer, ffl; C,y fofe 

San. Francisco, Sept. 3. 

When Rul?e. Wolf failed to ap- 
pear as :m,:c. at the Fox here f ol- 
lowirig Walt Roesner, as announced, 
his non-appearance explained as . 
due to illness, Jay Brewer, young 
leader at the .Fox California ih San~ 
Jose was coritimandeered to- fill the 
breach. ■ ■■ ■;.:'. --:'.: • 

Brewer cariie,:up frbrn the sticks 
and . slamriied . the Fbx. audiences 
right in the nose with hjg per- 
sonality.: The lad proved he had 
something on the ball and now Fox 
management is said to be consider- 
ing him as' big' league riiaterial. " , 

Possibility ■:, his temporary m. c. 
Job hfiay be niade permanent." 

S-B-s Theiiiers 


^ . . -Los ;^ngeles,: Septv ^ 
On the eve oi leaving , for • San 
Fr-ari Cisco an d :th e n ew Fox, Rube 
"Wolf was Btrlcken -with a physical 
breakdov?n which ' nbcessitates his 
taking, a month in the mo.tin tains. 

, Aliix . Dolin, pit director at the 
Warfibldi goes to the Fox Until 
Wolf is ready. , ' 7 ' '-^ 


, Rudy Vailee alm;o.<it girossed: $0,000 
bn . the night when he played the 
III tz ballroom, Bridgeport, Conri., at 
$2 a head for the hoofers.' -; 

Thi.s- wiis Vallee's only , darice hall 
date in his record, playing therei 
just . prior.; to leaving for the coast. 
He was guaranteed $2,j56o on a-60-40 
fiplit.-— ■ -■, 

. Rodemich in Toledb . 

Gene Rodomich , wa.-^ to have 
sh if tPd from the Publix Motr()pali- 
tan^BjJsj ^rij^ tjjjjh e^ t, New 

T?ork, hut .suin)')..'<'f^d)j^'"SpoTfD^cT^^^ 
turn. and l.s due for .ifi bertli in To- 
liido or" >-\ich. Jiiiiterland as- 

.•^ijiirifiicut, Ah .V, K' ev^rj .•-•iicvi- pjis him 
in rin.wion.. 

i^'i ve Ilul)ih('rf 'r^ni st rnnductor 
Ihe pit <iu-i-'';;-'i linn af the Met 
's»*rifl>-^ f.tu's li;•l:^■.■:>ln'h;^'.\^ to Roch-- 
< : li r. 




Wednesday, September 4, 1929 

Along the Coast 

By Bill Swigart 

••: lloUyvvood, Sept. 3. 

Judf^iner . from the number of un- 
S(>liciLcd - song ; manuscripts . iioW 
poUrihg into ithe various studio- 
music dcpartm<»nt^, it loolis like 
every home. hits, a sotijj\vrit<?v.- , 
• ConstiCrit stredni of hianuVcripts in 
all f oims, rrtTifjins from lyrics crude- 
ly- written on wrapping paper to the 
finished printed music slieet, which 
:tho: author lias had published . for- 
the ' benefit, of/ his. own glbry* - artf 
pourihff ;in, . T^Jiey . coriie from' all, 
. parts a.hdVp(?6pic— doctors,. children, 
. ba^cdr^;, . plumbers .iii.d ditclV digRers. 

ISvcry contribution is a hit in the 
.author's mind until he learns that 
ii's a big year whi;n 32 
popular tiines hit with any I'cason- 
able degree of suceessr It's fiH: event 
when ; a newcomer breaks . into this 
-,■ exclusivfe-.Gircle. ■ . . . . . 

As an aftermath of the late War-- 
.ner'-Harins .music piibljlshm mer- 
. ■ -ger, i n dfe))eriden t prod u cers- :who. fin d- 
theiuselves out in the cord^XvithoUt 
ahy publishing tie-up, realize they, 
ar-.e in a tough, spot .and at. the cbnl- 
plete iixcroy ; of the combine , who, 
they believe, wiU naturally rsubordi- 
nat:e outside nunibers to -thitt of the 
.prttdiicers In the conibine; . Witlr but 
.-few large houses left open, f 61 aflfl- 
liatle.n; it is .too la^e for. the indi6is 
to cty QvCr spilled milk; ; .. . . 

!peSylva! '.Brown and JHen 
'. istaged' a farewell party at the i^art- 
Qho .club as: a token of appreciatibn 
f oif ; th e- CO operation of . hi 1 merhbcrs 
<>h/;'^Suiinyside.Up/' ■ 
: . in- his -address,. Buddy' Ue .'Sylya 
emphdslzed;' that this wa9 the : first 
Fox party-' ever started at :the . ex- 
pense '.of Warndrs. ..' -'. • '.v 

Slept arta-CSreen Invited'' Cliff : Ed- 
■wards to the 'Warner theatre to wit- 
ness '^The Argyle Case.'' After thfr 
show the "three wound up in a dls 
cusslon on . proper pronunciation of 
the title.. Session ended with. Grieen 
set on "Argorol." 

' : This.. Issue; of Varie ty ^ iri- 
ciudos: some . siieeial matter do- 
voloci.. to tiie -news h.nd ; a;ctivi^ ^ 
tio.s of. the .riiusic; jneh, staking 
in t|ie orchestra.leUdors, hroad- 
castihg artists, reeorders, ,c6mr 
poficrs. puUIishcrJ?. ami ■theatre 
maes^rq.g, organists: and m. c/s.': 
..-The .laisplay rinnbuncements 
of theses artists and' aiV^■e'rtisers .. 
have; been serittored :thP°ugh^ 
out the paper, ; spotted in , the 
respective departnVentS: i-eeard- 
ed by -Vuricity to be most ap- 
propriate to the h-.classi flea r. 

'tioh, '■■ ■ . ■ • ■ •' 

Jt is.not in ev'cr.y special sec- 
,tlOn. of yatiety " that Idea- can ' 
be carried out:- It of ttimes be- . 
conies a' physical .i-mpoSsiblUty- 
to- spot a picture house act or 
"attractibh :,in the 3?iHu re. 'De- 
partment, or a. vaudevilie, legit, 
radio or mu-'^ic '.advertiser in -the,; 
respectiye departments. .When; 
this Is fciaslbl.ev. yariefy deems, 
lit to- be '. of ^ ad.d it io n al value : to 
■the advertiser. Othttnyise, such 
r eqii fcsts - conle- -under the' head 
6f : preferred pbsl^tion and only 
•guar'ahteod in consideration "df ; 
..the U^ual 20% ^urchitrge. ". 
■ ; However,- this, issue; because 
of . the ci ty bf . 1 ts extras 
music business, .. iffbi"ds. . 'Va.- 
riety'i^i makeup ' to scatter the 
:advertising : accordingly . ; with-- 
out extra Surcharge to the a<i- 
vertiser.', : '.' • ■ '■■ 

Coast Musical Survey 



RadioV;Pppular Ballad^ 

Out of .the ■vvest; comes this <1<?'^V 
sensation of the . ether as ?i popular 
interpreter of. :cori.temporaTy ballads. 
Having lbng:since -won his- spurs oh 
the west coast*- where for • tluYe 
years: he Tvas a standard over KPv>, 
San irran'eisco, G.uhsky is repe.-iUnK 
hi? favorable ; impression 'via WQIl, 
WABC and .■associated polumbia 
Broadcasting iSystem . stations- / It 
was - on a- recent Ma,jestic prbkrani | 
that Gimsky'WaS'Signaiiy a^ceiaiiived 
: Cblumbia: the ^e-m- of, ra'dLocaat- 
i rig and recording. Gunsicy .is doing 
both; brpadcasiihg fox CliS and re- 
cording fot.Goiirtnbia..:,' 
• 411 fcbmmiinications. 'to .Station. 
WABCi Stein way Hall,. N. Y, C.' , 

"Say;a iPrayor fbv Palestine," 
by iioward Jphnson; a non- 
Jew, 'is a new topical ballad . 
Whicli ; Shapiro - Bernsteiri Is 
publishing; •arid..which the na- 
tional, radio .nct^v.orks' are vol- 
Mntarily featui-ing. because of . 
its humane message. . . 
.: IfsVari iilmpst spU-itual.sonfi: 
of prayer, the more 'aignificant 
becauSiB a Ghristian wrote it- 

Tli6 Arabian- Jewish warfare 
in the'.Holy Land insp the 
ballad,' • . '. - ' 


i'eist's. "yagabbhd;^ - Lbver;^ : and 
Kbhbins: "Pagan LpVe Song'\ are 
battling .it out for. flrifl; place; among 
the .best, sellers. : It's about;-;- even 
:now., the Feist ;p.ublicatibh .displace 
iii^ -the "PagSn''. ti^cirib .song;, whilb' 
the hittbr- is^ ^tiU prt .tpp .in :certaiil.: 
i;6fi;ipns; .;hiit^ hatioiiaHy.-.; .it's;, a-. 
toss^Up:- • V- ■ ; 

Santly's >'jVIi3s You'' ami aivother 
Rbbijirts'; hit, ';Sih«in' .in the liain,;': 
arc far up in certain' sectors ilkc 

,Ij09 Angeles, Sept. 3. 

Demand for dance records made 
by- the popular recording bands 
showed a tendency the past week- to 
swing over. to popular numbpr.s, .cut- 
ting considerable into.' the field of - 
picture spng , vocals- and orche.stni- 
lioi-<s.-,' ' \ . • •■' 

Check for the "\i'eck shbws eiiiht 
of tlie is. best sellers reported by- 
the thrbe ieadine: ph'oT-iograph coiu- 
panies tp^be. nbw pop mimbers \vitlv 
the re,surreetlGn .of ft'n- old lavorit/^, 
"Ihrob . O'clock., in .the -Moviiiii.i;-,"; 
recorided', by. Carter's - band. for. 
Brunswibk, .v Sales; on- . thi,s number 
fell into thii'd .pface of the IJrun.s- 
wIbk ^catalog -after .a^cohcentrati^d . 
sales .drive for- ::the' i;^Qviyalv'-- 
:.. --'.Bru>isvvlck . 

Lineup, bf six; best ..sellbrs. fijr thft 
week are:' "Barriaca lilll tlic Sailor" 
hacked: by "Peg Leg J ark,'' '.'Am I 
Blue?". ("Oh With the Show.v -vvil) 
and': VLet' Me Have My l>re;im." 
'"I'hree G'Clbek in the Mbr.ning'- and 
;. f'Thait Nahghty AVUlk,". '."'rhe n. 
feove. Song" ("^tiie : Pagan," M-0,) 
-and ' "Building: a Nest for Mary." - 
:"What- ..a Day''J.ahd- "Maybw .\Vhp 
Khbw.*5,'' - "Moa riihg- Low", and A f ler ; 
■Thlniang 'It Over,'; .; '. .V - .. - 

Lewisada ' ■ Blubis".. and '. ''. I I^xve ; 
You'' . both pop numbers "by Ted 
l.A!Wi.i;;,"Only -Fpi'' You!' .and "Sonie- 
(iay Soba" by Arisen Weeks' band, 
"Just YOU, -.lust Me" a;nd /''nan.!,'. On- :. 
to Me" (Marianne," M-.G), ."Lbve- 
abib: and Swbot" and "Tied Hair; arid • 
Frecki.os':' (;'''S;treet : Girl," Badio), 
"Am. I Blue'/'-' ahli"My Song of the 
Nile" . (iat'ter.; talceh fi'oin- - •'.'.'!f he . - 
Driig," FN.), "Medicine Man for the.; 

The Payoff 

tlie .west coast, but; nationally. ;the Blues'.' 'and- • ''Wouldn't, It Be Won- ; 
;"Sirigin' " number from the "Holly- ].\k>rful'*. ('^Is .: Everybpd^^^^^^^^^ 

Abner Silver,, how .vacatibning 
here with F. Bi /Oassidy, New Ybrk 
millionaire playboy, finished another 
new number for Helen Kane, and is 
writing two; more for. a Tiffany- 
Stahl -picturfc . ' . 

Chances are. Cassldy -will dp a solo 
return, to New York.. ' 

In His 

'' ; ■cHicajgo:, ,;sept. 3. 

Although . jobs; f pr -coiored. musi- 
cians.' are .exceedingly' ; scarce this I 
year in ;chicagoi Gebrge;Green, head 
pf tile musicians' unibn Ibcali.- yanked 
the orchestra 'but of the Grand Sat-; 

wood Revile" is first coming up. 

"Wedding of . the "Painted Dolls" 
(Sherman-Clay), fi-oni ".:Bi-pad\yay 
Melody," Is . maintaining 
mting, and Harihs' "Sleepy : yalley,*; 
aut - of - "Rainbow; Man"^ (Eddie. 
■'Dowling); ag'aiii Crbves thb 
of the picture song; appeal, f or 
neithbr : thb; Db-\\iing;-lilm nor the 
sohg^ happen ■ tp'. be world-beaters', 
Witmai-ks -. has two sprisr picture- 

. Herb Brown and Arthur Freed 
filed cbrporatibn paiiers last week- 

.for their he-vir puhlishing. hbuse. This 
Is Just anbther publishing house to 
start out . on royalty chebHs front). 
Jack Bobbins. 

Since Hollywood has gone Chinese 
in the opnstructibn of markets, the 
atres, apartment houses and chow^ Universal has fallen^ iuto 
the atmosphere .. with the;prbduction 
of '"The Shanghai. Lady." Bernard 
Grossman, Slzemoore- and Mickey 
kippel have been engaged- to write 
the lyrics and music. 

\Saine creW wJU cbntributb some 
numbers; fbr"La. Marseillaise-' - (U) 
lor wiVich - C. W. Cadman is writing 
the bulk of the score. ; . 

Charles .King, GUs Edwards and 
; Anita Page's personal appearancfe at 
the Columbia, Sah Fi-anclsco, served 
ft double edged purpose in drawing 
custbmers. fbr the opening of "Hpl 
lywop'd Revue."; Incldeh tally, put 
. over some heavy plugs for Bobbins' 
numbers already esta;blished;as. hits, 

;Comparing. size and po.<!itlbh of 
studios, Parambuht has the least 
number of composers on its staff. 
This is attributed to Par's^ pre.<»ent. 
lack of mu.sicitl pictures, arid reluc'- 
tancc to force songs where they arb 
nbt- absolutely necessary. . . 

Minneapolis, Sept.. 3. 
Minneapolis Journal . last week 
Parried a • front page story declar- 
ing that Benny , Ha^skell; erstwhile 
pugilist and supposed bootlegger 
king of the city- was hijacked out bf 
$30,000 ih chblce liquors - by three 
men with drawn pistols in . one., pf 
the city's lea<ims Wbtelig; ; ; ''■ ':[ -r.^ "'. 

The Journiat says that the .men 
entered Haskell's rooms in the hotel 
and drew guns ; on him .and t-wo 
friends, whp. were: With him^-; They 
had trucks drawn up neSr the hotel 
and carried off the/ entire liqubr 
stock In the . rooms, according to 
the story-. : ;■; 

It is also reported. Haslteli learned 
the. identiy of the hijackers and of- 
fered them, half of the val.ub..of the 
iiqupr for :Its return. They, laughed 
at his offer. .-; r ' " ■ 

The - bnly time Haskell ever has 
been molested was by . the federa.1 
authorities in 1927 -when they raided 
his apartment ikhd seized $14,000 
of llqubrs. It is said that he had 
been warned in advance of that 
raid, but thought the warning was 
a joke. . He was sentenced to 10 
months in jail; but. spent, practically 
all the time in a hospital. ^ 

A mob of 500 persons stoned fed- 
eral prohibition agents In Winpna, 
Minn,, near here, after the agents 

urday night because an extra musi 
pian . was hot liaid at that time/ The 

regular orchestra.:in this colored tab.! ^j-^^;^*";;^^!;;^^^!^^^!^ .f^st,' '"Am 1 
house Is f>aid p.lf Monday>. , .. ::Bj-ue:' but of "On With the Show," 
House was forced to-, refunid ad 

missions . Saturday, ; ; but ' resumed I 
Sunday.-. Company manager -thought I 
he was giyins the. niusicians a break 
by hiringr an extra musician. 


Bernie. Cumnilns concluded a 
three years' run at the 'Biltmore 
hotel. New- Yorki last . week, 'shi*:tiivg 
to the Gibson, Cincihhati,: for . a 
month,, to be. following by anbther 
special engagement at the Hollen 
den hotel, Cleveland. Cummins re 
turns to New York tb open the new 
New Yorker Hbtel, Dec. 1. 

and "My Song .of the " Nile," from 
Barthelmes.s' "The Deag'' ; latter es- 
pecially, will be: . another. "I*£ 
Love Song"; "with the increased .cir- 
culation. the picture. / 

"Desert Song" (n , • 

Harms' ."pesert SPi>g". music 
•(Sjiijmuna -Rpmberg) is enjoying a 
I'eincarhated lease of ; lif-b bee;iuso 
bf the Warneji- Bros, yitaphpne/'pro-: 
ductipn of the; operetta. There is 

WB). , . . .. 

■ ;..yiGtbr, . r., . . 

•'Singirig- in' the B.aiii'': ami "Vbur 
MPtiier and. Mine" ("Hollywood 
Rbvue," M-G), "Am I Blue?" and 
Let Me Have My DreamsV '.'Baby; 
Oh; Where Can Ybu Be?'! and: 
"You're Just a Memory," ;^'Gotta 
Feeling -fot-. 'Y.bu" and "Low. Down 
Rhytimi" (Hollywood: Reviie,': M-G); \ 
"Pagan Love 'Sbng" anisl "Wedding, 
of the Painted -Doll" . (latter .from 
"Broadway Melody," M-G), -VSleepy ' 
Valley" ("Rainbow Man," Par) and, 
"This: .is HeavbnJ^-; (from . picture of .; 
same title -tl A). \ 

10 Best Sellers . ",-\.\ 
Group of 10; best sellers; for the 
prist week- iii 'slVcet muiiic is divided, 
equally between pop and picture 
contriljtitions., '*The .Pafian Love 
Song"- recovers ' topi pof?ition -ivith 
"Sleepy Valley" and "My .Song bf 
hie • Nilb!'; 1-uhnihg. clb.^e. . ; ^ ' 
0.ther : tujies " reported ; for; the 
highest number-of\sales by the lo.oai 
jobbers appear in numerical order 

ho doubt thatHhis ;wa;s an . eWment;pf their l>o»iti^^^ 

Mel Morris and his Picadilly 
Players from the Hotel Plcaidilly' on 
WOR as a regular feature.: ..Morris 
was. formerly 'orchestra' booking 
manager for .iPaul Whiteman. . 

Feist's is issuing; a new title; tjage 
on "Rib- Rita" in conjunction with 
Radio Pictures • "Rib Rita." Title 
page now bears a photo of Bebe 
Daniels, .also carrying names of . the 
featured leads in the picture. 

0^0,000 .kcfihisitlon of : the Harms 
a,lflliated , music publishing group, 
for It ' proved the . value Of the 
screen,.; .to carry . operetta music to 
the length, and. breadth of the na- 

"Desert Song-', as a stage prbduc- 
tipn was only" lirnited to certain icey 
cities. Romberg- and his publisheris 
I at that time were satisfied \Vith the 
limited sales because bf the condi- 
tions. 'That's why they, .make up 
for it to the authors with a Be rby 
dlty .ias .against the 2 .and' 3c on the 
ordinary ppp spng; and that's why, 
also, the operetta composer must 
get his from the box-olftce in the 
form of a royalty percentage. 

Now, with the screen carying 
Joseph "Doc" Burton has left the anything, musically into the hinter 

had arrested 16 persons in an 
tensive series of I'aids there. 


American SbUnd studios. He goes 
RLA . studlb as musical director. 

- Ted Bullock, champion goat get- 
ter in.; local -"orohesicCration .- cii'cles. 
gavb lip his- ."^ummpr; 0('Gup.atibn of 
goat, hnniuur. . fit Catalina', to .j;(>i.n 
•Jack Dunn's band. ; Lou . Singer's 
tour of the beach vesorts i.s appar- 
ently hot yet over. Hl.s^ band reppenbil 

- affaih . f^t -the; Oasifio. Garden, bai: 
room. Ocean ; 'Parle. . . .4.0 . .Mexican 
voices were emi)lQyed to sing Gil 
bert and.Jiaer's "Bide on Vacqiiero," 

■ -written .for "Romance, of the Uio 
Grande" (I<\)x) ... .Gordon, and Rich 
sbl.d"I've (;otta Have a Lotta "Men" 

..for Lupe Velez in- her next ;IT, A, 
picture.- . . . (joiutnbia and Bruh«wh'k 
both make all their. Si)anish record- 
ings for the Mexican trade here. 
Each make around 200 records n 
ybar for this income. . . ..T.iick. King 
assiighed to^ write tiie music.fpr Bar 
amount's "On .Parade.''; 


Don Alberto's Argentine prchesr 
tra, slx^piece cPmbb, Central Park 
"Gasihb; Ne^Ybrk. - .- -> 

■A. bid by Bruriswick-Balke-Col- 
lendt'r ; Go^ for- the . phonpgntph and 
rebord trade of the. .Conlinent is cyi 
denced by -the estabhsiimerit of' a 
Jliictory and busihess headquarters 
in Amsterdam, ; Holland, .fbr . tlie 
.hiaking 6f talking machine records 
Brunswick Duophono is the Dutch 
subsidiary;; . . \ ' 

This inten.<siil(>s ;'p pin p.e ti t i Q.n 
abroad, ; witi\ . tiie r KuechenmeistQi 
.Tbbisconc'ern , ; ■ contemplating: Ihp 

same. '.'. 

Brunswick has. a natural advah 
tage through .^ts Anieriean and Brit- 
ish amilated resources, exchange of 
" m a S t e r " rccprdiiigsiV -ini proved 
equipment and. the like. 

Bob iFridkin and his orchestra 
sail Sept: ::7 on the "Leviathan" f p.r 
,a- London engagement, retui'ning to 
the Laurel House, Lilce-wbbd. N: J.,; 
on Nov,- is. Band,. : closed; Sept. 3 
at the Hotel Brightpni Long Beach; 
L. 1. . 

Maurice Cook, fbrmer . X.bew 
organist in Cleveland and Syracuse, 
now: at; CchtUry,.- .replacing Harold 
Ramsay :assigried to Lbew'S; new 
Paradise (Bronx), N. - Y. 

Since the arrival of Irving Aaran- 
: son and his (Commanders, other fly 

by-night orchestras about town are 
tertaihlng. Imitations are so poor 
it does more harm than good tb the 
cafes employing the Aarpnspn drtii- 
bles. ■ 

turned to the studio . the Cullb wing 
weeUWith tiuv job cpinpleted, to find I 
the story ..cbmph'tely ; changed, 
Meant another trip; to the i.sland. 

;/ Cowboy Band Abroad 

Da:ilas, Sept. 3. 
Guy . Golterman, music Impre- 
.sario of St. Louis, went to . Europe 
l.'ist week tP arrange bpokings for a 
European tour next year of 'Texas'^ 
miost fanious -band, the Simmons U 
.■C.o_w.bpy3. _ ■-. 

One of the song themes herb was 
given a finished .script to write the 
necessary numbers. That same eve 
ning all scripts were recalled, but 
when the director tried to get- the 
tunesters, he found they had gone to 

Benny Bo.rn.stoin .arriV.ed on the 
coast this week to confer with his 
two partners on business pertaining 
to''puhlishing..aK:re(Mnents with alfl- 
I Hated :and non-aHiliii.ted -film produc- 

Bakaleinikoff in Charge 

Hollywood, Sept. 3. 

. Constantin Baikaleinikoff g o e s 
with Sound Synchronizatibn Serv-.. 
ice to assume charge of niusical ar- 
rangements fpr the synchronization 
of independent films. 
He replaces Mischa Glusehkin. 

land, there's hardly any di.stinctlon 
between pop and show numbers — it 
means that the former production 
writer who holds, a fat rate of roy 
alty rfemunbratibn ; is the fortunate 
ffcne.Hplar-y bf heretofore .uncxi)ecte'd' 

By : the': same tbken,. .the' "Shpiv 
Bbat'"' (Kern) music is destined for 
renewed vieor across the music 
counters, along with the long list 
of 'about tb. be moyietonbd and vita- 
piibned : stage, niusicals.; 

One pop song that is; rhiiintainlng 
a . tenacious lead, as; in the case of 
Feist'>? "yagabpnd Lover'' . (which 
iikcwise. is not a itherne song) is "I 
Get . the ;.. Blues When . It /. Rains" 
(Fprster). .Itenuck's "Loxiise,'' from 
the Ghovalibr picture, is still to the 
fore; - the Fox "Movietone Follies'' 
numbers (DeSylya) arb maintain- 
ing ' cbrisistent . , sales; Triangle's 
"S'posin';" is a I'adip^m.adc pop; 
Jop Mcnris' 'ICjirolina-iMbon,'' a re 
bent Nb. 1 iji>,«!t . seller,, and also , not 
a tliemc song, is likewise enjoying 
a steady sale 

. "Little Piil" is the- top seller from 
Jhc ijew J>pl.son.^Rt.cti i rjt,i.i.'.;^S.a'y._ I.t_ 
With Songs,"" \vilh-7"three others- 
coming along at a hlpc gait. 

In the East,; ""loan in' Tjow" 
( Ha rms) , from tlie "Little; ; Show." 
is. doing all right, ..but btherwiae it; 
is limited. "I'll Always Be In IjOVC. 
With You," "Dreams Come True,' 
'.'Broadway- Melody" .songs, "Do 
Something" and "Junior" are others 
getting a 'play. 

iviy Dreams Come True,'.' "I Got the 
Blues When It Bains;' .VAnv T Blue.,'•• 
''Sln(^ the Ilain" and "Beach- 
Inpf for Someone." 

Publishers . reporting their tlire-e 
top -numbers for the week ..are list- 
ed In alphabetical order and .not 
in the order of sales. 

AgerTY.ellen and Bornstein: "Tills 
Is Heaven," "Doing What I'm Doing 
for Lov'p" C^Honky -Tonk,'' WB)Vand' 
"If I . Had My; Way"^ (Flying FooU**- 
Bathe). '•• ' : 

De Sylva-Brdwn and Henderson: 
'Little Pal" ("Say It With Songs/'. 
WB),"If You Believed in Me".: and 
"Why Can't You." ' . 

Feist: "Vagabond Lover," "Blu« 
Hawaii" ■ and '!Satisned." . 

Harms: ''Sleepy. Valley," '.'With a- 
Song, in Mv Heart,", and"! :Kiss 
Your Hand,; Madame." ; 

Remick: "Here We Are," "Where' 
the Sweet . Forgetmenots Remem- 
ber,"- and '.'By. the Way "' : -, 
Bobbins: "Pagan. Lpve Song, 
"Singing in ;the Rain/' and "Your 
Mother and. Mine." - . ■ ■ 

Saritly Brothers, I nc.;"MiSs You, 
^'S weethoart's " Holiday" and . -l vo 
Got a Feeling I'm Falling." ■ . 

Shapiro - Berristeih : "I'X'cryday 
A way from^ Ypu," "It's You" ("Col- 
lege. Love;" XI). and ;"He's So llii-.--' 
usual" (from : Par. l)ibture>-, ' 

Witmark.: "My Son-off the N^il^.. . 
"Am ■ I Blue" : and. "Mayl)e, 'Whc 

Knows." ' . ■■ . ;;■:■.;. ^; : . 

Green and Stept: "Do . Do. .Somer. 
thing'* and ''CbnSratUlation.^. . 

Gordon and Rich : Late.-^t p.ublish- 
inf? house to invade the' Coast con- 
centrating a salbs drive oh flr.'j_t .t^^''5 
numbers, "Mary I. Loyc Ypu - ana 
Wuzza Matter Baby." 


' The first song mani'jscr ipt. to 
m.'.ike a round-thb-\Vorld tour on. the 
Graf Zeppelin Is ' "YoU're J ust . a 
Wbrtdci-ful Ba. by Doll," written by 
Chris and Gladys. Penilcr. Iwirp./m-e 
"$.'500 riciie" through Boyd Wilf«'>n> » 
Pittsburgh po Hector, paying tnat 
much idr the original .sor4 ananus- 
cr Ipt,' provided It made the: tour. 

Pender mtailed the song, addi-essea 
to. Louis Bernsteih, head of the puiJ- 
llshing house, August 7. reaehlnS 
back in Ne>v York on August .-J- 
.I'Dsjtage was ^$3.55. ''■ 

Wednesday, September 4, 1929 




Argument Is On Over What s Best 
To Hold Exploitation Attention 

A new trend to submerge the Jrrlr 
descence of the stellar radip "naine'' 
^ho 19 being paid by some radio 
commercial advertiser ill be tried 
oiit this season, in an effort to givo 
the adveirtiser more attfe) ition. • 
; The theory is that Paul White- 
man eets to .mean more to the pub- 
lic than Old Gold, whereas if a capa- 
ble but less .famous maestro likf- 
B. A. Ro'f Qi'bmerBes himself and 
featui-es the Luclty Strik? i->rche.?tr.i:, 
It is inoro to the , latter's advantage. 
Rolfe, then. Is merely mentioned as 
the 'incidental, conductor; while 
Whiteman's name predominates. 

More and rrtore advertisiitg agen- 
cies (Usually concerning themselves 
with this foiiri of radio exploitation 
along; with the billboard, newspapier 
and periodical carivpaigns) are ber interested in "names" for. the 
ether. The William' Morris agency; 
Ihrough Morf Milman, in pharge of 

(Continued on page 68) 

Public Invited 

I. . ■ ^ -Washington,- Sept!' 3. 

.WTSV, near hero in Virginia, is 
riinning display, advertising in the 
dailies .inviting the citizohs . of 
Washington to come on over , and 
see how broadcasting is done; meet 
the;, artists and '-see a big broad- 
casting gtation." 


Louis Sterling, head, of 'the Co- 
lumbia Graphophone Co. of Eng- 
land. a.nd similarly the president ot 
the Columbia Phonograph ' Co. in 
America, is lilanning to jazz up the 
.radio manufacturing field in Brit- 
ain with a pop priced improved 
recetving inistruniCnt; ■ 

Slei'ling predicts that SvMhin two 
yeai-s all radio^ will can-y talKing 
macliine combir' tions with the ex 
ceptioni of the. portable, sets. 

Canned Talent for Air 

Under the Imposing billing of 
the Radio Cinema Vision Corp., 
another company has been formed 
to specialize in the making unCl 
booking of, . "canned" talent for 
dlstribtitibn tp broadcasting sta- 
tions. Donald Flamm, president of 
WMCA;: ; :; ;.Gilliam, , ;of 

WPCH; Herman Halstes, vioe- 
presideht 61^ Paul Block, . Inc., arid 
Malcolm Strauss, .former picture 
producer/ arid tiow head of the- 
Internatiorial Broadcasting Service, 
are heads: of ihe hew ventui^e. 
' Instead, of etherizing; frorii r«l'c- 

ords, the film sound-track record- 
ing pi-pceiss will be. used. 

Simultaneou.s ■ . with this, tlie 
Paramount-CBS systein decided to 
eliminate any f&rm of recording 
broadcasting, ; having recbnsidcrecl 
ia.nd come to the cpnolusion that 
the chief of appeal is. the personal 
pei-fprmariee/ by the broadcasting 
arti-st before ihe "mike." ; To use ;a 
."canned" prograni for. etherizing 
\vpuld riuilify the very thing that 
made Radio so populai*. 

The Air Line 

By Mark Vance 

Boy, page a life saver for the 
iowor wave stations! What a rtioss 
of dull, uriilvteresting prograjn mire 
they a'rc wadirig around. Precious 
little cither new or novel to attract 
the - .dial swingers, yet -they,, perjii.'jf 
In. running hopelessly along the old 
rut of yesteryear,- 

! : Just what, is ■ in store for thehi 
reriiains to be^ uncovered. High t now 
the whole caboodle could be put 
in a boloney skin. 

Tiresorne Imitators ; : 

Tho;<!e . Tilucly vValiee imitators are 
still .ci-opi)inff out. -Time -somebody 
in station - authority got put the 
muzzles. And while they are hang- 
ing a can to them it Svould be do- 
ing the x'adio public, a favor to 
throttle tljat' deluge of Helen Karie 

. Voice Throwers 

The apparentr d.esire ;by the_J)|ij 
chains to grab the com'niercial ac- 
counts is khockiiig a iot of the pro-; 
grams .gaileywest.'- Many of the 
newiaceounts arc. .going in for. class 
or arty Stuff and clogging up the 

air w-ith repetitiovis numbers, mu-^ 
sically and vocaliy. -, • ' 

A continual dinning of the same 
program style dinjiriishes the pub- 
licity -value iriterided. Were a Sta- 
tion able to cloek the number of 
ciltoffs on their apparent "best pro- 
grams" like theatres tally the bjz 
of opposing hoiises, it sure would be 
interesting copy for the ra:dio bugs. 

Seldom a night now that a .raft 
of sopranos, tenors, quartets and 
; Orchestras, : soirie good; arid ; some 
bad, isn't heard. ; V • 

And soriie of the announcers are 
throwing their, voices into the. bor-. 
Ing state, due" to a palpable intent 
to be sticklers for diction, enuncia- 
tion and everything else that .jams 
over the mike. 

Voice throwers will have to go 
far before finding an announcer who 
could come close to the late John 
B. Daniel on English as it should 
be spoken , on the wave lengths. . 


U the radio birds stick ai-ound 
long enough to ; hear any of the 
Cities Service progi'arns on AVEAF, 
. (Continued on page 72) 




Direction of 

One &f the (Hdest and MoH Popular Cmn^^ on the Air 

Starting Our Fifth Season Over th^ National Broadcasting Company 

The flit Soldiers 


AnbtHer Novelty Radio Commercial Feature Over the NBC 

Harry ReserV Orchestras Record for All the Better Labels 

Harry Reser^s Correspcmd^nce Course for the Banio 

Efficiently Servicing 350 

HARRY RESEil STUDIO I4S West 46tli St., New York City 







Tlionks to Mi KKY ItrOO>t ■ , - 





Wednesday^ September 4, 1929 

Tang of the air la,t(;ly, which al- 
ways produpiis. bottciv transmission 
and reception, Qi' tlie advent of the. 
new season, niay account Ipr the 
seeming improveni<Jnt. in ; what the 
ethej.' waves . ire saying. More pop to 
thie-' bills these days.' ■ ; ■ ■ 
' JSyen the song plugficrs-nre taking 
life and their' sonRfs niorc. seripURly 
as .; witness ,tho stxiart shOAvniaiily 
tie-up- of Harry Cooper's name a.s 
m. . c; and Mayor JanipS J. Walker 
ns the out.^tandiiig luminary- in con- 
nection with a program of Warner - 
. Witmark songs, ""'hich Ira ' Schustpr 
and Bob Miller e>theriyed after mid- 
night dverWMCA.- They took extra 

The Popular^ Song Ballad of 

■ 'the' Day. 


• ■(vi'uitie): 

■SiioetMusiP, Orchestra I ions and • 
. TJrunswlck jiccorils 

Featured by John Walhstedt 

nrunswlclc'a T.atest Excliifiive- -Artin.t 
•I-M .SQKKY.V WnU7.; •THY ANl> •'•Br 
IT/' yo:5-Trot; "ifUNSniNK (Why , Uon t 
•..:; Ton Slilnc.on Mc)." Kbx-Trnt 
■P.roiressiona.1 Coijies on lle(iuost . 

Crbcker-Wilkiiisbn Publishin* 


iny ;,. 
(itox i.-iT) jiisspriti 

space to advertise the alleged f.avor- 
ite songs of the Mayor, although in 
acLuality they were new dittiois,. still 
in the throes of . eiplotation. and, 
popularization. Anyway, gfeiit show- 
manship; with Cooper's name as a 
squaror with the ' city's chief magis-- 

. Amo.^ "n' Anily. on. btfhalf. of Pop.- 
sodcnt. have moved cast.: etiiorliiink 
for. 15 minute."^, every, night at 11 bells 
rexccpting 'r:tiosaay.s) from WJZ,. 
Means chc.'iting oh^ -thij sluiiibor 
mvisrc. progrrim?, ' ' ■ that . ; exoiMlent 
string on-spni bio conducted, .by . Taki- 
wig ;- LaVirier,-' which . only VM^s .45 
minutes. now;.. until midnight.: . ; , 

It's WEAF's. the -nit e o\yl 
station, staying on the air now until 
,an' hour midnight .with a dancie 
progranl from the various hotels and 
cafes., .around. .iC'harles '^StricKlaind 
frbhi the . l>arli Central on the air 
q''rid.'tv ■ night;, . but . lacking 
Hon Pollack's distinction. Pollack 
is. slated -to copie to the' hostelry 
in about, a'mbnth. 

Big Eiby. and Shorty; 
WJZ kiiida repeated itself with 
''In Good Old Rummer Time" pro- 
gram, featuring George Dilworth'ti 
16 iSalon Singers, which was: heavy 
on the old rtinye songs, Art h our a ad 
half later on the same station that 
evenini?, as part of the Gillette pro- 
gram,, an old-tiri-ie medjey ; by Sam 

Ijanin'a orchestra, was. along the 
same lines. Graham McNamee con- 
tinues on the Gillette half hour with 
Ms sporta' review. 

IMiii Cook and Vic Fleming arc 
now the Interwoven features, in lieu 
of Jones and Haro, who are vaca- 
tioning. As Kig Boy and Shorty, 
their vocal stuff is ■ similarly- in a 
lighter vein, bht the prograrh this 
ti'mii holds a full-fledged orchestra, 
Will^ .Cv Pei-ry^s. 

. '^I K ii^s Ypur.; Haii d, Madarne," the 
dontlnentai tune Which Jack Ilylton 
■po 1 iula r i7.od. abroad, got :'d good . ride 
from .several- sburces. - ISven- an 
Hawaiian troupe, with- falter. NelT 
rinriouniiing,. had It plunking forth. 
That ITawaiian Shadow's 30 minutes 
on Wd R i^. ixien ty oke, iiistriimeh tally 
and vocally- U. S.. Army Band fol- 

: Will V Gsborhe, • subbing for It'iidy 
■\'al]oe for the dinner ses.sions at 
the Villa yallee (w.ltilo. Rudy Avas 
tied up at'the Brooklyn paramount) 
lias sufljciently absorbed the .Vallce 
style .feSiftgive :h fine No. 2 road .com- 
panyOmpressibn • of the origjiiai: 
He ma:;'? . his., medleys well,, subsi- 
dize.d^l^y liet-bert's. as the commer- 
cial sponsor. • . . • ..• : 

■ Dave Grupp'wielded the. baton for 
two different ; programs .; following 
each bthor on WEAl?', . First Al Ber- 
h;\rd arid Billy Beard as, the. Bay- 
bestos 'iwins,: with Laririie; Ross, 
tenor, as assisting artist, were on 
at 6 : 30. Followed Rapid. Transit; 
comic sketch regular feature, with 
Gi-u pp ; again ' handling the musiqal 
direction capably, ■ 


Victor Artists 

Hello, Folks: 

just finished our first season for the H. C. A. at Syracuse last month and herie 
is what they thought of us : 

Between thp rhythm of the Johnny Johnson hand and the beauty 
of Fleurette Jeoffrie's top notes . Keith's has pretty near a wovr 
show. It's better August stuff than you have a right to expect. 

Johnny Johnson is known, You could tell that by the wa.y his 
number was greeted at the opening. That the band made a jump from 
Atlantic City and. beat their baggage in didn't make a bit of difference— 
they all put on a great act. This isn't the ordinary jazz affair we 
are all so used to. There's music that a critic can listen to ind consider 
critically. Why, that English song, "(warden in the Kain,** is a 
gem. Josephine Harmon came out and sang with the boys and that 
was a bit of joy, too. 

Sincerely yours. 

p. s.— Just recorded three new numbers for Victor: "Marianne," "Just Ton, 
Just Me" and "I'm a Ding Dong Daddy from Dumas." J. J. 


Aiid His 

PlayW Nightly at the 


^~^~^"ed!son records " 


Mel Moms Orchestras 

1560 Broadway, New York City 

Argument Over Exploitation 

(Continued from page 67), 

ita radio departnitnt, bias been ap- 
proached for a ro3':er of names for 
the fall and winter apd- has many 
booked up in advance. ; 

This typo of-;. believes 
that the name value will rriiore thdn 
satisfy theV product through center- 
ing' dial-in attention on that ,pe> 
riod of broadcasting. Once 'the pub- 
lic Is .iatti-acted, and Intex'est fbcu-^ed, 
it'^ up to the continuity tp pi-operly 
plug thie; cbmmercijil product and at. 
the.aame time not Sve.iry \vith ai ioiig 
sales; talk. • ^ 

. A Good Program . 

' The ad.vertVers opposed to iiamcs 
contend' that by building up a g:ocd 
prograirii, regardless of the taleiit 
that's enough to citch public interr 
est and h61d It. I^b brilliant- lunii- 'like the Whiteman'S; Jolsons, 
Caihtors, etc,, . to .overshadow what 

they ave paying for, Is the argument; 

Furthrmore.^ and this la theip 
istrongest argument, the names tak© 
their radio "appearances" as a. lark, 
as ai m^ans to. some 9xtra fancy 
dough, -with . little thought to hoyr 
they wlil register oh the etljor, 
minus the invisible audience ro.ici. 
tlon. That has been, proved In the 
past by any number of names flop- 
ping over the air. ; ' . 

The major; argument is. to special- 
ize with radiodvproycd tiileht,' peo- 
ple'- wiio ultimately build a reputa- 
tion because of the • "mike" equU- 
tion, reyersin^r ithe situation through 
ultimately commanding tlienitt'jciil 
a.tteiitlon. People lite yalleei llf\mp, 
Xiittle jracic Little, Austin, . "VVlntiper^ 
ing Smitii, any .oi! tlie radio baudsj 
.Mildred. Hunt et .ai. prove this point. 


■. •'. ■ for ■. . . ■ 

•.'•s t-a n;. ..t..u.c'"k.'k 'r . 

Care or Remlrk's. )J19 W. 4<>Ui St. 

yott Mast Come: O ver I 


15 Barrow Street 

V In the Heart of Greenwiclr Village, New York City 

lEW DOIGOFF, Master of Cemeteries 

BUi)DY WAIKEE, Chief Nut lA BELLE EOSE, Ass't Chief Nut 


And all the Other Assorted Nuts 
Crazier Than Ever! 





^ ••VARIETY" (Abel Gr&en) is of the opinion: "The wise mob are 
missing a laugh if . they haven't made the Village Grove JMut Club as 
yet/ especially on the broadcast nights, Monday and Thursday." 

LARRY FUNK and His Serenaders 

Featured in 

The Broadway Production, "Remote Control" 


and his 

At the NeW 


After September 14^ 1929 

Wednesday, September 4, 





Disc Reviews 

By Abel 

.■ ■ ',■ ; VICTOR 
^ The unusual oi releasing io, British 
Wording Is Victor's. .No. ; 22067. of 
S Kyiton's si)rightly fox^ 
couplet "I. Lift Up , My ^r^lnpf.^r'v and.. 
SiEhing Marionette." , F'eist's. is 

haSdfing both these ■ W 
KSca and Hylton has Vcanned" 

theiW with all the pep .and .go .o.f, 

Americah dance standards, . 

'tiiis is a departure for Victor, and 

iHbUte to liylton, '(vho , rates, as 

|n^land'8:; paul:; Whitcjriaji. ^Othey 

Hvlton Br.itish-mado . disks will, be 

released by .Victor froiri how on. It's 

• a regular thing for American, re- 
corded dance numbers to be mar- 
keted abroad, but. outside of con- 
c^t arid operatic^; :iIylton:s;,ls .the 
first instfincc of the reverse. . ; 

Ben Poilack of the. Park Central 

• Tijiq a Dcach- f-t ^ couplet, in ';in the 
S^6?%e Night'- and ''Won'tcihar 
Pormor .should be a cinch melody 
hit. Along similar melodic lines, the 

corking Leo. Reisman orihc.^tra 
(.Central Park Casino) presents the 
appealing 'MCvangeline" waltz, ilnd 
'•Can't We I5e Friends?"; the latter 
from the "Mttle Show.". . 

.jbhnhy Marvin .vo.ealizes "Every 
Day Away From You'.' and "Little 
By Lit'tlie!' (iheyitable thj^me sphg) 
in zippy style. Gene. Au.istih's.. "Ain't 
Mlsbehavin'. " and VPeacie of Mind" 
is- cbaracteri.stically Austin, find 
makes. \a good contrasting, voc&l 
back-Upr John McCormack com-prO- 
miscs between a concert and pop 
piisce With "Little -Pal,\'. bile. of Jol- 
Ron'.s- i^oh'g!? from.- "Say It With 
Song.s." backed by "I Hear 
You Siht^ing."' ■ ■ : 

Jesse Crawford whangs hii Wurl- 
itzer insinuatingly with: "My Siri" 
and "Singin' in the' llain,'.! the latter 
the hit -of the "Hollywood T^evuG," 
■ In thie d.'incc' field, Reisrrian's 
"Liza" and "Do What' You ]:)o" from 
'•Show Girl"; Rudy Vallee's "Prcr 

tending" and "Where Are You, 
Di-eam Girl"; along with George 
Olsen's "Out Where the Moonbeams 
Are Born" and "The Moonlight 
March," iB,re done in characteristic, 
rhanner. ' The, latter two leaders' 
selections are notably melodic and 

George Olsen's "Song of the Moon- 
beams" and "If You Believed In Me" 
is interrupted by a radio-stylist type 
of aiudible announcement by- OJsen 
that hie is recording the number 
and mentions the title by r.anr?. 
One might captiously observe that 
the label jella iaU- thia before the 
machine Is started^: but it has Its 
distinction through interrupting the 
stjfaJghtforw^rd rythmics ■ and, in a 
meamire, Telleving . the . .monotony. 
It's just one of those wrinkles. In 
short, that w.prks either 'Way. . Re-. 
■gardless, it'is a nice recording.. . . 

Helen Kane^s "He's So Uriusua;!" 
arid . "I'd ioo- Anythlrig For YOii" are 
in ' kahieish rhanner, Which tells 
everything;- good personality "can- 
ning." . Jim Miller and : Far- 
:re|f, once quite - notable a^mohg - the 
class cafes, sell it pretty oh : this 
Victor version of :''Loveable -and 
sweet, from . the Radio picture. 
"Street Girl," backed by VWheix, the, 
sweet Forg(et-Me-Not& Remcriibor '~ 

Ben Pollack and Victor Arden- 
Phil Ohman orchestras split the 
honor.s . on No. 22074 with "Bashful 
Baby" and "I've Waited a Lifetime 
For You," respectively, the latter a 
theme waltz; Johriny. Johnson rings 
the bell with "Marianne" and "Jtist 
You, Just Mc," two fox-trots from 
the- Metro picture ot the . former 
title. Smooth dance numbers with 
interesting vocal - refrain^ against a 
guitar background. . 


Al Jols.on hasn't run out of .''Saj; 
It' With Sdngsl' numbers, doing, a 
fifth, . "One Sweet Kis.s," backed up 
by "Liza" from "Show Girl" in 
which- .. Mrs. J. (Ruby Keeler)' 
starred; This .was tlie number Jol- 
soh picked up frdm, the orchestra, 
floor during the first <lays of the 
^ie^y Ziegfeld niu-sical's run. 

Another "Show Girl" number, "Do 
W'hat You Do.", is Zelma..O*Neard. on 
Bruhswick, . backed by "I've Made a 
Habit ..of Yoii," from "Little ShowV 
.. -..After . malcinft: the ihc'iivislual ' song 
hitj? froni . tlie .re.spect ive showis, Al 
.Gbodinan-. lias', recorded fnx-ti'Ot 
niedleys; of "Follow TJiru" arid" Hold 
15 very til ihg" on a back - ii p, AV i th 
Ze|ma' O'Neal and Dick Robertisoh 
vocalizing, the. refrain.s;! Both solo- 

ists ^ hIm) figured prcviou.'^ly with 
si)Io vei^ion of the luj-,' .^hi'AV hit.^. 
. Carl Fenton is liiii-k rin r,niii.<\vick 
as an excUi.«ivc artist ami cl"i's tlii'' 
"J.iucky In. .Love" thuiic sonu's . <<n 
one couplet, .No. .-.l-ilir..; '•timiUug Trisli 
10yo.«,'' from tl.'..'. Colleen MiMnvdrW) 
feature of that .name. l>vi.i'k^d up 
.with "The. World's' Greatest w^woct- 
hoart," is on another. di;>^l\. . . 

From the. west coast, TQ.rii Gerun- 
ovich clicks with '•.Ani liJliie",'", '.Un 
With the Show" ballad tlieme. .ami 
L' Let Me Have My, Dreanis,'' -.\yaltz , 
from the siinie: Warner jilCture. ' 

Uevw .Whitei RpxyV aoci. organist, 
{fnd the prgan star of the >;iu\ ro- 
cr^'ates two of his broaidoasts favor- 
ites,' "pagan Love Son.g" and ."naliy, 
Oh AVhore Can Yoii Do?" : 

WABC Key of CBS , 

. Sta.tion.- AVABC is now. jh.o sole 
key sta tion of . th6 Col umhia Broad - 
caktiiig. System. ■• 

WO R pre viovi sly. waii . aii al terila te 
broa (1 cast . ce ntr alj: bu t W OR, o vv nod 
and operated by ; the^L. Bari;^ 
( Newark) department store; inter- 
ests, will be. maintaihed .a.>=! an ex- 
ploitation adjunct for store. 

and His 


Opening Abpul Nov/ 20 at the NeW 


Just Completed a Highly Enjoyable Three Years' Engagement at 


Currently and for the Next Four Y^eeks at the 

H O T E L <; i B S O N 

(Broadcasting^ Oyer WLW) 

and His 


Inaugurating Our Fourth Season on Sept. 21 

at the 



Past Engagements Include: 

(Three Seasons) 


(Four Seasons) 


(Winter Seasons) 

For Six Weeks Thereafter at the 



Broadcasting Over WTAM From the New Show Boat Room 
Victor Records and NBC Radio Exclusively 


(For Five Years) 


Exclusive Management of the NBC 

Presents His 

6 R C H E S TR 


Premier Radio Features of the NBC Networks and, Columbia Records 

With appreciation to the radio and phonograph industries 
Emanating from' Merle Johnston's Studio for Modern Saxophone instruction 

Enranating from Merle Johnston's Studio for Modem Swphonc Instruction: 151 West 46th St., New York City 



Wednesday, September 4, 192d 


(Continued from page 51) 

iHvinlley, I^loyJ, Cto M, O. A., Paramount 
Bldg.,- N, Y. C. . „ ■ 

•Hyde, Alex., c-o Wm. MorrlB. ieCQ B'way, 
Y. C. .- 

■ trvlfte, B.. ' Lyceum T.i .Mew Britain.. 

Conn. ■ . '- ' ■ ■■ i- ■• ' •„ . 

Imperial Marlnfiba. American Houss, JJoi- 

InRrnhnm, noy. Pafamouht: H.i N, Y. G, 
Innia, EJ, Vanity . Fair B., Ilijnttngton. 

w: V.I. .■ ■ •• • • 

Ipana Troiibadouri. ,WEA.F, N, T. C. 

Irwln. Vic, PaylUon Koyal,. . Valley 
Stream, I-,. I: • . . ■ , 

rscnilnijer, mil. Hagersttfwn, Md^ . 
■ Iriia. Fellr-e, Uivoli 'T., :U;Utimoi>e. . 

lula, Kuillno, City Park. U-l... JUaHlnvor*.' , 

JaSUion's Jazz, .13. Clieatnut St.',' Glo-ven^- 
vine, N,: Y. • ■ . / ■ ■•■ ■ • 
J.inis. Fi'dii; TurUlfih .Village C, Chicago 
Janover, A. U, l^.-iS Grant Ave., N. Y,. C. 
• Jedol,- H.. 473 Hawthorne A.veii Newark, 

■ Jehle,- John, 73. Drlegs Av^e., . Brooklyn. • 
Johns, Brooke, Grannila T.. S.. F. . :■ 
Johnson,- Arnfild, 1500 l^roadway, N; X. C. 
.Joihnson.C .SmaU's . Paradise, N, Y, C;.;. 
Johnson; J^ihririy, c-o M. C. A.', Para: 
mburic Htdg.; N'; Y. C . / „ 

Johnson. Merle; 100 VV.; 4Cth St., ,N. Y.. C 
Johnston, O. W., 48 Grove^. Ave., Ottawa 
Jordan-, Art> 0Q41 Norwood St., Phlla.; : 
JorBensen,, Rtith. 1230 Sh^ldun St., Jaclf- 
son, Mich.. '. •; ■ ■ 

Joy, Jlm.- c-o M. C. A., Paramount. Blag.. 
N. Y. G. , : 

■Joyce,. Teddy,. Pehn. T,; Pittsburgh.- 

The N£ 

■^ Hit- ■ 

iOl Meloillc Rhythmic Spirited . 
a Ky. Ueuiiy Urtvls-Ottoi Molzftn- 
M . Billy Vrlsch . 

1 "Where Are You, 
Dream Girl?" 

They're all playing and tea- . 
turlng It— VtfUee. Ii.opez, Spi- 
taliiy. Pollack, Roy Ingraham. 
Si)echt nhd ipany. olhfer.s. Great 
for radio transmI'saiort:because' 
ot Its snioothnoss and mielody ; 
even, greater fot straight dance . 
purposes. . 



! Rp: 

, 799 Seventh AvemicWcwrY oA 

Kahn, Herman, TlvoU T., Newark, N. J. 
. KalLi, H., Lido Venice C, Boston. 

Kalcy, Ch.ifl., Granada T„ Chicago. 

Kamas. Al, Swahee B. R., Washington. 

Kaplan, P. J., Bamboo Inn. 3223 W. 
Madison St., Chicago. 

Kassel, Art, c-o M. a A,. Paramount 
nirtg.. N. Y. C. 

Katx, Kltteri.i. c-o. M. C; A.. Paramount 
Dldg., N. Y. C. • ■ ^„ 

Katznmn, Iiouls, c-o Brunswick, 700 TtU 
Ave,-, N, Y. C. ' • 

Kaufman, W., 28 N, lOfch St.. Lebanon, 
Pa. ■. ■■■ ■ ■ . ^ . ■ '.- . . ■ 

Kay, <3eo., Olympla T.. New Haven 

Kayser, Joe, Mldlarid T., K/ C, Mo.- 

• Keegan, Ross li.. 22 Gold . St., Freeport, 
L. I.' ■ -- .• • . 

Kemp; Hai; Manger H.,: N. Y. C. 
; Kenneta. Larry, 801 Keena;n Dldg., Pitts- 
burgh. • 

Kenlner, H., rienj. Franklin K.,: Phlla. 

i-Lenlri, if;, ^Mulionomah U... Portland, Ore, 

Keystone Svrenaders, Gd. Riviera. .T., p'e- 
tri'iit..- ' . ' '• 

. King! riermle. Oakland T.; Oakland, Cat 

King, Ted. 745 Tlh .Ave;. c/o',Tapa.. . . , 
. Kliig. vVayne, AbiigOn B. R., Chleago,. 

• King's Melody, 08 Mueller St;, Bingham- 
ton, -N.. Y, -'. . •-. 

. Kerr,. Cha.1., Golden Dragon, Phlla. 

Kline," M.', 04:10 Spruce St,. Philadelphia. 

Kjici.sei; E... Blltmore H., Atlanta. 
- Knutflon, Erllng, I'resident H.. K, C. 
-. Koftluff, Loii, Chlcngo T.. Chicago.. 

Kraus, • Arthur; 1482 Broadway. N. T. C; 

Krausgrill, Walt. Baleonades D. H.. S. .F. 

Kruegcr.. Art, Wisconsin .11., .Milwaukee. 

Kfumholz, G. P.. O.. Box 4&4, Ne\v Bed- 
frtrtV, Mass; 

. Kvnle, Al., Oriental T.. Chicago: . • 

Lagasse; F...' 818 Morrlmac .St.. Lowell, : ■■' 

L.ampe, Dell. Capitol T;, . Chicago.- 
: Landiiu; Mtke, Oakland's Terrace; BOth 
St. and Broadvyay, N.. Y. C. . 
; Langi .Henry, -.Baker H., Datlaa, / 
. Lnnge, J. V;, 27.;Abbott St.; Lowell; Mass 
..Lhnin. lt..'- 8000 W; Girard Ave., Phlla.. 
. 'Lanin, S:am;-WIOAF.-.N: Y. C.: 
. LeCkowUz, . Harry.'. Casley H.. . Scranton: 
Pa. i . . . ■'. . ■ ■ ■■■ • 

. Lentz. ..Al,, lO'JO Pre.-sldent St., Brooklyn.- 
N. Y.- . ■ 

Leonard, Harold. 64 W-. . Randolph St. 
Chlcngd. -'~ 
• Levin,- AJ, 478 Whalley.Ave..' New 'Haven 
. Levlnfe, Jack, Cinderella B., Long Beach 

Levltow, '.Bernard, . Conriniodore. H.. N.Y.C- 

Levy R, H.. 131 Elmer.' Ave.. Schetiee- 
tady, X. y. 

LIdb Orch,,. Suite 86, Loew Bldg,. Wash 
Ington, rj. . .C..' : 

Light, TSnoch, Gaumont Palace. Paris, . 
. Llpsey, ; M.. 1731 Humboldt Blvd;, Chi 
cage. ' 

Lombardo, Guy. c-o: M. C. A.. 32 W. Ran 
ddlph- St.. -Chi'.. 

Long. Dick, Curtis H,. MlnneajJoUs. 
. Lop.ez,: Vincent, St. Regis; H.. N. Y. 

Lowe, -Biirt, Stntier H., Boston. ■; 

Lowry, Ed.', 'Ambassador T.,- St. I^. 

Lymah, Abe. Lido- Venice,. Saratoga 
:N; Y.- ■ .:■"'■• -. 

■ Lynn; Sananiy, 2003 Wichita. St., Dallas. - 

Lyons, Al., Wilson T., Fresno, Cal. .. 

Macdonald, Rex, Coliseum. Bt. Peter«- 

Mack, Austin, Golden I^mpkln Q... Chi. . 
Maltland, J.. Garden B., 3136 Shettleld 
Ave., Chicago. _ v. », ; 

Major, F, J., SOOT ad . St., Ocean Park, 

Maloney. R. B.> 908 Elinor St., Knoxvllle 

Tcnn. '. ^ ' ■"■ 

Mann, Gell; 76 B. 80th St... N, T. C, 
Marburger, H.. 340 K:nlgbt St., Reading. 

^Maraii/ Cha.<»., Ft. Pitt H., Pftt.iburgh.. 

Mason, Bobble (Mies), New Ohlna R., 
Yciungsto-wn; ..Ohio. . .. _' 

Masters, Frank, Uptown T., . Chicago. . 

May, Cliff, Beach H., Coronado Beach. 
Cal. .'■ .■■'„■. ■ 

Mayo, Eddie; 80 Crooke Aye.,- Brooklyn, 

N. Y. ' ' : ' 

Mf l'Jnelly, ■ E. J., 30 Sylvan St., Spring 
'field, Mass.-. '- ■ ■ L i ' , • 

McGay, J., Detroit Country Club; De.trolt 
Moliityre. Jaiiiiea; Ci^ateau Laurler, Ot- 
tawa. ■. . ' . 
McKliiney'd, Edgewater B,; Detfott. . ■ 
McMunihy, Ge6,. Balboa "'Pavilion, Bal- 
bpa Beach, Cil.' -'^ '.' " ' .- 
MoVee, I. .S.. 1221 E. 33d St., L.. A.. • . 
Meeker, tVob; I'alrher llouse, Chicago. 
Mella, • Wm.,. ' Or Edwin St., :Ridgeneia 
Park, N. .1.: . ' . 
Melson, Chas., Stanley T., Jersey City. .. . 
Mbmphl.sonlana;. 02 Main St., Mepiphls 
Menge, M., El Patio B,, L,.A. 
Mesaenger, Al. Roseland, Tauiitbn, Masa 
Meroff.Ueh, Granada T., Chicago.. .' 
M^yer, M, F.. 026 Broadway, Brooklyn 
N, .Y.-. ■ ■ :-. '■■ ' ■ '■ •■ ■ 

Meyf-r. Oscar, 4S29 >>r.. Camic St.;, Phila- 
delphia. - 

Meyer,- Vic, Butler. H., Seattle. . .. 
Meyorlnck, Hiirb.i Alhambra; T.; Sacfa.- 
monlo. -. ..' : '- ' ■' •■ 

Meyer's, Al, 0200 GIrard Ave.; Phlla.. . 
Meyers; Louis, -Hdrn'a- D. -A'. . 

Miller, J. Franz, Stati^r H;:, Detroit. : - 
Miller, Jack. Press Club, Moicitreal. . 
Miller/ N., 3'21 WllHiims :: St., Chelsea 
Mass.- . ,- -. '■ ■ 

Miller, Ray, c.-o M; C..- A., 1501 ' B' way. 
N':- Y..e.'' ■ -:- ;.' 

Miller, Vic, L'oew.'s State,. .Syracuse. ' 
' Miller; w:. illtz earl. H., Phlla: 

Mine.r-Doyle, 1192 Middlesex St., L.oweU 
M.-i.-ss. ' 

Mills, Floyd, 786 Fayette'" St.. . Cuiiibe.rr 
land,' Md. . 

Mlnlcli.' Ed.. 1101 Prospect Ave., Scra.h 
ton.-. Pa;- -. -. - , • . - 

MItohel, ..Al, Olympla T.; Now Haven. . 
• Moore, Dlnty, Hunter. la. - Inn, 

Moore; Prof.. Montmartre e.. Hollywood 

Mcirey. A r, Worth T., Ft. Worth. . 
: Morey. Jack, 00' Westd^ld Rd... Holyofce. ' 

Morris. Gltin'. Silver Slipper. 

Morris, Mei; Piccadilly -H.; N. Y: C. , 

Mosher. V... 3137 10th. Ave. S.. .Mlnneap 
-oils. ': ' ; . - ' 

- Murpliy's Skippers,. MaJe.stlc H... Tama 
flua. .Pa. 

Mufiai: Fred. T..' Det-rolt.- 
'Moana U.; Waikikl Beach. ..Honolulu. Ha 

.wai. . . . - 

Novit; Jules. Parody. 'Chicago. . 
Navlor. Oliver. Palais D^Or; Phlla. 
Neif. Art, C223 Spruce St., PhiladtMi.hla. 

New Orleans Owl^, H. Roosevelt, N. O, 
Nichols, Red, c-o M. 0. A., Paramount 
Bldg.. N. Y. C. 
NoblOi Johnny, Royal Hawaiian and 

Octavet Ore, 33 Dutfletj St., Brooklyn, 

N,: Y. ■ 

O' Hare, It., 20 W;, Jackson Blva;, CM. 

0':Hearh, Trave, I.e(.'la:ir H., Mdllne, 111. . 

Olson, George, 20 W. 4:ia St.. N. Y. C. 

Oppenhdlm; W.; BonJ. 'Franklin II., Phlla. 

Orlglnar Georgia 6, Dancelahd, Jamaica. 
L. 1..' :; .' - 

.Original Yellow Jackets. Summerlane) 
iJeaoh, lJucki'ye Lake, .Ol ' 

Orlando, N|ck, Plaza H., N. Y. C. 
■ Owens;. li,,. Mayfalr H., L.' A, 

O.weo, Dale. raiilt>'l T.. Flint, . 

-Pace; George- C Riisevtlle; ;0.- '.. 

Palemah, Pan- Bhu-k Cat R;, .N; Y. G. . 
. rari.slah: .Rcd Heads.- W. North St. ^ 
tndianapollsV. , .r ... 

. Pastprnaekl, Steve, ■■ Lulgl's ■ R.. Dctlolt. 
. Payne. AJ. 4G1» Meigs St,'. .Rochester. 

'I'earl. More'y, 20;) Ilunllog Ave.; Boston. 

. Pp'ric. ..lack, HOI Kfenan .Bldg., Pittsburgh. 

Pecrleis's Orch., .Mouuiouth : St';. Newport; 
Ky, " ■ ^'■ ■ 

. -Pcrlu.'W,' Abe, Rose Room, ' Los .Angele."». ■ - 

.Petprson. B.. Tl.Vo.ll T.; Michigan City. 
Irid: - '■ " :. ' . 

• Pfetffer'3 Orch.. 1343 Palmetto Ave;, T.o- 

I'hilbrJok's Oi'ch,. .Younker's Dept. Store, 
Dps Mcilries, la:. ... , . 

PhilHos, Phil., euih, Bagdad, -.Dallas. 

Tlccino,- A.,'.ti.l>0 N. etlh St;. Reading.. Pa: 

PIpp's Orch..: Sullivan's. Bdmb'ntbn. . Can.- 
- Pollock, i?en. Park Central ll.. N. Y. :C. 

Pollnok.. Ralph. Lo.exVs State... Syracuse. . 

Prado; iFred. . American. House, nopton. . 
; >Pritiee. O., King War .Lo R., .Detroit. 

TuUen, R. E., l.'JK) Sellers St..: Frank- 
'foni, Pl'vlla,- . 

Randeli. -Art.- Fonlenelle IT,. .Omnha. 
Ilapp. .P.. Ai-e.Klia.' West Unv-en,' Conn. 
.Uapeo, Ern.\ Koxy' T.. N. Y. C. 
'Rnsinu3.seh. F., 143 Graham. Ave.. COun.-ll 
Bluffs', la. 

. .^Itawden, nill; Palace H., S. F. . 

Relsman; Leo, Central ' P.; Casino, N, Y 

Rcnard. Jacques, Cocbnut- Grove. Boston, 

Reaer, Harry. 148 W. 40th St.,. N; Y. C. 

■Rhythm Roamers. care Chns; MaCk; De 
t.roU.- ' ^' 

Rlccl, Aldo, Rltz-Carlton H;. Fred Rich 
t'lD 7th Ave,, c/o Taps. . , 

Rlckltts,. J. C. Kosciusko; Miss. 

nines, Joe. lOlks H.. Boston.. 

Rlltenbaud. J.. U. Artists T.. Detroit. 

Rizzo, Vincent, S.vlvania H., Phlla. 

Rodemlch. Oene, Metropolitan T.. Boston'er, Walt. Variety. N. Y. 

Rohde, Karl. I.,neWs Orpheutn, Boston. 

noky, Leon. Syracuse H., Syracu.^e. 

R-oUe, B. A., lono Broadway, Y. C. 

I'.' man. Joe. lO'j Winter St;. Portland. 

Roinanelll, I., King Rdwnrd IT.. Toronto 
Romann, P.. Roseland B, R., N. Y. C. 
Rose. Irv., Statler H.. St. L. 
Roscbrook. Shad. Pantageis T.. S. F. 

Roden, Paul, 78 W. Randolph St., ChU. 
cago. ' 

Rosenthal, Harry. Stolnway (tall, fj. T. C. 
Rothschild, Leo, 300 W. 14th St., N. T. C, 
Royal Novelty Six. 2.133 N. 1 .'d St., Phlla. 
Rusaell, B., King Cotton H., Greensboro, 

Sanborn, Ed.. Loew'ji T., Montreal. 
Sands, P;, 215 RldgewQOd AVfe;, B'klyn, 
Schniltt, Fred,- Ulalto T., Denver, 
Schooler, Diwff, Capitol T., N. Y. C, 
Si'hub'ert. lid.. 24 Arthur St., . Lawrene*, 

Mass. . , 
Schwartz, U. J;. 810 Court St.; Fremont, 

Ohio.' .:....- : - . • , •■ ■ • 
Scott,. L. .'Vy;. : COO' Dllbert . Aye;, Sprlngi 

neid. o. . , •' '. '; 

Boott, Frank. 284 Prealdeiit St.. B'klyn, 

N; Y.;-,_ - ..: :;-.; ;' 

apous. :• - . 

Selde'hfiiart, Sid; Maydbwer H;, . Wa'sh. 

'f!nllhB'er; .: Alie,-. President. IL. A. c; -. 

SellTnger, .Henry, -Drake .M;, Chicago, . 
. Selvln, Iteh, Oolunibl.a; 1810 B'way,- K. T. ■ 

Se'taro, A., Granada T... S. F. 

Sevt'n, Acea. c-o M. C. A., Paramount 
Bldg,. N. Y. C. - 

Seveil, Glno. Granada T,. S. F,, ' . . ■ 

Slieffnrs, II. C; .Wilbur's,; Taunton, Man*. 
..Rhelton, Geri., 'Olynmilc'II., Seattle. 

Sherman, Maui'lef,. : c-o; M. . C. A., . Para- 
mount Bldg,; N.Y.'C.. .. 

.Silverman, D., Ml.ssourl T;;..- St. .Louis. ■: • 

/ .(Continliocl b.n page 79) 



lS6-8 Wt3T 48TH STREET 

> East of Brpadwny .. ' 






Under the Exclmive Direction of the NATIONAL BROADCASTING COMPAQ 

Wednesday, September 4, 1929 

V A R I E T Y 



And Mis 

Exclusive Victor Artists 



Presented Exclusively Over the NBC Networks Are: 

Jean Goldkette's i^^at^ 

Jean G<441Utl;e> Sk^^ 

(Midwest Chain) 

Jean GoAdkette^s tVGN 

(Chicago 'Tribune" Station) 

( A Jetih Goldkette Unif ) 

Now oh a dance tour under 

Jean Coldkett^s Radio Music Under 

Goldkette Executive OfiSices: Book Tawery Detroit 




Wednesday, September 4, 1929 


(Continuetl froni.pago G7) 
tht*y will V)? rciwai'dtHl. with ii roatl 
Taap. Just wliu.tfono iiationt onoiif^li 
to' tune in. and. has nq nse for ,i 
•I'oad : iritip ■ is • ontitlcO to is ssoiiiq- 
;thi,n!? for tlie . time .cxponiloil. ; 
: ;A . bari-toiio warjjlod th<v tlioino 
Ronp, from VHailolujah". aiul iio sviro 
(Trp,fTK(ia it ■sQ:;^tlKit it spomod like 
ahothor number. \ 

Justlfjablp Crueljty; . 
The popular .gaff, now \ylioi o; cai'd 
players KUther . or tliC .meal • pi'<)- 
vidors don tlifc . slippers for' the nifrht 
and permit ;the radio to. run is, ".Do 
we have, tb' iisten- lo thrtl?" The 
one nearest ■■ to. t'lVo instruiiVeht, 


leaps over for a dial switch. Justi- 
flablo cruelty to un.seen radio ar- 

There's a ; iiiffer riaihod, Valen- 
tiiVo who is Keltinh' ii play on .the 
lower depth Stat ioii.s. Nanve: must 
be the altractioh. 

Musical '■ Director 

Second Year. Conducting Pit Or- 
chestra of 30 Together with.Stage 
Band and Presentations 


Tod Ifcnkerfi ClipUoIiiins bvor ' 
Station 2 FC 

A Gag in the Pan ; 

Some lon«:winded radio .sp.rtuter Is, 
Frunkljih: J'-ivrd;: lie "has started- ;t ho 
fall seaspn- by afjain hopping on the 
Catholics. Mu«t lie soiiie real gag. 
here for all. thivS raz2iivg as: he is 
known . to , bo ,a i.)rotty.. fast, work'or 
in- selling TGal estate. , 

That AVIFIAP. station pfobaBly -of- 
fers- niorft .talking than any., of - the 
btiiors. Talk: on. this pne . seem.s to 
be .cheap the - way Ford . and the 
ptlieiv .speakevs 'burn .up.;titne.^ ^ . 

Gimbel's: Sliding- ■ ' 
. Poor bid AVGlig seems no better 
ahd pe'rlvap.^ lib worse than it ha?? 
be(?h for months/. . That . CJimh.el 
crowd lixi.ght loosen lip.some of. that 
Gimbel bankroll, and put the sta- 
tion on the .map. . . ' ^' 

The Gimbel store co.iild profit, by 
what the liamljergor crowd, did if-. 
AVOK. l^ow that Macy's of Is'ew 
York controls WOR, the belief pre- 
vails thcit • W6.R ■ \vUr shortly - . be 
hoostingMacy's as well as the BaTO- 
l)ergOr store. ' 

cept Tuesday, with Pepsodent . ro- 
sponsii)le for their first eastern ac- 

I''or. their initial New York broad- 
(last AmnH n' Andy wore not so 
funny. Thev did a taxieab bit that 
covered a drive down Fifth avenue 
and to : J '.roadway. . Interesting but 
for the part sans a good laugh. 
They will, have to ronie stronger 
than that- oiV their daily stuff.- 

• -. West Light. East ' ;.. . 

How is this for ' the. Mbran. and 
Mae.k style of .NeAro dialect, cpm- 
petition? I.ast ..Friday' I'hil 
Coolc. aiid Vic Fleming' and;: iidy 
and- Shbrty on. AV'JZ during. Inter.-: 
woven prbgram draw^led their' gag^- 
betwebn riniSicaU .bits.^ And . later .in 
th^, feVe "came Amos -.n' Aridy over 
the sariie station, .ma:i<ing: their Keyv 
York debut . with - one of their^ 10- 
mlnu'te crdssflrbs. - j'- 

These: com ics out of a; long rad lo 
isuccess in the rnidwest -are, .igpiri ' 
to be oa thb air every night ox- 

Killing Words : 

The, words Vbluc Aviiitc dinmoilds" 
have jiecoirte u radio - chestnut, 
ilerbcrt's shop was one of thfe Jlrst 
to bsie it and btlier jewelry accotints 
followed suit. ;.■ 

' On Kumback's period ; week 
the announcer wlvammed 'tire, bid 
St e r eo t y p od a n ti o ii n c en 1 0 ivt . .:. It eca i I .s 
the- : ohe Nor niji.n -Pearce: usOd ^ f oi- 
..flerixirl's time-'and again. ; 

SonVebody may -yet wrjtib oiit sta^r 
tioh .:announcements iand mimeo- 
graph .thein for a. dime a dozen. 

Nut Club Attracts- '/ 

. For .a long, time WMCA j^ad the 
hite hour stuff the ,.ma:Ln .lVoolc up. 
w 1 1 oil' t ii e 0 tl 1 ef s • clo.sed'- sli I'l tt era -f ,o.r 
the night and "special nights" had 
stage celeb.s galore . giving the sta- 
tion a break. Of -late the .late . hour 
.programs seem to. lack novelty, the 
punch"or whatever it' is that should 
keep, the diali-st-s up late li.steping 

i'crhap.s the one program getting 
tlie ■ liiggftst air T>lay is . the Nut 
CUil).; It is really ^d iff froiiv the 
otiiei's; • ..-i -■ ■• .. 

.Different Program ; 

. tyhcif is sloAvly . gaining popularity 
as a worthwhllb progi-am,. is .n6w 
st^ppTied l)y the BrGmen-TuUy , Co. 
of Chicago. • It's a plug- for .their 
make of radios but staged a. little 
bit different. . 


Coast Glub Fqlds 

Xios Angelips, Sept. J. 

"Meet Marie-New York Night 
Club" in Culver City blew tip last 
week after: four weeks of activity 
W'ith performers and w\aiters a \yce.k 
behind on .salary. ^laric .Liovott, 
operator of the club, . was not in 
.sight. ;■ 

When the performers rei>orted for 
work- Aug., 26 they say that they 
found the place ibckftd. Later; rb- 
i)orts said that: a .scarcji fop; Miss 
Liovett proved unavailing. 
■ Perfbi-niei-s and .the orchestra 
leader; Bob ;.€oi\iipt6ni . state .tbat 
tl l ey w 1 1 1 1 e cUt ii ns -w i th tli e S f a te 
Labor . CJoinniissibn in ' an ; eff ort. , to 
eoliect. ■ . • ■ 

Voting, Anriburtcer Quits . 

IMttsburgh,. Sept.; 3. 

(\ A. Wiakenian,. ibr four yeajrs 
senior announcer At.; statioiV.W 
here, has rej5if?ivecl tb enter;,, cbl.lege. 
■Wakeman; only 22, has been )a:h- 
no.uncing since he wfis 17.. . . 
. l^eaybs the local station to take 
a law course at. Penn State. . • 


Hollywood, Sept. 3. 
In spite of a large number of 
night club.s ahd cafes going Uoppo 
in the past monthV B., B. B. declared 
him. self in: Hollywood with the pre- 
miere of hi.s how cellar cafe in tlift 
heart of Hollywood's business disi 
trict. : It's near enough to . Ilenry s 
-to hurt. 

Cellar opened to capacity; ; It 
seats . liioi'e . than 500 at $2.50 couver'u 
The alley leading to thcV Ainchn-r; 
ground rendezvous becanie jarh'ined 
with standees as late as one a/ m; 

. It is" destined, by some com rn en - 
tators, to become Ho jlywpod'.s fu- 
ture casting and tryout. shop wherie 
guest talent : jis ' prevailed upon hy 
b!; B. B.r. Again it may develop into 
a sbng pluargbr's paradise., 

: B. :B; ,B.'s following fi-biri- , Coffee 
Dion's downtown picice,; wiierc' ho 
i'bigned for nioi-e than two years,, 
indicates- pptiniistic ch.ihcesi. ; ., 
Two piano playei'S furnish t he 

dance musici ; - - , 

JVluri'ay Smjth, pianist-baritone, 
opened , , at. the -.Casanbvja Roof, New 
Y.bric, .Tuesday, .rcpiacihg Whisper-., 
.ine . Jack : smith, . - ^ ' , 

; ,. U : V 

Too many pefibds deyotodv, to 
.stbry . telling and .presentrnont .- of 
mag stbries.- It \vOn't;be long be- 
fore they will be'eliniinated entirely 
unless tlie payers" irisist on burning 
up. tlieir money. -.. . 

A novelty .at firsti, the;deluge now,: ■■ •"0 . . : V ', 

Someth h\g sour a bbu t that Palais 
Royal music ,via^ WQR -..last week. 
For punishment, the- boys ..should 
have to listen to a recording of some 
of those numbers they ' liammered 
br blc)wed to pieces last week. .. . 

Will F'erry. and his Interwoven 
orchestra seem: to be.inlprpving with 
radio age. Coming via W.TZ the 
interwoven Jias perked iip its ac- 
count as : 32 Coast as.SQciated sta - 
tions were announced as a. late ad- 
dition last :Week.^ ^ ■.■ ■ 

Sidney Blackmer opposite Dbrbthy 
^Iackaill in ''Coiusin Kate,"'; FN. 

• Complete cast ''The ■ Ghildi-env" 
;Par— Huntley Gordon; Kay Francis 
Lilyan Tashman-, I'^rederic March. 
Rockcliffe Fellows, Gerald Omcrod. 
,Joan. . Standing,,, Little Mitzi, Phil- 
oppc -beLacey, Donald Smith, Billy 
Seay. ■. 


CLOSING"- SEPT.. IS--,..' -. 





And Hist ^ 
Vn;iilevllle'B OreateHt Pit hnfl StaBc Biiml 
Now. lMft.vinB; Orplioum TliiBiVtre, 



America's Greatest Girl Band 

."Nbiv lI.eiidli'nInB RKO >'Collosiiit«- : t'nit" 

■ Periniinent: Artilrffis : 
28 West North St;. Inilinnap^rtls., In**- 




innii^urntlns o Neiv "Fab<elIo P®'!oy" 

R k - 6 Fb R DH A tA T H E AT R E 
N^w Y City : 




Now In 40tl! . Week nt : : 


- 'and His;. .-. 

The Different Ensemble 

■ Pres«»'ntnti«n F<*ntHr^ - 


New -TorU'-GMj; " 

Orcheislraa ' 
Office: 812 Bopk Tow«r 




arid His 

■ V. 

Northeast Comer of 43d Stv and 5th 



Radio-Keith-Orpheum Vaudeyille 

Regularly featured over the National .Brpadcasfrng System 
Personal Direction: T. D. KEMP, Jr. 



SiinimcrinR ot the' 
.pellinm; N;: y. 
' Doubling, nt the 

New V)irl{ City 


nn<1 thoir 

12- Piece Entertainirisi Orchestra 
. Jn(icfliii(cly 


; . . . LOS^ AMiKLES- ■ 

' - iiritl Ills. .■■ 
Exclusive llruiis>yk;k Artists 
^, ■ Now . iat the • , 

BAKER HOTEL, Dalias, Texas 
ArnnnKomont Mu.sic Corp. of Am. 


Americans (ironteMt lYnnce llnnd 
Bigger and! Bette> Than Ever 
Personal ' Management 
Satem, Mass. 



Opening Sept. 15 
Omi-e, 20 West 43il street, N. Y. C. 


Under Exclusive Management 

music corporation of 



Radio's Preriii0P Conductor 

L-ucky Strike Dance brbhestra^ . 
Paliais D'Or' Restaurant Orchestra 
■ ■ ICilJsVfn Arc it<pV>or«iinK Orelreslrn 


And His 


at the J[<'ii 11)0,118 


(Hotel Ainhiis'siKlar) 


And His Greater Orchestra 

Special Limited Engagemont 

Valley Stream^ L. I. 

Persoonf itep.: J AS. F» GILLESPIE 

Art,er a Year ;,nri«l a Hiilf at tlio 
Ro,osevelt Hotel, Hollywood 

JliM-k ARiilii nt Uic 

PHIL ^iBIUapS 1 

^::-:;.-BAND- .•' 



"SoiitlilaiurA Most Itenuliful Club" 



===-PALA&E=H 6TiiLfe== 

P. S.— Ilrdiis'Aiek Kecordlnc 

Haasse, State- Lake Director 

ehiciij?<), S0L)t. .3.. ■ 
Sam Ilaiisf, forinor lender . <'£ 
"katJs and II is Kittons," orcho.strii. 
has roplaceil Jimmy II onHclvi'l in Hh' 
pit , of the Statc-I^ako tlu-iaii- 
Honschol resigned. 

Wednesday, September 4, 1929 




Made-to-Order Orchestra 

(Continued from Papre 65) 
aeflment proportionally pleased. 
Bnrflo accelerated for him a fame 
which in barnstprminff . days might 
have talcen years to accumulate, 

Nor is such a fame inflated. Hudy 
Vallee's singing has an appeal 
which should be worth gold so long 
as it is heard. • ; ^ 

Take the case of another leader, 
whom radio has brought to tliQ at- 
tontion of thp public— B. ^ A. Rolfe. 
Being a shopman, as well as a .fin- 
iAheH musician and a per.sonagei 
Rblfc's • enormous .popularity in 
creases with every broadcast. 
.. \s in every ;bi-anch of ; business, 
the. leader who Intrpducea some- 
tliihg different will rnakfe his money 
■faster, ' as will one pr two of his 
imitators. . But the ' good directors 
who consistently: give fine dance 
music, not over arranged, y^ill keep 
their coffers «lled as long as their 
bnton.s continue to evoke rhythmic 

: Booking Evolution 

To those of us who work through 

radio, the change represents a com 
plete evolution in orchestra boolv- 
ing. Fan mail and spoken com- 
ment following broadcastii provide 
an unbroken hold on the public 
pulse. There will be, fan mail so 
long as stores sell paper und iiik, 
and thei'e will be pomment so long 
as there i.s a public. Unquestionably 
the • radio audience is a stratum of 
all audiences, and. the peculiar ihr 
timacy of a rnic'rophone can present 
any orcht!slra. in its individuar sot.- 
ting. ■ ■■ 

Th« result is that in my own case 
the jfan rriail which appears, oh my 
desk every, morning answers as. a 
sort of ticker tape which. ..can rer 
veal the diegree of popularity; day. 
by day, of a 1 i thfe orchestras which 
we ha ye ch oseh to present on large 
networks,. .Naturally : no .entertain^ 
ment ioan be forced on the public, 
nor, with iexperienc€s is 'there , ever 
any attempt to do so. 

Radio nlerely' 'ariticipates for all 
of us. the- trend pf public taste. 
"Whether next week will find. XhG 
pujalic wa,nting : siniple melody or 

will prefer Its scores intricately ar- 
ranged is of no concern to us. All 
we need tp knbw is Which orclu-slra 
leaders the public enjoys today. Tiio 
trend in ta^te runs "a cycle an.d.\yill 
take care of Itself, r 

One thing ninny per.^bns ovbi-.took 
is tliere's. enough .room for a 
wide variety of jazz leads. One or 
two loadbrs may changb the accept- 
ed style, init all good ..directors .can 
Konsc the change and keep: in .step. 
The point i.s that- the loader niUst 
.excel in his^ -own line. 

Musts ■ . 

.. .Cioneraliy speaking, the thing 
..wlilch "makes" any aspiring roung 
niacstrp into a heaciUner today is 
tV €s :~po.'--.e.'<sion of fi^bmb <li. ■ ' '' v 
quality which the public can recog- 
nize even tUough it doesn't under- Versatility is average to- 
day— there miis*. be bi-^iginality. Also 
the . leader, of yesterday ■ who was 
merely , an' attractive master of 
.ceremonies^ has gphc his carefree 
.way. ' Today'=i' l-><^ a d'-- .icr;.:! 
an .ovganizer, .a -creator. That he 
must be personable likewise comos 

under ei • i>i oration — been-: the 
pcM'sonal appwu-ance. career which 
follows radio fame. 

It i.s tlierefore,. hard to under- 
stand why the theatre docs not Ih- 
c-Uulc-'among its scouts a specialist 
who will watch the risb of I'adio 
reputations. Wliy can't dance pro- 
moters look to radio for the key to 
the public tasf^?, 

• "W' hi eh brings us around, to our 
initial sugg.eistibn, that radio can' bo 
utilijiod, for -exainplipv; to create for; 
the. hptej a demand fbiV an oro^ 
Which, it, can iater. feature.- ; Hotels, 
it must be said in passing, are the 
logical cradles .' for puomi.slniB: or- 
chestras..- ^yherp people oat, . thbre 
can be. ihore sppntanepus and just 
cviticism of an .■ orchestra's - wPrth. 
If the orchestra is.on the air at tht 
same, time, both the hptel's cliehtele 
arid the whole- public- :can . acclaim 
the nierits of the leadei'. 

. Errorless . Heroes 

Supplementihg' radio there is, of 
cburse, ,a necessify f or ciire^ful j)rcs- 
eiitntiOn.. A'aliee •with his intimate 
orchestra would, not have . been 

appreeiated so quickly, in a larg© 
grill room. Xor could lioU'e, with 
his 30-piooe orchestra, do himself 
justice if eramped In a' sm;ill. iiight 
c'lul). Tlu^ matter of reiav.'senlaiion 
is an art,' which must rememluT tliat 
once a leader misses his mark, he' is 
as detinitely out as an luitsung 
popular The publie .won't 
give hini another chance; since it 
seerii.^ to be a human trait to de- 
mand that a hero niakc no niistakes, 
>s'or is , any . mist-ike necessary— 
with no'rii\al:cai-e'. Likewis.-' it is not 
important from! Svh.ere an ;p.v<>lief!tr.a.. 
comeSi, If the leader, is good; he ^vill 
'make good.. After radio comes, more 
recording/ talking, per.sorial appoar- 
ancbs. A's.siiredly, there!« enough 
money in the game to' w.nrrant' a 
modicum of care— in Pi'csentati'on,; : 

In conblusibn-, I must say tliat. the 
idea of .'radio .as the cOurt.fopm for 
ja/'5i. has. 'been .Well put. to test; 
In fact, air of the thirty odd. 
nationally knpwn orchestras which 
we. have under hianagcmerit .liayo 
either fp.und. tlictii- first favor or 
aclvieyod. nnal success through the 
test of . 1 roadcasting. ■ • 

^ The Reigning E.uropeatt Successes Since 


.. --■<>.^o- 




' ; _o<s><>— , 

The Sensational Hawaiian Hit 

TKe World's .Repi'esehtative 
Catalogue of. 



the: Most Sensational Orch^ 
Series: of All! : : 

We Now Represent 

3 8 

For All World Rights 


■.■ ■.■^o<?><>-^ 




223.22S West 46th St. 

"Parade Wooden Soldiers," "Hot Time," "Ida," "My 
Gal Sal," "Apache Dance," "Down South," "Sari," 
"Spring Maid," "Chu Chin Chow," "Garrick 


Gaieties," "Baggage Coach Ahead," "In the 
Shadows," 100 Lincke Compositions, 100 Cole and 
Johnson Hits, and the greatest successes of such 
composers as De Koven, Lehar, Kalman, Strauss, 
Kerker, Clare Kummer, Sloane, Eislef , Fall, as well 
as the great Debussy, Poulenc, Goossens, Stravinsky, 
Ravel, Poldowski, De Falla, Sibelius, Poldini, Cyril 
Scott, Ibert, Albeniz, Ireland and hundreds of 


Each One a Special Recording Arrangenrieni in 
the One and ■ Only Ted Lewis Style : 

"There'll Be Some Changes Made" 
"Blu^s .My Naughty Sweetie Gives to 

■;■ ■Mev^^:;•:, 

"My Little Dream Girir 

: "Montmartre^ Rose'* .. 

"Tishomingo Blues" : 

"Play That Barber Sho^p Chord^' 

"Down in the Old Neighborhood" 

PRICE, 7SC each 

:■ — o<'t>0— 



Remember T hi s Name ! 

And His 


R O O F G A R P E N C^^A^^^^^^ 


NOW~First Time Under 
Direction of the MCA — at 

Featured Band Over Don Lee's 
California Hook-Up: 


San Francisco 





Los Angeles 




Wednesday, September 4, 1929 

Chatter in London 

. English agents bobkinff - American 
acts Ixei-.e do not go any distance 
. out of their .way to gather press 
. matter ab6ut :tliese lactsV :M;hcn »■ 
Aame is given to: the Publieity De^. 
piairtrrient oi: General Tlioatros, it. is 
not . knbwn whether it; is' -a trapeze, 
acrobatic or mind^rcafling aot— all 
left to the 1>. JD. to find out. A 
.xiduch better and mure useful ar- 
rangenieiit would be for the . iacts, 
that are booked to play London to 
sfend all their press stuff dlrcGt to 
the P. D. of General Theatres Cor- 
pbratibn, tiie .head of which is Mrs. 
Tjadorr 6 Wbii, a , very energetic yo.ung 

. woman. ' 

Olerth EUyh, the American dancer, 
starring in the Pol ies Bergere Revue, 
>aris, was receritiy.attacked by fpuc 
roughs while walking through^ a 
quiet street aifter the ^how. Putting 
iip a gallant fight she managed to 
eseapo with i slightly discolored 
optiO. The ihciderit got to the ears 
of Durvel, the manager, who ; be- 
came gneatly afliMed and insisted 
th^t either he . accompany Glenn 
home every, evening or . he obtain 
permission from the Prefect of the 
Police for her to carry a revolver. 
iShe decjded; on cirryirig a revolvef' 
Glenn cbnies frohi Chicago^ 
English offieidl life worked to 
death, «ven under- LaJioiir Govern- 
. ment. Nobody at foreign Office ioho 
can ahs wer a qiiestion Pefore; ii 

a. m. ■■■ j _ " 

Gladys Frazln, now married, com- 
xbutes between London and Pairis. 

Eve Grayj screen player, goes in 
"The Flying i?7ooi;" new play by 
Arnold ("Ghost Train") Ridley, 

Sybil Thorhdike in talker lead of 
"To What Red Hell," Alliance Stu- 
dio. ^ .,„ 
George Polacco, Ghi op. tenor, still 
grieving over Edith Mason, former 
femme who aired him. 

Menjou wants $40,000 a picture 
..over here» ... 
Bombardier Wells now a waiter 
in a Mayfair bite-and-beat-it; golfs 
in his off hours. 

There ajp projection men on 
talkers getting as low as four quid 
'■*a week, $20, in London houses, 

Lucy E. de la Mare, daughter of 
Walter de la Mare, novelist and 
poet, engagied to D. R, Rlngwood. 

Mitchell Kennerly, no longer pubr 
lt8hihg« Is giving up his Anderson 
Galleries, too. _ • 

Betty Compson goes back to Hol- 
lywood for "Woman to Woman," to 
be made by Victor SaviUe, director 
of "Kitty." ' 

Jameson Thomas Is back on Brit- 
ish International's lot. 

Tallulah Bankhead is play-hunt- 

Ing. . ^ , . t 

Epstein, American sculptor who 
drives the English frothy with his 
ugly statues, is squawking that 
every time he uses a girl she he- 
comes a "faiiidus model.*' Says it's 
the bust hecomfis famous, not the 

Granville Bradshaw's slot ma- 
chines at. the seaside resorts clean 
lip $4,000,000 a year. \ 

Sir Roderick Jones, M. C, of 
Reuters, news agency, has bought 
Rudyard Kipling's house and work- 
1^ shop near Brighton. Kip couldn't 
■I stand the mob of tourists who made 

it a half-way house. 
W' Percy Marmont* film player, 
soaked dairies $1.25 to buzz him at 
a "Mlnehead film fete. Fans were 
chiseled two bits for a handshake 
and a dime for an autograph. 

Mary Anderson, once greatest of 
American actresses, now lives at 
Broistd way, Worcestershire, not many 
hours from Shakespeare's home. 
She's just turned 70.' 

British Broadcasting (governmen 
tai) has got out a dictionary for 
pronouncing doubtful words, which 
will be news to the talker critics 
who thought the English accent per- 
fect- . ■ 

"Follow Thru" will be known as 
"Follow Through." when it opens the 
new bonilnipn Oct. 3, Ada May 
only American in it. . » 

E. A. Stone, architect^^whpse first 
house seiEited 225 and whosfe last, 
just opiened, id a 4,200-seCiter, ber 
lieves the ideal iahape for. a M'ired 
house is ilice in: egg. 

Mrs. Susannflih.Bostock, wI<3ow of 
the late Frank C. ■ Bostock, animal 
trainer who died recently, .left ian 
eistate valiiecj at over $75,000^ 
Muriel Angelus, 17, has jjust belen 
, sighed to a - five year cohtract by 
^_ Clayton and Waller; for stage and 
screen versions of. their musical 
comedies. She stoirts in by undor- 
Htudyin? for Dorothy; Dickson in 
"fiold Everything." 

Cosmo HamiUoh's . niclihame Is 
• ■» ''Cbssie." ' ' ' 

• Arthur pohtv V, P. of Wardour, 
dcIayirtS: liis trek to NeW York with 

LachhVan's- verslDn <; of Thoitias 
. Hardy's "Under the Greenwood 
Tree," 'whiGih seeritis to be tiie latest 

at ^iino a week is .staggering West 
J!:nd i iiff aocountanls. •. 
: J'Mirni' Wjillace, crime novelist and 
playwright, guessed f.or five, cols on 
who kiilod Mr. Duff, Crovdon poison 
mvsicrv; and came out even, 

."tstrn.w:.. hats are-..; selling ' for six. 
■oonfs.-' • .X •. ': ' ■ ' ■. " . 

Ptit^gy ■ Robb-Smith,: .actress . who 
has broadcast a lot for B. B. C.,; is 
the big voice at Elstrfeo, doUbUngv 
for mb^it Of the: foreign stars. 
. J'jriglish .think a .t'ftuickieV rtieans. 
a talking .short. ■ . . \. 

l^oyalty going in for novel writ-; 
ing. Lady Piv ell : Miles has cl icked 
with one, and Miss Lilian Bowes, 
Ly.oh, Duchess;,, of. : York's . coasin, 
With ianotheTr ' ' ' / - :; .VV . . ;^' 
SwafE discovered that they played 
"Tb What Red Hell" at the Kilburh 
Empirb: with a sliding roof: kept 

. Edith. Day.has returned from WLa- 

: S. A. Rolley who wrote "Portrait 
bra, La-dy"' works In a London bank. 

Lbridon women are wearing grben 
piowder . tb cover isunburn. •, 
look mouldy. . ■• 

.Selwyh and Cochran advertising 
for English chorus girls, for Ariier- 
icUn .compahy bf . *'Walce , TJigt and 
Dreani;"'' - ' 

. Helen Burhell> discovery of Piaul 
Murray and Jack Hulbiert for "The, 
Hb^ise . "That Jaclc Built;" is really 
Helen Browh. i-Jtied. hp for the-, West 
■End..' ■■■ 

Lady Diana; Cooper who was Lady 
Diana Manners of Reinhardt'3 "The 
Mlrable,' • having retired from . the 
stage, novir ..retires from.; social life. 

Expecting a babyV . . '. 

Lord Aberdeen, Seotcli, has work- 
ed out. gag of .-using, cherries In- 
stead of candles oh k birthday cake. 
He can't eat ciahdles. He^s 82, 

George " Atkinsoni ; after .. listening 
to Eddie Leonard in his first talker 
"Melody Land" wants to know what 
a "Wah-Wah" :is. .. • ^ 

Joseph Coyne is a carrot and 
cheese addicts 

Ida Peel is- the yotihgest British 
actress doing dialog. 

(Miss) BlUie Brlstbw; once of Fox 
publicity staft, . is . now plugging 
stars on her Own. 

Fay Comptoh, who was thinning 
down for Mehjou's "Fashibhs in 
Love," is ■flndlng Ehgllsli menus 
hard on. the fashions. • 

Jessica- Page replacing Ruth Mait- 
land in "Mr. Cinders" at the: Hippo- 
drome diiring lattier'g illness. 

Arthur Gibbons opens new. theatre 
in October and has; yet" to find a 
play suitable for aii intimate 500- 
seater. Soniebody tipped him oft to 
the "Little Show'-' at the New York 
Music Box. 

Trumain 'Talley, F-o* head in Lon- 
don, has been fortnlghting at Deau- 
ville.;- ■ - 

Fred (Big Navy) Britten; .oper- 
ated on board , fhfe; Leviathan for ap- 
pendicitis,; is cohyalesclng in . an 
Ehglish nursing hbnie at Southairtp- 


London. Sept. 3. 

■ Says, one fan to another on 
Leicester Square, coming . out 
after seeing an American 

■ '!y us,, they tprks; ahr larig- 
Wldge, bn'y difrerUnt-ioike." 

Havana (3ha^ 


liavana, Aiig. 29; 
. Bl^ changes hjfcve been ma4e in 
the local show business. for the sum.r 
mer. Showmen are trying to keep 
but of tiie red till the cold Weather: 
prices iiave beeii slashed. Cheaper 
attractions added. Special features 
iniported, but still . barely : meeting 
the overhead.-, 

Fausto, the pioneer wired house of 
Cuba, has had a- few .good weeks 
to compehsa;t© the 'Slow business. 
Last weeks "Lady of the Pave- 
ments;'' with I^itupez. warbling, i 

Spanish, paciked thMrt in. 
Ehcanto, the ac6 Saehgjer house, 

broke ill existing record3 fP'' 2i 
week's showing with "Wild Orchids." 

"Show Bbdt,'' a flop here at the 
Mdrti theatre. Critics didn't exactly 
pan the ;picture; but said It ws^s 

Prado had the first all-talk and 
sih^irig.f eature. .;"Broadway Babies" 
4rew, but the bad reputation in the 
house . didWt help any. Reprbduc- 
tloii very noisy lor such a small 
place. . "This feature had' a pi'olois.ih 
Spanish titles relating; the story t,o 
give a; cue to . thbsie who couldn't 

understand: EhiSlish. ,' 

Rivieri, latest wiied house in the 
fartoUgh of yedadb. is a second-run 

rave at Eliitree. . . . . . 

. Betty BaWoiir . had her tonsil!? 
crapped for dialog. \ , 

Binhie Hale . doesn't like tight 
dresses — or. long. .Ones. 
^ Thirty supper show girls for .xhp 
,■ new ZlOgfeld theatre opening next 
December ih.Soho section of London 



By Edward J. kurylo 

(Continued from pa&e .3)' 

Edgar Wallace type proves, that, the 
two professions are not ■sb far apa.rt 
from each other- as one might think. 
The nlay is very ;no.vel in form and 
the action is quick and surprising. 

Ail-.Huhgar|an .Congress 

All the theaitres are opening in . St.. 
Stephen's Week, thei festive occa- 
sion of. a great provincial migration 
to the ffapltai, when- country folk 
profit in crowds by: 'the chance of 
reduced traveling expenses and 
multiple sights to see In Budapest. 
This yea:r St. Stephen's day is ren- 
dered particularly important by the 
congress ' of; Allen Hungarians, 
me^itnlnEf those residing 
great number bf Americans of Hun- 
garian origin have borne. Budapest, 
is climbing the front of cities 
suited .for. conefres^es and meetings 
of ..every descriptlbrt. We. haVe had 
an .International .Tthbosophical Con- 
gress, the Intbrnat'lonal. Gbhgr'ss of 
.tfniverslty Students: lS; nbw. ta^ltlng 
place, and the. International Esper- 
ahtb (3bngresi3' was -a blg;^^^ 

•■.EspWranlo Plays'.;. ■ V 
The' Esperiintlsts performed :a 
new . play, "'Samum/* by J. Baghy. 
a Hungarian Esijerantlst. Such .as 
cQUld unde.rstand it -were, deeply Infir.. 
pressed by it, On this occasion it 
was discovered . tiiat a; number of 
pljays in every language were trans 
lated into other languages through 
the Intermediary - of Esperanto 
which ha$ thus .jproved very useful 
to literature. .There was also cele- 
brated the election of Miss Esper- 
anto, the prettiest girl in Interha- 
tlonalrdbni. Voronlka Ejksta, . from 
4Gsithon i'aT=^w^ s=<Shoijen^j9=^Ilss^a== 
pcrantb.*. She nilght have tun sue 
cessfully for MlsJs Universe, too. 

Piano Players. H. p. 

London, Sept. 3. 
Two pianists from Jimmy 
Carusb's SyncOpalors have bcoh re 
tainod by the Vixto de Paris for atf 
'iiddltional elglvt. W«"'k3. 

Dbh Phillipihii the guest leader of 
Eiicanto, returned to New Orleans 
With his wife. Traversi, the organist 
is out of this house, too, and has 
organized a jaisz orchestra. . ;:He.- is 
not keen oii leaving, as pretty .soon 
he wili be niarrying a CUban girl. 

; Medal Film Cp., managed by 
George Nay lor, has been .appointed 
distributbr of Columbia . Pictures. 
This . exbhange also haindles the 
Pathe pictures. Now Columbia will 
get prbper attention, as Mr. Naylor's 
experience In Cuba,' will help A lot. 

R-k-O is hririging to Marti the 
atre Monday "Syncopation." . Film 
wVl be shown with full dialog. 

Havana now ' has ; Fox Mbvietone 
News. . One' Issue, tireekly. Cubans 
like the subject.: " . 

Paramount also. sends Ih it^ Sound- 
News to the Fausto exclusively. 

Cheap Natiye Films 

The National Moving pictures Co., 
local producing flrm> has. finished its 
first , film. "Gustavo .el Calavera" 
titled, adapted from'the hovel :0f the 
siame name, written by PaUl de Kqck. 
Carmen del Rio; Mexican, . In, leading 
femnfib role, and .Luis Marti, Cuban, 

Another film Is in. the shooting bV 
Ramon l^eon, the .(cameraman with 
Antonio Perdices, a Cuban, former- 
ly an extra; in Hollywood. These.films 
are made for local showings only. 
Cost hot more than $4,000 ot $5,000 
for. the full lengths. 

Western Electrlc's business In 
Cuba must be imi>ortant^ It has 
opened an Offlc in the Royal Bank 
of (CahaLda building. 

.-. W.arsaw,.Ai.Vg; 1. 
With the end of th^ opera season 
again comea t,hc question: of' hbw. to 
run the Opera without financial. loss. it i short 2,500,000 zibtys, 
Which must be covered by, the mu- 
nicipality ' and the goyernfiicnti 

The new-".papers are' t'onbin^^V^y 
giving advice, but somehoiv ' it 
doesn't work! Some people say iiext 
season will bb better becaiase - Mr. 
Mlyharskl, director bf the Opbra fOr 
many seasbns,; has left./ . (Mr; Mly- 
narski is engaged as i. director of 
the Cohservatory of Music in Phllai- 

delplila.) - 

Mr. Stermicz-Valcropciata^ late 
director of the Foznah Operai is the 
new:-, director. How he will conduct 
the Opera lias yet to b^ seen. ;. Hp 
niust have, much po\ver. 

This is the result of the unfortu- 
nate position of being in the: hands 
of the Municipality. .As a whole, 
the Municipal Theatre^: the Opera 
and other three dramatic 'theatrbs- 
iare governed by d .general- director* 
whose title is glveri; a3 The PreSi^ 
dent. Mr. Sllwlnski, the .president. 
Is a. very capable and sincere mani 
He spares no eftort tb manage these 
four theatres, so that In the. fUtUre 
there will be no need of a subsidy^ 
or at . a,ny ra,te only small ' assistance 
requli-ed oi tho Municipality Or 
CJoVernmbht; but It is 'str'ongly be- 
lieybd that it is hot, in hiS linis to 
govern such, a heavy machine. . . ■ 

Municipal.. Theatres' await .a vnkn 
iikie the late Reichmah or- piaghilieff 
or an Otto Kihn to conduet the .the.r 
atres to. general satisfactipn. ' . 

The one thing held against Mlyr 
nairskl wias that he did not fiaVor 
Polish composers; that, he consld^ 
ered . Only two ' Ppllsli . comppsers- 
worth . mentioning: karol Szyman- 
owslcl and him£f«^lf. Qf coursb. this 
is not altogether correct. . 

South Africa 

By H. Hanson 

. Capo Town, Aug; 2. 
Censor. Board has. banned for 
South A.f rica the British film ;'"rup 
Burgomaster of Stilbmonde" (Maur^ 
ice Maetbrlirick'.s .. stage play), in' 
Wiilcli liio English, actor. Sir Joliu ■ 
Martin Harvey, ..iila^ the . Ipad.^- 
Banning . has. arOused **cPnslderablu 
feeling regarding, the ability of the . 
South' African ' Censor Board ti> 
judge wrong or right, .considering 
that 'this 'filin- has been' screened .in.; 
other icounti:ies withou t pi?otes t': . ; 
i Wireless news recently received.' 
from the Metro-Gold wyh-Mayet 
cami) on. the Nile: that .Doctor R. 10. 
Barrett,- Uganda Go'vernmeht slebp- 
Ihg sickness medical expert, near 
the location,' Was; attacked by the 
film company^s native .porters, It 
Isj stated that the doctor ejected, a 
drunken native from a wagon. .Th©,. 
native shouted and 20 colored om- .' 
ployees. rushed . to his lielpr assaiiU'i 
ing the doctor. ; Several natives ar^ 
.rested.-. • :■ 

Johannesburg ' 
Xis Majesty^s— Guy Newall, with 
Dorothy Bdtley and Co. In; comedy,: 
"When: Blue Hills Laughed," Busi* 

ness satisfactory. . 

Enripire— ;Week July 22; Hanlon 
Brosi, Wensley. and. Dale,. Bert Wes- 
ton, • Mantell's Mahhlkins, Harry: 
Weldon, Hilda, Glyder, Sanipsel and 
Lebnhardi, .Les Jardys< Week. July 
29; . Arthur Jameis : and: Partner, 
Billy iand : Bcattle Birehall, : Harry 
Weldoh/ Hilda >Glyder, Mahtell'a 
Mannikinss > Bert y Wpston. . Hanion 
Bros;; Sampsel and t^eorthard. : ; 

•&t a h d a T.d A— Chef alo,. . conjurer, 
Magdd : l»alermo Mid Good • 

business.';'' V ■: '\i . ■ 

; Kinemaa, LtH;, . a^nnounc«.<? .pui> 
.chase:from Radio-KeitlivGrpheum a. 
batch of talkers.' : . : ' . 

English contralto. Dame Clara 
Butt, and hPr husband-, : Kennerle'y 
Rurtifbrd, under concbri tour bver 
here early next yeir. .They were iii : 
South Afrlca.late in 1911i 


Paris,, : 24. 
In "Paris: ' Glbria Swahsph, ' Yi>^- ■ 
ginia .Bowker, . Joseph ;. PUlltzer, 
Montgomery .Eyahs, -. Dea:h Shailer 
Matthews, Mrs; Jay Gould, W. P. 
Gaiinon, Camille Renault,; Florence 
Mlsgen, J. J. Shubert, Vina Delmdr, 
George "^hartbn . Edwards; Mary 
Lewis, 'Marjorie Moss, Carl' Freed, 
Mr. and: Mrs. N. O. Turnet, Rita 
Bell, (jrazler Hunt . (Miss) Slgurd 
Nllssen, Col. Hehry Jewett Furber, 
Melville R GrbsvenOr. .: 

Tieatr Narodowy 

This theatre like the other twp t 
Teatr Letni and 'Teatr Mbly are di- 
rected by Emll : Chaberskl,. one of 
the best producers in this country. 
The revival of "Radzlwlll, panic 
kOchankul," old comedy by Joseph 
Krasbewskl, was . lirobf Chaberskl 
has not always, the knaclc of choos- 
ing the proper plays, .it. Is one of 
the weakest Kraszewski : had ■writ- 
ten (he wisis one . of the most 
prodigious writers, ; with more than 
500 volumes to his credit) and went 
very badly. The next play, "Kirig 
Stefan Batory," historical drama by 
Szpotanskl, was a real success. The 
King was played by oUr veteran ac-: 
tPr Solskl, and Samuel Zborpwski 
by an excellent actPr, Wegrzyh.. , 
Toward the end of the. season 
"ileduta," a theatrical. . company 
from Wilno, under the direction of 
JuijUsa. Osterwa, gave a season at 
this theatre, headed by Mr. Osterwa 
in leads; They started with "Quail 
rUns :away from me." Mr. Osterwa 
Is ipopular here. Some time ago he 
was a director of the Tea'tr Naro- 
dowy, and besides is an excellent 
actor. This theatre like the Opera 
shows some losses, -though not so 
much, about 500,000 vzlotys. 

. Teatp Letni :' 
"Love's Bet" by Gustav Beylln 
brings anbther success to that 
writer. It ran many weeka. An im- 
portant part in. it is of an. Anierican 
girl, admirably done by Ola 
Leszczyhska. The play was under 
/direction of Mr, ROzychl, new to It, 
but done v,ery well. "This theatre 
closed Its financial . year with - a 
profit of close to '200,000 zlotys; 

At Teatr Maly, "Brain's Stupidi 
ty," comedy by Perzynaki, and 

pliayed. with a borisiderable success. . 
Then"Maiden's Vow," revival of the 
late Cbunt Fredro'^ . masterpiece. 
This is" the comedy in -verse;, ad- - , 
mirably acted by: Leszczynski, Stan-, 
islawski, Maszynski, Malicka and 


Teati: Nowy for some reason or 
other had been closed. , 

In "Teatr Pol ski was produced 
"Beggar's Opera" with, the changed . 
title (An Opera for three farthings). 
The wbrst failure .'in years. Any 
comparisbji between "the Beggar'^s ■ 
Opera" asl produced, at the Lyric 
theatre, Hammersmith, London, and 
this edition reconstructed. . in Ger- 
many, aind transplanted to Warsaw, 
Would be absurd. Not surprising it : 
Went flat. ' ',-■* .. 

Teatr Pol&ki has . Bernard Shaw s 
"The Apple : Cart" This political 
cpmedy was awaited .with.; great in ^ 
teresti It was shOy/n . In Warsaw 
before perfbrmed ; in • England or 
elsewhere. "Apple. Ca;rt' was most 
ably translated by Mr. Sobieniow- 
iskl, but though It Was acted well 
enongh It will the great suc- the season anticipated, as it 
is too hea,vy for . the usual ; theatre^ 
■goer.- .. . 

Through' some kind ■ of mlsunder- . 
standing Tbatr Polskl had. produced 
at the saime tlmb the piece "Samuel 
Zborowskl," a play similar to a 
drama performed at the Teatr Nar-. 
odowy, "King Stefan Batora/' The 
authors had: different ways of tell- 
ing their story, but still they had to 
deal with the sahie tale of Samuel 
Zborowskl from . a different angle. 
This drama was acted and produced 
excellently, .as this is the usual case 
With the Schifman company. Bor- 
owskl as a stage director (prpducer)' 
.exceeded himself. . : ' 

■ Buchanan's 3-Act. 

, : ; Lohdon, .Sbpt. 3; 
. Jack BuchAnan takes a iyiro-yreek. 
flyer in vaude oponlhg Sept. 16 at^ 
the Palladium. He Will be assisted 
by. Douglas FUrber .and a girl, not 
yet selected. ' 

Elsie iRandol ph,: Bvchanan's f or.- 
mer asspclate, Is rphearsing for the 
new show at the Dominion. 

:Minneyitch m'Sparn 

London, Sept. 3, . 
BPrrah Minnevitch . and his har- 
rnonlca band bpbnsi Sept. 7 at San 
Scbdstiarii Spain, tor two weeks.' 
; After that he gPes into the French 
version of "Hit the Deck," opening 
Oct. 1 at the Moga.dor,^ i?arls, under 
the \itle of "Hallehijaih." 

(Continued from page 2) 
("Black W^itch").. at New Gallery 
and "Blackrtiall'' at Capitol in third 
week, and . "Cocoanu^s;' lh fifth at 
.Carltbh. ■ ■■.•■•:■ 

Rest 'of the West.. End houses 
playing weekly change. With :S.tolls' 
way up on R-K-0 VSyhcppation." . 

. British International haying a 
wholesale clear-out right now. Shut 
down the publicity department, cast 
out the casting office and staff, got 
rid of .Several scehari.stSi art direc- 
tors, : directors and nilsdircctors; 
GO-oUts include "Toby Carpentor, 
Elliott Stannard, 'T.homas Bcntlcy, 
Castlctpn Knight and a fcw odd- 
ments of. stenog.s. and such. 

John Aiaxwell wielded this axe. 
.gihe=f ore.igri=-m a i-lvC ts=haH:e== 
disappPintmcnt. So ha.s some of the 
stuff made. Understand tl-ivee more 
scheduled to kiss the studip good- 
bye in the near future, same! being 
near the top .of the outfit at this . 
Equipment in Stiidiois 

British Filmcraft, - wiring ■with 
RCA, rebuilding its Studios as old 
ones not fit to use. I'Mgure to be 
working by end October. 

Edibell, lined up with Edison BeU. 
Talking Machine Company, gPihff. 
into Elstree to make one. Shooting 
silent and putting the dialog oh disc 
after.- .:■;•' ,'" ..■ .'■• , ■ 

Fox gets a good break this week: 
with three West End. runs, ".Valiant. ■ 
at Astoria and StOll, and: "Behind 
That Curtain" at New Gallery. 

Par has "Cocoanuts" still at Carl.- , 
ton, and "Studio Murder" at Plaza, "Nothing But Truth" at Oxford 
Street Cinerha HOuse..: 
" Capitol holds. "Blackmail" 4th 
week and ho slide. ; . .-. 

'■' Piccadilly replaces "From Head- 
quarters" with "The Gamblers" this. 

2cth.v ': ,' ■ 

We.sterh Import. Through 

Western ..Import Company, gpo.^ 
J_ nto.r3 rb lunt ary .lif iuJdat U>n> P"® 
"the ofd-fimcrs, and bad theTliT^^ 
VVinik in. Run by Tom R; Davis, 
and the Aitkens were concornod 
one pbriod. ' Liabilities around $130,- 
.000, and assets $85,000. First and 
second debentures for some $12y.00"- 
Deiicipncy for the debenture hoid- 
trs and nothing for unscruroci 
creditors, who- Include the l)ank r'>r 
$21,000 overdraft Strange & !-•'•• 
film printers, floi> for $15,000. 

Wednesday. September 4, 19^9 





Revive Outd(K)r Mm 

/Chicago; Sop^^ 

• A ■ ipusle •tax- ; «V?i'y 
branch of tlic outdoor show busi- 
ness is no\ir-h4ne '<i^^i<^# W?*: ^ 
tlie^ lyiusio JPublishfer?:; Association 
apd Authors, knd- ComposersT So- 

; ciety; /rhVoiiglvE.^. ;jlartinan,; local 
attp^ey ' for tliie : group,; a\ taxation. 
^ eciile bri all forms ot music, whether 
canned - or : ahimatea/ beiiiS iis^d 
outdoors,, la being cbmiiutpd. • 
■ Hartman ^as started by sending; 
out seven men In the field to oover 
and get ' tlie jowdown on all out- 
door shows, fairs, parks,, in fact the 
entire outdoor field. Present cal- 
culation Is to make d straight yearly 
basis of taxation df $150 a year for 
every show; This.; figure is prob- 
ably ttintative,, owing: to. difficulty 
In feegregating the various ,typ<es.. of. 
chows and the amburit totally rep- 
reseht^d in the outdoor biz. " ; . : - --^ 
It is estimated there are from 
ftrotind 90 to" 100 outdoor, shows ahd 
carnivails; a with(/ over 20O / so-called ; 
tmiusemeht . parks. ;• Added to; tl>is 
thei'e are Vver .1,000 state, .coiinty 
and city fdlrs to be taken into ac-; 
: counti; HOW the taxation: on these 
fairs, which eniploy music of sonie 
sort . or otiier. Is to be As'ured out 
has not been decided yet. , 

Tax levy bn the outdoor, business 
assumes an^: aspect . of ; very . Im- 
. portant ftirt.d' widespread proportions. 
i:hree years ago the same propbsl- 
. tioii came /up, but wafe thwarted 
through the intierventibn of the; then 
Clipper. At thiat tiime the tnus.ic as^^^ 
eobiiation agreed to temporarily la^y 
. off. the outdoor field. - 

Now, with the revival of the tax 
. . question, it indicates., only d beein- 
. ning» with ijb teliin.B as to how far 
'■ the assbciatioh Is prcpa^^ to go 
In the mattei> Assuming that the 
.. tax levy once gains ah inroad into 
the outdoor .bl2, not a single branch 

• of it, ; in^ludingr:- every thing, front .a 
. niusic bojc,-; niihsttel show:, girt show, 

to a hurdy gurdy, . will be exempt 
V from tax.: ' ^ 


Joc' Ann,. ! Freak, Had Beien; M^ni 

"Cannon BaU's" Bad FaD 

. Mildred Painier;,: .2ij, f6r.rner.-;j^jdtLv 
show perfbrmer .aii'd recenliy at; Hur- 
berts, . iNeW Yorki. as ' Joe-'An.n, ' half 
mWh ahdt /half wbhiari,. freak, ,who 
|di<id iit Be^^ 

two . weelcs ago. .fescaped a paupfer's 
turial .when, f brmier • platforrn ' Qom^^^ 
rades: passed -the '.hat^ t^^^ provide a; 
decent .•biiria.l; -/ .; '.'/■■■;; ■■ < .■,/' • 

■ Miss iPalmef . wa 
appearing at . Hubert's ' and .'bug- 
cumbed later tb heaft failure. /::With 
parents : . arid •friends-, 
/mains were' ;'reieg;^ted; -tO; the .City 
Morgue;/ A>sobst&r on a downtown, 
daily, figured it a . -s'tbry ' arid/ evieri- 
tually located" fdrnaer associates, who 
had worked . .A\'ith;/.Mlss. Palmer in 
th^/.Times: . gqufire. ;sid that 
took .{upi' /a., .•collectic^n to/ jprbyide 
burial. . ■■.'//••.■. •■.;■■■'. ■:■ ■■■.'''/'■■■.'':' 
c . Miss Palmer; h be.6n 'in the side 
show/racHet byt a few. months be- 
fore deatl}, and ;corifided -Bhe had 
I been a mahicu'rist before thai. . . 

Syracuse, N. Ti, Sept. 3. 
Missing the net .when shot from 
a cannon at the New York State 
Fair, . Wilhelm WeidVich, billfd .as 
"Wilno, . the Hiinian . Cannon Ba.1V' 
hindod' in St, Joseph's . Hospital, 
With injuries/, that yrtll kecp^^^^ 
.from perform iirig . for some time, 
Han!» ■ 'Wejdrich, brother of/the li>- 
jured man/, stepped- into .his.; pM^^^ 
the act. . .' ' ; :/ .: 

■ As .Wilno. shot .slyyward ' attencl- 
ants ran toward the net; ' It was 
apparent that he would; fiili' short 
Coming down, the pVjrfbrm^ 
strucic .on' .an. ii'.oTi ' cross..,piec.e an^' 
he ^plunged tO;. the. ground: He was 
injured about the. head and shbul- ' 
ders and . also suffered a. badly , bit- 
ten tongue.;,;/ ...^ '/■•'•./. . \ 


Chicago, Sept. : 3; ;\ 
- Mlke/Batines/has taken to the road 
for, Barnes :,&j Carr.uth€rs, replabirig 
his brother, Fr^ Barnfes, deceased. 

Toronto Exposition 

.. Toronto, A Uir. 31^ / 
The Caniidian .N.ational KxhiVjitioh 
is in Its 51st year, thi^ season. It 
licyan . whon ■ scattcrea Dominion 
farint>riR and trader's pot toKotlu-r 
once a year from; llioir distant, com- 
m.uiiit ios, , to talk . over b usi nrss <i nd. 
the fii.tijro of the Colt')ny.. .It has. 
a hookfjround: Of .trhditibn, ; . . 
• The fair is given in. a SSO^aore 
plant. : worth • $20,O00,6o0 : ...llio a.s- 
soivhled . exhilvits are probably be- 
yond ."caU^ulation. '.../■ 
This year it is .stacfinK fv- patriotic: 

pageant invrolvlhg 'abixie 1;500 iieoplo 
on the stage : and in . all .respects,; 
is by long odds the- biggest . and. 
.most imposing thing of- : thO; kind . iii 
the western worid if . not .in .t he 
whole . world; , Every year.- it is ac- 
cu.storiied to. break its . atto.ndanee 
record (the gate crossed 2,000,000 
last- y^?ir); . and usually takes down 
a' profit sutllcient to add abyyt a, 
million dollavs' . wprth pf - iniprovef. 
m(»nts to the plant. . • 

All this data is . by. way of ;Pi'e- 
amhle, introductory to an estiinatc 
of -th c Kxhibitjori's midway, this 'and 
for;a year br tvi'o nast made up.iOf 
the Cherry and Rubin shows, why 
came in after the Johnny Jones 



Alfred Gardenia Invading ■■ Wjtb 
• Winter Show/ 

/ Alfred Cal-dbniia, .of the .Plying 
Cardonias, \now with the Ringlirijg- 
B. & B. show, is taking a. winter 
circus to Mexico, opening at El Paso 
Dec. 15 enroiite. / . ' / / : . r. ; , 
. As .Oardbnia; is a Mexican,-, he 
knows how to lay out a. . Mexicah 
Itinierary. At least four weeks will 
be played' in Mexico City.; ] 

Among some of .th€| acts Rlated 
to go are the. Santiago Trio and 
• Rae and Rae. 

N. 1 Barring 

Bergen Coimty in general and. 
Hackensack, IN. J.,: the county sei?.t 
, in particular will bar carhiyals: next 
season. ' ■ ' ■ . ^ ■ /' 

. Decisi6n : was reached after a 
Btovmy session -bf ; the' council men 
of Hackensack. . 

With-/ HaekeTisack and Garlstadt 
out, carnivals wili lose : tw<> of the 
most lucrative standi in New^. Jer- 
».ey. . /"/•■:• ;■//,'■/:'■; 


/; / .-. Tbrikers; S. pt. Si / 
■ /The annual, pageant give it.- under 
the direction of the //Westchestier 
, County i?ark - C^^ will Ije 

; given: at Playlahd, Rye; N. Y:, Sept. 

0 to 14. ■; -.. 

• The plan is to give an episode In 
the his'tory of the County each. year. 
. Last yeair ''The Coming of the Red 
Man" was the title of the chapter 
rPresohtcd. This year it .will be 
."The Coming of the \Vhite Man." 
.A group of, 300 amateurs will be led 
by a halt dozen professional 
players. './ . • ■ . 

(For curreni vyeek (Sept 2) when 
not . (Otherwise i ndicatetl.) 

Ajax, Varina, Va.- / .. 
Alabama, 'Bond, Ky. : 
AndersonrSraacr, Torringtpp, "Wvo. 
..B. ■ & , B.. Klngspoi-t, r«iin. ; 8, Spruce 

pijie; N. c. . . ■ ■ ■ -y . 

■ linrldw's, Djinklrk, Imd, 
Bee'a, HodeenviUe, Ky. 

. Bei ftardi, . B.elJievlUei 111. 

Uodriar, Vajp.^ialso, Ind. . 
• Brown & Dypr, PottsvlUe,. ' . , 

Briic'e. TJinohium,, M<1. . .'' ■. 

Br.unddpOi S'uperlo.r, Wis. ■. 
. Bunts, -Xioulsa,- K-y. ■ ~' 
. BUtlor, . WilUamsport, Ind. 

Byer3i Klnprtslicer, OWa. 

Chlraffo,, Jollet. 111. 

Coe»s,' Lynch, Kj';- ' • 
: Coleman; Norwich, Conn. . ' ' 

CoUey. -O'ltiaha.' Neb.- 

Copping, Smcthport, Pa, 

Coroy.'S.-.Hafrlaburp,. Pa. • • 

CrSnlii'isi. Mlddlelown, O. 

Crounsc's, Chrtthaui, N. T. 

T)ljclej IlulevilTe. MlSJf. . 

Ho.lsnn'.s, - Bethany, 'Mo. - - .„ 
■: lircw'ff, WalthSnri. Wass. ; 10,. TVWtMeld, 
vt. .■■ ' : ■ 

''I?ndv'B; Susquehanna, Pa.. . , - • 
Valrly'9, Ottawa, Krin. 
.Fltinlng, CovlnBton. Ind. 
Florida, rurcellvfUe, Va. ,. ^ ' . . i 
Fol^y & Burk, Sacramento, Caut. 
: Fjancis. rvVichlta. . ' ^^'^ ; : 
.Gji llcr's. ' Cle^C'S, O.; . Milan. MtJi . 
OI))b.<!,-.'Howni-<T. K.-in.-, .'..'. 
<5il>t).i. Ho.. 2, .ncxten Kan. . 

■ Olotb'ii. Cli'voland, O. ■ . . ■ 
Oray. No. 2.- HOerine, T^x. .. 
dre^nbiirff,:' Morfr.aii, Utah. . . 

. GniborB's. Bpi'kley. W- Va._^ 
Ilain-f-s. No. 2, Lone OalH. .: Tex^ . , 

' llfthson. MeComb. Ml.^f. • , \. . . 
ITapnyland. T?Jk B.ipiils,. Mich. ■ 

■ Hnrppv's, TCden; . Tex.: 

jrcll'ir's,- SoutlT River, N. J. ^ J- 

Ifeth'9, Go.-shen. Ind.', 0, Lebanon, T^nn. .. 

irni.- Fjilrllcld. Al.-i. - ".•.-'.■• 
.. HofCner'.^, Ol'ppon. 111. • • • ■ ■ ChlcOlUlrP.l-,, Can. ... 
. IsKt. Atlantic, la. . ' , . . 

■ .Tones, -■'nelroU, Mich. 

Knus, Frederick; Md. _ ' , 

.Ketchum's, Shc))herd.>>towni -W.. Va. 
Krause, Bartourvillc, Ky. 
J.auphlln, Memphis. Mo. 
'Leppetle; Marlow. Okla. . ■ . . 

I.evltt-Browri-Hugpin.s, Spokane; Wash. 
I.oop; Ft. Smith, Ark; 
McnelTan, .Princeton. Ind. 
McGr(-Bor, DiiWIn.. Tex. . • 
Martin- & Noe, Witt. IH. . . . 

: Metropolitan.. Hni:r)!5hurp,.- Pa. 
Miller.. PemlTip,. N. M. • '. . - . 
Millej'9 Midway. Ferrjda.y. .La-.- . .. 
Missl'sslppl. Cotton Valley,, La. 
Monarch,- ritnton; Oklfl...r 
Murphy. Indianapolis,:.. Ind.. : 
.Nam, Talco. Tex. ■ _ • 

Olilb. Boscvllle, O-. : 0. AaeJpW. .. • 
Olil. Wari. Mt. Vernon, p.. 
raclffe;- Shelby.' M.i)ni;,:. .-, . .; . 
|. '.page. .--McMlnn.vUle, TePn.^ '. , V .• . ■..; Slielbyvllle, III. v . 
.Poole. Mlpeola, Tex. .. ... 1^ 

Powers & Larkln, Benton. Harbor, .MlcH 
Kefrhner, I>Qonvll1e., N. Y. , . 
neithofter; Troy.- Pa.- .i., - 
•RtcC Bros., DoqUoln, TII.... . 

mce-T5(irmfin. ITepryetta, Oh.ia. 
Royal, Cskalobina,. la. .. . _ . ^ 

Rubin & Cherry, Toronto, Cap-;. ». 

dori; V . ':•"■■„■•'" '..-'. 
Scott, Sheridan. Wyo. 
Shee.Mey, Quebec. City. Can, . 

■ Sleb.rand;. Lehibh,. .". . p. 
I .Harry's.' Avllla, Ind., ;, . - . 

Spprtcer, JPnclloii Park. ,Pa. , 
.=!teblar, i^eVlerville, Tenn.. 
f Lone. Marlon, y.a.- . ■■ -_-,'',. . - .- 
i . Strnyer, Falrbury. 111. ! 0. /Watseka. 
Suti.<ihlne. CAmpbelM'vllle.. Ky. .. 
Tennessee.- I>aCollPtLe, Tenh. 
TtdVvell, Hollla. O.kla. 
- Virginia. Purbln. W. Va. 
. Wiule. iJaiUrelvUlft, O,. 
AVf«tom, •Vtincf-T>ur(.', . Ky. ■■. 
■ TXo'rU of I'leapure; HiiHit-lO,: Pa. 

2!arra;'..s, Gfirneld, K,. J. 0. Tlloomneld. 


Serge iJiaghileifC, Russian bal- 
let producer, vfho ..died suddenly 
Aiig. I9 'at the /liidp/ yeniQe,, had . 
been ill for isomer tlmei ..His ballets' 
at Cbveht Garden; ibiidon, last, sea- 
son had / to ' get on • without hitn. 
ijiaghilelt /was a type of cultivated. 
Russiian': Ireciuentiy found in that 
seml--barbaric land. He knew jhti- 
mateiy . all the/arts': and reVolt^tion-. 
•ized' the .ballet; 

His first ballet in 1908 gave op- 
portunity not only to dancers but 
to musicians and/paihters, Hertook 
London by stdrni when . he first a.r- 
rived . there in ajid Ihis visits 

to New Ybi-k With 'th^'/pailet R 
were such a hit that classic dancing 
for the flirst time took precedence 
i)ver opera in public taste. He put 
life and color .into what h9.d been 
before .merely beautiful and cold 
French ballets. 

He diBCoViered Stravinsky, the 
composer, and did much to develop 
Bakst, plca^iSso' and' otlier .paihtersf, 
Despite his. genius his . "The 
Sleeping. - feeauty" ' -was: terriblfe 
failure in Londoin nine, ydarij . ago. 
Since .. .then'., he 'Kaa'^ /.Bt'tiek-: to. the 
biallet/'hibre;.a^ a^ part of ppiera thah 
as separate entertairiTnent, except 
on ' the Riviera where his ballets 
have alwsiy'^' had great. ■Bu'^qcsse.s 
each ' winter:^ ' . •''■ .• 

nue). New York.. His Trenton the- 
atricaV properties included the Lin- 
coln, . Garden, '.Strand and Stacy. ..' : 
At the time of his death he had 
Ibbked after the Trenton, theatres 
through his. New York. bflUce. ' 

Interment in Washington c«iincr 
tery, BrooUlyn.. - // . 

/ M AU m CE DU Bl NS k Y 

Maurice Dubinfeky, 47,;.dicd'.at his 


: Mack Hanl.ey, . 41., yaudeyiilian, 

died Aue. .29 jh/iBaiihine. -C*^^^^ 
tuberculosis.! .; "'/;.':' ..'■/: ■ / 

Hjtrtley iCor sbme years appeared in 
thW act of , Hanley a:nd ho wardi; ' His 
wife, also in . vaudeville for years, 
died about a year ago. . .' 
■ In recent years . his health failed 
<ibmpletely< forcing him pass, up 

stSLge .'woi'k.- . • .: . 

He went to the west coast in hope 
of benefiting his health, the N. V. A 
having him under its care. 


Janies' /Neaglie, 76, old-time acro- 
bat and:.contdrtibnlst,whQ:^ 
under . the- Inajne of Mizanb, .died in 
London , Aug. ' 9.,/ Many, . years ago 
deceased, vyras.' with the . , Selbini 
troupe. //■''-.'• 

;, Joe Williams, 58,.. for. -long con-: 
nected with the Amalga-na^ c'l Mu- 
sicians* ■Uniori...iai'ed ^iri France; Aug. 
3. : of heart trouble.,- For 13 yea'r.s 
he was a member of .the Generfil 
Council - and . Parli.amentary Cbrn- 
mittee of the Trades IJnion -Con^ 


I home in Kansas , City, Aug. '25. He 
^as the oldest of the theatrical firm 
of Dubinsky Brothers, operators of 
repertoire stock companies, and pic- 
ture theatres in. the middle -west. Mr. 
.Dubinsky, live' years ago suffered a 
nervous breakdown, "With his health 
gradually failing. ."With his brothers 
Mr. Dubinsky for the last ;25. years 
had .many attractipTis' .on the. rbad 
and for/several years interested In 
stock ; in : Katipas City. . For. a season 
he: had the lease on the old Grand 
theatre; Among theatrical people wTio 
r^ade their start with one of the Du 
blnsk'y '..cdtnjpianies. . was/ Jeanne 
Eagels/His' vi^iie' and' little :daughteri 
four: brothers and three - sisters stir 

vive. : ■ - 

Interment in City. v.. 


Edwkrd Blake; ' Hawaiian ste.el 
I guitarist, died . in' Chicago Aug. 31 
Though he Wasn't, a m.ember of the 
N. Y, A.,/the Chica,jS0 b^ranch was 
appealed to and med charge 
.of thr; funeral arrangcnKtnt.'J. 

grefis, being .elected cliairnian .in 
19.22 and was for some time a mem- 
ber of • the Msmohcstcr /C^ty :Councll. 

Charles Woodman, 70,. former 
music editor San lYanciscO Call, 
died last week. Mr. Woodman, on 
the Call fourteen years, retired on 

s. .jiGTisixi^^ ': : ■ 

Wiilliim Cohan; electrician, ."Wer- 
ba-s Brooklyn theatre, died last 
week in. St. Peter's ; Hospital, 
Brooklyn/ . interment in the Cedar 
Lawn cemetery, .Patersbn',. N. J. 

Aaronson Bitten 

-■— -Jiyv-lng.^^a;nctn«cm=^i.s^J^ywadd^s- 
ncwcst golf difciiilo. . Is doin,? all' 
hi.s - shooting in . a cage across the 
Htrppt from the Hotel Robseyelt. 
>ays - that • judging ; by the spot 

. on Iho c'lnvas!- he hits ■vt'herc' he 
hits 'cm, his drives -would probably 
1)0 .400 yards. 

1*1 ans to try out in the open be- 
fore long. r 

, .Hagenbeck.-WaU'ace 

. Ringling-B. B. 

• Pfpif-miifT 15/ f:hK<.,..<-aiil. ; 

mrnto: .4, Sl'-<.Tttori;- C. f'«kIan.J; o-S, bur. 

Pranclis'jo. . ■ ' ■■. ■ '. ■ 

John Robinson 
pAnti'mbT '2. ATHrtT Oi..; J. r?olii.mTj«.: 
4. MontROTnery^ 5, -ivn.sao'-la, Fla.: «, Mo- 
bile, • Ala. ; 7, '"iflV'"- . 


/«!fT.f»>ii,ber 2.. Tnlif..-!, .Okln..: .1 OkiriUifP"; 
4. Knid; oUlahoiia City, U. fcbftwneo: 
7,. Ardmori* • 


Milton Ilcr.shfold, 49, New Jer.«=fy 
theatrical- operator, di'-'d Ayr- 29 in 

i-Tc- w .. 

He i-s. f-urviyed by his mother a ntl 
brollK-r, Irving ners}if.«;ld, non-thr- , 

Mr.-ner.shf^lil for many ye.'irs hnd 
been unu.suiaily active in tljo op«;r;i- 
tion of theatrfs' mainly in Tronton. 
although he had th^- Ir-aJ-x- arid 
operation of tlie Stanley (741 avt- 

Grover - C. Parish, .42, M-G-M 
manager, Indianapolis, died in; In ^ 
diana .christian Hcspltal there 
last Week of heart ..dLseaBC.; . His 
-Widow - and two . /sonS;! survive. . ' 

Alton .Packard, 59;. and 
song writer, died Aug. 26- in Okla 
homa City, Gkla. 

The wife of Pidward .Brlchotto, of 
Chifaf-'o branch -Kaflio- r)Irtures, 
died Aug. 26 of acute indigestion; 


■ Purif-', A up. 23. 

T--^Elrscer-^QotJerr.e2,^-'4 =^ifla;)-\\-Fi?4i t 
.'irid fiCtor in Arf'^-nlnifi,' dif-d -at 

Louis Tabarie, CJ, Frr-hch tlx 
atrical proinot<'T, (lied fit :T.,aiiiaV'ii- 
If s-'-lidin^:-, v?her<,- -he illir ! tod tb' 

bliird rf.ri-i[iosf r. 

Francois BouVicilc, tili, I< i < n« f. 

outfit hfid biid tilt UaU- M \v (.■(■> lip . . 
for yoavs. . • ■ 

I'olnt of the- wln-lt- affair. -is that 
in tlK? iuipi'i's^ivt- .'^iiriviiniiiMtrs of 
tliis in;iniihoth.,*,>iiUM-i>riso. tl). ' in;d- 
■way i.s cliisuv. aiuW . tio.rry. .liii-l-viiig. 
Playing IMaiillUld; iN". .1., undi-r tliti .. 
;viM)icos of t-Ue l.oi-.'U .-'^V(.^-)l'^l.u|•n. .the. 
outUt -would, look big iind ilasby, 
Spoiled ; in tho midst . of ..this- luiye : 
ir'uU-isi.rinl and arli-'^tic .spoctaclc it's' '•. • 
■a, bust..-.' /; ■■'/: 

^ Toronto, ftoonip to feel a' little that ' 
'way about it-,: to'o. 

They pnni a li.vaxitifUl. c;vt.ilo'g. of 
;tho. i'ajr ; in .2,60. pagts/'wich-.^iiTi.r at- 
traotiy'e colored .cover.' 'It is: paclifd , 
witiv.' torse. ..and useful. luXoriViation .: 
:ib(nit thi> t-xhibitlori, lluVored wilb 
hnnlly. . resi5^%ained:.. enthusiaani. for 
tliO; lh!i!titu:'ti;on/:.'.'Tho ■«ol.i't'.ary ''. 
orence to the. midway atidv its riot : 
of . g.iiety is this perfianctbry : line . 
in the' tieparlmeht; headed "•t3. N. .E>i / 
'Directory"' ■ -. : •■/ ' - ■ '^ ' ■ /• , . 

/*Midwsiy-r-Dil;\cetly . east . of the./: 
grandstand.. '-- Cherry • and /Riit»ii>\/ 
Shows.'* "■/;/.-: ' V- ;'..;. ; 

'Spirit of Catition. 
(■ The.-.Iocal new$paperfi/hand^ 
angle, in the, siinie- .spirit , of c<jLU.tioni ■: 
Sunday . Star ' i^:i3read „ itself ,in- il-s. 
iiiaga?.ine section. T'be young. lo'caK 
^nthusi;.ist '•\\'ho . Wi'ote - the. glbwihg- 
appreciiitioh ' of the fair: called xipon .- , 
all the colors in nature's palette. tb' ' 
do .justice -to. its ' grandeurs.-. . His- 
ref oronceis to ' tlie no-w : mlllibn.'-doUar 
au tomobile;- show / building.: w 'a 
moving , bit oif ' eloquence./ V He ^i<i ' 
handsomely by* the: congress of farm ; 
indu.strles^:' the assembly of - nja-' 
chincfcy and the .card o'f 'spbrts. . .. 
. He got around to the niidway In 
ncjft to the last ; paragraph,-., tyrned: . 
over- to am inside page, and this is 
all /the . enthusiasni he .could pump ■: . 
up: / /■• "-/-.. ' ' .../.: ■■ ; -/v ■/..., - - - 

.'"Then there is the nitd-wfiy. There . 
is always, in :fact, the midway. This 
year: it. iS;th'e anialgamatiofi of three 
circu.soS in- an,/ und.ertfiklnrr which 
has . been.: the - chief occupation- of 
Rubin. Cruberg,: : that energetic 
southern Showman, for 12 months, 
Mr. Gruborg is jsure he has some- ' 
thing new.'' . 

, .Gnce .more ," the Ibcal view of the 
am^isemeh;t .feature Is 'cautious, not 
to : say hos-tiie;, / 

And the point Ts well taken In 
the: opinion of ■ Variety'.'? reporter. 
Thfere isn't , a thing ' oh the lot that 
ish't characteristic : of an brdiriary ^ 
carnival playing Pl.ainfteld, for in- 
stance; There's a lot more of it,' 
but there is .not'one touch not typi- 
Qal of the routiher grind .one-way 
take- that- peryades. the whole; out- 
door show business. . 

tiookihg^.at it frbin another ariiglfr.: 
There are thousands, of industrial 
exhibits by pKoducer's of everything 
from ^pancakes to .oil burnlnor loco- 
matives and every last one is striv- 
ing at of -money and enter-- 
prise, to earn public. gobd '.will. There 
is, for example, an enorrfipus build- 
ing given ; over , to. - food products. . 
The thrifty Canadian hoUf?ewlfe can 
(and does, you ri)ay--be sure) go. 
through thl.<r place and accumulate ' 
several :.lar/?o ; market basiccts full - 
of samples. Rubber tli'e o^)mpanIeS, 
card inde.x mdker.s, Ch 1 cago )>ack -. 
efs and every. ^coneei^^^.ble. kind, of 
bi'h'?ine.'<s offc'rs sorne atti\'ictlve idea 
tb cair-h intei-cst. . One i.s a printed 
card .wivich may draw a pri/.e; an- 
other is a .premiiirn for pucsaing fh.e 
weight of a flock of hams on dis- 
■playi ■:./ 

. The" butdOor. show busine.s.s is 
about tho only .onterpri.<:e ropre- 
sented on the ground that presents 
a, grouf'hy . "hotbin,c; for. nothing" 
front and does it aggrcs.«ively. Once ^ 
more the point, here is /that this 
exhibition if; the pUim date of the 
whole outdoor amu.sement business 
and nobody in the trade has the 
constructive enterprise • to go:- :ajCtcr 
it with anything thjit wasn't .stale 
the. year after' the Chicago "World's 
Fair, hold in 1835; i^inoe whlc.h date 
the whole eaVnival business -has been ' 
living, on the slowly ■diluting, "pres- 
tige of -the . mi(iway and -hasn't 
thought up a single substantial Idea 
on its own. -■• 
-;■■' No Strong Joint8^ 
. This Cherry and Rubin outfit .Is. 
clear of ."strong joints" in the way 
of. (Chance games. They go etirictly 
oh the "sUlU game" for their. take. 
Their shows are what show busi- 
ness . calls/ '.'clean',*' and in a tech- 
nical trade sense the outfit is above 
repr.oalch; - It is only when the show 
is- examined in reference to ' what 
it gives -f^rjr What the 'Chumps spend 
that it makijij a sad speft^irle, p'ar- 
ticulaL.r)y by contrast to the fihie .spir- 
ited atrhosphere in -vs'hlch it is . set 
—for this Toronto fair an exhibit 
inspired,, certainly oh the part of 
tho . community, by , enfbOsiastic 
pride. ' ■ -.' "' 

As a . sample of; ..the midway's 
.'••porting hire, they: biivo Ave or six 
varieiif.s of roll "downs . fr.'im.fid isn 
tlie pokf r- l-.ahfi fystcni." . You roll 
tlir«-e or 'fivf.'' (>r 'two . r;.i1>b(.-r - balls 
■into-— fcf.iiri.Tja:r-tiii ':-rii^ ■ iip.'X , -iX^ .auto- 

inai'ir ' d(. \ ii t!.;-f v,-H iip tJiC' appro- 
pn/' -<-.'.'u'1. ' Tt;li sp- y-u'; gf-t two 
h\ic(-i):- y(fU k'M. If'yo.u pot two 
(iiK't-rj"- and %\jin yoM arci rewarded 
with, f.'i.x.i-'-- iUtd, roiild b" bought in 
Woi lw.orti.^s fi.j' .svm'} price , or 
' I( -.•..«•-. A^-- ■ H'' dt- vr<'c.'}- have 
i,f. (::)iii:!.ii' iv «-v< r. so ti.>- i-^ rco.h|Las9 
.(CcriiJMi'.(.l on p.age 70). ■ 



V A R I E T Y 

Wednesday, September 4, 1929 


HAL HALF ERIN in Charge 

Woods Bldg., «KCON» J l OOK 

Phones : Central 0644-4401 


Professionals have the free use of Variety's 
Chicago Office for information. IVIaii may 
be addressed care Variety, Woods BIdg., 
Chicago, (t will be held subject to call, 
forwarded or advertised in Variety's Letter 

■ .Efiglevvbod/ ■ . • 
- ' , B iff n iijh t l>vc«clai\ ^ ith i 1 0. at t s. 
hore f piV tlie, weekly pjrpfeifisilorlal pi'« 
yie\\\ PlaeQ; Svas SRO, ' ■Maybe; a 
good slokan: SKO with RKO. 

'Ti'inco and Dancer," foreiffri silent 
• feature.! ■ cii dn' t mean '..any thing ; it 
was .^tbft barg-aih vaude buy that 
brought tiicm in, • 

Ed and 'Jay. "McCrea. rings, look 
good; and dyer iQne, Could opon . or 
closo.h!^ any family . house,... . - ;• 

Warrtexv, .Cole and .Warner, (Ne.w 
Acts), man., and w and- two kids, 
: get. adross. :. jiiids -are uisually' sure- 
fire a rid these two 'i are . .roleyer 
enovigh; .. /. '■ -v ■ ■' 

Charlei; Friali, banjo lilayor, seerncd 
nervous*, and muffed a. coyple pf 
nptps. He can play the. fnstrumierit' 
well enough, but- shOuld. - better 

music. "Miserei-* was. not. intended 
for the "banjo. For lenient, uncriti- 
cal trade. . 

A da,nce. flash. Alma Duval and 
Co., followed.. 6et .is soft and 
soothing tbi the eye. Two men, oiie 
adagio, other tap; and two femmes,. 
one a danceri other at the piano. 
The dances ai'e all recognlziable and' 
ordinary but over here. Audience 
was exceptipnally generous to evpry 
act, herie; merely polite. 
. XVhitehead and Alvere.?, cPmic duo, 
are'funriy at times. Alverez, .Spariisth, 
girl, . wrho . gets her laughs with 
accent; Whitehead , mak^s enough 
noise to rate as a, comic. Famil.v 

. Large and Morgner, one-le^rcred 
acrobats, who played the Prlace 
here two weeks ago, were over big 
with their strong arm stuff. Sure- 

Mack and Rogers are of comics, 
with standard cracks and funny 
faces that get. a laugh. .One sings a 
ballad; out of keeping with tone of 
the act. Something snappier would 
be an in^iproivement, 
. Dance Bubbles (New Acts), six 
hoofers %vho pleased. Should get 
across as long as they keep away 
from bi^ time. Starts slow but 
picks up nicely. The two, fellows 
have pleasing voices and . harmo- 
nizing bits wei:e big. 

Ventriloquist . turn. Ketch .and 
Wilma; liked. Pemme plays straight 
to the dummy, with the ventrilo- 
quist sticking in the background,' 
except for* his closing duet number. 

"Banjoland," old act with all neW 
people, closed. Seven fellotvs play- 
ing banjos and one femme dancer. 
One ban joist, also, lays aside his 
instrviment to warble. Opens with 
novel set. huge banjo, backed by 
black drapes. Only set that hit the 
audience as wor-thy of comment. 
The act is for family tirtie. 

is'ot one outstanding, turn on the 
bill, with the possible exception of 
Large and Morghcr; but no really 
bad act. Entire bill, above average 
shown here for some while, hoop^ 

Belmont . 

A first half at the Belmont is as 
good as a last half. Three acts 
either way with picture counting 
most. In the neighborhoods a so- 
called vaude house Is primarily a 
picture house, especially when a 
house like the Belmont has dropped 
its vaude importance from five and 
six acts to but three arid .making 
a concent;'ated play from the screen: 

By solving its vaude problem, 
Keith may yet pull th^ B6lmont out 
■a winner' for its 50%. interest, B&K 
holding the other half. 

With "li'ox Foliies".last week the 
house did spme biz, Tuesday night 
with, a near filled main floor- arid a. 
better gallery than seen here in 
so long a time. 

Throe lightweight turns on the 
bill with Petot Le Anna & Co. Open- 
ing. If two gals do some Inconse:-. 
quohtial .taps a,nd back berids . for 
a novelty start,', the' idea misses. 
D.Ull opening for; n iairly good acro- 
batic foursome,, irtcludirip two 'men 
who are old timers .rind show iti 
Be.ft is. the rislcy •ft'Ork. 

Saxon, jrieed .. and Kcririy (N'f'w 
Acts) propped up the riiiddle with 
.Polly S.axori copping all the honors 
in the turri. This audience,, not 
, .u«ually Overentlruijiastic.. .wept tot 
Mls.«3 Saxon's, baby; chatter in a big 
way,.^ ■ • ■-• • 

Junior : Scandals, minute rovup 
with : five feriimeis and three boys, 
■ •w'piind" up! . i.nV a . hoofing spasm, 
.broken "4n tWQ places by a .-cotiple 
of. Avah-da.vda girls with a thii'd. .at 
the. piano. Too slow. arid- reiJCtitiousf 
frori-i .start to flnisfi, .with youth - the 
only, thing the turn can>; 
. No ^shorts on. the screen otho.r thaii 

Coslon. reverts to the owner, of the 
l)ropprty. ] larry Bpuumont and 
two , Vitaplione tr.'iile.r.t ;of .rilediurin. 
length. ' . Idea of. subblri;g talking 
trailers for . shorts is a g"^od one iri 
the ricighboHiobds. - , : 

Another thing they - go .for here 
•is ; eommu riity. singiriff - via Heriry . 
Zimmerman's orftanlog. Ltitter, pro- 
'ficient, and popular ; with the fftns. 

• ■ , Loop. 

.Stev'e M6nti?oriier.V ha.«i joined the 
local ...:Coluriibia./c.vpharige, handling 
.short; subjo'cts. ' . 

Boh Piazza is replacirig. all . girls 
ih-the local R-iK-.p o.ftice .with boys, 
and shifting bookers rthd reviewers.; 

Eddie. Weisfeldt; production man 
ager . of tire. Wiscon.'iin ' (Fox-Mid- 
wesco)v.- has resigned. > . 

■ Madliri ; !'(gdnd) 
.'ipund Ailg. 30^ .: 

.rep I) ori.ed . >: w i t h 

Coipny,. one of the minor .. houses 
on ,.the ' bankrupt NatlpriaJ Play.- 



'<"iiN.s — "C'patieclieut -Ts(.nkce." ■ 
Civic— "After • Jiiirlc." \ 
Mlclil6nn—'"l<'ast Company." ; 

- - '.Pictures • . - 

■Vox-^rX'ock' Eyed Wprld." 
drlontnl^VWefht Plngcrs;" 
MudlHoii-^-'Our tibdern Maldeiiff." 
..i%diiin»-r7-"P6ur: Peathera." 
,st«te— "iJrbadway." ■ 
Flulior— "The Hottentot." 
Piiramoiint— "Dance of iAte.'' . 
I'nUed ArtlstSr-'-EvainpeUne." 

I Daley as Sayoy mgr • (l-'ox). 
back to. Now 'STork for Fox 
.ropolitan; -. ; ; 

Met- at Palace-OrpheUra and 
■ Rive rside, R-.K-O, ..splendid fin re- 
? I i'i'tt* weeks, heavy ad verfisirig cilriii 
pai.crns having shown . i^eriiarkdble 

when '."Three Live .GhoatS" opens 
at tinited Artists . theatre Sejpt. 6, 
for world premifere, Charles Baron 
hahdl irief spediar publicity. 

JE*aramount, . former Capitol, re- 
pperted with . new ^policy, excluaive- 

-iy. pictures^-,'; ■ ;;'•.; 

MadisOri ' first .of Kunsky-Publix 
houses to: cut prices to ,60c. at night. 

At: mieeting'; last Wednesday of 
.aiichigan exhibitors, most of them 
siigriod .lip for RKO and Tiftany.r 

All matter in CORRESPONpENCE refers jtbVcurrerit week Unless 
Otherwise ■indicateff. - . ■ ■. 

^ ^ The cities under Correspbridence in this .issue of: Variety are as 
follows arid'-bn 'baoesi:" •". , 


A S .BUR V p X rK . . : 

BOSTON '.:, 

CHICAGO .... .'.v... 

DETROIT ...:..>. 





OTTAWA ..... 
PITTSBURGH >.•.,::. 



.* f • • • • •. • 'I 

(■ • ■» « • f « *« 


house- sti-ing operated by James- 
Louis Neuhafer will bp.orate for the 
owner. : 

jAck Kelly, local . Keith film 
booker, left for New .York to attend 
film booking . meeting of the cir- 
cuit. . . ' ■ ■ ' ; : • ' 

I. E. Berksori, owner . .plj RQseland, 
and B. A.; Levin, of the Parkway, 
have merged the two houses. Park- 
way (silent) rerhains that: way, with 
the Roscland. to play talkers. 

Judgment of $160 was secured by 
the William Morris bfl^ce against 
Lottie Jlayer, high diver,- for com- 

Margaret Felch of United Booking 
Ofilce, Chicago, recovered from- re- 
cent illness. ' ' 

A deal is pending for Lubliner & 
Trinz to take oVer the La Grange, 
1,200-seat picturft house ' in . La 
Grange, 111. I'his is One of the for- 
mer Gregory tBernasek hectic houses. 

About 3 0 Great States houses 
throughout Illinois, dark for the 
summer, reopened - Sept, 1 with 

RivOli, Toledo, forriier Pantages 
house, now booked from Chicago by 
Frank Gladden. 

R.alph Tippett, manager, Great 
States' La SallCj has resTgned. . ; ; 

Great ■Statos- opened the. Palace 
in Danville-' Sept. 1. The Fischer 
there, how dark, reopens .in a 
month. . 

Chicago Stock, ARoona, Pa., clcsr- 
ed iafter seasoh at .Lakomont-.Park. 
Charies. H, Rpsskam may .play , the 
Mlshler .for the winter. . 

Publix-Great Stntos has annexed 
tlv^ Princess and Plazai Kewanee, 
■III.. V : ■ 

. John Gustaiti.Si who sold the- Ritz, 
Gary; to I. Turon, has ropUi-chasod 
the theatre. • ■ - 

\. Goorge Ailswortli, former mrin- 
ngoi' f'or.Tiynch Theatres now with 
Es.sarioss circuit. . 

Jess Hogan, - former jnanager of 
the Strtitford (National ..Theatj'cs), 
now witlV. Fo:^.. cihioago^theatre.s.. 



On Randolph Street 

: Is Home Sweet -Home to the Profession 
A Good Place to Eat and Meet 

Stahl pictures. Meeting atterided by 
Art Elliott of RKO and Oscar Han- 
sen of T-:S. ■ 

Temple, here, being- wired, reopenis 
this month "with continuous policy, 
50c. top. '■ • 


MetroiHiUtan— Dark. . 

Sh.uHrt-^Bainbridge stock. 

Ileniiiepln-Orplieiiih— ..Man'.'j Man" ; 
.vaiidc (Warlner's-Pennsyivaniahs); : ' 

Puntage^ — "The Jaz2: Age'.' ; Vaude. 

rnlace^" Whoopee Girls" (Mutual). 

Minnesota — "Greene Murdeir Case".; 
"Parisian Litt" ; Publix stage show. . 

State— ^"Mysterious Dr. Fu Mahchu.^' 

Ijjrlc:— "Soul of Prance." V 

. Grand— "Dangerous Curves" (2d loop 

Following' '.-Dracula" last week 
the Metropolitan remains dark- until 
Sept. 15 when /'The Nut Farm" 
comes from Chicago, "Strange In- 
terlude" is set week Sept. 22. 

. The opening of the. Century (re- 
modeled Garrick) has been set back 
to Sept. 28 by Piiblix playing Al 

Jolson's "Say It With Songs, 
will be 75o. over the entire 
after 6.: 30 p. , m„ the same 
Minnesota^ Theatre will be 
orchestra and stage, shows. 

as at 

Name of Capitol, ace Publix 
house, St. Paul, changed this •week 
to the Paramount. 

Richard Arlen,. visiting in St. Pa,ul, 
made ;a^ personal ippcarance at the 
Paramount there arid also 'at "fhe 
Minnesota hei-e; - . 

Marigold Gardens' dance hall has- 
opened with a 12-piece.. orchestra. 
Eddie- Dundstedter, Minnesota or- 
gan,. is leading 19 -piece orchestra 
at the Arena dance , hall. 

Publix is Offering the same sec- 
pnd. runs . for an entire wieek at the 
G ra rid In . the .loop and. the. Granada 
ujitown. simultaneously! 



Alltiimbrnr^ — "Dark Straetji." • ' 
Auditorium— "VAsstoh Pliay'' (stage). 
IhivldMOn— Stock. 

. f!iiir»lon— "Say. It ' With Songs" (2d 


Gayet.%' — "Take a Phancb'' (bur.). 
• Ma.tes(ic'.— "Arf^ylo <\'" 
JMcrrill — "Word.s and Music," 
I^ilavo-OntlioUm — "Embarrassing Mor 
nio.nt.s",; vnudo. 

KivorKid«'--"roirIa 'hountl"; vaude^ 
>thind— "I.uflty Stiir" (2d weok). 

A (Illiiitod Theatres formed 
I'l'iito thcali'os in state. 

to op- 

Sept. 30. - 

Opera at Pabst week 

Local chorus in "Passiori 
;it Auditorium (stage). 


Rirhard Iloencck succeeds Jack 

"On With Show," f rorii Garden to 
M'aj(^sti'c for 7t.h 'fi-'id ' final ' week,, 
closod in a : blaze of gloi-y busineas, 
Al Jols.on in : "Say It With .Spngs" 
.at' Crarden rlngiri^g the bell, ' v " ■ . • ' 



'.- . By. :dAy TR EPP. :.' - 

. FIftli. .Av«»nue^"lmnglnp .lify jsihbar- 
rnK.<(ineiU"; Fiiirichon; & Mardo Idoa.. . 
. Sjrrttf lo-r-"CJreori('. M'ui-der '.Unse'." 
'M«>tr<M><>Iitttn — "Dance, of I.ife. 
- : Fox— "F'nozeih-iJu.stlce.-"- ' 

ItlUe Mouse. — VliuUeiiig •tJrunimond" 
(•ttU .we.ok), : • ■ ' 
. -Music. Box-i^"S.T:y It AVfth Song.S;" - 

Ori*hi»uiii-^"Tho SoDliumove" ; vaude. 
. . CtHI.'-'CMhi — "Hchind'-.Tluxt -('u'r.ljvln;" . 
r"lu»\bli(-r-"The IJftliib.dw Man. ' 
- JSnibUHiiy'— ."Spite, Marrloge."- 

• Special -. Pararii6un't-Publi.v >'pbl 
ii\V" .adTertlsemont.s^ .runhirig. tp. b'ig' 
.spaoo iri local- dailie.s.. Y. .. - ■ -. . 

\Vl th; Pahtag(.'is: closed at 'T'acomrt 
the theatre' is benig readied to. re- 
open as RKQ house. ... 

Prince . Rupert, ' B. C..' fair , -Aug^; 
27-^9, booked . r'A'rii'erioan. acts 
through . Fanchori & Marco . Jocal 
ofl'lces. "Throe Naths" being fea- 
tiirod. Tills is, said to. lio farthest 
north fair in the world. . . 

. First annual na'vy: day Celebration 
in- .l-^remcrton,' the navy town, sui-e 
helped the shbw -biz:.' . , 

Musicians ' agreed on five- 
piece, 6i;cbestra for the. President, 
which means houses of Henry Duffy 
iiere. and in POrtland open, shortly. 
JJill McCurdy •w'iir be northwest 

Fox^ West Coast on Sept. 1 took 
over ' the , Criterion ,. a;nd Rialto in 
Mcdford, Ore., from George A. Hunt 
& CO, Jules B.-. l^esiman, Bremer- 
ton Fox managei', will be MedCord 
(?ity m.ariager.: Lynn Potersori frorri 
Fifth Averiuej Seattle, will be Bremi- 
ertijn mttn.agei\ • 

■Publix haJi Metropolitan on sound 
policy, opening bllh "The Dance of 
liife,"; Harry .Wareham, becomes 
house manager 'and: Dick Buchanan 
will assist. Bob Blair dt Seattle. Pub-, 
lix. has arrangement with A. Li. Er- 
lanjgcr who coritrols' Met, to play 
legits when booked. 

Thomas D. Cochran, one. of "largrr 
est theatre owriers iri Japan, sailed 
last week for Kobe; 


CJiarley Wlns5ton, N. E. div man- 
ager for RKO, jumped the town 
.on the Palestine Emei-jgency Fund 
dri\;es. He turned over the. Keith 
.Memorial for a Labor Day morn- 
ing showing .Of "the Street Girl," 
with the Jewish <;harities receiving 
gross receipts and selling their own 
tickets.. It was a shrewd .move and 
planted the change in policy •which 
starts next Saturday when the 
house gives up vaudeville and goes 
Onto- a picture policy - with "The 
Street Girl" opening. 

Seollay Sq.. (Publix) is following 
the Old .Howard (Mutual burlesque) 
ini going orito a policy of Friday 
niidnight shows. ' Boston folds up 
like- a— tent at- niicJriight, bu-t' the 
midnight expoririicritS: of last sea- 
son shaped up. 'well.. . 

-John J. 'Levaggi has reopened the 
LiidorVenice,. otie Of -Bostori's few 
remaining 'bright . spots. 

E. E. Clive has reopened the Cop- 
ley with' a, nuriiber.' of new faces, 
including . H. .Charles Crocker- King, 
Murdoek Kinriell,. Mai'shah. Vinceriti 
Arthur Stenriing and Lorria^ .Law- 
renc.e f Or the stock... 

"Cruonirig Jack Miller," ■ a local 
dancp leadei' and . recorder for ' Vel-^ 
vetorie, -goes, in this week .at. Lo.ew'is 
State with 12 men as.a perm.^nent 
house policy; He- will, play for acts 
and- act as., m. c. . 

Phil. De Arigolis ha.s left for Phil- 
atlo\phia ..after . plasterih.g eastern 
Miiissach u Jie tts for . "The i lol ly wood 
Hovue.V He po.sted over lOO cities 
and larjje. towns with the- mo.<it ox' 
ten.sive billing yet .' scon iri ' Ma&.'ja- 

Alex Keose. is the new ni. c. at 
the Metropolitan and nekt week Will 
bring IJave liublnoi'f as house con- 
ductor, to ' Succeed Guy Harrison, 
who has returned to Rochestei', N. 
.y., ds a,, symphony, leader. 

Nellie RevcU is 
"Jarnegan," and. the 

In town, for 
town- knows it. 



Vlt<i-Tem|»le^".street Girl."-- " '"^^ 

Viileiitino— "Madame X.^" 

l'rlnces8^'.'" - .' 
> Kt»te-^"^riUdky .Star;" .. 

Vnntlieon— "Past. Tjlfe." . , 
. Uemrs-^"Flylng Fool." . 

R»ioII-;^Vaudfllhv. . 

-Jilmnlce— Mutual bur. . • 

Wothl— CHahge; . • 

]OUlo— -Change. 

-. .-Keith's, theatre again this is'ea.son 
but Vyith vaude out, : according ta 
Joseph Pt>rlstein, manager. l-tous6 
.vvlred, opening this week, with *!Flv- 
ing;: Fool,"., tentatively penciled . 
First-run sound ^ fil'rtis. Perlstein 
stays, with Charles ;E. Smith com- 
ing here as his a.s.sistaht.: Dfearwas 
.suppo.sedly in . the bag for Jack 
O'Connell, m^inafter of the"Vita- 
Temple,, and assooiateia to take over 
this, ;but^ how. is: off, .at leasst 
tempoi-arily. ;V. ^ • , : 

Karl P. ICunertlV^: staff \ ^.ttfet at 
the Par'amourtt. since .its opening 
.seven ihoritlis ajjo, promoted;. (Jofes^ 
to';; Now ; York to: Work under Duke 
.Wol lingtbn, ■ . ot. Pu biix? A rt ■ :de- 
.partmenf*;. ■ ■- ■ 

, Choririe in ''Surprise. Party." "Pub- 
lix unit .did ..buiinrUp Xast. Weelc oh. 
feature .story by Alien . Saunder.i ',ih 
Ne.vvs-Bcp. Saiiridera joined,, unit 
for one pierfOrriiiaueo, playirig .sax. 
(They, say- -he wiisnlt .bad.;). Then 
wrote up' entire troupe, .-tiiiyirig 
''third girl from left in;, en.senihle" 
yvas "really "the. m.other of the- aorp-' 
bnits. and traveled with them as 
chaperone." Gal told to forget gfiev- 
arice, . or else; 

Myrt,vl Ross Playbr.Si dramatic, 
stock', returning Labor Diiy to the 
Grand, Alarlori. .. ': 

.Redpatli Chautauqua all -washed 
up in Bryan. - No dra-w thi.s year* 
guarantors., stuck ' for . $10' :apjec^. 
Ditto, for BucyrUs, $15 apiece.-. 


Tiwlno— "nedaklii: 

J»e(* Molnoft-:^"Dr. Fu' Man'chu,!' 
.iJanlon—r-'Close. -Harmony.". 

OrplH'uiii^YaudfUm. . 

r«M»<*«-^"<"'hlniitow.n 'Nights." 

I'liramount — : ".Our. Modern Maidens.' 
- Mrand — I'Tliei. Sttuall."; '. . 

Eddie Scarpirib, trombonist with 
Paramount, stage* . ba;rid arid also a 
lawyer; is. being; sued for divorce; 
The . S carpi n OS / werfe married in 
lft2r. . His •n'ifb charges abusivo 

Pi--')Iix haii; appointed the follow- 
ing city manager?: ... R. . F. Erii'lgj 
Davonpbrti. A. G. . Stolte,- Waterloo' 
and r^arry Ile.rmari, (3edar Rapids.: 

The. brpheum here goea oii 
'Wednesday ' and - Siiriday bhariges 
thisi-'wfeek. ' 

: With the signing of new contracts 
With musicians' the stage biirid at 
the Paramount here will be almost 
entirely new in per.sonnel. Only old 
tlriiers retained are Jaque ' Blum- 
berg, 'Bill Williariis and Freddie 

. The Grand (east side house) has 
reopened.. . 

Roscoe F.'Barnhart, of stage band 
at the Paramount, recovering in 
Mercy - irospital foMowing an / op- 


; By Vy, M. GLADISH 

^ Warning by 8-year daugliter of 
William P. Covert; international., 
vice-president of the I. A. T..: S.: l2V 
slaved the lives or her raotlicr, two 
.siKter.s; and three: brother.?-, -when' 
thOi.r .home . at .Colpoy's- IJay,: near. 
Wlartonv Ontat'ib, was destroyed :b3r 
firo. ■: \' ,.:. 

The'' Iroquois, Peterboro, Oritarib, 
had. a, $20,000 fire and A/ C.. Stock, 
irianager, w-as injured in ' 
the firemen. . 

N. L; Nath.nnsori, m.lhaging direc- 
tor :Falti6us Players Canadian Corp., 
is. . expected back " from ' Europe 
Sept. .10. ■ . ■ 

The- ■ Capitol,. Winnlpbg; . ivoiv.ned 
Sept. 2 with RKO vahdo; 'ti-nnsfei- 
red i;rom the Orpheutn by the- new 
controlling cbmpany, Ui'^O of Cana^ 
da. Limited. - .-■ ';.' ■ 

Surplus Thfiatrlcai Material 

Kor snip Hipap, siilliiUlc f.'>r slc'h 
■aiul acis. All III B'"iiJ (•(m.llilim, .M'oi" 
drops' ntnl Cyc'--, .$!», ?15 ami < "J", 

liinios, wimlrolH; tnihiM, RPmiiid iwrt- 
■able nwllciilxiarrt cdst - $-J,2ilit. s.i.-n!! -" ]}» 
JfiOO; IH'ko mntor lU'lilliiK fiiii|\t b'.iIi.i!'";. f"' 
oiimlval, .si'onory, aiinUliflit!! hiul ffo.-|ii.;->l J"" 
AtU;- iilruirn ortsi'l^ ptc Cull YjnKM 
Amusement Co., 1210 So. Michigan Ave., 
Chlcnoft, III. . 

Reserved for 




Two Entire Floors in the 
Fctrty'sixSStory T^tver pf the 

^^^^ A World: y-^.^ 

GLQSE to the top of the gigantic Morrison Tower, and cooled by the; purest 
air ever breathed, the 4pth 3nd ;4lst floors are set apart entireily for theatrieai 
guests. Out of earshot , pf street, noises, you can sleep uridisturbed unti| a 
^te hpitt of the morriihg. Ypu i^n also eintertain your friends .iDL4)Jgrfect seclu- 
sion/ seciire-.agaitist'inteirr^ • 

1,944 Oiit$ide RdortM^- 


Every rooni is outside^ with bath, . running ice water, telepliorie, bed-head readin 
lamp and . Servidpr;.;^^^ T^^^ last . named is partitularly appreciated by professiohal 
guei^tSr it coinpletely prevents; contact, between patrons arid hotel eraiployees when ^ 
laundry^ shoies, etc., ai:e sent out or rieturned. 

- Nearest Hotel to Downtown Theatres 

The Morrison stands .closer than ^ny pther hotel to theatreSj stores and rsilroad 
stetioris. Veti at this central locatibn, Tooms are rented fpi: $2-50 to $5 thait would 
cokt $5 tp $8 in afty other leading hotel. -subTrehtals here aire so valuable 

that they pay the ground rent,; and the saviiig is passed oil to the jguests. 

c The Terrace; Garden sind Boston Oyster House 

At these two fampus riestaurants, the; intimate^ carefree atmosphere ; has won 
international celebrity. In the Terrace Gardien the light, vivacious dance rnusic 
and Sparkling entertainnients have made it a favorite rendezvous for lunch, dinner 
and after-theatre parties. Programs broadcast daily from WBBM. 




jS-ed Rithv after two weekis .ab^d, 
Is how up and M ' it again, looks 
and; feels. :'^ood. 

Bobby Hatz and Al Hunter re- 
ceivcid fav.oria.ble Xri-ay reports from 
Dr. Mayer.. Looks, like- the "OBig 
Street" soon fbr these two bOys; 

Ifhe Adlrondficlt Players, after a 
successful, summer season, fold up 
next week. The nights are getting 
tod cold. 

iDorothy. Brown has been 'desic;-. 
natcd as -'Miss Ssarahac" in a popu- 
lar contest. 

Richy Craig, Jr., was informed' by 
"Dr. Wilson after a reading of his 
X-ray that another throe months 
of treatment, miay sec him on the 
boards again. 

Ford Raymond ha.«! moved to 6 
GUnton street, fi nirrslng rpttage. 

ISTeville getting -his driver's permit 
to drive his Pord. . . .Tommy Abbott 
in ipink shape and expecting okay 
to go out. . . .Andrew Mplony- refus- 
ing to act as M, C. any ihOre .a,nd 
jfolng back to dramatic^,' . : 



Ohio^'^Aftor Dark'' (5th week). 

StUIm«n— "Dance of .Life." 

Valaoo — "P.Trk Streets" ;' Vaude. 

Allert-^"Mo(lern MaiUens." 

Stixtc — "Hci- Private Life": iinU.. ' 

illli— "Say It With Songs" (2a VF.eC:k). 

lOSth— "In HcadiineS"; vaude. 



416 The. Arflonne 
T(529 Columbia Road, N. W. 
Telephone Cpluimbi^ 4630 > 

Charlie Besnah; new ^TA'A: guest 
, arrival, is resting at 9 Front street- 
Harry Clark was voted the most 
popular patient at. D Kront street. 
•It- was reported when the vote was 
taken Harry. artd his nurse were the 
only ones in the. to. vote. 

Hanna goes dark for t-wo weeks, 
reopening Sept. 13 with ^'I^ed Rol>e." 

Vaude is out at Loew's .Granada, 
starting this week. Ray Stech's or- 
chestra also out. Too much over- 
head, aa:ys management. 

TlTptown, de luxe . heighborhooder, 
reopens Sept. 8 with vaUdfilms, An- 
.£;f>lo Vitale afi new band-, director. 
i\Yilliam Grocnbauni manager. 

. The ^icGuires of Chicago . called 
cn David Mavity at the Sah. 

S. L. Rothafel -(Boxy) da.'^hed «p 
. to th e K an i n li i s n 0 w ] ) u.e^^ e n be rg 
Special, liellood 'everybbciy, then 
took l^aviil Mavity .arid Helen 
QiRoilly with him to the William 
Morris . camp for. dinner and then 
left for the golf fields of LoOn Lake; 

Pauline Aurandt left .the San for 
a no.uplc of days' camping with- her 
sister Helen, Campbell and Dr. A. 
liloyd Jleid; Reported Miss Camp- 
bpll and Ur, Reid wil .soon be mar- 

Write Often 

to those you know in 

IS It ? " production JTor local firemen, 
Jack Nioolls much improved. . . '. 
^^orothy .Tol.<^on doing wcU at the 
^ortluvoDdvS' San. .. .Charlie Quirin 
'iiu^'hhig him.solf into a high temp 
reading his .own material... . .Fran- 
cis X, ponncgan taking daily oxer- 

RuR.s Kelly giving up cigar 

ettf.s. ,, .Chris Hagedorn. taking up 

yidoor gdlf 13(.„ jJohafffr looking 

^.pr a new bQiirding hou^e. . . .Qeo 

Fred John.son of Marietta, O.; lias 
re.sjgncd as general rnanager of C. & 
M.^ Amusement Cp., operator of four 
houses in 'Cambridge and Marietta. 
Physical breakdown. SuQceeded by 
John H. Berry. 


Pillaf^-^"Dr, Mahchu." . 

Capitol— "Thunderbolt.'' 

I>ocw'H^"Stuau> -Murder." 

rmi>er.lnl— "VVhc.fil. I/ifev" 
• I'rinofss — "Uulldop Drummohd.'' 

Btrahd^VMy'-Man;". .... . 

. Kmprttws— ChnnBCs. . . 


Goyety--«urles(iuc. • : 

IIlR MrtJesty's^ 'Dlrd ' »■! HSnd 
(stage:)'.- ■ 

Meyer Davis opens his Le Paradis 
Sept. 19. . 

Now that she is married and set- 
tled down with M. J. Cullen, Loew's 
general manager here, Hazelle Jen- 
nings says no more Will she be 
'glorified" by Ziegteld.. Mrs. Cullen 
is the sister of Mabelle Jennings, 
d. e. of the "News," who re^ 
cently took the marriage vows. 

Rialto (U) ga:ve the towh, a« the 
house staff termed It, "A Holly- 
wood opening" for Broadway. 
Broadcasting names, of notables, 
what the ladies wore, etc. 

Licgit season opened Tuesday at 
Plis' Majesty's w-ith Drjnkw.ater's 
"Bird in Hand.'^. 

George Rotsky, managrr P.ilaoe 
has challenged nnisieian.s': union to 
a showdown. He i.s dispen.sing with 
orchestra and strike is tlircutcned 

Maurice Dav is,- manager Regal 
Films_.|i^o^arige.L,liei'e., has resign c d 
and Is off to Quebec f'jty to manffSP 
Canadieri therttre there. . ArthU" 
Ijarent.o,' ass't, steps lip. 

Other exehapgo : niovenvents in 
elude Billy Allen, manager Colum 
bia Excbaiigo here, goe.s a.s sales 
man to Educational; John Levitt 
seven ye.irs salesman with Para 
mount, will represent Regal in .wts 
of Canada. 

Lehn, Gus Forbes and Mabel . Ki'o- 
man with Sharp stock at Pittv ., 


dolumbia — "Madame 3£',' (2d week). 

Eurle— "Dark Streets." - ' ' 

Fox— VCOck Eyed ■World." 

Met — ^"Argyle Case". (2'd -week). ■ 

Talare — "Speedway." 

Itlalt*:-' "Broadway." 

:^raurice Kakf a's "Jairdin. Lido," on 
top the Arlington -hbtel, Avill ..^ticli it 
put a.s long as weather permits. ■ 



Pltit — Sharp Bfock. 
r«rnn — "Modern Maidens"; .stape show. 
Stanley— '"Ffist Life"; staRe «how. 
KnHffht— "Her . Private Lite''; stage 
Slinw. . ■ i' 

<>raii<l— "Say It mth Songs" (2d 
wockV. . ' 

Aldine— "Lucky .Star!" 
Ilarrih— "The SwphoinOrc." 
Slioridan fiq. — ^^"Slnt'le .Standard." 
Ilcpciit^— "Aloulin UoiiKe." . . 
Xlberty— "Iri.<!h Eyc.<5." 
: Olyhiple — IMctures. 
Strtt<V - PlfMurcs. ■ ' 


Nixon reopens Sept. 23 -ivitb Mur 
ray I'hillip.s' new play, .."Itehorn," 
Alvin week later with "'l'ari.«," while 
fSeorge ^?h/irp inaugurates stoek Ut. 
Vitt vSept, l(i with< "Oon-Stant^ Wife/' 

Margot Sherman, women's editor 
Post- Gazette ia.nd fiiller-ln- on pic- 
ture reviewing, on leave of absence 
due to 111 health. 

Stanley got away with; miurder 
last week on 24 and two sheets her- 
alding '!Fkst Life;" Nude woman sil- 
hbuefted in man's a:rnis .in all bill- 
ing, about town. Previously, a hot 
tabloid exploiting "Argyle Case" at 
Stanley had been /:ruled off street 
by police. . 

Safe In office of llarrls-bw^ned 
.Williftm Penn theatre. North Side, 
looted by thugs last week. Amount 
robbers obtained undetermined. 

Enright stage acts now beliig 
booked put of Cleveland. 


Tortlond— "Orperic Murdf^r" 
. Broikdwuy — "Snjiling Irish Eyes.'' 

I'niU-a 'Arti(*t(» — "Uulldog Uruinmgnd" 
(■2d wpok). .. 

Music It«»,x— "Hottentot" (2d wnek). 
Oriental— "Love arid the Devil." . 
l'antaB<'p-^"Mldhlght- JUaddles" ; Moran 
and Mack,, 'c . 



Savo.v— "Divided Honors"-' <stagc). 

Mityfalr — "Dance of Life." 

Itrottdwiiy (Long Branch)— "Dance 'M 
Life" ' • ■ 

Xjric— "Ilulldog Drtinitnond." 

Ocean — "On With Show." .. . 

Ht. Janii«H^"S6phomore.". . 

Strand (Long. Branch )— "Greene Mar* 
der Ca.<ie"; "Ulack "Watch." . 

.. Pictures have' had best seiasoh In 
years at A.sbury Park,, de.splte laek 
of rain drive crowds from beach 
front to shelter.- 

Premiere of '.'Diyided Honors'' at 
iSavoy. PJay is by Winnie Baldwin, 
and produced by K. A. C. . 

/Shore society went Mon-- 
day night because. Jayiie Kim—phet- 
ter known in tliciie parts a.s Dorothy 
imbrie — had lead in "Divided Ilon-^ 
or.s." Miss Kim is daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. James Imbrie of Rumson, 
prominent social registerltes. . 

The Portland Concert Band at the 
stadium Aug. 29 played to .10,000. 
at 25c each; Forty-piece band re- 
cruited largely from celebrated 
Portland Symphony Orchestra. Rose 
Colombi, -.soprano, and Joe Amato, 
xylpphonist, featured soloists.. 

Biggest local society production of 
year w-ill be held at Ross Fenton 
Farin Thursday and Friday evc- 
nings. "Allenluirst Antics," ama- 
teur, but expert musical show. Mrs. 
G. S< Wittsori directing, knd Emr 
ba^isy orchestra and "r.errace player.« 
providing music. 

Ada May Siriipson, three .years old. 
won first pri'/.e in baby parade f.mcy. 
dress division as ".Show. CMrl." "Fol-, 
lie.s" . costume and 1 fjd.OOO . pairs of 
eyes did not bother, her. 

"Dolly Reforming Herself" will be 
presented at the Studio Little The- 
.itre Sept.. 5-6-7. Mildred Allen Biii- 
ler is director. • 

John .Smith, manager, Publix, 
Portland, novv Piibllx city . manager. 
In addition to the I'ortlun'd, he will 
pperate the new. Rialto (old lloilig), 
whieli I»ublix opens .Sept. 20. 

Frank Roberts arid James ''Vrriev. 
organists at Knriglit..! rejjlaeihtr 
Irmfi (Juthorol.. J.iov-s will alt.efuate 
on sucefeding vvt^eks. 

lladen rjentry, for year.« fr^asurer 
of Nixrin, goes, to Ford'.-- llieatre, 
IJahiinore. (Jentry's honn- ifiwn.. 

. St.ution KOIX became linked with 
(M-!S -chain Sept. 1. : Station, is sec- 
ond importarit in town sin'-i 
eoilajiscof AIJC. chain local 
sUi-lion KfO-V ■ will <"Oiitinue inde 
peiHleiiti KM \V is linj<(;d with .Nm 
-w ysl-rtn i.. - — : — ^ — . -^-^ : 



The Publix-Marcu!?, I'ararhount 
house, reopehed .■: after . a 
months' .shutdown. ' 


, 7Ct1iel P>arrym6re in ''Kingdorri of 
ridd" has tiecn .•-■wilelicd from Heili-.; 
tit 111'- I)iifwiii Sept. 'j-1fi' acff.uMi 
Jlfiliy'.s becouiipg the n<.w J'uhli.\ 
Uialte, ' 

Kenneth Daiiheau, I'aulinc M^iC- 

I7i nry- T^uffy oiien.'; vlirek a,f lli'- 

,|):i.fuil! .<( jit. 1 !) SVil li liilii-flf ..liii 

' Dale WiiU'.-r Ji>= lOaiLs.. 

The National Players opened here 
Aug.' 28 in their own portable tent 
with "JVih.riny (Jet Your Gun" and 
vaitdcviile, ' 

. The ea.--it includes Melville KirUe, 
If. J,- I^lriTKi; Henri ilel ville. Craw-' 
ford J'^agle, Jerry . D'-ane, fJIadys 
Fuller, Lillian Workman, Graee Van 
Wiiikk- aiid Ilene t.'.t'swell. - 

C. .W, f'loirstrtn, mana.;-«-.i' T'Imv- 
hV'ii.'--e the.a trej' lia.s, lieej) iiatri'-d -m-n- 
f-.-^i.; (if .X'.' S|ii<-'-'i', Lus -Aii-.^ele3 
rmiiMci.-r, ■ thr"i;f'!,!i.:it' tli'» In'i-r- 
riioimtain tt-' t ii.'-i;;.', v, ir}i oHi.ecs in 
Salt I,.'iK-f.. . - 

Tlif Sr.! 
I.Ma viiiisi.-"' 
Deriver, v.- 

i-Ill Will lis 


vr- .•-•triiu' li!c),i(!i'.s tlx- 
hei-'- ' a I'd 1 iie I I'-nliain 
■;tli .'■t. iri l)<'!ii' li'iM.'^KS. 
.- nr tit"-ii-= till" vveeli. hayc 
wilJ in.'ri>,i>:o the i'lay- 



V A R I E T Y 

We^nesday^ September 4^ 1929 



Xoew'$ State Bldg., Suite 1221 -22^23 
707 So. Broadway Vandike 0777-78-79 

Los Angeles 

Professionals have the free use of Varietv' 

Angeles Office for information*: Mail 

may be addrestsed care Variety, Lbew's Sta>» 
Bldg., SMf> 1221-22 Los Angers. ^7 JvUrbS 
held subject to Call or forwarded, or adv 
tised in Variety's Letter List. . . 


>Iay Robsph, In "The Rejuvoria- 
tion. .or.Aunt Wn.r.y,'v opens at tlie 
■Hollywood Playhouse,- Sept; 8.- Guy 
Bates Post closes at this; theatre 
Sept, 7/;g=oinff t&-San Fraheisco, 

. Henry McCarty . dbinff dialojj on 
Eddie -Dowling's "Blaze p£ tJlory." 

. Edwin Carewe and Finis Fox 
home ftoni Europe. 

R. S. Clayton is npw chieC of 
Crii^'iatie's sound department, suc- 
ceedinf? Ilelrher Bergman, resigned. 
Glaytori supervised installations; at 
f animoiirit, MtOtM and!' Metrppoli- 
tan. lie will have ds assistant . A,' 
M. Granich. ..' 

■ Wlliiam La Plantc, theatri.c!al. at- 
torney, awarded . $1,000 fees from 
Berwiita Productions Co., after trial 
of suit before Superior Court Judge 

Paramount will make a talking 
version of Joseph Conrad's . "ViG- 
tdrS',". Williani Wellman. directing, 
This company, made the picture 10 
years ago with Jack Holt arid Seena. 
O^v.en. Lon Ghaney played a' minor 
pai't for which he was not given 
screen credit. 

. Cordova Players staged "The 
Father," by August iStrinberg, Sept. 
2. First play at the Cordova Play- 
3hop this seaspn. 

Dbibfes ftiggs nad Lorraine Elser, 
entertainers, filed suit -vvit.h - State 
Labor Commission against The Pals 
club- (Donald and Lammer) ask- 
ing $15 asserted salary due. 

"The Youngest," by Philip Barry, 
•will be Franklin Pangborn's next at 
the Vine Street. 

Capitah (Puffy)- ' No opening, d^te 
sot. Show npw playing ill- Sari 

Carl Harbaugh and li'rank Halli - 
da>% .: writers; hiiye joined Hal Roach. 

Byran Fby his reassembled most 
of his old Coast $taff for the re- 
sumption of .rshort subject produc- 
tioji at Warners. A. M. (Doc) Sal- 
aiiion will be production manager; 
Williard . VanEngei^, .director . of 
cinematography ; •- Jack Killifer,. film 
and reebrding- editor; .Walter/ Rod-;, 
gers, makeup specialist;; . Sadie 
Freyer; secretary; Tommy Wright, 
assistant dire'ctor, and Fred McAl- 
:piiii' r«(ording. eiiglneen^^^ . . 

Mike Levee has ta;ken over the 
Paramourit "offices of J. .C^ain. 
Levee will be executive; manager of 
studio, the posltioTi fpirnierly h<eld by 
Gain, who becomes supervising, px.^ 
ecutiye bf physical, opera tibns. in 
Paramount, istiidibs oast and; ^yest.. 

Ann Dempster becomes leading 
woman for the Glendale Playerg, 
stock, which opehs this week. 

Al Sirkin. added to staff of local 
Keith office. 

■ Dialog sequences on "Hell's An- 
gels" will not be made until Sept. 
10.; Tony Guadio will camera. 

"Cooking Her Goose," H. H. Van 
Loan's comedy, will follow "She 
Couldh't Say No," current at El 


C O F F E E iS H O P 

Id the Golden West 

Carl— MULLER'S— Liil 


Direct from Train pr Theatre 
.Yoa Are Welcome • 
724 So. Hit I. St., Los Angeles 


gCIIISLL SCENiin stUDlb. Cplambas. O, 


226 W. 72d St., New York City 

The Sunshine Shoppe 

and the dainty things: milady 
. loves' • 



Est. Henry C. Miner, Inc, 



Empire— Stock, opfeoiner'. , 
tVletlh8r—^J>iirk; .-reopens- liext Atohijay. 
.Tciniile — Hur. '■ 
Keltli'B— Vftudnim. ; 
■ I/<»ew^»-t-Vaudfllm.; . ^ 

Strttnd-^"LI(;ht; FinsrerB." 
...Eckel-^ "College Loye." V 

. Ian . Keith opened a two weeks' 
guest staVring engagenicnt at the 
Empire Monday in "Crime.'/ Com- 
pany, ivill be operated, by . Balph 
Murphy, with, financial backing of 
Gai'land Latta; lessee of the house. 
Jfrrry. Murphy, manager; Murphy 
co-directing with Dopald Gregory, 
nowcomei-, . arid playing. : Helen 
Baxter, leading lady, left Saturday 
for three -weekis' vacation. .. 

:-Chaiiges In pit piersonhel marked 
the ;new musicians', iinion. yeir in- 
augurated 'bn Sept. 1. Ken, Ken- 
mbre, leader and with sorne. experi- 
ence as m.. c., Is shortly to appear 
with Keith's orchestra, replacing 
Hay Marshall as conductor. Marshall 
stays- as violinist; '. , ' . 

G. King' Cha.rney is at an infirmary 
following an operation for, tonsil^, 
and nAsal trouble. ' 

newArk, n.Af. 

; By C. R. AUSTIN 

Shubert— 'i-Heigh Ho." ; v .- ^ 
JJronid^"iScaTlet P.-igos." ; , 
rrottoj's— "Street Girl" i ' vaude. 
'1^ew.'» State— "Mrs. ChCyney''-; vaude. 
Kewiirk'^".Goll.eBe Coquette." 
Monque— "Greene MurUo.r Case." 
Tei<nr»lnnl— "Cocli Eyecl World.'' 
liraiiford— "Dark Streets"; unit. . 
Klulto— "Fast I.lfe.". 
Cupltol-r-"Hardlj6iled Hose.'.' . . , , 

Hoodwlnr— '.'Lady of , Pavements." .: 
Eini>Ire— "Bowery Burlesduers" (stage). 
Orpheuriv-T'.'Oarlctown Scandals""; films.- 

It Is ' understood that the Warner 
settlement with the Unions includes 
an agreement .to drbp all musicians 
in the neighborhood houses with a 
cut at the Branford. At the Mosque, 
although no- playing is done, 10 mu- 
sicians will- be retained. A counter 
proposal from Loew's and Proctor's, 
after their request to drop the sup- 
per show orchestra was tUfned. 
down, is to add three men to regular 
orchestra: and cut : extra orchestra. 
This is ,to be . considered for two 
weeks with Lbew'sj two . weeks' no- 
tice' to the men -being also held in 
abeyance. The Newark, pn the un- 
fair list and running without either 
musicians or stage hands, -suddienly 
settled independently'.and reinstated 
vaude Friday. Seven acts of inde- 
pendent booking- playlng.^ TeVihs of 
settlement not. known, but in union 
circles it is said upward of -$3,000 
of back pay for the. musicians is to 
be given- Jt iis.not believed Adams 
settled for- the full amount. Kew- 
ark agi'eed to use the extra sup- 
per show orchestra, putting the oth- 
er two houses in somewhat of a hole. 
It may well be that for this some 
of the back paid was . canceled. 
Curious feiature of the house run- 
ning for four -weeks • non-union has 
been that Adams, had the .sympathy 
of the stage :hands' union, 'which did 
not wi$h to. go on strike for the .iriu 
sicians. As Harry Hamburg, man- 
ager, was formerly one of the heads 
of this union, this may be the an 

• Joseph .Fitzer. has returned to; 
the ■managerial chair^ at .the 

Lest-er Wolfe, forrnec Kallet rep now Geritral New: York sales 
Tepresehtative for Tiffany -Stahl. 

Morris Shulman, quickly recover V 
ing- from a throat ' operatipn. last 
week, returned to his managerial 
oiRpe at: the Eckel Monday. ' - 

.-' While the; Warner deal for the 
Syracuse Strand is still to be of- 
ficially closed, It . .is understood 
"Thomas H. James Will be sent lierc 
by Warners to replace Walter D- 
McDb'Cvoll, McDowell drawing a 

Loew's State next week will sub- 
stitute the:.Fanchoh and Marco unit 
''Gobs of Joy" fb:r. the customary 
five acts. ■ 

' Harry Weiss, Lp6w managing di- 
rector, threw a theatre party Tues- 
day matinee for all Syracuse girls 
iiamed Joan as a plug fpi* "Our 
Mbdern Maidens/' Joan Crawford's 
first starring film. 

Shuberts open their final year un- 
der preiseht lease at the Wietin,? on 
Sept, 9 with "A . ; Cprinectiput 
Yankee.".:. - Ed Rpsenbalim; mgr. 

Joh n Donaldson, who recently re- 
signed as p. a. for Keith's, started 
as asst. nigr. of the Empire Mon- 
day. . 

■ Garland B. Latta, , lessee of the 
Empire, sails for Europe "Thursday. 

In about two weeks Warners plan 
tp open their own units, produced by 
Clem Murphy, at' the Ritz, Eliza- 
beth and. probably elsewhere. 

"Evangeline" booked to open the 
Rialtp Saturday with billihg all pver 
the city when sbmething caused a 
switch. Friday a big ad called at- 
tention to the change to "Fast Life." 

The new manager, of proctor's is 
Harry Brown, Jr. 



*o6 and up 

Hartmann, Oshkosh & Mendel Trunks 



608 Soyenth Avenue, between 40th and 41st Streets, New York Citv 

riioncB: LoDK'aoTe <>197, rcnnHylTanliB 0064 


Shoes for the Stage and Street 




Apollo — ^".Scandalsi" (stftgre). 

Garden Pici^"Street Slrigrer" (atage). 
..<ilobe^"No More Chndren." 
• Wariier— "Gold DlsBera." 

Iltanley — "Pirla Boundi" 

VIrglna— "Her Private Life." 

.Poionlnl— -"The Valiant." . 

Kiirle — Vnudfllm. 
: Stran«l— "Modern Maidens."* 

Cnpltol— "Mrs. Cheyney/' 

Steel rier— "Street Glrr; minstrels, 

Slllllon Dollar Pier— Vaudnim. 

After a summer of legit. Globe re- 
turns to pictures for lintiltcd engage- 
ment. ■ ' - '. 

Tenth White's "Scandals" at 
Apollo playing to $5 top. . 

Mark Wilson, .. Shubert p. a. In 
Phllly, resumes for season, • after 
summer at Garden Pier theatre,. open 
one week more. 

Fall booking's at the Ajpollb: Week 
of Sept. 9, "Scotland Yards," Woods 
Importittion ; . Sept. 16, "Coniiecticut 
Yankee" (road); Sept. 23, Otis Skin- 
net in "100 .Years .•: Old" ; Sept.. . 30, 
new Aaro.ns & ifreedley ! rriusical ; 
Oct. 7, Mrs. Fiske.. Other October 
shows are "Thunder in the Air,".ari- 
bther importation, and. new John 
Golden cprhedy. . ; .. " \ 



Henry Duffy opened his isecorid 
house, the Fulton, Aug. 29, with 
'"IMie I'Mrst Year"' with Duffy, arid 
Dale Winter as leads. The j'^ulton 
was oi>orated for 10. years by Gebrftc 
Ebey . who gave • the lease to Duffy 
\vlien his health failed, . 
• Duffy -will be represented by E. 

Walker Whiteside^ follows in "The 
Hindu." At the. Dufwin is"WUid- 
ding," followed in another week by 
"Cooking Her Goose" coming from 
the Alcazar, San Francisco. 

Eugen© C. itbey, former manager, 
Fulton, goes on the iroad with the 
talking ...version of "Mawa," gorilla, 

Ben Erway and Grace ' George, 

leads in Salt Lake last season, are 
in Denver this season; ' 

George Allen, manager, bf the Or- 
pheum islrice . Allan G. Warshaupr 
resigned; was... replaced .this; week 
by Clem Pope; former manager of 
the T; & D. here. Afleri may be as- 
sigried :by .R-K-0 elsewhere. 

Lew Maren of Los Angeles Is In 
the; Oakland Orpheum as publicity 
than. . 

The. University of California Lit-; 
tie Theatre goes back to student 
directors. For the last two seasbns, 
Michael Raffettp, professional direc- 
tor, has been In charge. . 

ALBANY, N. Y. • 


Strand — "Say It With Songs." 
Lolanil — "iihoQId a Girl Mdrry." . 
:Rltz— 'SMan and Moment." 
CUnton: S«l.— "Joy Street"; "Power of;"- 

IfarmanuS Bleiecker Hall — ^"Cock Eyed 
World." . . 
rroctor— Vaudnim.- 

Hall opened Monday •with first 
runs. Charles H. Goulding, man- 
ager. C: H. Buckley, owner, who 
bought the theatre from F. F; Proc- 
tor for $500,000, spent $100,000 for 
ImiJrovemetits. John J. Grogan,; 
asst.. ms;.ri and Mack. A, Edwards 
prganist,; Seats 2.700, Top 50c. . 

Alex Sayies has been made gen. 
mgr. of Buckley's three ilipuses, Hall, 
Leland, Clinton Square. John Garry 
Is mgr. and Howard' Looney asst. 
at Clihton Sq., elevated to ?mgr. 

Colonial, second run, opened as 
sound house after closed. Dally 

I?itz Friday began new policy with 
weekly change Friday instead of 
Monday. Strand started same pol- 
icy a week ago. 

Prbctor's went on a full instead 
of split week schedule Saturday. 
House has supplanted girl ushers 
with uniformed men. Proctor or- 
chestra bf eight discharged and new 
one with Joseph Loudis director In 
place. Lew R. Crolding, iKeith's di- 
visional mgr., ma:kes Albany his 


Ambassador — "Her Private Life" ; 

i'ox — "Gock Eypd World"; Vaude. 
Loflw's State — "Our Modern Maidens" ; 

Missouri — "Fast Company"; shorts. 
Grnnd Central — "Say It With Songs"; 

St. Louis — "Paris Bound"; vaude. 

Florenz Ames and Sibylla Bow- 
han. Municipal Opera stars, are ap- 
pearing on the vaude bill at the 
St.. Louis this week. Ames is acting 
as m. c. for the show and Miss 
Bo^<rhan has revived her former 
vaude act, "Try It Again." 

Film house owners and union mu- 
sicians are at it again over renewal 
of the present contracts. 

William A. Le Master, baritone, 
has returned to Station KMOX. 

Wally Vernon is the hew m. c. 
at the Granada, neighborhood house. 

Midni,?ht show policy at Skouras' 
Grand Central,. Wednesday and Sat- 



' Lycc|in»— "Jango.". ■ ' 

Keith's ' Pala«o— "Street Girl" anrt 
vaude. . "* 

JiOew's— "Cock Eyed World •• 
Kastmah— "Dunce of Life." 
IMccudllly— r"Hottent6t." 
Strand— Ch^tigo. . 
l-'amlly — tha'nge. 
Victoria — Burlesque (Mutual). 

/'Luckee Girl" (musjical) coming 
to Lyceum Sept. 10 for three days 
as iseasoh's opener. House well 
booked into November With an iSr- 
langer show finishing week then 
"Fioretta" for full week; "Good 
News" and "Student Prince," three 
days each, and "Connecticut ' 
Yankee" and "Strange: Interlude'' 
playing weelc, stands. 

Monk's 7 -piece orchestra. Includ- 
ing father arid three sbns, formerly 
at Gayety and Powers Hotel, are 
now at the Victoria. 

. Keith's Palace" goes on full week 
.■schedule both films and vaude for 
winter season. Fred Kinsley is or- 
ganist during vacation of Totu 
Grierson. ' 

Ben Turpin; booked in at Palace 
for stage appearance, forced to 
postpone visit because of mixup ih 

Piccadilly theatre is featuring or- ■ 
ganlst Joe Alexander^ only, one of 
three Publix houses offering any 
except canned music. 

Rochester theatre playing up 
"Cock Eyed World" hard as formal 
opener for Loew's. Plan to plug 
name Loew's and films for draw In 
this house. 


Genuine Eugene 


Haircut. "Shampoa, Finder Wave, $1.69. 
Veiretable Shampoo, Haircut, Marcel, $3.00. 
INEGTO HAIR D¥£ restores the |Q»yi 
hair to orlgrloal color. Ant 

Beauty Shop 


open Eveniho* by appointment. MURray Hill less 

.Guett'ini & Co« 
The Leadlne an' 
Largest . 
in the. United iStarea 

The only Factor? 
that .Diakei ' an; nl 
>r Itecds -r made by 
277-279 CelUfflbw 
Avenue ' 
San Franelieo. CaL 
Fre<i' Cateloeuee 

"The One Best Cellar ' 
'Ob -"'B'b -B.b 


6370 Hollywood Blvd. 

Laffs-T-Food — Surprises 



■ ■■■ And ALL ' ' . 




643 So. Olive St., Los Angeles> Calif. 


; Jun<?.^^;>lUer c.l.IIs It "An entire Tn.nke-up in one 
jar. T:hat'.s the secret of this new Vlriglnla di"-; 
covery., IJIfCerch.t from any m.ilte-up on earth. Ni) 
(rre.'ise .pnlnl — povv-iler— ^crearti. No shiny, oily .slcln— 
no cloiTKinjr or paeUiriB of the delicate iiicc pores— no 
-tinnatuiial-inaslt^^ike [\r\^\ csproa^- |_qn-=n o , »tre oUlnB 
or rubblnfT oft— and when through 3lmply~~fe'noVc- 
AV.ilh soap aniV Water. VirBlnla ljee MaUe- 
up is scifntinraliy rlpht— It Ja new— staMllnfr. . 

AVrlte for li'UlCH KAMPLB, booklet of Stage and 
w«^".J^ll''°'"'''*'"<*"*s and Make-up secrets; 
.>IK(.IMA LKK, INf;, Dept. V, .124 UiiUimor; 

. St., ItaUimorc, Md. 

. ^ ... Cy THE 


>:o rOWDER 


'•0 ' 




830 West 43rd Street/ New Yprk 

• Xongacre- 7,1S2.' 
Tlir«e and four rooms, with bn^h", 
compile kitchen. : Moaern^ln every 
particular. Will *ccommod«te four 
. ■•©r. mote adulta. 


■ Wlien 8eiidinB for ,Mall;^ . 
VABIBTV, Addre«» MaU Clerk. . 




Arrist Blin'e , . ■ 

BcII ilattio . ',' 
..Jjellii- KUward • 
jiiirns' 1' ■ 11 ■ 

'-Garr'.'jimmy- . 

Grale Lcc W ■ • 

iJaricinp Itocltotts , 

FlsUcr . Tjo^vell D . 
■Flslier - J\lay . 

Hnne ritarllo' 
J-Inrrisoh Lclposter 
HasBon JKllzfibeili 
■Hcarn Le\v , 

]li^cmic(ly StcpUcn 

. i,e. Van Helen D 

:\rcNuHy. Jblin T 
jrtciico ; lAi'w ■ ■ 

J^ewinarr ycra;' 

Op)T<>n<1o irarry 

.lioHda Jlrtni-y 

Slvaw llltn. . 
Stone- Ji'rcd- . ■ 
Strl'tt Krcddl© 

Tucker Poplilo • 

Vardon F.ranlt ■ 
Vbrg.ifa . Oscar 

■V^cfrepurth Pay- 
;li)n Mr <& Mrs 
Wilder ' Addle 

Vuga Tilra , 


Andcfsoh' liurclla . HcHz tllllan 

BadfiU f!.t»m . 
Bcck S: Koiran 

.Cathro J 
ClUiton I>or6thy. 

iJicjirilison George 

'pvana Alvln A 

Fitz-Gerald J P 
Forsyth James F . 
Frolinian Ucrt -' ; 

Glbaon & BQtty 
i3lfford W O . 
Gilbert Bert 
Glenn & Richards 
GooUlctte W J 

Hall * Bsslpy • 
Hammond AJ. 
Hanjief ord Pooflles 
Harbor - Madcl.on ■ 
Jfart Anne. - ' - 
'Herman ,X.(!\vIg • ' 

TirtnBe lioward 
I.Gltcn ■ Jiiclc 

Miller Franlc 
Morgan Charles A 

Noran Besslo 
l^ovlt Jqles 

b'Doul George 

.ralmer 11 J 
rynin F & P 

.Rudacks - Dancing 

Sanderson Helen ' 
Sandlno .Tamoi} 
Shbphard Sidney 
Steinlieclc Bruno 
Stralgijt Charles 

Vernon "Wnlly 

■White Ticrre 
Wynn Ray ' 



■ , Wcrba's FlrttbUflh-— "R16 RItii." 
• Itrooklyn— Sex Show. 

. AVcrlta's Jumnicii^ — "A Strong Man's 
Jlouse." - 

Boiili'vaTd — "She Got What She 
■Wanted." . - 

■ >IaJc6tlc-^:"Mendol, Iitei" ' • . 
Fox — "Cock 53yed World" ;' Vttude. 

. IViramoiiiiC — "Woman Trap"; -stage 

. Slnind— "Jlio Argyle Case." 
•' Albco— "Darif .Streets'"; vaiide. ' 
' Orplicn'm— Pfrtiiro. 

■ St.-Georffe— Pli!ture. 
--■-Momiirlj— "Melody Ijano." 

I»ow'b Mot— "Last of Mrs; Cheyney" ; 

- .Slrir— "Pnrl.<!lan Flappers" (Mutual).- 
Caycty — ^^''Flapper Follies" (Mutual). 

Two new show.q sjated for next 
week. "Strictly Bishonorablo," Brock 
Pe.mberton's production at .the Bou 
'levard and "Subway Murder" ;Com- 
ing to the Flatbush. 

Loew'.s Ejing's In Flatbush section 
cpqns Sept. 7 with Wc.sicy. Eddy as 
.ni. c. poipres .1501. Ri6 Yh person for 
the; week..' to. play' continu- 
ously from, il a;, m. on. 

I Sam HaVmorid, manaBor . Gayety 
•i^f-.tter 4n. h.ea\th, is back- on the job 
;C;ayety. has throe runways thi.s year 
•with lUith I'rioo as hoUse attrac 

' ."T-51;u'kl:lira«." duo ■ to- open 
■ Wnnd.'iy at the.- Flathush dolaycd 

iihtil AV'odno.'sdny .owin.i? to- illness of 
•phe-of :-tho t^adis,- - • -4- . ■ 

; / : ; By RUDY DO ' 
-■ UIiUeKiio— "ivirl.^ nound" : Charlcp .Tla: 
I ulacc t'()in).iUiy" i jininiy .li 

-laril: . - • 

.■ , iWHIiii ,;..;'i.i:in.-.- (if 'Ufo.'- . •; 
•. <Md..Mn|.:-"K;i.«h|„ns (it J.ov.c." 

-* iil.iidil-— •■HViiadwiiv." 
. . lVii«il(i.(l -^I'lill- I'lilliips-. - • 

l« •;ii('<M'k -Terra<'e--l,i>.'->Mi: Snillli. ■ - 
, Ail()l.Iihirs.-J{oi>l'. •-\Vnl(lniiuVs band, 
• .J'.l rixoli-. Il;i| l.',-i,lt,. ■• 

^Y- 'i^ .IX'W .niiina.trcr o£ Miijfst 
* .1 1 . 1 ' • v.- • t.;i ( f > h o r ( -c-( ) 1 1 li 1 1 h 0 r c -r ru 



SINGI.E ROOM hATll. $2.00 OP 
DOUBLE. ROOM,. BA.TIl. $17.r>0 AM). $21.00 VTEEKLY 
- D01;BLE WITliOl^T BATU; SH.OO wejbklt 
. : USOXARD IIICUS Prebident 

. .GRANT.-./; 

SINGLE ROOM WITliorT BATH. $1.25 AMD $1.50 t'KK DAY 
SINGLE ItOO.M; BATH .$2.00 PICK «A5f ^ 
norBlJfi ROOM WlTHOn, B.Vl'H, $14.00 PER WEEK 
DOl-ULli: ROOM WITH BATH. $17.50 AND $21.00 AVt'UiiKLX 




Completely rciiiodeled^every thing 
of tlie . l)eat~Slmhioris.. furniture' 
(iJeautyrcs.t .niattroase.'*)., hot tind- 
cold .w;(lc<r, tt'lephonies,- flliowcrsi 
electric fan.s, - 

; $12 ior Single, Rdoitt. 
;$I5-$17 for lidUble 
$164l8-$20 fof 

■:;.\-.-:-Eoom;;.V,- - : j ': '- 

- ; (with -P'ri>/ate Bath) \ 

This is the ideal hotel, for the 
. Pi'ofessiQn-rrin .the - heart fit 
the thc.atricar'.sectipn.^ . • .■ 

Phones Bryant 0573-4-5 

With "Dance of , liifc" after -being 
<larlc." .•■ ■ 

ibalTa.'j' : oinly colored ; vaude.: House, 
Eliii. Bi- Moere, ,Wilt book! solid- with 
the T. 0;\B- A.;' (colored. . circuit) .for 
fall season. ; : Wyatt 1). Jarries, nciw 
managror, ■ 

J. Pi. Elder, maha.tirer of Par-Pub- 
lix warehouse here, promoted- to 
head maihtpnance dopartmerit of 
entire circuit; with headquarters in 
New York. 

B.& 0. 

l.;ii:.l.(,ar(i Virtdlf • hi-ro. v Sells plavs 
-y-'.' -M. - ;', Willi Ui>,KJirit: in : ^;.-i)t. 21.- 
V k-\\-;i:U;n.,;:l,lays the St;U(.- 

. I ■• i:' \\\ riciiiVir-r. 

' 'il'- .i-l,'i:i!.r h-^tf-l 'riw'.!: ' In n> jij 
Iba'.d'ublix-/ opened lu.'^i wot-k 

(Continued froni page 7(j) 
■ Sllv^rtown' Cord,- c-o M. C. A.. Paramount 

ujdp-.-,- N. . y; c. . 

Simons, Seymour, Hollywood T., - Detroit, 
Smith; I.eR,, Connie's Irin, N. -Y. : C. 
Sihith, Harl, BlDa.som. Heath Inn, Detroit. ^ 
SmoHn, S,. ICO W. Buebtei Ave,, Akron. 

Ohio, . . ■■ '. : 

S'cudera, Jackie, Olym'pla H,, Seattle. 
Specht, Paul, I58i>, Broadway, N. y, C, 
Splelman, M.,. Moulin Rouge C, B'klyn. 
Spltft'lhy. Phil, Pennsylvania H., N. Y. C 
Spltalny, H. Leopold, Chicago T., Chi. 
Spitalny. M., Statler H., Cleveland, 
Springer. Leon, 1.14 I-lvlngaton St,,. Bklyn. 
St! Clair Jesters, Prince Edward H,, 

Windsor, Canada, ' 
St. Tx>ul3 Ivihgs, 138.1 E. Ollth St.. B'klyn. 
Staffbrdi H„ Oil Sumner St„ Lincoln, 

Neb , 

Stafford. Jesse, Palace H., S. F; ' 
Stark, Ferdlriahd, Curran T., S. F. 
Steppe, Normahi Shadowland C„ San An- 

Stern, Harold, Alamac H., N. T. C. 

Stevens, Perley, 263 Huntington Ave., 
Doatbh, - 

Steward, Sam, Ulack Gat. G,, Columbui. 

Stock; B., c-o T. Shayne, 1578 B'way, 
N. V. C. 

Straiib, Herb, B.uftalo Broadcasting Corp,, 

Buffalo. .. . ■ 

. Slrlssoff, Vanderbllt H„ N. Y. C, 
Steele, Blue, Peabody H., Memphis 
Straight, Chas., Variety. Chicago. 
Sutherland, Lee, Flor d'ltalla C, 8. F. 
Sweet, Al, 29 Quincy .St,. Chicago. 
Sweeten; Claude, Golden Gate, 3. F. 
Sweetpn, Owen, Senator T., Sacramento. 

Tiiytor. H;, 10J5 Chestnut St„ Phlla. . 

Tuyiur, -Jack,- Amb!i«ailor H., L. A. 

Tcppas, J. J., C3S Glenwood Ave.,. Buffalo. 

Terry, Th'olina, c-o M. C, A., Paramount 
BldK , N, Y: C, 

th^tvlVj. 17,30 Straus Bl<lg,f Cblcago.. 
. Tlei-ney Five, Riii^ H.V Phlla, 

Traoy-Brown, Ad Sell R,. John Tlpaldl. 
7'45 7th .Ave..: ; ■ . ' 

" Turootte; Ge6., 90 Orange St., Manchei- 

ter, N. 11. .■ ' ^ : - : ■ - 

■ ■ Vagabonds,'; Orloli Terrace, -Detrolt; 

- - Vallee, Hfudy, 10 E. COth St,; N. Y. C, 
Van JSurdam. H.' E.; Statler H.,. Buffalo, 
Van dtr Kandi-ni Ambassador H., N. Y. 
-Veo. Harold. M<'.\lpin' 11.,' N. Y; C 
vbrhei'S, l.)on-,' :)25 .W. . 4ollV.St,-, N. T; C. '• 

7-: .-'f '- -!vW. 

■Wnlfecr.. • Tt.-iy. -4(55- Wn'iih-lng'ton .jk.v«.,, 
liridUiyi), n; - -Y.. . 
. W.1^'ner, Pol.,\-l.s H., ChlcaBo.: . 

.W.'imer. l>..''KK,vpvia'rt B,, t)cca.n-.PK-., Ca. 

Wal.«h. AV.. il'J .12. Trem->nl Ave.. N, Y. f . 

\Variir.<j .reiiir.,, . c-o - J. U'Cotin"r,. HVJi 

rrwfiv, N.- T/a ' ■■ ■ ■ \ ' 

■ Wal«(in: .\i>iiilv, Grand-IliviiTa. T.-, UPlr-Jt. 
■VVepd(TMcybr - Orc.i c-o 'M; C; A., I'ara 

mbnnt IMiIr.'. Y: C, - 
WccbH. Anpon. Mark tifirrklns 11,. S. F. 
-Wcfni'! Tr..l. t-o M.- O. A. I'ariuvii'ir.t 

hMk.. s': ' v. c. : - ■ ■ ..■ ■ :■ 
Werner. I'M, ..Mi"li1;"i-n .T.,;-riotr"it. ■ 
We'slPV Ji)"., Sn iL'Mi Ave., MiUvnnke^ . 
' Wl.i.l'icn. l-M. I'Jf. 1' i;-i„-in..'=t.. Tini--'^.)" 
\Vti!l.-ni;itr. l atil.- I,'r;:v. r.-al rlly,. > 'al- . 

•WlilliiiiT. V<'-n.. r.i:,iM Tift Hr.M.^-N-. Y- 
Willi rrii!-..;!. - Te l, I. lc ■ of . I'alins .11-. 

<-'l.-irl. •:l..t,. (.'. .- :- 

Wils-.u.- i;i;iy, l>-i r i^t I.l.. Wihvi!;,i-;. n 

■ W''?' n. I'Ur. f. M -,i . .- r, i i-i- 'ri.-l" ! • 

'"'vI'ln*'l.!-(T-ner, . W;.. S,. 2il7 P:' Vr' k'.Pt' 

l l-ini.' ' r, r>:. - • ' 

Wi'<v<Viii. K ' t -;. N. n, 

■ '\V..i'. I.:!!-; .. . ! '. '^ • - l • -•li : ■■■ 

■ W.."'e • 1,'t-v.; V-.. r-. r-i -. '•,! :-M- ' 

■ . t • I.; i-.'i. I-- i: •. 
\v-i; I r-' »i ■ p.. ' • ■ --A^*- r;.;^-^ 

- w;:.- - ^r- h . ; • i- 

. V.:'-;. l-.ii,!iv. v. ■■■■■ ;- U . M :r.-i'--i. 
1- 11. t'.. 1: ... ■■ I' ■. '.ri 

Yvar/fa iii.iii. 11 , fctl; t^".., Liyuk„n, 



In the - heart: of the tli^atrltai dls.. 
trlct, ■ ' - 

■ -'Prp'fesBlo.nal Bates ' - 

Sirigle, $8.00 arid lip - \ 
- Double^ .10.00 iand up - ,,; 
.042 Washington St. .(9t Bpylston ^t.) 


245 'yVe^x 51st Street 
.-Columbus 8950- -'^ 


■ 355 .West '1st Street - 
. Columbus 1360. - 

343 West 65th Stireet. 
- Columbus 6066 ' 


312 West 48th :St^ee.t : 
• 3iS30 .Longacre 


. . -S-il-Svl?' We$t 45th /street. . 3560 Longacre' ; : ■ 

:ir2-3.-4-ro.ohi apartments. Each apartment with private bath, phone, 

;\kltchen,-':kitchenette,.; ■.~'' -. 

^ ' V '.: :x-$18.00^ UP-'>viE£*<LYr--$7d^^ 
The largest niaintainer of houselveeping apartnients dii'0ctly 

under the suporvisiori '^bf the owner. l.ljOcated In the center, of the 
V theatric^;! , 'district. buildings. - 

; - -A 


Principal Glhce; Landseer Ap.ts:, 245 West 5 ist Street* New York 
, ApujtnK»i)t3.ean be seen evenirigsV Oifibe. in 'e.ach building. 
. Wlil XA>a6e. .by; the \V«ck, Slohtli. ot. Vcar Farnished. or ' DnfurulBbieil. ' : 


(Corttin.ued froni page 55) . 
nothing, in the World hxit entertdiin- 
ment 'and thit's plenty. .Ronald 
Colma;n. addicts relaxed after the 
first .syllable and were grateful for 
.an invention that gay e theni a doiir 
hie dose of their favorite. ;:Llllian 
Tashihan kept the corisiprators at 
work as she already had the ■wi'ap 
makei"s. Her only . gown was - an 
elaborate affair, of •white . taffeta 
with a bustle- effect at the left side 
and a striilght: edegied train- on the 
other, but wraps she changed: with 
every exiti : -One . .Was black velvet 
edged an round With white fox and 
really too long; 'another . was of 
metal brocade with more white .tox 
trimming and a, third- of white 
transparent velvet of .distinctive 
cuti the frame collar of dark fur. 

Joan Sennet was the perfectly 
groomed prize Mr. Cplman won 
though not because of her Voice, wa.^ 
she a prize/ yisiting a Strang gen- 
tleman at night - naturally called for 
a cloud of black veiling— the old 
fa.shioned smoke screen — and a 
black suit, 

Maline Skirts 

"The Sophomore" of course saved, 
the game at the last minut^, but to 
the audience he had it in his pocket 
from the first Word; Sally O'Ncil 
is still cohtiuuing the education she 
started oh that tugboat wheii Mal- 
com MacGregor was hier teadher. 
Now, it's ' Eddie Quillian and - his 
fraterriity, Sally winning, of course, 
hor kind heart- as.surihg,. Her 
frocks of course plain, being -a soda 
jcrkdr, so Ja.nctte IjoJC drcs.sed the 
picture,, once ih a •vvhitc sport put- 
fit, the felt hat Wide brimmed^ the 
coat showing little of. the k^ 
u n d.or .it. ' J-Ier . drmco ':[ fro cik' was 
simple and. pretU% the'satin bodif.'O 
ti.ti;fitly. .hoddofi -. the ■ jrjali.Yie 'skirt .of, 
tinoyon lop.crth to 'the '^l6or;.- 
^V';ilt'c;r .'O'l-Coofo supplied muoh 'pf 
ihc. ifurf as a rridio- arin(iwn(-('T, ' 

■ LOU . HbLT2*S ■ -V:. ■-■ . 

^41 WEST 43^b street; NEW YORK CITY ' 
. ; ,, PlIONBl LACKAWANNA- -7.740 ■ 
One ianid Three Rooms, Batli,. Kitchen; Completely Ftirnished 
Iri the Heart of Times , Square 

P|)one: LONGACRE 6805 GlfiO. P. SCUNEIDllB. Prop. 




Private Bath; ' 8t4 ' Rooms,' - Cnterlhs; to the '.comfort . and convonienoo. at 

the profession,' ■■ ■ ' , 
STlBAM: HEAT AND EI.ECTRIC : UGHIT, $16.00 VP Mrs. .Tackson now in cliaTffe 


325 West 43rd Street 

perhaps a buclt, Thisi store; by. the 
way, was the one that enjoyed the 
leading play. Here they call it 
Beasley's Tango,, the game, of: course 
being the Keno of the mining, 
camps; pretty loose construction of 
Webster, hPwever, to get this into 
the "skill"' column.. Same thing 
gpes fpr the card game rolI-.doWn. 

The shows were riiorally antisep- 
tic, but deadly dull and the tax in 
most was a quarterr-a quarter by 
the way is a .substantial unit of ctir- 
rency to the citizens, of Toronto, a 
towriV where the SaVarin; re.stau- 
raht; chjvin staged a 55-cent lunph- 
eon in one of the leading hotel.s, and 
where a qtiarter is an afternoon 

•irhe Hawaiian show '.at two bits 
is typical. Lecturer staged four 
separate ballys, taking up 20 min- 
utes. When the thin mob was as- 
sembled, a' .c.iiidy butcher u.sod up 
another ID ■. niinutc,=; with a lecture 
on. his goods and solicitation of tho 
audiehee, . Then a l.'j-mlnute show 
wont on.v oonslsliri.g mostly of a 
malo qu.Trtet acGompaniea by a 
steel pu ita r a nd uke, the players 
gagglni; moch,'inio.,'illy. The- climax 
was 4Q ,sof:onds of mild .hula by a 
tali girl -w-hb had no heart or ginger 
in her wbrk, -. 

Shirioy irrances' Water Carnival- 
al,% at two hits Wa-s probably the 
host Ptand on the Tot, They used 
.JO' giflfj in the .haliy' and ;.-fOur in 
the, show, whi^'li was thrqC-q;uarterK 
bathing girl fafjhiOn parade, a- 'bit 
of 'diving- -frirl,«; and ifx" olimrfx. -in a 
high ■dive, by -.a rii.'ui. -Show lasted 
.iri- : rni'ntil.f:s-.' '(iVid 'W-is the :nearost 
thinfit.of a -ffiir -return ■for-thc quat- 

'ter. -■ V - . '". '.'■'. ":'■-' ''■ V 
•. --'-.-.Out ■ Prices- : ' .\: .- 

; (('oht'i'nued froin. piig(' T-i"'; 
..•ii'.'iinst .Ibi- liliiyr ni.'il'c'.s an .onli- 
n,'iry in'''f(:)i<iii(l.i.-'(,i wlic l l.oiik - lik'' 
-<-i.r,HfTv;ifivi-. liu>-iri<';--.«, .'unl f-'M' li- f 
■^-vvi'-tii ;i.s ('ii.lui.tilVi;!' I';ii-|<".s i.ii Ni N\ 
Mi.-r-i y a -l>1iiI;iTitKi''i'f 'J'' .ins; il ui !• 'ii, . 

.S'.iiiic is. 1 nil'.- fii" ;i .rii'-ki-l <','ill''l 
. -".!■.(• .\civ)j'i1;i Ml- .g.-titi<'-, ■ A .'liiir;i-ii III '•- 
iiir-liili i,s .^-'-t f'fi !i .S;'riii:.' ;ir;'l. ''I'v 
'.I'.n-il i;i!;:iJ- ri!').:,;. u 1>'-m<1 'i-.iir'ii- 
uJi. »-„.i-i-:'i:uxi.uii— cx.!'.!.!-:^ .. :r.'ii' 

! vlMl,;- ,'it .fitif' '"f i-'f 'v-' •! Sp I'^^-t •;. V, i.-ri- 

j..'v..;i//. 'ui'.'li t| i-.;(- iri' -- -j!!.:'."'- 

v ')':;::-' :t i; ■' -'V t.\" •■■•.<■■■ 

- ^ t'.-- i-;.;:.;- r \ ;ir ::' :';. r- ■' 

.]■■>}■'.. ]■ Will ii, :J :;'■ :i:I^' - 

' ;0 -''•( il! •• :,]■,! ','].•. ;r ; l-i • ■.! '). I ^v . r 
!;) •- ; 'I •; -! • ::. : : :":.'-.-- 

I - - Keno V/cll Pl.aycd' 

T:.. ' ■ • ■. ■ « : •■ i '•■ ' • 

An .cTrrlio'mL'r! front • ,'mnoi'inf;ed "A . 
NiiKliV iih. H.iir"iii"''at' n .qiiarlt'i; /and. 
(iii-iH-'l '(I'.il -to Jio.-a st.i-i';tly ,sfrcqn(l 
f\1nss (i-l!-(-riJ(ii-i-(I r'"'>'Mf' fiiil fi.t, .Wild' 
AV' sf, \v;is );il"-.|i''1 fur ii.i'';il t'Ui'l'"!-"''?' 
f tf.',-i.l Xiirtli ' \Vi-l(l \Vc.;-f . Jind -was fi-.. 
mi''l r'<Ai-ii fl!--'.rii i.v. I'-iilh .of tli<'S(> 
y\[n\v>-. St ;ii-r,i-f| nl ,'i; qii.-iri ';r ;rii(i l;i ti-r 
6ii't: tn '■■■■'I'l-'-; ' •; ■.' 

.Siii.'ill '■^;'l'.' .<.!.•>'.■.■>; \vi-i-'f> ii^.-iil.v 
l.'ii- . ;, r.ii ir'.i Woj.l il it i -.'-'-J-^-'irit,' .-'I'diii,: I 
Oil- lilir:". -•.l'--,-:t:ri'>.--:jli il-i'- .■.V'.ir'd'V \V?;s 
Ii-'- .iril."i-.-iii!.;.', rriiiit. (in .<ii-ii- hl I -'•'' 

Caterpillar, Old/Mill and one called 
the Ridee-O, circular ride in saucer- 
like cars, each of which is turn Was 
released at speed and thrown by force through a wider 
circle, returning to be shackled to 
the original radial bar. The last 
named got some play.. 

• Patriotic Hoke 

Passing to pleasanter things, the 
grandstand facing the half-mile 
traek haa capacity for 24,800 people 
and for the evening 'shbW packed 
in as closely as humanly possible., 
CJeneral ' admission Is strangely 
enough a quarter with reserved 
seat.s at . $1 -.and boxe,s at $1.60. 

The. annual pageant is the lure. 
Fine bit of patriotic hoke, dished 
up in something Uke the Itoxy man- 
ner only on a 1,000-foot stage and 
with n .Siipging and dancing en- 
semble of 1,500. ' All a.bout the 
Glory of Britannia from the sailing 
of Robhstlan (jabot to the 'entrance 
of troop.s frPm all. the Colonies, 
each with . its own nnilitary band. 
It's a rippln' show and If a, Cana- 
dian that gives an extra kick out 
of flag waving, it must carry a 
'.whale, of a.\ punch. Particularly the 
finale, a mu.sical ride by a squadron 
of tho Crtnadia^n J^oyal Bragoon.s, 
regula rs Who have horses that pould 
teach Clie.ster Hale's, girls some- 
thin.g aboiit -precisiPn. . 

Vaudeville ■■ . 

Va,uacyille show ' spreads nearly 
,.'50 aet.5 across .three sta.geSi feature 
di,si)l!iys going, to the ^yil•th. l•"^^ 
and General i'i.sano, IJlll l.s the rjick 
^o.C' pVitdp'or ac' in -the- gri)up b.c'inj? 
Piiul Tioiulon arifl I'iils, Koilr Aces 
an d Q 11.' '('.n, Avyop] an e . Gi rl s, ; Itan - 
(low Trio, *etors .jind I.c.ldu i'f , {stciner 
Trio; T'.on •Iliiir. troUpj- Dipijy I-;l''r.<i 
Gotncd'y, Triir'nor»- .Circus, iliilings 
J^c.'i Is,'' . flolK'rla'H-: Cir^ciiS;: ' . J 
'iiros.-, -TiiV' . La'rg;.ird,s.,.' Mile;- Anna, 
•'T Girisl The Kftl:iu's', ]''loi'i-s. 
G-lrls, j-'mir rJ.^stoiis,. r-ssr-nis, ^ Ytitlg 

i\^< ( 'iuIi'^'■'^•■ 'JYPiu'. i.^|'X;-,s .i':ii',ii,ii;i"iiis. 

-- . \S')ii;)lr<- : (•oiinCrv.' Avii.^ st'-Mirii-d ■,up 
.'iboiU -1 Im'. vJ'.'.Wi-O V\:i:iL'!<'.v ,M;ir:ii'-)i>in 
;^-<Vl'l.M •■''■.lii-diili^l ('fir - V\'i''1l;'-;-'I.!.v, .I'Ut; 
,'i'clri--i '.'i,t ' rvfi;; Sul.WriiJi V i>\\ \i,<: to 
(-(-Id WOi !;:'>•. 'rliL-.V-'. f'nt '111!;.'- -Crt-O, 
fiM, li l( l'?:--- N ,1 '>J-(|. l!ll.>.i. :i f' -■! - 

"I.cri:.' -T'.ni"'- Hirii.'-(l ,'.ii:t, to U< ■ "n-'-: 
'\ ]:.:■<"•' ;lI;-l^■(:^:r(; !iii'->Mori'i.l m;-i-1;c | I;*;-'';!'-''' 

ill. I' ;,iT,ii : ZiiiiMiy . D-.i 

' r;, (J , fi 1 
• ■: '.!: ini 
: 1. - . 
;•■ V - I . 

I ■ 

.1]. -!• 

.! (t 1 

w I ,ri 

d • in f"r 1! (^ 


■•n I 

. ..-.I < ;■ !. , Wi- 



a diiue, prize l'><jii'.d to- Ii'. Vt' iIii »; 

'11' llr. 

!, ■ a- < i. 

,1. ;■ ' Jili'l Ui,'4-- .1 ''O-r 

.:- , ! (• . fi.' t iv.tio ' hnf 
1 1) << ■•., 1 1 .ji.-i i(•^\■ 

;-i V.-' IV i/-'t v(.-ry\iw- 

-' 1 

V A R I E T Y 

Wednesday, September 4, 1929 

Directw of His 

at the 



[N. B. C. Networks] 

Earle Radio Hour 


Watch for Our New 


(Lateral Cut Disks) 

Broddcasitng Over the Nattonal Broadcasting Co, Networks as a Regular Feature From the Hotel Pennsylvaniay New York 


K*n?i?»Ji^l-^o!^'^''^ St.. New Tork, N. T.. by VarletF, Inc. Annual eubscrlpUon; $10. Slricle copies 26 cents. 

Entered second^claga matter Peceihber 2^ 1906. at tbe Post Office at New York. N. Y.° Under the act'^ 

VOL. XGVI. No. 9 



'All you' ' sob/, sister^^ tears, 
' Usten-i ' , '■ .v;-.. .. ■ 

'There are ho beautiCul wotneri In 
yaude, . , ' • 

■ None who^ cai,n step. away from the 
varlety.,t6 click: in the short talk- 

On the word of any of the men 
making: th0 talking shorts they will 
tell in one mouthful that vaude as 
producer of beauts- for the camera 
ain't got. none. 

r.Tp .make someone the goat: foir 
such at broad' stateinent there are 
■no pretty girJs iTi. vaude able to 
.register like - an .established femnie 
picture babe, piii it on Frank Davis. 
. He is, pretty, healthy and m.arried. 
. Frank dW.npt put bis wife in pic- 
ituresj; :He had a chance but stuck 
on the safe side, If she shouldn't 
cllct Prank looked over a. raft of 
.elrl^ of all ages froin all . branches, 
of vaude. Hls 'failure .to pluck a 
few beauts convinced him complete-" 
ly vaude is no lot for screen finds. 
Not a beaut in a stage.ful. 

The beiuty candidates' for. films 
look ail right, in vaiude and right 
back, in vaude they go . as far as 
the caniera cares;. They didn't reg- 

A; premium may now be offered 
for Frank Daivis's scalp, but 
Fjaink stands pat. on . his knowl- 
edge that vaude is no fertile field 
for prospfictiye screen players. 
:Frank 'may never stand sro high 
figain -with the femmes, but he is 
«rily declaring . himself : as a . short 
talker director and not as a vaude- 
vuiian.. When, he returns to vaude 
With Adele Darnell (Mrs. .Davis) he 
niay.:hayp to wear: phoney whiskers: 

Author Turns Leaper 

Robert Laidlaw, novelist, finding 
^^ne^ financial .returns of authorship 
nadequate, has been ;«iaking: his 
nSf ^ liarachute jiimper. - ap- 
pearing, at parksi real estate.pjCnics, 

ieS^^ "^'^^ ■■ 50 parachute 
'6^3 without. a mishap. 

-T^t^^u^ known the author of 
surp.; ^^-^ Young Man," an artistic 
lisS '' ^^W'^'e °f .ye,ars ago, pub- 
'isned anonymously. 

Air Appeal 

Hollywood, Sept. iO. 

Femme cliff dwellers Who 
park the body on the roofs of 
high aparimient buildingia for 
the daily sun bath; are attract- 
ing local aviators. , . 

The boys are flying low. 


When asked, by ai nosey Variety 
reporter where a}! the acta iseekihg 
vanishing independent vaiude dates 
were disappearing to, dhe of the 
leading indie bookers ; replied virith- 
out, showing his. #Qld teeth: : 

".They are gettihgr but of tbe biz;" 

This booker said a coimic Is now 
driving a taxi in Brooklyn; a sister 
team had' opened up a beauty parlor 
on Long Island; the male half of a 
bench team id selling insurance;: 
one-third of a trio is bootlegging; 
a hoofer, has turned waiter, while 
another; yaudevillian who .had 
starved tp death in a sketch is 
Starting life, over as a..soda jerker 
in a Brooklyn soft drink- parlor. 

Pay* Unidei^ $2,00ii,b0Q for 
5 Mugiykn/ Ballard & 
Bowers Shows t-^ Immedi- 
ate Pbssession - 

Legit House 

^ — -—- . =^^:^..aavahnah-,'^Sept-r-"l'6==' 
lo.S.S'"'; ^""^ donated by the 
the^AS'-^'^^ Daughters of 

tile itn ^^^v-^liitJon.. to adorn 

^^^^T""' "''^'^ of the Savannah 
legit t?: '^"^^'"S ^t a« the oldest 

^'^vannab is. lOO years old: 
'^^y^c this toils evcrytliing. 


Ed Wyhn and Will Rogers ar<! 
being offered to picture and vaude- 
ville houses by the Willia:m Morris 

Wynn is asking $500 a perform- 
ance (14, 17 or 21 shows weekly), 
while Hogers wants $10,000 per "vyeek 
flat. ■ 

By the purchase Monday of . the 
five circuses from Mugivan,; Ballard 
& Bowers, John Ringling r became 
the .unopposed owner of. the entire 
circus field.. 

Last nigiit, Ringling left New 
York on a tpiir of inspectipn of his 
new tent properties. They are . the 
Sells-Flotd Circus with Tom Mix, 
Hagenbeck- Wallace, John Robinson, 
Sparks show and the A| G. Barnes 
Circus. With Ringling's Ringling- 
Barn um Big Show of 100 cars, the. 

(Continued on page 67) 

Merging Theme Song 

The 29-30. then:ie song of the 
show business: 

V.There'3 merger in your 
dreamy ey*eS." 



IN Livimr 

Buenos Aires, Sopt, 10. 
Attohipting the; "buried alive" 
stunt about which he had learned 
when he was emi?loyed by Blacka 
mon, the Italian showman, who,, 
docs the trick as a busincs.'s, a per- 
former whcse name is unknown, 
(Continued on page 28). 

' All the talk about 'producers do- 
ing .away . With, .ch^ nien lirpves 
to; be untrue. ProcTlicers are look- 
ing high and lo.w for chorus gents 
but there is a scarcity of the' right 
type.: . ■•• 

Fashions in chorus : men leans 
toward ' the opei'etta . type 
days; tall, handsome individuals 
who can wear uniforms with plenty 
of gold braid and look .:digni£icd 
rather than ridiculous. 

Aclonisps must dance and sing.. 
Men who - can, sing iare u.siiully 
foreigners, at the singing 
paunch with nothing drt.shingly ju- 
venile about thrm. Men" who cnn 
dance come under the dfKignritiqn 
of hpofors and often ari? petite. 

Tbe few tall hand.sonie ni-'ilf.s 
fifjating around Broadway f^c'in to 
bo snatched up , by theatres a.s 
doormen, and from there find thx.-ir 
way into .pictures. In faf.-t, the 
handsome guys seem to feel that 

there is more chance of getting into 
pictures from a door than, a 
chorus, . 

Seem to be no tall, handsome 
tvctined ; chorus men, thh-t's all. If 
there are a:ny . who can fill the. rcr 
quircments there are opportunities 
for them; 

VMing Toy," coming Ziegfeld 
production, needs plenty of .them, 
Tliey are wanted as naval 
S.itnc for "Fifty Million P'rencli- 
men," to be produced, and also for 
"Tin Hats," another . mu.sical pro-, 
duction. ... \ 

~ ~ ~6on-c:e ft '■ ■-; ■ . 

. Whfn mdle^ai>pircant.s, for clioru.s 
j'oljs ;i re told that they, be 
young; tail and hand.some, tlK>y .r.;- 
inain unperturbod ; all feoliiig thr-y 
have the ,g6od.s. 

Tke .spociinon.s npplying are far 
nior.o. coDOf'ited it .M-.yins . girl.s 
.seeking stage jobs. Not mnny girls adiriit tlicy are boa uts, unless 
pretty well a.s.sured. 

The Paramount-Publix weekly 
hour on Columbia, will debut on 
iSept. '21 with a program scheduled 
to be the most traveled and diversi- 
fied bf any ethereal effort .so far 
attempted. Listeners will be jjwung 

from. New York City to Astoria; 
theii to Indianapolis. Manhattan 
will broadcast before the long 
transfer, to the Hollywood studios. 
Oh the return a stop-over on the 
PUblix fitage in Omaha is included 

An orchestra, com posed of 
men picke'd frOm the orchestras in 
the Broadway and ^Brooklyn houses, 
as well as in Astoria, will be a' 
permanent feature. 

Between, the east and west 
.studios 12 stars are being conscript- 
ed. Not just addresses but play- 
lets, songs, gags and musical ren- 
-ditiona assigned to the different 

Paramount later in . the week 
picked David Mendoza as regular 
conductor of Its orches- 


When Dona Ro.s6' was .served with 
a writ of attachment at the instance 
Of Saks and Co., she had the idea 
the papers were documents of af-- 
fbctibn. Dona is accu.stomed to 
having :pebple attached to her. 
Other wi,se hovv can one live at 1212 
Upper. 5th avenue. .' 

She . paid neither attention.: or 
casii, when a bill for .$0,200 wa.s 
rendered. That's only perfume 
money to Dona. : . :Ne.vcr theleas . Misis 
I.lose didn't raise the inoney. She 
gave t-hern one check for .'$5, GOO 
J/in u.'i ry..- Tbey Vsli ould .. be .satished, 

Th" other d;i.y a drirk man entered 
her life. He- was .sent to lock .the 
tJoor.s of her .spacious apartment and 
.s"e' that nothing -wa.s removed. Mis.s. 

j.^ iiaM ■ ] 2 fuj. r gats..:, go; 

p-'jJrs.of slioes and (iiiarfs of $20 an 
ounre poffiime, T.heh her jewfels 
which TiLinilycr. like I'eggy ' .Ipyo.e'Hi 
oltHoiiKh l-hoy .iren't 'so large. 

Hhe fiillcd her atlbrney,. Arthur 
CS.'u-ficId lJ:^yc,s., Jiivye.s fs'ot .tJak.s to. 
lay off a while' jiayiritr. MIhs had 
(lro))p(.d $1 7-i.OOO Ut nv'jr.kcti All 
that tjliry.sler stock and Iladio 
which rnfulft' Dona what ..slie •vya.s 

(Continued on page 71) 

Answering ?i . theatrical, .call • may 
be one of thC: tortures of stage liffe. 

It i.s possibly, accountable why 
some of the girls arbuhd are not- 
as ybung as they should .be. They 
grow iaricient, answering calls. They 
go to a call as a ypUng woman and 
go away old. - 

Girls are Mtold .' to. be -present on 
the dot of the hour appointed.. Then 
it Is wait, wait, -Walt, tintil . finally- 
dismissed with nothing accom- 
plished. -. 

And^what do the girls talk and 
think about to while away the 
hours? You'd be surprised.. 

A few of the intelligent ones are 
impatient with their weary plight.. 
They wonder if they are victims of 
paranoia; a person, who is afflicted 
with . 4 crazy obsession, pertaining to 
themselves. ' 

"You know," said one . waltlnfi 
lass, "a producer recently told me 
that some chronic actors are vic- 
tims of... paranoia. Tbey think, th€jr 
are actors, .although everything In 
tiie world has contrived to dis- 
prove it. 

"He told me," she went on, 
"about a man under surveillance In 
Believue becausfc he thougiit he 
had a cat in his) stomach' arid he . 
had to drink milk to feed it. The 
doctors could not rid him of that 
hallucination, so they suggested an 
operation to let the cat escape so • 
that it could run about and drink , 
milk in a more natural manner.' 
They pretended to operate and then . 
(CpnUnued on page 54) 

Alaska Barren of Shows 

.: Seattle, Sept. iO. 

G. R. Eckman, .lormorly .book 
here, i.s back froni three months iri 
Alasica. ; 

He says vaude is nil in that terri-? 
tory, Only stage shows g^ivcn the 
past year in all AIa,ska were two by 
the Elks lodge in Juneali. 

"The Jazz Singer" gbt .$1 top and 
capacity at Gross' houses Iri^ J uneau 
ind Ketchikan. . 

Television in Africa 

Washington, Sept. lO.. 
TelevivSion is being given public 
demonstrations through South Af^ 
•ica by;tlie liaird Television Co. and : 
the African ■ JJroadca.sting Co,,, ac- 
cording' to ' Trade ConiiriLs.sioner ^S, 
fl. D.ay, Johannesburg. 

Conipany is to .be. laiinclied to 
make the broadca-stiri*: . poi'inanont. 

.THE M<!-\E V6U CO BY 

143 / B'WAY. TEL 5500 PENnI 




"Rainbow Man" Poor, 
Displacing .''Black- 
mair Hit 

X-bifidon, : Sept. 10. 
, "Wpll publicized cpro fort p£ .afti- 
flcially icodled ■ theatres during the- 
recent sultry wieiather has .dra.wn 
excellent business to such Weist Eind. 
houses as Empire/ Plaza, liegal and 
New-. Gallery. Slogan of ''cooler in-. 
Bide than outside;' hag," been pushed 
'to; the 'fore. ■■ ■. \ - 

Much '-vvag bccaisioried by 
the Ehipire spotting "Sileht House,": 
the fit-st silent i3ritish subject of- 
fered by tills miEtjor house in hionths. 

''The RairiboW Man'' did .poorly at. 
the Gapitol; inadequately exploited 
and set i;i ah. unsuitable locatibn- 
PictUTe is presented by Cl)a.rles 
Wooif,. maha.ging director: of Gau- 
morit -liritish, .^hich .controls the . ''Blacltiiiitir' was 
while it was doing well in order to 
lhaite robrix tor ''Rajntbw Man." 

; The .Carlton- is . coniiJleting 14 
weeks, of "^^ocoaniats" to a . good 
average. • - 


Ufa^ the biggest of the German 
companies and the first to attempt 
to secure il permanent selling foot- 
hold 6f its own here/ has, accord- 
ing to ihiEormed sources, allowed it- 
self to be manoeuyred into a posi- 
tion Jwhere it practically cut itself 
out of the American picture mar- 

Except for the few pictures Par- 
anriount and Metro yearly have the 
right to select f rom the entire heap, 
Ufa has jockeyed itself into a jum- 
ble of costly litigation , and petty 
inter-relationships that restrict it 
fromi cream -.territories, and in 
others permit Its pictures to Second 
fiddle other . foreign product. 

Military tactics of some of its 
visiting executives have aroused the 
ire of ■ liti^s^nts who concede, that 
many thousands . of dollars and 
much : time in courts could have 
been saved had there been an 
amlcalDle accounting. 

Plaintiffs in all cases have been 
BUQCessful. "The Brill organization 
which Ufa 1^ repoi"ted to have 
grabbed at as a life saver before 
Jaydee came cUong. and sold it on 
Worldwifle. lias had not only its in 
junction restraining Ufa from sell 
ing in. the eastern states sustained, 
but its attachment, for the total of 
$221,000 alleged damages, upheld in 
a later court rilling. 

Kecently Ufa compromised with 
one of its former employees, Max 
GOosenian. It cost the company 
$■3,000' to erase hi,s action for com 

German Film$ in Paris 

Paris,. Sept. 10. 

Current picture houSe. bills show 
a remarkable number of Gorman 
imports. .Most of the, leading Pdris 
hou.sds. are showing product frorri 
Berlin;; suggesting, perhaps the re- 
sult of -trade understandings made 
whep the^ jFrench and German trad« 
talked of co-operation during .the 
iQTig .wi^ahgle over fiini quota, »imed 
at-'America. .'^ ■ ■.■ ;S . ■ :' . 
. In recent months also the . 'frjc- 
hibitbr situation in the capital haLs! 
■changed, Prjanco- Films liovkr oon- 
trblling most of the lead l?ig Paris 
stands, ''-.i-'. : } : ;' • ■ 

Exceptions in. iiee of foreign .sub- 
jects are Pirambunt, whbr6 "The' 
^6-50 Girl" is on. the screen, Vind 
Gaumont's ■■■■ feature, I'The Tempit- 
ress,^'- ■■ ■ 

Charles Wbplf has been making 
heavy cuts in staff and payroll sincb 
going into Claumont British ats nrian- 
9, djreblori ' Oh thb PCTi end 
it looks like a nibve to write down 
values drastically in pireparation for 
the next Gatlmont British financial 
statement -due shortly. ' 

Understood.." .. j./It is .ds.trfer.BrOs;' 
idea to clean up any possible Ih^ 
flation'ih the next balance sheet and 
then go to the stodkhblderS with the 
argument tliat ' the new . aituaitioh 
puts the affairs- of the corporation 
in staible shape; .. . ^ , 

It is not ■ yet certain . ..that thie 
Bromheads ai-e entirely., eliminated 
from, the Gaumont British situation, 
belief being tha^t payment bias .not 
yet been made to thfem for the stock 
taken oyer upqii their resignation. 

Report is around : that they arei 
coming back into -the .picture buisi-^ 
ness in iany event .and there . is still 
a chance,' according to understand- 
ing, that they may return by way 
of the Gaumont ' .company,; from 
which they recently w^ere forced. 


America's only native) • born *'$ia- 
meBeV'TWihs.-'- . 

Played 44 solid weeks and . btoke 
records. ■' . ;.. ■ • . ■ ' 

Opening soon in the middle West. 
156Ci. Broadway, New "York. . 

FOX Ain) G.-B. 

'jiighest' I'ox authbritles are 
apprised .of the closure for the .chain of . aoO 
theatres and studio -property of 
the English - conripajiy* one: of 
the most powerful in the BhibW 
world overseas. ^ . 

Passage his. been booked *or 
Wihfi^ld She^hah on the liner 
leaving Oct, 4. Joe Plncvis, 
casting expert for Fox, is 
scheduled to leave around 
Sept. . i2'. It is understood- 
that both of these Foxites are 
going to iget the studio end of 
their reported- British acquisi- 
tion into, immediate condition- 
f or foreign feature production 


U. S. Talkers Are Well 
Received in Hoilaiid 

• Amsterdam, Sept. 10. 

An abridged version of "Show 
Boat" with reproduction on West- 
ern equipment scored -a success at 
its premiere here iis far as the pub -^l 
lie was concerned Although; the press 
was not. especia,lly enthusiastic; ■ 

''Weary River" also w:as fa,vor- 
ably received at the Cinema Royal, 
house of 1,100 ca,pacity and bne bjf 
the most important establishments 
in Amsterdam. .Reproduction of 
this feature was by means of a new 
Dutch apparatus, the reprodiicihg 
quality of which received praise. 


London, Sept. 10, 

Frederick Cooper and .Aldermdn 
Troun,«!0.n, respectivcl-y president 
and .ex-^presidon.t of the: Exhibitors' 
; As.sociation,. arid , members of 
the' advisory • coiriniittee : of the. 
Bqarci of /rrade, resigned from thb 
British Masterpiew Board late last. 
■Wf-ok. ;- '. ■ 

With ^hcm -went : Fred Morrison, 
' delegate to .the ' General Council Of 
tliip ■Association,: 

These promoters, do riot ni.ike 
their r<>asbns entirely plain, -but it 
is! intimated, that the allo.triiorit of 
some $200,000 of stock is involved. - 

New company regulations . and. 
also revised rules of the Stock Ex- 
change malce board menilicrij of 
joint stock companies pcrsdnaily re- 
■fipo.n.sible .foi' company bbljgi^tions 
a nd it appears that Cooper, /t'roun- 
'Bon an<l"^Ar6i'l'iT?Jm=dTr=nQt-i!e^li!5h 
evimiiig such roppbnsibilitios. 

Why «houl((n't you set .to the 
top of the tree? It's still thBrc. 

130 West 4-ltli Street 

Sew Vork , , 

Guhmeb Plug Cy Tearney 

/ Chicago^ 

Cy Teiartiey, -who with his brother 
Al, runs the. Garden of. Allah, road- 
house near here, was shot in the 
chest by eight men who lnya.ded the 
club early Tuesday morning'. . , 

Motive of the shooting is not 
knoWn, but TeaFney claims the men 
wanted to take him for a ride. Phy- 
sicians- who dug out 60- shbtgun 
sliigs from Tbarney's chest, say he 
will' Tecover: .• .' 


Paris, Sept. 10. 

Abe ' iCaff cnburg, : founder, of. the 
old p.idturc hbuse in the Montiriartre 
district .billed the ■ Anierlcan the-l-' 
atre, 2p. ye{irs ago,- died here a f ow, 
■dayis ago.-' .' .•'■.•■.;' 

.KafCoriburg, 54, was a nephew .of 
the late Abb Ilummel of New. York,- 
who niadb his homfe In Pa.ris after 
the sensational scandal that led to 
his disbarmont and imprisonment in 
the Stiitos.' 

. Kaffeiihlirg retired from bu.siness 
two ago; . , 

' - IIollywood,":.^^«pt. 10, 
. Norman Kerry and Ilf'h'nc Cos- 
tcllo will bo bo-foaturcd In the first 
of a .svrii.x of talkers tb bo made 
by. Cuban ; Iivtornritional Films at 
Tec-Art ."Studio. 

Ilono Cordova, Cuban ai'ln.'s.", and 
Kitly Gan;dncr, will l)o in .«upyort. 
;.Cliff Whoolor dirootiiif?. 

Story, untitkd, concfnis a Jla- 
vana niy-stery. 

Brussels, Sept. 10. 

Paramount's talker, "Lie Chanson 
de Paris," was submitted to the Bel- 
iglan board of film censors minus 
sound as the board has no equip- 
ment tb. run such plctures.- 

Board refused: to pass on the pic- 
ture as it "had no sub-^titles." 
: Local press picked it up with re- 
sult that C. Vincent went ta the 
Minister . and got ,a withdrawal of 
the decision of tlie board. 
- As the. ia.yr. stands censoring can- 
not be applied to the talkers. Now 
appears bbard will pass on picture 
portion of the feature and make no 
attempts to touch the dialog. 

2 Crews-Stars-Directors 
On EDgiish-Spanish Version 

Hollywood, Sepit, 10. 

Sono-Art will produce '.'Blaze of 
.Giory" in both English a.nd Spanisli. 
Eddie Bowling does the English 
versIOTi,: Renaud iloffman directing, 
and Jose Bohr - stars in the Spanish 
footage . with Andrew Stone di- 

lioth ;versl.bns will be made at the 
same time, two crews alternating on 
thei same speries. 

. -Title of the Spanish ybriiibn will 
be "Sbmbras de Qlof-ia." It will be 
released in- both silent'.; ind dialog 
throughout the ■ i^tln-American 
countries. ^ ' 

British Film Field 

By Frank Tilley 

Talkers Enter Egypt ■ 

■ ';■■■> ■ .■-. , , , '. . ■ . .' CairD,\ Sept.. -10. . '.^ 
Paramotirit; 'has japplled to th^ 
jnlniistry of the iriterlbr; Egyptian 
government; for pornilssion to ' ex-r 
hibit .Its sound pictures in this terri- 
tory and tlie application^ has,: been 
fbrihajiy approved. : Accordingly the 
first Paramount sound picture .will 
b0 : .shown at the Royal Cinerria, 
Alexandria. - .... - 

\ Universal, alisb hAs . taken action to 
Open .tlie cbyritry .to its product. and 
''Show .Boat'', presently will flicke^ 
Ori the Nil^^^ 


Manila, Sept, 10. 

Two local theatres are making: it 
a jt-ace to be the first with wired 
equipment. Rialto and Majestic are 
both putting in Anierican installa- 
tioris. Latter is to change its name 
to the Radio theatre. 
• -Representatives of Lyric theatre 
aro now in the :Ui' S. purchasing 

lOTT LEFT $50,000 

. Los Angeles, Sept 10. 

Lorl -Lcni, widow of Paul J^ni; 
German director who died here last 
week, filed pctilibn for letters oC 
administration to the estate pf her 

Value 1& placed at $50,000. 


iFirst WofW Preniiere of 
U. S. Release Abroad 

London, Sept. 10. 
World premiere of Gloria. Swari^ 
son's, "Thia Trespasserj" . Arnericain 
made talker, at the. jNew Gallery 
einema last night, ttirned but •to.^e 
a sensational ' smash, both in re- 
ception of star' arid picture, and In 
the public demonstriatibn. tliat , ac- 
companied the first performance.' 

Police resefves were -called .upon 
When a . mob of 6,000 Jammed Re-r 
gent street at the new house; Bobbles 
with linked arms were drawrt up 
for two blbcks leading tb the en- 
trance. They could .no.t 'control the 
crowd which broke :thrbugh arid 
swarmed into the lobby, ; Miss 
Swanson was cheered .for fifteen 
minutes upon her. arrivfi,!. / 
, By the tlm,e the house was filled 
and the doors closed, the out.side 
crowd had grown, to 6,t)00. Waiters 
tried to rush the gates; The star 
hprseif sat,. Incorispicuously among 
the fans, but was spotted after the 
picture had started and a new dcm- 
onstratiori organized. 

It became so noisy that: they had 
to stop the picture and Miss. Swari-' 
son called to. the stage where she 
was cheered fbr aribther peribd.. A 
similar outbreak of cheering at the 
end of the film brought the star 
forward on the stage again.- . Same 
thing happened wheri she left -the 
theatre and faced a big crowd that 
had waited for her exit. 

Picture has had serisatibnal pub- 
licity and the whole affair: puts Miss 
Swarison right at the top as.a talk- 
irig picture name in England.. 

It's the first world premiere for 
an American picture, abroad. "With 
the high Interest In .. talkers oyer 
here, the Swanson set up was per- 
fect. ■ 

London, Sept.' 10. 
Gloria Swansori went on the air 
here Sept. 5 at 10.15 British tinie in 
a broadcast by Broadcast- 
ing Co. 

Feature was relayed through all 
British stations and also on short 
wave length to the States, from 

Screen star spoke greisitings and 
sang ,"Ix)y.e*'. .from. 'IThe . Tres- 
passer," closing, ■with i^^^^^^ 
bye" speech. - 

According to advices sub.sequentiy 
received l&y Jos. P, Kennedy, the 
whole broadcast was picked up by 
the National Broadcasting Corp. In 
the V. : S. :an<l a cbmiil ete riecord of 
ft ■riiechanically . recordbd by - RCA 
Phbtophoriev; ■ .'. 


iaos for $25,000 

London, Aug. 30; 
A featurfe. of :the last year and i , 
half has been proriiotlons . of public 
compapiei?. : Some oic thej^e; have; 
been flat tamps; ; Pialulent flgilres, 
fak9^ valuiations,. shoestring, under- . 
writing arid .issuing, More 
than one issue ' has, bfeen made .. 
through a firm the head of which ig 
under suspicion, of being conriected 
with Jacob Factor. : / 

- Several iss.ues whic h the piublic 
-has riot sul^sciUbed to except lor 
vulgar fractiori, have been- lett With. : 
thfeir stopk by . detaultiiig under- 
writers, just little ' coiriri-iissiori* ■ 
grabbers wrlio. got theirs, if the pubr. 
lie : fell hard enough, arid who .left' 
their cbriimitriifciits' flat if the stock . 


One. of these : >ya's Internationai . 
Talkirig : Screen Productions a 
merger . including - Rayartj British 
Screeri,: Staakon of Berlin,' and De-^ . 
russa, ; a Russb-Gcrriiari ■ concerri. 
This coriipany heldvits first mebting 
this 28th arid George Pearson told 
the stockholders, suits vwiere beings, 
filed against tlie defavvltersv riieanr;:, 
while the .subsidiary, conipariiea' 
were flriaricing themselyes. 

This , is just a side issue bf the 
situation. ' Committee of /the Stock 
Exchange ' this week altered its . 
riiles arid slipped a Vlarning to sev-: 
eral membet-s of the Exchange that 
the typfe of market-rigging coriimbn 
Over the last year must .stop. ' : 

One alteration is in the grariting 
of applicatibris to deal in stock of . 
new issues. This week the. coni- . 
riiittee . has turned down" the. appli-. 
batlon of thie recently formed Edi- 
bell Co., a concern marketing a disk, 
system in. conjunction with the Edi- - 
son-i3iell Talking Machine Co. 

Edibell Co. has been told its. stock 
will not be dealt. in on the Exchange 
Until it-has iiresented its first year's 
accounts. Similar action Is: to be , 
taken .with all i.ssues Vv'lilch consist 
of ideas and thobries not commbr- 
cially proven: '■ ; . 

. Further and^ far^rfachir^g. altera- • 
tlon^ to the Stock Exchango' rules ; 
oblige a company, director •tp.. ,hol.d 
more than a nominal stock quali.:^-. 
catloni prohibit- hlni from: voting ori. . 
any contract in" which he lias a pri- 
vate interest, and order soven clcair 
days before a general .meeting a full 
Statement of .iccount.s must be 
lodged with ; the secretary of . the 
share and loan depavtmprit of the 
Stocli .Exchange. 

" More, than one: of .thesje rule re- 
vislohs will affect the attempted . 
stock :issue of Masterpiece 
Films .Cb., from the board of -wliich ■■ 
the notorious Havry. Lambert has 
now vanished, and whos<c name a"nd 
eonnectioij_iS;Carefuily omitted, from : 
the. ''particulars!' Is.sued in place of ■ 
a prospectus. 

No public issue is to be ma<le, the 
alibi being the. .Ayhole ' Of the .un- 
issued stock has been bought, by "a 
:'well-knowri city house," which wilt 
putit bnto the stock market. Teah? : 
if the Stock Exchange cornriiittee 
say so! This "well-kn.bwn bUy 
house" is one- Sir -W. O'Connor, 
cbnnected with English and Foreign 
Trust. And other things; Including 
some filni flotations ."which are now 
In the happy po.sition of having un- 
loaded their stock at. a premium and 

(Continued on page 66) 

^ W Sept. io. 

■ Egypt's ■ only pictur/3 studio . at 
Helfpolis turned out three pictures 
last year at a total cost of 425,000. . . 

About 50 lOgyptian houses bought 
the pictures, says the report to the 
Department of Coriiriicrce. 

. Par,. Moves . Paris Base 
■ : : . • Paris. Sept. 10. 

Paramount i.s^clO'sing'itsfi^lcCBTTDTi^ 
the Champs Elysdes. and moving to 
quarters in the Paramount theatre 


Oct. 1 (Lbndbn tb New York) 
Klmberly and Page, Marry iBurhs 
and Co., Rita Forde (George Wash- 

Sept. 21 (New York to rai'isy. Mi': 
atnd ;Mrs.- B.; P. Shulbcrg (He de- 

: Sejht. . -20 . (New ' ■york to I?a.rls)» 
Bernie FlriOman (lie de France). - _ 

Sept, 16 (London to Now York)", 
Mortbn. Downey,^ Bob Fisher (Olyn** 
pic):-.:v' •:'•'• ■ . ^ 

Sept. - 13 (New York - tb : I-ondOJi>; 
Ben Bernie • arid orchestra, ; -Nell- 
HamMton (Bremen). :. 

Sept. 11 (London to Now York). 
Yvette Rugcl. (Olympic), 

Sept;. 7 (London to ... New York) . 
Edgar .Sehvyni Oeorgotte Cdhin*. 
■William A. Brady (Borongaria); 

Sept. /? (New York to l'ari«) Eq 
Ballard,: Ma urict! Goodnian (He 

Sc'ptv 6 (Now York to London)( 
Thornton Wilder (Lapland). . 

Sept. 5 (Sydney to San l.'ranoisoo) 
A.:s. Byron, Vera Gonild (TUlilti)- 
VSopt. 5 (Paris to Now VoriO I^" 
T5^lSityTBrcm6Tr)T'~- '. 

Miss Lillie's- First. 

Los Angclos, Sept. 10. ■ 
Boatrioo LilliQ is traveling to New 
York on private affair.q. She Is diio 
back on the coast In November for 
her first talker. 

The Tiller Dancing Schods 

of America, Inc. _ 

64 WEST 74th ST.. NEW YORK 

M Any READ,. Proi'l<'.ent 

Phono Endlcnft Jl2U.-« 
New ClaeseB Now I'ormWr 

Wednesday, September 11^ 1929 



Outdoor Lure, Departing Visitors 
Cut Into London Tlieafa^ 

. Lon4oni Sept. ip. 
Sept T maLkea the IGth finig Saitxir- 
^S7 In succession , In libiidon with 
the consequent blow to theatre box 
oinces In the lure of outdoors. Be- 
mldeai hundreds of thousancljs are 
drawn by the. Schneider cup races, 
ind moreover the depp.r.ture of Au-^ 
. ipust visitors has been enormpUs. 


Sydney; Sept 10, 
Returns on reveiiue to the Com^ 
monwealth for the period April ; to 
At the Adelphl "Erothers'V has not I fuly, just made public, disclose 
yet deflnltely caught on and itf fate, e^^^^ 
hangs in the balance. , ■ and . race track vastly liii excess of 

"The Cup pf Kindness'*- is rd return 'on amusements- through 

«teadily to fair business -dLt the Ald- 

•'By Candle liight" at the Crl- 


Figures are 1208,616 for all 
amusement taxes paid and 1412,050 

terion dropped sharply for {ji. time, for jocUc^ and betting im- 

but novyr has .i?bne upV due partly to | 
the publicity attendfhg the scndi^ 
of another company to the States; 
and partly" , to the eom.mcht b.rouglKt 
about by .Leslie Faber's death.! t 
■■ was , on Its last logs, . apparently- 
/when it caught; its second breath.' 
"T«ss'' -aS ;Sto|3-Ga|j:'. 
"Tess Of the .Diirberviiies" reyiyal 
was put in the .Dtilce of York's as a 
'stbp-ga.p, accomplished its purpose' 

CarriUo's Slant-Eye 

Sydney, Sept, 16^ 
^ Wong Wing, Leo Carrillo's Chin- 
ese .drcss6r, all but started a new 
Far East situation, when the- stage 

, , crew, at the. Criterion here threat-. 

and closed Sept 7, after keeping, oned to strike because the Celestial 
the house open several . week* and' was not. a! member In goocl standing 
even, turning a slight profit Of the Australian : Theatrical Union-. 

.''L0ye L^e3•^: IS doing well at the . Carrillb offered to pay all fees to 
Gaiety, while 'f'These Pretty, Things" ; make Wong Wing ah Hon. union 
at the Garrlfck never got i>t-ppcrly member, biit ' the. union couldn't see 
Btarted and is struggling .along. ^yith meeting. Chini boy socially. Issue 
poor takings. . ; ; ; ; / was taken formally - to^ eourt arid 
*!The .First. Mrs., Fraser" is bi^: at 

the Haymarket,. holding to high fig.- 
ures with a steadiness that augurs 
'.well for Its future, 

"Mr. Cinders" atr the HippOdrome 
.Is toppihg the Adelphl, : with nightly 
takings running close to $3i000, 
: generally exceeding ^that figure.' 

'^Bittei- Sweet" at His Majesty's 
Is enormous. Two performances 
Wednesday pf . ' last week went to 
|6,000 and high gro3S(es are. steady. 
Co-ops in SJurhp; 

The CO-Optimlsts at the Vaude 
vlUe got away , to a rurihing start 
and held a swift pace for. a while 
Then it went wobbly, necessitating 
a hew edition Sept. 6 with Gilbert 
Ohilds added to the cast Group. Is 
understood to have aba.ndoned its 
original goal of running In tiondOn 
until the Motor Show, in October,, 
then touring ahd,returriing to lioh 
don around Christmas, 

"Wake Up ahd Dream'' at the 
Pavilion In; roanding iput Its . twenty 
flfthi week showed considerably ihore 
for that period than "This Year of 

the. tribunal ruled that a^.uhiop- man 
mijst. be, paid scale Iri the. capacity 
of .dresser, Wong acting , as pro- 
duction supervisbr, 

Berlin Has 3 Hits in 7 Starts; 

'"Grand Hoter B'way Prospect 



BOOK/' Carroll Theatre N. y. C. 

The Brooklyn "Times'.' said: 

' - - London, ■ Sept, . 1. 
What's ShOwden got. ta solve 
that's tougher than this,: . .Maurice 
Elyey wants to know. His wife,' 
Isobiei'Elsoni, was . all set to do "The 
Injfinltie Shoeblack", and folloijv it 
wlth^'Emma Itamilton" when a 
wire- came .at the last rrilnute from 
the Penv&r stock- saying they'd 

•c?ir^toi, Vl® My^l^^f". I taken up ihelr'^tlOn: Contract 

out of the production all evening r*^^®^ wouldn t take no for an '^an 
with his familiar eccentricities that s^®** ^o she waved good-bye to 
brought lilm fame In vaude.ViUe and J "The Infinite Shoeblaclc." Mary 
which were a delight tb tile opening | Newcombi American, Walked, into it 

for a hit 
.^hat of Isobel Elsom ? 

A.ight ajldience.'. 

-Dirjectibn' V 


1560 Broadway ; . . . 

Triangle Tiieiite Starts^ 

Possession of Casino, 
I, ' Paris, at 10,000,000 Frs. 

: Paris^ Sept 10. 
Yarha proposes to stage "Good 
News" at, tiie Casino de Paris. Only 
detail remaihirig- is possession of 
that; house. Negotiations are .on 
with yoUorra for the transfer/ for 
which .: the latter asks . 10,000,000 
francs, transaction involving p>ass- 
ing of the lease. !. 

Deal Is close ■ to completion and 
probably will be fixed this week. 


by--law3 say that aliy visiting ac 
tress playing in America can .be on 
gaged only on condition that jf . play 
is pulied off the visiting . ac tress 
dan't go into ainot.her show : until six 
months : haive passed , between : her 
arrlvai : ind the rievv, rol^^^^ 
Parb; Thpatl*P iSi^nQftn T then happens when one. is playing 
jrariS .. l neaire OeaSOn stock and the show .automatically is 
Paris, Sept. ,10. V piuiied o 
Appr oprlatoly etiough the fall pror ; Accordlhg t6 Elvey it means the 
duction season opened here with a actress cah-t ; act again for six 
tpildly successful piece,.;, '^Arthur,^' nionths. ; Who pays? Equity' or the 
dealing in k .rathier audacious way stock company? "rhat's the laiigh 
with the dohiestlc triangle, i Neither. Elvey.saiys his wlf« rareljr 

ment, . writes (says; h6 follows her through 

Piece Is triviar in plot but risky "Variety")/ biit can't follow any 
in situation. Has to/ do with the .body on this 
professor'^ of a beauty ; parlor, : Meanwhile Miss Kewrcbmb goes 
whOse flirty wife comes near to dis- into "Emma'Haniilton'' a;hd Elvey, 
covery in her affaire /With a lover. hoping to give his latest picture a. 

Her country cousin steps: Into the mild plug, thinks it's just about 
emergency ind sdves day by marry- "High Treason.' 
Ing the lover. Arthur, the beauty [ 
exlpert, makes the girl a sensational 
beauty by the exercise oit his art, 
and . at the finale she takes a lover 
Of. her owh.. . Boucot plays the 


O'Neil Sketch Mild 

London, Sept. 10. 
Peggy 0''Nell showed her new 
sketch, Vlt Must Se . Love," at the 

It turned out to. be a 

Grace," Cochran revue at the iaime I rather anaemic affair, i)ut got oyer 
house last year. Producer is still °^ the strength, of the star's popu 
unw:illipg to take the piece off, al- parity. 

though Its successor is being made 

. "The Siiow's-.the Thihig," playing 
.the Lyceum at popular prices, is 
piling: lip: big figures. "This Is the 
Grade Fields show which originally 
started at the Victoria Palace, 

She Is supported by Alec Fraaer 
and Haddon . Mason. . 

ort Casino Switch 

Paris, Sept 10. 
Report Is about that Varna and 
Murder on the Second Floor" Is I Pufrehne are negotiating ito take 
making no headway at the Lyric, over the Casino die . Paris, which 
and Jtnother that lags is "Hold | they propose to use .fOr a new. revue 
" Mlstinguettie and Earl 

R.evue is already in rehearsal, but 
understanding was that it was 

Everything" at .the Palace, never I featuring 
fully successful and now doing but Leslie, 
moderately. ~ 

"Journey's End" continues to be 
the sensation at the Prince of Wales, | ai^ied for the . Palace, 
leading the town and playing with- 
out a vacant seat. 1 A * f o £.M. 
. "The Matriarch"- moves along Australian ffofats 
fairly,, making smaU profits with a Sydney, Sept 10. 
small operating cost Hoyt's theatre here reports net 
"The Middle Watch" is highly | Pi'oflt for the fiscal year lately con- 
Buccessful at the Shaftesbury, gross, eluded , at $495,0 
runiTing. around $13,006 ii vveck right; 




Pictures,. ... 

. Picture Reviews. ; . .. 
Film House Reviews 
Vaudeville V....... 

Vaude Reviews: . 
New Acts. .... 


Times Square. 

Women's Page 
O.bituary ... 


InsidGL-Picturcs ...v. 
InRido— Vaude 

TalUinjf Shorts...;,,.. 

I terati 

* • • * • 

• *..•' » • • • • • 

» »' a. •. 4 • 


. ^ • « 4 • « « • 

• ••••• 


. -. 4r34. 

. ■ . 48 


62-53 ■ 
•■• 18 

Legit IWlows! ! ! ] ' !* 
foreign. Film News...,. 
■Burlesque . , 
^adio ....... 

Night Clubs!.. 
News Of Dallies 
Letter List . . . 



- 65 


Paris, Sept. 10. 
Georges Carpentior, comedian, not 
the boxer,, wais found dead In, his 
hotel roOm, probably ; a . vlctihi of 
heiart . disease, - He had: played as 
usual the previous evening In "Car- 
.naya;i-' at the Capuciries theatre. 

Carpehtier. was a leaiding.memiber 
and also -one of the founder!? of the 
Actors' .tJnIon. He was prominent 
in the actors' strike a few .years 
I ago,, but had never achieved a, lead- 
ing place On the stage.: He was 63. 

Wiley:. Watson's Break 

Hollywood, Sei)t 10. 
Wlioy Watson, Australian musica:l 
coiriody player, stopped oft here eh 
route to London and. visited M-G. 
Sam Wood spotted and nabbed him 
for a .smaJ.l part in "Cottoii and 
'ti}llk :"— ~ — r^-!---- - — comedian leaves for New 
York this \veek. • 

Bob Fisher Bereaved 

London, Sept. 10. 
Bob Fisher has received news of 
the death of his father In New York, 
and .sails on the He de , Firance 
Sept 1«. 

"Brothers'' Near^Mit 

London, Sept, 10. 
Edgar Waillacjel has taken virynd- 
ham's tinder 16ase» ais a home for his 
own production output. ■ 

His regime beglnis with the open- 
ing at Wyndham's oif hlsl piece, "The 
Calendar," now touring and due in. 

London. Sept 10. 
"Brothers," reyirritteh and pro: 
duced by Edgar Wallace with; Hirt 

ley Power in the dual roles played | London this month. 
In Ney?' York by Bert Lytell, was 
cordially received at .the Adelphl, 

SubsequiBnt perform&nceii ihave [ EmersOn-Lbos Ncw Plav 
had a fair attendance and irenerally _ v . 

It looks: like a ino^erate BUCCM^^ lyOniJon^Sept, 10; 

Newspaper comment giy^ praise to John .Emerso 

Power and Ben Weldeh, the litter Loos, are here f rorn : the, :contihent 
as Oily Joe. Rieinalhder of the: cast headisd for. honae late this 

is IndlflEerent , . . . ^ - : :. month. -Emerson .said he is carry: 

ing iaround a completed play by. 
himself and the missus and hopes 
to "Inveigle some gullible mandger" 
I Into. prbducihg'.It. 

.Emerson has recovered from the 
I throat- trouble from which he siif- 

*8 Round Trip 

Parjsl,. Sept 10. 

William A. Brady sailed Satur- 
day for New York on. the Beren- 
garia wltti the ; partlniT word he 
would -be Tight back, in time for the 
premiere, of Wyn's prodiiction of 
"Street Scene," which Brady pro- 
duced in New YorJc 

Piece is set for the Apollo. 

- — — • — '■ ■ ' ' ' 


Tom Webster the noted English I Campbell & Connelly, 

cartoonist was married In New j transaction 
York Thursday by Mayor Walker Signed yesterday with Robbins, 

to Mae Flynn, Amferlcaii, formerly subsidiary of Metrb-Gold- 
on the stage. . | wyn; 

Webster canae oyer, here .to psten 

slbiy visit Hollywood; but ifter Hel iiVrAy^ p^p;^,^,,^ vn&krv 

had married. The couple met k y^ar | ''^^^ FINALE 
ago when Webster was on this side 

Metro's Music Rights 

London, Sept 10. 
Musical product created in con- 
nection with Metro-Goldviryn film 
activities will be published In Ehg- 

They will live In; London. 


r Zurich^ Sept 1^. 
The Revellers are thfe leading at- 
traction here, ifo.r the moraieint hut 
opera , and concert stars of world re- 

Lohdon, Sept 16. 
"Hold Everything" Is set to close 
at the Palace Nov. 2. with an Eng^ 
llsh piece, still uhnamed, to succeed. 
Newcomer has been written by Joe 
Tuhbridge.wlth niUsIc by Jack /\^al 
ler. • ■;- ". 

A three-week br6ak-ln wilt be 
fixed to Include Blrrrjingham. Cast 

nown are promised soon. : Ambng I Is not yet ehgaged with the ex^ 
them are Galli Curd, Glgll, ttelfetz, ceptlon of Sidney Howard. Uridcr- 
Maria lyoguen, Krelsler^ Lehmann, ground report is that Nelson Keys 
Piccaver and Rachmaninoff. I is also likely. 


London, Sept 10. 
Maslova, :entlrely re<:overed fromi 
the breaking of a leg llga:miBnt, 
opens at the Hansa. theatre; Berlin, 
early In bctobcr. 

"Deck" After "RosjjjUyi.ariel,:^. 

Paris, Sept 10. 
Last performances Of "Rose- 
Marie" are announced at the Moga- 
don ■ . . 

Upon Its departure; Tsola Bros 
are producing "Hit the Deck," prob- 
ably In early Octoi)er. They have 

"Letter" Due in Paris 

Paris, Sept; 10. 
Horace Carbuccla has completed 
arrangements to pro.sent Somerset 
Maugham's ;vyhe Letter" In ai 
French version at the Athence, fol-: 
lowing the current re Vival of "Man 
with the ah-lvai of cooler autumn, 

Yvette Rugei West Bound 

London, Sept 10. 
Yvette Rugel is sailing for New 

brought over .a large company, of York tomorrow (Wed.) on 4he 
P:3ngll3h boys and glrla for thie pro- Olympic, rofuslng to take ptovVi- 
ductlon under Max River*. Iclal dates. 

Benin, Sept 10. : 
Berlin stage season started wtt^ 
a bang, the week dlscloslnis four 
substantial' successes,' two that look 
like moderatei money and one that 
looks Only fair fOr short 

Lieader of . the, new group in popu- esteem 'seems to be "Two Neck- 
ties,'- review by Georige Kayser 
with niiislc -by Micha ..Spoliansky 
which JOOkis set for a solid run at: 
thei Berllriertheatre. Kayser; the 
serious ■dramatist, hasn't pVovIded 
much by way; of; book,' but there la 
enough .to hang SpOlIansky's charm- 
ing Score upon. . 

Story ha:s to do .with a waiter 
who changes ne.cktieS with a 
swindler in order ; to help him - to a 
getaway. By his action. :he wins a 
trip to America, ' lea Vlhg his "Ger--. 
man ; swoetheart .: biehlh.d.,;^..!^^^^^^ the 
States he-is all set to marry;a great ; 
heiress, but at the last: minute he 
Calls Into a sentimental Triood an^ ' 
rushes ho;me, only : to flnd lthat his 
old sweetheart has' come, Into mll- 

liohs. ' ^: .■/:■'-'■ ■• ■:. 

Moore and. Lewis and .poH.ayen 
and Nice, American danGihg teamsj . 
were the twin; riots of the cvenlhff.~ 

Birth Control Theme. ; . . ;. 
• Amoni?. dranij^^^ the/sensai 
t(ort Is "Cyankalie,*' ; by F 
Wolff, at the Lessing thieatre;* ^»ro- 
ductlon Is by a. group of llttl« 
known actbrs and is hailed as th« , 
strongest dramatic piece of. the au-. 
tiimn. it is biiUt On a birth c6nt.r<»l.: 
theme, but in too frank a- way to be. 
possible' In America e?tc^pt In. • . 
much modified form, r 

• ''Grand Hotel." 

"Grand Hotel," at the Lustsplel- 
haus theatre, .Is the . work of Paul 
FriJink, co-aUthor of "By Candl« 
Light," current success Iii iohdoii, . 
iPIece vvas well received , here. Is set 
for a, run.: arid looks llice a distinct . 
prospect i^or;Ne''":Tork. : Slight; plot 
concerns a young, man (entertainihgf . 
a girl a,t; an expensive hotel . and 
finding that he has no money. H* . 
hiakes frantic efforts to. ; obtain 
funds, having a. " money lender . 
shiuggled in as a waiter.:. Thls deal.. 
falls, but. lii the end a benevolent 
millionaire helps him oiit. of his dlf-' 
Acuity. ■;[" , 

The brilliant playing of Georrf 
Alexander in the lead contributed 
much to the pilay's; success. . ;• j 

l^an "^Roaid to Rome/* \ [: 
"The Ro?.d to Rome," at thje Koam 
nigraetz:er theiatre, got sorhethln^ of-' 
a panhlnsr in one jourhai ais "a,n oiit^ 
of-date imitktlon of Bernard ShatV.**' 
Public reception;.was morO: frlendlit . 
Maria Bard Iri the role created ' 
Jane Cowl, was weH liked. . | 

; More Americans., I 

The Happy End," operetta, at th< 
Schiffbauerdamm theatre. Is founded 
on a magazine story by the Amerli< 
can, Dorothy Lane, but In stai^4r 
form .Is more the work of the 
adaptier, Bert BreOht Management 
here hoped to score a repeat on Itfl 
successful "Beggars' Opera," pt ikst 
season. Trouble In the new piece Is 
lack of plot, although sbbre by Kiiti 
Well Is first rate. 

'^n Chicago 30 Tears Ago" is the 
curious title of a play dealing with 
the corifllct of a crook and a Sailvar-. 
tlori Army lassie,, ending In the 
matrlmoT|ial ellftch. . It is exception^-: 
ally weii played and .expertly 
directed,, but looks like .six weekfl 
at best. 

"'the Micrchant of Berlyn," by 
Waiter Mehrlng, Is . an interesting 
bit of shrewd "satire on society In 
the days of. post-war inflation. H«i« ■ 
to- do with a Polish Jew who be- 
comes rich in ; operiitions ; in paper 
marks and then goes broke thro.ugh ; 
the same medium. Play has lively - 
types and sidelights of Berlin life.; 
Producting by Piscator touches re^ 
markable heights of stage effect. In- 
cluding revolving stage, iise of tt'ap-; : 
doors and two^ moving runways. . 
. ::Sure to enjoy a Ibng run o.n -the 
sensational angle. ': 


Lohdoin,..Sept. 10. 
; Action by Lee lOphivijm osralnijt '' . 
tJnltcd I?rdduotIoh and Sir Alfred: 
September or early October is dam-' 
age' suit Etrowlhg out of recent 
ing of Ephfalm from parLner-ship In 
a ff)rmPr producing, concern. 

Kphralm is . dt^manding $150,000; 
'lamages, and case is rej?ariled as 
raLslrig tmpurtant points In theat- 
rical trado custom.. ■ Sir Patrick' 
ir-istinar,? Is r'Dijn.sel for pkiinnrc and 
IsTorman Blrket.t represents Butt 


Wednesday, September 11, 1929 

■ V :.;V •, itios ■■Angeles, :i5?eptv jlO;-. ;■; 

: It is . understood that U. i*-. Pair 
Uy. operator oif thej Ginema Schools; 
w ill , have to face- trie . Grand Jury 
to substantiate iaccusations of an 
extortion . plot brought by. hini 
, against city, county aiid staLte offl -: 
Cials. Dailey, his \srife, W. E, "Wagr 
Tier and R; P. Shideler; dictated! 
statement^ irt: the Pity PirpsecUtpr's 
.Offlce. last' week. 'Accusing .certain 
City Officials of taKlnS $4,000 from 
iiirig. . Dailey f or the ..aileged purpose 
of bribing attaches of the! District 
Attorney's office to preyient issuance 
of a cornplaint against Pailey on a. 
.charge of fraud and grifind theft. in 
connection .with a 173,000 . stock 
transaction. :When thel statements 
were presented tp.^rjailey both . he 
and hig^assocsiates repu^ them' 
and , refused to sign. As a result 
trie mitter was turhed oyer: to . the 
pistridt ; Attorney for ; investligation 
anid. it vis undersfopd by City Prioser 
«utpr. Nix that Dailey will b.e 
brought before the grand jury tri is 
month a,rid forced to substantiate 
his charges or else. 

Theise .:accusations: of Dailey's 
were a .riohibshejl at a preliminair.y, 
hearing of the cases against jDailey j; 
in " the ■ trpspcu tor's ■ .office • at 
Whicri both he and attaeliGs of riiis 
school ias well; as former pupils^^t-> [. 
tended. The meeting \vag presided' 
over by Deputy City Prosecuto.r ' R. 
F. Connor who engineered the iii- 
vestigation of the school. Connor,'. 
In conduPtiiig the riearlng, statfed 
that the matter of Dailey's contracts 
between himself and his pupils 
yrould not .be considered, as investi- 
gation- .showed that Dailey was 
U!5ihg these contracts to hide be- 
hind the skirts of . the law. 

Hearing this, Dailey became bel- 
ligerent arid launched into a vigor- 
ous denunciation of the officials 
whom he accused of hounding him. 
He denounced the officers who ar- 
rested >im and accused them of 
having accepted bribes. 
. Bribes, 
The officers immediately 'de- 
manded an investigation of riis 
charges with the result that Dailey 
was forcecl to>give statements in 
support; Tne first statement taken 
was that of Mrs. Dailey,. who stated 
that she had paid or had authorized 
W. E. Wagner to pay approximately 
$4,00.0 to certain political flxSrs, 
whose names are withhold, with the. 
uriders.tariding that they would have 
the fraud cPmplalnt (Quashed by. the 
District AtWney's office. Mrs. Dai- 
ley gave the names of all connected 
With the alleged bribe transaction., 
"Wrieh Mris. Dailey's statement 
was finished Dailey wag asked to 
give his. but he refused to talk until 
.. he had consulted his attorneys, a^ 
I did his . lieutenant, W. E. "Wagner. 
I Later, when they gave their stater 
monts, they did riot entirely sub- 
stantidte the original charges of 
Mrs. Dailey, with both Dailey and 
Wagner, in their statements,; vague 
and noncommittal ,«in<3 made 
numerous attempts to evade answer- 
ing quc.«!tion3. 

.Several days after the .statements 
were takieri' Dailey, Mr.s, Dailey, 
Wagner and Shideler were sum- 
moned to the City Prosecutor's of- 
fice to sign their statGnients. When 
they appeared they flatly refused to, 

Deputy .. District Attorneys CUae 
and yarrow were present at the 
giving, of the statements by Dtiiicy 
arid they are cpriducting ah investi- 
gation into the matter .ah<l expect 
• tp bririg it befbre the grand , jury in 

■ ;. a'^few weekg.- •■ ' 

IJeputy . City Pro.secAitpr R- F. 
' CTorinor , found : several new cbm- 
' plainanta and after taking tlieir 
stiatetnents. turned the evidence over 
tp the District Attorney which he 
believes will-, bring, additional 
charges of grand theft against Dai- 
ley, Who \vin be tried Oct. 7, on 
charges of petty thkt. and fraud. 

Another rdsultv of the investipa-. 
tipn Is the tying-up of Dafiey to a 
new and more serious, charge, ' the 
nature of which ' the Di.striot At - 
tprney refuses to reveal. 

Acrbss the/ Desk 

.' ; Holjywood, Seftt^JiO.! 
. Just recently 'a-A featured ^ 
screen player wtw let. put by a. 
studio; While wop^ 
another lot; his laiit filrii. for the . 
first, studio elicked, and he wja.s 
eailed . back to talk it over, ^ - 
After the sigriatureis hAd lieen 
scribbled on . the new cpntra.ct 
the studitr ■ head said* "Well, 
Jim, may as well tell you— you. 
could have gptteri a .thousaiid 
more." . .-. ^ 

"Yea?"; said the Jictpr. "And 
you could have gotten me for a, 
thoush.ri<i lesis," 

Injunction Against Picketing 
Under Unusual Ci 

J^e Knows 'Em 

■ ■ . A ; Natural. 



And their brides and Fiiipirio band 
playing Palace Theatre, San, Fran- 
cisco,; week of Sept. 20. 

Record breaking business. Opin- 
iori of northwest showmen, the 
greatest box office riiagnet in Amer- 
ican •.theatre.' .■ .,....v--.'. 

1405, 156.0 Br6ad^vay, New York. 


fielnnd It for Films 


First: National is giving trie Holly 
\vood extta her; first break. The IQO 
girlies iri the cbriipany's Vitaphone 
/chorus are set tp iget theirs jh thie 
limeligrit in a '\iray that will! put 
therii on a: publicity and mug foot- 
ing with the biggest stars. 

;"Exatlin£i ,triie Holly W Beauty" 
is the slogan admitted by the orig 
iriator, Charlie Einfeld, to have been 
partly; 'irigplred by Zieggy's treat 
riieht of his ipwri Mpmen. 

;The girls will: be taken orie by 
one a:nd built up in natiprial frames. 

Maxine Cantway is the first of 
the century to- undergo the hah- 
dling. She has;come out with breaks 
in 70 rotos, nof^ to mention the type 
inspired by the idea that put her 
over as Hollywood's, typical chorine. 
Others.wiU be picked for their eyes, 
teistrii gams, dancing arid singing 
prdclivities and whatever might be 
gotten oyer ais the possessor of a 
.maximum quantity of any particu- 
1 lar qualily, 

Lotus and Suaar 
The two. girlies to follow Maxine 
are Lotus Dear and Sugar Geisse. 
It is admitted those with the queerr 
est cpgrioni^ris will be the first to ije 
handed to the city .«ds. of . the land. 
• First. National is so. sUre of its 
stuff, with its. recent tie-up with a 
cosmic company that will, put 
photos of any kind in 20,000 drug 
windows, thit an executive allowed 
himself to exclairii: , 

I'Why the: papers and stores \yill 
cat . it up. Just irnagirie Ricriard 
.Bai'thelmess with his arm draped 
around ari unknown in natty attire. 
And how these girls pan pose! .It'll 
make 'em knPwn like they never 
couid - have been known, eVen in a 
corner in . Hollywood. . 

"They'll be a lot riibi-e valuable 
to the company, too. We espect 
an offer from Morris Gest for 50 of 
them in his ne\v show. Imagine 
how that will help! 

"The tirrio hai3 conVe.-when a pretty 
girl, just bePause she. hapiiens to 
be an extra,, will .no longer hav6 
to wait for a fat salary before the 
I people know her nariie." . 

"cockIvHorlo" ok 

j' . - Ottawa, sept^ 10. 
''Cock Eyed WprldV has been 
passed by. the Ontario BOard of Pic- 
ture Censors with phly two dele' 
I tions.' 

It: will be rel.eased in Canada 
within a few \yeeks; : 

Another Comebac 

• Denials are' made of : any Over-;, 
tures ;ioOking toward ari absbrptipn 
or merger .hetweeri .RadiolrKelth- 
Orpheuriri (Radip Pictures) and Tif - 
fany-StahL Both have been in 
ratheip intimate association of late 
through each in cpirt junction, sub - 
niittlng a \'5imiiar prbiiosal to . the 
Ihdependerit exhibitors for a product 

It is said triat R-K-O issued in- 
structions to the Keith circuit tP 
give ."r-S pictures as much of a 
break as might be convenient for 
the new season. This was tdken 
as indicating more than a friendly 

li. A. Young,, the Detroit capital- 
ist, is behind T-S find with a re- 
ported investment '. to - date in that 
indie producer of arpund $4,000,000. 
A ruriibr spriiie. weeks ago that the 
Gianhini? of the coast had made an 
offer to buy out Young and take 
over.T-S was denied by TrS at the 
tim.e and not pririted. 

Another story strongly in evi- 
dence in the banking district is that 
T-S and Louis B. Mayer are talking 
over Mayer going with the producer. 
Mayer is uridcr a Metro contract 
arid Is believed to be in full syrii- 
pathy and fayor with the Fox peo- 
ple on a riiutual admiration basis. 

While Mayer and t-S deny any 
dickering,, the banking fraternity fa- 
miliar with : the picture business 
persist in repeating there is some- 
thing to it. 

A recent certificate filed by T-S 
in Albany stated its capital stock of 
25,000 shares at $25 will be changed 
to 50,000 shares, no par. ;. 

Hollywood, Sept. 10. 
Lew Liptpn, one . of; the Mr 
G-M studio, smart; crackers, 
walked into thp studio restau- 
rant arid; saw- a copy of ; "Col- 
lege Humor" on the cashier's 
iflesft. He shouted; 
, "Page Al. . Btoasberg, .he left 
his script behind," 


Wants Release From M-G; 
Josepbine Dunn's Tanning' 

; . Hollywood, Sept. 10. 
Belieying her . earning pbv^er iS; 
far in excess of what M-G-M is 
paying her on a .five-year contract^ 
with three more years to go, Jo- 
sephine Dunn Is asking her release. 
Request is on the grounds that she 
is being farmed put for more pic- 
tures to other producers than she is 
makirig; with M-G-M. 
' Miss Dunn has played featured 
parts in 14 pictures in the past 16 
.riioriths. Eiight of these are said to 
be with: outside pbmpaniisa. Her 
prescrit salary with M-G-M .is be 
lieved to be under $500 a week. 

Every • uriknown singer who has 
gopds on the air sufficiently .attrac- 
tive i.s a .potential film star, pro- 
viding; ; 

That a Aim executive is listening 
in. arid that after selling hina sym- 
metry of her tonality unseen in the 
night she is able to physically coni- 
pare with her Trocal ware's the ne?ct 
day before the camera.- 

Fiirii . casting, this, way over the 
air is no. myth. It is actually loom- 
ing up ais the latest contribution to 
the upheaval technique ushpred . iri 

by sound. ■ : 

Already on© important film man 
has been captivated ; by -a voice in 
this manner and' others around New 
York who are radio fans at - home 
are alsp ;. credited With hitching up, 
business wich this foiim. of cnter- 

Only last week R. H. Cochrane of' 
Universal heard a female voice that 
charmed him to such an extent he 
ordered . Paul Gulick to check Sta- 
tion WABC arid bring the girl in 
for a screen test. 

The damsel, at first reluctant to 
appear,, finally insisted that she 
knew what it was all about before 
putting on the show. Paul had kept 
this under coyer, not wishing tP em- 
barrass the .wonrian, shpuld the form 
fail to meet up .with the vpice* 

iri this particular case the me- 
teor failed to materialize. "The prp- 
bo.scis, through which the ; delicate 
tones that had sold Cochrane the 
night before had partly emanated, 
was abriprmaliy long. And, the girl 
admitted,; the long panties included 
in some of her stilLs were a neces- 
sity. She was also bow-legged. . 

But Cochrane is still a good lis- 
tener arid /will repea,t the act the 
next time he is similaixly .impressed 
by a voice, 

Paul, who is theme song buyer in 
addltiori to being U'3 publicity chief, 
will only comment: 

"Yei5, but how deceptive a voice 
can be!" .'. 

The owners of the .1492 Madison • 
Avenue Amusement Corp., which 
bought the film . tlieatre therie last 
June from the B. & J. Amusement 
Corp. and opened It on July 4 with , 
themselves doing all the work aboUt 
the theatre, secured an injunction 
frpm Supreme Court Justiice;Crain ■ 
Thursday' against Sam Kaplan, as . 
president of the Moving .Picture 
Operators' Union, Local 306, and trie 
members of the organizations The. 
court directed that the defendants •. 
refrain frorii blockading the ap- ■,. 
proachea to the theatre and inter- . , 
feririg with the plalihtiff'a business. ,i 

Morris Leff, prealdentr said in 
asking for the injunction that after 
he and his associates had opened 
the theatre an agenit ; of the union 
came around and demanded that a : 
union operator be .employed,. The 
agent was told the plaintiff's oper- 
ator was Walter . Steiner, yice- 
president, 'director : and a stock- 
holder, and pointed out to the agent 
that the rules of the union do not 
permit a bass Or an officer or stock- 
holder of; t.hP cbrporatiort to join. 
Left said; triat Steiner is a licensed 
jbperator and th<it all the. other of- 
ficers, of trie company hold different 
joijs around trie theatre, but the . 
picketing started immediafelyi 


Hollywood, Sept. 10. 
■ ponuld Crisp i$ dropping grease 
paint to direct megaphone again. 
He was .sent east, by Paramount to 
play in "The Return of Sherlopk 
Hoime.s," and has announced this 
as his last picture as art actor. Crisp 
and Phillips Holmes have just re- 
tained from New York. 

Holly wood, Sept. 10. 

Helen Chad wick AViil play oppo- 
^;-5iT c^mi--.Sl?(Pl ly-lff^^PlTC-Sh o w-O ff- 
for; riirairiburit.' .' This ; is hoy : first 
pictvu'o in four years at a major 
studio. - 

She is anbtlior o£ the I lolly wood 
I)lay 0 rs hro;iiprh t .b.n c.K to pvon xi n rn co 
by tjiikors. P!tr.n;mount made VTho 
Show Off" B.ovoral y<sirs ago os a 
silent, with Ford. Sterling iri the 
SkoUy part. 

Fraiik Tuttlc will direct. 

Sills, Better, Back 

Hollywood, Sept. 10. 
Milton' Kills returns to First N.a- 
lional sKbrtly after Oct.' .1. He is 
I Vep'orted. to have ;complctcly rcebv 
.(n.^ed. ^rcnl::^thO-Jlin.oss,.^vlLiohlilaB 

kept him put of picl lives since; early 

sprin.g. ,. ... 

Sills will eompleto tlie two-yeni 
contract lie has \i;ul with First Xa 
tional some time before ho became 
ill. . He has boon recupoi'atin.c; in the 
.east and will stay in New York until 
after hi.-} wife, Doris Konypn, riiakes 
her debut as ix coneert Singer at the 
Selwyn theatr<f, Sept. 29 

Crocker-Chaplin Split 

Hollywood, Sept. 10. 
Harry Crocker and Charlie Chap 
_in, long time dose friends as ^eil'Ss 
studio myites, have parted. Crocker 
has resigned from —the Chaplin 
studio," where he has been for three 
yea-rk in a variety of capacities. 

..he departure leaves but two of 
the four members of the istory staff 
with which "City Lights": went into 
productiori — Henry Bergman and 
Carlyle Robinson. 

Henry Clive retired two months 
ago following a difference of opin- 
ibri ;. regarding; the temperature of 
the studio pool. The coniediari 
said it •was o.k. for him and thought 
it should be .for Clive as well. 

. Los Angeles,- Sept. 10. 

. Zita Johann appears to have es- 
tablished a record iri a. new direc- 
tion, having earned $10,000 from 
pictures without appearing in any. 

She came to Hollywood under a 
2'0-week . cbritract tp Metro at $5^0 
weekly. iJeyer assigried to a pic-., 
ture and with the period up, returns 
east with the dough but no film ex- 

Carlotta King, also with M-G-M, 
may break Miss Johann's record. 
Miss King has frittereci away fpur 
nionths of a six months' contract 
that calls, for $7.50 every payday. 
As far as known she hasri't done 
any acting to date. 

■ • ■ ' ♦ V . \. . ' .• 

Charlie's One-Man Payroll 
For J. P/s Dialog Westerns 

The first all-hoofbeat Western of 
the dime class is due here this week 
When Chas; Davis II a,rrives with 
trie can. J, P. McGov\ran, Who acts 
and writes while he directs 'em for 
Charlie,: is understood to have 
added anotrier scratch on his. pro- 
duction escutcheon— ^dialog. 

JP, a King Vidor on 8th averiue 
arid the ' Bowery, as well as small 
spots nearer west, always gets re- 
action with his' Kind of people. Now 
that his, Davis, has gone talk- 
er, sterlingly. reliable JP need only 
play dual parts : and sell the pic- 
tures, and Charlie will have a one- 
mail payroll from backyard to alley 
projection machine. 

St. John in Gang 

Los Angeles, Sept. 10. 
Al St. John, film comedian, must 
.sci'vc with tiie : County road gang 
until he. has earned $1,642 alimony 
alle ged due his former- wife, jVlrs. 

Ijntan St. jt)llTrrTrTTii3;. i s SSccn-dIn g - 
to a decision handed down by J.udge 
Conrey 'and Justices York and 
Ilbusor of the Appellate, Court. 

St. John was sentenced to the road 
gfingj. but appealed and received :i 
toniporary writ of habeas corpus. 
When he returned, to Superior Court 
for trial, the Ppiniort. of- the low^er 
court was;upheld.. 

L. A. TO N Y. 

Neil Hamilton. 

Theda Bara. 

Harry Rapf. 

Wiley Watspn. ; 

Leo MOrrjsori: . 

Walter Wbolf. 

Bugs Baer. 

Bernie Firieman 

Beatrice Lillie. • / v :;r 

Joey Ray. 

Jack Haskell. 

fiarl Luick. 

Charles Farreil.. . 

Irene Bordpni; . : 

Max Mar bin..- 

jack Lait. 

Harry Cohn. 

Frank Capra. 

Jack Holt. 

Ralph Graves.. . 

William Bcaudine. 

Samuel Goldwyn. 

John McOraii. 

N. Y. lo L. A. 

J. J. Murdbck. ' 
Louis Bern.stfiri. 
Sam Lewis, 
.Joe Young. 
Harry "Warren. 
Russell Robin.son. 

Wednesdaiy; Septembei^, 1929 





Psychologists and picture produc 
ins. don't mix. TJniveraal ha^i dis 
. covered it after practical expefi 

' - enc;©.' ■' ■.• ' ■■ ■ 

• Now the chances, pf other . lettered 

men with /'ists": erettine: a break 
with the Laemnrtle ;ljristitute, ytrhich 
goes for more Innovations of this 
kind, than' any other film company 
are admitted not so good. 
■ jiYom now. pn ■"U'hfether the' cog 
homen starts with psycho; phrene 
psychiai there must be. a little trade 
dtist ph the IcttersVbefpre Girl -will 
buy any: more r. r. tickets to iHol 
lywobcl.-' '■ :'■/" 

T.hat\s all they have to say .around 

■■■ the U headquarters over the returit 
from Lanitershiin of Prof. Marsden 
DD, Lli,. MM, ZZ, SS^ and hlisj. aide. 

'Prof. Pitidn, whbseV. letters" AVcjre 
never publiQized. . . 

The. psyplio gents went flpppo pn 
the .Coast arid were quietly yanked 
tack .. last .-week to fill:, out "the 
last; fevv. clays in their coiitracts, - It 
is iieai'd. Uitps are certain there 

. will, bend renewals or substitutes 

^.ever- again; . . ■" - ' ; 

\ When' the retaining Pf ; Prof 
. Marsden was heralded by U as 
new departure , in, picture making 
that .would insure the Slio of any 
product before it reached the cam 
era stage,, the; unsounded return of 
the psycho vi^as described as satis- 

,f;ietoi'y. The publicity. U got ntiade 
the appi'bximate $200 a week thci 
Prof, drew down okay, dW^pitc .the 

. reported lack Pf results. . 

Prof. Pitkin got only a. stick whe 
ho followed his senior to Kalif. sev 
eral months later. It Was Inferred 
that Prof. Pitkin didn't Want: what 
has shaped up as a free vacation 
to Hollywood to interefere With his 
profCing at Columbia. 

link Completion 

As a completing link in its chain 
of inter-industry^ affiliates, Para 
mount is expected to effect n.n ex 
elusive tie-up with Columbia Pho 
nograph Company witHin a fort 
night. This gives the Paramount 
group representation in. every field 
, Wherein .RCA has ramifications. ■ 

Two groups .-win then stack up 
about as follows: • 

Radio Picturea-RKO theatres and 
vaudeville — Victor - Phonograph ■ 
National Broadcasting Co, " 
. Paramount 
Paramount picture^PubliX '.thea- 
.tres-^WiUia.m; Mbrris aeency— Co- 
lumbia iJroadcastirig System. 
•. C.oiurnbia Phonograph is "a . J. P. 
Morgan holding and rates second 
only, to Victor' in the .:dlsc field. 

Brun.s wick and Sonpra are^ other 
large plionograph cpmpanles. • 

Rapf East for Material 

Hollywood, Sept. 10. 
^M-G-M will do an all-Negro re- 
^e, ^ and soon. This is besides 
tloUy wood Revue oC 1030." which 
l^.""^^^" Pt-eparatlon. Harry; Rapf 
have charge of both pictures. 
«ap£. loft here yesterday (Mon- 
,W tor New York to pick people 
ana matoriai; for,, each feature, the 
wfn u '''"^ be made first. Rapf 
y* W be a^yay j^.Q or,jlirpe:iwe.o.ks.l^ 


Holiy wood, Sept. -30. 
iro.iuoiion on "Trader Horn," bc- 
lavi I""'^ .Africa for M-G^M, de- 
coln? ■'iv^'niting the- re- 

covery „f I'Mwina IJooth. 

tevftH^r'' ''"'''"'•'^'3 a siofte of malaria 
vor fy,. p<, of two weeka. 


\\. A eon virteeij feeling is every- 
where evident in picture circles 
that the different - ; reported 
mergers- are to come to pass 
and that the- ^nd will be the 
electrics at thie. heads of . two 
filrn trade divisions. 
.' A thought often heard -is that 
William . Fox : Will eventually 
line up with Western Electric 
.{i/s one of the; . diyisi.6n.s. With 
the other presld^jd; oyer by 
: Radip..CorporatIpn (R.- C. A.) 
as the: other electrie's arm.; 
■That Fox .Is steadily getting on 
a more friendly basis wifh W. 
. E. is conceded^ 
: The cpmm oh belief is that 
Paramount and Warner^ .have 
reached a coniplete under- 
standing to complete . their 
merger, with a hitch, tf any, 
an opinion by the .Departmeat 
of Justice upioh it. 
\ .The samts Departnient's final 
opiniPh is said tp be anxiously 
awaited: by. the Fox; forces as 
a preliminary to .Fp* econornic- 
aliy . ■ cpnsolidating . Its show 

. ■ Like Paramount-Warner, the 
Pathe-Shubert proposed 'deal 
is now set, but reported await- 
ing . the apiprpyal of. : Joseph P. 
•Kennedy, at present in Europe. 
■ The : R. C^: A. division story 
is through another story that 
the parent Radio .Corporation 
has .about virtually siettled- to 
take: pver . Paramount- Warner 
•iipon the closure, though not 
at once.: The; R. . 0. A. pro- 
posal, it is said, is to buy Par 
as then rherged With Warners,; 
and with; the Par-Warner or^ 
ganization to. corttlhue to operr 
ate, : includinjg; all .of : Radio's 
theatrical, ventures. , 

From an account the basis 
of buy for R. C. A, to obtain 
control of Par- Warner would 
be around 85. 


Mayor Jimmy Walker will be; of 
the special ;party ieaving Saturday 
midnight oh a special .train for Sar 
anac to attend the private dedica 
tory cerempnials; Sunday (15) of the 
N. V. A. Sanatoriuni. The special 
train Will leave' .Saranac Sunday 
evening, reaching New York eiarly 
Monday morning. 

All of the leaders of the show 
business have received personal in- 
vitations fdrthe^^a^ from .Eddie 
Cantor, N. V. A., president, and Pat 
Case/ of the ■Variety' Managers' As- 
isociationr Ne.vvspaper and camera 
nien . and. Ltheatre stars,: besides 
prpmiiiertts putslde, the show busi- 
ness, will be on .the special as N. V. 
A. guests. 

The Sanatorium will be one of 
the show plaices of the AdirpndaokS. 
It . is to be: solely deyPted tP pa- 
tients who are members of the N. 
v. A. and rcqulre .the mountain air 
fpr their health. 

National publicity will be given 
the opening, with the. address de- 
Uvered by the Mayor, ; 

William; Morris and Charles E. 
Bray are attending to the formali- 
ies on the ground, at Saranac, 
where Morris has his summer home. 

"Sunday" Finally Wins 

Huhdred[s of Foic Houses to, 
Be Equipped— Tie-up with 
; Gen. : : Equipment - Gives 
; Him -Edige oit Rivals-^ 
./; Trade Had AlloWed Gran- 
deur Feature to Lapse 

Dubuquet Sept, 10, 
Battle, extending over two years, 
has been ended, and those .who wish 
to see pictures on Sunday in VUi 
llsco, ia,j win have it gratified. 

Voters by 354 to 331 decided In 
favor of Sunday films. It was the 
third spoeiai election oh the ques- 
tion, . 


With major .film companies hectic 
■ over wide film a few. months a.go 
and .suddenly putting the damper 
on it, claiming that it Was untimely 
£pr another hiige innovation pn top 
O^ soundy .Williani Fox's sudden un- 
VciUng of grandeur on the night of 
Sept. 16,. with prppaganda sinfiui- 
tanepusly in circulation that within 
the next six months there will be 
hundreds; of. .Fox . houses with in- 
stallations, threatens to work up an- 
other Beries of upheavals within the 
industry. .;:•■■'•;;• ■ 
. Allhough , Fox'9 MbviPtone Fpllies 
oh double width film was scheduled 
for debut in the Gaiety, New York, 
fearly this year, tiie postponement 
is now blamed upon precision en- 
gineers and their desire, to have per- 
fect equipment. Four different types, 
of projection machines were, built 
and .compared, and from these thtf 
mOdel used in the Gaiety was as- 
sembled. . " ; • 
. Three; hew projectipn machineb 
are required for the projection Of 
the 70 himi. film. About 10 houses 
thrpughout the cpuntry have been 
installed and will shbrtly be an- 
nounced for lndividua;i debuti it is 
reported. ;■ 

; At the same .time It is learned 
that Fox has b66n secretly at work 
in Hollywood' shooting two ;other 
productions to fpUow the large ;ver- 
sion of its "FplUes." These are 
' Marriied in Hollywood" and "Words 
and Music." 

The difference in . the size of the 
sound track oh grandeur and stand 
ard stpck, one-fourth of an inch 
on the former and only one- tenth 
ph the latter has added considerably 
to the sound acoustic problem. Be 
cause of this engineers are under 
stood to have besought Fox to still 
delay the grandeur debut until a 
larger and better built theatre than 
the Gaiety could be obtained. Satis- 
fied that the final degree of experi- 
mentation had been conducted on 
the recording and reproducing ap- 
paratus, Fox ordered the quick 
Broadway opening. 

As to price, Foxltes are . keeping 
grandeur in the dark. No market 
figure has yet been set, it is clalrfi- 
ed by Fox executives, who add that 
neither has! mass production of the 
(Continued, on page 22) 

'Tast Life" and Modern 
Maiden" Pinked for Chi 

ibs of 

. Cliicapp. ;Sei)t. 10. 
, A dinner in honor ot Bill 
Rudolpli, former manager ; pf 
thc- l^iyi-UHl; A rti.^ts theatre. Was 
givon lust .TuCvSday by moist" of . 
the Uie.itre slnff tliat worked 
u lie) or hini. ..\: 

..Tiie. i-liaif 6t honor .Was. ya-, iis Rudolph had been do- ; 
liboratoly left :bvit of the in- 
vitation" list. . ■ ' ; ' ' . ; ■ ;■: - 

: And the former . yosmoh 
roasted their absc'nt ex -chief 
to- a crisp;:browh, . ; . 
CJreat town, Chicago! 

Chicago, Sept. 10. 
Absence of "pink" ; pictures; from 
.local thea;tres : for the ' past few 
months Is only temporary. With the 
censors continuing their severe atti- 
tude. ..■■•:.■.;:-';..;■'■■■ 

"Modem Malderis"' (M-G-M) will 
play the Chicago week after next 
on an "adults only" censor order. 
"Fast Life" (FN) goes into the 
Oriental at the same time on a pink 
ticket Both B, & K. houses. 

Chi Gag 

Chicago, Sept 10. 
To. exploit current run of "Street 
rJH 1 f 1" )^al^ Ifie^ SFaTe'-LakC^a 

girl, Faith Fay, Is living on a plat- 
fornd atop the theatre sign. 

She's the same girl who hit all 
the dailies recently .by running 
around on the ledge of a northsidc 
theatre roof and threatening to 
Jump off If they bothered her. 

Not saying who told her . to run 
around the ledg6» 

/ . . Washington, Sept. 10. 

IjOuIs B;; Mayeir was back here 
again last week. Getting to be a 
regular monthly affair for .the:Metro 
executive with the visit; alwkys ih- 
cluding conferences with President 
Hoover. This time it was a week- 
end at the White Kfpuse. : Originaily 
intended for . a trip, to the fishing 
camp but the President called that 
off and Mr. Mayer spent the time at 
the White House.' 

Prior to moving his bags from 
the Mayflowe'c Hptfei to the execu- 
tive .ihahsion Mr,, Mayer, had a din- 
ner :js:iven in his honor by the Chi- 
lean Ambassador. Night fblloTjving 
Mayer entertained a' lot of officials 
at the Willard. fOr another dinner. 

With the Department -of Juistlce 
delving; deep into the business rami- 
fications: of ' the picture industry,- 
local inference was that Mayer 
eame in that connection. This he 
eniphatically denies Stating that 
"the whole thing is too delicate a 
situation for me to modd'o in." 

;Thif5.denial vvas. backed up by the 
President's socrotary, George Aker- 
son, who characterised the Mayer 
visit, as. entirely "social." Mayer 
amplified it by stating that this trip 
he was discussihg the Palestine .sit- 
uation with Mr. iloover and also 
the political set up and develop- 
mcnts In California. • 

Asked as to his plans, if any, 
when the physical rhorgcr of ITox 
and lioew is completed, Mr. Mayer 
stutiid that he has a contract with 
Metro runriiiig until April, 1932. 
When that cphtraot expires he will 
step out of, the plctiire •.business; 
Mr. Mayer stated. 

No offer froni Tiffany -Stahl ha,s 
been made to him. Mayor added, 
arid if it should be he ; would hot 
be : interested, Mr. Mayor seemed 
much concerned in the hewspaper 
reports of the minority stpckholdera 
in Loew's going into court to ask 
a lot pf question.s.'on the Fox. con- 
trol buy. , . 

When here pri a previous visit 
Mayer stated he had khpwn ;nGth'- 
ing of the Fox purchase of Loc-W's 
and ■MctrP until reading of ,11 in 
the dallies into . Washing;- 
toh that morning on the. train. 

' . ; Dallas. Sept. 10. 

; ■ "More; westerns; and iess tixlkera** 
\va:s the cry of a mass • iiieeting . Of 
Texas Motion .Picture I'lieatre 
.Owners, ; indjes' iprganizatiohi held , 
here to thrast put, troubles between 
the indies and the distributoi-s. ■ 

• Most of . pperatb'rs claimed thdt 
the small tbwhs; of Texas crave ;'at 
ieast one good western a.- week and ' 
don't . give a^ hoot • about all the 
tailkcrs hia,de,. although; a . fair ; per- 
centage admitted: that; 'their houses 
are wired. Only one major p^^ 
ducer has We,stei'ns to pffer for the 
coming -seasonj they. ^claimed./- At- 
teriipts are. being made to get some, 
■indie producer .to. throw at ilea 
o.f the horse operas pn:'.th6-.mArlcet . 
Many decried Tom Mix's dormant 
spell while with a ciieus.v ; 

' Col. H,. A.. Cole, .head of clique, 
stated that, through /its tie-up with . 
•Allied- StiJLtes; the M. P. T. 6. T.. has 
sucpeeded. getting in oii R-iv-b's. 
and TifEany-St'Uirs'. new franchlsei, 
"with" a; inuch. more reasonable , 
proposition," and, also, RCA Photo- 
phone has hew' talker equipment 
i eady - for ..the, small town exhib'.s 
needs and pOcketbpo'k. AH done, he 
.said, to help the small indie. New 
it - K- p a;hd "Tiffany f ranch ises ties 
the indies gp for a five-year .spell, 
with rental prices ranging from |9 
to $25 piier fiim,. including score. 

. Judge Claude Mc(3allum dissolved 
the injunction. Which the indies. had 
filed against the Dallas Film Board 
of Trade, after alleging; the' distrib- 
utors who comprise the board were 
viplating antl-trUst laws. Injunc- 
tion prohibited distributprs . from 
demanding deposits on films and 
also frpm "black balling" e.xhibs 
with questionable istandlng.: Dpn 
Douglas, secretary of the board, de- 
manded that the' indies- iraise the 
$1,000 bond they had to put up to 
guarantee court costs, which Indies 
refused. It caused Judge McCallum 
to dissolve the Ihjtinfction. 

A. J. Maroney, Indies' counsel, 
has appealed case to . Fifth Coiirt 
of Civil Appeals. The indies are hot 
all satisfied With attempts at forced 
arbitration oh part • of producers- . 
distributors, which they claim is. in- 
tended, to wipe out snriali town ex- 
hibitors to give room for chains, 
opinions to Which effect were voiced 
plenty loud at the mass meeting; 

Rain Floods New Orleans 

Now brleanK,: .Scpti. lO..; 
Torj-i-ntial rains rising to a. h''i^'l(t 
of si'von foot in .s(jmo_: .sfLftliiris. 

flooiled^'ew ^rU^unn .^irr,v . Satur 
(lay rnorninff causing, los.s to loral 
th'-atrc-.s tliat r'unjj into lii'jusanfl.^. 

Jjnoyv'a ..Slate was the worst .•suf- 
ferer. Its damage will uniouTit i,<.> 
around $30,000. Many .'^ 
housc.«! hard .hit, IJIM <'iij<'ni;!'<'r. 
southern'imo.nnl (■xi-cui is e. I'),-; 
his new $0,000 r,iiv when it Wa*; d"i- j 



Westport,: Cohn., Sept. lO. 

Pat Powers' swanky ; Tjon'g.shora 
Beach and Country. Club in this 
town which has already cost $800,- 
.000,. is in a. turmoil :beca.u}je. the 
board of dii^ciDtprvS: of the club have . 
tui-ned. a.way from its doors such 
prominent Jew^ as .Rube Goldberg; 
l<Ya,nk.ii'il Pierce Adanis. iiigmund 
Spfieth arid Montague Glass. . ; ; 
• llichard - Con noli, . the h.u'm, 
and John Held, .Ir., i/oth' member* 
pf the . club, are leading a,, group ; 
which says it \will . r.e.sign' uniesa 
Jews are a;o.copted. . Cipfinell told the 
directors: - ''-We are not Araij.s h6fe." 

. When the club .opened the 
•social directors invited rnany fine 
Jewish families with other families 
to ' join. ■ When tiio :directoi's . saw 
tlieir club eiiekihi<, thoy suddfnly 
lot down the bars and relurried the a'fjjilicfinLs their Jnohey. : 

Tiro. Jf-ws uf 'W.estp.ijrt 'a-iul •Nor-' 
walk are Ktirr^vl up, not bf.-eau-se .. 
nwinberslilp has' been refrisri'l . but 
Ijec.'tuse llif-y t"i-m the 'conl'usion a 
prusH stnril-. ' 


Vui;if] Ml, ,•(•••, ai'i-'i- a. v.; ir with 
l'ar;uii/iM(il iMi :(!;'> ('•■•»: ' :!,.• 'srory 
'■■li!' r, li.i.-; j-i'-f ;-'i-.l in .V- '.v' York. 

I'lf-vi-.^isiy t) I ih - l.'':ir stu- 

ij;!) i rr.- r^;'iiii':ii.' .Mi).-;"s . \vi pub- 
,v 1 liii-f (or J 'dv. 
IJ.- li,i.- ni> itnnii'diuiv plana. 




Wednesday/ September 11, 19J89 

Warners Go Into Court Against 
Electrics with Pace^^^ 

Eithet all litigation between them 
;will revert baiqk,. to the star chani- 
\1bei: arbitration proceedings, specie 
fied iii the contract between VitJi- 
phone ai,nd Western Electrifi, br the 
entire cbntroversey will be spread 
ti Ron . the public . record of a court. 

This is „the. stand taken by. tile 
Warners and : Vitaphorie against 
Western, ^Electrical Research Prod- 
ucts and. American Telephone , and 

• , -In the brbtiiers' applic.ation for an 
:injijnc.tion in Wilmington, Del., to 
.restrain the electric plaintiffs In, 
their - shot against Louis Gerard 

'Pacent's cheaper talker equipment 
hy seeking to discontinue use .of; 
the same in over ICiO Stanley -the- 
iLtres, the' Warfjers maintain: . 
: That while they eotild Vjaye acted 
(Ori. ■ th e C.0 u r t'.s '. decision wh ith . d iSr. 
missed ■ the original -suits against 
Pacent, , on the gjroiind that tiiere ' 
was a misjoinder of party plain- 

. tiffs, they priefer to have the merits 
of the case sif ted rather than: seek 
dismissals on purely legal grounds. .. 

. The Wairjiers contend that phould 
the court consider the tliree elec- 
trics of . similar stpck ' holding 
idehtitieis to jiermit .thetn to siie as 
an individual group,- then, the same 
.relationship ; ehould stand for 
Warners and Vitapiiqne. 

If : thi5 is: done the Warners claim 
thair under its contradt witii Vita- 
phone the plaintiffs are bound to. 
end- the suit against the. Stanley 
Comriariy and settle it by the pre- 
scribed arbitiratioh. 

Accepted Royalty 

. As for its attacks bri . Pacent the 
Warners maintain; that the electrics 
countenanced it by accepting rpy- . 
alfics on this :i^ross Installations in 
Warner .theatres. . This .gross in- 
cludes ;besides Western arid Pacent 
equipment also RadiOj it is main- 
lained. / 

Charges of ;f ayorltism and par- 
tiality toward other producer 
licensee? that wpuld "hamper and 
cripple." the brothers' interests are 
also made in defense of its istand 
in using other eiquipment. . 

That long ihy^tigation satisfied 
the Warners that th© Pacent equip- 
ment was ^equal in auality of t&- 
production- ; to Western's device; 
that study . of the patent situation 
. conylnced' the brothers that Pacent 
in. no Way infringed any of West 
ei-n's talker patents, are also made. 

.Western Electric iattorneys yes- 
terday (Tuesday) mprning declared 
that the Warner complaint, filed the 
day ijefpre in Wilmington, Del., had 
riot been served upon them. While 
,they refused to any comment, 
it was Intihiated in other quarters 
of the electric that tiie Warner 
stand was to protect the Papent 
talker, in which reports have conr 
sistently credited the brothers with 
having more than' passing interests. 
.Lawyers for the brothers, however, 
have been just as consistent in' de- 
nying any afflliation other than 
irsing the equipment 'because of 
Western's dilatory measures in 
providing Warner houises with the 
eloctric's apparatus. 

G. H. Rich, formei" patent counsel 
for. Western Electric, is one of the 
lawyers retained by the brbthers In 
their ' first' open 'move agairist the 
electric.;"- '•'■.•■ . 

..ehica;go,';sept.' ;id. . 
. Three- pictures in the Loop 
last week used "Variety - in . 
scenes. • 

. They are '"Smiling Irish 
Eyes" (F>J)i "Fast' Company" 
(Par) arid "Dance of Lif«" 

(■pt^r).. ^. 


Six Months Shovv? $46,171 at Rate 
, bf, $1;93;4-$651,133 vLa9t. Year. 

Explanation of progressive de- 
cline of .t7niv«rsal 8% preferred' bri, 
the Stock Ekcharige came out w:ith 
the profit and' loss Sitateriient of tile 
cbmpariy for the six riionths to. May. 
4, ■ feVeftled , a^^^ $46,171 after ail' 
charges arid federal taxes, equdl to 
$1.93 a share. Last year for the 
same' period net was $651,133. 

tJniversal preferred" has paid $8- 
for years arid until it began to 
slumEP 'liast •spring was looked upon 
as. fairly standard. It held in the 
high £iO's until February and since 
has drbi)ped to a low of 68. Last 
week if moved between 69 and 71%. 
Last, 70. 


"With the perfection of a choke 
coil that elimiriates the commutator 
ripple arid does away with the 
rioisej carbon arc equipriient is 
coming irito use. 

. Carbon arcs are said to bring out 
^he .fe.aturetj more cleaily and do. 
not throw off the excessive heat 
generated by the bulbs. 


■ . Los Angeles, Sept. 10. 

More, sugar for David Butler is 
provided in a new three-y^ar con- 
tract, voluntarily presented the di- 
tector by Pox. 

, First sklary boost is $500. 

:Lpis Moran and "Mammy" 

Hollywood, Sept. 10. 
, Lois Mdran has been loaned by 
Fox to. play opposite Al Jolson in 
"Mammy," original story, for War- 

Louise Dresser, also borrowed 
from- same organization will sup- 
port .with Hoba.rt Bosworth. 
. Production started this. week. 


. Hollywood, Sept. 10. 
Merlan Poole, drrimirier in the or- 
chestra ' bri a • First .National set, 
paved, Betty . Boyd from serious 
burris when she^ stepped too near 
aome bljgr inkie floor lamps. 

Dressed as one of. the lilies In 
•Lilies, of the Field," the flimsy ma- 
: tcrial started to blaze. _ Poble jump- 
ed arid put out the fire. Both were 
, tre?ited at the studio emergency 
hospital for minoi* injuries. The late 
Martha Mansfield died from a simi- 
lar accident a few years ago. 


. . JlPliywo'od, Sopt .10. 
Ji-anctte MacDonaUl is e.n.!;a.!;oa 

•New York stpcii hrokoi' who ri'.'ichod 
here yestordny after a rail and air 
irip, a >d to Piiramount for two pic- 
ture's, ■ 

. Mi.-^s MacDpnald's Paramount con- 
tract for the picture to start 

' April 1, next is at $2,C00 weekly. 

Mr. Ritchie is a few days 
only. No date as yet has been set 

tor the MacDonald weddine. 

Cop Specialist for Roach 

Hollywood, Sept. 10. 

Edgar Kennedy, character come- 
dlari,. is a new member of the Hal 
Roach Rascals. 

Specialty is cops. 

. Here 'T\s- — Yours Very Truly 


\ Known and Idolized by Millions . 

In the ceriter of populutibn stands 
the Natiprial's grieatest radio station, 
WL'W, Cincinnati, Ohio. Ninety per 
cent of the listericrs' iri theatre- 
goers. . 

You, Mr, Manager, will profit by 
the . tremendous :air publicity yours 
very truly will' derive from' . this 


Althbugh Pathe win move Irito the 
RCA studio on 24th street Oet.; 1, 
simply as a space renter, it is be- 
lieved RCA will step out eventually 
in Pathe's favor. Studio has been 
costly for RCA with laboratory ex- 
penses there having consumed over 
$2,000,000, It is said. Very little pro- 
duction has been done so far on the 

Pathe's eastern production sched- 
ule is heavy, whereas RCA's. sub- 
sidiary. Radio Pictures, is limited 
to shbrts in the east. With the 
Pathe-Shubert deal set Pathe would 
be handicapped if forced to functiori 
as a space-reriting co-tenant. 

Robert T. Karie's defiection to 
Paris as production head of the 
Franco -RKO deal Just consurii- 
mated leaves open the post of pro- 
ducer for Pathe In the east. 

Lois Moran- Jolson? 

Hollywood, Sept. 10. 
Warners are negotiating with Fox 
to borrow Lois Moran to play op- 
posite AA Jolson in "Mammy." 


Los Angeles, Sept. 10. 

Although getting several fingers 
in and being off to a start up the 
Hollywood ladder, Joey Ray has 
left for the east answering Earl 
Carroll's summons to fulfill previous 
coritractural engagements. 

Ray has a two-year contract with 

At Theatre as Rebuke to 

Kokomo, Ind., Sept. 10. 
; After^a siiccessiori of "stlrik-bpmb'< throwing iri local theatres, 
cau.slng^l the .closing of brie,- the Kokomo Dispatch itrinted an appeal 
to citizens on its -front pafee. - It urged, the public .td support the 
Isis theatre ais a riebuke to the bbriibers. ' : . v 

• One of the local houses has been engaged ih'^a struggle, with the 

Kokomo bp.eratojrs' union. ..':... 

'■ The Dispatch .said : • 

Started Here! 

The. black cowards who let go the stench bomb in a theatre 
. here last night challenged the constitutional rights and personal . 
liberty of every person in kokomo. 

The. question is a simple one! Are 'forty to fifty thousand 
.people who attend the theatres in Kokbrho going io be bluffed - 
by a bigoted coward and two or three associates who have at> 
tem pted to int im idate thC; community ? Ihdividud^l liberty is thus 
; threatened, property . rights are jeopard rzed. Hovv long, will 
. public opinion tolerate such ah affront? 

Every man, woman and .child Who has appreciation .of wha^ 
they inherited at the cost of the blood of their ancestors from 
. the Magna Charta, the Declaration of Independence, the Coristi- 
tution and' the Bill of Rights will at:tend their favorite theatre 
, this week even if so criispled as to .make it necessary to go in. a ' 
y/heel chair, or on~ crultches.' 

.Our. age is too enlightened to stand for subh racketeefing in. 
Kokomo. In a community of this size. we should be spared such 
excrescences from a few minds muddled by a false serise of . 
their power and following. When they are taught that the 
public does, not sympathize with them they will turn their ac- 
tivity to more /constructive channels. 
^Meanwhile, . The Dispatch will guarantee that the obnoxious 
' . odor.has been eradicated at the (sis theatre,' arid that a trlily en- • 
joyabje program awaits'those. who will register protest against 
interference with their liberty by attending the theatres here. 
The' bad ' little boys who' throw stink bombs don't want you to . 
attend. . 
Why not show them? 


4B. fi IL Houses^]^ 
0 Loss to 


Portland, Ore., Sept. 10., 
New Alder opened last week, 
quieter and in more reserved style 
of Italian rennalssance in lobby ap- 
pointments. House, operated by 
Fox arid J. J. Parker, will have a 
"wbnian's appeal" policy. Idea, is 
to run -films for femmes for matipee 

Seats, abbut 1,200. Exterior wrapr 
ped up In neon tubirig after modern 
style of the local rialto. 


Confesses for $2,323 in Favor of 
Landlord for Rent 


Many Pt.^pc star."^ df sortod F..r.oad\vay for ITollyirVOod, hut it foil to tho 
lot of Jh'lcn to !>(• draftcid by ii-K-Q to play hor ori^rin'ol part iri"RlO 
RITA." Tlic. camera and "mike" "were exceedingly kind to hor and R-K-O 
have . give 11 her' a long term contract' with stardorii one of the clausies. 
After the pro-viOwirig pang caught her thoy immediately declared her a 
natural for iiioturos and she wa.s immediately cast to play in "The Night 
Parade" iunl idno iri "Tan Lcips.". Hor Inst Broadway appearance v>'f).s 
with AViil KoKcr.M and Dorothy Stone in "Three Cheers," which ran ^.t the 
Globe for 8 months. 

The Plastogi-aph Film Labora- 
tories, Inc., consented to a judgment 
for $2,323 in the New York City 
Court in favor of the Lloyd Film 
storage Corp. 

Judgment- Is based on a five-year 
lease to "Plastograph of a fioor at 
161 Ha,rrls avenue, Long Island City, 
two small offices on the sixth fioor 
Of 132 West 46th street, and vault 
space in Long Island City, at a 
rental beginning at -$5,500 a year 
and increasing $250 a year until it 
reached $6,506. 

.' .The Plastograph company -was 
sued for the rent from, March to 
July last. 


; Hollywood, Sept.. 10.' 
. Robert "Lord; .scehfirist at War- 
ners, has been transferred to First 
National, . to. function as a produc- 
tion ^supervisor* ■ 
His present, assigntrients arc 
" : Ankles'* and . : • "Playing 

Lillian Gish's Film 

Hollywood, Sopt. 10. 
: Aftoi: .several . pKiys 
and nbyol.?!', Lillian Gish will. return 
to United Artists after an absence 
of two yoar,s to be starrbd in ''Tlic 
Swan" -by Franz. IiIoln;ir. 

arid ilaric D^ossior in sui)povt, with 
Paul Stein directing. 

Lityan Tashman's Menace 

Hollywood, Sept! 10. 
Lilyan Ta.shman goes to United 
Artists as the femmo menace in 
Harry Richman's pictyre, "Play 

" . Chicago, Sept. 10. 

Sound pictures wiii spell a $225,«i 
000 profit this, year for fo-ur.B; & K. 
houses which last year showed a 
250 grand loss. 

This is the prediction of Dave 
Balaban, general nianager for B. & 
K. sound houses in Chicitgo.- The 
places which will- go from red to 
black on ■, the ledger are the Nor« 
shore jand Riviera on the north Sid€^ . 
the Harding on the northwest side, 
and the. To\yer on the south side;: / ' 

Under Balaban's s u p e r v i. s i ap, ! 
silent film in these four hb.uses.wafl' 
replaced by sourid product, arid 
stage shows were elimiriated. Ins 
stead of the latter, Ralaban has in- 
augurated lO^minute intermis.>-)on9' 
betweeri. pictures,, lobby entertal.n* 
ment, and even lobby matinee teas. 

The profits, Balaban pointed out,, 
will come In decreased operating 
costs— costs topheavy in the past of elaborate stage presenta- 
tions. ■ 

Sound was ih.'itallcd in the four 
houses in April. The Hai-ding is an 
old B. K. theatre. R-K-O re- 
tains a 50% interest in the Riviera, 
Tower and Norshore. 

Sheldon at Par's L. I, 
Fineman Out; 5 As; Pro. 

Hollywood, ^ 

E. Lloyd Sheldon has been ap 
pointed .associate producer at th^ . 
Paramoimt Long Island fjtudio. .He 
leaves hejre tO-\va.rd. 'end- of . month. ' 

Sheldon is to make eigiit pictures 
for the season's .program. He ' has 
been .with Paramount', over, five 
yeiars, ^ having held a ' simijai' post 
at the Long Island: plant u'f) to' the 
time it closed three years ago and 
then comingf here. 
. With Sheldon going east and B.- j 
P.' Fineman leaving the jilant hefe, 
la.«!t .wtelv,- the .nuri-ilior of associ6-te 
producers wa.'i reduced to fiv®* 
Aides E. P. -.Sliulborg n'ow h'^''..^", 
that capacity arc Dave j^olznicK, J. 
C. Bnchnian, LoUis t). Lighton, Bcn- 
nio arid AT Kaufn-i'in, 

""Do r1 s'^'Da WSSrr Struc k- 

. Lo.s -ArigoU'S, S«'Pt. 10' ^ 
i)orifj . Duwson . whs s<'rioU.«l>^ >rt' 
jufed when .«truo,k down l.y an atiW 
while cros.«ing .street. Shi.> wa.« tal^*'* 
to.theaiollywriQd H.ospital. s.iid 
have Eufitaini'd concu.«.«ion of, tW 
brain,, three frartu rod liV?. .a?" 
other minor Injuric'. 
' Is free lance scroop actress, 

Wednesday* $eptember ll» 1929 

P I C tUR E S 


Sound News Recrintiiig Huskies 
To Match Park Row Photo Arabs 

: ' Thousands of feet of talUcr hews 
fllm, perfect in rocording: aiicf light- 
ing, thrUling and inspiririff in seehic 
quality, are monthly being junked. 
1)3'' ; qyttihgr; room editors who acr 
company the. ■ cdndemhatlon With 
profanity. The. fury in the.; film 
editoria} ia mild compared to 
the occasion for it. . AH due to the. 
. ■'^ena.ts" of the lens© field. . 
. By mem.bers of the flea family, 
neWsceel talker" nien mean the light-. 
' box carryinef geritiry of the .dailies ; 
■liirhd ca;h ciiss and. scamper, away ; 
vrh^ crawl intO; spots where, a big 
talker truck ca"n . pnly gaipe from £1 
distahce; who' suddenly pop up be-^ 
fore: a talker canriei*a and streak the' 
. prin t ; who . catcdll into a mike when 
a bit .of valuable ; interview is 
Bpartcing.- back' into . the yan. But, 
. worst of all, the. certain specie of 
'. "giriat'* \vho may shout an. ugly 
phrase, blunt remarkj- or embarrass 

■ or; anger . the persbnage being in- 
tieryiewed; and spoil thfe recordi.; 
; lt\s reaching the • point, 'according 
to ne^wsreel' editors,; where i>roducers 
are hirihg- Strong tirm-.^m^^^ tO; acV 
.com party their: trucks on ; assign:? 
- jriehts .where it is; known th© news- 
piper camera horde will. bie ori hand 

. - (Genteel .'Boys Qui .. . 

These brawny boys . iire feplacihg 
the genteel lads . the newsrep; 
people at first employed; They tound 
that .the : white . collar boysf . .were 
ii)eat for th<i ro'wdy downtown 
bunch u that the rcjgular, crew was 
helpless^ each man being forced to 
remain at his. station, or. sacrifice 
.'the ;. assignmerit by entering. . the 
• inelee, :''-- ,:• .'. 

•Now . the ..muscled fellow^ and 
.Fox,- especially, has recruited these, 
steps oiit when . the honorable siib 
> ject. is approaching^ .An. impressive 
^rlp .on the arm* a, declarative word, 
and.ii.n eloquent gestute of the free 
left among the jpckeyirtg. ligiit box 
hbldei's, at .iieast gets' the sound op 
>rator to the required distance froni 
his truck.'s..lense. . 

At this point, with 15 to 18 trucks 
fbrmlng an arena and a chance ; for 
each to come in on the work of the 
IndlvidUalr : the "gnats" suddenly 
Spring up. between; caTayanS' arid 
rush to the fore. Frona €D to and 
mbrie. they flood the' ar^a hoisily, 
telling .the ylctinx not. tp . talk but to 
sniile; to move this way and that. 
■. ■ ■ ■ Gum" the. ■ Works- 

Tilm men claim that ttieir' still 

■ contemporaries . reqiiirid as; much 
time in exposing th^lr five or six 
plates as. the cra;nking and speech 
recbrdine job of : the truck, ' And 

■ both; branches appreciate the psy- 
chology of hiiiving leaid crack;, that 
the average subject,, unless he is a 
seasoned ppliticiah, will tire after 
the. first shuttle clicking or crank 

■ihg. ■ ,v . 

Film editors say they see no. way 
out of the. trouble other than in ak- 
ing ah example of 'some of the 
Silentees. They feel they are at a 
disadvantage now and that, no 
agreemont with the nevirspaper 
gang would he -worth the pape^ . it 
was on once the daily photo hounds 
Eot on the scene. 

On the other side of the bar, the 
on^-shot* guys-- have . their own 
.tortures. : Fighting among, them 
sol vies before talkers were thought 
of anTi looked db^wii upon" by .. tTie 
older new.spapermen, the carrier of 
.the light box .has often -been rtxade 
an unduly .agg;resslye creature. : :^ ~ 

With the electric bandwagons 
crowding Out all; vieW, what else, he 
: arerues, has he to. dp but' tb go over 
.<;he; top .and crash. ^ 
. Eminent public y persbnages , alsb 
can be so'rlbUsly ■ affected in ihore 
ways than just torn clothing, if they 
consistently snub either clan. . 
^ The boys admit they've got 
themselves. Int*. .a tou^h spot all 
around and it's just a matter of 
proving who can be the toughest. 


. : "Sea Wolf" McLaglen 

>.^°^ '^J^s purchased 'Jack Londbn's 
^^ThG Soa: Wolf.: as starring pic- 
ture for Victor McLaglon. 

Story has been- d.onb twice ih. 
silent form. 

■rV^n':!^''^^^"'^^ was mad^ froJnt^JD ave 
. ■"'om-(j.-s and Italph Ince. . ^ 

Al Cohn Directing 

Holly wood, Sept. 10. 
M Tohn . will direct as .well as 
Write and supervise shorts for War- 

I'^irst fliroctoriat effort will be "All 

Mres Stopped^^ 

Dolores. Dei Rio made it 
plenty tough for the : United 
Artists publicity department 

. when getting off . a transconti- : 
rtental train at Pittsburgh ' 
wlthpuf notifying the press, de--' 
partment which 'meari-while bad. 
a battery of cameramen^ newsf ' 
paper' popple vahd Brookiyh 
citizens at the New York Penn- 
sylvania depot. Star was to 

: make a personal appearance 
Tbursday: ih: Brooklyn with.. 
"Evangeline" arid later tp at- : 

. tend .a bariqtiet gi ven as a civip . 
event in cpnriection with a new- 

. Loew house.. . 
; United . . Artists had to-, do . 

; beaucoup alibing for Dblores. 

' Teddy Joyce, reported flarice 
of Miiss Del iFtip, 13 ; in Pitts-p 
burgh. • 


Action^, started: Ih: the New Tbrk 
;Supr?nie ; G.oifr't to ■ dete;rriiine : the 
rhariner In Wfiich .William • Fox '..a.Cr' 
■quiired control of Loew's, inc.,; last 
March;. -vvas set in mbtion by lEdwiri 
M; , Stantpri, lawyer, of .. Plan dome, 
liongy Island,: holding 300 shares of 
iioew stPck, ■who; claims also tb/rep- " 
resent other miriprity 'fiharehoiders. 
A. motion to examine Nicholas . M. 
Schehck, presidenl • bf . Xpew's ;-. Da- 
vid Bernstein, Vice-president, and. 
Arthur M, Loewri treasurer/ riariied 
as '^efendants ih; the ..actlph;; will 
be .IVejird . Friday, tbopold Friednian, 
cpurisel for Loew's, will oppose the 

Stanton charges ;that the defend- 
ants arranged the Fpix-Loe\^ deal 
s^retiy and. made a large ^prpfit. for 
themselves, . relatives and friends," 
whiie the minority stockholders, 
were left chilled. - He further de- 
blares that the defendants prbyerited 
tiPew's from being sold tp either 
RkO or "garner . Bros., bbth of .-vyhprn 
fought " to bUy - control of the cpr-: 
^bratipn bbf ore it" passed to , Fox,' 

' Others whom Stantph, wishfes ex- 
amined before he files a specific 
cpmplaint; are. Willia;rn Fox, Saul :E.. 
Rogers, Fox ' vice-president .and 
counsel; :-Lieoi)bld Friednian/ secre-- 
tary and counsel for Loew's; David 
WaWield anid Lee Shubert, directors 
of -Loew's; Joseph . .Schenck;: Ber-' 
traini Nayfack; Attiiio H. Gianriihl, 
banker; ..Charles E.. iCUrtls; . banker; 
r>avid Sai-npif ; • Hirani :S. .Brpwnv 
preside:nt of IIKO; Harry sM>^^^W 
rier; , \V'addili Catchirigs, ^banker; 
Lbuls- Ifi. Rpthchild, broker, aiid Al- 
pho'rise Shplare, broker. 

In his affidavit tiie coinpjainanf 
states that the defendants, Scherick, 
•Berristeih khd Arthur Loew, induced 
eerta.iri Common stockholders, par- 
ticularly friendly members of the 
board pf directors; to accept ap- 
proximately $102.50 a share for de- 
livery of/ their Loe-w stock. 'JThis 
stock, together with the stock' held 
by. the^ defendants, .Avas . then .passed 
as a unit to Fox for. approximately 
$125- a share. Stantpri clairiis that 
the price paid' for control of Lpev^'s 
by , Fox. -was far above the riiarket 
price,; shares selling, on the New. 
York Stock Exchange'.: at pi'csent 
around $.60 and .never, higher than 
$84.50 during the present .year. 
Right to iBenefit 

Leo pbld; • Fri ed iriin , : spcaic i ng " f or 
Nick Schenck , yesterday, said: ! 

"Nothing was done in .tlie sale to 
Fox to .justify a suit by a minority 
stockholder. The Loew fairiily, as 
well as others who profited, by th